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  1. Wasa (Vasa)

    Perhaps one must also use the search function instead of making a pointless thread.
  2. Questions for the Historians

    Thanks for expanding on this Surcouf. I've always had a general idea on what each was, but every nation has a different idea of what the composition is, and how much makes up each.
  3. Questions for the Historians

    What was the difference between a squadron, a flotilla, and a fleet in the game's time period?
  4. New type of ship class . (Galleon , WarGalleon)

    Unfortunately @CaptainSparcklesss this was debated, argued, and finally decided long before you arrived. Hate to burst your bubble, but Galleons are not to be found here except in the history subforum.
  5. Tagger, Chaser

    If an older timeline was allowed, La Couronne would almost fit your request, except for the fact she was no frigate. 8 bow and stern chasers.
  6. Perspective of a new player

    Wouldn't mind seeing ranks attributed to a pvp kill counter or level of influence within a nation. Game still has a lot to "fix" before a compromise is achieved. Hopefully before the two upcoming pirate/naval warfare titles get released.
  7. Meanwhile in another universe, not so far away, this still happens!

    Chinese in the Caribbean? Makes me think of the PotBS mission chain.
  9. 'Vrijheid' Dutch 3-Rate 1782 (With Plans)

    Every nation had its golden era of technology, some came before, some came after. Though to an extent, history is written by the victors.
  10. It only shows 5 pages of samples, not the entirety of the book. There might be stuff in there we can't find online. Of all the major seafaring powers, the most limited knowledge is of the Ottomans.
  11. Any of our naval historians come across this book before? The Ottomans are near impossible to find anything about, so to find this book, even if some of it is out of period, makes me curious if it's worth having: Ottoman Sailing Ships: Galleys to Galleons
  12. I've seen differing opinions on whose navy was the strongest, and while the general consensus is Great Britain at the top, who comes after is usually hotly debated. I'm opening up a debate (not a flaming war for all you folks that lack restraint), as to who YOU think the 10 strongest navies were during Naval Action's timeline. Rules for posting your list are as follows: 1. Expand on your views as to why you chose the particular order you've listed. Don't just say "Well Subject A lost to Subject B, so Subject B is the best." 2. Provide at least one or two sources to supplement your position. Wikipedia is acceptable so long as supplementing sources are provided for the excerpts you pull from that site. 3. Feel free to debate with fellow naval enthusiasts over your differences of opinion, but please do not flame, and choose your words carefully. We're all mature adults here (I hope). I'll be requesting a moderator to remove posts if you guys can't follow the rules.
  13. I was actually looking up the "Bombay Marine", as the British East India Company's naval arm came to be known as. Not much to be read initially, but it was, in its own right, a separate navy.
  14. Admiraal de Ruyter - 1806

    seeing her as a 90 gun second rate would add some diversity to the game no? Maybe not so much as on a frigate level, but still?
  15. Don't be insufferable maturin, you're better than that. I'm looking for essay style answers, not a "here's a link and that's my answer" kind of post. Let's modify the topic here and remove Britain, France, and Spain from the equation. How would you rank the nations that follow those three? @SteelSandwich I'll post tomorrow probably, been a crazy week focusing on my rt.
  16. You can also please follow the rules I set in the original post instead of fobbing off because you don't feel like putting the effort in. Expand on your views or don't bother posting. This is an educational thread, not a place to just throw numbers and expect it to be said and done. @Hethwill As to what navies count, I leave that up to whoever decides to post here, if you feel Canada's privateers deserve a mention, go for it. I am looking for organized country navies within the time period though. Organized, and recognized countries*. *some countries weren't recognized globally I know, but if recognized by two or more of the major European powers, I would consider them recognized.
  17. That's why I want people to expound on why they think their ranking is the way it is. I'm not going to go into detail on the OP, I want people to do that when they post. Naturally, I'd think that those that post the most detail on their rankings will get more attention than someone who posts a personal opinion without any indepth source posting to back it up. Feel free to post your guesswork, but be warned you'll be dissected by the more learned individuals.
  18. I don't know about the Dutch, one of the Scandinavian navies perhaps, or the Russians, that would require more research than I care to look into tonight. Maybe tomorrow.
  19. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    That was well worded, did you use Google? No, you mustn't have, Google would have ruined it.
  20. Low FPS after grafikcard driver update.

    I had a GeForce 730M graphics chip on my old laptop, and while I could run on low graphics, it would struggle with higher quality. I would recommend upgrading your card if you can. Also begs the question, what system are you running?
  21. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    I can see why you're upset, and while I too would have preferred for one from each category, I'm satisfied to have at least one of my wishes met, even if it, possibly, wasn't taken into consideration. You can't seem to find any silver lining in this decision, so would you rather have no ships at all instead of three new ships voted for? I mean, they don't have to make ships for us.
  22. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    Perhaps no ships at all?
  23. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    Yup, and the Dutch get a ship, finally, hopefully that will be the end of that. I'm satisfied.
  24. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    three new third rates, that will shake up end game play a bit, no?