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  1. People are too damn sensitive nowadays. Too mollycoddled and forgot how valuable a thick skin is. Back on topic: The American Frontier theoretically started in the very early 17th century and didn't end until the first quarter of the 20th century. That being said, and while I'm all for a Wild West setting, your images seem to hint at an earlier period in the timeline. Hence my proposal. My mind went blank (not to mention distracted by my current interest in nautical history and research), else I'd go into detail.
  2. Might suggest playing in a time period just before or during the French and Indian War (1750's or prior). This was the true American Frontier when the Native Americans still actively roamed the Appalachians and valleys.
  3. To battleship specialists

    Did he discover the fountain of youth as well?
  4. To battleship specialists

    I'm of a like mind with masterviolin. At some point during the WWI arms race between Britain and Germany, a number of the capital ships built were still strong enough to compete decades later during the second world war. I wouldn't personally put the limit at 1939 (maybe mid 1920's?), but if admin and the team feel balancing won't be an issue, then let's see what happens.
  5. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    It's first on the list dude. How do you miss that? Lmao
  6. The Spanish relied on their warships more for convoy duty during this period rather than duels between opposing squadrons and fleets; the French were better suited for such endeavours. I covered this topic briefly in another thread: Spain was still smarting and recovering from the loss of the Armada years ago, and was more focused on protecting her overseas Empire and trade routes than challenging the British for naval superiority. Therefore most of the Spanish vessels built of 70 gund were designed for convoy protection duties. I need to reread a bit to discuss the larger 80 and 112 gun vessels, but Spain was definitely not interested in risking the loss of another fleet to British superiority.
  7. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    Ship suggestion was closed already, sorry bud
  8. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    You know as well as I the majority of the playerbase will never be able to debate possible new ships like this. I do agree though, it is refreshing.
  9. It does say completed as...
  10. A quick check showed 8 ships of the Pluton design built in the Netherlands and turned over or abandoned to the Dutch.
  11. If it were a matter of choice, it would probably come down to Temeraire or Pluton. The former is the more famous of course, but the smaller version being specifically designed for more shallow waters is significantly more appealing.
  12. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    No I'd rather not. It's a grand ship to be sure, revolutionary even, but the French ships need to take a back seat for this poll. Doesn't matter if they were built under contract in another country, they're still French in origin. We need a ship from an underrepresented nation before we need more French or British ships. Another Spanish ship would not hurt, but I implore people to vote for a Dutch, Portuguese, Venetian, or Maltese ship first. Game staff primarily want those to be considered first, let's choose one.
  13. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Admin said they were specifically looking for underrepresented nations. Spain would fit in there, but honestly if a Dutch, Portuguese, Venetian, or Maltese vessel is not a primary pick then I will be very put out. Essentially what would be the point of asking specifically for those national ships if you're going to allow suggestions of other nations that are already well represented?