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  1. Please provide feedback and your experiences with the limited chain and increased damage.
  2. Captains. Next 2 patches 3 important things await us. Featured clans and rookie order list In addition to combat tutorials all freshly minted Master and commanders will get a short mission list that they will have to next One of the orders will be to join a clan (this will only be provided to players who are not in a guild). Featured clan list will be added to game and only top clans will be on the list based on pve or pvp or conquest or epic event achievements. We also request veterans and large clans invite people who passed the final exam to guilds and fleets (you can see their names in chat) he/she is definitely good enough to go straight to pvp. Open world UI update Partial UI update will be added to game for testing mostly covering the open world functionality and the map Real currency and denomination Current name for in game currency is outdated (it was always only for temp name). The game will move to a Caribbean currencies of the 18th century New currencies In game gold will be replaced by Real (or Spanish reals) Pieces of eight will be introduced (or 8 Reals Coin or piastr) Double Escudo or Doublooon (or Lous D`Or or Pistole) will be introduced Silver 8 Reals and gold double escudo will be freely convertible between each other, but they can only be received from the government (as rewards for battles or port battles or from mint) Money will be denominated (huge denomination will be applied reducing prices to the 18th Century Caribbean levels) New building will be introduced - mint. Mint will be required tomake coins and will require victory marks to build Crafting blueprints updated for ships and shipbuilding materials Mission rewards/pve rewards/pvp rewards changed Old legacy coins and ingots removal Current Gold Coins and Silver Coins will be removed from game (you can start dumping them or use for craft if you have huge stocks) and stocks left will be compensated at denominated prices Current gold ingots and silver ingots will be removed from game and mines will be removed (and building costs compensated)
  3. Here you can ask questions to developers. Format: question - answer The more concise is the question the more specific will be the answer Please refrain from flood and lengthy discussions - this is the topic for questions Thanks Short game introduction
  4. Captains. Thank you for the participation in the first stage of stability and gameplay systems testing in Naval Action Legends. We appreciate your time, your input and your feedback. You are as awesome as you have always been! Servers will be stopped on Thursday 15th of February at 13-00 Pm kiev time for 1-2 months at least for the following reasons. Development of potentially exciting new game types incorporating capturable forts and towers. Implementation and merge of the new sailing model from NA (including leeway) Progression rework and improvements Final tutorial integration Thank you very much again. We will keep you posted on the progress in this section of the forum.
  5. Captains. With the forthcoming transfer to real Caribbean currency of the 18th century (Pieces of Eight(silver) and Escudos (gold). Crafting will be improved and streamlined. As a result partial material wipe will be applied to all intermediary materials. Partial materials wipe means the following conversions will be applied to your current resource stockpiles due to changes in blueprints some conversions might make you worse off, and some will make you better off To avoid losses we recommend to convert all materials to final products that will not change and can be a great way to save value (and maybe make a lot of money (as some prices will change). Best storage value items are Repairs Cannons Ships (especially ships of the line) Upgrades We are not sure about combat and pvp marks yet, but victory marks are going to remain as now and also could be a storage value ETA - 20-30 days There will be 2 currencies (names and denominations not final) Pieces of Eight or Spanish dollar (formerly known as gold and combat marks) Gold Escudos (formerly known as pvp marks) more information will follow (including the list of materials removed)
  6. admin

    World Cup (annual event)

    Let's do a sailing/fighting world cup guys? Nations will create teams that will fight in overall or national qualifiers. Winning teams will fight against other nations winning teams determining the winner. Qualifiers can be automated (using code from NA Legends weekend events (based on total wins out of limited number of tries). Finals can be done live with volunteers (and streamed). Prizes will include super rate ships, premium content codes, upgrades and other unique things. Thoughts? What do you think?
  7. Captains Patch is being deployed to live servers Patch notes: Combat Tutorial Updated combat tutorial has been deployed. All tutorials have been improved and updated based on feedback pursuit and capture tutorial reset button does not work properly - if you want to retry exit it and start again Final Exam added Important. Final exam grants 2 rare items on completion: Hercules Frigate (ship note) and Naval Clock permanent upgrade. Use them wisely. Hercules frigate. (also known as Fragata Hercules or Fragata Negra) Patrols Frigate ONLY patrols added to the rotation Clan logs added Money log – showing money and pvp/combat/victory mark deposits and withdrawals Resource log – showing everything else Reinforcement update Reinforcement zones support is updated. Local waters will now provide support appropriate to the strength of the attacker (instead of 2 1strates per attacker). Chain update. Chain shot are now limited by 2 shots per gun. This will not require a perk or acquisition of ammo. Chain damage greatly increased. Chain damage drop from distance increased. OW enemy indications updated. Ship rank indication removed, players will have to rely on the visual recognition. Fleet composition now only shows size of the ship (S – small, M – medium, L – Large), as you can only see top sails from 20-30miles PvE missions cancellations are now limited by 3 per day Towns set Free for All by clans now provide teleport option for all nations Standard hull and sail repair time has increased to 2 minutes Resource production bonuses in clan owned cities slightly increased Sinking ship will have less cargo damaged by salt water intake. Minimal OW speed against the wind has slightly increased. It will still depend on ship but will be generally 1kn higher. Сrew on sails numbers updated and generally reduced (based on final sail area recalculations) Сrew per ranks updated on higher ranks (rear admiral rank can now support 1400 crew) PVE missions enemy composition improved (especially on lower level missions which sometimes sent too many strong opponents) Boarding upgrades informational panel slightly improved (it will be more obvious what bonuses do) Contract cancellation texts slightly improved. Max stack for bow figures has increased Ports can now buy more books without dropping the price Ship capsizing bug will now happen less. Fixed the bug that caused slower loading of port stores Improved the visualization of heavy packetloss causing loss of ship control. Player will now see the special message on the client if this happens; After showing this message for some time client will automatically drop the player to login screen if game cannot reconnect to the server to speed up the reconnect chance. Fix bug that did not show the repairs after reconnect to the battle Fixed bug that some resources did not show in contract interface Contraband goods Madagascar Jewels Spanish gold coins French Gold Livres Stolen goods Fixed bug that Trading NPCs cannot exit the battle after battle over message Fixed bug caused incorrect item tooltips if antialiasing is on. Fixed bug causing incorrect name of the ship in boarding interface Fixed bug that still shown the instance entry button if the limit has already been reached Fixed the bug that did not show the Sail to outpost button in some cases Fixed the bug that sometimes gave you a message that «you can become a pirate» in rare cases Teaser from the new UI. This is work in progress and visuals might change during implementation
  8. admin

    World Cup (annual event)

    We never did this things. Players arranged them - we just provided prizes and coded in (added) a password locked tournament room. Also - those tournaments were done in a tournament room and tournament room was available on the PVE server. Someone pro-active on the PVE server could have arranged it easily.
  9. admin

    World Cup (annual event)

    patch is being worked on (hopefully will happen by end of may)
  10. admin

    World Cup (annual event)

    agree - clan based will be 10x better and easier to arrange.
  11. admin

    Pimp my Crown and Anchor

    i wanted to remove it in the new ui. Anybody loves the game? Should change the currency to combat or pvp marks instead of money?
  12. admin

    cannon knock back.

    We wont most likely a) priorities b ) cannon recoil consumes fps even if it is off as an option. Not integrated parts of hull use more resources even if they are not animated.
  13. Combat tutorial has been added for testing in patch 15 To start it please press esc and you will see it in options. Please provide feedback on the tutorial Please provide ideas on new skills to teach (and how to do it) or new exams and/or challenges.
  14. Captains Patch is being deployed today 26th of April Contents Mast hits are only shown for successful penetrations Depower (T) command has been reworked: It is now partially separated from the main sail control. If depower (T) is ON then your W / S command will only work with square sails If depower (T) is OFF then your W / S command will work as before. (raising all sails including staysails) This means you will have more precise speed management controls without the need for too many annoying clicks. Visuals of sail damage for some tutorial ships has been fixed Reset of Pursuit and Capture tutorial now also resets chain shots stock Fixed the bug with negative speed affecting the boarding ability Fixed indications on marks and battle stats after tutorial battles Reduced the minimal sail damage threshold back to the old level (we increased it to 40% last patch and it allowed too many escape options due to limited chain shot). Sail still cannot be destroyed fully (as even fully torn cloths still possess some driving power). The limit is now 28%. Fixed the bug that was allowing to receive rewards in the enemy port when passing the tutorial (getting you stuck in that port). From now on you can only receive tutorial reward if you have the warehouse in the port. Discuss. Update May 10th Assist threshold for mark distribution has been lowered to provide all participants of combat a fair share of reward Mast hits indication has been reverted to the old system, where you did not know if you penetrated the mast or not. Update May 16th Fixed crew damage participation in assists and pvp mark distribution Update May 17th Additional fixes for the ship capsizing bug
  15. Captains Please provide your thoughts on the New class based reinforcement fleets. We heard a lot of negative feedback on mission cancellations for example. But might have missed your views on the reinforcements. Lets discuss them here. Please also ask your friends or clanmates in game chat to also visit the forums and share their voice in this topic. If you fought against them - what are you thoughts, do they provide enough protection to your enemy while keeping some risk? Did you ever sink to reinforcement? if you used reinforcements - when did they help and when they were useless?
  16. Dear Captains. Especially Captains who spent more than 100 hours in game. Can you be so kind and share your magic moments in Naval Action. Moments that made you stay in the game. Moments that bring you back every day or every week. Moments that make your evenings exciting in our game. Moments that made you say wow. Especially if you played more than 1000 hours. PVE or PVP does not matter. We were so focused on fixing problems that we forgot to focus on magic moments. Information you share here will help us create more magic moments like that or maybe refocus advertising around them to point players to reach those beautiful and exciting things faster. ps. please post your old magic moments if you recently became a hater
  17. Hello Everyone Game Labs have been working on a new product in secret this year. Today we can provide some information about the game. This Land Is My Land is a single player open world stealth action game with a living hostile environment. You will play as an Native American fighter. The game will feature several innovative mechanics that we believe will increase variety and create surprises every play-through. Living developing world that grows on its own constantly trying to counter player actions to win the game. World will grow differently every time you start the game: towns and camps will grow differently, patrols will change routes, enemies behavior will change Enemies will learn and react to your actions intelligently so you will have to change your strategy on the fly. For more information please follow us on Facebook Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thislandmyland/ Web: www.thislandmyland.com Some screenshots PS: this land is my land is a working title and might change in the future
  18. admin

    Fleet ships getting a free teleport.

    Using fleet escape command is not considered an exploit at this stage. But we aware of the feature consequences and are looking into it.
  19. admin

    Issue with chain?

    Chain is very effective from 0 to 500 meters Then damage falls off fast to less than 20% and goes down to 0 at 1km. If the target is far you can only gain on the target if you have a significant speed advantage (slowly but surely). If you do not have speed advantage it is almost impossible to stop a target that is already 750 m away.
  20. The initial numbers (for testing) to make a first rate were set as follows: 3 players should be able to build a 1st rate in 3 days (collecting resources from buildings and building a ship including all labor hours) This was enough for the testing to allow everyone experience all the content. Some time ago we also reduced the weight for resources to reduce number of trips for hauling. These numbers (3 players/3 days) indeed seem kinda low now, especially taking into account the lineships buffs in the final HP rebalance.
  21. We lived fine for 2 years without knowing if you penetrated masts or not. When penetration was shown enemy was knowing more about the masts than you. And once we started to think about showing the mast HP to the player we decided that some blackboxes are better kept closed for the player. And state of the rig is one of them.
  22. admin

    Wood Types and Thicknesses

    Because structure consists of frame and planking: structure also has thickness which is equal to the overall hull thickness.
  23. Its a tip problem not the demasting problem. we just have to rewrite the tips better also there will be a pdf guide too in the future explaining concepts to players (some of it will be based on feedback from players like you and @Havelock and many others).
  24. It's not worse - it's less predictable. Less predictable gives more variability. Experience will still let you realize it faster than later.
  25. Why its the worst part? It's he best part. Showing mast penetration WAS A MISTAKE. we reverted it back when we realized it and thought it through.