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  1. This is a topic for work in progress shots and stories about the game we have been tinkering with for the last 3-4 months These are very very early WIP on the images that are generated for the ship recognition books from the 3d ship designer, that will give players full control over the ship design and visualize it all in 3d. Player will be able to place main turrets, secondary turrets, casemate turrets, superstructures, masts, funnels, and decide on the shape of the hull, armor, barbette placement… All having historical constraints naturally limiting the players from creating strange and impossible monsters. All affecting ship performance in combat and movement. If we are able to achieve even 50% of what we want this will be a revolution in battleship games. Hope you enjoy it. Sorry for lower quality of the recognition book drafts but we can't show the rest.
  2. Dear Testers. You are cordially invited to test the Le Requin Xebec that will be one of the first premium ships in NA (It will also be receivable by other means in game). Ship will be provided as a redeemable that you can claim from today 8th June 2018 until 11th June 2018 13-00 kiev time (until maintenance). If you claim the redeemable the ship will appear in your dock and you can keep it until you lose it. But you must claim the redeemable before 11th june 13-00 kiev time to get it. If you do not claim it before 11th redeemable will disappear. More on timed redeemables below*. Please provide feedback on the Visuals and visual bugs and improvements Sailing qualities Yard management (we are testing new proper spanker curves and sail model) Combat performance Other things like hold etc Provide suggestions on what you would change to make this ship interesting Known issues 1) fire shock burns the whole sail - due to no yards - its just one sail - historical but it is dangerous to sail (we plan to give more fire control upgrades to counter that) 2) Sail furling - due to no intermediary states of sail plan you have to use yards to slow down faster, it will be fixed next patch (same problem exists on the gunboat) * ps. we added timed redeemables in the last patch. They are common to the industry and allow devs to encourage players to take action to receive something and keep database a bit less cluttered. Timed redeemables will be used for limited testing, seasonal gifts and other items that needs to be given to everyone across all servers. Eternal redeemables logic also remained and will be used for replacements and compensations
  3. Captains. With the forthcoming transfer to real Caribbean currency of the 18th century (Pieces of Eight(silver) and Escudos (gold). Crafting will be improved and streamlined. As a result partial material wipe will be applied to all intermediary materials. Partial materials wipe means the following conversions will be applied to your current resource stockpiles due to changes in blueprints some conversions might make you worse off, and some will make you better off To avoid losses we recommend to convert all materials to final products that will not change and can be a great way to save value (and maybe make a lot of money (as some prices will change). Best storage value items are Repairs Cannons Ships (especially ships of the line) Upgrades We are not sure about combat and pvp marks yet, but victory marks are going to remain as now and also could be a storage value ETA - 20-30 days There will be 2 currencies (names and denominations not final) Pieces of Eight or Spanish dollar (formerly known as gold and combat marks) Gold Escudos (formerly known as pvp marks) more information will follow (including the list of materials removed) Updated June 7th Some information about material conversion, please note that this is not a final decision and changes are still possible. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wskSxkK0nJXCQ-Z-DxJcVFXu_ztPKo0huf4SUHbKQ24/edit#gid=0
  4. Patch is being deployed today 21st June 2018. Contents of the patch MAIN Feature : Open world UI updated to a new version. Open world UI will update to a more traditional MMO window based system. Port UI remains on the old version. We decided to deploy OW UI first to help to uncover missed bugs and problems faster. Also your initial feedback on the visuals will allow us to deliver better port UI based on your comments. Apologies for the inconvinience that might be caused by the 2 versions of UI Expect bugs and glitches. Name change added to Prolific Forger DLC Separate item will appear in your redeemables You will be able to change name once in every 30 days Admiralty connection added as DLC Will permanently increase dock space, warehouse slots and economy buildings. Two imported ships will be added as DLC (time of appearance subject to Valve's approval) Le Requin Hercules Ability to trade in the open world added to game. Trade is possible with your nation Trade is possible in the radius of attack If one of the parties to a trade exits this radius trade will stop Trade is only possible from hold of the ship Patrol battle exit (escape) option added (to remove trolling and griefing) After a certain time exit will be possible if there are no enemy players in your radius Damage stops the ability to exit (just like the normal exit timer) Being outside of the circle stops ability to exit Experimental feature: Open world attack button now has a coold down (60 seconds). This was done to remove constant re-click to get better positioning You have to be careful how and when you attack. Exams now show the following information in pop ups for motivational purposes Best time and name of the player Your time Average time for all players Rules of Engagement (ROE) changes For reinforcement zones Battle is always open for the nation of the reinforcement zone Battle closes in 10 minutes for all other nations (not owners of the reinforcement zones) For Capital waters Nation of the capital water cannot be attacked as before All other nations can be attacked (removing unnecessary protection for enemies). This means that other nations will not be protected by your capital waters. Battles of other nations in capital waters will be open to all Smuggler flag removed Trader ships now have automatic smuggler flag and will be able to enter any port in the Caribbean Player in the combat ship wont be able to enter enemy ports You will now be able to switch ships in enemy ports if you have an outposts and docked ships there (to remove weird lockouts caused by legacy rules Military ships can now sail out of enemy ports to remove lockouts if your port was captured or changed state from open to all. Exit from enemy and contested ports gives you a 30 min port battle lockdown Free for all ports do not give the port battle timer. Battle sails now give bonuses to Ship turning Yard turning Sail resistance Fire changes Fire now affects structure and planking differently. Planking will burn faster than structure. This is done to bring back more epic explosions as fast fires burn the structure too fast (ship sinks faster than it can explode). Structural leaks and penetrating leaks water intake speed dependence increased. Changes are as follows 50% speed – standard leaks (current) 100% speed – leakage is increased 2x 0 speed – leakage is reduced 2x Control perk changes Perk control can be switched off in the beginning of the battle, if you do not want to use it. There will be a button for the first 5 mins that will let you decide if you want to control on or not. Tuning All blueprints were removed from the admiralty and added to player shipyards for simplification (some of them of course will require permits to build) NPC can rarely sail a 4/5 or 5/5 vessel Capturable ports now give better chance to build a exceptional vessel. Fixed bugs: Multiple bugs fixed thanks to player reports Several tutorial bugs fixed Fixed bug not allowing you to destroy an item in the hold if your computer time was set in the future. Fixed the bug that did not let you take back Hercules if NPC was assigned to it. Update 21st June Le Requin HP lowered slightly Battle sail mode added Speed of raising lowering sails decreased Ship declassed as 6th rate Hercules Broadside time tweaked HP increased according to size Ship re-classed as 5th rate 2 group statuses removed Group status automatically converts to battle group once it exceeds 5 players Mission cancellation limit increased to 50 Reinforcement zones ports and capitals (uncapturable ports including free towns) ability to build better vessels reduced, capturable ports ability to build better ships greatly increased Update 22nd June 2018 Fixed the bug blocking the trade of ships in port Fixed bug that blocked UI for some time after sending the bug report Fixed bug causing incorrect display of national ranks Fixed bug that sometimes did not display the type of combat on combat selection screen You can now redeem the imported premium ships only if you do not have the same ships in docks Use rum now properly works if you drink rum on the Basic Cutter Replaced the icon for Carpenters to something more appropriate (remember that icons are not final) Reduced the fire damage to structure even more (as ships were still sinking before exploding). Update 23rd June 2018 Potential fix for the disappearance of name and buttons from the friendly or enemy ship info panel Forced the amount of extra docks from 5 to 10 (so you do not have to wait till next week) Changed the leaks/speed dependence (ships were sinking too slowly before) You only get the 50% leaks reduction if you are stationary From 10% speed up to 80% speed leaks works without bonuses or penalties (just like before the patch) From 80% speed and up to 100% they gradually rise to 150% To get full benefits of leaks reduction (to get a chance to repair the ship - you have to stop your vessel). Update 26th June 2018 Additional tunings for the leaks/speed curve Recently killed status visualization is added Fixed spelling on the Open World Map (thanks to players feedback) Update 5th July 2018 Epic chest (dropping from epic events) content slightly improved Fixed bug that sent one of the OW chat windows into battle instances completely hiding the compass @Cpt Reverse Internet Connection instability fixes: Fixed bug that sometimes locked out the player from using ports after random teleports caused by connection drops during the change of state (thanks to @z4ys) Fixed bug that sometimes locked the player from using ports if he is sent to two battles due to connection drops (thanks to @Vile Executioner) Update 9th July 2018 Fixed the fonts in ship auction, store interface and contract interface that hid zeroes from the price (they were present in confirmation screens but people still made mistakes) Open world UI has undergone significant changes in systems and code, please expect bugs and problems and do not forget to report them in this topic UI Teaser
  5. Hello Captains We already announced the changes that will improve the hostility missions and victory mark distribution in game, giving everyone equal footing. Individual port ownership will grant you victory marks and even owning one port will make your conquest efforts count. You will no longer be limited by your nation capabilities and your small clan can influence the conquest, and get rewarded even if you are the only clan in your nation. Now it is time to improve pvp itself. In one patch a new type of mission will be added to the game. This mission will completely change the mechanics and motivation behind progression and will route the player to one of the most fun and varied activity in the game. PvP missions will reward player based on the damage he was able to inflict on enemy shipping. PvP missions will reward the player with ships, repairs and small amount of pvp marks. The goal is to remove gear fear from pvp and motivate fighting, not ship preservance. Example of the mission for the light frigates La Mona Naval Patrol Captain: Your task is to inflict as much damage as possible on the enemy players shipping in the designated areas of the Caribbean. Running is discouraged, preservation of your vessel is not important! Assigned ships Cerberus, Renomme, Surprise. Goal: Inflict 5000 damage on enemy shipping in the area. Rewards: Random light frigate note, 30 rig repairs, 30 hull repairs, 250 rum, 5 pvp marks, combat ready upgrade, some money for fitting and guns. The player will have to arrive to the designated area, damage enemy ships and probably sink as a result, but he will learn something. Of course due to 2.5x pvp xp bonuses he will be leveling up faster and such navy patrols will help him recover losses. This feature will be further underlined by the fact that tutorial master exam will award the player with the M&C rank making him immediately useful + such missions will route him to the most fun activity in game. Discuss.
  6. Дорогие Капитаны просим написать следующее о проекте Три вещи которые в NA сделаны прекрасно и вы их просто обожаете Три вещи которые окей но можно и нужно улучшить Три вещи которые вы просто ненавидите или сделаны крайне плохо Бонусный вопрос для тестеров ветеранов Три вещи которые вам очень нравились в старых реализациях фичей из прошлых раундов тестирования (например старая стрельба, урон итд итп)
  7. We think yes. It provides variety and unpredictability which is great for big battles making tactics and skill shine more. Can everyone please take on this question and provide an opinion?
  8. Wind change should move to a more realistic Markov chain based weather generator. But we found that it (new better generator) will create more chances of stable wind (giving no change at all) Currently it is pure random. We have no influence over it and do not take sides. There is only one nation that have not accused us of bias - Prussia (but maybe they do it in german)
  9. Captains. Next 2 patches 3 important things await us. Featured clans and rookie order list In addition to combat tutorials all freshly minted Master and commanders will get a short mission list that they will have to next One of the orders will be to join a clan (this will only be provided to players who are not in a guild). Featured clan list will be added to game and only top clans will be on the list based on pve or pvp or conquest or epic event achievements. We also request veterans and large clans invite people who passed the final exam to guilds and fleets (you can see their names in chat) he/she is definitely good enough to go straight to pvp. Open world UI update Partial UI update will be added to game for testing mostly covering the open world functionality and the map Real currency and denomination Current name for in game currency is outdated (it was always only for temp name). The game will move to a Caribbean currencies of the 18th century New currencies In game gold will be replaced by Real (or Spanish reals) Pieces of eight will be introduced (or 8 Reals Coin or piastr) Double Escudo or Doublooon (or Lous D`Or or Pistole) will be introduced Silver 8 Reals and gold double escudo will be freely convertible between each other, but they can only be received from the government (as rewards for battles or port battles or from mint) Money will be denominated (huge denomination will be applied reducing prices to the 18th Century Caribbean levels) New building will be introduced - mint. Mint will be required tomake coins and will require victory marks to build Crafting blueprints updated for ships and shipbuilding materials Mission rewards/pve rewards/pvp rewards changed Old legacy coins and ingots removal Current Gold Coins and Silver Coins will be removed from game (you can start dumping them or use for craft if you have huge stocks) and stocks left will be compensated at denominated prices Current gold ingots and silver ingots will be removed from game and mines will be removed (and building costs compensated)
  10. Usually the crashes are recovered within 15 -20 mins. Long crashes are rare (black swan events). We assumed that if crash is recovered fast players would prefer to have the battle right away.
  11. Hey Captains. Soon players will be able to purchase a DLC which will let them use a different but of course historical main battle ensign. You can make a difference. We need your suggestions on the following flags. Main Battle Flags/Ensigns (definitily will be added within 2 months) Top mast rectangular ensigns (which most often copy the main battle ensign) (tentative) Examples for USA could be United States Main battle flags Perfect flag to for Jamaica hunting For mast Ensigns Come and get it (and of course dont give the ship banners) We of course have the flags ideas together already for main nations, but maybe we missed something. Best suggestions will just consists of pictures and minimal text. Something like that Nation name Picture or link to picture (or drawing) explanation why should this flag be considered. Happy 4th of July old picture from 2014
  12. Please provide feedback on the new Open world UI Colors, sizes, texts, lacking functionality, and bugs. Also propose changes and improvements if you feel something could be done better. Known issues Map has typos which will be fixed in the next iteration.
  13. Here you can ask questions to developers. Format: question - answer The more concise is the question the more specific will be the answer Please refrain from flood and lengthy discussions - this is the topic for questions Thanks Short game introduction
  14. admin

    Questions to developers

    It will be fixed next big patch.
  15. боковые плашки идентификаторы кораблей возможно большеваты но это будет меняться и улучшаться (возможно) только после порта а пока кидайте раздражители (продолжайте кидать) чтобы потом уже всем списком фиксить или писать почему нельзя пофиксить)
  16. admin

    DLC's and game release.

    Wind angles, HP, Gun types etc are not final for ALL in game vessels.
  17. admin

    DLC's and game release.

    Hard numbers in the DLC wont change. Overall economy system (warehouse space, building plots, docks system) will not change. Ship stats mentioned in store might change ONLY if ALL ships are drastically rebalanced over time. (eg all ships will lose 1 knot of speed or gain 1 knot of speed for general game balance).
  18. We should be realistic here. If you buy @Christendom a beer and if he gifts you ocean in game for that. I cannot enforce, control or punish this. Its impossible. The goal of the RMT chat rule is to remove spam and remove RMT trading as a business from the game (selling in game items to make real money). Occasional barter transactions between friends are not covered by it.
  19. Mass advertising of selling of in game goods for real world currency (e.g. player offers you in game gold - asking you to pay him real money in lets say PayPal) in public channels will cause immediate ban from chat. But based on the screen in chat the player was looking to gift a DLC to someone (has not asked real world currency from anyone) and it is not obvious he was doing mass advertising for that. There are no rules for this yet. Lets discuss with the community here. Gifting is something we cannot control (steam controls that). There is no real way to enforce it.
  20. Thanks for the suggestions To not get you discouraged - all proposals are noted on the forums and tracked for future use. But at this stage we cant sneak weather engine work into the production because we must finish port ui and localize the game and all time is eaten by this work. So only critical bugs and problems can be fixed until those 2 blocks are finished.
  21. Indeed. Someone can gift you a DLC and we cannot do anything about it because Valve wont do anything about it - as gifting is not against steam eula. GL does not endorse such kind of trades as players doing this trade cannot be protected by GL or Valve (i don't know if you can retract a gift for example if you were not paid in game). RMT rules were established some time ago. Mass public offers to sell in game content for real money (which plaque chats in many MMOs like Wow) are not allowed. I think there was a rule about that - i will link it in a little bit.
  22. DLC ship cannot be sold because the DLC brings the ship into your docks right away and does not create a tradeable note. You cannot sell the DLC to other players its impossible. If he is not lying, if he really can do the trade - he is selling a ship note. (Hercules ship note which can be converted into a ship) Hercules note can be received by passing a Final exam in a combat tutorial. Hercules note can also be received in Epic events This is not rmt
  23. admin

    The Daydream – A Concept for Legends

    Great structured write ups everyone. Thank you @Norfolk nChance and @Jeremiah Gunsmoke The situation is simple. NAL testing was flawed in some regards (old sailing model and cannot progression and AI). But it shown that one product must be finished and before a new one is considered. We thought we could manage it but we could not. Of course thanks for feedback. Majority of feedback on this forum (especially if it is done the way you did it ) is taken noted of for future use. But we must release NA first.
  24. защита от альтов сработала (на которых на первых рейтах на минимальном звании фармили) когда то с недостатком команды выйти из порта нельзя варианта 2 1) уничтожить один не нужный корабль во флоте (если не жалко) забрав все из трюма 2) если жалко то выставить главный корабль Ле гросс на аукцион, и потом во Fleet - выбрать линкс или сюрприз как главный нажав кнопку dismiss/take выбрав Switch ship (сменить корабль) - тогда легросс останется на продаже - и останутся два корабля во флоте