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  1. Great News Everyone! Naval Action Legends beta is now open to all Naval Action owners. If you own Naval Action you should be seeing NA-L in your Steam Library already. Servers are now live. Development plans Main patch 1: Events and group challenge Main patch 2: Integration of tutorial Main patch 3: Premium content options integration Hotfixes will be provided on the weekly basis. Good luck at seas Captains.
  2. Hello Captains While programmers are working on the tutorial and the user interface we will address the long overdue Battle ratings, combat performance and sailing performance of the vessels in the series of patches. This patch is first part of the final ship performance rebalance and addresses sailing performance of ships of the line (from 4th rates to 1st rates). The goal is to bring more realism into sail curves and yard power. 1000-1200 square meters of sail of the fore mast on the first rate should provide enough side force, allowing amazing realistic maneuvers and more options in combat. Maneuvers like this become possible (to an certain degree): Changes done (4th rates, 3rd rates, 2nd rates, 1st rates) 1) Exact (better) Balance between staysails and square sails 2) Exact (better) Balance between front mast and stern mast + spanker 3) Yard powers was reduced (based on agamemnon testing from 4 to 3) for better more realistic performance. Rudder power slightly increased for Aga based on the testing. Speed changes example 4th rates (ignoring indiaman) 4th rates are split into 3 groups Downwind sailers - excellent performance downwind due to more square sails area Agamemnon (67% square sails area) Ingermanland (68% square sails area) Universal sailers - ok performance downwind but great performance upwind Constitution (60% square sails area) Wasa (61% square sails area) Good turnrate brawlers (ok performance everywhere, but great turning) Wapen Implications Damage model will improve drastically due to exact calculations of square areas of sails Constitution has more square sails per mast it will get an additional buff to yard power (effect on rotational force) Some ships will get lee on bow (bow will turn better) Some ships will get lee on stern (stern will turn better) Main mast role will be significantly reduced for turning for all ships due to mast position Example of main gameplay change Constitution/Wasa will not catch Agamemnon downwind Agamemnon/Inger will never catch Constitution upwind Open world speed will be slightly relaxed to give more flexibility and will be adjusted more if needed Remember that this is a first draft of changes and they WILL require tuning. But its a great start for finalization of the sailing model and making every ship unique Some ships might require additional tuning based on our additional testing and research and your feedback Known issues: Bots are affected and might need rebalance (especially making sternway). Bots in epic events are also affected and became dumber. OW speeds might go down for some ships at angles closer to wind - we will monitor situation and adjust it if needed)
  3. да хз за уткой кто-то в магаз ходит под боком а кто-то в лес. Навал это лес - со всеми вытекающими плюсами и минусами
  4. это временно будет апдейт - уже понято где не докручено
  5. Hello Everyone Game Labs have been working on a new product in secret this year. Today we can provide some information about the game. This Land Is My Land is a single player open world stealth action game with a living hostile environment. You will play as an Native American fighter. The game will feature several innovative mechanics that we believe will increase variety and create surprises every play-through. Living developing world that grows on its own constantly trying to counter player actions to win the game. World will grow differently every time you start the game: towns and camps will grow differently, patrols will change routes, enemies behavior will change Enemies will learn and react to your actions intelligently so you will have to change your strategy on the fly. For more information please follow us on Facebook Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thislandmyland/ Web: www.thislandmyland.com Some screenshots PS: this land is my land is a working title and might change in the future
  6. Its a beta still. Due to limited number of captains who played there is no need to reset progress.
  7. fastest at which angle and at which condition of wind? Do we take kedging and fake maneuvers into account (constitution faked the approaching gale forcing brits to reduce sail)
  8. constitution has the lowest % of square sails of all 4th rates and above
  9. for the next step we will adapt the yard power for lineships using the following modifiers Keel Depth- reduces side force due to more friction Sail area - increases side force due to more power Length of hull - increases side force due to lever effect (the further the lever point is from the center the more effect it gives) Weight - reduces side force due to more power required to push
  10. возможно инерция старая слишком велика и упрощает проход оверштага - чем тяжелее корабль тем проще
  11. We are testing better side force and current overall turning is also affected by several other things. for example rudder turns could be too high (and rudder turn speed could be reduced) inertia is affecting the tacking and overall turning too as you maintain high speed getting closer to win due to inertia and increased turn rates help you pass the danger zones faster yard turning speed also need to be lowered, so users start planning maneuvers a bit more ahead
  12. Na-L going live when?

    still? can you relog again
  13. We would like to provide the information on the NA Legends and the short roadmap. Feature set The game is planned as a free to play game on PC. This will guarantee large amount of players on the start and remove the price obstacle on trying the game. Some of those players might convert to paying users and even try the open world edition as well. Monetization Monetization will be simple and manly using best practices of the industry, but will avoid shady practices. There will be no nickeling and diming in form of ship slots or ammo or other crap F2P style mechanics. Things that players will be able to pay for Premium account - increasing XP and Money gains (a-la wot and wows) Premium ships (some of which will also be available as tournament or event rewards). Every premium vessel will have a free similar ship available to non-paying users. For example if there is a premium frigate of 34-38 guns, this will mean there there is going to be a free frigate in this gun range. Skins and flags Officer retraining (also available for in game money) Ships Standard ship line up will consist of 24 ships including all 1st and 3nd rates that are currently in game (from Lynx to Santisima Trinidad. These 24 ships will be available for free players. Players will be able to unlock ships and buy them in the similar way it was done in original Sea Trials. There will be no premium ships with guns complement above 90+. But there will be ship of the lines given as tournament prizes. Testing roadmap NA legends testing will start soon. The testing will be done in 3 stages. Stage 1: We will provide the build for internal testers and some select (without UI) - the goal will be to test stability of instances and major bugs that could arise from Unity 5. Do not worry about getting in at this stage - it is going to las only a week. Stage 2: Once UI is finished we will provide the access key to all who applied - they will be free to share the access keys with whoever they want as well. Stage 3: Access will open to all NA owners Testing will be done on 2-3 game types (maps) with various win conditions and objectives One objective - simple meeting engagement with 2 Objectives with forts (capturable) 3 Objectives - similar to current port battles If initial testing runs will be complete and are successful we will take parts of the current OW map tech to event generation providing randomized battles in various locations making every battle unique. In addition to that tournament content will be added in form of weekend automated tournaments (a-la fifa weekend league). Once testing is done we will open the access to the general public and work will start to optimize the game for PS4 and XBOX One - we already have the xbox version running but it needs some more optimization. Please ask questions if you have any.
  14. Use this topic for discussions of all topics related to technical problems bugs and workarounds.
  15. на некоторых уже жалобы пишут что топят на агамемноне: белонну агу и фрегат в соло
  16. Game mechanics or something else?

    We will research the issue of course just too prove the awesome powers of authoritative server again. But here is a side note Ram dinark was one one of most active pvp players in POTBS and is one of the vets in NA. + nice advertising for an Agamemnon. People were saying that Wasa is OP, and solo sailing is impossible. I wish this battle was on video so i can learn a tip or two from this battle. Topic locked until further notice
  17. Game mechanics or something else?

    which ship? describe the battle please
  18. Game mechanics or something else?

    You can't do that. Thats how servers work. They tell you what happen and you can't modify anything. Even water is calculated on the server (we were the first innovator in this area) But just in case to be sure - if as you said those are 2 same players - maybe you can record it on video the next time it happens. Because all those conspiracy theories break down after video reviews. And btw. almost indestructible masts are possible using upgrades. Just fit all permanents and all skill books you can find on mast thickness and mast hp.
  19. да у нас есть возможность индивидуально настраивать снос покорабельно
  20. тут скорее длинна корпуса должна учитываться - чем длиннее корпус тем больше рычаг (при прочих равных)
  21. У виктори на фок мачте почти 1300 метров квадратных парусов - это не супер буст - ветер дует в 1300 метров и тащит в бок возможно реи слишком быстро крутятся надо тюнить - снос должен остаться но надо остальное докрутить (ускорения замедления скорости поворота рей немного) выворачивает потому что парусов больше на носовой мачте у некоторых кораблей обратный эффект
  22. там проблема не в интерфейсе а в прицеле у каждого снаряда своя баллистика и несколько боеприпасов вызывают разрыв шаблона у капитанов (попробуйте например поставить карронады на верх миды на центр и лонги вниз - куда целить?
  23. если вы про это то так и должно быть фрегаты получат свои изменения через неделю - после сбора фидбеков по всем рейтам