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  1. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON REDEEMABLE CLEARANCE. Over time we accumulated a lot of redeemables on all accounts in game. They will have to be streamlined. The only redeemables that will remain on player accounts are: XP redeemables if you have not yet used them Crafting XP redeemables if you have not yet used them Special content (like the yacht) will remain but will be moved to a separate category (described below) All other redeemables (ships, items, upgrades, etc) will be removed from the redeemables box in approximately 30 days. From March 2018, Items deliveries, gifts, testing ships will be delivered to players in the following way. Lost and found Compensations (if you lost something within the the game) will be delivered to this chest Captains will have to login and claim the compensations to receive them, within a certain time. Gift Chest Server wide presents, gifts, testing ships, items will be delivered through the gift box Captains will have to log in and claim the to receive them, within a certain time Permanent assets All permanent content (new year gifts, premium ships, permanent skins or permanent ships) Redeemables clearance will start on 15th of march. If you want to get ships, items, cannons, mast upgrades, XP for ship slots (merged from Global PVP) and forged papers you have to login and redeem them BEFORE 15 March 2018 XP, Crafting XP redeemables are safe. If you don't feel like playing yet they will wait for you until the release of the game, for the servers you played on. We will also keep them for some time after release.
  2. Captains! Emergency patch will be deployed today Fixed a sneaky bug, that got in recently; bug that did not allow battle entry on the side of the smuggler Smuggler flag has no influence on battle flag from now on. If a brit attacks a french smuggler a battle between britain and france will be created, not brit vs pirate flag as before. As a result several other things also got into the game. Battle rating for vessels has been tuned to incorporate long range dps and alpha Port battles BR adjusted generally was slightly increased for deep water ports - from 5 to 15% more variety in BR were added for shallow water ports BR influence on attacking in OW slightly reduced BR difference influence between solo ships greatly reduced 100BR is now enough to attack a lone 1st rate Influence of numbers for BR group modifiers was slightly reduced You only need 13 santisima trinidads to attack 25 santisima trinidads Prolific Forger DLC has been added to the game. Prolific forger grants access to permanent forged paper that can be used every 30 days to change nation. as usual - we are adding a teaser from the new UI Update: Treasure island port battle BR limits North Inlet - deep water - 2570 Kidd's Harbour - deep water - 2520 Rum Cove - shallow - 1110
  3. Question for discussion One of the features of sandbox games is that sometimes number of enemies greatly exceeds your fleet (so called ganking problem). One year ago we gave ourselves a task to tune a combat model in the way where skill will have an overwhelming effect on the combat, allowing small group or a solo player to win almost any battle or destroy a great number of enemies before sinking himself. This is how the we believe the anti ganking solution should look like (on the video you see how some outnumbered battles already look like) All changes to combat model were done to support this ideal and based on the combat reports we see that it is possible more and more. In this matter we have a set of questions What is interfering with making winning such battles possible? What would you add to combat model to give more options to win by skill? What could should we add to help captains to not be afraid attacking an overwhelming force? How would you tune existing mechanics to increase the chance to win by skill?
  4. Captains. Important information on the forthcoming plans. Tutorial Tutorial will be probably finished in February. Thanks for the feedback that you provided - it will be incorporated into the game this month. Captain logging into the game the first time will have to pass the tutorial and challenges. The structure of the tutorial: Basic knowledge that unlock the challenges Challenges. Captain who finished the challenges will receive First lieutenant rank and will be able to sail a square rigger right from the start. (some ranks will be rebalanced as a result) M&C Exam. Complex and hard Master and Commander if completed will grant the Captain M&C rank and will give a unique permanent redeemable ship. It will be skippable, but those who skip will miss out on the exam rewards. By finishing the M&C exam you will be able to sail a light frigate and be immediately useful in PVP and Conquest. Tutorial will be available for everyone - even veteran players, if they will want that permanent redeemable ship. User interface. We are working hard on the UI. UI will be streamlined, useful and beautiful. Here is a screen from the first prototype UI will move to a more traditional MMO windows based systems where player will be able to get access to everything he wants with one click without jumping back and forth between screens/tabs. You will be able to open all windows if you wish and operate between them. ETA on the interface finalization is unknown. Localization will start after interface is deployed. In parallel we will finalize the Hostility mechanics, sailing model and combat model.
  5. This is a topic for work in progress shots and stories about the game we have been tinkering with for the last 3-4 months These are very very early WIP on the images that are generated for the ship recognition books from the 3d ship designer, that will give players full control over the ship design and visualize it all in 3d. Player will be able to place main turrets, secondary turrets, casemate turrets, superstructures, masts, funnels, and decide on the shape of the hull, armor, barbette placement… All having historical constraints naturally limiting the players from creating strange and impossible monsters. All affecting ship performance in combat and movement. If we are able to achieve even 50% of what we want this will be a revolution in battleship games. Hope you enjoy it. Sorry for lower quality of the recognition book drafts but we can't show the rest.
  6. Hello Captains. Here is the development roadmap for the next 3-6 months for your consideration. Significant milestones Move to Unity 5 (complex task with unknown ETA) Current version of unity does not allow us to add more content due to several limitations of memory and the engine. We cannot add new ships because of 32bit application (thats why a lot of ships were removed from game engine to just allow us to patch the game after the introduction of the new sounds. Move to Unity 5 might also increase FPS across the board due to improvements to the engine in general. Port UI complete rework - self explaining. Open world UI improvements - once 1-2 is done Battle UI improvements - once 1-2 is done Localization into first batch of languages - once 2-3-4 is done spanish french russian german simplified Chinese During these milestones the development will slow down and there will be less patches and hot fixes. Especially during the Unity 5 transfer. Once transfer is made it will be provided to testbed for testing. Tunings Finalization of conquest and conquest rewards Additional PVE content (missions, raids other improvements) Finalization of PVP Rules of Engagement and PVP rewards If you think something must be done asap and added to the tuning list please provide list of 3 changes most critical to you or to those who you play with. Example how it might look like Add speed increase during invisibility timer Remove conquest marks and replace them with additional labor hours per day Bring back pvp rewards and pvp exclusive content and increase pvp financial rewards by 50%
  7. всем привет обсуждаем только патч и что в патчноутах а то закроем
  8. Player experience share between servers

    Yes, its no longer a thing. It was only needed during early testing, was buggy and was causing problems.
  9. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    which are? Provide the list of specifics fixes that made it more and more casual for you List of 5 things will be enough.
  10. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    forgot to add a teaser from new UI result screen from passing of the hard master & commander exam.
  11. уже поправлено торговые корабли соотвествуют по бр своим одноклассникам
  12. капитаны не ссорьтесь! по локализации - перевод самых важных кнопок как 5 - 1 и 5 -3 уже осуществлен. Все цифры в игре локализованы на 100 проц!
  13. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Your spreadsheet has mistakes in them Frigate is 175.. Renommee 150
  14. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Your favoritism comment is incorrect, the valid proposal to allow smaller ships/fleets to attack larger ships/ fleets was initiated by @Banished Privateer who is definitely not our fan (was even banned multiple times, in game and on the forums). His proposal was good though, i liked it. He sails for one of the smallest nations on the server. The new 10/10/10 hostility mission system that will come to live servers soon and will help to balance port battle generation even more, giving more options to defend for smaller nations.
  15. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Most shallow ports are similar indeed, i think we should probably cut BR limits for some of them to allow smaller size battles shallow water ports (more variety).
  16. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Not just any 13 ships. You will need 13 Santisimas. The number required was 19 before the patch. It was strange and weird and not really historical that 18 first rates could not attack 25 first rates.
  17. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Permanent item, use as many times you like.
  18. Rumor from below

    We all have one life! We should try all the games on the topics that interest us! Pillars with boats looks great btw.
  19. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Remember that tutorial final exam will grant players M&C rank. So new player who thinks that he made a wrong choice when starting a game can just delete a character, pass a tutorial and get m&c rank back, by just passing the exam again. Prolific forger DLC is not for them, its for players who cannot commit and change nations 5-6 times a year or more.
  20. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    steam has local pricing so you cant be given a definitive answer, it varies from country to country
  21. Port / City visuals

    agreed all resources now are focused on the tutorial, and UI. it will bring more impact and will keep more users happy initially. Focus is key with the small team. Once its done we can review and freshen up the buildings and cities
  22. Port / City visuals

    We have one of the best visual representations (if not the best) of a 16 mln square km caribbean. http://www.navalaction.com/blog/2015/3/5/beautiful-open-world we know it raises expectations and players of course want more. We can assure you that land and cities will be amazing in Naval Action 8, just like they are amazing in AC 8 also known as Origins delivered by 300 artists and programmers.
  23. Port / City visuals

    individual styles were originally considered for all nations and could be implemented after localization
  24. Here you can ask questions to developers. Format: question - answer The more concise is the question the more specific will be the answer Please refrain from flood and lengthy discussions - this is the topic for questions Thanks Short game introduction