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    Tow to Port

    Hi all. This will be unpopular but here is the thing. Tow to port is a temporary feature. Its not going to exist in the future. It is the unstuck command that players use for travel. In the future its only going to work if you are really stuck. And this future is actually very close.
  2. admin

    Comparing 2 games

    Activity trackers? Thinking that notifications and alerts make a game and comparing a small indie developer team with the BD developer (quarterly revenue 120 Billion korean won) is just stupid. Topic locked
  3. This is a topic for work in progress shots and stories about the game we have been tinkering with for the last 3-4 months These are very very early WIP on the images that are generated for the ship recognition books from the 3d ship designer, that will give players full control over the ship design and visualize it all in 3d. Player will be able to place main turrets, secondary turrets, casemate turrets, superstructures, masts, funnels, and decide on the shape of the hull, armor, barbette placement… All having historical constraints naturally limiting the players from creating strange and impossible monsters. All affecting ship performance in combat and movement. If we are able to achieve even 50% of what we want this will be a revolution in battleship games. Hope you enjoy it. Sorry for lower quality of the recognition book drafts but we can't show the rest.
  4. Hey Captains. Soon players will be able to purchase a DLC which will let them use a different but of course historical main battle ensign. You can make a difference. We need your suggestions on the following flags. Main Battle Flags/Ensigns (definitily will be added within 2 months) Top mast rectangular ensigns (which most often copy the main battle ensign) (tentative) Examples for USA could be United States Main battle flags Perfect flag to for Jamaica hunting For mast Ensigns Come and get it (and of course dont give the ship banners) We of course have the flags ideas together already for main nations, but maybe we missed something. Best suggestions will just consists of pictures and minimal text. Something like that Nation name Picture or link to picture (or drawing) explanation why should this flag be considered. Happy 4th of July old picture from 2014
  5. Hello Captains Patch has been deployed today to live servers. 29th August 2018 Diana wil be given out for testing to all captains in the Caribbean. It will be a timed reward - you will have to login and claim it within 15 days after the patch. if you miss this 15 days window for some reason do not worry. It will be brought to the game as crafted ship or as admiralty note ship in the next patch. Spanish frigate Diana Spanish heavy frigate filling the gap between heavy and medium frigates Gundeck - 24lb guns 42lb carronades Upper deck - 9lb guns 32 lb carronades. Major BR rebalance We are gradually moving away from the static BR based on HP and DPS characteristics and will also consider several other factors including battle performance data. How it will work Ships with much lower performance statistics will have lower BR even if they are a higher class vessel. For example 2nd rate pavel having a much worse battle performance than 3rd rate Bellona will have a lower BR than Bellona. The changes will be applied gradually as full performance based BR is currently impossible as it will break old mission system. Once new mission system is added in September we will let battle performance influence the ship BR slightly more. This will mostly affect the port battles and will require captains to recalculate their battle plans for future conquests. Speed changes Wind curves slightly tweaked for Hercules Privateer Speeds slightly increased for Mercury Niagara Lynx Privateer Prince Elite and Spanish/Pirate rig refit bonuses lowered from 30/15 to 20/10 Keep in mind that this speed change is a temporary fix to provide more options in the 6th rate category - all ships speeds, turning, and heel performance will be updated after port ui patch based on battle performance with the goal to increase gameplay depth. Current historical wind curves (fully based on sail plans) have been found to reduce gameplay depth instead of improving it, and will be adapted this autumn. Update 30th August 2018 Battle rating has been corrected for some of first rates: L'Ocean 900 BR Santisima 800 BR Diana sailing curve has been properly applied on live servers Hotfix was deployed 12th September Fixed the bug locking you in port if you wanted to claim tutorial rewards without the outpost Fixed basic cutter BR issues Fixed Diana bugs with decals and colliders Constitution Classic timed redeemable added to all captains. Hotfix 19th September All upgrades increasing crew rebalanced (data below) XP and Money for kills and assists rebalanced based on BR of vessels (slight increase for 1-2nd rates) Yacht can now enter port battles and can be added to fleets Determined defender bonus lowered from 30% to 0.001% Boarding max speed increased to 8 knots (previously around 4 knots). speed difference between your ship and enemy ship was lowered and now cannot exceed 5 knots to board (previously it was 8 knots). Both vessels must be below 8 knots. Barricades defensive bonus increased by 0.1 and attack penalty increased by 0.1 as well. Crew bonuses reductions Shipbuilding: Very cramped: 5% - previous 10% Cramped: 2.5% - previous 5% Extra crew trim: 7.5% - previous 10% Modules and books: Light ship hammocks refit: 5% - previous 15% Hammocks book: 7.5%-7.5%-2.5% - previous 20%-10%-5% Diana Screenshot
  6. admin

    Becoming a Game Developer

    Do not rely on the forums much in this.. He will change his mind like 10x times over the next 8 years… There are many playful toys that require some minimal programming that you can do together.. Like nintendo LABO or lego
  7. проверим скорее всего вызвано тем что она ниже сидит в воде чем старая конста поэтому и происходит поломка
  8. Точно можно поправить только резко уменьшив скорость движения в открытом мире (что вызовет намного больше недовольства) При текущей скорости возможны артефакты - чтобы их исправить можно стандартизировать расстояние в инстах но на это надо время на проверки - пока интерфейс важнее
  9. admin

    Flags Flags Flags

    @Hethwill the Harmless found it Et pluribus Unum (but t is omitted)
  10. admin

    Flags Flags Flags

    Little help from our USA captains? what is written on the banner? its the flag of the revenue cutter service 1799 version
  11. admin

    Flags Flags Flags

    did casa de contratación had a ensign (like EIC or west indies company)? cant find any reference
  12. Ink is investigating and will reply to you in private. But clan code is very stable and impossible to hack - someone you have trusted the officer role promoted them. Or they were officers, changed names and decided to leave and take all with them. Right now the only mechanic to kick is to find the founder. Clan issues can only be addressed after localization, we added the logs recently (that help a lot) and plan to continue improving the clan functionality. BUT. Having played EVE we know the only way to not lose resources is to keep them in your warehouse because even the trusted online friend can betray. pill sweetener. remember the wipe will come on release so you have not really lost much and they have not really gained anything.
  13. You are not thinking it through. If officers could demote - then a rogue officer can just kick everyone (especially in the case of missing founder) and take over the clan. Now. Officer could only invite alts to clan, promote and steal everything ONLY in once case. You were far sighted enough to hire such officer. Do not promote people you don't trust with you FULL WAREHOUSE. if you trusted them - you should be ok with them taking it all out.
  14. Discussion of moderation is usually not allowed, but moderators should never cross the line and break the forum rules themselves. If they break them you can complain. Moderators are volunteers, and do not have to reply PMs just like you dont have to. The post does not contain anything to discuss. When filing complaints against moderators please provide the subject of the complaint. For example if you complain about verbal abuse (its against the rules) - quote the verbal abuse.
  15. Схема пока такая Энергия определяет пробой - чем выше энергия тем выше пробой Диаметр ядра определяет урон обшивке уточним что чем выше скорость энергия тем аккуратнее будет дыра (лонги) медленное ядро вырывает больше обшивки тем самым нанося больше урона щепой команде (карронады) Шли обсуждения что возможно диаметр не самый лучший определитель урона обшивке и структуре Но пока никуда не привели (есть как доказательства за так и против) Пример - в отверстие оставленное от 24ф ядра даже нельзя просунуть пальцы. Или тут (по моему тоже 24ф) вообще если смотреть по тестам - урон корпусу от ядер не просто минимален - …
  16. Hello captains. Here is a small update on the development plans for the next 6 months. Dates are not final and might move around August: While we are are still working on the UI patch - we will deliver 1-2 balancing patches in august based on feedback on ship combat performance, (especially performance of the imported vessels vs alternatives) Ship rebalance (specifically focused on the underperforming ship) We might also add a new vessel in August. September Patch UI patch needs a lot more time due to the complexity of the Port UI rework and some additional content we have to deploy. The patch will contain Economy rebalance and partial resource wipe Port UI update Flags update (ability to change main battle flag will be added) Mission Content New port dependent mission system OW Hunt missions Traditional Destroy missions but with multiple variations of difficulty and rewards One new challenge Kill challenge 7 types: 1 for each class Current fleet missions will be removed, all missions will turn into fleet missions if more players join - and AI will send more ships as well. Patrol missions will remain in game, but rewards will be adjusted based on the economy patch October - November UI polish and fixes based on feedback Small AI improvements Economy missions crafting missions for ships and items delivery missions Additional combat missions and conquest missions National hunts PVP missions Operations Welcome to the Caribbean - mandatory operation for new players unlocking 3 more tutorial operations Trials by fire - operation giving the combat oriented player clear objectives Columbus - operation helping the player to establish bases around the area Nervos Belli - operation helping the player to get around basic crafting Conquest operations E.G. Operation Isla Pinos giving large gold coin rewards for capture of the whole island. New Events and Challenges PvP duels Conquest mission rework. Frontlines might get back (but not in form of flags but in form of port dependent hostility and conquest missions, which will only give hostility missions to nearby towns) Start of localization work Localization system will provide players with option to replace language files by the file of his choice giving the option for the community to help localize the game into additional languages. November - December? Localization continued Additional work on the content improvements
  17. Deck guns do not work if deck difference is too high. if you attack one decked ship the guns on the top deck do not work (cant aim that low). Hercules has a technically 3 decks. There is another ship like this - Prince.
  18. admin

    Revised Boarding Mini Game

    This is something that will only work if you hide enemy commands and only know them in the next round. Pick a command according to your knowledge of enemy ship and crew - and commit. This will remove ping dependence - and i think this is a way to go.
  19. Когда будут введены группы в портовом патче - можно будет вернуть часть больших бонусов так как одновременно раскачивать определенную стату одной группой модулей больше будет нельзя. Сейчас бонусы показались большими (особенно на малых кораблях - до 55% процентов).
  20. admin

    Flags Flags Flags

    dev version. allows to switch to old UI
  21. admin

    Flags Flags Flags

    Flags functionality will be added in the next patch. But additional flags will be introduced gradually both as lootable items and as cosmetic purchasable unlock that will unlock all flags.
  22. LRQ was not touched. It is still one of the best light ships in game. And the best raider together with Prince. We dont plan to change LRQ stats. Crew bonuses needed to go down there was not point to wait - 55% bonus for light ships was too big. Upgrade changes will only settle down once port ui patch hits (where player wont be able to stack similar group upgrades any longer). Only then we will see.
  23. Boarding at higher speed on the parallel course should be possible - but it will only increase tactical depth if ships continue on their way if they started boarding at 8knots. If ships board each other on 8 knots - they must entangle and continue on their way at 8 knots in their direction. In addition to that - captain should be able to use [ ] (point blank fire) during boarding. If ships continue on their way - this will drastically increase depth and coordination required for others to help during boarding. And will completely remove the option (hey i boarded - now stern rake it for me) We cannot allocate the programming time to that because we want to finish kill, hunt, search and destroy mission improvements and deliver port UI to players. So it is better to revert until we can remove stoppage.