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  1. We think yes. It provides variety and unpredictability which is great for big battles making tactics and skill shine more. Can everyone please take on this question and provide an opinion?
  2. Wind change should move to a more realistic Markov chain based weather generator. But we found that it (new better generator) will create more chances of stable wind (giving no change at all) Currently it is pure random. We have no influence over it and do not take sides. There is only one nation that have not accused us of bias - Prussia (but maybe they do it in german)
  3. Usually the crashes are recovered within 15 -20 mins. Long crashes are rare (black swan events). We assumed that if crash is recovered fast players would prefer to have the battle right away.
  4. admin

    Questions to developers

    It will be fixed next big patch.
  5. боковые плашки идентификаторы кораблей возможно большеваты но это будет меняться и улучшаться (возможно) только после порта а пока кидайте раздражители (продолжайте кидать) чтобы потом уже всем списком фиксить или писать почему нельзя пофиксить)
  6. admin

    DLC's and game release.

    Wind angles, HP, Gun types etc are not final for ALL in game vessels.
  7. admin

    DLC's and game release.

    Hard numbers in the DLC wont change. Overall economy system (warehouse space, building plots, docks system) will not change. Ship stats mentioned in store might change ONLY if ALL ships are drastically rebalanced over time. (eg all ships will lose 1 knot of speed or gain 1 knot of speed for general game balance).
  8. We should be realistic here. If you buy @Christendom a beer and if he gifts you ocean in game for that. I cannot enforce, control or punish this. Its impossible. The goal of the RMT chat rule is to remove spam and remove RMT trading as a business from the game (selling in game items to make real money). Occasional barter transactions between friends are not covered by it.
  9. Mass advertising of selling of in game goods for real world currency (e.g. player offers you in game gold - asking you to pay him real money in lets say PayPal) in public channels will cause immediate ban from chat. But based on the screen in chat the player was looking to gift a DLC to someone (has not asked real world currency from anyone) and it is not obvious he was doing mass advertising for that. There are no rules for this yet. Lets discuss with the community here. Gifting is something we cannot control (steam controls that). There is no real way to enforce it.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions To not get you discouraged - all proposals are noted on the forums and tracked for future use. But at this stage we cant sneak weather engine work into the production because we must finish port ui and localize the game and all time is eaten by this work. So only critical bugs and problems can be fixed until those 2 blocks are finished.
  11. Indeed. Someone can gift you a DLC and we cannot do anything about it because Valve wont do anything about it - as gifting is not against steam eula. GL does not endorse such kind of trades as players doing this trade cannot be protected by GL or Valve (i don't know if you can retract a gift for example if you were not paid in game). RMT rules were established some time ago. Mass public offers to sell in game content for real money (which plaque chats in many MMOs like Wow) are not allowed. I think there was a rule about that - i will link it in a little bit.
  12. DLC ship cannot be sold because the DLC brings the ship into your docks right away and does not create a tradeable note. You cannot sell the DLC to other players its impossible. If he is not lying, if he really can do the trade - he is selling a ship note. (Hercules ship note which can be converted into a ship) Hercules note can be received by passing a Final exam in a combat tutorial. Hercules note can also be received in Epic events This is not rmt
  13. admin

    The Daydream – A Concept for Legends

    Great structured write ups everyone. Thank you @Norfolk nChance and @Jeremiah Gunsmoke The situation is simple. NAL testing was flawed in some regards (old sailing model and cannot progression and AI). But it shown that one product must be finished and before a new one is considered. We thought we could manage it but we could not. Of course thanks for feedback. Majority of feedback on this forum (especially if it is done the way you did it ) is taken noted of for future use. But we must release NA first.
  14. защита от альтов сработала (на которых на первых рейтах на минимальном звании фармили) когда то с недостатком команды выйти из порта нельзя варианта 2 1) уничтожить один не нужный корабль во флоте (если не жалко) забрав все из трюма 2) если жалко то выставить главный корабль Ле гросс на аукцион, и потом во Fleet - выбрать линкс или сюрприз как главный нажав кнопку dismiss/take выбрав Switch ship (сменить корабль) - тогда легросс останется на продаже - и останутся два корабля во флоте