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  1. First statement Every Single Other? Are you sure To our knowledge WoW allows multi boxing if button presses are done by a person switching windows. Archeage allows multiboxing (without third party software syncing button presses) - there is an official statement online Black desert allows multiboxing (without third party syncing) - there is an official statement online EVEn EVE allows multiboxing if you are not using software to automate (allowed if you switch between windows and press buttons yourself) It is not obvious - maybe someone can help us to decipher the video, but from what i have heard that guy switches the windows..(its not automated and synced between clients). Second statement - advisable? Its not advisable. But its not forbidden. If you know Gabe Newell email (we dont) please send them (Valve) an email and ask them to forbid running several steam accounts at the same time on one machine. We have no control over steam client. If we had our own launcher it would be possible.. but we cannot rely on our own launcher being a small indie team. It would be great if they changed that. Third … Its not a design decision. Ship combat is slow.. I am not sure where you lead with the design decisions statement. But here is the thing. A - we have bots and fleets - you can add 3 ships to your fleet. B - we are very sure its not actually easy. Lenin (the guy on video) did this in POTBS (pirates of the burning sea) and became in game famous for this, multiple people tried to copy him in time when the game was sub based (14 dollars per month) - but only he could do it. Maybe you can try and let us know how it worked?
  2. I understand that design decisions could be right or wrong or convoluted. but … you have not provided the quotes of the insults…You have blamed me for insulting YOU as a customer… Can you please provide the quotes? Or withdraw your statements.
  3. Hmmm… Can you provide a specific quote answering your post or a direct message or statement referring to you where I replied to you with an insult?
  4. admin

    Loss of all ships at outpost

    Action will be made only if there is clear evidence. If there is no detailed evidence you might get no reply at all, as is is not possible to reply to all requests. Requests like - "seems like i lost ship please recover wtf" cant reasonably be answered.
  5. admin

    Loss of all ships at outpost

    We recover ships in case its the game's fault. Also we can partially recover some ships (usually 1 ship 1 upgrade) if you can prove your kids deleted the outpost (confirmed by logs) but this only can happen once per steam ID.
  6. admin

    Loss of all ships at outpost

    yes i understand..But the problem is that the assets are handled by a machine … it does not know if you are making a mistake or not. We could lock the outpost deletion until you remove the assets, but in this case you could be be stuck with assets in enemy ports forever. There is a need to remove outpost with everything if you cant recapture for example. We will review the usability of this feature eventually... right now the focus is on localization and port ui - we plan to give out port ui asap.
  7. admin

    Flags Flags Flags

    there is a "Condent" flag on the pirate flag list - its rectangular not triangular.
  8. admin

    Loss of all ships at outpost

    There is always a warning when you delete the outpost that states to the player that all assets/ships will be lost if you close it. Message always applies. Thats why it is there :). But we understand its frustrating. In this particular case you could apply to @Ink for partial compensation (he can provide one time courtesy recovery first time it happens) pm him and he will investigate.
  9. admin

    Upgrade disappeared, Shops disabled.

    most likely you have a corrupt item hold on.. maybe it can be fixed but worst case you will have to wait for monday.
  10. admin

    Flags Flags Flags

    maybe it (hre flag for sweden) should be done for the german speaking community as there was no prussia when most german players went sweden. Maybe on a blue Bavaria background
  11. admin

    TESTBED - Weight of the goods

    The atom unit is now the ton or 100 tons (instead of the approximate load which was used previously)
  12. live server is also a early access server. UI changes are painful. and cant be changed on the fly. Thus testbed was absolutely required for the UI and missions. Economy changes are easier (especially knowing that there will be partial wipe on release of the game that will remove abnormal gold generated from mistakes in economy)
  13. Why don't you provide the real quote - we take misquotes of our statements very seriously here. If you cannot find the quite please remove unproven statements from your message.
  14. артефакты - будут исправлены это вызвано разницей в БР которые будут финально устранены в патч или сразу после него