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  1. Turn inertia - discuss

    leeway is not complex. Its just no-one have tried to take ships seriously before. We did. Even casual Need for speed has handbrake and drift and you can even get thrown from the track by excessive force if you did not brake in advance.
  2. Turning inertia. What are your thoughts and suggestions captains?
  3. Didn't get victory mark

    did you enter port ?
  4. Captains .Please review and suggest improvements to wind changes heel leeway (sideforce) and ship differences general turnrates (using rudder or yards or both) speed curves and ship difference tacking time downwind turning time Feel free to propose buffs or debuffs if necessary
  5. blocking friendlies and friendly fire is not allowed. @Ink will investigate. Captains who block or shoot friendlies on purpose (there must be a report from the person who was blocked) will be punished by demotions. Please @Anolytic ask players on video who were blocked or fired upon to make a short statement here.
  6. give them the escape command, alt tab and then go.. they will escape it takes literally 5 seconds click on bot control interface click escape command for each of them.
  7. we discussed it with some veteran players and mods recently. The problem with full loot and human psychology is this: No incentive will force you out of the safe zone, because in case of a loss you lose everything Whatever the reward you lose 100%. So staying in the safe zone is 100x more profitable even if you increase rewards 10000x. Combined with general human fear of loss and exaggeration of loss probability (people prefer not to win 100 fearing loss of 50). Risk averse players will not leave it with ANY incentive. Risk driven players (who love risk) will never understand them. As a result. We either have players in the safe zone, or we have them outside of the game. We hope some of players who enjoy the safe zone convert to pvp and conquest. Because of all mentioned above - we have no plans to do changes to safezones. Eve online has them and kills you if you attack in safe zones; we have it too. Reinforcement will only allow suicide ganking. All opportunities to attack in safe zones with clever ways will be eventually removed.
  8. because in game if they did ship would turnover during wind gusts or at some angles. But effect on speed and acceleration and change of waterline is negligible.
  9. guns affect weight and thus affect acceleration and speed. but the effect is negligible/small. 300 tons weight of ALL guns for victory (for 3500tons ship disp) they dont affect center of gravity but do affect heel as they increase ship mass (but again due to negligible weight effect is not noticeable, but it is there)
  10. Duel Rooms, Again...

    sponsored post: duel tournaments! every weekend in legends equal ships equal upgrades only skill matters!
  11. i missed not in post we thought that not leaving friends and comrades is taught by men and fathers and schools and movies.
  12. Ehm can you explain? Enemy nations capital?
  13. We though that not leaving friends and comrades in battle usually is a part of the general male education. New players usually will encounter this problem once and most often in light crappy ships, gaining this experience. The choice to surrender bots if you leave them is deliberate and this usually what would happen in most combat situations. It also solves multiple exploits and other problems.
  14. Captain leaves the sinking ship last or must go down with a ship. Even though it is a game we expect our captains to tend and support their subordinate ships in battle. NPC captains under your command lose all hope when the commander leaves them and immediately surrender. Warning is not necessary - we never expect players to leave their comrades in battle.