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  1. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    Wars are not fought alone. You should play 1 hour one life - where as a new player you CANT DO ANYTHING unless someone feeds you and care about you, because you are born a baby and its popular..
  2. Cheat suspected

    angle influence will be adapted in the next patch
  3. мы постили только данные со стима - на стиме такой онлайн
  4. Cheat suspected

    Hijacking traffic will only work if some calculations are done on the client, like in CS or PUBG. If math is in the client then you can replace server messages with your messages. For example in most client based games you can replace 30 damage with 60 damage and your client will take 60 damage as the real number. In Naval Action client has no math at all, its only for showing you a beautiful picture and get your button clicks. All math is on the server. hijacking traffic is useless: you can replace your Surprise structure to 100,000 but it will achieve nothing; on the server your ship structure is still a 2400hp ship and it will die when it receives 2400hp damage.
  5. Notifications

    all notifications are disabled by default now to avoid spamming users. You can enable everything (including email for every like) separately if you wish so.
  6. Clan/Warehouse Management

    There will be a recruitment leaderboard for clans by mid april (based on 4 main activities, pvp, port battles, pve and crafting) New players will be forced to join a fleet or organization to get post captain rank (hard requirement) The list of clans to join or request to join will only be picked from the leaderboard As long as a player passes a first leutenant exam (challenges) nation chat will be notified by @Clerk about it with player name as a result clans will be big and powerful Regarding the log - there will be no log unfortunately for some time; IF they happen they will be very limited (for example show logs only for 1 day). Dont expect logs as new players who come into the game do not care about logs. Logs will not increase online.
  7. Thickness meta is back

    thickness is good, but needs tuning at square angle penetrations. Right now its too one sided (if you dont penetrate you dont penetrate at all).
  8. Нам понравилось что происходит с углом - но проблема в том что сейчас пробой стал однобоким - если не пробиваешь то не пробиваешь вообще в след обновлении пробой пушек будет изменен - а работа угла приведенной брони модифицирована В прямом угле (90 град) 4ф мид будет пробивать любой корабль с любой зафитовкой - но только в 90 град на 100м (исторический пробой 4ф на 100м выше 114см) При росте угла и дистанции нужны будут все более тяжелые и длинные пушки 42ф лонг с двойным зарядом пороха будет пробивать любой корабль с любой зафитовкой на 1 км (при нужном наклоне цели - так как ядра на 1км падают сверху) но тоже только в 90 град При этом влияние угла будет резко усилено если вы выбрали правильный угол стрельбы и свою рабочую дистанцию вы пробьете любой корабль если вы выстрелили рано или с неправильным сведением то вообще не пробьете если ваш калибр не подходит под эту дистанцию и угол изза увеличенного угла даже 42ф лонг не будут пробивать фрегат при касательных попаданиях (будет работать только остаточный пробой да и то не всегда)
  9. бр лимиты уменьшат желание приходить только на рейтах желание бегать из боя мы давно хотели убрать - и с радостью видим что народ стал фитится в бой а не в лыжи.
  10. Cheat suspected

    Crew damage is under investigation. The rest of the concerns is just positioning and fit-outs. With increased angle influence focus fire becomes extremely important and wasting shot on masts or shooting at angle results in complete loss of dps.
  11. If we look at the online numbers its somewhat puts things in perspective. WOWS: Free 2 Play; Peak Steam online yesterday 4200. 150 developers, 50 mln marketing budget NA: $40 dollars; Peak Steam online yesterday 823. 4 developers, 0 marketing budget.
  12. Thickness meta is back

    impossible to do in a short time frame. there is just another better way i think. Our design idea IS and WAS the following. You should be able to penetrate any ship with any gun at close range at 90 degrees With increasing distance or angle you will need a better and better gun A 42lb long gun with double (standard) charge should penetrate any ship at 90 degrees at 1km (which is only possible from the wind side if the enemy ship is heeled - because due to ballistics your cannonballs hit a target at angle) To deliver on this design goal we just need to buff short range pens for all guns bringing them historically closer together, keeping the angle influence. This will allow faster resolutions of combat if you conserve the shots and wait for the right moments. This will finish the combat model giving the option to reduce damage by angling or heeling. And will still provide the option to inflict damage and penetrate anything if you aim properly at proper angles. This will also make frigates great again.
  13. Thickness meta is back

    We will check this set up from the video on live then.. Because on internal server it works wonderfully.
  14. NAL was giving fair fights with all upgrades open to everyone. The online started falling down before cannon unlocks was added and before leeway was added to NA open world. I would even go further - if progression was not in NAL testing, participation would fall even earlier. See, previously I would stop and say " He has the point, and we need to think about it" But we tested it. Fair fights/No upgrade influence was not enough.
  15. Thickness meta is back

    Hello everyone Live oak: Live oak was not buffed. Angle: We slightly increased the influence of the angle on penetrations. So you are still penetrating better than before (when 1st rates had 80cm armor) at 90 degrees, but penetrate less at narrow angles 45 degrees or below. Grape and raking: Grape was not touched and we tested it after reports on ALL ships - it still works as intended, inflicting casualties on crew if crew is hit. The only thing that may affect it is angle influence. Aim at windows.