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  1. Hello everyone Can someone explain to us as if we are five. What specific actions a player should do to block the sale of resources to other contracts? We have tried to reproduce in internal builds and contracts are always filled. describe specific steps please
  2. The size of the safe zone is the same around uncapturable ports. It should not be cut by other ports and this creates partial safety for 2 nations (all other nations have no nearby ports cutting into the safe zone). All profitable ports are outside of the safe waters. But yes you are correct and thats was the purpose, players should be able to do most activities in the safe zone if they wish so.
  3. Because all reinforcement zones should work the same for all uncapturable ports independently from surrounding waters.
  4. Update is being deployed today 21st Septemeber. Changed the icon for available for all ports (so they look less ugly) Removed hostility missions for ports that cannot gain hostility Hacked in the bigger limit for the number of neutral town port battles Improved bonuses for clan controlled ports Added new upgrade French Gunner Added new upgrade French Gunnery Sergeant Added blueprints for French gunners and french gunnery sergeant Several tunings to trading were done (improving chances to find profitable trades) Reduced the distance for hostility missions from the pier by 15% Fixed bug that limited national reinforcement zones by other cities Fixed bug that craft did not work if item was supposed to receive a Labor hour bonus Fixed bug that did not update craft info after teleport from outpost to outpost Fixed bug limiting stone production Fixed bug that did not let players exit the Available for All ports Fixed bug closing the missions near free towns immediately Fixed decals bug on Radeon video cards Fixed several other graphical bugs Other fixes and tunings
  5. WOW makes a move on Naval Bases

    Ah no of course no. Its a great company. Game Labs exists partially because of some people in Wargaming. i was just explaining to captains why they could afford the port docks.
  6. WOW makes a move on Naval Bases

    well thats why wargaming placed circles on the screen you posted instead of squares. Squares perimeter is longer so it consumes more ink and they wanted more profits for themselves.
  7. i think this is great. If you like trading you make money if you don't like trading you can finally make money by other means.
  8. If you know everything in advance you are probably a billionaire or something? Of course we thought asbestos tea was a great idea then and added asbestos it to everything. It could Improve your health and what not. It became obvious LATER that it was a stupid idea.
  9. Captain. please avoid posting private conversations in the open. We don't allow them on our forums even if one side is you. just explain what you wanted to say. Saying you have definitive proof or something. If it is a tribunal issue please send screens or copies of conversation to @ink IN PRIVATE - no need to post them in the open.
  10. WOW makes a move on Naval Bases

    I worked in WG from when they had 100 players until they had 100 mln players. Once we make 2bln dollars like WOT, i guarantee we will have a good port picture too .
  11. Busy merchants is a function of online as well. But again. Previous implementation was fucking stupid where we listened to solo hunters and increased weights 4 times so solo hunters can have more targets (because they wanted traders to haul more). That actually reduced online (but increased targets initially). Its an ecology - more players = more targets. Focus must be on more players. Not on "please help solo hunters". If players come and enjoy there will be solo hunting. So all solo hunters who feedback here must run all their feedback through the following filter - will it make an average player enjoy the game more - not through the filter will i get more pvp.
  12. ah you mean the battle size limits on some battles? it was tested end of last year on live for at least 3 months in rookie zones and events and did not bring any meaningful results on increasing pvp or online. Nobody cared. Those events did not even let fleets in. Nobody cared. Listening to people who ask for something and do not use it is a waste of time and resources. If we did not do it we would have had better AI for example and more pvp content (because better pve = better retention = more online = more solo hunting content) As a result now we focus on players around the tree. The players who don't like that everything previously was done to support solo hunters. they definitely use functions we added last patch sorry for being direct.
  13. Why don't you contact one of the largest rvr clans and ask them to add you to their allies list. I am sure they need all help they can get in port battles. And will share the spoils happily.