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  1. we don't have resources for the merge now. the goals are to roll out features proposed in this topic, improve UI and provide localization. If we find out the time during UI rework we could consider that. But lets discuss this in a separate topic.
  2. Expensive mods are the alternative to EVE online Officer fits (the ones that cost more than a ship). You don't have to use them.
  3. Captains - if you are color blind Do you see the difference between background tones?
  4. this will be partially addressed
  5. But insta-closed battles were in times when ships were cheap, ships had durabilities as well. Remember the feedback when 74 could be captured? Aaah please get rid of the disposable ships Remember when people (after wipe) tried to have fun in pvp in basic cutter? AAAH please get rid of the basic cutters!
  6. Workaround: Capture La Navasse Set as a neutral town Defend in port battles If a certain clan or nation does not want this place to be a free town he should have means to stop it from being a freetown.
  7. Well. Instantly closed battles for example were a baby of active forum and private discussions with pvp players (hunters) including Rakers And instantly closed battles indeed made pvp hunting better. But they did not increase pvp. In fact they reduced it (based on data). We given this feature a long time to test itself. Yet it failed to bring expected results.
  8. You only see part of the loop. Nature will find the balance. In other words You ruin the ecology by making fox life better. And a smart fox will only attack weak and ill rabbits because if they eat everyone - they die next winter.
  9. reinforcements in missions are positional. So if you send in a scout to find out their location, so you can enter where they are, or even ahead of them.
  10. Maybe the number of people who could convert to pvp has fallen drastically due to the design paradigms we have been creating with the active community here? Insta- closed battles (favor pvp hunters and not average players) No reinforcements (favor pvp hunters and not average players) Removal of revenge gank due to invisibility and speed buff (favor pvp hunters and not average players) Removal of resource transport (favor pvp hunters and not average players) Many other features that were pushed in to just place average players in line for easy consumption by pvp hunters Now we are getting requests to remove missions from capitals (to let pvp hunters find target easier). Your opinion is valuable and you were one of the players who asked for some real fixes of revenge ganks - you got them. Did you start to pvp more? Or maybe all those changes destroy the supply of targets and because wolves don't eat wolves you have nobody to play with once average players dissapear?
  11. why don't pvp players pvp each other? We tell them where they are exactly for that. But they group up for some reason and gank missions. Asking to move them out of green zone
  12. Ship book grid poll

    sail to battle of course. Simple really - you click sail and you are in battle with 1 or 49 other players.
  13. You were brainwashed by haters mate. Alts infestations were invented by players to explain their inability to win port battles. There are alts for sure but the problem is drastically overrated. 2000 unique logins. 75 unique players in combat news channel. Even if there are 200 alts. what are the rest 1700 players doing? Definitely not pvp.
  14. this is a topic where we talk about friendly list and update based on the community discussion
  15. I like battle escalations and surprises. Both positive (someone joins me) and negative (someone joins you). There are only 75 players who actively do pvp daily (on pvp eu) - get written into a combat chat. From 2000 logins. Maybe we gave too much country for old men pvp players??