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  1. You can run in the OW If constitution got into firing range it would fight to the death i am sure. + you are rewarded for damage.
  2. We have heard it all before - actually the discussion was EXACTLY the same about admiralty events. Remember how admiralty patrols started? no limits. Then players started to ask for smaller limit. Did participation increase with limitation to 6v6? No Were there a lot of rookie battles in the bahamas with 3v3? No Its a sandbox. Get a friend. Find someone in National chat, he wants to to go pvp zone too but does not know you. If you are alone you will have to run sometimes like USS Constitution. Totally historical. Current BR limits allow for 25 ships (Hispaniola event allows Trafalgar fleet composition)
  3. its not a bug structure is not an bar/object its a composition of hull parts, planking and frame - it has integrity and can withstand penetrations. So 4lb can hit hull but if it does not have enough remaining penetration it wont damage overall structure.
  4. вот так всегда - говорим одно подразумеваем другое
  5. we have this zone in game but its switched off. It does not feel right - you sail by and your crew just melts
  6. You have to also watch heel. Here is an ugly demonstration
  7. I would not make such narrow conclusion from these statements Timing shots is a skill - but everyone can learn it. Buc guns allow the Captain to have more comfortable pens compared to a light ship Usefulness of more gun types is also a good thing, but this usefulness only works at certain angles. As a result we have more tactical depth, + increase the variety of useful ships (not only white/white oceans) Isolated incident of a Bucentaure owner getting to a point of no return should not act as a red flag. But there is a point of no return, the goal is not to get to that point. Prince alpha damage is 380 on longs Buc alpha damage is 2480 on longs
  8. Pens have not changed. Long guns Angle importance changed. Its lower than before at close to perpendicular hits, and higher than before at close to parallel hits.
  9. I would suggest draw to count as a loss to Princes. Please record this battle on video, if it happens.
  10. Only one thing has changed to a more consistent realistic implementation: At very close range at the Right angle any gun will penetrate your ship. This made more ships and more guns useful. As a result you cannot you cannot feel completely safe even if you are sailing a heavy vessel. So using your statement: combat became a little bit more enjoyable for majority of the players especially those who enjoy lighter vessels, IF they time their shots properly. But overall 3rd rates are still kings of the sea, first rates should prefer to sail with escorts, and players will just have to tune the tactics a bit.
  11. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    Next game Ed.. Next game will have limited life.
  12. Ships of the line has all the abilities to destroy a 6th-7th rate near it. Wooden ships are not invincible.
  13. Battle results topic is full of examples like that. Gloriouso captain was skilled and used his ship properly I guarantee that if lets say Ram Dinark sailed that BUC the battle would result in 3 dead princes. @Aventador will learn from his mistakes and will fight differently next time - destroying the light ships attacking him with ease, using his BUC advantages and avoiding disadvantages.
  14. Any ship can be destroyed by any ship if not used properly.
  15. one of them the famous battle of British frigate against Generoux who decrewed a French 74. He still lost the battle for other reasons but was knighted for trying.