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  1. It will make ships with huge sail power to hull ratios (like surprise, rattlesnake) bad in holding the course and bad in chasing, but great in brawling (amazing turning) Alternatively ships with lower sail power to hull ratios (like uss constitution) great in holding the course = chasing and running (not so good turning).
  2. Captains. Here is information on the forthcoming patch 14 Part 3 1. Merge Merge will happen next week (somewhere between 18th and 22nd December). Due to the fact that all your assets from global will be transferred to redeemables on the Caribbean, you can already start a character or use an old one on the Caribbean Server formerly known as PVP EU. All your assets will come to redeems once merge is done and you will have some head start to get used to a new place ( +pick a name, nation etc). 2. Ship re-balance will continue all light ships will get their final exact (Historical) sail composition and curve finalized most frigates will have their super turning powers rebalanced some ships will have their speed curves slightly improved (e.g. bellona) open world speeds slightly improved 3. Leeway will be added 4. Unstable situations might be added (having a ship with large yard power but using it irresponsibly can result in capsizing of the boat). 5. Several new upgrades added 6. New combo books added 7. Rudder turn inertia and acceleration added, yard power inertia and acceleration added.
  3. costs for buildings will be sent to your redeems as cash.
  4. you can already move all assets you have on global will come to you redeems once merge starts (hopefully next week) . All you have on the Caribbean will also be there.
  5. Regarding port battles

    don't lose the ports
  6. Regarding port battles

    i meant we need test the battle today first (to replicate old popular flag), we think it will be better than PB today. Because if you lose the port you don't have to wake up twice (first to raise hostility, second to go to PB)
  7. Regarding port battles

    We think the main benefits of option 1 is: 1) you don't have to get up twice if you want to capture a port with an uncomfortable night timer. 2) fake battles are minimized because when hostility reaches 100 (even if it is fast) you still have to have a battle fleet ready. Adding a PB timer of 10-15 mins after exiting missions will allow a lot of amazing pvp in between
  8. Regarding port battles

    we can close this road - as coding this will take some time but tutorial/ui/localization is more important so you will not see this feature before 3 months options laid down. pb today or pb tomorrow. We believe we should test PB today first. PB tomorrow already exists and works but it only works on EU because there are no night battles. With night battles we need to minimize the negatives of getting up at night (sometimes).
  9. Regarding port battles

    no. Friendly nations already that exist even without alliances can create 9 empty PBs against you for tomorrow or more Now with option 1 you at least know where the PB will be - because you see the main fleets exiting hostility missions and going to port battles. You can intercept them or fight them and you can't fake this fleet With option 2 they will hide in the PVE battle and you have NO chance to react because you have no idea which of those 9 fake Port battles is real and have no option to determine where they are.
  10. NA-L PCs able to repair Hull mid battle

    we don't identify when player becomes ai
  11. Regarding port battles

    We don't know if we should stop Sudden attacks en force if they happen (havana raid scenario). Organized group attacking an enemy will not give a chance to a defender to react. But! they will have to be a lot more prepared if the battle is immediate. They have to take more reps, they have to organize better before they enter PB, defenders will have to keep ships in their important ports. This is war not chess.
  12. Regarding port battles

    We are not discussing the method to raise hostility and its time. We are discussing that immediate port battles are advantageous and are similar to old port battle flags but without the negatives (with the exception of some pve)
  13. Regarding port battles

    in option 1 the fleet would still be there. they have to be there to enter the port battle. They cannot hide behind PVE or log off. They can be split off etc.
  14. Regarding port battles

    option 2 favors nations having players in multiple timezones. option 1 is fair to all ps all options favor attackers, as we decided (and tested) that grinding ports for more than 2 hours is boring and tedious.
  15. Regarding port battles

    we plan to send notification at 25%. Against large fleets of 50 ships it won't help (because if you have 20 ships and they have 50 you have low chances anyway) but against equal fleets it will give you time to react - especially knowing that port battle will have to happen TODAY. (so they can't just log off for example and come next day.