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  1. admin

    World Cup (annual event)

    We never did this things. Players arranged them - we just provided prizes and coded in (added) a password locked tournament room. Also - those tournaments were done in a tournament room and tournament room was available on the PVE server. Someone pro-active on the PVE server could have arranged it easily.
  2. admin

    World Cup (annual event)

    patch is being worked on (hopefully will happen by end of may)
  3. admin

    World Cup (annual event)

    agree - clan based will be 10x better and easier to arrange.
  4. admin

    World Cup (annual event)

    Let's do a sailing/fighting world cup guys? Nations will create teams that will fight in overall or national qualifiers. Winning teams will fight against other nations winning teams determining the winner. Qualifiers can be automated (using code from NA Legends weekend events (based on total wins out of limited number of tries). Finals can be done live with volunteers (and streamed). Prizes will include super rate ships, premium content codes, upgrades and other unique things. Thoughts? What do you think?
  5. admin

    Pimp my Crown and Anchor

    i wanted to remove it in the new ui. Anybody loves the game? Should change the currency to combat or pvp marks instead of money?
  6. admin

    cannon knock back.

    We wont most likely a) priorities b ) cannon recoil consumes fps even if it is off as an option. Not integrated parts of hull use more resources even if they are not animated.
  7. admin

    Fleet ships getting a free teleport.

    Using fleet escape command is not considered an exploit at this stage. But we aware of the feature consequences and are looking into it.
  8. admin

    Issue with chain?

    Chain is very effective from 0 to 500 meters Then damage falls off fast to less than 20% and goes down to 0 at 1km. If the target is far you can only gain on the target if you have a significant speed advantage (slowly but surely). If you do not have speed advantage it is almost impossible to stop a target that is already 750 m away.
  9. The initial numbers (for testing) to make a first rate were set as follows: 3 players should be able to build a 1st rate in 3 days (collecting resources from buildings and building a ship including all labor hours) This was enough for the testing to allow everyone experience all the content. Some time ago we also reduced the weight for resources to reduce number of trips for hauling. These numbers (3 players/3 days) indeed seem kinda low now, especially taking into account the lineships buffs in the final HP rebalance.
  10. We lived fine for 2 years without knowing if you penetrated masts or not. When penetration was shown enemy was knowing more about the masts than you. And once we started to think about showing the mast HP to the player we decided that some blackboxes are better kept closed for the player. And state of the rig is one of them.
  11. admin

    Wood Types and Thicknesses

    Because structure consists of frame and planking: structure also has thickness which is equal to the overall hull thickness.
  12. Its a tip problem not the demasting problem. we just have to rewrite the tips better also there will be a pdf guide too in the future explaining concepts to players (some of it will be based on feedback from players like you and @Havelock and many others).
  13. It's not worse - it's less predictable. Less predictable gives more variability. Experience will still let you realize it faster than later.
  14. Why its the worst part? It's he best part. Showing mast penetration WAS A MISTAKE. we reverted it back when we realized it and thought it through.
  15. Ill explain If you don't know if you penetrated the mast, it takes time to realize that target is fitted for masts which gives all sorts of options for the target to react If you know if you penetrated the mast you demast in 30-60 seconds. This sort of thing is not good for variability of combat. Becomes too easy to make a decision to switch to hull.