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    Ahoy folks, I've been engaged in this lovely experience for a few days now and have been reading the forums for a week or so prior to that, and I thought I'd toss in my two pennies' worth of talk now that I have my feet slightly damp. Most of this is very likely exhaustively covered elsewhere on the forums, but honestly I can't stand reading a lot of stuff on here because of the caustic salt levels of some people. - The new player experience is, obviously, terrible. For a litany of reasons that don't need to be recounted here. - The existing playerbase, at least on the forum and subreddit, seem to lean heavily towards bitter salt. Potential buyers SEE this and it's a huge turn-off. Especially on the subreddit, I see a lot of arrogance, a lot of contempt, a lot of stubborn refusal to compromise. Essentially I see a lot of middle-aged guys steadfastly believing their opinion is the best opinion, at the expense of the game they allegedly enjoy. - There is nothing significant to do in-game while traveling in the OW. You can't review your ship stats or the stats of your fleet, no viewing access to outposts, etc. - The first two hours of the game (IE the steam refund window, IE the "will I keep this" cutoff for a huge number of buyers) offer no significant impactful gameplay unless the new player knows exactly what to do and 1) doesn't take a mission he shouldn't 2) doesn't attempt to travel somewhere else 3) doesn't get ganked. These four reasons, in my opinion, are primary contributors to the lack of player acquisition and early player retention. Continuing: - There seems to be a schism in the community between people that want absolute realism (and use it as a defense against / argument for any change), and people that understand that realism at the expense of gameplay, especially in an MMO, is a great way to kill a game. Ya gotta have quality-of-life systems in place, even if you feel like it should really take weeks to sail from A to B. - There are a ridiculous number of factions in the game, which seems to be a horrible idea given the small playerbase available. I've seen the same names, over and over again, in nation chat since I've started. And no one else. Fragmenting an already tiny playerbase this much isn't healthy. - Development of the game seems to be very slow, and the studio has been actively developing a different version of the game. Regardless of assurances this is obviously alarming to those playing the base game. That, and the fact the game has been in development long enough to officially join the "will probably never actually get finished" club.' - There's surprisingly little to do in the game. You have a couple of mission types (that are extremely repetitive), general hauling, PVP and port battles. There's no flavor, no "quests", no storylines to follow. Given the time in development and the fact this is supposed to be an MMO that's not enough content to keep players interested. If the playerbase was larger the politics of an open-world PVP game would, in theory, be self-sustainable. But you don't have that, and the players you DO have are split into a dozen factions and three separate servers. These four reasons, in my opinion, are primary contributors to the low retention rates of longtime players. Anyway. That's my bit, had to get it off my chest. Personally I'm enjoying my time but I can feel the time limit on that enjoyment; between the uncertainty of the game's future and the general lack of playerbase and content, I know I will very likely put the game down after 200-300 hours. I have dozens of ideas as to how the above could be fixed, but again I assume this has been exhaustively covered so I won't bore y'all with my brain droppings beyond what's already here.
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    Farming marks of friends is against the spirit of PVP and captains who are doing it should know that it might lead to full account reset on all servers. 7 players have received the warnings and had all their mark holdings (combat and pvp) confiscated. If reported again those captains will be demoted to lowest ranks. 16th November update 8 more players have been demoted for multiple cases of pvp mark farming. Half of their experience were wiped. If more cases are found full xp wipe will be applied.
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    Significant changes New ship - Le Gros Ventre Refit, with swivels. The ship is available for pvp marks in the admiralty. Outlaw battles have been removed - they were a cause of multiple exploits that unfortunately could not be fixed in a reasonable time. Fixes Minor changes for loot tables (some upgrades were dropping too much) Fixed the bot distribution (some regions did not have enough bots) Minor tunings for some upgrades (for example fixed bug for trim by the stern providing incorrect bonuses Fixes of several bugs with ship trade that were not clearing the knowledge slots for the traded ships (creating confusion as they did not work if you did not have the skill yourself) Update 2nd November Updated the swivel 2lb gun characteristics. It has very low damage to hull, very good penetration to represent their accuracy using current gameplay mechanics and has very good damage to crew (using ball). Basically it is only good against crew at 150 meters or less. Fixed spawns for hostility missions that sometimes spawned in locations closer to other ports which granted pvp kills to other cities. Temporarily, Updated the drop rates for ship notes in gold chests from epic events and increased chance for permit drops. Chests will be updated again in the next couple of days Tournament room brought back (with password). Tournament participants should request the password in private from @Liq. Update 7th November Sink express. Previous mechanic of spawning after sinking was outdated and was replaced by the following Captains who sink now spawn in the nearest friendly or neutral port In addition to that they will have an option to transport to the nearest outpost if they don't have a fleet or do not have an outpost in that port (feature not yet working due to bug) Fixed bug that sometimes cut the parts of the message. Update 9th November Warm up timer is increased by 15 seconds to allow for longer loading times on some systems or after first load It is now possible to stack books and upgrades in warehouse. You can now install correct number of cannons without splitting the stack - just drag and drop Fixed bug that caused sink ship button to be unclickable in the ship inspection window Update 16th November - Yard Power Experimental Agamemnon To not break all things at once we have decided to start work with wind curves update with Agamemnon. Changes for Agamemnon Rudder turn rate for the ship were reduced Wind effect on yards and rotation increased Curves for stay sails group updated Curves for square sails group updated % of sails updated to correspond to their realistic square areas As a result Agamemnon sails well down the wind. Tacks a bit slower than before. But due to realistic wind curves it now is capable of several amazing maneuvers that if used by skilled hands can challenge any frigate opposition. For example it will be able to sail backwards at 90 degrees with right sail positions. We will continue changing the Agamemnon and if the experiment is successful we will update several ships in this manner giving every ship its individual distinct role in terms of wind and ability to withstand damage (tanking). 2 Agamemnon were provided to each captain in the redeemables - take it out for fighting preferably in PVP. Other fixes Capital cities now supply repairs (including Shroud Cay), repair crafters can increase their profit by supplying repairs to free towns. Apologies for the inconveniences dear repairs crafters. Several crafting blueprints updated to reduce number of clicks required to craft a good supply (ballast. knees)
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    Contrary to the tags on this thread (clickbait ftw) I have a nice solution (and easy to do!) for the ganking issues that plague PVp at the moment. here it comes... Make PVP rewards scale to BR difference. mind blown yet? Please follow my thinking: Target BR : attacker BR x100%= % of rewards. And I do not mean rewards per player, but total potential rewards across all players for the attacking group. Group of players x attacks player y. The BR difference is X: 500, Y: 100. So the maximum rewards for the players in group x can be AT MAXIMUM 20% of what it would have been in an equal br situation. Same goes the other way around. Guy in small ship (e.g. @The Red Duke/Hethwill in a privateer) br 40, attacks an LGV br 110. This gives Hethwill a potential (110:40)x100= 275% for possible pvp rewards! Relatively simple solution to a relativly complex problem. PVP rewards will force down large groups of attackers leading to less ganking. Because face it: Outnumbering an enemy BR wise is NOT a show of skill. This way it would be high risk, high gain, no risk, no gain.
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    Several nations hid in battles before. hundreds of times. several nations logged off before the PB (which caused us to add a 30 min pb timer log off timer) several nations teleported to battle using TP to regional capital forcing us to change the tp city.. all those were allowed valid mechanics, but were used to get to PB without interference. But this one is hard because we can't remove attacking other players . Also if a screening fleet is attacking a port battle fleet does it in reality also keeping them in battle (sometimes with no intention of fighting)? Maybe players can just relax and play normally instead of turning into trash asshole dickmans?
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    Pvp rewards should be cosmetic, like paints etc.
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    Yesterday we had a great battle of unrated corsair schooners and frankenrigs versus two pirate rigged frigates near Charles Town, swedish territories. One 7th and two 6th vs two 5th. Started with the corsairs engaging one of the frigates. Second one joined shortly after the battle started. One of the frigate captains was in "panic" mode at first but his companion surely put his brains to work and they developed a nice Thach Weave to counter the razor blade passes of the small ships. There was this moment where one of the 5th was so low on crew that we tried to force the boarding but he kept his cool. Kudos for their teamwork. They kept changing from chain to ball, from rigging to hull to grape. I wish more of such attitude and team bonds would develop between a clearly experienced veteran and a not-so-experienced captain would happen more. One of the most enjoyable display of "air combat" tactics in Naval Action in a while. The similarities between bigger fighters fighting off weaker more nimble fighters in a air combat sim is exactly the same. It ended with the loss of the 7th and one 6th rate after a few crew shocks on both frigates, armors being stripped also, and proper rakes on the 5th rates, and masts falling on the unrated and eventually water pouring in. One lived to tell the tale and was brave enough to sail to both wrecks and salvage all the goods from previous raids and escape from the combat. Salute to the Swedish navy captains for the great NA moment.
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    I'd rather have 6-7th rates be more viable than the opposite tbh and while this griefing you described sounds like pure toxic cancer, there has to be a better way to fix it... i know im in the minority with my opinion but i think the game would be more interesting, if more people sailed 6-7 rates... Also this would be easily fixed by removing the retarded endless repairs.... as well as alot of other issues that are caused mainly by multiple repairs. Just saying...
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    This statement is incorrect for 2 reasons 1) The development is very fast for 2 programmers and 2 artists. Its just when the server code or speed curve bugs or systems are prepared for easier design work you probably don't see it and don't consider its necessary. Some player once even said that Bucentaure (the legendary french ship) is not content. Ships are the main content on the game and multiple new ships were delivered over last several months. It takes HUGE effort to make and add them. You probably don't know that it takes up to 60 man days to integrate ONE ship into the game - thats why most other sailing games ships look like shit, they just don't care. I hope you do. 2) The game is live so we have to make things work which forces us to actually spend a lot of time stabilizing code because we can't just say - early access all your assets were lost yesterday. 70% of time is spent on Quality assurance. The other statements depend on the position - the game shines in pvp and conquest, captains who stop doing pve and start fighting other captains never run out of content after that. This game is about age of sail ships - ships are content. there is no other content in game and we don't pretend there is. Ships are complex and amazing. all other content is basic (its on green light promise on steam page and we never backed down or backed out of this promise)
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    Portbattle BF vs Russian Empire @ Bahia Escocesa Commanders: BF: chaos & anarchy Russia: Babay Result: BF wins Pizdec and nothing else %)
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    The question is why can a pLGV be nerfed asap (only a few are using it). But the Wasa is still racing to the moon (a lot of people are using it)
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    Actually if a 4th rate in real life encountered 2-3 6th rates it would fear being boarded because real life doesn’t allow 1 ship at a time for boarding or 3 knot speed to climb on board. In real life the 6ths would have a fighting chance. So this argument about a “real life scenario” in game won’t work. 6th rates have purpose, to harass and be underestimated in battle. 2 snows can easily take on a 4th rate. 2 skilled snows can take down even the most skilled 4th rates. There isn’t enough 6th rate hunters in game, but they have their place right now and currently I enjoy it. No reason a 6th rate captain can’t have their fun because a 4th rate captain doesn’t think it should be allowed. Realistic does not have a place for this since the games combat is 50/50 on realism anyway.
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    Привет всем. Название темы говорит само за себя миссии убивают открытый мир и онлайн в игре. Это не только мое частное мнение, но и мнение многих игроков, которые говорили про ущербность экономической системы как на русскоязычном так и иностранном форуме. Локализация игры на русский язык и другие языки, существенного прироста онлайна не сделают. Сначала будет прирост, а потом резкий спад. Что мне толку от того, что будет русский язык, если игра будет скучной. Что толку, что кланы захватили территории и их игра не побуждает к завоеванию и к борьбе. Вот например Пруссия захватила Центральную Америку и сидит ровно, потому что ни в чем не нуждается. И на нее никто не нападает, потому что тоже ни в чем не нуждаются. Все войны в основном ведутся от скуки ради ролеплея. Об этой же проблеме говорили и на англо-язычном форуме. В принципе достаточно иметь 5 портов и не нуждаться ни в чем, что показывают поляки. А происходит это все от того, что нет конкурентной среды. Т.е ресурсов гораздо больше чем игроков. А конкурентной среды нет потому, что есть вселенная Х в виде миссий где игроки майнят криптовалюту или печатают деньги из воздуха. Соответственно деньги из воздуха не обеспеченные товарами или услугами резко обесцениваются, т.е рынок обваливается. Вся экономика замыкается на одном человеке, социального взаимодействия никакого нет, т.е я нафармил денег в безопасной зоне, сам скрафтил корабль, выставил его сам на рынок. Т.е ни кланы ни нации вообще не нужны, каждый сам себе хозяин. В магазинах в любых портах полки ломятся от различных товаров, мотивации куда-то далеко ходить торговать вообще нет, тем более на мисках можно больше намайнить. Обостряется это все еще и тем, что миссию может создать каждый причем на этой же территории. Поэтому даже при онлайне в 1 миллион человек карта будет не заселенной, потому что на маленьком клочке территории около столицы весь этот миллион человек сможет майнить криптовалюту в зеленой безопасной зоне не выходя никуда. Все это сильно противоречит концепции ММО игр. В ММО все игроки являются частью общей системы, все находятся в едином мире. Боты на, которых фармят игроки, тоже являются частью единого мира. Т.е во время охоты на НПС в зоне разрешенной для ПВП другие игроки могут тебя атаковать и ты их также можешь атаковать. Они не исчезают в параллельную вселенную, где портал открыт в течение некоторого времени, а потом закрывается как в NA. Если они ходят в данжи на мирового босса то там их на пути так же могут поджидать враги. Надо это менять и переходить от миссий к квестам, которые будут давать губернаторы или адмиралтейство и за эти миссии будет даваться репутация, а за репутацию звание, и награда и возможность ходить на том или ином корабле. Надо ПВП сервер сделать ПВП сервером, а для этого нужно выгнать всех игроков в открытое море. Сделать это можно очень быстро и это не требует большого вложения сил и времени. 1. Нужно удалить все миссии кроме накачки хостилити. Весь фарм НПС должен быть в открытом мире. Сделать больше разнообразия в торговых кораблях в ОМ. Вот сейчас встречаются одинокие торговые бриги, сноу, и легроссы, почему бы не добавить Индиаман. А почему бы не сделать торговые караваны из НПС, например несколько торговых бригов или сноу или легросов или индиаманов в одной пачке. Несколько торговых кораблей, и корабли прикрытия в одной пачке. 2. Нужно из всех магазинов убрать все товары кроме столиц и нейтральных городов. Сами порты ничего не должны производить, они являются лишь ломбардами. Все ресурсы в порт поставляются игроками и торговыми НПС. Например торговый НПС перевозит 250 ед индиго, если он доехал до порта то товар появится на прилавке если нет, то товара не будет. Либо какие либо игроки могут завезти в порт данный товар. Таким образом, перекрыв движение торговых НПС можно любой порт сделать нищим и перекрыть кислород противнику. Либо наоборот этих НПС будут перехватывать игроки из твоей же нации и лут будут сдавать в ближайший порт. Но экономика должна быть выстроена, таким образом, что чем больше 1 вида товара будет поступать в магазин, тем дешевле его будет покупать НПС магазин. Это побудит игроков не сдавать в один и тот же порт, а ходить и в другие, чтобы продать дороже. Сама же система конкуренции за возможность фармить на НПС торговцах заставит игроков уходить из зоны столиц и расселяться по всей карте, что выгодно кланам, которые будут контролировать данные территории. 3. Распределить ресурсы по портам и трюмам торговых кораблей. Разнообразные товары должны быть только в столицах. Это нужно для того, чтобы мотивировать торговцев выходить из зеленой зоны столиц и идти в провинциальные регионы, чтобы продать там дефицитные товары в несколько раз дороже. Но в столицах должны быть только товары своей нации. Товары другой нации нужно выбивать в виде лута из торговых кораблей этой нации, при грабеже игроков данной нации если он у них окажется, а также при заходе в порт контрабандистом. Если товар другой нации продавать в порту своей нации, то за него дадут очень хорошую цену, поскольку он считается редким. Товар по трюмам НПС торговцев нужно распределить так, что линксы, бриги, сноу будут перевозить какой нибудь ширпотреб, но данные виды кораблей других наций будут подходить к родным берегам и их можно будет хватать и лутать. А вот Легроссы и тем более Индиаманы будут перевозить дорогие и редкие национальные товары, а также оружие и пушки. Но к родным берегам они подходить не будут, за ними нужно будет идти на вражескую территорию. Т.е в Английской акватории будут ходить английские Индиаманы и Легроссы в испанской испанские и т.п. А вот караваны из Легроссов и Индиаманов должны выходить из столичных портов и двигаться в сторону региональной столицы. Например выходит Британский караван из Порта-Рояль и идет в Белиз. Или например испанский из Гаваны и идет в Мексику. Такой караван например может респиться 1 раз в 3 часа. Это будет сродни мировому боссу в ММО. Естественно, что в составе такого каравана есть боевые корабли охранения. Данный караван может перевозить ценные ресурсы, исторические артефакты, серебро, золото, ценные породы дерева, национальные товары и оружие с пушками. 4. Определенные ресурсы должны быть на разных территориях. Т.е если в порт производит сахар, то существует большая вероятность того, что у торговцев снующих у данного порта в трюме можно будет обнаружить данный товар. Т.е игрок нуждающийся в определенном виде товаров, пойдет в то место лутать ботов, где производится данный товар. А вот если порт нуждается в каком-либо товаре то там данный товар можно продать по самой дорогой цене. Например какой-то порт экспортирует табак лутаем местных торгашей и в их трюме с большей вероятностью обнаруживаем данный товар. Можно этот товар сдать в этот же порт, но получить 30% или 50% от его стоимости, а можно продать в порту, который импортирует данный вид товара и получить 100% стоимости и больше. И постепенно нужно подходить к тому, что торговые корабли будут строить и отправлять сами игроки. Т.е процесс торговли можно будет автоматизировать с помощью ботов. Потеря таких кораблей будет напрямую бить по карману собственника, поэтому кланы будут патрулировать торговые маршруты, в результате чего ПВП будет возникать чаще вполне естественным способом.
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    Thats the Buc i used vs a fir frame and teak plank snow with gazelle, strong sails and additional pump like we used her for captureing the buc. Furthermoe the last time I used a SOL was during patch 9.x. So i would say about me that I am inexperienced regarding the handling of a SOLs. After i tried it out by myself i have to say my statement is more than valid:
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    I disagree. It would be great if more people were to sail 6th (hell, even 7th). If all those Wasas and P-Frigates in OW start to complain, it only shows that people finally start figuring out how to use these smaller ships properly. That's a good thing! If at all, make 6th rates more worthwhile. The more variety in OW, the better.
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    LOL Wrong Roberts next headed for Sierra Leone, arriving on 12 June. Here he was told that two Royal Navy ships, HMS Swallow and HMS Weymouth, had left at the end of April, planning to return before Christmas.[29] On 8 August, he captured two large ships at Point Cestos, now River Cess in Liberia. One of these was the frigate Onslow, transporting soldiers bound for Cape Coast (Cabo Corso) Castle. A number of the soldiers wished to join the pirates, and they were eventually accepted, however they only received a quarter of a pirates pay because they were not sailors most of their lives. The Onslow was converted to become the fourth Royal Fortune.[30] In November and December, the pirates careened their ships and relaxed at Cape Lopez and the island of Annobon. Black Bart.. or Bartholomew Roberts, captured a 5th rate and was sailing an unrated ship (6th rate). I often hunt in a 6th rate on the EU server... and if you as a 4th rate captain can not handle a pair of 6th rates then you need to look at your sailing practices. They are just out sailing you sir, and thus you need to learn to sail better. Even the current Constitution can turn enough to get a broadside into a Snow, and if you use chain or just aim for the masts you can cripple that ship before it can do anything. But if you are rocking carronades for PVE missions, well that is on you. The Constitution, Wasa, and Wappen all turn as well as a Trincomalee and Belle now so no reason for you to have issues with such a little ship. I myself have been chased off by a well captained LGV, who on paper didnt stand a chance vs my Prince. But he was able to pull a great maneuver that put me squarely in his broadside.... I didnt like that 10 gun 9lb chain into my sails.... and I was forced to pull off and come around for a better pass and he just sailed away at his best point and left me.
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    Lol... 2 decent captains in Princes can easily take down a Wasa... getting “griefed” by 6th rates is almost as annoying as 15.5 knot Wasa captains that run away from a couple of 6th rates. 1) make 4th rates incapable of speeds above 13.5 2) make catains have to get 100 PvP kills before they can move up a rate... See how easy it is to make unreasonable demands?? and *ahem* HMS Speedy vs. El Gamo *ahem*
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    We might provide a fix soon for this, if you sink the surrendered hulk you should receive marks. Currently the workaround is - do any damage before enemy surrenders. Then if you sink the hulk you will get a kill.
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    My inspiration today is @Quineloe, @Peter Goldman and @Vile Executioner++ Spontaneous satire that might be headed for lock and hide. RIP Pventre.
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    ребаланс кораблей не затрагивает программистов которые работают над интерфейсом и тюториалом и багами и прочими улучшениями которые всплывают на стримах или во время собственной игры ребаланс нужен так как введено много новых кораблей но большинство не используются задача стоит в том чтобы дать каждому кораблю одну или две уникальных роли в которых он будет лучше других в своем классе причем лучший имеется ввиду реально лучший оставляющий других далеко позади (а не текущие 12.2 vs 12.4) пример 4ые рейты ветер Downwind role (лучший в классе по ветру) - Aga Upwind rule (лучший в классе против ветра) - Ingermanland Closed haul role (лучший в классе по 90) - Wasa Универсал - Constitution Маневр - Wapen бой Танк Harrasser (scout) ДПС и тд Сейчас игроки берут корабль с лучшими углами и делают из него любой класс модулями - это будет изменено - иногда искусственно завышая некоторые параметры Из танка нельзя будет сделать скаута И наоборот - если корабль очень быстр то его будут шить с любого угла
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    ПБ за Бахию
  23. 8 likes
    The only advantage a 6th rate has over larger ships is it's agility and you want to take that away? Why does everything has to be balanced in a way where everything can sink everything guaranteed? We might as well get an "I win" button if you are sailing a bigger ship than your enemy
  24. 8 likes
    How about you stop sailing around solo in a large ship? That would solve your problem.
  25. 8 likes
    Since I joined the game I never cared about any other ship class than 6th rates. I used rattlesnake, now prince, to attack all ship classes (except 5th rate, turn too well). Taking out a wasa, bellona, santisima etc. captain is definetly possible. It requires a lot of skill as if you mess up once you could receive a whole broadside. It's not griefing. It requires a lot of skill to perform and if done correctly the results are great. If you spent over 6 HOURS in 4 battles that would mean that each battle is one and a half hours. That means you are doing something wrong and the snows are doing something wrong. If you can't broadside them, they must be behind you. And if they are behind you they must be shooting your crew? Then why are you still in battle and not being boarded? Also, over 6 hours? So you broke the game and the battles were longer than 90min?I quite frankly don't believe the 6 hours statement. It has always been an advantage for small ships to outmanouver big ships. Should not be removed, but maybe (as also done historically) you shouldn't sail around alone in a ship of the line and then complain about being attacked by smaller vessels.
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    Portbattle Russians vs Swedes @ Grand Turk Commanders: Sweden: redii, sveno Russian: Anolytic (?) Result: Swedish Victory Basically the Russians went to the Swedes, passed them downwind and then gave up the Portbattle. This was one of the shortest portbattle done between the Swedes and Russians. The Swedes tried to sink as many Russians as possible, also in OW after the portbattle. A feature of interest was that the Swedes used 3 Mortar Brigs in a defensive portbattle. Video will be uploaded when it is ready. edit: Added video.
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    Sugeestion as follows: Where X is the Hostility points needed for a Port Battle, versus Y being the amount of Tax generated by a town. The more "economy" the higher the bar of hostility has to be raised [ each mission giving less, pvp giving equal ] Meaning that ports that generate nothing would be 50% easier to enable the PB, the normal being 100k tax = what we have now, and above that escalates as per relation between X and Y as devs see fit. ( graph is illustrative only )
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    Not sure if surrender or French Don't know why so many people have the attitude the bigger the better. Yesterday I got tagged by a bunch of 4th rates while sailing a schooner. Should I start a topic about griefing while it was more than predictable that they never gonna catch me? What you call griefing can be done with every ship that's just faster than you. So don't blame a specific rate. Blame the tag mechanic suggest changes to the *you can't leave battle counter* maybe sail dmg alone shouldn't keep people in battle? But all I read so far was mimimi I have such a big disadvantage make me win.
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    When you press "T" to depower, your crew reefs the staysails. Simply put, you want to depower anytime you don't want acceleration from your triangular sails. This is easier said than done but with experience it will be easy. The possibilities are probably endless but I can think of a few useful examples. In terms of sailing: Except for running straight downwind and pointing dead into the wind, your staysails are always providing significant acceleration. You can really notice this at beam reach and even more at close-hauled - as your square sails start to be less effective heading upwind, a bigger share of the sailing force comes from the staysails. So long as your ship doesn't slow down to the point that its rudder starts to be less effective, depowering at the right times allows you to pull off tighter turns, both tacking and wearing. In terms of gunnery: Especially at points near beam reach, the force from both types of sails causes your ship to heel. If you are taking an elevated shot to windward, this heel can be beneficial. However, if you are aiming low to windward or high to leeward, this heel might make your shot impossible. Depowering halts the wind pressure on the staysails - this allows you to quickly and easily limit heeling. Reducing the heel coming from the square sails is another matter, and requires you to reduce sail and/or turn the yards. In terms of self-defense: In PVP fights, players will try to damage your rigging. Depowering will reef the staysails, hiding them from taking damage from cannon balls and chain-shot. Because of heeling, all ships are vulnerable to leaks on their windward side (shots below the waterline that let water into the ship). Having a leaking ship is not a fun experience, and ranges from inconvenient to deadly. Depowering when a windward enemy fires on you protects from leaks.
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    Usually I dont comment on RvR threads, but honestly, I am kinda of out of words. If you are going to discuss and critique other nations capabilites like that, Horatio, at least let players who you are, as reference. Otherwise, if I was in charge of a clan getting trashtalked like that by you, I'd just class you as a troll with little to no seriousness. I cant really see a reason to not let players know your ingame nick. If you want to be treatred seriously, 1) Base ALL communications on mutual respect and 2) show who you are.
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    Instead of playing whack-a-mole why don't you treat the disease instead of the symptoms? Remove ridiculous, OP PvP modules/notes and reintroduce cosmetic items as PvP rewards. Then no one will care whether there's farming going on or not...
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    Your fleetships dont add to the tagging-BR value of your ship. Also.. #NoFleets (except traders)
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    because we can't afford more programmers for 2 reasons 1) more programmers some times is worse than 2 good programmers 2) having less programmers allows us to focus on whats important (sometimes incorrectly) 2 programmers are currently enough to finish tutorial and user interface and localization and these are most important things now.
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    I know I'd do the same as Jon and Karl to secure the win. Had they turned and fought they would have given the win away. That doesn't change that hilarity ensues:
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    There was no nerf 3 ships had a bug in game which has given them 2 best angles instead of one. This allowed those ships to sail faster on manual sails (not faster than max speed but faster than this angle allowed)
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    A firstrate can desytroy everything ;-) It just need a skilled captain and not mission makers trying to fight like they would fight Ai. 1 broadside really one good braodside of a pavel can sink a prince and a pavel isnt a first rate ;-) The problem are not the ships. The problem are the captains that commandeer the ships
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    Dedication. Passion. Communication. Fairness. Luck. I would like to point, there was a great Pirate power before SORRY (with all respect).
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    basic hull textures materials running rigging standing rigging sails animations (must work with rig) mast animations (must work with rig) flags and flag animations destruction model sinking model placing crew in side the ship (hit colliders) placing cannons and carriages and their colliders placing magazines and internal masts connectors placing rudders and other internal modules adjusting hull thickness (it is indeed different on top and bottom) sailing models and curves (for each sail) progression and cannon placements (each must fit perfectly in the port) adapting materials for all weather presets to look good skins checking for bugs fixing and fixing bugs checking for ship crashing checking for texture memory and bandwidth now half of this things should be copied to the server ship model and checked again
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    i think we should adjust statements on steam page a bit (which are very basic anyway) to actually explain that the main content is sinking other real captains who are diverse and hard and are all different and even talk to you like real people in chat (amazing for ai
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    В начале стрима, цитирую: "Это самое ответственное ПБ для РУСов" В конце: "Ну а че, идиотская система ПБ, та и вообще я взял только новичков" По факту - да, игроки были не самые сильные, но и не нубы. Даже сам Вито посетиль сие мероприятие, дабы заглатнуть здоровенный Балтийский Бушприт. Прикольно еще слышать типо: "Глаур ну ты слабенький, тебе бы еще в пвп походить, пока ты ниочем", хотя из всей пачки, обьективно - он самый скиловый игрок был) "Ленин ты тоже дно" - хотя кроме ПБ и крафта, Ленин ничем другим не занимается. А вообще спасибо Русам за хороший бой. Было весело и интересно. Не то что раньше, с этими безмозглыми ПБ 25х25. Тут то да, теперь нужно думать. п.с. Главное след. ПБ в сухую не слить, а то придется удалять игру и менять ник нейм
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    Announcement straight from Paris! Our Emperor, Napoleon, scowls as he notices on the most recent map sent to him shows many of our ports lost to outside invaders. After much time was spent calming him down and attempting to reason with him that we cannot take all the Caribbean back, the Emperor has decreed that the Island of Dominica must be under French Influence. As for reinforcement, the war at the homefront is making it difficult to get through the blockades but bits and pieces of much needed resources have been able to get by. Be it, Pirates, British, US, or any other nation, the French shall take and defend the ports on Dominica; Grande Anse, Roseau, and Rosaly. As we sail back to the Caribbean with our plans of the offensive I still hear Napoleon grumbling about his loss of gold, wine, and women of Haiti. I shake my head and hope sleep will make him forget at least for the short term. I do hope we can make it through this blockade. Even as I write this down the enemy is continuing their pursuit. By god I hope the wind favors us. Elan! Vive La France!
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    I think pvp marks should be good at providing a good source of income to all those pvp players. We all know that the amount of profit arent as good as doing pve. So instead of increasing the gap in the performance between a pvp and a pve player in a fight due to upgrades, pvp marks (and victory marks) should be converted into cosmetics. Cosmetics that the pve oriented player will pay a lot.
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    Would be funny (maybe for na legends) to have a game mode without any auto skipper - you want to have a decent speed after turning? Better turn those yards back in the day you didnt have a machine automatically adjusting the rigging for best results
  46. 6 likes
    Balance is important in games like these. A small change can have major implications for the way the game is played and the amount of fun everyone has. The Wasa, in its current form, is completely OP and is damaging to the balance in the game. Faster than any frigate and twice the HP's and broadside? Not funny.
  47. 6 likes
    Truth is.. the nerf wasnt needed. People need to just learn how to sail their damned ships.
  48. 6 likes
    Crazy black chicken prussia hunting lone 1st rates with their pants down
  49. 6 likes
    Yes No, they are needed for new players. PvP in other areas would be there if more players are on the servers. Wait for UI and tutorial please. Yes
  50. 6 likes
    Anybody else feeling there should be a bounty on Hornblower, once he reveals his ingame name? Or will everybody just go for him for pleasure? And for the serious stuff: I really liked Cap Francais, though many swedes including me did not do a fine job. But, as for the Russians, I bet Swedes are able to learn from mistakes aswell. I'm very sure we'll meet again.