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    NA players are not playing Legends as we have seen. Please correct me if im wrong but I have tryed 1v1 contest and couldn't find battles. Who wants to wait for a possible fight in a ship that is not their choice? I have done one duel vs a player that couldn't sail. I want to fight good players and not some radom person that has played 2 hours and sails vs me in Cerberus duel. Alot of people do not have the energy or time to level another game and get back into a cutter again so they don't bother install or play. I logged in on day 1 and logged of right after the first battle with cutter. (Newbies should start in brig or snow for reasons I've said in past but that is off topic). When we had duel rooms in the past, they were rarely used anyway and have never taken players away from the open sea. I cannot explain any disadvantage to having the duel room back. We have 700 people online now and adding something that is in the game already and just needs to be made available again is content vs no content. pros: Great for testing ships! Teaching/figthing your own nation or clan mates The overall skill of duelist and players in general. It can give an amateur the chance to duel a good player with 0 risk. No need to have the same port. If you want to duel someone good you don't need to use tow for a ship you need for and hour max Cons: ? ? ? ? @admin Please give us your thoughts as this is a very important topic for myself and many others. Is there a chance in duels coming back?
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    Ahoy Mateys! Do ye fancy making some Gold or Marks? There be some Scallywags causing trouble for us Gentlemen o' fortune. I want these Scurvy dogs sent t' Davy Jones' Locker! or if ye capture der ship! Ya can keep it! Just send the Captain to us honest folk to be keelhauled! Aslong as ye get them in the open sea! No Port battles! and show the evidence of t' demise here! Ya shall get the gold by one of t' free ports! You can't sink someone of ye own nation! Unless pirate ofcourse! But if someone in the Nationals Sinks one of these Scurvy Dogs I be a honest pirate n' pay up! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ With me returning to the game and with a good number of requests to start the black spot again i thought why the hell not? so this is the new version of the Old Marked with the Black spot on PVP1. I'll also try to keep this one more crisp and clean this time around. (If someone wants someone else on the list PM me the guys you want on the list and the amount or give me the gold to remain anonymous or post here and ill throw them on and the price you be offering for the death has to be atleast 500,000 gold or PVP/Combat Marks. Everyone listed is not marked by just me but by a group of people so just because your on here does not mean i want to attack you) For more Bountys on various other people visit SALTY Discord which has been running a bounty system on it for the past 6 months invite here: https://discord.gg/4dPCwBa _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some Rules: -No Port Battle Kills -No Green on Green -Post here a images of there demise or PM me ingame of the images etc and ill try and get in contact ASAP to reward ya! 2 Images prefered them taking damage, and them sinking/with the leaderboard. -If you end up dying in the engagement aswell it does not count (Fire ships/explosions) -Any added requirements by the person who sets the mark will have to keep track of it and will dictate the reward i'm just putting the Mark to show they're targeted and how much you'll ATLEAST get. - Putting a Gold bounty on someone is for when they're killed, Any added bonus or subtracted Gold etc is decided by the person who set the mark not me. - If someone gets knocked of the list when they die they can't be put back on the list for atleast afew weeks. - Only 1 person at a time can set a mark on someone, that means multiple people can't stack onto one mark. This saves the guy who kills the mark from going to 3+ different guys for the reward. (Encourages higher bounty's also or pooling the reward onto 1 person.) Optional: Also If people want and trust me, give me the gold and i'll pay the guy who completes the mark upon completion. If they mark is cancelled i'll refund the Gold. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ List of Current Bounty's ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ List of the Recently Killed. Means these guys are immune to further Marks for about 2 Weeks.
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    This is a Tribunal Request for clarification on the spirit of in-battle Green vs. Green blocking and keeping a screening fleet from pursuing the enemy by blocking "friendly" ships once we joined in the battle. The situation is this (which raises other significant ethical and gameplay issues which should be discussed elsewhere): At the port battle for Somerset today the attacking Danish fleet [BF] sailed out to the battle with a friendly national fleet composed of Pirates [RUBLI] and Swedes [HRE] and [FRC] clans. Knowing that the wind was going to be very difficult, and contributed to by a very long sail to attack the Bermuda ports, the attacking fleet and their buddies decided to use "Tow to Port" when within distance. The wind just prior tot he port battle start looked like this: The attacking fleet and their other national allies appeared at the Somerset docks with the wind directly against them and several full 25-man screening fleets waiting for them just outside the shallow inlet (around Circle C). We had positioned ourselves there knowing that if they towed in they would be trapped. Once they saw the screening fleet in place the Danish tagged in their Pirate friends to start a battle just to the east of A. The Swedes joined, followed by 1st rates from one of our screening fleet: As you can see on the "Pirates" side, [REDS], [VCO] and [F11ME] had a sizable portion of the fleet in place to pursue the Danish port battle ships that were inside the battle with us. Immediately, the friendly ships on the "Pirates" side crashed into and blocked a large portion of our screeners from pursuing the [BF] port battle ships. Video evidence showing [FRC] Friedus blocking of my path to pursue is available here, though this behavior was not limited to him: The question at hand, is blocking green/friendlies from pursuit of the enemy illegal Green vs. Green action? All other exploitative and ethical issues aside of towing to port with friendly fleets that can be tagged into battle to avoid legitimate screening aside, it feels like the damage caused and the ability to pursue taken away by [FRC] Friedus and others should be punished under the no Green vs. Green rules.
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    Alt basic cutters following you everywhere you and your fleet goes and you cant do anything against them towing for rvr reasons strategic timers hiding in battles stupid hostilityfleets bullshit thickness Mast meta Feel free to add to the list. Maybe these things will go higher in priority then ... Or we get some new mechanic in battles
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    I watched that battle and it only reminded me how stupid 1 rate battles are. 25 ships can't kill each other because they can't penetrate... 5th rate battles FTW !
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    so spain gained 3 ports from Russia today. which is weird since everyone on the server knows they have formal RVR alliances. OFC this puts spain in #1 giving them 3 marks per person. what do you think the chances are of spain agreeing to give Russia victory marks in exchange for the ports to get first place. Russia ofc had no chance winning this week so it didn't hurt them at all. Solution to the problem. top 3 nations get 1 vic mark regardless of the position on the leader board. OFC the other option is to ban all the Russians and Spanish for exploiting. p.s. if this is acceptable behavior then the entire for the meta is broken. and instead of it being about who has the best fleets it becomes who can make the best deals and swap the most ports.
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    This has been discussed as nauseum. Still a terrible idea. Unless you were a big fan of the “hey everyone, jump out of port and gank that guy leaving Tortue!!” days... oh yeah, and that whole OW/instance time difference. #twocircleinstantclose #whatyouseeiswhatyouget
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    Constitution - Painful to sail. It has serious trouble dueling other 4th rates in terms of maneuverability, and doesn't stand a chance vs. most 5th rates. I think it needs a buff to turning, could be rudder, yards, or a mix of both. The profile and speed are fine, it just needs help with turning. Indefatigable - A good ship overall, but it is completely ruined by the strangely weak rudder. The rudder health isn't different from other 5th rates, but there is something incredibly bad about the rudder placement or hitbox. I'm not exactly sure what it is, but if you ever get stern raked, the rudder breaks. It is without a doubt the worst ship I have every sailed in terms of rudder health. I realize there are mods to help buff the rudder health, but they don't fix the problem. I have tested them. I think it is just too easy to hit the rudder when stern raking, and if this were adjusted, the indefatigable could actually become a useful ship in PvP again. Side note: Strangely, the Agamemnon does not seem to suffer from the same weak rudder, in my experience. Belle Poule - Needs a small turn rate nerf, I think. It is strange that it has a turn rate on par with the surprise, even though the BP is much longer. At the moment this very high turn rate is making the BP somewhat OP against similar ships, because the ability to angle, especially with the strong armour, makes it an exceptionally powerful 5th rate. I have a feeling many other hunters will not like me for saying this, but it is needed, in my opinion. Base turn rate for BP is 4.23 (I think it should be closer to 3.5) Base turn rate for Surprise is 4.11 That's all for now, I may think of more later.
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    At first I liked looting the sinking ships. It teaches good sailing. But holy hello kitty, it is the most inane and infuriating experience possible. Inch inch inch inchinchinching towards the sinking hulk, waggle the camera up and down frenetically, looking for that X prompt, hoping the game doesn't decide to say 'hello kitty you, no loot button today because reasons'... OK, loot menu open, the items populate one by one, over the course of several seconds as the server grinds its gears with 1990's dial-up speeds, item icons flashing in and out, taunting you... What's that? The book you always wanted? Grab it! Drag it to your hold! Wait, it jumped back into the other ship. hello kitty you, says the server. Bang! Now you're running over the other ship, it's capsizing in the water... interrupted! Loot window closes. Now the ship is fully submerged but for the masts. RNG gold denied. Off to sink another dozen AI Lynxes while finding nothing but hello kittying repairs and trash mods. The inventory UI in this game is WAY too laggy and finicky to expect us to loot against the clock like this. It's like asking someone with Tourette's Syndrome to do tongue twisters.
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    No eco war because of carezones and ship notes
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    Rough afternoon for the Swedes who paid the iron price so RUBLI and BF could take 2 useless ports and Flip Bermuda. Totally not "coordinated" though m'rite guys........ Cartagena still stands. ----
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    Prussia is, for me, what pyracy republics should be. No capital. No zones. Just crews holding a spot here, a spot there and living of the land. That's all that mattered on my personal option to chose a Impossible PvP nation. Obviously when a nation gets overpopulated it kind of ceases to be... hard mode.
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    I don't care about anything else in this thread, except to say that I'm glad to see more RP-type posts. As such, I reward them with a rendering of it:
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    Title says it all really, it would be nice to be able to zoom out a bit further on the standard camera, I feel sometimes it is too close especially with the larger ships (I am aware I could use the free cam before anyone points it out )
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    We dont need the 15 years old. Actually its the swedish old guard now who is looking for russian blood in the water
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    Captains, the case is under review, verdict will be posted during this week. This happened before and we would like to remind everyone that we have already ruled on blocking in december 2016
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    Вечер воскресенья. 650 человек онлайн. На карте нет ни одной набивки ПБ. До 12 ночи по Москве только 3 ПБ, все остальные позже. @admin, вам не кажется, что возможность выставлять утреннее время убивает ПБ европейцам? Причём все мы понимаем, что сами европейцы сами себе и ставят палки в колёса, убивая игровой фан. Давайте быть честными, игроки абузят таймеры, дабы сохранить своё добришко в безопасности. Как предложение: 1) Убрать таймер на каждый отдельный город. 2) В клановой вкладке, дать возможность выбрать таймер защиты для всех городов, который обновляется после рестарта (может с кулдауном в неделю) 3) Клан, который выбрал таймер защиты сам может набивать и атаковать города только в этот таймер. Как пример. RUBLI поставили таймер на 18-21 по серверу. Все наши города можно атаковать только в этот таймер. Мы тоже может атаковать любые вражеские города только в этот таймер на те города, у которых подобный таймер. Клан REDS в свою очередь ставит таймер на 03-06 по серверу, они могут набивать и атаковать только в это время. У кланов будет выбор - если они хотят уберечь свои города под утренним таймером, то и атаковать они смогут только в этот "удобный для них" таймер.
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    blocking friendlies and friendly fire is not allowed. @Ink will investigate. Captains who block or shoot friendlies on purpose (there must be a report from the person who was blocked) will be punished by demotions. Please @Anolytic ask players on video who were blocked or fired upon to make a short statement here.
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    Oh i forgot... Global players on EU server
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    we found that alliances actually reduce pvp moreover they remove human interaction and politics (which is very enjoyable).
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    After a week of...lets call it bullshittery™...we have a good, clean battle and both sides go: "Yeah, man! That was fun, GG WP." ...and then there´s this guy. @Graf Bernadotte, you never cease to amaze me.
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    GB is funny. You have no idea about how fun playing as GB is after you have your first 3-hour council meeting. And in this 3 hours, no war plans were agreed on.
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    10pvp marks on a kill on @sveno while he is in a wappen for thinking this piece of shit is usefull
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    Windchange in PBs is still too much. A 90° rotation always leads to one of the following: 1) Two fleets are approaching at beam reach. Since we have a 5 minute join timer, the first windturn will occur after 10 minutes of sailing. At this point theres a 50/50 chance for either of the attacker or the defender getting full wind control => totally RNG based mechanic, if you have the wind into your face as attcker you might aswell leave here since the defender probably captures all 3 circles 2) The attcker starts with full wind advantage. He will approach the first circle fast, the defender will send one ship downwind to capture 2 circles. Before the fleets clash though, the first wind change will occur. Now theres a 100% chance for the attacker to lose its advantage and initiate the fight at beam reach. => basically no RNG here, but the wind change takes the initiative from the attacker by default To make windchanges less decisive for fleet engagements it needs to be less drastic and more predictable. I suggest to 1) slow it down to 45° every 10 minutes instead of 90° every 15 minutes. You can not lose the wind advantage then if you fought for it. 2) add an indicator where the wind will change next time (i think experienced sailors had a good feeling about wind changes back then, right?). This involves further planning and takes RNG wind advantage gifts out of the game.
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    lol just ignore him, a known alt of anyone feeling like wasting time to trigger others
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    RUBLI and HRE players are veteran ones, with many years in the game and actively posting at this forum. In this images you can see how they knew they were doing something against the rules and fair play, and they were joking and laughing about that.
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    people that keep making forum posts even do they don't play
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    >kiddo, lvl uknown (probably ensign) >hello kittyn' fanatic of NA >uses TV Series name on forums hiding his real personality >starts lots of shitstorms and dramas >writes everywhere propaganda about Britain - best nation >such stronk, much powah >everyone join Great Britain, rule Britannia rule the waves >kek XD >Is more patriotic in online video game than most people in real life >Takes everything super seriously, considers online pixels as real life >Ultimate racist, calls enemies spantards, frogs, scams, traitors and such >Players from his own nation hate him and disagree for his forum shitposting XD >To prove his point, spams patriotic songs from youtube >Gets beaten by most nations >Great Britain is unbeaten, British Empire will rise again >Threatens everyone with a war on forums while losing most wars and ports near safe zones >Only success is taking few neutral ports and few shallow ports from US in Bahamas. >Claims that British Empire is now much better and stronger without all traitors >Forgets to check map situation >Cartagena lost, WO/LO ports at Florida lost, George Town and Caymans lost, Misteriosa lost, ports around Belize lost. >Rule_Britannia.mp3 plays FULL VOLUME, before starting to cry >Sh*t, let's write something on forums, will make me feel better >British Empire is the strongest nation, join us today! Kill the traitors, spantards and our enemies. If you surrender to GB, we won't kill you. >Feels good, man. >OMG, stupid forum users posting again screenshots of British fleets getting destroyed >Let me insult them using ad hominem arguments, stupid players, get rekt. >Thanks Devs we have safe zones, now British Empire will never ever lose Jamaica again, such stronk empire, so safe, wow. >Time for bed, enough forum PvP for today. Tomorrow will be a better day for British Empire > @Batman? @Banished Privateer? @Jorge? What are you all doing here? >We found you Gosnell. Captain? Major? Or maybe Admiral already? Admiral Gosnell xD >Fok, how did you find me? God save the queen! >Sets house on fire and jumps out of window >In reality just falls on the floor from bed >It was just a bad dream, Gosnell. >Keep calm & Britannia rule the waves. >Wait, what time is it? >Right, need to tow my ship for the next PB, but I've already used my tow, damn. >Right, I know what to do. I need to contact my master. >Ah Lord, Scotty the Beam Master, hear my words! >I need to get my HMS Victory for PB today, plz gib beam me up, Scotty. >You filthy, dirty peasant, how dare you awake me? >Ah, forgive me almighty Scotty, my Lord. >Say the words as I taught you, Gosnell >Our King George, who art in port, hallowed be thy Name, thy British Empire come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Caribbean. Give us this day our daily repairs. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive traitors, who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from Lord Vicious. For thine is the British Empire, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen. >Very well, your ship shall be beamed. >Damn, that's Lord Theytus! >Horatio, kill Theytus! He's here to ruin it again >Aye, aye, that Froggy Traitor shall die from the British hand! >Ah snap, that's Spanish Armada! >They are about to kill a British trader >Horatio hides in forest, watching Brit die >Stupid Spantards, they will pay for that! >Let me just get back online on forums, they will regret these actions >Pirates near Port Morant, killing British 1st rate >Russkies Putins flipping British ports >US attacking us in Bahamas >Swedes taking over highest value port >Polack killed a British cutter (Eh, that means war!) >Frogs ganking some Brits at KPR >Danish DNP raiding Panama and Bluefielfs coast. >It's all fine. Long live the British Empire. We are strong, stronger without all those traitors! >Tomorrow will be a better day for us.
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    We don't need creative ideas We need to fix the current problems first.
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    The icp clan has created its new online presentation page, included all the help needed to support naval action players, join our wiki page, movies, the greatest warships of the time and many tools. Come to know our page www.icp-navalaction.pt
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    nah rewards sealclubbers to much. There is a difference between sealclubbing and competitive pvp. Pvp marks and leaderboards are no way to judge skill.
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    The cases are under investigation already.
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    If some swedish players have broken the rules of fair play then they must be punished. That is the official statement of the swedish Clan HANSE. The hanseatic council, Graf von Werle
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    Let’s quote the battle chat. Friedus: “You’re blocking me” (2:10) Donnerschock: “can I tribunal that” (2:17) Friedus: “ I want to go through the wind an follow my HRE friends” (2:34) Sveno: “tribunal is for girls” (2:49) Dron441: “One French report us for blocking nothing happened” (2:34) Donnerschock: “I’m color blind, what is green” (2:56) Jon Snow lets Go: “careful can’t control my shit” “ship” (3:17) Jon Snow lets Go: “CAREFUL” (3:39) Dron 441: “ship is veerry heavy” (3:39) Friedus: “VCO can’t sail” (4:30) Donnerschock: “I have a bad day today, can’t TARN (turn)” (4:46) Jon Snow lets Go: “going through the wind careful” (5:48) Donnerschock: “ can’t do anything I’m retard, sorry” (6:52) Donnerschock: “BF wins this battle GG” (7:45) All those quotations show the intention of blocking and the contempt of game rules by players from Rubli and HRE. Expecially Donnerschock shows a disregard for rules in his posts which has to be considered with penalty enhancement. Also Sveno has to be accused since incitement must be punished in the same way than the misdoing. In case of Sveno one has to consider his position as the leader of the Swedish nation. This is a missuse of his position. Since he is one of the most active posters for fair game play his sense of wrongdoing is specifically high. Both must be considered with penalty enhancement. As a mitigating fact can be claimed that the damage for his personal reputation is extremely high. He probably lost his position as a player with one of the highest standings in the game forever.
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    All ships notes Unbalanced ships BR OP upgrades for PvP marks Alt farming for PvP marks
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    Screening fleet vs PB fleet San Juan del Norte
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    Swedish naval forces in the Carribean received devastating defeat in front of Barranquilla tonight by Russian fleet. Eleven First Rates and five support ships lost. 8 other ships lost in second battle in front of Cartagena. Swedish supremacy in the Carribean ultimately broke. Bells proclaim great victory in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Flatts in flush of victory. Gustavia mourns thousands of sailors killed in action. King is shocked. Queen sustained mental breakdown. Stockholm in turmoil. Minister of war retired. Swedish commander left battle after his defeat was forseeable.
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    You just proved my point, thank you. You are afraid of RUBLI. You are pathetic 😊.
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