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    Upgrades and books are being revamped. This change will get in with the port UI update. All books and Upgrades will be split into logical groups, based on their use. Player will only be able to install / use 1 upgrade from the group. Bonuses will be readjusted and harmonized
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    Thanks for the suggestions To not get you discouraged - all proposals are noted on the forums and tracked for future use. But at this stage we cant sneak weather engine work into the production because we must finish port ui and localize the game and all time is eaten by this work. So only critical bugs and problems can be fixed until those 2 blocks are finished.
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    New players learning the ropes and old Rear Admirals like myself have something in common. We get killed by more experienced and better skilled players. For Both types of players that is very bad because it can cause them to quit playing and then they will not spend any money on DLC. If the Developers want to make money they need people to continue playing. Currently when a player gets their ever loving rear end spanked by another player all they get is s little experience and the opportunity to try and buy/make another ship so they can go out and get spanked again. If you have ever lost 5 ships in two days you know how discouraged you can get. How about giving the losing player a few PvP marks for being in the battle. Even if it was just 25% of what the winner got it would make people happy. Happy people spend their money. Happy people continue to play the game. A higher game population makes everyone happy. Give all nations safe, non PvP zones to practice and then reward them for venturing out of those safe zones by allowing them the reward of PvP marks even when they lose. It can go a long ways to making people happy about losing their ship for a fifth time in a week. It is a game after all and people play games to be happy. Old Crusty
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    Great structured write ups everyone. Thank you @Norfolk nChance and @Jeremiah Gunsmoke The situation is simple. NAL testing was flawed in some regards (old sailing model and cannot progression and AI). But it shown that one product must be finished and before a new one is considered. We thought we could manage it but we could not. Of course thanks for feedback. Majority of feedback on this forum (especially if it is done the way you did it ) is taken noted of for future use. But we must release NA first.
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    Remove PvP marks. Shouldn't be profitable for a 5000+ hours captain in a high end 5th rate sink a 20 hours captain in a brig. And now it is. Restore Name+Clan+Rank in OW and restore OW player chat so: a) 5000+ hours captains now if they are tagging a rookie. b) a rookie now if he is tagging a more or less equal player and not a high end one. c) A player of a nation which is allied with most clan of another nation can know if that "other nation player" he spots at sea is friendly or foe. d) Different nation players can coordinate themselveslfs together in OW without need of TS/Discord.
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    Back to battle results, yes? Little Cayman ended with British Victory. Spanish joined west of LC, with two mortars having an advantage and being able to kill one tower and the fort quickly, also Arcadian couldn't stand a chance against two Mortar Brigs. After this the Spanish became very protective about their Mortars with the British 1st rates not being able to get close to the Spanish fleet. 3rdguards had to run away from the two Spanish Le Rekt's, but having one of them on each of his sides, it was only a matter of time before they got him. Meanwhile the Spanish 1st rates started chasing Henry Turner into the Bay at the ruins of the fort, which turned out to be a mistake, because I could start chasing the Mortar Brigs and demast them. Graf Bernadotte fell victim to me and Bill Brents was sunk by the British 1st rates. The following Beach Party had a better turnout for the Spanish, who could sink Tom and Nethros, who was sunk when the Brits had 996 points. But with the Brits having control over two circles, it only took a few more minutes to accumulate 1000 points, because the wind would not let the 1st rates leave the bay.
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    Current DLC model is fine. They are premium ships that are significantly better than anything closely resembling counterparts and quite frankly they should be. I think the requin needs to become more fragile and as in IRL, it should suffer cruelly under heavy cannon fire (especially crew loss). I think the timer needs to be more than 24 hours also and NO premium ships in fleet. I'd also draw the line at allowing them to enter PBs. NO DLC SHIPS IN PBs EVER!
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    I actually think that both the losing and winning sides in a battle should share the PvP and combat marks equally. Consider those marks the renown of having conducted an honorable battle. The winner of course gets more gold and experience while the loser loses the cost of his ship/mods/cargo, but the combatants should be rewarded for their honor in taking a battle, providing content, and especially in the case where they are outnumbered. We spend a lot of time handwringing around here about the lack of PvP but the only way to make PvP more attractive is to encourage people through further incentives. This doesn't hurt the crafters, will only slightly impact the people who make a living from PvP marks (as it won't increase the total number, just distribute them more evenly), and encourage much more even or outnumbered fights.
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    Surely this game has no other problems than lack of dlcs.
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    ...🙄 There is an in-game report function for this. Also you can just right click and select ignore and no more bad words to hurt us.
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    New Casual player (Steam Review): ---Great game with beautiful graphics and fantastic audio. A lot of fun when you play with friends and form fleets. Probably should wait to buy it on sale like I did but it is a great game. The game can be harsh for new players but you can recover from that, especially if you group up with other players. I posted many times that Fleets should be the first thing in the game where new guys learn to fight and find friends. Group finder was another suggestion that I proposed a long time ago. More loot variety to keep new guys interested and let them feel rewarded. This is just one of many reviews that show group and fleets are keeping players happy, so expand content in this area. I hope you listen now. P.S. I played many mmo games where you open chat and see LFG Dungeon, FLG Fleets etc... in NA this is not existent. Think about it. Good luck.
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    But patrols are empty content in the context of the game world, as they are meaningless to both RvR and crafting (since DLC ships are basically all anyone will risk, sailed with storeboight mediums and rarely repairs). Besides, splitting PvP marks and rewarding the loser doesn’t actually generate any exploitable mechanic which isn’t currently in the game already? The worst that could happen is that players would buy storebought ships and go out and sink them with an alt for PvP marks... which already happens... a lot. To get full marks you sunk the ship. If someone is sinking an alt or a buddy all the proposed solution would do is make it so the same number of PvP marks are distributed to different characters. The ship and gold to buy it are still gone. This encourages people to get out and hunt, to risk an OW engagement they might lose, etc. Now, I don’t know how all of this would interact with the new economy and crafting since we haven’t seen specific details on the conversion rates, minting, etc. But I suspect it still would be a good motivator to get more risk averse people to engage in PvP. I do remember and I think that the game is both better and worse since then, for multiple reasons. But one thing we’ve learned is that you can’t force people to play one way without alienating other players, and then they leave. In my opinion we want more and more content that provides players with the incentive and tools to create “content” themselves, through a dynamic economy, fun and more fairly rewarded PvP, regardless of whether it’s a gank or not, and many more opportunities to make clan vs. clan and RvR fun and not a grind. Give them the tools and the players will figure out a way to make it great.
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    Patrols already give this safety pill somewhat. You get rewarded if you do damage and dont need to win. If we do this in battle - then it will breed a lot of exploits that are impossible to close. Remember how it all started? You could attack anyone, you could turn a pirate, you could enter everyone battle or port battle, you could announce your intentions and start PB by placing a flag. It all went down the drain because not all use features the way they were intended in good faith.
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    Remember we're not going P2W route. Allow books for PvP marks.
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    500k (+100k for the port) per timer, per port, per day.. is way too much After 5300 hours of playing the game I don't really want to PvE just to deny being work-flipped / night-flipped / you-name-it-flipped. So two possible approaches Lower timer cost Enable the option to pay for port timers with pvp marks, maybe 5-10 pvp marks per port per day. The second option would also "cut" the amount of PvP marks on the server and thus cut its inflation, making them more valuable again, making pvp more rewarding.
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    Hello. Much of the time in game is spent traveling and dealing with winds, which is fine But for realism sake, and to make travel more interesting and challenging, I think it would be a good idea to step it up on the waves during bad weather, and perhaps add the ability/chance for ships to capsize in bad weather,. I think fighting 50 or more foot waves in bad weather would be a great addition to the game.. A capsize results in a damage penalty or something along that line, with a 0.5% chance of a ship loss/sinking due to a capsize. Perhaps even factor in a 0.01% chance of experiencing a rogue wave. Waves during bad weather would also make combat far more challenging, and offer players in pvp a time when other players are less likely to attack individuals due to poor weather. More skilled and experienced players will enjoy the challenges of combat in violent and confused seas with 40 foot waves, and while hunting during weather may end up being more lucrative due to increased solo player trade activity, the challenges and risks will make pvp players think twice about attacking in poor conditions, allowing pvp traders at least some protection by the elements for the duration of the storm., reducing but not eliminating the constant need for escorts. We need a little more stimulation than wind direction to worry about while traveling, and fighting. Just a thought, loving the game, keeps me coming back. I think this would help address many of the complaints about the constant ganking in pvp, with no way of escaping it aside from being in a decent fleet. Offering the much needed window of time to get those supplies delivered while solo. Wardword.
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    First here is a video about 27ship that I sunk or captured. Those ships were sailed by players that were active looking for pvp fights. To most used books belong the the 3 encyclopedias. What is the reason for this? The gunnery encyclopedia is crafted out of 4 different books. Book of five rings obvious out of 5 books and last but not least the art of ship handling is made out of 2 books. Each encyclopedia uses currently 1 slot . So its actuall possible to use a ship with (4+5+2) + 2 = 13 slots in total. I propse to change encyclopedias to use 2 (ship handling and gunnery) and book of 5 rings = 3 knowledge slots. That would even out the field even with no access to those books.
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    That wasn't me who presented that. I was simply going off what admin said. You must mistake me for someone significantly more crafty than I am, I'm assuming you know how pvp marks work so I left out the fact that they can taken and held safely immediately and redeeming in any friendly port. Albeit that's likely to change with the economy update, 15 marks is still usually more valuable as a commodity than single frigate. That's a fact and a clear reason why people want/need marks to continue playing. Instead of capturing the ships they fight they're sinking them to create new ones out of thin air. If you can't afford the same benefit to newbies as you do the veterans who routinely slaughter them then it's a flawed system. One side is getting nothing and therefore unable to continue while the other is making extreme bank and is sitting on a huge surplus which all snowballs. PVP marks where always an effect of problems in the economy and crafting being tedious and time consuming. People wanted a ship and there wasn't always one on market to buy, or you didn't make enough gold from PVP alone. It's good now because ships are virtually free and you don't need crafting or economy so much. Too bad with that you'll never have good economy that way and I'll make the bet that's the result we'll see from DLC redeemables, but I would be glad to be wrong if that isn't the case with the Economy/UI/Mod balance update.
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    Your attitude helps game population how?
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    @admin It is great to see you starting to directly reply to suggestions and acknowledging their existence, even if they cannot (yet) be implemented. Makes for a much clearer communication. This simple "I heard you" works wonders for player morale. Keep up the good work!
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    What? You mean you don't think you'd be able to tell the difference between a Requin with 3 Requins in fleet from a Requin with 3 Trader Brigs when within tagging distance? 🙄 /sarcasm We need options for full fleet identification once within battle pull circle range, and a "key card" or silhouette-based representation would be the minimum acceptable option for that.