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    Present rulebook states, in relation to Empty Bottles: - to find Empty Bottles, captain must enable Fishing, by use of the Fish button - Use of a Empty Bottle will reveal the exact location of a ship wreck - only one Empty Bottle Wreck can be active at any given time per player - wreck contains a unknown weight in cargo, to be retrieved of: gold coins, materials for refits, a book/refit, resource/trade good - retrieving the wreck cargo requires the entire weight to be transported - all or nothing gameplay - only that player sees the wreck, no one else ---- My suggestions to change Empty Bottle Wrecks mechanic: - as soon as Empty Bottle is used the~wreck spawns - player-user knows the exact location of the wreck - marker in his own map - Wreck model ( not location ) is visible and accessible by anyone in the OW - the same way as the Treasure Fleet wrecks - if they happen to pass by in the area. - any player can Explore the wreck and take just part of items or all items, at player discretion - empty wrecks ( all the cargo taken ) disappear from the world immediately - Mark disappears from map if it gets emptied - wrecks with some items left stay on the world until the next maintenance. they are de-spawn on maintenance. Pros: - chance encounter with shipwrecks Keeping eyes open during a sail can get rewarded. Discourage AFK sailing - urgency of retrieval of the (unknown) goods - bottle user knows location, but others may pass by it if player waits too long... Cons: - it is no longer a individual player mechanic - might provide more reasons for players to quit - any type of ship can access - no more "All or nothing"
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    With the goal of increasing OW travel, how about a cargo option of passengers? The way I see it, these passengers could either be a straight cargo option or some form of mission. Unlike other cargo, a passenger wants to go to a specific location and is willing to pay a higher price to take him there. With different professions and values, there are different classes of passenger. Military passengers (fat Admirals) might be willing to travel on a warship. Lower class passengers would accept travel on smaller traders, but the Quality will only take passage on an Indiaman. They'd pay the highest tariffs, of course. Because the passenger requires different ports, players would be transporting them throughout the Caribbean/Gulf, generating PVP opportunities. Capturing a ship with one or more passengers would have interesting options. Set them free (get a reward (some form of book/skill)from a grateful home nation), Ransom them (big money), or kill them. If you kill them, you'll receive some form of reward suitable to an evil bastard, but you will be marked for a period of time and other players gain more PVP for killing you.
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    I've got some totally new virgin players joining the game recently that im trying to help. One asked me about a certain steam review. So I went to the site read it and scanned through a bunch from the last year. Basically, I had to tell the guy the review he was concerned about was mostly a sour grapes emotion response by a disgruntled player and not really of value despite the clicks on the site that said it was. To prove it I asked him to look at the number of game hours the poster has played. I'm sorry gents but if you have played over 2000 hours in game, writing a scathing review because someone said something that hurt your feelings is just over emotional crap. If you got entertained for .02 cents an hour or less then one way or another the game couldn't have been all that bad. Seriously.
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    too many posts .. on this forum are made up of xyz is over powered aor so and so ship is still too tanky / fast mainly because someones favourite ship cant defeat another ... ... hachi .. trinks were never designed to fight first rates ... so nerfing the l ocean so you can breaks the game in RL big ships were built because the is a direct correlation between hull thickness cannon load out and the size of the ship to enable it to float ... they wanted big ships with thick hulls so mad irishmen couldnt sink them in 5 th rates
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    Again... hull thickness of HMS Victory at water line ~61cm. Hull thickness of USS Constitution at waterline ~55cm. According to ballistics testing from the early 1800’s, an 18-lb long will penetrate 3.3 feet (100cm) of oak at 100 yards. The only MAJOR difference between the later heavy frigates and SOL’s is their overall size which allowed them to carry more guns. They were, and should be, still susceptible to damage like any other ship Especially from point blank range
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    I recorded my Trinco duel with Rorona, explaining my thought process and plans in subtitles. This gives you an unique option to get "into my head" during a fight. It can be a good guide for those of you who want to polish their PvP skills. ( I know I could have done a few things better and more effective. Critique and comments are welcomed. ) @admin I think this video, or similar ones, can be quite useful for new PvP players. Should people find this video interesting, I can voice-comment similar battles in the future.
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    Just fix it already @Ink, @admin this has beend mentioned countless times by now. Current example Spain grinding San Marcos & Las Sabinas in 1st rates. They cannot be stopped because no GB deep water port closeby and why the hell can you still grind shallow ports with 1st rates? This picturce shows Spanish hostility fleet in 1st rates at San Marcos yesterday with Brits deliberately trying to delay them: Surely it can be coded that shallow water port hostility missions can only be entered in 7th and 6th rates (maybe exclude Hercules from hostility, idk). An alternative suggestion would be to increase the shallow area around those ports, so that the defender does not wait outside the mission in deep water ships to intercept the attacker. This would also bring somewhat more diversity into open world pvp than the usual 1st rate battles happeneing everywhere by now.
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    Communication in various forms is an asset in any online multiplayer game. I already proposed more means of communication in form of grouping (chats) for various tasks beyond clan, nation and trade chats which all have their limitations. Now this proposal here is about building a 'message board' in every port where everyone can leave a notice, which will expire after number of days. He may even chose how long it stays alive and have to pay a fee to the port owner (clan) for messaging. Like 1 day: 10.000 gold, 2 days: 20.000 gold... 9 days: 90.000 gold. Option to determine the price if you are that port owner. Message purposes are for advertising ships they may have on sale in that port (or warnings not to buy them, as they are meant to be "parked"...), arrangements to meet there with certain other players, offering merchandise before actually putting them into the shop (market studies...), asking for a shipwright to buy certain ship type, ... and many other topics, some of which you would find now in the local trade chat, but would need a longer time of visibility. Even enemy captains visiting on a smuggler trip could write stuff here. Imagine this to be the message board in the local sailor-frequented tavern, if message entry is public. If the author can chose to whom his message will be visible, imagine you gave a tip to the barkeeper for handing a paper to someone you expected in this place soon. Pros: - More useful communication, lasting longer - More income for port owners by paid fees - Deals of all kinds and annotations to offers made easier - you learn who has been in port when and what for, if he leaves a note to those to whom it may concern for whatever reason... Cons: - Possible abuse by pointless communication? - Who moderates this? Maybe port owning clan - (also a pro argument, depending on which side you are on:) coded espionage messages enabled
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    Hello Captains and Admin, I'll start off saying that between my 2 characters I have about 2000 hours and about 2 years in the game. I had never played a multiplayer game before. I remember when I first got it, the STEEP learning curve. Absolutely NO idea what to do. The GREAT players that helped me and yes the DREADED seal clubbers. HAHAHAHA, I look back at those times and wonder why I stuck with it. I stuck with it because I love the sea and ships. No other game has given me the feeling of really being at sea and really sailing. The drop dead gorgeous graphics, turning off my other monitors and darkening my room. The audio, putting on my headphones and turning up the volume. The pure thrill of being hunted, I play as a merchant captain. Sighting another ship on the horizon. Friend or foe? ENEMY! and the chase is on. The TAG and now I begin to sweat. I'm not armed because it would slow me down. Sometimes I get away and sometimes I don't. Then the sights and sounds of battle, I can almost smell the gunpowder. I was reading a bit on the forums this morning and came across "Game Reviews on Steam" by Bach. It made me think hard about the recurring problem of player retention. Noobs as well as seasoned PVPers wanting a bit of fun. I think I have an answer but have no idea how it would be made to work. We have 2 servers. One PVP and the other PVE. Now what if all new players spawn on the PVE server where we don't need green zones. There they do the tutorial, meet some of the players and get to know the game. I'll admit that a lot of noobs bring the seal clubbing on themselves because they won't listen to their in game elders and end up being easy prey for people wanting a good fight. Then there are the jack asses who don't want to pick on someone their own size and they are the true rotten seal clubbers. But most captains just want to get out, find some PVP and have some fun. The PVP server should be ruthless and hard core for PVPers. The PVE server should be there to accommodate those that want that play style and also to train Noobs. But often times it is a drain on the Devs because of low numbers. I cannot see a realistic way to fully integrate everyone on one server. PVPers need to hunt and find some prey to fight. PVErs Need to be able to do their thing without getting hassled. Noobs need to be able to learn without getting clubbed into leaving the game, they don't really know what they want yet. Now what if you could jump between the two servers and use them both to their greatest potential and solve all three problems? It just might lead to greater player retention and better game reviews. I have the game map up on one of my other monitors and have been contemplating it. I see 3 places where portholes between servers could be placed. Middle of the Gulf of Mexico, middle of the Caribbean and north of the Bahamas between America and Kidd's Island. In each of these spots you place a new island with a light house and a green zone that extends to the edge of viability. No port, just a dock or two and you cannot have goods in your hold, only that which is necessary to fight your ship should you be attacked entering or leaving the green zone. Let us say that you are a dyed in the wool PVPer on the PVP server and want to go to the PVE server to help train and mentor some Noobs. You sail to one of these islands and drop sail. Up comes a screen that lets you switch servers painlessly. Upon popping out in the PVE server and leaving the green zone you can either sail where you wish or TP to any capital. To make this work well tagging other players needs to be added to the PVE server, the tagged player must accept or the battle instance closes and they go on their way and the green zones on the PVP server eliminated except around the capital proper. Of course it works the other way and a Noob or someone that normally plays PVE wants to go to the PVP server and stick their toe in the hot waters of battle can do so. It would encourage mingling and better usage of the two servers. Better training of the Noobs. Better yet, for the dedicated PVPer, three easy to find and get to HOT spots where they can go prowl for prey and hopefully find some good quick fights. All at little cost to anyone. Hopefully we all have much more to do to enjoy this game and retain players. Noobs win. PVPers win. PVErs win. Devs win. Game wins. I win, yes I'm selfish. Another SHAMELESS plug, Devs (DOG! Let go of my pant leg!) open the Pacific so I don't have to sail around the edge of the map. (DOG!!! I said let go!!) I'm going to courts marshal that drat dog one of these days. Please discuss and poke all the holes in it you want. I want this game to succeed. Fair sailing and the best day or night to all.
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    Its pretty naive to think that everyone who will potentially buy this game has already been reached.... If anything, the potential audience has barely been touched. Other than an occasional Steam sale, there has been little to no advertisement of this game. And why would they? Its not completed yet. All we are is a suitably-sized pool of testers, which admittedly we all wish was a bit bigger due to our own selfish wants. We should hold off on the panic button until the game is completed, advertised and people still decide that they dont enjoy it.... Just my $.02
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    A full broadside of an ocean should break apart a ship like the trincomalee, almost at every possible angle. Still, we dont have that in the game. Instead of nerfing, I would buff a bit some ships like second and third rates. But frigates? They were never designed to fight against ships of the line.
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    "Carronoobing" and hugging are only a thing because the game does nothing to simulate the effects of crew in the rigging, swivel guns, and deck guns suppressing enemy sailors at close range. Fix that and you can have first rates not be ironclads and still not have small ships exploiting hugging. Still, can't you turn upwind? They will either have to break off, or slow down enough to get boarded.
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    Says the increasingly nervous 1st rate sailor
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    I'd say on a world without modules they do.
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    A tale of seafaring shenanigans, naval combat, and some brave skippers... There we were, Mal Function and I, a light (Mahogany/Bermuda Cedar) Bellona and an Endymion, sailing to the patrol zone at Aves. We spotted a British squadron of two ships, a Santisima and Trincomalee returning to Aves. We maneuvered to engage and simultaneously signaled to our friends in harbor to assist us. This is a breakdown of the battle that ensued. Shaky Beginnings: Being the closest ship to the Santisima at the start of the battle, my driftwood Bellona was destined to take some damage. I managed to carefully avoid the worst of the Santisima's opening broadsides and positioned myself to stern rake. Shortly after the battle started, we were reinforced with an Indefatigable (unfortunately, the ship was not supplied with repairs and only equipped medium cannons), Captain Teutonic; and an Endymion, Captain Coraline Vodka. After opening the stern armor, I was able to make a pass with grape and incapacitate 180 of the brave souls aboard that first rate. By this time, my sails had been shredded and my ship was fairly damaged. I ordered my crew to patch the hull and signalled the frigates to move in to chain and grape the fleeing enemy. The Chase: Captain Ghostwork, aboard the Santisima, showed great skill in placing his chainshot into our fleet. Together with his friend Swakara in the Trincomalee, they managed to maintain their distance for a considerable length of time. Eventually my crew managed to repair the hull and patch the sails well enough to move my rotten old Bellona back into the fight. Meanwhile, our frigates had managed to rake a significant amount of crew off of the Santisima and damage the rigging and hull of the Trincomalee. Unfortunately, Mal Function's foretopmast went by the board, having been shot away at the cap by a shot from the stern chasers of Ghostwork's Santisima. Closing In: With my ship repaired, I moved back into the fight. I expended the last of my chainshot taking the sails of the Santisima down to 68%. With assistance from Coraline Vodka, I attempted to push the Santisima into the wind to board him. Captain Ghostwork expertly handled his ship and avoided a boarding engagement. He was also able to repair his sails again and gain some distance on us. Needless to say, we were discouraged. A Risky Maneuver: My crew once again climbed the rigging and repaired our sails. Mal Function and I moved in, determined to take that first rate's mainmast. Meanwhile, our other two frigates engaged the Trincomalee, inflicting heavy damage. Taking a risk, I decided to maneuver alongside the Santisima. My gunners trained their double-charged cannons on the mainmast while Mal Function's gunners did the same. The Santisima's broadsides were devastating to the ancient timbers of my Bellona. Despite taking heavy damage, we stayed alongside the enemy. At last, the very last shot of double charge aboard my ship caused the Santisima's mainmast to fall by the board. The Santisima was ours for the taking! It Worked: My crew threw down their slow matches and ramrods, and took up their boarding grapples and weapons. With the Santisima's boarding well in hand, our two Endymions fired grape into the stern of the first rate and continued chasing the heavily damaged Trincomalee. Teutonic stayed behind to claim some repairs from the loot. Just minutes after the capture and scuttling of the Santisima, the Trincomalee slipped beneath the waves. ...Ok, thats enough of the roleplaying (I'm not very good at it anyways). It was a fun fight. We had the BR advantage, but they had the firepower and some tougher ships (my Bellona was an old speed build: mahog/cedar, and the Indefatigable had medium cannons and no repairs). The British players fought well. That Santisima's sail repairing ability was simply astounding. Also, those big carronades with chainshot HURT! o7 and thanks to all who participated.
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    The best way to retain new players is to ensure they turn into old members. Being ganked quite literally 20seconds outside KPR is not the way to do it. With the most recent change to safe zones the player population has been down significantly. I don't think this is a coincidence. Newer and the more casual type of PVE players need areas where they can do their thing or they just piss off to other games, which is pretty much what keeps happening with Naval Action. All these hardcore pvpers always come out of the woodwork to save their seal clubbing territory, but never do seem to find the time to fight each other. Odd that. This clan changes won't bring players back to the game or sell more copies. The changes they're talking back are pretty much basic quality of life stuff most MMOs already have. Unfortunately our near sighted players can't see the forest for the trees and only want to improve their style of playing rather than the overall game. Instead of working on ways to move players out of the safe zones and into the OW for PVP opportunities we just keep nerfing the safe zones for short term gratification.
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    You make the same mistake as the devs in my oppinion. You think 1st rates should be balanced with other first rates. This is exactly why oceans are meta and 2nd rates and 3rd rates are useless. 18 pounders and 12 pounders should be able to pen any ship at 300 meters with a perfect angle. This is not the case. The devs said a 9 pounder would be able to pen anything at 250m when they nerfed them last time. 9 pounders are useless even against carthagena frigates with a 10-20% angle at 200m.... I'm a bit late to the conversation but why should that actually matter, Constitution has very similar hull thickness to Victory historically, both at around 2ft at the waterline which as far as I understand is give or take a few cm the same as l'Ocean. Why should an 18 long have no issue penetrating constitution but not Ocean? While History shouldn't be the be all and end all of balance it does beg some questions, especially with the current relationship between structure and thickness, an 18lb gun shouldn't struggle the way it does at such close range.
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    Those tests were made with oak, maybe the most used wood to build ships in those times, but in game you see mostly first rates build with heavy woods like LO and WO. And if you put modules stacked in it... it gets worse. I bet if that L'Ocean didn't had magic modules, Hachi guns would penetrate better. The problem is not the ship itself, it's de overpowerd modules.
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    Srsly, just start fighting each other already.
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    ...okaaaay... this suggestion is as old as NA But regarding gamer machine processing power... Gimme more code that simulates wind variation rather than flashy gizmos. Gimme realistic outcomes of rigging during battle and in wind - blocks and lines being cut, masts unsupported from shrouds - than the eye candy sugar that is meaningless in the combat simulation.