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    I would like to see an option in game that allows for full manual rudder control (i.e. being able to use the keys to move the rudder to a static, half or partial rudder angle). The double tap position could recenter, or move hard right/left as it currently does, but together with an indicator of where the rudder position currently is, vs. where you've ordered the rudder to be set would be a very nice addition to sailing.
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    I really liked how the developers buffed turn rate for battle sails, I think that was a great move and should be expanded on, here's what I'd like to see to continue the trend of battle sails being the optimal sail setting for fights. 1. Increase reload speed across the board at full sails by 10-15 seconds, keep reload speed as it is now or lower for battle sails to simulate a more stable platform more suitable for the fastest achievable reloads. 2. Same with accuracy, decrease accuracy across the board for full sails, make accuracy as it is now (which is pretty darn accurate for cannons) achievable only under battle sails, again to simulate a stable platform being best suited for aiming. 3. Greatly nerf repairs at full speed, make slow and under the optimal speed to make repairs at. Full sails should be optimal for running/chasing, not for the heat of battle. They're called battle sails for a reason aren't they? Make them truly so! If you have any more additions to the list please contribute, and as always thank you for reading.
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    Repeatedly (and I am not the only one who has noticed him doing it) Hethwill has been unable to keep his emotions in check or remain unbiased when perfrom his duties as moderator on the forums. Recently he has become rather aggressive and rude in his replies, sometimes being outright argumentative just to be an arse. He often deletes or edits people's post if their opinions clash with his own. The worst thing about him editing those posts is that he can do it in a way that shows no "edited" tag meaning that he has at times deliberately adjusted posts to how he sees fit and in ways that do not reflect the opinion or sentiment that was originally intended but as far as anyone one the forum is concerned that is what you intended to say when it was in fact not. He has used the same methods to edit his own posts without giving it the "edited" tag so that if proven wrong he has been able to say "that's not what I said though is it" (I have to say admin has been guilty of this at least once that I have noticed a couple of months back) He has a habit of taking a thread off-topic (usually some tangent about coffee or some other crap) and then "verbally" warns others not to do the same. *Now I am fully aware that I am not the politest of people on here and never will be, HOWEVER I am not charged with being a community leader* All in all, @admin if this is what you consider to be a suitable "role model" (can't think of a the actual word I mean) then it is no wonder Naval Action has the playerbase that it does. Thanks
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    Hotfix will be applied on wednesday and will include Mark rewards, XP, gold rewards changes to prepare for the new economy patch Hammocks and extra crew bonuses will be nerfed (especially for 6th 7th rates) Current max potential bonus of 55% is too huge to wait for port UI Boarding changes (Experimental+we never tested it) Boarding speed limit will increase This means that if you are on a parallel course and your speed difference is low you can start pulling the target and board. This will have significant impact on the flow of close range battles and will reduce incentive to stern camp using bow guns (you will get boarded) hug the bigger target on a parallel course (you will get boarded) it will increase importance of DD thus we need to update DD for this experiment. Determined defender nerf (Experimental) We don't want players to calculate percentages in their head - thus DD crew bonus will be lowered to 0%. You should be able to clearly see if you can board the target (in case it has DD) immediately by just looking at enemy crew.
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    the real question is.....how did you lose a herc to basic cutters?
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    Enemy AI looking at your ship now that max boarding speed is 8 knots:
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    in general i tend to think that more damage should go to internal structure than now.. to often ships end up with no planking on one side and almost intact structure.
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    I extend my deepest sympathies to you and your family. May the soul of your mother be at peace.
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    Dearest devs, We would love cosmetic things such as ship paints, bow figures, and custom flags. Unlike other DLC, cosmetic items would be of very little consequence to game mechanics. Cosmetics also provide a source of steady revenue....what's there to lose? 😃 Kind Regards, JPJChris
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    Hotfix 19th September All upgrades increasing crew rebalanced (data below) XP and Money for kills and assists rebalanced based on BR of vessels (slight increase for 1-2nd rates) Yacht can now enter port battles and can be added to fleets Determined defender bonus lowered from 30% to 0.001% Boarding max speed increased to 8 knots (previously around 4 knots). speed difference between your ship and enemy ship was lowered and now cannot exceed 5 knots to board (previously it was 8 knots). Both vessels must sail below 8 knots. Barricades defensive bonus increased by 0.1 and attack penalty increased by 0.1 as well. Crew bonuses reductions Shipbuilding: Very cramped: 5% - previous 10% Cramped: 2.5% - previous 5% Extra crew trim: 7.5% - previous 10% Modules and books: Light ship hammocks refit: 5% - previous 15% Hammocks book: 7.5%-7.5%-2.5% - previous 20%-10%-5%
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    Here's a little suggestion that I think would work well. PvP heat zones that pop up in areas where lots of pvp has taken place that day. These aren't zones or missions, just a simple representation of what's been going on and where the action is at on the map. Basically a visual representation of combat news. Yes or Yes?
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    Well, got to admin I dont understand why this post was deleted: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Combat news is just full of "Boarded player" "Boarded player" "Boarded player" "Boarded player" "Boarded player" "Boarded player" "Boarded player" "Boarded player" "Boarded player" Good move devs  While it a bit cheeky, its still in topic and true. Whats the reason for deleting it?
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    Just remove PVP mark rewards from safe zones, then those who hunt there just to see their name in lights on the cartoon leader board will leave.
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    yacht will be freed tomorrow
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    Attacking pearl harbor was a horrible mistake. Searching for a good gameplay and testing options - some of which might fail - can never qualify as "horrible mistake".
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    When you get ganked, but they're all noobs: https://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/aExr8BM_460svvp9.webm
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    we are buffing barricades to be an amazing defensive upgrade. On the UI patch or right after we plan to give crew damage to BOTH ships participating in boarding if someone is raked during boarding.
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    This game is in Early Access. You are a tester. Don't whine, test, report. That's what you signed up for.
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    wasnt too bad.... though the smell of burnt paella lingers .. unlike capt o7 who made a quick exit from the battle and was last seen going over the horizon doing 22knts in a l ocean shouting " its all Christendoms fault "
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    God save the KING The Harbourmaster - LITTLE CAYMAN It is hereby announced, that, once the port of LITTLE CAYMAN has been cleaned from the debris of the last naval fight (this means hostility cooldown), the port will make docks available for ships of foreign nations. Under the conditition that the port shall NOT be attacked, traders from all nations can here find a place to bid for the highly demanded teak on several auctions a day. The harbourmaster will also reduce the taxes for all trading goods to 7%, with a possible further decrease to 5% in the future. PLEASE NOTE, the harbourmaster will NOT provide escort services for heavily loaded trade ships arriving or leaving the port, captains have to sail to and from LITTLE CAYMAN on their own risk. Shall a nation decide to attack LITTLE CAYMAN, the port will be defended by the Royal Navy and closed down for future business and not reopen for the public again.
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    Given I was in a board meeting since 13:15 until right now ( you know proper RL important stuff, not hobby stuff ) I have no clue what you are talking about, but okay captain, I can take it. Bring it. Load double shot. Make sure to make it double charge as well. Fire away. My Privateer will dodge all your random fire rage. ~S~
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    maybe YOU asked for it but I didnt see any topic about this change
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    get over yourself seriously.
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    Little Cayman port battle: Please note, Lord Kasparov disconnected during the PB The port battle fleet was attacked after the port battle: Basically the last half hour I was doing nothing due to the wind pushing me into the beach The various screening battles: