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    I spent all the evening, running after Xebec after Xebec. Not a single fight in 10 engagements… No fun, no pleasure to play. Nothing to report exept a Xebec player would fight only when being sure of winning, he would run if not sure of winning. They find their fun in Killing the player base, especially new players who are fully unable to disengage from these bullshits. Kill the Xebec out of the game! I purchased the DLC. I won't use it before it is nerfed. This ship is simply a stupidity.
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    No its not. That's like complaining that you cannot access the last mission of gta if you have not completed the first. You own it true but games do not work like that. Many games require you to "work" for the content and there is definitely not an issue with ship notes.
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    Personally I think the DLC should only give one Herc permit per day, as opposed to a Herc note, so that it still has to be crafted from materials in-game. That would at least alleviate the suicidal tendencies of some Herc captains and reduce the quantity of them in OW. It's a treat, not a staple.
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    its not chinese its actually a mediterranean sailing ship They were quite frequently built and sailed around the Caribbean too, there are even a few of them that were built by the US and other American navies. They are good ships for privateering and anti pirate activity in rocky coastlines, their manoeuvrability giving them great access to jagged coastlines that are difficult to patrol and control in square riggers. The Requin is quite easy to solve, she just needs to be made more fragile, she is weirdly thick hulled for a ship of her type, she should be a lot more vulnerable as should her crew. That being said in a lot of people's minds the DLC ships relative disposable nature have been a blessing for PVP, letting more people fight with much less to lose. Hopefully the upcoming streamlining to crafting and changes will make more ships more accessible in the near future, allowing for more time to be spent in PVP/PVE depending on your preference. Also if you just murder the foremast, like any other triangular rigged ship they are pretty much useless, they aren't particularly difficult to shoot off either, its something that should be pretty achievable with relatively heavy guns like an Endymion has.
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    I wonder why you didnt just stop your ship and board them with you 300% more crew if they continued to stick to you. Or turn them into the wind with your stronger sails. Dont sail first rates if you cant deal with someone getting under your guns.
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    Excellent fight in the reinforcement zone just outside the St. Marys Port Battle. US tagged a Basic Cutter, so we joined in the fun to defend the poor Frenchman in his cutter. WO wouldn't do it, but VCO and XXXXX did! The United States First Rate captain apparently assumed his fellow captains could handle our squadron, and subsequently escaped. It was our pleasure to prove him wrong. Masts fell, planks were shattered, leaks were formed. Ships sunk. Several managed to escape from us just before they were sunk. Lucky captains. More would have been sunk, had we had more time in the battle. Despite their best attempts with chainshot, raking, and even some focused fire, our staunch third rates refused to let us down. Toward the end of the fight, there was some confusion among our friends outside (they had been previously fighting French captains) who joined the wrong side of the fight (in their defense, it was the only side that was open by that time). Somehow I managed to go through that whole fight and not get any kills on ships. But I was the master of heavy assists! Overall, good fight US, we enjoyed it very much. o7 #heavyassists #creatingcontent