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    Hey Guys, I've created a Repair Calculator for Naval Action in Google Spreadsheets. So far I have not seen any tools for repairs, so I decided to make one. Test it out. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HFFJKiZW496Szf9qbO7m8p-EYgM08czwzjYDr_mR7b4/edit?usp=sharing
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    Is it just me or does anyone else miss actually "Being" in port, As if one were in a town, i like the idea of being able to see my ship at port, but the open world background kinda gets in the way, for instance, maybe, have trading done in town with a static background, and then park at port before sailing, to check weather and wind, seeing the boat always in open water makes it feel like you just stayed on the docks.
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    Testbed announcement Captains. We invite you to participate in preliminary testing of the port UI patch. This is one of the most significant patches in Naval Action and we dont want to disrupt the gameplay on live servers in case of unforeseen problems. As a result the patch will be first deployed on the testbed server. All captains who will login to test bed will be provided you with the M&C rank, money and some resources to make testing easier. Kills will provide 25x gold so you don't have problems with money. Fight, craft, do missions – play as you would play normally. Сlick on everything and report back what you like and what you dont like. Port user interface feedback (keep in mind that shortcuts are not final - you can easily change them in settings). Mission feedback All participants who will pass the basic required flow will be rewarded. If you reach both of these goals you will be gifted a rare note for the ship of the line Christian on live server once the test bed closes (ETA unknown). Goal 1: Gain 1 combat rank (earn 10,000 XP in combat) Goal 2: Gain lvl 10 in crafting (we have significantly increased building production to make testing easier). Important: Economy changes are not deployed on test bed and some prices could seem too high or too low. Rewards for kills are also not final. This is a deliberate choice to not give out too much information too early. Final economy changes with real prices will only be deployed on live servers. Instructions on how to get into testbed will be provided today. How to get access to the testbed Find the game in your steam library Right click and go to properties Go to Beta tab Enter the key: FcaH2KzZXutz Click on the CHECK CODE button Select the beta called: testbed And click close It will download automatically. To return to the main game select NONE instead of testbed in the beta tab. Update: Captains, the testbed server is offline at the moment and will go live again tomorrow (ETA is unknown at the moment).
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    Yes fix it, bring back outlaw battles --Split into separate topic to avoid spamming feedback thread - H. Darby--
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    Err....you're pirates. You're supposed to be forming internal coalitions and fighting each other - might makes right. Leave namby pamby friendly talks and full consensus to the filthy nationals. 😎
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    Outlaw battles! Best patch ever 😎
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    This illustrates the conflict between sandbox needs and competitive play. This was sorted in Legends and could easily be done in OW too. When admin announced the new anti-stacking mod changes people started screaming about "cookie cutter ships". They have this expectation of being able to grind for terrible advantages and they place little value on competitive balance. They hide behind buzzwords like "experience", "customization" or "diversity", but if you follow the money, so to speak, it's all about wanting to beat the other guy with a great big ugly stick.
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    Automatic crafted ship insurance is not only about the money but about the reducing the loss and changing the reward system, which is one of the goals for the insurance. Here is the practical example. Assume there are only 2 players. Player 1 loses in 10 from 11 battles. Player 2 wins in 10 from 11 battles Cost to build the ship is 300k and reward is 300k (150k*2 pvp bonus) + pvp marks and combat marks. Rewards were always increased during early access because they were supposed to increase incentives to go out and fight, but this was a mistake. Here is what happens now.. Player 2 sinks 10 ships, earns 3,000 (3mln) + marks. This 3 mln increase price pressure in the market and is increasing the recovery cost for the Player 1. Player 1 loses 10 ships, recovery cost is 3,000k (3 mln). He loses more and more every time and can only recover by PVE. Grind also brings money into the game, generating even higher prices. Grind is forced onto the average player until he can acquire skill + inflation goes up and up. Grinding is not giving the player 1 required skills = wastes his time. So the obvious benefits are Insurance allows to restructure rewards to the appropriate historical levels which removes the inflationary pressures, and reduces recovery loss, loss is less painful because you are not forced to regrind. Gear fear is lowered and cost of loss is minimal (especially if Player 1 crafts the ships). Grind is not forced on those who dont want to pve but cannot yet win consistently. Crafted ships start to matter more.
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    Captains Please provide feedback on the user interface in port. We understand that every new user interface feels worse initially, because you got used to an old one. But we are very confident that new direction is better and easier to understand. Report on what works, what does not, what you like and what you dont like. Problems will be fixed.
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    As the great battle results thread has become a bit clogged with posts that may not be befitting of it. I would like to make a thread for smaller battles that may still be worth a mention. Please try to leave some information on the battle without trolling to much.
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    Can you confirm that you were playing on 1.23a? I have definitely completed the battle with both artillery captured on that version. Assuming you are on 1.23a do you recall if you captured brigade 1 or brigade 2 of the split? I never got a spit on my tests so that could be the root cause. I have experienced this also, playing with the 1.23a version of the mod. Also a different playthrough using the 1.23a mod i had captured one of the batteries and the enemy recaptured it, so i destroyed that one and the other and the same thing happened. I got the defeat screen and it had showed i never took care of the battery me and union captured. But, this is still a great mod and very fun to play, so thanks to you guys for developing it. It has taught me to do a lot of saving during battles so I don't have to replay the entire battle. lol (ex). Like when i played Shiloh, i had Pitts Landing taken and the victory conditions showed i had completed them all, but the game sent me to day 2 instead of giving me Victory. Luckily I had saved the game with a hour left on the timer so I reloaded the save and all I did differently was placed one of the Commanding generals right onto the flag and it gave me the Victory that time. I have had to do that in a few battles so far and I just finished Chicamauga.
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    but now if you are in battle you receive a 3 min cooldown to join pb's long enough for the screeners to tag
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    Which version? The 16hr one? You know a sequel is coming right?
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    Grinding is always a waste of time. It's boring and merely filler that is a poor substitute for actual gameplay. The grind is what Poor game developers use to fill a persons time in their game for lack of imagination to create interesting content. Honestly, as long as loss is so devastating to the player, they won't attract a large player base. There is multiple reasons why world of warships is immensely popular and this game is not. In world of warships the grind is best done in pvp. Loss merely means reduced income, not starting from scratch every time. This insurance plan is a good start but probably not enough.
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    It is a good way to keep causals/new players somewhat happy. I do not care if somebody loses elite refit or naval clock. Guys to fit these mods are already aware of what can happen.
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    No point. Veterans in BC's or in Lynx's. Result would have been the same. The only inequity here is you can't get PVP marks if you sink them.
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    you are no longer anonymous kek
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    Flags functionality will be added in the next patch. But additional flags will be introduced gradually both as lootable items and as cosmetic purchasable unlock that will unlock all flags.
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    Flag of the Bretagne home to countless sailors, privateers and commanders for centuries:
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    A few of mine in the past Month: 1. Was lucky to find a 1v1 with another Wapen, Endy came in shortly after but did not assist the wapen as well as it probably could have (kept his distance). after being able to focus one side and sink the wapen, the Endymion promptly left the battle. if the Endy player was more confident in engaging, it probably would have been a different outcome. 2. Entered a battle, but left shortly after due to the opponent being in a ship I could not engage. Pirates were able to get me in a battle and I decided to meet them head on. was enjoyable and after sinking gave a proper salute to those involved. 3. Went searching for some Brits around KPR. Was able to engage these two players outside the safe zone. Focused on Woodpecker while Grayham kept raking me and causing a lot of crew damage. I was able to prolong the battle and get a 2nd rum repair as well as a couple repair actions to then fight Grayhamm. we maneuvered for a few minutes to try and get the wind from each other until I was able to batter away Grayhamm's men and sails for a surrender. After the battle Grayhamm messaged me and we had a nice lengthy conversation of feedback and discussion on what wood, mods, and books we all had and how to improve on the next battle.
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    Someones bureaucratic pocket will get fat... really fat
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    ANTIENTAM Before Antientam, I rebuilt the army to the level of 32,000 soldiers. I thought that the battle would be difficult, and the necessity of having 3 corps did not improve my feelings. I decided to create one strong Corps in the north and two very weak for the center and the south. In fact, there was one division in the center and Stone Bridge was defended by two weak brigades. 

From that moment, I introduced a name system for brigades to make it easier to manage them on the battlefield. Infantry brigades with rifles with a larger range were given the name "shooters", those with worse rifles were given the name "stormtroopers". As you can guess, if I want to charge, I tried to use stormtrooper brigades. In the first attempt I definitely lost. I wanted to use the fortifications in the center. I set up troops linearly. I survived the first phase, but when unionist reinforcements arrived they spread my defensive lines by attacking from the east and south-east. It was the turning point of my playing in this campaign. For the first time I so deeply analyzed the battlefield and developed a detailed defence plan before turning on the battle itself. The plan was as follows:

 Strong attack in the north, run until Union reinforcements arrive. Then shortening the defence lines in two stages. In this part, I predicted an intermediate line of defence. The plan was to make maximum use of the forest lines for the protection of my troops and open spaces for opposing losses. The retreat from intermediate line was foreseen after the first storms. It looked great. On paper. In reality, it looked much harder. While the first phase came out even better than I thought. My aggresive attack from the north brought such gains:
 The first and second phase of shortening the defence lines also went quite well. But after the end of the retreat, when I looked how stretched my brigades were, I realised that the plan was unreal.

 I probably could defend the Dunker Church, but I was too weak to maintain Sunken Road (open area) and I did not have anything to stop the Union on the way to the city. I defended my positions against the first storms and decided on a radical solution. I withdrew all the troops on the ridge around Sharpsburg. I concentrated the strongest brigades on the west side. When Union reached my line, I hit east and rolled his line all the way to the eastern border of the city. It opened way to Dunker Church and there were no more Union troops. At the same time, the Union's forces concentrated on the east and attacked the city where I had the weakest brigades. The situation was critical. I put everything on one card. I separated the skirmishers from the three brigades and sent them with one weak brigade to Dunker Church. The strongest brigade remained on the ridge and continued the attack to the east. I withdrew all other brigades to the city streets. Skirmishers secured Dunker Church. Then they went to Sunken Road and secured it to and destabilized the artillery there. The battle ended in victory. 

The camp after the battle looked tragic. Antientam cost me a lot of nerves, my army suffered huge losses but at the same time gave a lot of satisfaction and experience.