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    Except Prussia filled every battle and we intentionally flipped mid day on the weekend and not at night. We wanted fights, just not fighting a Zerg. We got our fleet into new Smyrna with a 20 man screening fleet that was needed to tag equal numbers of Prussians, Pirates and French. We had 3 ships leftover that were actively engaged to screen our PB all the way in. We had to no-show Rio Seco because we simply had too many players engaged in multiple fights and couldn’t scrape together a worthwhile comp. We didn’t no show out of spite, just wasn’t possible. I’m not complaining, I got a lot of marks today and managed to save a lot of US first rates. Today was a good day. Todays fights had 6 nations involved in multiple battles with upwards of maybe 100 players on all sides. Regardless of who won or lost a lot of players had action and fun, myself included. If that’s not content creation then I don’t want to know wtf you’re smoking. Today was the busiest day in NA in maybe 2-3 weeks. As I type this people are still dying outside Cabo 8 hours later. I’m pretty sure no one else can say they’ve physically done more on this server to create more shit to do for more people than myself. We’ll keep doing what we’re doing while more and more shit birds like Rebrall here join dial-a-fleet nations like France and Prussia while astonishingly still talking shit as he gets carried by his betters. To everyone involved...you’re welcome #creatingcontent
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    Just a couple 5th rates and a bot. Good fight Pirates. Was fun o7 #creatingcontent
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    You make the same mistake as the devs in my oppinion. You think 1st rates should be balanced with other first rates. This is exactly why oceans are meta and 2nd rates and 3rd rates are useless. 18 pounders and 12 pounders should be able to pen any ship at 300 meters with a perfect angle. This is not the case. The devs said a 9 pounder would be able to pen anything at 250m when they nerfed them last time. 9 pounders are useless even against carthagena frigates with a 10-20% angle at 200m.... I'm a bit late to the conversation but why should that actually matter, Constitution has very similar hull thickness to Victory historically, both at around 2ft at the waterline which as far as I understand is give or take a few cm the same as l'Ocean. Why should an 18 long have no issue penetrating constitution but not Ocean? While History shouldn't be the be all and end all of balance it does beg some questions, especially with the current relationship between structure and thickness, an 18lb gun shouldn't struggle the way it does at such close range.
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    woaaaaaaaaaaaw…… what arrogance. Christendom the savior of naval action.
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    Harrr I almost got it after the screening fleet and the PB fleet... Determinated Perk got me..
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    Nearly all our active players were in battle with Pirates, French and Prussians elsewhere... I was not even out of my screening battle at the start of the Rio Seco PB. We would have if we could have.
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    Its funny, the act of the multiflip was the reason so many screeners voluneered their efforts today. Had it only been 1 PB the pirates wouldn't have even showed up. The only good thing the multiflip did was force us to send our B team to New Symerna which gave your A team a fighting chance. What baffles me most is why the US did not bother to send a PB fleet to Rio Seco. We didn't even have screeners there. All you had to do is sail right in and fight an evenly-matched battle.
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    Battle in reinforcment zone, over time more and more joined, last 30+ min were basically constant tacking, included a boarding which I somehow managed to get away from, and I found out that the belle poule behaves PHENOMENALLY well upwind with shredded square sails
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    As I said earlier - the Prussians collectively have the best players in the game. The USA is gradually improving, but has a long way to go. We had some small successes today - not in the PB's, but in the outside battles.
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    I don't always gank, but when I do, I use 64 pound longs.
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    Prussians fight eachother daily for training new members. And there are numerous screenshots I can post of US outnumbering Prussians and Prussians outplaying US. This is why the US never could kill a prussian in an even fight. Every PB, even BR against US has never had a single casualty loss. The US is just bad in general, but in end of day, your multiflips do nothing because you HAVE to fight us in an even battle inside the pb. That’s where you no longer have number advantage and that’s when you fail over and over, because you rely on it daily to compete with any nation who comes to your capital or you find on open world elsewhere. This is why prussia has yet to lose anyone in a port battle against you guys. Winning is one thing, but total victory without casualties is a statement, multiflips can’t help you there 😏
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    No cannon should have a problem penning at 200m with good angles. I consider 10 to 20 degrees a good penning angle. When you get into the physics about the shape of the connies hull the funny thing is she probably had more effective armour than victory because of her hull shape. The devs are remodeling the connie and I cannot wait for what they do to it. The Connie hull shape is belle poule 2.0 on steroids. It is a very very difficult issue to deal with because certain ships should have an advantage over others because of hull shape. The connie with a correct model would be a pain in the ass to fight and I really don't know how to fix that. Its kind of a real life meta ship because of the armour and speed I would not see an issue with bigger class ships having the same Armour. The thing is that the santis model(not just santi) in game is not as good as the oceans. The santi in real life was not as flat as it is in game. How do you fix something like this? Give the santi more armour to make up for the lack of curves?
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    Need to aim high, almost at the weather deck to penetrate Ocean with full health and stacked thickness mods. That's not easy to do from a Trinco at 0 meter distance.. But can't the Trinco carry pood's? That's a perfect solution for this issue very absurd issue (5. rate vs 1. rate wtf!?) 😆
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    Wait didn't like 10 US guys fail to gank scipio right next to the screening battle, then complain that they didn't have the numbers for new Symrna. Hmmmm 🤔
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    Pretty much what I am thinking, to be honest...
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    KOC, if you stagger your PB timers, you cannot be multi-flipped on your eastern USA ports. Technically today you could be multi-flipped - except there are so darn few players on between 5:00 and 8:00 server time. If you want some content - and the opportunity to see how good you are, change at least one of the timers to something like 23:00-02:00 or 00:00-03:00 - and you will get some defensive content.
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    1.To my knowledge the pirates have never once screened for WO please post a screen shot of such an occurrence. 2. I think the most Prussians we have ever had screening for us during any of our defensive pbs was 3 or 4 at ays last time it was set. 3. As long as you continue to multi flip the timers will stay the same for san Augustine and san mateo. we may change the timer of san mateo just to call your bluff on "wanting to attack" but being prevented from being able to due to timers.
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    Rebrall - you have it bass ackwards. We have tried attacking the Prussian ports - and the French ports. Each time we get the same Prussian, Pirate and French players defending. Today there where probably in excess of 40 combined enemies fighting against us - maybe as many as 50. We get out of one post PB battle to find another 30 +/- Prussian, Pirate and French waiting to gank. These are players who don't fight each other - but look for easier content by attacking less skilled players - and usually looking for the number advantage as well. I think 'multiflips for pussies' should be changed to 'Ganking is for pussies' in your statement. The USA does have decent numbers, but not many top players. The Prussians collectively have the best players in the game - and the French and Pirates are not too shabby either. The French WO clan hides behind the latest timer on the server to avoid even be attacked (although they will come out in numbers at any time of day to help gank / screen for their crony allies. That being said, I enjoyed all the battles today... and I never heard any Prussian complaints about being multi-flipped.
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    US Screen leader: Amp Secondary: Teutonic Under Amp's lead we were almost able to sink Aster, and the Bellona player. Due to some mishaps and overall better sailing abilities, the French were able to recover their damaged ships back to fighting shape. Amp sank and command changed. Under Teut's lead I took a more passive approach and wanted to keep the US fleet floating and wait for a good opportunity to make another attempt. Zaphod unfotunately had a bad disconnect and we lost him while the main US fleet took the opportunity to target the player "Lazzie" as we noticed a good opportunity to isolate him. The US fleet was not able to bring the needed damage to finish him off unfortunately either due to bad sailing management or Lazzie's good ability to negate some damage on to his ship. Shortly after this I was isolated and prompted sank due to french forces coming back after having sank Zaphod. I informed the folks still fighting to adjust command to a new leader and good luck in their efforts. While the majority of our fleet was sunk, I believe we were sailing better than previous experiences in the past, and sinking one french player successfully is a good outcome. Screen fleet was successful in helping the port battle fleet enter the port at the cost of ships. We will replace ships in order to continue this content train. #creatingcontent
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    LO/WO builds for PBs didnt become more popular because of the thickness nerfs, but because of the LO buff. Before, in comparison to Teak, LO gave 5% more thickness but had significant drawbacks in speed and overall maneuerability. Now it gives 10% more thickness and 7% more HP. Woods are just unbalanced, thats all. Now back on topic: Hachi is right, based on hull shape L'Oceans effective thickness is about 10% higher than its actual thickness. This advantage is not calculated into BR which makes it the favourable choice in PBs. Question should be, how to change it? We could start by increasing its BR by 40 and see how it works out.