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    Patch is being deployed today 21st June 2018. Contents of the patch MAIN Feature : Open world UI updated to a new version. Open world UI will update to a more traditional MMO window based system. Port UI remains on the old version. We decided to deploy OW UI first to help to uncover missed bugs and problems faster. Also your initial feedback on the visuals will allow us to deliver better port UI based on your comments. Apologies for the inconvinience that might be caused by the 2 versions of UI Expect bugs and glitches. Name change added to Prolific Forger DLC Separate item will appear in your redeemables You will be able to change name once in every 30 days Admiralty connection added as DLC Will permanently increase dock space, warehouse slots and economy buildings. Two imported ships will be added as DLC (time of appearance subject to Valve's approval) Le Requin Hercules Ability to trade in the open world added to game. Trade is possible with your nation Trade is possible in the radius of attack If one of the parties to a trade exits this radius trade will stop Trade is only possible from hold of the ship Patrol battle exit (escape) option added (to remove trolling and griefing) After a certain time exit will be possible if there are no enemy players in your radius Damage stops the ability to exit (just like the normal exit timer) Being outside of the circle stops ability to exit Experimental feature: Open world attack button now has a coold down (60 seconds). This was done to remove constant re-click to get better positioning You have to be careful how and when you attack. Exams now show the following information in pop ups for motivational purposes Best time and name of the player Your time Average time for all players Rules of Engagement (ROE) changes For reinforcement zones Battle is always open for the nation of the reinforcement zone Battle closes in 10 minutes for all other nations (not owners of the reinforcement zones) For Capital waters Nation of the capital water cannot be attacked as before All other nations can be attacked (removing unnecessary protection for enemies). This means that other nations will not be protected by your capital waters. Battles of other nations in capital waters will be open to all Smuggler flag removed Trader ships now have automatic smuggler flag and will be able to enter any port in the Caribbean Player in the combat ship wont be able to enter enemy ports You will now be able to switch ships in enemy ports if you have an outposts and docked ships there (to remove weird lockouts caused by legacy rules Military ships can now sail out of enemy ports to remove lockouts if your port was captured or changed state from open to all. Exit from enemy and contested ports gives you a 30 min port battle lockdown Free for all ports do not give the port battle timer. Battle sails now give bonuses to Ship turning Yard turning Sail resistance Fire changes Fire now affects structure and planking differently. Planking will burn faster than structure. This is done to bring back more epic explosions as fast fires burn the structure too fast (ship sinks faster than it can explode). Structural leaks and penetrating leaks water intake speed dependence increased. Changes are as follows 50% speed – standard leaks (current) 100% speed – leakage is increased 2x 0 speed – leakage is reduced 2x Control perk changes Perk control can be switched off in the beginning of the battle, if you do not want to use it. There will be a button for the first 5 mins that will let you decide if you want to control on or not. Tuning All blueprints were removed from the admiralty and added to player shipyards for simplification (some of them of course will require permits to build) NPC can rarely sail a 4/5 or 5/5 vessel Capturable ports now give better chance to build a exceptional vessel. Fixed bugs: Multiple bugs fixed thanks to player reports Several tutorial bugs fixed Fixed bug not allowing you to destroy an item in the hold if your computer time was set in the future. Fixed the bug that did not let you take back Hercules if NPC was assigned to it. Update 21st June Le Requin HP lowered slightly Battle sail mode added Speed of raising lowering sails decreased Ship declassed as 6th rate Hercules Broadside time tweaked HP increased according to size Ship re-classed as 5th rate 2 group statuses removed Group status automatically converts to battle group once it exceeds 5 players Mission cancellation limit increased to 50 Reinforcement zones ports and capitals (uncapturable ports including free towns) ability to build better vessels reduced, capturable ports ability to build better ships greatly increased Update 22nd June 2018 Fixed the bug blocking the trade of ships in port Fixed bug that blocked UI for some time after sending the bug report Fixed bug causing incorrect display of national ranks Fixed bug that sometimes did not display the type of combat on combat selection screen You can now redeem the imported premium ships only if you do not have the same ships in docks Use rum now properly works if you drink rum on the Basic Cutter Replaced the icon for Carpenters to something more appropriate (remember that icons are not final) Reduced the fire damage to structure even more (as ships were still sinking before exploding). Update 23rd June 2018 Potential fix for the disappearance of name and buttons from the friendly or enemy ship info panel Forced the amount of extra docks from 5 to 10 (so you do not have to wait till next week) Changed the leaks/speed dependence (ships were sinking too slowly before) You only get the 50% leaks reduction if you are stationary From 10% speed up to 80% speed leaks works without bonuses or penalties (just like before the patch) From 80% speed and up to 100% they gradually rise to 150% To get full benefits of leaks reduction (to get a chance to repair the ship - you have to stop your vessel). Update 26th June 2018 Additional tunings for the leaks/speed curve Recently killed status visualization is added Fixed spelling on the Open World Map (thanks to players feedback) Update 5th July 2018 Epic chest (dropping from epic events) content slightly improved Fixed bug that sent one of the OW chat windows into battle instances completely hiding the compass @Cpt Reverse Internet Connection instability fixes: Fixed bug that sometimes locked out the player from using ports after random teleports caused by connection drops during the change of state (thanks to @z4ys) Fixed bug that sometimes locked the player from using ports if he is sent to two battles due to connection drops (thanks to @Vile Executioner) Update 9th July 2018 Fixed the fonts in ship auction, store interface and contract interface that hid zeroes from the price (they were present in confirmation screens but people still made mistakes) Open world UI has undergone significant changes in systems and code, please expect bugs and problems and do not forget to report them in this topic UI Teaser
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    Especially those using premium or super ships to repeatedly bully new and newly returned players. This is why the game gets a bad rap in reviews and the player base is f all. Think about what you are doing, take the time to hunt OW instead of looking for easy PVP marks just to get your name in lights on the leaderboard. Give new guys a chance to actually experience the game, otherwise the player base will be reduced to 50 or so players and their alts.
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    I've seen alot talk during my time here that I see on every mmo game that I have tried. Always the same blaming devs for everything, every player that decides to leave the game it's the devs fault. Lack of content, game not be newbie friendly enough bla bla. But what about you?, yes you?. You who play the game every single day, you the veteran, you the pro. You who make global channels a place where a new player might spend 5 minutes then realise this community ain't for him/her.?. You who check pvp leaderboard every 5 minutes and after every kill, get your team of other vets ready and hit the usual farming area (u.s coast, Port Royal, MT) sink some noobs and then be toxic over global again when they come in numbers. You who needs to broadcast every single pvp experience that makes you frustated by hanging your opponent out in global, usually along with some screen shots to really show the rest of the community how awsome you are, or how bad your opponent is. You who make global chat pvp battleground because you fail in the open sea. What are You doing to keep the player population we got?. The ones who are most toxic to the game are not seldom the ones that play it the most, which is abit odd. Not asking people to hold noob's hand and guide them through the game Not asking people to be kind and let opponent ship go because opponent crying I never do I can name 2 people who quit the game because of the community, and if I can name 2 then someone else can probably name 20. How many quit because of community?, who knows. Not sure I want to know. Keep blaming the devs for everything or look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what you are doing to keep this game going.
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    The fact that this ship is free and posesses some unique characteristics makes it a perfect troll ship. It's very fast up wind and down wind, can have approx. 400 crew as a 6th rate and has fairly good guns. It's sails can be easily hidden from chains. As a result it starts to appear in every battle as a chasing ship which is hard to get rid of. It's also a ship used to hunt players in protected zones, because whatever - you'll loose a ship and get another one. Zones loose their meaning. It's like in poker - playing without money destroys the game. Here however it's an even stronger problem - only some players play with money, some don't. Overall this ship is a problem, so is a free Herc. I think they need a few changes: it's sailing characteristics should be modified. Currently on 60% sails it's faster in teak/wo configuration than eg. teak/fir Endymion with 100% sails (both going against the wind with pirate rig) it's crew should be adjusted to some reasonable level premium ships should be a bit harder to replace, to give their owners a reason to not to sink one anytime they feel like it. Eg one of the above: use longer redeem cooldown (eg. 2 weeks?) still require a player to pay some small amount of PvP marks (eg. 3) for redeeming it allow for other players to get the ship in-game, however at a significant cost (eg. after an epic event) @admin
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    Removal of smuggler flag is a good idea. It didn't make any sense anymore, but if you forgot it your sail was a waste of time. With Hercules and Le Requin pay for win will be introduced into game. There is no chance to win shallow water PBs against those ships.
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    Капитаны, Обновление будет установлено сегодня (21 июня), список изменений: Основной элемент - обновленный интерфейс открытого мира. Интерфейс открытого мира обновится до стандартов традиционных MMO игр. Портовый интерфейс пока что остается старым. Мы решили сначала обновить интерфейс открытого мира, чтобы быстрее найти возможные скрытые проблемы и баги. Ваши предложения и замечания по обновленному интерфейсу помогут нам быстрее выпустить обновление портового интерфейса. Приносим извинения за возможные неудобства, связанные с двумя версиями интерфейса. В Prolific Forger DLC добавлена возможность поменять имя персонажа В окне Redeemables появится отдельный предмет Менять имя можно будет раз в месяц (30 дней) Добавлено новое DLC - Admiralty connection Увеличивает количество мест в доке, объем склада и количество производственных зданий В качестве DLC добавлены два новых корабля (появится, как только придет согласование от Valve) Le Requin Hercules Добавлена возможность обмениваться предметами между кораблями в открытом море Обмениваться предметами можно только с игроками своей нации Обмен работает только в пределах круга атаки Если во время обмена один из кораблей выйдет за пределы круга атаки, обмен прервется. Обмениваться можно только предметами из трюма корабля Добавлена возможность выйти из миссии по патрулированию (с целью прекратить троллинг и злоупотребления) Выйти из сражения можно после определенного временного промежутка и при условии, что рядом с вами нет живых кораблей врага. Если по вашему кораблю прошел урон, выйти из сражения нельзя. Если вы находитесь за пределами круга "Смерти", выйти из сражения нельзя Экспериментальное нововведение: Кнопка атаки в открытом мире теперь имеет время отката (60 секунд) Причина данного изменения - убрать спам кнопки атаки с целью получить более выгодную позицию перед началом боя. Теперь нужно более осторожно выбирать момент для атаки корабля При наведении на экзамен в руководстве игрока добавлена дополнительная статистика (для мотивации игроков улучшить собственный скилл): Лучшее время выполнения экзамена и имя данного персонажа Ваше время выполнения экзамена Среднее время выполнения экзамена по всем игрокам Изменения правил сражения Для зон подкрепления Для игроков нации, которой соответствует зона подкрепления, сражение всегда открыто. Для игроков других нации сражение закрывается через 10 минут. Для столичных территориальных вод Игроки нации, которой соответствуют территориальные воды столицы, не могут быть атакованы. Игроки всех остальных наций могут быть атакованы. Таким образом, территориальные воды столицы будут защищать только игроков своей нации. Данное сражение открыто для всех в течении 10 минут (если в сражении за одну из сторон уже участвует игрок вашей нации, зайти можно только за его сторону). Из игры убран флаг контрабандиста (smuggler flag) Торговые корабли могут зайти в любой порт на карте. Боевые корабли не могут зайти во вражеский порт. Во вражеском порту можно сменить корабль при условии, что у вас есть аутпост и корабли в доке. Из вражеского порта можно выйти на любом типе корабля (не важно - торговый или военный). Например, больше вы не застрянете, если за время вашего отсутствия порт сменил владельца или статус с Free for all. При выходе из вражеского или оспариваемого (contested) порта на любом типе корабля, игрок не сможет зайти в портовое сражение в течение 30 минут. При выходе из порта со статусом Free for all, данное ограничение не накладывается. Режим парусов Battle sails теперь дает следующее эффекты: бонус к маневренности корабля бонус к скорости работы с реями. уменьшенный урон по парусам Изменение механики пожара на корабле. Пожар теперь по разному влияет на обшивку бортов и структуру корабля. Под воздействием огня обшивка корабля будет повреждаться быстрее, чем структура. Данное изменение вызвано тем, что сейчас при пожаре корабль тонет от полученных повреждений, не успев взовраться. Изменилась механика наборы воды кораблем через пробоины, теперь на время затопления корабля влияет его текущая скорость. 50% от максимальной скорости – приток воды (скорость затопления) такой же, как и сейчас. 100% от максимальной скорости – приток воды увеличен в два раза. корабль без движения – приток воды уменьшен в два раза. Изменение перка Control В начале сражения (в течение ограниченного времени - 5 минут) игрок, при желании, сможет выключить данный перк Остальные изменения Из адмиралтейства убраны все чертежи по кораблям и добавлены игрокам в качестве базовых рецептов (некоторые из них по-прежнему требуют разрешения на строительство - permits). С небольшой вероятностью в открытом мире можно будет встретить корабль НПЦ с 4 или 5 слотами для модулей. В захватываемых городах больше шансов получить при строительстве корабль хорошего качества. Исправленные баги Исправлено множество багов благодаря репортам от игроков. Исправлено несколько багов, связанных с руководством игрока. Исправлен баг, из-за которого не выбрасывались предметы из трюма корабля в открытом мире, если время на компьютере игрока было переведено вперед. Исправлен баг, который не позволял в сражении пересесть обратно на Геркулес, если ранее корабль был отдан НПЦ. Изменения по экономике. Изменения по экономике все еще находятся в работе и, возможно, не успеют попасть в обновление. В таком случае, изменения по экономике будут выданы через неделю после выхода обновления 25.0 Игровое золото будет переименовано в Реалы (Reals) и деноминировано. Combat марки будут заменены на испанский доллар (Spanish Silver Dollars, Пиастры) PVP марки будут замены на Gold Escudos (дублоны). Будет добавлен новый предмет Ship logs. Данный предмет будет иногда выпадать в качестве добычи в миссиях по патрулированию и портовых сражениях. Ship logs можно будет обменять на редкие корабли и модули. Будут оптимизированы чертежи предметов и кораблей (убрано множество промежуточных предметов, которые только увеличивали количество кликов мышкой). Будут оптимизированы производства в зданиях и количество необходимых labour hours. Обновление от 21 июня. Le Requin Немного уменьшена прочность бортов Добавлена возможность поставить боевые паруса (battle sails) Уменьшена скорость поднятия и сворачивания парусов Корабль переместился в категорию 6-х рангов Hercules Отрегулировано время залпа Прочность бортов скорректирована в соответствии с размером корабля Корабль переместился в категорию 5-х рангов Изменения по группам Группа автоматически меняет статус на боевую (battle group), как только в ней появится больше 5 игроков. Количество ежедневных отменяемых миссий увеличено с 3 до 50. Уменьшен шанс построить корабль хорошего качества в столицах, городах в зоне подкрепления и свободных городах (free towns). В захватываемых городах шанс построить корабль хорошего качества значительно увеличен. Обновление от 22 июня. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой невозможно было передать корабль через обмен в порту. Исправлена ошибка, приводящая к блокировке интерфейса после отправки репорта через F11. Исправлена ошибка с неправильным названием национального ранга Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой иногда не отображался тип сражения в окне с информацией о сражении. Активировать корабль из DLC в окне redeemables можно только в том случае, если на данный момент времени у вас в доках нет такого же корабля. Кнопка Use rum теперь корректно работает при использовании рома на корабле Basic Cutter У модулей Northern Master Carpenters и Northern Carpenters изменена иконка на более соответствующую (иконки предметов еще не финализированы) Дополнительно уменьшен урон по структуре корабля от воздействия огня Обновление от 26 июня. Дополнительная настройка кривой зависимости притока воды от скорости корабля Добавлено отображение статуса Recently killed Исправлены некоторые названия на карте мира (спасибо игрокам за обнаруженные неточности) Обновление от 5 июля. Улучшено содержимое сундука epic chest (редкий сундук, который можно получить в epic events) Исправлена ошибка, из-за которого не закрывалось контекстное меню чата в сражении, закрывая собой компас (спасибо игроку @Cpt Reverse)Исправления ошибок, вызванных нестабильным соединением: Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой игрок не мог зайти в порт, если перед этим он подвергся случайной телепортации из-за проблем с соединением во время перехода из открытого мира в порт (спасибо игроку @z4ys) Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой игрок не мог зайти в порт, если он попал в два сражения одновременно из-за проблем с соединением (спасибо игроку @Vile Executioner) Обновление от 9 июля. Откорректировано отображение денежных значений во всех разделах портового магазина и аукциона кораблей. Теперь не будет ситуаций, когда в интерфейсе съедалась последняя цифра (в окне подтверждения покупки всегда отображалась корректная цифра, но игроки часто не обращали на это внимание при совершении покупки) Баги, недоработки и прочие вещи, связанные с новым интерфейсом, просьба обсуждать в данной теме: Обновленный интерфейс:
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    And I want Instant-win-DLC, too! No for real, this everything-a-DLC politics must stop before it spreads too much. Poodies should require one rescource to craft like cartagena refit carta-tar and it would be fine.
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    Next months we are only focused on the OW UI - will be deployed soon Port UI - next large patch (July) Localization - (Aug-Sep?) From the perspective of the player who already has 1000 hours spent in game that have-not yet left early access - we agree that UI does not bring anything new; EXCEPT bringing new players. Some comments show that even some veterans do not understand that UI and localization is most important to get out of early access. RVR Is boring comments just sound like: "hey its winter, 2 walls are lacking in the house, and there is no stair to the second floor, but lets focus and rebuild/replace this advanced lighting in the second floor as i already climbed there on the rope and am bored of these lights". We already made the mistake and tried to tweak combat and rvr and conquest keeping those 2 walls unfinished, which did not help with new players or new player perception of the game. So to make things clear and keep expectations in line There will be no major work on RVR or Conquest until UI is finished and game is localized. The game is in early access which means it is still in development. We will come back to RVR conversations after current priorities are finished.
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    I have to agree with Graf on DLC ships. DLC ships should be more of eye candy rather than performance ships
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    Hi captains well the biggest friend is ...darkness... when i am sailing at night in enemy territory i always light up, as if i am a lighthouse on the water what attracts more pirates from a long distance i always ask my boatswain to shut down the lights but for some reason, he is not able to dim the lights he for some reason can not find the key button ( L ) " for lights off " because my vessel has a hidden place for it .... so my question for the devs would be, make the key button L active for toggle the lights Captains and dev s what do you think of it is it a good feature, should it be implemented ? if so thumbs up and like pls Greetings o7 Thonys
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    VCO - A History Home to Christendom, the People's voice Home to the Screen Master, Santi Disaster, Amplify the CNN Coordinator Home to Coraline "Cupcake and Craft" Vodka Home to Tiargo "Grumpy" German Home to the Studying Aussie down under who picks up the ladies, Dusty "Dusty-San" Attenborough Home to Lady "say that again?" Hamilton Home to the cynical and bored (but good at "elite pvp"), skmarsh Home to "Master Planner Mcmannis" Home to the spymaster, Teutonic, or better known as "look guys, come play Eve" Home to Elric "Real English spoken here" theTwo. Or the "faceless man" Home to Louisvann "Oh gotta go, my kid woke up" boxtel Home to the Grandfather, John Paul Smith Home to William "The Better Demaster" Death Home to "Banned Twice" Wraith Home to the Master of coin, guardian of wealth, and the 1%, Aventador and many more We are a Long standing clan that have been through many iterations from the very beginning in early 2016. The clan has a global influence with both US, EU, and Ocean players who all work together to create an ever flowing and ever growing NA community. From the beginnings of ultimate carebearing, to the new life of privateering, VCO has a hand in every aspect of Naval Action. This allows us to coordinate "all walks of life" into a machine that can function and support everyone within the clan. We truly enjoy the OW PvP and RvR aspects of Naval Action, but we also understand there are times when folks like to relax more, shoot at ai, or trade to their hearts content. VCO Focuses on the team first, we take care of our own and makes sure everyone is stocked with the supplies they need to enjoy the game. Being fiercely independent we hold no permanent diplomatic ties and we believe that the game is best experienced with as few allies as possible. One day you are a friend, another day you are food, no hard feelings. If you wish to hire VCO as mercenaries, please contact Christendom or Vodka for further details. Being our collection of colorful characters, VCO requires a few things from new recruits and active members alike: 1. A thick-skin -- Be ready to take a joke and dish them out. for questions, ask Amplify. 2. Use of communication applications -- VCO has both a Discord and a Teamspeak and requests recruits to be on both during group events 3. Maturity -- We have no Age limit and we do fool around, but we also expect players to follow comms discipline in situations that call for it 4. Beer choices -- We have a dedicated channel in discord where we request players to post what beer they are drinking so that others are not left out VCO offers the following: 1. an industry that will cover ship loss, repairs, mods, and cannons to keep our players at sea and engaged in all activites. This includes helping new and returning players get off the ground running instead of slogging through the early grind. 2. Regular "PvP squads" to engage in OW PvP against anyone we find 3. Occasional RvR activities including Screening and Port Battle fights 4. Epic Event and other PvE group events VCO also has a number of theme songs due to the constant argument of what theme song should be the clans song. For ease of access I have linked all theme songs currently under the VCO umbrella. Finally -- VCO achievements 1. Destroying Nations 2. Nightflippers 3. Destroyers of PvP1 4. being Loved twice and Hated twice by Raxius in the span of one week 5. having the longest grudge match in the entire game against Kingy 6. Longest running bill left unfilled from North Viking. We still need that 10 million bro <3. 7. Hated and Loved by the top 5 most prominent EU content creators 8. Did I mention content creation? Thank you for your time and I hope you consider joining the pirate nation and VCO for the ultimate Naval Action experience. You will get to see not only what Naval Action has to offer, but also what every player has to offer.
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    I stand here supporting extra outposts addition to DLC. could be even 2-4. Outposts are the bottleneck of every game aspect. PvP, RvR, Economy (trading, ship building, production). At the moment alts are far more superior with +1 tow, +8 outposts, +20 dock space, 2x more Labour Hours, +5 buildings, +xx warehouse space etc. If I need to, I can get access to max rank accounts with Ship Handling + Gunnery + 5 Rings with outposts and everything for RvR reasons etc. I don't like doing it, but game limitations and bottlenecks force me to do it. I would rather use my main with DLC than alts and I will gladly welcome this addition. Please discuss, @z4ys invited to join.
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    В прошлый раз я рассказывал, как фармить союзную непись. Хоть тот способ и прикрыли, но варианты там все еще остались. Так что, если что, вы знаете где меня найти. Теперь же, подготавливая для вас новый материал, мне пришлось плыть в Сомерсет, чтобы заснять "рыбаков" в их естественной среде обитания. Итак встречайте, новая серия о том, как ничего не делать и быть успешным в этой игре. Думаю, самые сообразительные из вас уже поняли, что именно они там ловят. Много таким способом не нафармить, но его изюминка заключается в том, что он не требует от вас практически никаких действий, можно даже не присутствовать за компом. Поставил на ночь и забыл. Отлично понимает средний онлайн... 🤣 Несколько наставлений тем, кто решит заделаться в "рыбаки": Кликер. Чтобы ловить и разделывать рыбу, постоянно эмитируя присутствие в игре (иначе вас выкинет), вам понадобится обычный кликер. Сейчас очень много разных кликеров, так что найти не составит труда. В настройке тоже нет ничего сложного, даже ребята из Сомерсета разобрались! Берете самый простой торговый корабль. Реквизируйте у неписи какой-нибудь Кагуариан/Крюспэйс, он отлично подойдет. Не рекомендую заниматься этим на Le Gros Ventre Refit или Indiaman-ах Fir/Fir/Fast с Bovenwinds рефитами и Copper plating... это уже сомерсет головного мозга. Выбор рыбного места. Это очень важно, иначе клева не будет, по крайней мере у вас. Правильное место должно быть в дали от любопытных глаз, там должно быть мало свободного пространства и много оборонительных фортов. Как правильно расположить корабли, чтобы получить максимальный профит, придумаете уже сами... не все же мне за вас делать. Батл-группа. Если вы не понимаете, зачем она тут нужна, то просто удалите эту игру, не мучайте себя больше. Хочу добавить, что не стоит прям следовать всему, что я тут пишу, есть еще куча разных вариантов, этот просто для самых ленивых. Если все сделаете правильно, то 90% ганкеров вам будут не страшны. От остальных вас никто не спасет. Спасибо всем, кто принимал участие в съемках. Может еще как-нибудь проведаю вас... посмотрю, как дела. 😃 PS: ставь палец вверх сердечко, если ждешь 3-ю серию!
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    1. Xebec shouldn't be allowed in PBs just like Hercules. 2. I'm ok with blueprint and craftable option. You could redeem 1 permit per day as example. Still can't trade/capture etc.
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    Detailed info: https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/12395-replica-poltava-1712-russian-ship-of-the-line/& More photos:
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    i would like to add this 2 suggestions, first i love the resizeable Hold menu, but i way to big, i play in 1920x1080 and with 2 menus my screen is filled... also is opaque so i cant see anything behind. i add a suggestion on compass design, transparency and scale of the Hold menu. i think it can be even smaller, the Icon for "RIG rep" would be a Sail cloth insted of saw and wood... im alzo agree in have the freedom to move the Hot bar into any corner... right left top bottom... to fit our needs.... i wold love to have, for example mi Hot menu in the right side on top of the compass, left side with info of the ships, ports and perhap a quick info box with some info about Contracts fullfilled, track for some Items of goods... some info to avoid sail for hours to a place with no result at all... the hability to track point in the mini map... like Pins, for example with your compass and map (suggestions3.jpg) u can track up to 3 locations and correct your navigation... whitout anything else but the map... perhaps add some coordinates in translucency on top of the current map for better navigation and more "real life" experience
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    What about giving fleets a different picture to make "fleets" more obvious Currently -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reworked
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    Please provide feedback on the new Open world UI Colors, sizes, texts, lacking functionality, and bugs. Also propose changes and improvements if you feel something could be done better. Known issues Map has typos which will be fixed in the next iteration.
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    Onion Knights Onion Knights is going to be a very simple US clan based upon how I originally intended my previous clans would be, but never got the chance because of the size of the nations they were in. Clan Attributes PvP and Crafting Focused Become and maintain a midsize clan Come together for resources and on rare occasion clan activities Remove oneself and have minimal concern with player based politics Help others who are willing to receive help Rules and Requirements Do not do or say anything that will reflect poorly upon the clan. Basically don't be an ass. Must be able to speak English. Exceptions can be made. Have Teamspeak and Discord App. Contribute to the collection of resources for clan crafting. Able to work both individually and in a group. If you are sick of the player based politics dictating certain aspects of this game to you, tired of being just another cog or being just a number in a larger clan, or simply tired of playing by oneself with very little interaction with other players then consider joining the Onion Knights. To join contact Davos Seasworth either via the forums or in the game, preferably in-game.
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    The real issue is this game does not have enough players to sustain a map of this size and what players we do have is spread thinly into 11 nations. The game is diluted and centered around capitals because it does not encourage players to leave them. There is ZERO content that players need to leave their capitals for other than RVR, which is kinda dead at the moment. AI fleets can be farmed in the safe zone. Missions can be pulled in the safe zone. Most players can trade with ancillary ports around the capital and haul their goods in and do most crafting. Christendoms surefire way to improve Naval Action. Patent pending of course. - Less nations. Move to a more clan based system - New player quest line that teaches them the ropes. Sail here, buy this, sail back....etc etc - No Battles at all in the safe zone. No PVP, No AI fleets. Only low level missions. - Increased rewards for missions taken outside of the safe zone - Limit crafting in capitals to Green ships. 2/5 - Guaranteed 3/5 Blue ship in Player owned ports with a chance to make 4/5 and 5/5. - Crafting regions or Imported goods from those reasons to create trim types. For example, "South Carolina Live Oak" for Sturdy or "Bahama Teak" For Fast/Very Fast. Basically make regions matter. - Special and Rare "roaming" AI fleets on the map that players would like to seek and get good drops off of. Moving Epic events. - Large weekend events with huge sunken fleet drops or something similar. - Weekly/Daily quests. Sink 5 of this or collect 5 of this from certain ports and turn in. Give random loot. TLDR - more content, more players, less nations and more new player protections
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    Hey, man, grab a snickers!
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    Well if you want to equip a ship with only top notch upgrades, the expensive part isn't the ship but the mods - which still is the case (more basic upgrades do the job too though)
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    it will get better dont worry. there will be a welcome to the caribbean operation (like in CS) which will help to guide players, on what to do step by step (including getting to a mission). in this particular case he probably have not understood that you cant fire in the OW and did not know battles are instanced.
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    I don't hate the compass, but I was hoping for a more ornate compass rose. for example...