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    Captains Patch is being deployed today 26th of April Contents Mast hits are only shown for successful penetrations Depower (T) command has been reworked: It is now partially separated from the main sail control. If depower (T) is ON then your W / S command will only work with square sails If depower (T) is OFF then your W / S command will work as before. (raising all sails including staysails) This means you will have more precise speed management controls without the need for too many annoying clicks. Visuals of sail damage for some tutorial ships has been fixed Reset of Pursuit and Capture tutorial now also resets chain shots stock Fixed the bug with negative speed affecting the boarding ability Fixed indications on marks and battle stats after tutorial battles Reduced the minimal sail damage threshold back to the old level (we increased it to 40% last patch and it allowed too many escape options due to limited chain shot). Sail still cannot be destroyed fully (as even fully torn cloths still possess some driving power). The limit is now 28%. Fixed the bug that was allowing to receive rewards in the enemy port when passing the tutorial (getting you stuck in that port). From now on you can only receive tutorial reward if you have the warehouse in the port. Discuss. Update May 10th Assist threshold for mark distribution has been lowered to provide all participants of combat a fair share of reward Mast hits indication has been reverted to the old system, where you did not know if you penetrated the mast or not. Update May 16th Fixed crew damage participation in assists and pvp mark distribution Update May 17th Additional fixes for the ship capsizing bug
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    Captains. We are from eastern Europe and English is not our native language. Due to this fact sometimes our phrases can sound harsh and angry even though it was not our intention to come across this way. If you hear a strange comment we make that you definitely think will be misread or misunderstood. Let us know here or in private message. We will rephrase. If you find a statement that sounds extremely harsh or angry - let us know here or in private message. We will rephrase to remove all potential confusion. We want everyone to have a good time here and playing the game and believe that the way we talk can also contribute to frustration. Help us fix it.
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    Nope Some explanation is needed We called it a partial wipe, because only intermediate materials will be affected. For example barrels or frame parts or rudder parts - those are just fake clicks. And we want to remove them by just using the raw materials in all blueprints. Because of significant reduction of prices and denomination rounding errors will give you more resources or less resources as a result. Thus we recommend to use all intermediate materials and make something of them. Example using lynx Lynx BP will have 1 load of oak logs 1 load of stone blocks 1 load of fir logs 1 load of hemp 1 load of lignum log 1 load of provisions 1 load of compass wood 1 load of iron ore 1 load of coal + planking and frame specific logs of 1 each In the similar way, Santisima BP will need from 20 to 30 loads of individual resources. Its cost (at base prices) after denomination will be somewhere around 35,000 or 65000 pieces of eight (8 real coins) . Now more details on resources and materials conversions. No action needed. Raw materials will be converted as is with no loss or gain (for example Oak logs). If you have 1000 oak logs in the warehouse and the conversion rate is 100 to 1 - you will get 1 oak log (load) (number used is for information purposes only) Money will be converted as is with no loss or gain. For example 1,000,000 gold will convert to 1000 Pieces of Eight (number is for illustration purposes only). Building productions and costs will also reduce according to conversion rates. Repairs, upgrades, ships are not going to be affected. Action recommended but not really required (the effects of loss or gain will be minor) Intermediate materials will be converted into raw materials. For example frame parts will convert into logs. Barrels might convert to logs or logs and ore. Carriages will convert to logs or logs and hemp. Et cetera. As a result Crafting BPs will be cleaner and more easy to understand. There will be less unnecessary clicks there will be less unnecessary materials to craft and hold There will be less zeroes.
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    Historical replaceable flags and ensigns is on the development list backlog, but it is not a priority at this stage. If this feature is implemented: ensigns banners and main battle flags could be replaced by other historical variants (for example blue, red, white ensign for Britain). And player would be able to replace or change composition of the pennants on masts.
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    Prolog Recently i got more into trading and one thing that annoys me most is waiting. Waiting for the other guy to finally reach the port where the trading will happen. Sure it would be possible to place a contract but sometimes we dont want to trade goods for money. Its not possible to trade goods for goods other than player to player trade. Therefore I suggest: Suggestion: Players can place contracts for a specific person with goods for goods trade option. Here is one example: @rediii wants to buy 300 pve marks for 10 pvp. We both agree and set La Tortue as trading location. He is still occupied and needs 20 min to reach La Tortue. Currently i would have to wait 20min. 20 mins are not enough time to start a fight or whatever. Its wasted time for me. But with the specific contract that works like a player to player trade but without being there at the same time there is no wasted time anymore. How it works: I place a contract and enter rediiis name. The trading window could look like this: Now i can leave port and do whatever and my time is not wasted i can deliver content to other players. Rediii now has xy amount of time (maybe 1 maintenance cycle) to claim the contract by paying with 10 pvp marks. This contract would simulate a middleman. He would ofc receive a fee ( tax generation for the port) It could be a fix fee because calculation of the tradevalue will be hard when no money is involved. Fee contains rating of trading good and their amount. Its simulates a middleman and rented warehousespace (numbers presented are just examples) Rules of the Player to Player Contract: Its like the current contracts with some additions. Its possible to withdraw before the other person claims the contract. If the contract isnt concluded in the timeframe (my suggestion was 1 maintenance cycle) the Item returns to the owner + fee has to be paid. When contract is placed the player named in the contract receives a Mail with all contract details, when contract is cancelled the player receives a message as well Both players have to pay a fee fee could depends on item category and amount (kind of similar to the old delivery system) Pros: less time waiting more time to be content in ow quality of life improvement Improves port value items still have to be hauled in OW no Scam what you see is what you get Uncertain: easier alt trading but alts would contribute towards portowners (more tax) Cons: Annyoing other players by canceling the contract
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    I love the idea of the hidden pirate island and would like to see more of it but in smaller size. Credit to @Banished Privateer and many others before him who suggested this and I would like to bring it to general attention again. These hidden mini treasure islands would be a great place to start raids from and should have limited dock aswell as warehouse space. Those hideouts could also be on islands and coasts already in game but hidden from sight in some bay, so only people who have been there or know about it can tell where it is... There could also be a black market for smugglers and more. Here are small islands that are already in game but there is nothing to be discovered and it would make ideal spots for those hidden mini ports. @admin This would give more content and life to the beautiful OW, driving more captains out to discover.
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    Captains. Lets talk about balancing of repairs. Multiple players request limitation of their numbers. Some think that they make battles much longer. Our goal with repairs is the following Provide the money sink Give the option to the captain to recover from mistakes (for example the ability to repair masts only in port would be ok in a single player game but wont be ok in a multiplayer game - because no-one would like to stand still for 1.5 hours losing masts at the beginning of the battle) As a result of this goals repairs must stay in game and captain should decide himself how many repairs he carries and how many times he can repair in battle. What we would like to hear is your ideas on repairs that could improve combat depth (increasing importance of first proper shot and focus fire). For example - we are considering. Add speed debuff when you repair sails/masts. Ships cannot repair sails/masts at speed. Add speed/water intake dependence: structural and penetrating leaks will take a lot more water if sailing fast and will take much less water if you are stationary.
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    Requirements: - never was banned in chat or in-game or in forum or punished for exploiting - is active in forum and game ----------------------- What I think what's most important is that the CR are part of a wide community spectrum. Let's say we would take the biggest clans only it will be biased very soon.
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    This series will contain some educational film clips with hopefully useful information for a sea rover life.
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    I sometimes write these kind of threads and my last one was some time ago so why not write a new one. 1. No way of training players of your own nation Please implement duelroom or "ask for duel" rightclick on a player like every mmo has 2. Patrolzones patrolzones are too ganky. We need a antigankmechanic to make them much better. Drag of everyone but joining only for low BR side and only to even out BR or to have 1.5x the BR of the enemy. 3. RvR knownproblem of no incentives even though I think this is mostly due to low playerbase. Taxgenerating of ports has to be increased (for example tax on repairing your ship in port) and hostility needed needs a tweak to fit BR of PBs 4. outposts for so many patrolzones outposts are not enough 5. repairs We can tow ships but not repairs. Maybe tow of 200 weight a day shoupd be possible? 6. No buycontracts for ships 7. Lack of player to player trademechanic (suggested by @z4ys already) 8. Safezones Actually many complain here. I would have a simple change here though. Why not decrease speed of enemy ships on OW by 30% in the safezone? Zones should be safe for new players. Please let AI battles close instantly but make AI battles stay open outside the safezone. (while dropping more gold outside!) Safezones need to have a higher tax or lower moneygeneration than ports outside the zone. reward the risk outside them please. 9. No tutorial on Crafting etc but I think players will do that once portUI is here 10. Chat to unknown captain You should be able to PM enemies to reveal yourself. Should open a new messagetab to "unknown enemy captain". If he replies its with his true name or maybe implement a button to reveal yourself 11.OW ship to ship trade give frigates the supportrole they had and enable them to trade to any other ship on open world. (enemy or friendly) Adding a new thing in a sandbox of ransom. Actually frigates should be able to trade inside a battle aswell. It would basically make them repair carriers/support for big ships and give them a very nice role in combat 12. navigation We need a tool to locate our position while on open sea. I know you can with the tradertool but that isnt its purpose All in all the game is getting better and better but it feels worse due to not enough players. A few tweaks are needed (see above) This doesnt mean I think UI/localization shouldnt be a priority. It definatly should but (apart from fixing the eco and additions to crafting) the things above are important for a nice release and after these features new pve stuff can be added. Exploration minigame etc.
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    I've always said remove Pirates from RVR, give them some hidden ports across the map that nobody else can see or access, remove the ability to sail Ships of the Line, add some unique game play and done. High risk, but also high rewards. Pirates should be unique both in gameplay and appearance, not just a nation with a romanticized flag.
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    Jesus you bunch of cabrons. Take your shit fest arguments to your own thread and keep this one clean. I'm sure the mods are getting fed up of you lot arguing over nonsense.
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    Semi joking but NA is LONG and if you get engaged you cant get out of fights and with enw reps fights can take ages too.... Now logging off can obviously be abused as a tactic, but some people NEED to go to bed after a fight and cannot then just then re-engage the next round of combat from a friend or after having escaped from an encounter etc. Having to go to bed doesnt mean I want to throw away my ship! Perhaps a "go to bed logout" that can be used in an instance after battle is over or while invisible after having escaped a battle, that will allow a safe logout BUT NOT ALLOW relogging in for 8 hours? Just an idea?
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    Captains. With the forthcoming transfer to real Caribbean currency of the 18th century (Pieces of Eight(silver) and Escudos (gold). Crafting will be improved and streamlined. As a result partial material wipe will be applied to all intermediary materials. Partial materials wipe means the following conversions will be applied to your current resource stockpiles due to changes in blueprints some conversions might make you worse off, and some will make you better off To avoid losses we recommend to convert all materials to final products that will not change and can be a great way to save value (and maybe make a lot of money (as some prices will change). Best storage value items are Repairs Cannons Ships (especially ships of the line) Upgrades We are not sure about combat and pvp marks yet, but victory marks are going to remain as now and also could be a storage value ETA - 20-30 days There will be 2 currencies (names and denominations not final) Pieces of Eight or Spanish dollar (formerly known as gold and combat marks) Gold Escudos (formerly known as pvp marks) more information will follow (including the list of materials removed)
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    I'd like to test the waters here and see what qualifies as intentional griefing. Feel free to discard if it does not qualify. Player - LZT1209 // LuckyL - GB He joins patrol zone missions in a store bought lynx, sails to the edge of the circle away from the fight and just sails back and forth waiting for us to sail to him. Once we sail over he just kites away. Wasting our time. In 3 battles in a row now he just does this over and over. This player also has a history of sitting in every port battle after it is over until the 15min timer is up. Every single time. He usually runs 2 accounts at the same time, if one player gets tagged he joins in on the other one and sails away. He comes towards us, then runs back to the circle. Clearly if he was here damage as intended in the zone, he would be shooting and attempting to damage hull. He does not. Clearly he knows what he's doing and this is just sport for him. Does this qualify as intentionally griefing? He's not out damage farming. He had no repairs when we looted him. He picked a lynx for the upwind profile and he of course had the recently sunk X. If this was a one off thing, ok cool. But every single time?
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    I learned a lot from this.
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    Hideouts would be an awesome addition to the game. As example - 1 dockspace for ship, 10 warehouse slots. Could be temporary, hidden port from other players unless discovered. Could be built with resources and gold. Could be clan-based small operation bases. Places worth attention: aaaand many more interesting places. Just some examples.
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    I responded to your statement on "Gold dubloons is much more fantasy and something that belongs to a Pirates of the Caribbean universe 200 years before the period of NA ", by providing evidence that doubloons is not fantasy and were used much later than 1830. And you copy some links about unrelated subject of carrying gold in cargo? (with minor veiled trolling)? This is called "moving the goalposts" where you respond to the critique of your statement by bringing another unrelated subject, making goalposts wider or moving them elsewhere.. Please avoid this on the forum. It might work elsewhere but not here.
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    The physical (immersive and realistic) coins will definitely make it more immersive and interesting in the short term. It will actually affect the average trader a lot less - he still sails both legs of the trip, risking his ship, thus it does not affect his time. It will affect the PVP raider most - he will have to conserve the spoils and get them to safety. Currently he just sinks targets and marks/gold is sent to his magic wallet. If the feature is implemented - marks/coins will be sent to his hold and he will have to get them back to save them (or lose them to defence fleets or other raiders). It will make patrols more popular also. Increasing risk for pvp players (who cherish it) is actually a good thing to my belief. Maybe the community will help see the hidden red flags that will ruin this feature long term
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    Ok I get the reason for the the no more mission cancellation for both combat orders, Fleet combat orders and hostility after you do three. But the problem is they are all tied together and don't reset after server down time. What I would suggest is that the missions reset every time the server rests. IF I was out doing stuff with the boys one night and head to bed, but still have missions. If the next day I want to go some where else and do something I have to use all my missions cancellations to reset to new missions. They shouldn't roll over the next day. The easy fix for this is make missions reset/whip empty at server down time so when you log back in you can pick new missions and not have to use your three daily missions cancellations.
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    Spotted this quoted elsewhere and what follows is a possible partial explanation and at least a partial solution. I am not a zero-risk player but I started on PvE. I am a long-term Civilization player and I rather blundered into NA while looking for something more interesting than Sid Meyer's Pirates. I've never done anything even remotely similar to NA or online multiplayer. The US nation on PvE was a place to sort out the game mechanics. But there is structural obstacle in the economy that frankly contributes to boredom on PvE. It affects the Caribbean server as well, but less obviously so. I've posted about this before. There seems to be very little interest in the community on the matter. The bottom-up view on this is that the inability to see contract activity without visiting a port creates a functional bottleneck in player economic activity. It is probably not an issue with high server populations. But in a low population environment, either on the server as a whole, or in a particular region, it is going to be a game killer. The effect on PvE is that a player very rarely can get a contract filled outside of a national capital. At any price. It is a feedback loop. Since since the econ activity is in the Capital, that is where you do the contracts, and resulting in very little buy/sell activity outside of it. Which means a PvE player really can't get very far from a national capital if they are interested in at least some interaction with other players. I circuited Cuba scouting the area (from Charleston) and the Caribbean region was pretty much a player desert. My opinion, is that at a minimum, player buy/sell contracts need to be on equal footing in the trader tool with the port stock. I watch port stock looking for reasonable consistency in availability before I spend time sailing any distance. The same thing ought to be true of buy / sell contracts rather than the current complete crapshoot. It would be nice to see the same thing with ship sales but making contracts visible would remove the bottleneck. The econ activity would be present elsewhere to actually support shipyards outside the green zone. In the PvP environment it is possible to kludge around the problem by maxing out outpost permits. But addressing contract visibility would help here as well. Player activity would start to spread out beyond the green zones and at least some of the argument about green zone mechanics and OW incentives would become irrelevant. Including the argument over taxes. Would like at least a yes, this is on our radar, or we have this alternative in mind, or no. An explanation would be nice, but I can live with a flat no, and I will not quibble with that, or any explanation you offer. I suspect this is not a trivial coding project and it is your game.
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    So not sure who made this video, but I saw it popup on the /r/NavalAction sub-reddit today. Honestly fantastic work. @admin Pay this guy to make you some videos to put upon the steam page IMO
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    This thread is the perfect example why a lot of players cant deal with open development. Admin just produced a timeinvesting and helpful post on the subject (even his own post is a perfect example, it follows all the rules!) and victor replies with one line: "As usual. You are right we are wrong." I hope that the devs learned their most important lesson and will not bring NA2 to Early Access, but instead develop it on their own or only let dedicated testers in.
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    Sounds more like - make alts great again. They don't need to sail, just sit in port and bid/buy/sell.