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    Hello Captains Patch has been deployed today to live servers. 29th August 2018 Diana wil be given out for testing to all captains in the Caribbean. It will be a timed reward - you will have to login and claim it within 15 days after the patch. if you miss this 15 days window for some reason do not worry. It will be brought to the game as crafted ship or as admiralty note ship in the next patch. Spanish frigate Diana Spanish heavy frigate filling the gap between heavy and medium frigates Gundeck - 24lb guns 42lb carronades Upper deck - 9lb guns 32 lb carronades. Major BR rebalance We are gradually moving away from the static BR based on HP and DPS characteristics and will also consider several other factors including battle performance data. How it will work Ships with much lower performance statistics will have lower BR even if they are a higher class vessel. For example 2nd rate pavel having a much worse battle performance than 3rd rate Bellona will have a lower BR than Bellona. The changes will be applied gradually as full performance based BR is currently impossible as it will break old mission system. Once new mission system is added in September we will let battle performance influence the ship BR slightly more. This will mostly affect the port battles and will require captains to recalculate their battle plans for future conquests. Speed changes Wind curves slightly tweaked for Hercules Privateer Speeds slightly increased for Mercury Niagara Lynx Privateer Prince Elite and Spanish/Pirate rig refit bonuses lowered from 30/15 to 20/10 Keep in mind that this speed change is a temporary fix to provide more options in the 6th rate category - all ships speeds, turning, and heel performance will be updated after port ui patch based on battle performance with the goal to increase gameplay depth. Current historical wind curves (fully based on sail plans) have been found to reduce gameplay depth instead of improving it, and will be adapted this autumn. Update 30th August 2018 Battle rating has been corrected for some of first rates: L'Ocean 900 BR Santisima 800 BR Diana sailing curve has been properly applied on live servers Hotfix was deployed 12th September Fixed the bug locking you in port if you wanted to claim tutorial rewards without the outpost Fixed basic cutter BR issues Fixed Diana bugs with decals and colliders Constitution Classic timed redeemable added to all captains. Hotfix 19th September All upgrades increasing crew rebalanced (data below) XP and Money for kills and assists rebalanced based on BR of vessels (slight increase for 1-2nd rates) Yacht can now enter port battles and can be added to fleets Determined defender bonus lowered from 30% to 0.001% Boarding max speed increased to 8 knots (previously around 4 knots). speed difference between your ship and enemy ship was lowered and now cannot exceed 5 knots to board (previously it was 8 knots). Both vessels must be below 8 knots. Barricades defensive bonus increased by 0.1 and attack penalty increased by 0.1 as well. Crew bonuses reductions Shipbuilding: Very cramped: 5% - previous 10% Cramped: 2.5% - previous 5% Extra crew trim: 7.5% - previous 10% Modules and books: Light ship hammocks refit: 5% - previous 15% Hammocks book: 7.5%-7.5%-2.5% - previous 20%-10%-5% Diana Screenshot
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    This is a great feature but its also a very bad feature, due to human nature creating "black mirror" situations. For example - a very large clan in your nation can drop a solo player rating just because they dont like you. A solo player wont have the ability to recover from it.
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    Time for Rocko's yearly Pirate thread, this time a little different. First off, the usual suggested changes to Pirate nation: No RvR Limited to free ports, maybe kidd's island as a home base (or another secret island) No Safe zones Outlaw battles (yes I said it) Rank 2 shipyard max Some sort of a bonus (ex: 2% extra speed or boarding buff) Why do this? Currently, there is nothing that separates pirates from the the other nations It is a change people have been suggesting for years now Not everyone wants to focus on RvR Give the role players and OW hunters a faction to be proud of If the pirates are banished from Mortimer Town, this could open up an unique opportunity for the developers to introduce some new content. Example below: An Idea i think that would be cool: Turn the island of Mortimer Town into ai-controlled ports (similar to free towns) that produce the most lucrative trade goods (NOT crafting resources) in the game that only sell for good profit at nation capitals. These ports would only allow trade ships inside and could not be controlled by any clan or nation. This would let the entire player population bid against each other for the best trade goods. On top of this, these ports could be subject to clan-based raids (either pve or pvp) where the clan with the most hostility points at the end of the day receives a reward chest (or something similar) in their warehouse during maintenance. What would this accomplish? It would focus trading and PvP to the center of the map. It would give economy-based players (and their escorts) incentive to sail out of their safe zone and into a highly populated area. This also would give solo hunters and group PvPers a central destination that is far away from safe zones. I think it has been suggested before to focus content in the center of the map, and with everyone wanting 100% safe zones, I think this is a way to make everyone happy (including the Pirates!). Im sure someone will find a way to tear this post apart (I don't claim for it to be a perfect suggestion), so I encourage them to make a better suggestion
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    Constitution classic historical skin will be added to game in the future
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    All upgrades will be split into 23 groups, clearly identified by a specific icon for a group (something like this) All books will also split into groups. You wont be able to install upgrades/books from the same group. New upgrades will be introduced. Some illogical books will move to upgrades and vice versa. this might reduce the need to have hard caps.
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    More on port dependency. Port type will determine which missions you will be able to take (this mostly concerns the old legacy kill missions (combat and fleet). Starting kill mission distribution Capitals 7th - 6th rate missions Complexity 1-3 stars (easiest) Town (not county capitals) 5 - 3rd rate missions Complexity 2-4 stars County Capital 4th - 1st rate missions Complexity 2-4 stars Free town 5th - 1st rate missions Complexity 4-5 stars (hardest) All shallow water ports will generate 7-6th rate missions of various complexity depending on port type (described above) Missions wont be available in enemy port only if they are set as free for all. Fleet missions Fleet missions have been merged with standard combat missions - enemy will send reinforcements according to the player group size. So any solo mission can turn into a fleet mission if you bring friends or your fleet. Rewards and distance Rank of mission distance modifiers have been removed - distance is not complexity and just a time waste. All levels of missions will spawn in similar distance from the port where you take the mission. Complexity will only depend on bot composition and their quality. Increasing complexity will increase rewards and will include various chests in addition to gold doubloons Safety All instanced missions will close when they start. PvP captains who previously hunted in missions will have to catch their targets on the way to and back. New mission system will make it harder to use missions to hide from pvp battles, as you will no longer have unlimited kill missions and the spawn locations will be more diverse. PvP Hunts Basic pvp hunt mission will be added (and will later transform into a complex operation) Mission will take active server pvp population and generate kill captains missions on nations active in PVP E.G. Sink 5 swedish, 5 russian, 5 prussian captains for extra rewards. Open world hunts Hunt mission - will require you to find and destroy a number of ships of a certain class in the open world Search and Destroy - will require you to find and destroy a number of a specific ships in the open world (for example 10x Cerberus). OW bot distributions To support the hunt missions bots will now be able to sail all ship types. In the future bots will be redistributed in the open world and every large region (e.g Hispaniola) will feature only specific ranks of ships.
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    3 light frigates can destroy a 1st rate. Current tutorial permanently gives you the M&C rank if you pass the final and lieutenant if you pass all challenges. Limiting attack options by rank (or pvp rank or rating) has more negatives than benefits. Starting with Risk free travel - Start a new player alt and avoid all attacks, carry goods for your experienced high ranked player.
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    Gentlemen Something I've been thinking about lately... It's become increasingly harder and harder to find PvP, I've found myself at La Habana and Charleston more often than I should. I’ve been attacking new players, PVE'ers and other individuals who really weren't too interested in getting their day ruined by a random British captain. I’ve had shit thrown at me in private messages by “honorable” captains from competing nations around French, American and Spanish waters for attacking them (PvP’ers), instead of attaking PVE’ers. This has made me think. Disclaimer: I know the devs have little to no interest in changing safe zones for now, especially with the new patches on their way. I'd like to propose the following: Make safe zones safe - no fighting PvP at all in safe zones.. let people do missions there for as many hours as they like. Remove enemy AIs from capital zones (have to leave the capitals if you want to engage AI fleets for books). Remove money reward for killing ships in missions, increase the cash reward for the mission itself. Make the cash reward higher for low tier missions, and lower for high tier missions. Make all basic books purchasable from the admiralty with CMs. Make ONE safe zone per nation. I believe that this will create a good, safe environment around capitals for new players, they will be able to get everything they need for the first week or two - if they want more money, skill books and marks they have to leave the zone. If experienced players feel like logging-in to fight some AI for an hour this can easily be done in the safe zone too. Most importantly: Casuals will never be annoyed again by any gankers or actual PvP’ers looking for a fight. PvP’ers can now fight each-other and brave PVE’ers can explore the beautiful map of Naval Action in hopes of finding new riches while I search for them.! Cheers guys. EDIT: Edited according to feedback. EDIT: For easier understanding.
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    Hotfix was deployed 12th September Fixed the bug locking you in port if you wanted to claim tutorial rewards without the outpost Fixed basic cutter BR issues Fixed Diana bugs with decals and colliders Constitution Classic timed redeemable added to all captains for testing. Please login within 14 days to claim the ship.
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    Dear @admin and players/testers. New proposal for hostility to activate port battles • In front of each port in OW a circle is drawn, the circle for the naval blockade of the port, with crossed swords at its center. We can use the same width of the circle used for patrol zones, no defensive forts must be in range to fire. • The enemy selects the swords and enters the battle phase by activating the naval blockade. This battle phase has no time limits, it remains always open. A ship that has spent 90 minutes in battle can choose to leave or continue for another 90 minutes. The ship that leaves is transported to the nearest friend port. • News is reported on reaching 10% hostilities in combat news. The defending nation has the ability to verify (a scout can join the battle and can report the extent of the threat) • The enemy who station in this circle begins to generate hostility, in proportion to their Br, every 60 min you generate points equal to your br. The friendly ships stationed in the circle generate negative hostility. • The battle remains open until there are ships in battle or until the PB is activated. When a ship is sunk, another can join up to the BR limit. • Battles have the same br limit of the PB expected for that port and remain limited to a maximum of 25 vs. 25. • Only one nation at a time can generate hostilities in a port (the first that triggers the battle). • If a ship is sunk it generates hostility equal to its BR (both offensively and defensively). • The circle can not be exceeded (as in the patrol zone) but it does not shrink. • You join the battle only from two points (one in attack and the other in defense). • The battle is open only for the attacking nation (clan who open the blockade and his friends) and for the defending nation (clan who own the port and his friends). • The port is assigned to the clan (attacking clan) that has generated the most points when the PB is activated. PRO Battles can last for hours and can involve many players. Variety of ships involved if the circle has adequate dimensions. PvP instead of PvE to activate the PBs Possibility for nations not involved to intercept the attacking ships in reinforcement. Battles that have a beginning and an end fixed and that therefore give the possibility also to players who have a pre-established time to participate in the RvR No need to take missions, I m in a group with friends and step in front of a port, the timer is activated and I decide to join to start the naval blockade, simple and immediate (remember the flags?) CONS Much PvP will take place in these areas, the OW will be even less populated
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    Some people ask the open world to be more lively. Here is one way to add life to the sea and even connect a gameplay purpose with it: Generate small boats which appear randomly on the ocean, preferably closer to islands and shorelines, less so on distant waters. Upon sighting, you would need to close in and investigate further about the nature of that boat. Or ignore it completely and treat it as 'decoration' - your choice. When investigating, you find the boat to be one of three sorts: (1) fishing boat (2) smuggler boat (3) longboat with rescued crew of some sunk ship How you do interact with them? First of all, there is no battle instance with them, because they are too insignificant to enter fight with a big ship. They all get spawned in OW like AI fleets, but stationary and without a route for them. After ten minutes or something they vanish again. You just see them floating on a spot, waiting for you to contact or to ignore them. They don't show national flags, you have to get close to find out whose nationality they have. Fishing boats act as local 'memory' of the game, who store for a time a recording of who came across them and into which direction, within a certain diameter of their view. So you make halt at the fisher boat and interrogate them when you suspect an enemy was passing by. They will tell you size of ship (large, medium, small) and direction he took, roughly (West, Nordwest, Southeast etc). So when you are pursuing an enemy, the fishing boats, if there are any, give you clue where to head while chasing a disappeared enemy. This can be very helpful tracking a hiding opponent. Foreign fishing boats may give you deliberately wrong info or refuse to give any info at all if they have the same nationality as the chased enemy. You may now threaten to sink them if they don't tell. Chance will show if they do or still refuse. Upon refusing they get sunk. This hurts your reputation counter (I mention this here only in case we ever get a sort of 'honorable conduct counter' which measures actions according to honor of the captain). A cooperating fishing boat of your own nationality may even offer you information upon sight without you having to ask first, you will see them signalizing for you to come closer and get the message. Smuggler boats look just like fishing boats (they like to disguise) but serve criminal purposes along the shores and between islands. They give you some loot if you stop by and confiscate their illegal cargo. Cutters, Lynxes, Pickles and Privateers are far more efficient in arresting smuggler boats, so the loot will be bigger if you use small ships of this type to hunt smuggler boats (make small craft great again...). After arresting, smuggler boats disappear from waters, you don't capture a boat for use by yourself, as they are no ships in the sense of game mechanics, but local spawn tokens. To spice smuggler boats up a bit, let's have them carry sometimes permits from Admiralty they have stolen somewhere. Bringing up smuggler boats is honorable in the eyes of your government and thus brings you positive reputation too. You act as law enforcement (again, last remark refers to a honorable conduct counter we don't have yet). Longboat with rescued crew you may interpret as leftovers of any battles happening around you in open world. They head for the next shore to safety. If they share your own nationality, you may help them by giving some of your 'fishmeat' as provisions and thus get a positive impulse for your honor counter. Or you take them aboard and add crew this way to yours. In case they belong to an enemy nation, you may take them prisoner and receive a reward from Admiralty for it. Sometimes a famous person may be on board of that longboat, which will significantly increase the respective effect. You earn the gratitude of that celebrity, the gratefulness of your government - or the wrath of the enemy nation. As with the other boat types, you may simply ignore them and pass by, taking them for open world decoration and you won't be bothered. -- And before someone tells in the comments "we have other things to address now", I tell you suggestions don't have a "best consumed before XXX" date, but can be used any time and resurface from a drawer when they suit. Don't choke the flow of imagination. C'est même gratuit.
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    A big thank you to Igor Hubenko for the realization of very beautiful ships on NA https://www.artstation.com/gorg_123 HMS Pandora is very promising!!
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    Regarding port battle influence - issue will be fixed first (and will have a real working solution) BR should be a reflection of power Depth should allow or deny entry If rattlesnake heavy is 80 BR and le requin is 160-180 BR (with adjustments of other ships as well) then captains will actually have a proper choice for port battles, and might pick 2 rattlesnakes instead.
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    Dear @Ink and @admin can I know why during the battles I have to read the comments and / or insults of players who are on my ignored list? Thank you.
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    I totally understand what you mean. Fun for everyone is our mantra (in 2018) and we will see what we can do. I reset my character very often and try to always look at the game with the fresh eye. before the release we will try to give alternative options to get rare books and upgrades (giving a clear path - not a pure random chance).
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    The ranks we have are PvE ranks. They are totaly useless for PvP.
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    After over 2700 hours of game play i have come to the conclusion that their can be no success in Naval Action as a solo player or even as a clan player who routinely sails alone. The reasons for this are as follows; 1. Low chance of success in open world hunting. Enemy players almost always sail in groups that are actively hunting for lone players or smaller groups. As a result of this it is inevitable that a solo player will be intercepted by larger, more powerful ships and sunk. The typical counter to this is for players to sail in lighter, faster ship. Unfortunately I have found that the combination of woods that grant those higher speeds also degrade the ship's fighting quality to the extent that they are unable to stand up in combat against other warships in their class much less their rate, making them almost useless except for hunting trading ships. 2. Solo Trade/Resource gathering in large traders is no longer viable. The ability to use Indiaman or LGVs to trade or gather resources successfully outside of a player nation's reinforcement zones has been reduced to almost zero. As a solo player I can expect to have one or two successful trips, but after that it is almost a certainty that going outside the zone will result in my traders being intercepted, chased down and sunk. If I remain in the reinforcement zone I have a somewhat greater measure of safety but limited chances to earn gold or find important resources. At the same time I also run a higher risk of interception by enemy Hercules and Le Requin in the green zone, that have both the speed and firepower to operate there successfully. The end result of this is to remove a vital piece of my income as a solo player. 3. Inability to acquire elite level mods or skill books. Despite the developer's and PVP cult claims to the contrary, mods and skill books are an essential element to success in playing Naval action. If this were not so they would hardly be concerned if the mods or skill books existed at all. In any combat instance, if the contending players themselves are of near equal capability, barring any flukes or random mishaps, the ship with the superior mods will consistently win. These winning ships earn large rewards in gold and PVP marks and random drops which in turn allow their owners to acquire better mods and books which then enables them to repeat the cycle again and again. Because of their rarity these mods and skill books are extremely expensive to purchase but because of the conditions set out above it is virtually impossible for solo players to earn the amount of gold needed to purchase them. 4. Over emphasis on the clan system. Most new players don't want to join a clan right away, they prefer to experience the game for a while and get a feel for it. The developers pushing for clan membership and the not so obvious benefits for being in a clan is somewhat off putting to many new players as well as quite a few veterans. As if somehow by not being in a clan you are a less viable player than someone who is. To further worsen the situation, many clans have become a status symbol for egocentric players rather than being a support system for their members, an environment that leaves the non elite membership sitting in the wings. The exclusion from port battles of non clan members or members of clans not listed as allies is a particularly glaring insult to individuals wanting to participate in game content but are unable to do so because of often toxic in game politics. There are quite a few minor issues that I have not mentioned, but in my opinion these are the four that stand out the most and prevent solo players, no doubt by design, from experiencing any real success in the game. Are their fixes for these problems, absolutely. Reducing the amount of gold, marks and XP rewarded to winners of unbalanced fights, making the AI on fleet ships more effective, granting access to unfilled port battles for non clan members or clan members who are not listed as allies of the defending or attacking clan and reducing the effects of mods and skill books. These would all go a long way to improving the situation. But unfortunately so long as the PVP cult is pandered to, this situation will continue to prevail and as a result solo players will continue to live on the sidelines of Naval Action.
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    385 is caused by unbalanced upgrades remember that new upgrade system will remove upgrade stacking completely. Captain wont be able to fit his ship with Upgrades from the same group
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    Hello mate. Here are the rules on any ship owned by a captain. Player can do whatever he wants: including Send it to another outpost Show it to his wife Sail 10 circles around shroud Cay Destroy it Add to fleet
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    Really??? A 6th rate with 385 crew? With my Niagra completely set up for boarding defense I had no chance. utterly ridiculous and very bad for game
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    I disagree. I think you have missed the point of this whole thread. The problem is that its easier to sit in your capital and wait for some pvper to be called out then go gank him. we should not have to put ourselves in a gank to find pvp. we want 100%safe zone. where there can be no chance of pvp. this will make the coast guard fleets go find something else to do. we also want the 100% safe zone to be limited in content. (gold penalty/crafting penalty.) safe zone is for people who are learning the game. of course they want to safely pve it gives them access to everything in the game. without risking anything.
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    Important point This is a game first Realism vs gameplay balance is a made up dilemma, it does not exist in reality. full realism is amazing in single player and coop games (and we plan to do one fully realistic single player game after NA) PVP Games must be balanced and fun first. The concept of NO USELESS SHIPS is going to be applied going forward. If it will require some temporary bending of historical gun composition until new ship models appear in game - we will pick temporary balance over realism. Having said that - balance can also include good gun compositions.
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    I think it would be wise to inform the community about the planned BRs for each ship and allow discussion. Else one or two ships might get underrated by a lot and thus spammed as the new meta in PBs. And there will be more crying and work for you to adjust the BRs, again.
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    I hope this ship will not be DLC after the tests. 😏🙏