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    Captains log, September 9th, 1766 The fortunes of war has for some time gone against the Danish-Norwegian kingdom. After a string of losses attrition has forced the admirality to abandon holdings in the western part of the carribean and focus the forces on the defence of the core danish area. I myself has been hospitalized in the navys hospital at Fredericksted on grounds of rampant alcoholism. Trumped up charges ofcourse I have never been sober a day in my life so why is this a problem now? We've started to slowly rebuild our fleets, in my absence alliances has been made that I wouldn't have been too fond of myself. The Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth has for some reason been accepted as lodgers in the Vieques, Pasaje and Guyama area. We don't see them much so we can't really say they are interrupting our movements and their trade is always welcome since they are paying the kings tax. It may not have been the worst decision, I do however have some reservations about their presence. The danish-norwegian decline in power has meant that more and more raiders are coming into danish capital waters. This very night I was called into battle with first a british contingent of one third rate, Bellona class 74', a heavy frigate of the constitution class and two minor ships, a 38-gun trincomalee class light frigate and an indefatigable of 44 guns. The battle became a bit confused since the raiders scattered as the danish coast guard moved out in superior numbers and after a long chase and a hard battle that lastet for 2 days in and around the virgin islands we managed to bring matters to a successfull conclusion. The trincomalee was sunk along with all hands, the same fate begot the constitution and the indefatigable. The 74' Ship of the line however turned out to be a very good build so we towed her back to Christiansted for repairs and refits. No sooner had the battle been concluded before a russian battlefleet started bearing down on our position, the battlefleet consisted of a couple of third rates 74's, a heavy constitution class frigate, and two smaller frigates. We quickly demasted the smaller frigates and after a heavy pounding from the lower decks of our third rates they were sent to davy jones. The constitution quickly met the same fate and in the end the two 74's were hammered into submission. These were after a hard fight sent to davy jones to join the rest of the russian contingent. https://imgur.com/a/azCL4FG After this a single russian Pirate Frigate was spotted and a small danish squadron was sent to intercept and sink her. Captain Assassin managed this just a few leagues north of the Island of The Settlement. Since no danish ships were lost in the battles around Christiansted the admiralty has deemed the evening a solid success for the danish defence. All hail the two kingdoms! Now back to the rum.. Christiansted, 9th of September, 1766 Captain Lars Kjaer, aboard the newly instated 74' Ship of the line "Tonen"
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    Captains log, 3rd of March, 1765 Port of Christiansted Aboard his majestys ship "Tudefjæset", 74-guns and 684 crew compliment The swedes intercepted a Danish-Norwegian invasion fleet down at the french port of Carriacou. The Danish-Norwegian admiralty had charged us to go out and find frenchmen and failing that - capture the port of Carriacou. We set sails from Christiansted early in the afternoon on the 28th of February 1765, the danish-norwegian squadron was comprised of eight 2nd rates, 88 guns and mostly 840 crew compliments. We sailed with decent winds for the french port and arrived early in the evening, just after the 3rd bell. We started off-loading troops and supplies for the invasion fleet when suddenly we were set upon by a fleet of swedish first rates! 9 first rates, 2 second rates and some minor frigates and 3rd rates turned the point to the south of Carriacou island and was on an intercept course. Captains in the danish-norwegian fleet was not overly concerned, Denmark-Norway and Sweden had signed a non-RvR agreement just a few weeks before and as we we're attempting to capture a foothold in french waters we thought nothing of the swedish fleet. The bastards set upon us whilst we were completely unprepared! Most of the stores were either in boats en route to the shores with more than two hundred marines already set ashore. The swedish fleet tore through us, their superior firepower quickly bleeding the danish-norwegian 2nd rates and after a short bloody slaughter there was danish ships burning left and right. https://imgur.com/a/jY3jd The night became a complete and utter disaster for the danish-norwegian navy that hadn't lost so many ships to davy jones in quite a while. It did show however that the slithering swedes were not to be trusted and that actions have to be taken against them. The King of Denmark-Norway and the danish admiralty has now decided to wage a continous privateer war against the swedish kungliga marine and we danish-norwegian privateers are acking for revenge! These past 4 days has seen seven swedish first rates getting cought out in the open, half of them sunk and the rest returned to Christiansted as prizes from the raids in swedish homewaters. Along with the first rates we've managed to sink over a half a dozen smaller ships and this campaign of retribution is just getting started! This campaign it is said will continue untill the swedish menace is covering on their knees asking for both forgiveness and peace! The squadron has just returned to Christiansted after raining holy vengeance upon the swedish snakes.. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Elsewhere in the carribean the danish-norwegian port of Misteriosa was attacked by the dutch. Most likely in retaliation of danish-norwegian seizure of dutch territories to the south. The dutch fleet joined with the wind against them and the battle was very quickly decided in favor of the danish-norwegian navy. The dutch had joined in 74's, seven to be exact S of the island and a renommee to the north. The danish-norwegian fleet commander sent a ship to the north to intercept and capture or sink the dutch renommee.. the rest of the danish-norwegian navy sailed S towards the main battlefleet of the dutch. The battle was engaged shortly after the 20 min mark, the danish-norwegian navy joined the battle with 64-gun third rates and the danish-norwegian commander ordered the fleet to put the ships along side that of the enemy and shoot them to pieces with more broadsides being weighed in on a few select targets at a time. After losing their 2nd Bellona class third rate the dutch fleet disengaged and went SE for the safety of dutch waters. The danish-norwegian fleet commander however was intend not to let the dutch slip past the danish-norwegian navy and set the fleet on an intercept course. The dutch fleet was cought a bit off the coast SE of Misteriosa and the battle turned into a messy brawl. My ship was entangled with multiple enemy third rates and both broadsides were firing left and right. The "Beskøjten" that has served me so faithfully since the great hurricane, luckily managed to push through the dutch ship of the lines and in the end the dutch lost all hands, all ships and their fleet joined davy jones. We did send one captain on his way back to Willemstad in a lynx to tell the story for their nations admiralty! https://imgur.com/a/UIck9 Regards Lars Kjaer, Captain of the danish-norwegian privateers Port of Christiansted 4th of march 1765
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    Captains Log, 11th of March 1765. The war with the russians has all but died out. They abandoned their holdings in Puerto Rico, removing most of the reason to maintain a state of hostilities against the russians. The swedish wasn't long to break the non-RvR agreement with the two kingdoms but for some reason hasn't been attacking the danish-norwegian holdings. This has left Denmark-Norway without a clear strategy - the northern haitian holdings were lost after attempting to expand the holdings in the area with the port of Bahia Escosesa. The danish-norwegian navy were however intercepted en route by a contingent of dutch ships of the line that were destroyed. The prussians soon after attacked the port of Macao and in a hard fought battle annihilated the danish-norwegian warships on the north side of the island. His majesty has vowed to retake the port and continue a policy of expansion on the northern side of Haiti whilst holding on to possesions elsewhere in the carribean. Most recently the british fleets attempted an invasion of the port of Misteriosa. The small danish-norwegian port serves as a base of operations for small scale privateering against the british crown and the intention of the british seem to be the destruction of those privateers. The danish-norwegian navy frantically despatched a fleet for the defence of the island, arriving just in the nick of time as the british fleet were bearing down on the port in preparation for landing troops. The two navies fought hard and the battle lasted for a little more than nine hours - not untill nightfall was the british navy contingent forced to abandon the invasion. 4 british ships of the line was lost along with a mortar brig. The danish-norwegian navy lost two 3rd rates and in the pursuit of the british lost another as the fleets victualies and supplies were running low. The fleet returned to Misteriosa to resupply. The danish-norwegian kingdoms doesn't rest on its laurels. Neither the british nor the french are paying the kings taxes so in response the danish-norwegian navy were despatced from the port of Christiansted to the waters of Martinique to search out and destroy any french navy vessels and merchants. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The fleet left at the 2nd bell, in three 74's and a 26-gun renommee class frigate. The contingent were cruising off the coast of Martinique when it was joined by a further two 74's and a heavy 58 gun frigate. As the french were gathering a squadron to hunt the danish-norwegian fleet out of french waters there was a warcouncil onboard Captain Darks "Hættemågen", a 74 gun SoL that had just recently been brought into service. The main point of discussion was wether to allow the gathering of a superior french squadron at Fort-Royal or rather take to sea and search for swedish pickings along the lesser antilles. The decision to hold position in french waters were unanimous and after some waiting the french squadron set sails on an intercept course. The battle that ensued proved both bloody and messy. The smaller danish-norwegian contingent started focussing the largest enemy SoL the first rate "L'Ocean", a 118-gun SoL trying to beat bad winds and get to safety under the guns of the forts at Fort-Royal. We managed to intercept her in good time before she reached safety and after heavy and bloody hand to hand boardings, particularly for "Hættemågen" that lost about three quarters of her crew, we managed to win her and sink her! Under the circumstances a huge win, but the heavy focus on the first rate had allowed the french squadron to gather their guns around us and we were in dire straits. The admiral hoisted the flags for a general retreat and signalled the captains Nihilus and Svendson to engage and sink a small 20 gun privateer under the command of the captain F0RBIN. The privateer was quickly demasted and sunk under the barrage of a 74 and the 26 gun frigate, which allowed the two isolated danish-norwegian ships to slip past the main battleline of the french and head out to sea. The danish-norwegian main battleline however were in deep trouble. Pummelled from the french, getting rigging shot to pieces and a several of the 74's in ill-repair the admiral grudgingly accepted his fate and signalled for the rest of the fleet to seek the protection of the night whilst I, along with the merry men of the "Tudefjæset", changed heading and went for the weakest ship in the french line, a 38-gun frigate that quickly lost in the ensuing gun fight and went to davey jones. The manouver forced the rest of the french fleet to single out "Tudefjæset" and when fire broke out in the center of the middle gundeck I was forced to abandon the ship. Me and my men were most cordially saved from the hazards of the sharks by a french 58 gun frigate and a smaller 4th rate, they even brought me to the port of Aves, presumably as a gesture for the bravery "Tudefjæset" had shown in the battle of the 688 men I sailed out with 356 was brought to Aves. The french even commemorated the battle with this painting - https://imgur.com/a/j1Olf __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now we're restituting in the port while a new 74 is being laid down in Christiansted. I'm hoping for an agile warship that can hold a decent speed whilst still be able to take a pounding. I have to admit that the "Tudefjæset" was a beauty of a ship, some might say she was old but I'd dare challenge any captain to find her match anywhere in the davey jones locker! Lars Kjaer, Captain in his majesty navy Port of Aves - restituting.
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    Captains log, 26th of February 1765 Port of Aves, aboard the good ship "Tøjten", 44-guns, 374 crew compliment. Tonight was supposed to be a quick combat patrol down by the french. They haven't made much fuss about them but they haven't payed the kings tax' for using the water ways either. We were ordered to go to the island of Martinique and sink or capture any vessel, be it merchant shipping or men of war. We set sails at the 3rd bell from the ragtag town of Aves, having holed up here for fresh water supplies. Captain Lars Kjaer (myself) onboard the "Tøjten" and Captain Nihilus aboard the 550 crew compliment 4th rate "Agamemnon". The plan was to go to the french port of Fort-Royal, see what we could pick up and perhaps get a clue as to what had happened with a missing squadron of privateers.. Captains Darkjoker, Assassin and Staunberg was last seen near french possessions in the lesser antilles and part of our mission was to link up with them and give them what assistance they'd might need. We had just departed the port when we spotted a small french squadron of one agamemnon class 4th rate and a second tall masted ship, a constitution class 4th rate. We quickly decided to engage the frenchmen and after a brief struggle we managed to sink the agamemnon class ship and boarded the constitution after having raked her to pieces. The boarding of the ship was quickly done as she was basically reduced to a floating butchers shop with dying, wounded and crying men missing bodyparts and guts spilling all over the deck. A decisive boarding action from my crew and she struck her colours. We took everything that wasn't bolted to the floor and sank her afterwards. We returned to Aves to resupply and get the surviving frenchmen off the ships so we could sail towards the french ports without them in the holds. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We've encountered a british patrol off the coast of Saint-Pierre. An agamemnon class 4th rate and an endymion class frigate was but they've been reluctant to engage so far. Actively trying to give us the slip. We've decided not to pursue. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The brits has received reinforcements it seems. Either that or it's a second british patrol. More brits in french waters than frenchmen it seems. This time it looks as though it's two trincomalee class frigates and an endymion class frigate. At first we planned on giving them a wide berth but these seem to be pursuing and soon we may have no other choice than to engage. Heading north for the swedish port of Rosaly, hopefully they'll loose interest. We might have a heavier broadside on the 4th rate but it's not enough to upset their more manouverable gun batteries and we'll be pummeled if we engage. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We've been successfull at going north but the wind is getting worse and we may have to engage the british squadron soon. We've decided to dictate the opening of the battle, hopefully we can kill one of them before their broadsides starts to take their toll. https://imgur.com/a/8Vxo5 Alas! The opening phase of the battle was going as planned and the enemy endymion was quickly in trouble. We were closing in for the kill but for some reason Captain Nihilus turned to fight the two trincomalees rather than finishing the endymion. He was quickly pulled into a boarding and lost the ship. These brits be THRICE CURSED!! After losing the 4th rate the battle turned decidedly in the favour of the british squadron and I decided to first see if I couldn't sink the endymion, and failing that seek to give them the slip in the lure of the night. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We didn't manage to sink the endymion and now we're trying to slip past them into the caress of night. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After hours of chasing us the brits has finally given up the chase! The crew has been given a celebratory ration of rum but we're not out of the woods yet. We've decided to take a bearing that will send us past the swedish ports in the east side of the lesser antilles and then sail back to Christiansted. The battle should've been won rather than this ignominous defeat! https://imgur.com/a/vkuA3 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We cannot win every engagemen, but we have finally pulled into the docks of old Christiansted. Rarely has the port seemed so familiar, so warm and so embracing! We've received word that the missing squadron won a larger engagement against a british squadron and later against a french coastguard patrol. Seems the danish-norwegian navy dealt more than she took tonight. 27th of February Port of Christiansted, aboard the "Tøjten" Lars Kjaer
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    Recent history: The Spanish has attacked the port of Grindstone, whilst their russian allies attacked the port of Fajardo. Denmark-Norways admiralty decided to focus all fleet squadrons on the port of Fajardo in an attempt to prevent the russians from taking yet another foothold in close proximity to Christiansted. This prioritization of the limited danish-norwegian warships in the carribean meant that we basically left the british population of Grindstone to experience a new invasion, this time from spanish tercios.. The russians didn't launch their invasion and the spanish hardly had a difficult time.. Rumours of pillaging and rapes on the inhabitants of Grindstone has come in these last few days.. After the russians failed to show at Fajardo the danish-norwegian admiralty decided to seek to retake Guyama.. The battles for the port proved both costly and inconclusive. The russians still has a stranglehold on the port and the danish-norwegian fleet is still building up forces for yet another invasion of southern Puerto Rico. The swedish fleet under the command of Admiral Rediii was sent to take the port of Cartagena de Indias. Their fleet succeded and at the same day the pirates launched a surprise attack against the port of Somerset.. Both ports were taken and the russian empire has suffered some humiliating defeats and difficult setbacks. Denmark-Norway however is still licking its wounds from the latest battles and the loss of Grindstone. Captains log, 15th of February 1765 Port of Guyama Sevilla Orders has come in. The danish-norwegian privateers has been busy harrassing british shippings around Jamaica, but we've now been tasked to take the port of Cayman Brac from their spanish overlords. Preparations has been made in secret and the danish-norwegian admiralty hopes to take the port in a surprise attack. The swedish kungliga marine has been asked to send a contingent of captains to the port for support though and Denmark-Norway has lately experienced a number of new recruits. The belief of the admiralty is that the spanish is informed of the invasion, either through spies or simply by observing the sudden influx of cargo ships, warships and marines to the port of Guyama Sevilla and we believe the port will be defended. I have been given command of the 64-gun "Glædespigen fra Skælskør", a 4th rate with questionable steering and even worse sailing characteristics.. I have not been pleased with her in her maiden voyage. She does come complimented with 550 sailors from one of the hardest fleets in the carribean and I have full confidence they will see the battle through, even if the ships quality is lacking. We sailed in the middle of night, just after the 4th bell and set a course of the Caymans, with good winds we reached the islands in morning and other than a few russian warships there were very little spanish opposition. When we entered the port the spanish fleet set sail to meet us and we were targetted by the forts along the coast. We had dragged two mortar brigs with us and set them up to shoot at the small fortifacations on the eastern side of the island while the danish-norwegian fleet formed a battleline. Two danish captains 0TimeLefT and Jesper Dahl were in light frigates and were ordered to cover the landing of troops on either side of the port while the battlefleet edged closer to the spanish armada. The spanish armada consisted of heavier ships than the danish-norwegian, we had several smaller 4th rate ships of the line, 7 to be exact, one frigate of the endymion class and two light frigates - besides the mortars that were hammering the coastal fortifications. The spanish fleet consisted of two 2nd rates and six 4th rates so a slightly smaller squadron but with a heavier punch. The plan was to engage the enemy battlefleet while covering for the two mortars while they softened up the harbour and the light frigates covered the landing of troops. A simple plan, but an effective one. The spanish armada steered their ships straight for our battlefleet with the wind to the leeway and we quickly saw the lines entangled - if you could call them lines. Captain DarkJoker managed to board a spanish 4th rate in the opening of the battle whilst a few of the spanish 4th rates were heavily damaged. The spanish 2nd rates however took their toll as they relentlessly pounded our fleet. Darkjoker pulled through however as he managed to slay the enemy captain and scuttle the enemy ship. After that the superiority of numbers in our battlefleet slowly but surely whittled down the enemy fleet, we had a hard fight on the eastern side of the harbour and the danish-norwegian fleet cought a break when a few spanish ships broke their line to pursue myself on the "Glædespigen fra Skælskør", my ship had been severely damaged in the fight and I was running in the hope of getting repairs done before the ship would become incapacitated. The spanish however kept pounding on my ship and shortly after the 2nd bell I ordered her colours to be struck and the crew to abandon her. The spanish captains however now found themselves leagues from their lines and our battlefleet were pounding the remainder of the spanish squadron into submission. Several spanish ships were either boarded and captured or battered into submission. The spanish morale finally broke when one of their 2nd rates sank and we now had free access to the port of Cayman Brac. Further plans to expand the holding in the south of the cuban islands has been made and today we will invade the port of Misteriosa. An ominous name and a decent spot for future expanses of the two kingdoms! https://imgur.com/a/dognc 15th of February, 1765 Recently returned to the port of Guyama Sevilla Aboard the "Beskøjten", captained by Captain McKnight who were kind enough to pull me and the remainder of my crew out of the waters after the battle.
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    Captains log, 31st of January 1765 1st entry: Set out on a quick combat patrol from Guyama Sevilla. The bloody brits are still not accepting the flow of quality danish produce. For some reason the claim that our bacon is making their women fat and our cheese makes them flatulent. Well I like my women fat and flatulent so I can't really see the issue. The squadron pulled out of Guyama Sevilla with a 4th rate ship of the line leading the way, along with a constitution class heavy frigate it constituted the bulk of our firepower and they were accompanied by my own frigate "Hejren", a 44-gun frigate that has served me well for some time now, and two other 44-gun frigates and a single 38-gun frigate. Plan was to proceed to Savannah La Mar where the captain Darkjoker should be cruising in a small 4th rate picking prizes from the british. Our orders were to link up with the 64-gun ship and continue on a combat patrol around the island seeking a heavy engagement against the british. En route to the island of Jamaica we encountered a small british squadron of 2nd rates. Two 88-gun ship of the lines of the Bucentaure class were probably wildly off course since no british possesions were known in the direction they were heading. We quickly signalled for battle and the squadron plotted an intercept course. The battle commenced with the two heavy SoL in close formation, my orders were to take their sails so the heavier cannons from my older brothers 64-gun SoL and Captain Gorgons 54-gun frigate could come to bear on the rearguard ship. The two british captains were not very experienced and after shooting chains through the rigging of the rearguard ship, the vanguard ship took off leaving the rearguard at the mercy of our frigates. This was extremely fortunate for us since there initially had been some concerns over the 42-pounders the 2nd rates are known to carry on their bottom deck. By splitting up their ships they effectively negated the threat of their lower decks since their ships were far less manouverable than the light and nimble frigates. We split our forces up in two half squadrons, 3 frigs on the vanguard ship and the two heavier ships along with the smaller frigate on the rearguard ship. This was done partly to keep them separated and partly to make sure none of the enemy ships escaped. The lead vessel were the priority for the frigates and we quickly desailed her and started raking her in preparation for a boarding. The enemy captain made some desperate manouvers and in his panick made a mistake. Got stuck against the wind with three frigates bearing down on him, half his crew were either dead or wounded and the waters around his ship was crimson from the men lost to the sea. We prepared for a bloody boarding action as I took the "Hejren" in for hand to hand fighting. The battle was though, harder than I had first anticipated. The enemy captain and what was left of his crew managed to kill a third of my men before he was forced to lay down his arms. The prize was ours! The ship however was not particularly seaworthy so we decided to sink her rather than having to tow her back to Guyama Sevilla. As soon as the graples were cut and we were free of the sinking 2nd rate we set a course for the remaining enemy SoL. The captain on her had been much more succesfull in getting his guns to bear and even from the distance we could see the smoke billowing from our heavy frigate and the 4th rate didn't look to be in much better shape. We set all sails and damned the goddess of wind as the very gods seemed intent on keeping us out of this desperate fray. The 2nd rate were finally boarded by captain Gorgons as we came closer and the battle was over before we could really make a difference. The two british 2nd rates were given to davey jones as we continued on our patrol. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2nd entry: We met up with captain DarkJoker on the eve of the 31st of January in front of Kingston, Port Royal Jamaica. He had been trailing a pirate that had managed to capture a third rate SoL from the brits. We decided to take this powerfull vessel from the villains and cutthroats of the carribean. Not long after we spotted Ram Dinark in the distance. This would not be a battle to brag about in later taverns. We outnumbered and outgunned the 3rd rate heavily and as such should be winning the engagement. We engaged the enemy at the small island in front of the british governors capital, some sheep farmers were watching from ashore. The 3rd rate had nowhere to run since he was being pushed against the island and we quickly took down his sail, making his manouvers harder to complete. Darkjoker quickly boarded the enemy and after a quick hand to hand combat the fighting was over and we had a third prize of the day. This one was crafted by the british master craftsman Pompeyck and had the magical tar and rigging of the french style so we decided to keep her for the battles we expect to come as the wars of the carribean heats up. Captain Lars Kjaer, Guyama Sevilla 31st of January, 1765
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    Captains log, 28th of January 1765 port of Coquibacoa aboard the 118 gun "Skrien" The war with the russians are heating up. Word has come in that the russians are preparing a full scale invasion of the port of Coquibacoa and the surrounding areas. The Danish-Norwegian Privateers has been ordered to the port in order to disrupt and possibly prevent a landing of troops in the city and the Baltische-Flote has taken the responsibility of defending the port itself. The naval ressources in the area has for a long time been stretched thin, busy as the danish-norwegian navy has been to protect trade in and around the port of Christiansted after the russians captured Guyama only a few hours away from the danish-norwegian governors residence. The Danish-norwegian navy did however manage to field a larger squadron of first rates that took up positions a few nautical miles outside of Coquibacoa in a westernly direction. The lookout soon spotted sails in the horizon, a smaller dutch endymion class frigate, hardly anything to be concerned about. Not long after the lookout yelled "More sails, 1,2,3,7 - 23 sails! East - one point North!". This was a dutch battlefleet come presumably to support their russian allies. We convened on the "Skrien" for a quick warcouncil, should we engage the dutch fleet or wait for the promised swedish reinforcements that had left Santa Marta? We decided that the enemy was too strong to allow near the port of Coquibacoa, our battlefleet of seven 1st rates and a single 3rd rate was a lot smaller than the dutch contingent, the dutch however had fewer large vessels and by the looks of their handling was probably of sturdy but outdated designs. The decision to engage the enemy fleet was taken at combat ensued as the 2nd bell was sounded throughout the fleet. The dutch captains fought with all their bravery but immediately after the engagement started the dutch losses were climbing. Were it not for a fireship that we hadn't noticed we would've left the battle mostly unscathed such is the might of our first rates! Alas! the fireship demasted my "Skrien" and Captain McKnights "Jomfruen". The dutch wasn't long in taking advantage of the crippled "Jomfruen" and pounded her stern relentlessly, screams could be heard from her as her crew was being raked to pieces and not long after a dutch captain engaged her in bloody hand to hand fighting. The boarding was soon over, as the crew of the crippled first rate were demoralised, decimated and the entire ship was in a bloody state of chaos. I acted with all speed, managed to get the boarding ship sinking and after some quick manouvering, with limited sails, boarded the lost "Jomfruen". The boarding was quickly done as the dutch captain had little time to prepare a defence and my crew was veterans at taking over enemy prizes. We managed to free Captain McKnight and the rest of his crew from the holds in the ship, but after a brief discussion it was decided to sink the "Jomfruen" as she was probably unsalvable in her current state. Elsewhere the battle was raging strong, the smaller dutch ships were shooting remorselessly but in general with very little effect. Captains Mikkel "0TimeLefT", Staunberg, Denisik, Wiesewolfe, Sir.Sigurd and DarkJoker hammered the dutch fleet into submission and as I was clearing the sinking "Jomfruen" I heard the heavy thumps of the danish forty-two pounders and the splintering woods of masts, ships and bones all around me. The dutch fleet were trying to disengage and we were already mopping up the remaining ships. A relatively large contingent of smaller dutch ships managed to escape the battering but all in all we were extremely satisfied with the engagement. The dutch lost 15 ships ranging from the recently captured "Jomfruen" to several 2nd rates of the Bucentaure class to fourth and fifth rated vessels of varying sizes. The danish-norwegian losses amounted to a single first rate for which I will be put on court martial the day after the next to explain my actions. I do believe however that it will be a swift procedure since the demands of the battle dictated she be floundered rather than letting her fall as a prize to the dutch navy. The battle was portrayed by a painter in the port: https://imgur.com/a/FqZDC The Baltische-Flote managed to hold the port and now we're celebrating the battle. The crews are drinking their hearths out and the brave swedish squadron, sorely missed outside of Coquibacoa, arrived with a tale of fortune in battle. Apparently they had intercepted a russian fleet of one first rate, seven second rates and a smaller vessel, all either prizes or sunk in the ensuing battle. We are gratefull that these russian ships didn't make it to the port as they could've turned the tides against us. And. We're even more gratefull for the dominican prostitutes and cuban tobacco the swedes brought with them. All we need to be real cosy right now is basically some haitian rum! Captain Lars Kjaer, commander of the high sea fleet Port of Coquibacoa, aboard his majestys ship "Skrien", 118 guns, 1100 crew compliment 28th of January 1765
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    Captains log, 22nd of January 1765 Captain Lars Kjaer, Aboard the 118 gun "Skrien", 1100 crew compliment. As I write this the court martial for loosing the fleet at Carlisle a few days ago has been postponed indefinately. The king of Denmark-Norway has been contacted by the swedish ambassador with a proposal. Apparently my squadron, the danish-norwegian privateers, are being hired for a screening in the battle at Cartagena de Indias. The Kungliga Marine had made preparations for an invasion and wanted the assistance of the danish navy in order to get the invasion fleet into the bay. I myself had some reservations about this, but with the ruling of the court martial hanging over my head I saw no real way to object against the orders. We headed out with a squadron of 10 first rates from the DNP squadron as well as some first rates from the DS squadron. Set sails from San Andres and immediately concerns were mounting over the low amount of supplies in stores. The fleet as a whole had to make do with what was at hand and what we could share between us. My flagship, the "Skrien" were taking the lead as we headed out of San Andres, the navigator assured me that we would arrive on time and not a minut early. As it happened we arrived at the rendez-vous ahead of schedule and I had to discipline my navigator hard. After flogging the culprit personally and thus instilling discipline in the rest of the crew, we took stock of the ships and the stores. The news were less than ideal, repairs were low on half the ships and rum was in short supply as well. The ships on the other hand were, as the rest of the danish lineship fleet, in superb condition and morale was high as we gathered aboard the "Skrien" for a warcouncil. Joined by the swedish admiral, who were extremely blunt and argued for the danish-norwegian contingent going in the front and take the brunt of the russo-spanish fleet. We agreed grudgingly, mainly due to the heavy incentives offered by the swedish admiral. As we set out from the port of Santa Marta, a little past the 2nd bell. Spirits were high, partly in anticipation of a battle and partly due to the swedish tobacco and prostitutes we received as gifts. We sailed past the deadly shallows at Barranquilla and soon after the lookout on the flagship hailed "Sails"! It was a smaller contingent of spanish 3rd rates. We weren't too concerned untill the second ship in the line shouted "More sails!, 1, 2, 3, 5, 20 sails! WSW". The spanish had a large contingent of ships, 21 SoL, mostly 2nd rates and a single frigate. Our fleet was complimentet by a smaller contingent of swedish ships, taking our tally to 18, mostly 1st rates and two frigates. https://imgur.com/a/uf3Rc The danish fleet were dragged in a bit disadvantageous and we had a hard fight in the starting phase of the battle. We worked tirelessly on the crews in order to get the sails and ships in line for the battle and soon it became a bloody brawl. We got lucky though, the starting disadvantaged isolated two of our first rates but with patience and some clever sailing we managed to get the 1st rates out of trouble and isolate 3 spanish 2nd rates instead. We pounded them relentlessly and it wasn't long before they were in a bad way. From there the battle raged hard for more than 6 hours, the spanish gave a hell of a fight and at several occasions the situation were looking grim. In the end the spanish navy was slowly but surely whittled down by the larger broadsides and the fact that several of their 2nd rate captains seemed inexperienced in these large scale engagements. A huge win for the combined danish-norwegian and swedish navy as we took down 14 enemy ships, 5 first rates and a large portion of their 2nd rate contingent. https://imgur.com/a/hsMbX As I'm writing this I'm feeling somewhat confident that the court martial will not rule against me, we got the entire danish-norwegian contingent out of the battle - disregarding the old weathered 1st rate we used as a fireship in the initial onslought of the battle. The fleet is heading NNE at the moment, having left Santa Marta and the spanish main behind us. Morale is high even if we took heavy losses in men and several of the ships have been taking in water for the past few hours. We're confident we can salvage them home though. Captain Lars Kjae Admiral in charge of the battlefleet NNE of Cartagena De Indias on the 23rd of January 1765
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    Captains log 21st of January, 1765 His highness, the Viceroy of Danish-norwegian possessions in the carribean, Count of Schackenburg and first minister of the colonies, Mr. Hans Aker, has ordered the danish-norwegian privateer squadron to do a combat patrol off the coast of KPR. Tensions with the brits have been climbing ever since they tried to pillage the port of San Andres and this combat patrol will most likely not alleviate any of these issues. It is not without some reprehension I accept this mission. Orders are orders though and the two kingdoms need to make a statement towards the bloody brits and their hated 'Navigation Act'. Even though the latest part of legislation was passed in 1663, the brits have been more than willing to look past danish-norwegian shipping. After San Andres this has changed so we're sent to force Port Royal open for danish ships. I set off on the 20th of January, 1765 in the "Havmågen", an older 64-gun 4th rate, along with Kalua Lupo aboard the newly constructed "Lübeck", a 44-gun frigate with an impressive sailing characteristic. We quickly spotted sails on the horizon to the south, between the french port of La Navasse and the british port of San Antonio. The "Lübeck" quickly moved in to intercept her whilst I ordered the yards to be trimmed and prepared the "Havmågen" for battle. The battle commenced a little past the 3rd bell and Lupo got the enemy rigging in disorder. After a few broadsides from the long guns of the "Havmågen" the enemy ship lost its mainmast and we went in for hand to hand combat. The battle should've been fierce but the enemy captain and crew had very little fight left in them. Demoralised from the demasting they posed little resistance as we cut them down. After the battle we had a brief warcouncil aboard the "Havmågen" after which we decided to maroon the crew of the french frigate and proceed to the area around Port Morant. As we approached the port of Morant we were joined by the Captains Staunberg and Gorgons aboard a 44-gun frigate and a second 64-gun 4th rate. So bolstered we proceeded to the area around Port Royal where we knew that the legendary captain DarkJoker were plying in a 4th rate ship of the line. We spotted sails on the horizon and from the familiar configuration of them we gathered it was the danish-norwegian captain. A second set of sails were spotted not long after. Then a third. And a fourth. Darkjoker it seemed were bringing friends. The british had sent out a large squadron to drive off the danish-norwegian fleet and unfortunately for us we couldn't outrun the lighter british frigates. The battle commenced on the morning of the 21st of January, just after the 1st bell. There had been a few broadsides exchanged when all of a sudden more sails were spotted. Despair was setting in as the crews saw even more british ships join the battle. Upon closer inspection something seemed a bit off though. Hard to pinpoint what it was, if it was the colour of the sails or the signals they were flying. Outdated by the most recent british signalbooks. When they came within gunrange they signalled to heave by and prepare for battle - and opened fire on the nearest british ship. The three unknown ships turned out to be a pirate fleet joining the danish-norwegian squadron and morale immediately rose as we turned and gave battle to the brits. The battle ended as a major victory to his majestys navy and the two kingdoms. We didn't loose a single ship and the british squadron were decimated. https://imgur.com/a/Nr7Qw After the battle we left the area and went on with our patrol. We spotted another pirate fleet, led by the infamous Gamover, and decided to attempt to kill him and his fleet. They were two 3rd rates and a 4th rate along with a smaller frigate. Our fleet of three 4th rates and four 5th rates should've been able to overcome these ragtag pirates and send them to davey jones. Alas! they managed to get the better of us and whilst we did manage to sink their 4th rate as well as their frigate, they managed to sink our entire fleet! I'm now facing a court martial and as I write this I find myself pondering wether or not I should be gratefull for the pirates that saved me and my crew after the battle or not. They gave us a small prize they had taken off the coast of Savannah la Mar, we were a bit taken aback by the pirates' sudden honour and I still don't know what to make of it. I do know however that if the court martial doesn't hang me I'm going to be a lot more carefull next time we meet the pirates. We made mistakes. Miscalculated the odds due to our lack of respect for the pirates. Next time I'll be the one sinking the pirates and I will NOT pardon them from the noose they so sorely deserves! Captain Lars Kjaer, port of Guyama Sevilla. Awaiting the ruling of the court martial.
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    Captains log, Jan 14 1765. The danish-norwegian admiralty has decided to attack the spanish port of Corrientes as a retaliation for their assistance to the Russian imperial fleet. A spanish squadron gave assistance to the russian port defenses of Cayman Brac, we managed to capture the port regardless, but it has been decided that the transgression would not be overlooked. I'm apprehensive to the idea of attacking a port so far from homewaters, danish-norwegian fleets are already stretched thin and manpower and ressources are dwindling. Reinforcements are sorely needed but the wars in Europe as well as convoying ties up the bulk of our fleet. We gathered in the ragtag port of Tumbado a few hours sail east of Corrientes. The fleet wasn't very large, a few 2nd rates, a few 4th rates - mostly 'Agamemnon' class ships and a few frigates. We set out after the second bell heading west in bad winds. A spanish cutter spotted us as we were approaching Corrientes and as we were nearing the port a large enemy squadron undocked to meet us. The enemy contingent consisted of several 1st rates, 4th rates and a contingent of frigates.. The situation was grim at best but we decided to go for battle rather than let their frigates catch the slowest of our ships. A fighting retreat back to Tumbado were in the cards and unfortunately the enemy managed to divide our forces into several smaller engagements. I was commanding the "Vor Frue" a 88 gun SoL and managed to keep a fighting force around me consisting of the 2nd rate "Højheden" commanded by my brother, two 4th rates and a frigate. In the following engagement we were up against three 2nd rate SoL, four or five 4th rates and a few 5th rates. We managed to sink one of their older 4th rates and a fifth rate before nightfall gave us the blessing of safety and a clear retreat back to Tumbado. The Danish-Norwegian raid was entirely unsuccessfull.. We lost a 2nd rate, a 4th rate and a 5th rate and only managed to give the spanish minor losses in return and were entirely unable to threathen the port of Corrientes. Captain Lars "Bearwall" Kjaer, port of Tumbado
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    Captains log, 10th of january 1765 The royal british navy has been seen operating near the danish-norwegian settlement of San Andres. The british merchant shipping has for some time accused the ports governor of harboring and aiding pyrates. The danish-norwegian navy conducted a full investigation into these wild accusations and found no evidence and the charges were ofcourse summarily dismissed. This prompted an angry response from the governor of Old Providence and the expected penal expedition was spotted on the 9th gathering in the port of Old Providence. Our ressources are already stretched thin covering ports and escorting merchant shipping from the danish westindies and virgin islands to the ports of central America. It was therefore decided that a small squadron consisting of one 2nd rate, the "Havfruen" along with a contingent of 4th rates would seek out the british retributive fleet and attempt to intercept it. To many this was considered a suicide mission but preferable than watching the port, with its packhouses, residencies and docks burn to the ground. The fleet were entirely voluntary, disregarding the press-ganged sailers from different merchant vessels. The british fleet were first sighted a little after the third bell and the drums quickly beat for battle order. The signals went up that we would attempt a running engagement, keeping the bulk of the enemy fleet engaged but at a safe distance. Chance would have it though that the british fleet quickly broke into two columns - one going for the port consisting of their heavier ships, the lookout claimed to have seen three 1st rates, but it may have been the excitement and the rum speaking. The second column, consisting of a 2nd rate, a few fourth rates and some fifth rates, engaged our small squadron on the leeway and we quickly found ourselves enmeshed in a deathly battle against an opponent that made up in manouverability what they lacked in broadside weight. The battle raged for the good part of a bell, and in the end the danish-norwegian squadron came out victorious! I personally lead the charge against a Wasa-class 4th rate and captured her as a prize and a second 4th rate, the "Agamemnon" went to davy jones after a hard battle with some very impressive manouvering on part of the enemy captain. After clearing the ship and making preliminary repairs to the hull and riggings we attempted to leave the area and seek shelter in a cove a bit further down the island. Alas! to the dismay of the crews and captains of the squadron the british fleet that had engaged the defensive fleet in the port of San Andres were leaving the port at the very time we were trying to pass the island. The enemy squadron were engaged as per the danish-norwegian navys rules of engagement that dictates that in the presence of superior forces care should be taken to attempt boarding and capturing of enemy first rate vessels. The following battle were hard, long and ardous. The british still had two 1st rates that tore through the hulls of our smaller vessels, the sea was thick with blood and debris.. We battled down an enemy 2nd rate, but at a loss of two 4th rates and the tide of the battle were against us.. Luck would however have it! We managed to board one of the first rates whilst battling down the enemy 4th rates, and as they were sinking the last enemy 1st rate were attempting to flee. We quickly gave pursuit and attempted another boarding alas, the captain of the L'Ocean class first rate quickly overcame the boarders and even managed to sink the 2nd rate ship of the line that were attempting to takeover the british first rate. We gave pursuit for a full hour after that and only as the lights on the horizon were dimming did we manage to close the gap sufficiently to engage her in another hard battle. This time we took no chances and consecutive boarding actions were ordered to wither down the enemy crew. As the last rays of daylight were leaving the hemisfere we hobbled into the port of San Andres. Battered, bruised and with heavy casualties but immensely successfull in the actions of the day. The tally became four 4th rates won, two 1st rates captured and an unknown (as of yet) number of enemy 4th and 5th rates that went to davy jones. Orders came in as we were docking in the port. Congratulations from the Danish-Norwegian governor and orders to repair and refit and be ready for actions on the 12th of January 1765. / Lars "Bearwall" Kjaer, off the coast of San Andres aboard her majestys ship "Ribeheksen", 64 guns and 550 crew compliment.
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    Captains log, 21st of September 1766 Aboard the newly commisioned "Tonen", 74 guns and 650 crew compliment Port of Christiansted I have finally been cleared for battleorders and my first commission has come in. The Swedish council have broken the Danno-Norwegian and swedish trade agreement. The orders are to seek out swedish shipping in and around the ports of the swedish antilles. The expedition started at 23:00 hours with the assembling of a fleet. The captains in attendance were Staunberg, Arthur Dayne, Svennik Svendson, Seraphis, The Black Mallard, Suenson, Manowa, Assassin, Thomas Kjaer and Lars Kjaer. A sizeable fleet so the hope were to catch a larger swedish convoy heading out of Fort Baii in the late hours of the night. The sail between Christiansted and Gustavia is a short one, so shortly after departing from the danish islands we spotted a lone Hercules class frigate which we gave chase. Unable to force the battle to a conclusion we decided to turn northwards, but we quickly spotted full-rigged sails in the horizon. Two, three and soon after four large men of wars, ship of the lines from the swedish coastguard along with a small number of consorts heading for us at the northern tip of Fort Baii island. At first there were some confusion in the fleet, as the larger Man-of-War was a 136-gun first rate, a floating castle of a ship.. But after a brief war-council aboard the "Tonen" the captains assembled decided to engage the battle. Captain Manowa had yet to join the fleet, so the battle was commenced at the fourth bell of the evening without the aid of his ship of the line. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The drums hang heavy in the air as the ships prepared for battle. The "Tonen" is not a strong sailor, too heavy at beam reach and generally too cumbersome to be called a good warship, but we turned the broadside up against that of the enemy and started pounding the Swedish 74' gun Draskon, as well as the 38-gun frigate captained by Wolfram J Harms. We managed to sink the frigate while the 74' got back into the swedish line preparing to make the battle a running line engagement. With the enemy having superior firepower aboard their first and second rate ships of the line, we decided to tag against the wind and focus the enemy first rate. The tactic worked to some extend, we did however only manage to severely damage the first rate whilst the swedish battlefleet had managed to batter the "Tonen" as well as Captain Mallards 88-gun Bucentaure. We decided to run for cover while completing emergency repairs and to our luck the enemy second rate as well as the first rate broke of the enagement, cowardly leaving their fellow captains hopelessly engaged with a superior force. It is the view of this captain, with no doubt in his mind, that the fate of the swedish fleet were decided - not by the bravery or the broadside weight of the danish-norwegian fleet, but by this dastardly act of cowardice. The remaining swedish fleet went down in a blaze of gunfire, broadside to broadside while the waters north of Fort Baii were turning red with the blood of the swedish crews. The remaining swedish captains desperately sought close quarter engagements to finish the battle on the decks rather than the sea, alas the danish-norwegian captains managed to keep distance, except for Seraphis who did however manage to disengage the boarding while the honorable Captain Tiger Von Kai was dispatched to Davy Jones. https://imgur.com/a/8t38WQf After the battle the danno-norwegian fleet was running low on repairs, sailcloth, shot and powder and so we went back to the Danish Virgin islands. The expeditions result has been reviewed as a success by the admiralty. While no swedish shipping were sunk, we did manage to sink a number of swedish men of war. It is this captains duty to bring honourable mention to the following swedish captains: Captain @DRASKON, WIA Captain @Wolfram Harms, WIA Captain Tiger von Kie, WIA Captain Franz Ferdinand, WIA Captain Vic le Viking, WIA They kept their honour in the direst of circumstances whilst their fellow captains deserted them to their fates. All hail the two kingdoms! All hail the king! All hail the queens Dalmatians! Port of Christiansted, aboard the "Tonen" after the 1st bell 21st of September 1766 Captain Lars Kjaer