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    Most of use never see this cause we are maxed out level. Though it does help for grinding out ships, but how much was it to much? The other thing @Ink why does sail xp for OW not go to ship experience? This way trade ships that travel a lot can slowly open up there knowledge slots on LVG's and Indianmans along with any other ships.
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    I realize that it isn't a sailing simulator. In fact, the lack of simulated sailing in the game (and the corresponding potential for there to be simulated sailing in the game) was rather the crux of my suggestion. Perhaps I was thinking of a different game. Maybe you know where I could find it? The game I was thinking of has all this realistic sailing stuff based on historical 18th century maps, hull models, sail plans, speeds, turning and heel performance: Naval Action Steam Store Page
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    There is zero risk because most of the time there are zero enemies hunting in this bay. You can make zero money buying goods in La Habana and jumping with them to Batabano. You can make a few thousands buying goods in Batabano and sailing into the bay close to Mariel jumping over the island and selling them at La Habana. The risk buying Parisian Furniture at Santa Fe and selling them at La Habana is the same than buying them at any other port. Since the risk of getting attacked exists only near the port. In open sea you can sail millions afk without getting attacked. But why don't you sail in this bay and intercept risk free trade? Because you will have the chance to catch someone only every 2 or 3 days, since there is not more parisian furniture availible for more trade runs. It would turn into a terrible time sink to fight Spanish traders. How much easier is it to complain in forum to turn their trades into a time sink instead of sailing out by yourself and waist your own time. The fight about tow to port is no fight for a better game mechanic. It's a fight to defeat enemies without the need of sinking them.
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    Pickle kit but looks like better with Connie style: My first model not finished, still working...
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    It was hell, that's why it was so good. There was actual nation-wide effort to get things done. That first week where everyone was scrambling around trying to get their surprise and idef fitted, the US amassing a 100 something players to take a coal port just so we could make longs, bands of small ships swarming large AI traders for their loot. It was brilliant cohesion. Now its do trade runs for another few million to dump on a 5/5 l'ocean to capital gank for pvp marks for magic ships and OP upgrades. I would LOVE to go back to the punch you in the mouth gameplay of patch 10 with some minor tweaks and quality of life and of course, new player protections. But of course everyone wants to sail their damn 1st rates everywhere and for everything amassing more money than they can even spend playing the game with no loss. The goal use to be survive and thrive, now it's build a couple hundred million and play the game with utmost comfort with the only thing getting dented being people's pride. Can't wait to get some of this back with no magic wallet and real world currencies, a return to good ol' realistic, challenging NA.
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    Yet another map which uses the in-game map and live data: na-map. I hope this map is useful and I am happy to receive any feedback (bugs, feature requests). Screenshots will be updated eventually. Port data (items dropped, producible and consumed, updated daily soonish after maintenance) Search for specific ports (nation, clan, availability to all, capture time, conquest marks) (v1.5) Port battle zones (shown when zoomed in map: three capture circles, forts in indicated red, towers in blue) Search for goods (v1.3) Teleport area (indicates the area where you can teleport to this port; deep-water port and not a county capital) Plot a course (v1.2) Go to port Move to F11 coordinates Copy F11 x and z coordinates to clipboard Paste F11 x and z coordinates from clipboard Get F11 coordinates (double click on map) Changelog
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    Monataca PB, Russian empire lose win. Unfortunately the video is broken and does not have some parts . As well as the audio track (I hope the new audio track will not be blocked, and I hope there is no hard rock). P.S. After video end - Mortal Brig captured last circle, destroyed fort and tower, and win it.
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    Bloody hell Nick, is looking great 😮 😎
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    Well, the French, Dutch and Spanish captains managed to screen us out of Carriacou, but still a chance to go have fun.
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    If you fight at distance yes, close range you can't outrepair damage dealt. Not saying i'm a huge fan of repairs though.:P
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    Il a été demandé par de multiple joueurs dans toutes les langues: Plus de contenus dans le jeu!!! On log in: pas d'amis connecté, rien à faire; PB le soir à 23h (+2h = trop tard avec le boulot le lendemain); on s'emmerde 10 mn et on log out pour faire autre chose….; Il faut plus de contenu!!!!
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    This tow possibility makes the ports on the south coast of Cuba more attractive for resource crafting. Lately it turned into an interesting PvP zone for Brits and Danes therefore. Closing this tow will not lead to more sailing for Spanish traders but to a removal of buildings to ports closer to La Habana in the north of the island. In the north there is the safe zone and Spain knows how to defend it. Closing will lead to less pvp and some more players leaving the game because of more boring sailing. The game suffers. And one day jealousy will kill this game.
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    Thanks to @Bragan Benigaris for the name of the new ship!
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    Tow to capital is a much greater exploit than tow to nearest non-capital. You can teleport with a huge load of White Oak across the whole map, without any risk (or in case of an empty load, have up to 4 ships towed to capital after a long trade run). Removing tow to port for hardcore nations is a bad idea - this feature was introduced to fix a problem of sailing out of the map and not being able to go back. If you remove it, from time to time player will be stuck outside the map and will have to reset his account to get back (it happened to me 4 times). That's not the type of "hardcore" which we aim for in hardcore nations. It would be simplier to allow tow to port only on an empty load - no repairs and no cargo - and to tow to any closest port in the same region, regardless if it's a regional capital or not.
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    Best reply of the year .
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    Le Superbe 1782 of 74 guns 1,2m
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    @Storm Crow put some tags on your post so the Devs will see it. Yah it's kinda a pain when doing things so the spaces would be nice. Though they could limit ports you can keep certain ships at. Like no war ships keep in freetowns over 4th rate (meaning if you telport to a new port). 1st rates can only be keep in regional owned capital ports. Stuff like that would limit the number we see along with actually making ports BR limited ship wise. Actually have ports that are 4th rates only no matter what your BR is for the port. Other ports 3rd rates and below, or 2nd rates and below. That means you have to fill it with more lower tier ships than as many big ships as you can.
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    Nah, because I think 90% of the ships sailing around should be 4th-7th rates... but again, that's just my opinion. Roving bands of 1st rates kind of breaks my immersion.
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    I feel like we got bigger fish to try here. Just bring back tow to capital and be done with it.
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    If the patch isn't released, then it needs more time 😛
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    Yo también. Los ingleses tienen su Gordon Pachá de Khartoum, Rorke´s Drift, John Frost en Arnhem y la 1ª aerotransportada, Los franceses los héroes de Camerone, Bir Hacheim, todos debidamente honrada su memoria. Aquí tenemos Héroes tanto hombres (Blas de Lezo, Hernán Cortés, Pizarro, Orellana, Juan Sebastián Elcano, El Almirante Cervera etc) como mujeres (María Pita, Agustina de Aragón, Catalina de Erauso etc) y la inmensa mayoría no saben ni quienes fueron. Cuando la gente deja de saber estas cosas es cuando un país se muere. Y al nuestro, lo están dejando morir.
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    Time to start another ship, this time the HMS Barfleur (1768), a 90 gun second rate (later 98) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Barfleur_(1768) Took a while to create some clean plans from the ones I found (the best was distorted and the others were very low quality). Just blocking in the shape at the minute using the original plans (2 tier stern gallery) but will modify this to have the actual 3 tier stern gallery that it was built with
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    Thats some really nice miniature shipping you guys got there! I just finished the plans for my Prince de Neufchatel, which I'm building entirely from scratch and out of Paper of different thicknesses. Will keep you updated as soon as the build started.
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