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    He kills Prussian player near Aves every single hour. No one in Prussian nation reported him or admitted to dying. Never seen this player and:
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    I understand the reasons why the ship classes and names are hidden, however I think it could be done much better. Option where You completely turn off any chance to talk with surrounding ships is bad in the MMO's. It's why we are here. To have interaction - not only fighting each other, but also talking to each other. You want to keep the names anonymous? Not a problem - if someone choose "Private message" just mark him in the window as "Unknown Player" (or whatever You want to call them - British Ship #1, Pirate Ship #2) so they are still anonymous. But, when the messaged player will actually reply (his own choice) You reveal the name in the chat window, and allow us to speak freely, until one of them will hit the port or sail away for some distance. Situation, where You can only talk to each other either in Global Chat or already in the battle is wrong, wrong, wrong... Also, You might keep in mind, that hiding the ship name with still shown Battle Rating is pointless. I know all the BR by heart, so if I see a precise number, I know what ship is it, no matter are You gonna call it "4th class" in OW window or not. It's just stupid. Also #2, if You want the OW to be more mysterious and anonymous, give as a tool to "mark" ships. For example, if I know that this specific ship is a friend of mine from different nation, I can mark him with "green flag" (similar to Battle Group flag) above his ship, so I can have an easy track of him on the map. Other than that - removing an option to talk with other players in a MMO is totally stupid move.
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    So this means that the safe zones now become useless as if you attack an AI fleet the battle remains open for everyone. This will just lead to bigger packs of enemies camping the safe zones with more and more people piling into the battle, which may be fun for the experienced PvP players but for the person who just went out with the intention of just attacking AI for a quick battle its no good.
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    Captains, the problem with the battle circle in pvp missions will be solved in 1-2 hours on server side (meaning servers won't be stopped for hotfix deploy)
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    The navy sructure i got was on the ship equipped before. the used slot was free after i got it. so i can choose now if i equip it again or not.
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    Prob suggested before but....) ability to signal to an enemy ship in the OW and challenge to a 1v1 duel. If they accept and one tags another then then battle starts and instantly closes.
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    You realize that this will harm everyone, not only gankers? If those missions generate more pvp, I guess it's good. Why bother that someone gets a few marks in the process? I'm not farming marks, I farm content.
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    Sigh. This whole system and its bugs are an indicator of why game-y mechanics have no place here and are a bigger problem than the thing they're trying to solve. PvP missions are fine, it's nice to have some new content to explore, but do we need special RoE on top of the missions? Why not just leave the RoE alone but give a daily reward based on damage done to players? Easy peasey.
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    Есть некое оЧуЧение , что ажиотаж вокруг новых пвп миссий через пару месяцев превратится в глухое затишье по всему серверу , как это было с пвп ивентами . Искусственное ПвП долго не живет . Имхо
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    multisided battles are needed. We should have that already with our multiple nations we have. I also want my own flag in battles and not a flag of a nation I normally fight against
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    agree. just make it standard roe I dont know where the problem is
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    Bring back duel room
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    I find it very telling that the guy who cried the hardest for days on these forums about how unfair it was to be 'multiflipped' (really it was only a duoflip) by half the server, all because he and his buddies acted like dicks, the same guy then goes to personally organize an 'octoflip' vs RSC because gregory acted like a dick. Ofcourse then he spends the next days bragging about it on the forums. Only goes to show how Christendom speaks with a forked tongue and will say or do anything to advance his agenda. Any professions about the good of the server are nothing but smokescreens. I hate PB-dodging timers as much as the next guy (we have Christy to thank for that too btw!) but jesus could you be any more hypocritical? As his buddy Graf loves to say: 'Do as he says, not as he does.'
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    1. Hidden names is OW - probably one of the best changes so far, make it all exciting again ! 2. Another great change is opening reinforcement zone battles for longer. This creates opportunity for big battles ! Yesterday we had people joining battle for over 30 mins ! Great fights yesterday, lost two ships although amount of fun was worth more than ships Thanks devs
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    Eventually I hope to see some kind of outlaw mechanic. Being good isn't fun all the time.
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    How about the attacker deciding whether he wants reinforcement or not? Can be solved with a pop-up window asking if you will accept support. Green-on-Green however should never be considered acceptable. Important: To avoid abuse in alt-farming, keep the defending side open like today, then we can still expose players doing PvP-mark farming.
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    EVERY crafted ship should receive SOME bonus, leave stock 3/5 ships to captured AI, at the very least a crafted ship should receive a refit bonus, if not an extra perm slot.
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    Hotfix March 9th Fixed bug caused the Battle circle of doom to spawn incorrectly. PVP Patrol missions are back.
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    Tall ships don't have consistent silhouettes. Sails and masts are constantly shifting position. Open rails can be replaced by barricades, quarter and stern galleries can be removed, and the topsides may be obscured by hammock nettings. In a given decade the proportions of masts and yards was standardized for naval vessels. Rig details could give hints about vessel nationality, just like the OW right now. History is replete with examples of officers mistaking frigates for ships of the line, sloops for frigates, and merchantmen for men of war.
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    And why is that? You think if this battle happened irl, the 2 ships would even have taken turns with boarding? As I said before, they would most likely have boarded at the same time 2 vs 1... I don't see any gameplay issues either. If anything is broken then it is the 1990 2D boarding minigame... pretty big disappointment with the epic combat in NA...
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    So you got to keep the ship with all mods on aswell as one random module? Seems exploitable.. modules should only drop for kills
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    Great patch once again except the quoted part. Premium ships are something for Free2Play games and not for a game for which I payed 40 euros already. Why not add ship paints and other cosmetic stuff as premium?
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    Hi Allthow i like the ideea of new content this is how hostility mission worked for me. Got me a patrol mission and went about my way; Ships My ship was an Essex with medium cannons Battle I was ganked by a group of 5 players Demasted Yes Reward 276xp Outcome Started by running away, then decided "the hell with it" so i started fighting(more like loosing) Damage (mission damage) 8046 Battle feeling Then got a new frigate and went back Ships My ship was an Frigate with medium cannons Battle Battle started 1 vs 1 my frigate against agamemnon Demasted Yes twice Reward 4 pvp and 76216 gold Outcome We began by me shooting hull and the aggy sniping masts, after i got demasted the first time the aggy continued to shoot masts and me hull so he went all the way to half armour and no stern. Then i got demasted again and a bellona joined my side, we were 10 min in. The battle continued and four more ships joined my side, so i became part of a ganking squad. Damage (mission damage) 10157 Battle feeling Then i got an Agamemnon and went back Ships My ship was an Agamemnon with medium cannons Battle I was ganked by a group of 5 players. While i was sinking a Pavel joinen on my side and 2 min later 3 mor ships joined the gankers so it became 8 vs 2, and i was sinking Demasted No?, wow Reward 4 pvp, 77040 gold from the battles and i completed the patrol mission 10 pvp marks Outcome Did my best and died like a hero(quick) Damage (mission damage) i do not know enough to complete the mission Battle feeling My sugestion for this event, is to pay pvp marks according to damage done in the patrol area. I belive this, will somewat, discourage ganking because they will present many targets while u are just one. Will i participate again? well, i will give it some more runs, but if every fight is a ganking then. no.
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    В чем сила брат? в стримах)))))) зона пвп где даже нпс засчитывается не айс согласен может делать такие миски персональные?пнапример: Миска тип рейдер: - в кристианстеде беру пвп миску а там написано утопите/нанесите 20000 урона игроку/ам шведской нации у форт баи не ниже 5 рейта 2 штуки.награда такая то Миска тип защитник: - пришли враги под столицу в нации проскакивает сообщение как с затонувшим флотом - утопите/набейте урон вражески кораблям прибыль марок/фитов х2 в течении час и таймер обратного отсчета пошел. час прошел не вышли бонус пропал. и бонус х2 работает только на тех кто дефает и так же для городов которые принадлежат кланам. Миска тип охота: - в районе таком то захватить на абордаж 3 торговых корабля игрока/непись и привезти в порт Х. награда такая то Миска тип диверсия: - взорвите вражеский корабль 1-3 ранга в бою (брандер или поджог без разницы) награда такая то. Миска тип блокада: - в составе 10 кораблей блокируйте порт Х (а тут у хозяев порта Х клана и (или) нации проскакивает сообщение о блокаде и они бегут снимать) награда такая то (торговые товары и миску должен брать пати лидер и ни 1 игрок в составе группы не покидает ее)
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    All battles should be OUTLAW battles. Open for 30 mins and anyone not in your nation you can kill.
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    Can't beat em, join em. If multi flips are good enough for CABAL and Sweden, they're good enough for little old USA. I was thinking about going 100% in on the CABAL method of playing NA and just joining the best nation on the server, but moving all my crap down to Sweden was just too far. It's easier to go from Dutchland over to Sweden I hear, all the cool kids have been doing it. You should be thanking me honestly, If I am to blame for the current iteration of the timers. Those evening ports that you took off the dead horse known as VP with a remarkable display of strength and power wouldn't of happened without this new timer system. You're welcome. Anyway lighten up buddy. All your posts on the forums are so salty. It's just a game.
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    They're even struggling to beat us when they multiflip now
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    Yes, that sounds good. This is a wider issue with trying to introduce game mechanics to get people to play in a certain way. These daft patrols, red v green. I've never understood why players just can't fight each other wherever, whenever and let pvp pan out according to the players, instead of dumb rules restricting what you can and can't do.
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    Sure, France failed yesterday against Brits (not showing up for Mosquito Cay and then losing on time against a last-minute-fleet at El Toco). So you may go and try better against Swedes
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    I've said it over and over, all battles should be free-for-alls. There shouldn't be red or green, just a national reputation that goes up or down based on who you do damage to. Battles shouldn't have two sides, red vs. green. You should be free to shoot who you want and deal with the consequences on a personal and clan level.
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    WARNING CIRCLES ARE EXTREMELY BUGGED. my whole team just lost due to circles not syncing, the game read we were outside the circle even though we weren't.
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    alvar fanez de trashaya
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    I am a fan of Determined Defender...
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    It seems we'll never agree on the disengage timer, but can we atleast agree that when a ship is sinking then auto-disengage when dead rather than keeping it alive? it's bullshit that you can save your ship that way.
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    i'd say rng is fine, but crafter should pay for a chance to have a rng trim or mod. what i mean is: - craft a ship with no extra cost = 3/3 no special trim - craft ship with extra ingredient such as black ironwood, swedish iron, muskets, war supplies. Those would activate rng and give you a chance to get a 3/3 with special trim ship. - craft a ship with ingredient like mentionned above plus some extra labor hours and gold and crafting experience gives a chance to get up to 5/5 with special trim.
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    Lo que si es cierto es que me divertía más cuando entré al juego, hace dos años, que ahora. Pero también es cierto que echando la vista atrás, había unos bug de la leche y los britis (la facción más poblada) eran, como ahora, los grandes beneficiados. Recuerda el bug que había para salvar los 1ª cuando les pillábamos la bandera y tenían que volver navegando a sus puertos, ese en que se abordaban unos a otros cuando ya no estabamos en la batalla y enviaban el 1ª por teleport. Quiero decir que aunque lo recuerde más divertido, bug y britis-power siempre han existido. Lo que coincido contigo es que las cartas mágicas, antes eran fáciles y por lo tanto cualquiera las podía tener (se llamaban naves doradas), para mi ahora son la mierda de este juego y espero que aunque no las quiten, que no las van a quitar, las hagan de fácil acceso para todos. Este juego "churrasca" y mucho.
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    except the bellona doesnt have it anymore then it would be fine it kinda makes permaupgrades not perma anymore though
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    Only 2 clans are having an income through owning ports, and those 2 clans only own 1 port each. Everyone else is losing money. https://prnt.sc/iosj7f Not sure if thats a good concept.
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    How hidden is this feature? and does it feel like a bug?/ has it been f11ed before?
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    Vale, pues yo disiento, sigue siendo una puta mierda; cada vez que retocan algo, en conjunto es para peor. Los "upgrades" los Books y todo eso, hacen el juego más arcade de lo que era antes; delimitar zonas arruina el juego en relación a la estrategia, lo del dinero es una basura beneficia siempre a la facción con más jugadores; puedo seguir pero me aburre más que jugarlo. En resumen van cagada tras cagada en una caída libre que no tiene visos de recuperarse. Este, fue un buen juego durante dos años, a partir de ahí se está convirtiendo en un WoWShips a la antigua, solo que peor.
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    The Danish squadron lead by admiral Kjær continues it voyages towards a full battle hardened fleet, so it can face the enemy in the Caribbean trying to force its ways on the Danish people. Today the squadron faced a fierce enemy in the Prussian fleet. Early in the fight the Prussian got the upper hand and the Danes was not able to turn the tide. But the Danish captains stayed in the battle to the end, witch doomed more captains and send them to the bottom. But this will not be the last battle the against the mighty Prussians. The Danish fleet will continues its voyage and hopefully in time be prepared for the forces trying to destroy the Danish nation.
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    I dont get the issue with chainboarding. Makes no sense to me. If youre being chainboarded you got yourself into a situation you should never have gotten into imo.