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    Increase outpost slots Cutters afk sailing to open outposts is no content for anyone, just a time waste
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    1. show time until battle close (so you know if you have time to change position in circle) 2. show Mast-Hp/taken damage
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    Give some love to Santa Cecilia (speed, HP or 5-5 slots or whatever), because such rare ship stands avarage compared to other ships of the same class. Players that own SC don't even use it, it's just a collection ship, good for exhibition and bragging rights, not PvP. Hostility missions - let shallow ports allow only shallow ships in hostility, nothing bigger can join. Make hostility % based on BR port (because of easy flipping shallow ports with deep water ships) Make crafting RNG based on shipyard lvl, player craft experience etc. (higher shipyard = better ships. More player craft experience = better ships). Because Master shipbuilders with a lot of experience will have better chance to craft exceptional ship than a rookie builder.
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    Very quick: Increase the turn rate during the invisibility timer.
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    - Fleet 1 should be available for all, without counting as 1 perk. Everybody should get the opportunity to capture a ship. - Improve Santa Cecilia - Improve Le Gross Ventre Refit: it's useless now - Repairs should be available in every shop: this would improve pvp - Remove edinorogs: they are too strong and reload very fast.
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    I know some people who fight often purposely in trader ships. A kill should produce PvP marks whatever ship is on the other side unless it's capped.
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    in battle: 1. after successfully disengaging give a global boarding immunity of 2 mins to prevent chainboarding Currently we have 1 minute and only for the guy who boarded me, not his friend standing on my side and pulling me instantly after I disengaged. 1 minute is not enough, often it is impossible to reach 3,5 knots in that time. 2. Change or nerf defensive boarding mods like books of 5 rings or especially Barricades. Its way too hard to win boarding against these mods even if you constantly counter the enemy (attack 3 times into brace and nothing happens lol).
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    Between leeway and 120 deg wind changes, looting has gone from frustrating to insufferable in large ships. Spend 30 min sink a 1st rate, end up sinking him when I am literally bowsprit to bowsprit. Too far away from the X, can't sail into him because of the wind, tack, get in position to tack back, and Oh, wing change! By the time I get there it's too late to loot and so I basically just wasted my time getting jack squat for my efforts. Can't afford to buy books because people want stupid prices, and can't get them from drops because the looting mechanic sux ballz. Getting tired of it.
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    reduce basic cutters hold space to stop players using it to transport goods that has a side effect of making new players vunerable
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    yes its also fixed you wont be able to pull anyone into battle by alts or using npcs.. in reinforcement zones only attacked person will be pulled and the rest will be able to re-join the battle using positional reinforcement.
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    add a cooldown to changing port timers of some days to avoid switching back and forth
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    Hostility should be updated after the ship sank, and not after leaving the mission. Враждебность должна обновляться после того, как корабль утонул, а не после выхода из миссии.
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    Its true. Trashi planned all this just to piss off Greg. Only because Hachi is trash, salty and have a very small dick.
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    This morning when I was sailing with mytrader brig between La Tortue and Mortimer town, I met a pirate in Pirate Frigate, his name Teach Edward, from the WTF clan. I start maneuver and engage an AI fleet, the pirate entered the battle from my side, beginning to attack me, shooting my sails and hull. I imagine that his intention was to slow down so that the AI's would sink me. I've recorded it on video and I hope the punishment is severe. I did a F11 report too.
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    I don’t like the idea to tow rum and repairs! Its just a thing of organize! if you like to fight in an area, far away from your base/clanwarehouse, take 1-2 traderships and bring it in this area! Not tow everything because you are to lazy to do something in open world! u can sail 1-2 hours without find an enemy, so you can sail 1-2 hours with a trader to bring rum/repairs in enemy territory!
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    Very important one that I forgot to add. Make repairs and rum able to tow with the ship. It severely hurts pvp when you have the ship but you dont have any repair/rum with you.
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    ECO perk: tender boat - increases looting range by xy meters
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    Decrease tag timer + decrease tag circle because of ow speed and it makes tagging more enjoyable
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    this is not even my final form
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    Case dismissed. The abuse rule relates to cases when you are using alts to generate hostilty against your nation. You are allowed to raise hostility against enemies or enemies of your enemies.
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    3. Make the sailing crew required in battle dependent on the setting you use: e.g. full sails = full sailing crew required, battle sails = 20%-40% sailing crew required.
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    Allow teleport to open ports, because without it they're useless Decrease determined defender to 20%, because now it allows to use OP builds Increase pood reload time by 20%, because they're very op now and they're not going anywhere anytime soon (they shouldn't have higher effective dps than 42longs)
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    adjust wood availability. Teak is not spread properly around the map. Some of the BRs in the shallows are too high. Way more than 25 ships. Wasa br still a little low. increase the RNG chance of purple and gold ships that are crafted in ports outside the safe zone vs inside it. Same with free towns. Reward people who take risks to craft in capturable ports.
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    I wouldn't add it anyways to be honest... why wouldn't another ship be able to board right away when it is already in position? In reality the 2 enemy ships would probably even board at the same time...
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    Where is the challenge.. said by the ones openly saying not wanting even battles (esp. Around mortimer) I do see a challenge playing in a nation without a safezone and where every port can be captured
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    Nation with second place online , with green zones , with all resourses for craft cant suck. We want large port battles and war with strong nation . With pirates its impossible . We cant war with sverige or RE because pirates are stupid zerg who want only PVE . We want PB such as Cartagena... with pirate we have only ports with 2400BR...
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    A Navy 3rd Rate? That's sort of like a Catholic refit for the Pope.
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    One thing that has always bothered me in this game is that Oak has no use whatsoever - I have never built an Oak ship myself and I'm sure many others here haven't either, it's just no good as a woodtype - We see a lot of fir and teak ships around ingame, these woodtypes were commonly used historically but usually due to Oak shortages. I'd like to see more benefits to making oak ships, perhaps cheaper in maintenance? (repairs)
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    I understand that repairs are an essential mechanic in game, and that the devs are constantly tuning how they work and using different ideas etc. BUT currently the idea of Sail Rep / Hull reps is SUPER CONFUSING (at least to me). At least with RUM you know 1 rum = 1 sailor. Currently I run with small ships (eg Prince, Niagara, rattler) AND Frigates. Also I have NO IDEA how many reps each type of ship will need to sustain myself through a tough PVP encounter for example, so I feel that I have initially been totally under repped (when I was used to the old days of 1 repair kit = 1 repair). After that I feel I have been "over-compensating" by stacking tons of repairs in my ships, and when i sik losing them all (and they cost a fair bit). Is the new UI going to have info on ships saying how much repair kits / sail repair kits are needed for "one cycle of repairs" ? Maybe it does already? I have no idea. EG: BEL POULE info screen: Hull Reps: 12 needed per cycle Sail reps: 15 needed per cycle. This seems easy to add and will make understanding what you can carry and what you might need to carry manageable for the player. at the moment I am totally in the dark. Also will the tutorials explain repairs to new players, and how many cycles will fit in a long battle?
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    As the one true Trashlord-in-Chief of this operation, I take full credit for Operation Octaflip (except the name, that was Cornelis Trashcan). @ScipioTrashtuga also was involved in the planning of this trash heap of a plan. TrashiRoku had zero involvement in this operation, much like the US president Lord Draxx who has already tried to steal the trash can right out from under me and claim success. The Night King becomes.....The Trash King.
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    Yea players should have the ability to capture a ship regardless of fleet perk 1. Seems common sense. If they want more than that, perks should be needed.
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    5 knowledge slots for trade ships
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    I think determined defender should prevent chain boarding not boarding in general. Give it a cannot be boarded cool down like the normal one but applies to everyone. The current perk makes it nearly impossible to board larger ships and chain boarding is far more dangerous.
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    battle group was fixed some time ago and will be deployed with the patch battle group status will only be granted if you have 6+ members in a group
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    keep tweaking those upgrades and knowledge to where they do not have such a significant impact and be a larger factor than a players skill.
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    Lower Port BR's across the map - give smaller nations/clans a chance to fight for them and defend them. Adjust bonuses of underused wood types (caguarain,sabicu,mahogany,oak,cedar) to be of more use for crafting ships and make the ports that produce them more desirable. Increase looting range (as you said you would in other post's 3-4 patches ago) we can still board a ship, win the fight and NOT be in looting range.
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    good idea - but requires coding barricades attacking bonuses will be nerfed this patch
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    Make resources more accesible and evenly distributed. For example teak, much on east side, no on west side.
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    Map size is meaningless when a part wants to do only the 25v25 "trafalgars" and the other part wants to roam around hitting the others. Their playstyles will never meet unless forced. Map size is only meaningful when game scale in space and time is 1:1 Original idea makes no sense. The PvE server ( needs a nice name btw ) has earned its own community and is simply a "SP mode" with social aspect.
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    Wouldn't it be nice if we could have this screen, at the end of battles, that allows you to collect your loot, have a look at your combat logs, and manage the number of repairs? Maybe take a quick 15 minute break, grab a snack, smack talk the revenge gank in global chat, etc. Honestly, the end-battle screen was great, IMO. It had problems but they could be solved, it didn't need to go away. Just have the battles kick players out 5 minutes after "Battle Over" and send them to the end battle screen. They can remain there a maximum of 15 minutes, at the end of which they are kicked to OW. Don't allow logging out in the end-battle screen if that is something we are trying to avoid (I liked it but I can understand why some players don't like allowing the log-out). Loot would be distributed in this end-battle screen. Each AI ship carries repairs, cannons, one book, and one module. If you are the only ship in the battle, you'd get all of that loot, if other ships did damage, they'd get some of the loot. RNG would determine who gets what, with quantities given out based on damage done. So if I do 70% damage on an AI Santisima, I would get 70% of the loot from the Santi, maybe books, maybe cannons, maybe modules, maybe a combination. The other 30% would be split among other players who did damage on the Santi. This is not a suggestion to remove the current looting mechanics. I like having the ability to access hold in battle. In fact there should be an option to "open hold" to allow other ships (friendly or enemy) to inspect your hold and take repairs or whatever if you allow them access to the hold. Furthermore, the current looting mechanics could stay, just have it so if you loot a ship in battle, you won't receive the loot from that ship in the end-battle screen. That would be my suggestion for the looting mechanics.
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    aka more seals to club.
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    Wow, it doesn't get anymore malicious than this. Disgraceful behavior.
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    [7UP] has raised the Spanish flag and is recruiting! If you are 18+ years, own a headset and use Teamspeak, feel free to join us on ts3.andaina.net:9985 and try us out! We are an international English speaking clan with focus on RvR, but also enjoy one or the other PvP session. We are mostly European players, but chances are good you find us active any time. [7UP] has been active in Naval Action for years and has a very experienced leadership. We support the Real Acuerdo and keep friendly relationships with other clans in several nations. We have a solid number of very experienced veterans in our clan, but we welcome players of any experience level. If you are new to the game and want to find out all sorts of tricks and maneuvers, we are happy to do a training session with you or you simply join our PvP and RvR activities and learn while sailing with our fleet! We fight a lot and that inevitably means that we also sink a lot. Although we hope that our enemies sink more often than we do, we do not worry about losing a ship. [7UP] runs a shipline providing all clan members with the ships they need, big or small. No fuzz, no prerequisite, just team effort. If you are looking for good battles, plenty of fun with good teamwork, then PM van Veen here, contact us in game or join the [7UP] channel on spanish Teamspeak on ts3.andaina.net:9985.
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    Well, first of all thanks for giving us easy access to teak. About the Port Battle for Grand Turk: We were defending Deadman's Cay on the Bahamas. Pirates has many player, but they are splitted up in many small clans (like me: BABO 14 members) and dont really work well with each other (mostly on port battles). Most of the Pirate players are not that experienced, so deep water port battles are a bit hard for us at the moment, thats why we focus more on shallows right now. We need to train the new ones more and then consider taking ports back. It will take a while, but you will get your PvP/RvR fights
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    If you have just 30 min per day to ply, don’t play NA! Go and play Legends or WOWs, if you like to get fast action! It takes time for sure, sometimes too much, ofc. But i only defend activities on open world, not hiding in ports and tow everything!
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    Short story - RUBLI flip their port. They tell pirates they can defend + add all clans to friend list. Pirates don't defend and have butthurt. I message Kuthara if it helps pirates if we open Blondel Cay for them. Kuthara only trash talk and flames RUBLI.
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    so if a clan wins a PB by tactically getting the required ports, is that no longer skill? If you want to win fights based on kills alone go play legends.