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    Historically scuttling ships to deny them to the enemy was a valid and practiced upon strategy. I believe admin has already ruled on the subject. Now if you had fought us fairly with a 4v4, we would of played your game. You chose to bring in insurmountable odds and our people chose to deny you content. Seems fair IMO. ------ You sure do a lot of complaining on the forums. I thought texas bred men, not whiners?
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    Captains. Important information on the forthcoming plans. Tutorial Tutorial will be probably finished in February. Thanks for the feedback that you provided - it will be incorporated into the game this month. Captain logging into the game the first time will have to pass the tutorial and challenges. The structure of the tutorial: Basic knowledge that unlock the challenges Challenges. Captain who finished the challenges will receive First lieutenant rank and will be able to sail a square rigger right from the start. (some ranks will be rebalanced as a result) M&C Exam. Complex and hard Master and Commander if completed will grant the Captain M&C rank and will give a unique permanent redeemable ship. It will be skippable, but those who skip will miss out on the exam rewards. By finishing the M&C exam you will be able to sail a light frigate and be immediately useful in PVP and Conquest. Tutorial will be available for everyone - even veteran players, if they will want that permanent redeemable ship. User interface. We are working hard on the UI. UI will be streamlined, useful and beautiful. Here is a screen from the first prototype UI will move to a more traditional MMO windows based systems where player will be able to get access to everything he wants with one click without jumping back and forth between screens/tabs. You will be able to open all windows if you wish and operate between them. ETA on the interface finalization is unknown. Localization will start after interface is deployed. In parallel we will finalize the Hostility mechanics, sailing model and combat model.
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    We already mentioned somewhere that we are going to send new players to the clans (it will be part of the tutorial orders). And will post their arrival to the Caribbean into national chat once they pass the MC exam. In this regards Lets discuss what should be on the clan leaderboard to sway the rookie to join one or another clan/guild just by looking at the numbers? Examples Ports controlled Active fleet (players logged in today) PvP marks last week PvP battles last week Port battles won last week
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    Our Global server, as it should be called, deserves a "universal" hostility system that would involve all players whatever their time zone. The only way to achieve that is to implement port attack/defence over a minimum of 48h server, it would require at least 2 consecutive steps (PB?) that would involve at least 2 main time zones players. The PB would be largely predictable and would mobilize as many players as possible. Dev's it's still time to find a balanced system for "every players". Timers are totaly wrong, a tested feature that should be forgotten for ever.
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    We only review cases of friendly kills if they are reported to tribunal. If you sink a friendly with his consent it is allowed. To get marks if that's happening try to get some damage into the enemy to at least get the assist. Topic can be locked
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    Advise them to spend some time in lower level missions and upgrade a ship. Once upgraded they will take on those ships with ease. Or skip that level mission completely. we are not yet fully decided on missions (they might not exist in their current form in the future). currently missions are just - extra NPCs instead of open world. We want players to hunt in the open world.
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    HaHaHa You turned French!!
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    After another battle yesterday that we lost due to some tactical, i had thought that the french were getting a bit braver again. However this morning i see that another french port has been put on a timer of 03:00 to 06:00. It seems that not only in battle but also in the whole RvR, the only thing they can do is run away froom a fight. We all know their kiting tactics but now we can even be kited in a port battle because of the absurd timers. Our friends the french declared very formally a war with GB but honestly if you only put your timers at times our better players arent on it can only be that you are scared to fight. Meet you on the battlefield, I hope ....
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    Port Battle in Road Rocks yesterday evening, GB attacking, FR Defending FR Leader, Louis XVI ( @DesMoines), GB Leader @Gregory Rainsborough (?) Guest star: @Alanxo (Mortar Brig) The battle started by an attack to the fortress by the British mortar, which was counter attacked by the French mortar, forcing the British one to retreat. She was later sunk by Rattle Heavies. The Brits attacked from East, having the Wind gate. French responding at long range, staying far from carronade range and from boarders. The battle later moved from East to West, ships dispersing in several groups, each party trying to take the circles and to keep some ship in enemy's circles. This was a very disputed and a very fun battle, which ended by a French Victory (1000 points at the 87th minute). Good fight! See you later!
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    Shooting at the burning ship spreads fire faster. Balls roll and spread more sparkles around. If fire spreads faster it can reach magazine faster
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    Strange how some players only see fair ... when they lose
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    I am seeing repeated complaints of players getting their first 6th rate ship, and doing the lowest level 6th rate missions and facing 3 enemies... That's a good way to take the first real upgrade away from a new player. Missions are supposed to start out easy and get harder as the player gains experience and skill.. not the reverse like we see in NA today. Lots of players can post tips and suggestions but the majority of you (especially in this forum) can no longer put yourself in the new player's shoes...
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    Pretty simple. When in a battle group, the total BR of all ships in the battle group should be displayed above. Trying to work out who's brought what and what the BR for ships adds up to is a real pain when it matters for Port Battle BR. this is also exacerbated by the fact that in a battle group the ships people are sailing are not shown.
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    You are looking at it from a veteran player POV, Liq. If you just had made enought money to buy your first brig from NPC and in the next mission you have to fight three enemy ships of the same tier. You play this game for 2, maybe 3 hours, no tutorial (well, a very basic combat tutorial), no tooltips, maybe nobody in help chat, very basic UI. Suddenly, you are heavily outgunned and outnumbered in a basic pve battle. These things frustrate new players, they leave and never come back. Famous example is @rediii's brother. He told his story a few times, if I recall correct.
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    It should be restricted to active players only. Don't include clans that have 100's of people who haven't logged in months. So this, 'Active fleet (players logged in today) ' *players logged in the past 30 days Should be this.
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    To give new players a better indication what the true orientation of a clan is you might also add (and i think weekly stats give better feedback): Players logged in this week Ships crafted this week Accumulated gold this week Ressources mined this week (in tons) PvE kills this week
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    Maybe ask them what type of gameplay they prefer. PvE,PvP, RvR . Kinda different gameplays and not everyone will be comfortable in a RvR clan or get bored in a PvE clan
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    cmon you do the same in bahamas man
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    FRC (+ some HRE) will strike again. The High Councill of FRC has decided unanimously, that it is time to night-flip some dutch ports. We are keen to see their night-fleet. It musst be massiv, because apparently most of the dutch ports have night timers and why else would you set them like this? However; FRC got international and will soon be one of the most powerfull forces in the area (ok, thats not too hard! but still....). We will continue those night flipps, untill all durch ports east of thecapital belong to FRC. The whole FRC clan is looking forward to good night battels, a lot of fun and hopefully a rising FRC-EMPIRE. Our second FRC-aim is, to get those ports before CABAL, who also want to take that area as a new point of presents. The only remaining question is: can they fill up their pb-list up? At the occasion i want to note, that there is no need to apply for FRC. We are currently not looking for more members! signed by Friedus High command of FRC, Leader of FRC, Councill-Member of FRC, Founder of FRC and FRC-President of FRC
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    @RKY Bit of an issue here. I can’t see anything wrong in your screen shot. Yes, I agree we play the game to have fun and a certain level of banter or school yard ribbing is acceptable. Toxic behavior or bullying is completely unacceptable of course. What is wrong is calling something toxic that is not. In the past @admin has threaten to close Global Chat. If Global was to close because of this report it would be a travesty. This by what you’ve offered is making a mountain out of a mole hill at best unless you’ve other proof obviously. When something actually is TOXIC in nature and needs addressing there is risk it will be missed by too many reports calling something toxic that is not. The Boy who cried wolf... Norfolk
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    What is this?? Another pretender?? Away with you imposter!
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    I can fully understand that clans like WO and BLANC put timers to their primetime. But EU clans like EDR hiding behind timers is beyond my comprehension ...
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    after this battle the Russian survivors scattered to the winds. our fleet split in two in order to kill as many as we could. the The following battle is a screen shot of Skmarsh, Christendom, Jack Aubrey, Wraith. 3 (Wraith, Jack Aubrey, Skmarsh)of them green on green sank each other in order to deny content. We all know the quality of the Russian playerbase due to the port swapping with Spain to win the RVR competition. But this is a new low even for the Russian. Perhaps this is worth some action by the devs? If the devs don't see fit to do something than at least the playerbase will know the quality of the players in Russia
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    I think it's more the KoC side of things with all the hate, we actually think it's pretty funny how much they go after @Christendom and it's like he has some secret crush with how much he talks about him and such.. On a side note I got off work early tonight and when I logged into TS and say a bunch of US in it and out guys mixed together chatting and having a good time. Let me tell you these are NPG and MARS guys that I use to fight on GLOBAL. We made some jokes, I mention to Jweller how I still got his captured L'ocean (from the last PB we fought against each other) and it was nice. It was this way when VCO went Pirates. We where fighting each other tooth and nails one day and than the next we all joined together and got a long. Right now France US prime time guys are like the BLACK on GLOBAL, top RvR guys that have the numbers and most of them are very skilled RvR players. If you look at the screen that is two nations working together for a common cause. Some of those players where just in a port battle early this week against each other (Little River). I think the thing is most of use is just tired of KoC and his crap. They speak about honor and stuff, we saw them pull a lot of shaddy crap back on GLOBAL and I"m sure they will pull them here on this server so they really don't have room to speak about what is honorable or not. Hell I seen them do the same thing try to shoot each other to prevent us from capturing there ships, but we go to them and captured the ships. So they done the exact same thing.
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    For 500 PvE (combat) marks I can stream how she behaves in battle, not more
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    Agreed to certain points here Banished: F11 coordinates in battle, mast thickness nerf, high ranks instead of newbies using the safe zones correctly - basically false design as you said, speed meta. What I will never agree to is the hidden attitude of nearly all pro pvpers that they only want doable fights. Basically what signalling perk does. If the enemy is mediocre in skill level we will defeat them if not too heavily outnumbered. So we want the fights heavy and demanding but always want to win. I assume that, because in the most discussions there is nearly only pvpers discussing about mechanics that totally fit their purpose. What we forget and where the crux is: on our way to glory and the fancy screenshots and videos there is hundreds of bloody noobs or casuals just being quickly killed, not really mentioned and even faster forgotten. There may be some balancing needed here or there in the mechanics without doubt, but please be honest to yourselves here. If I get wrecked in front of a capital after I sank one or two noobs in their missions or found a poor fella that thinks he can kill my frig with his big guns on the big boat and tags me inside the safezone - to me this is only fair and square. Just try to change pov: to all the newbies and noobs the fight you or we won just weren't doable. You know what a success it is for casuals to sink known enemy players in front of the capitals? Even if some of them sink in this battle, they gonna come again and play. Win some, lose some that's how it should be - and for me it is currently. I know you want to talk mechanics. To me this is more a matter of attitude.
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    Where the F should they sit then? It's the fault of the game and mechanics that everyone comes to the safe zones to "gank" ( sometimes gank and sometimes just looking for fair fights ). It's the fault of experienced max rank players hiding like cowards in the zones to do PvE that the new players take the beating, because they don't understand the mechanics as well as the max rank players and are easier to get into a fight... I mean how hard can it be to only give new players untouchable status in the zones but exclude rank 6+ ? And "jumping traders" ... are you for real mate? It's retarded enough that you can trade / craft with immunity in the zones and you actually complain about people taking traders down, if they get the chance? Are we playing Hello Kitty online or something? I used to play pirates too but kinda quit.... game is going to shit slowly and pirates became the biggest carebear nation of the server...
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    I completely understand the attitude of the people who gank; - They get rewards. - Risk is extremely low compared to taking on a proper fight. - "ITS A WARGAME N00B!" I honestly have no problem with that. I'll happily go get ganked on purpose just to shoot at some stuff, i've done that every time i play for a long long time now. To me however, it becomes an issue when you fend off a "Gank", but they just tag you again. And again. And again. Eventually you run out of repairs, or real life stuff takes over. (To name a few; Dinner, Sleep, School, Work, Kids, etc etc.) This is where i get frustrated. If the enemy wants you bad enough, they will get you. (And some will argue that you just need to sail the right ship. But as we have seen in the past with revenge fleets, even the fastest Surprises can get caught and killed by so called "revenge fleets". And especially now that repairs are limited to what you can carry on your ship.) Fix repeat tagging/"Revenge fleeting". Suggestions; - Exit to nearest port. (Only available if you are the "defender".) - Log off after battle. (Only available if you are the "defender") I am not sure how it can be implemented without the "After Battle Report" thing we used to have. - Longer speedbost/invisibility. (Only available if you are the "defender"). I get about 9 seconds of it now, i can barely set my sails in that time. This also solves one of those things that i have seen many a player complain about; "Counter Tagging". Only problem i see here is that first "gank fleet" you face will simply wait till they are right on your fight before they tag you. So your first fight will be alot tougher but if you win/escape you will be rewarded by not having to suffer repeat tagging untill you die or simply log off because you have more important stuff to do.
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    Still, leaderboard not ganna help small clans or nations and drag all the attention to certain clans and nations. If you dont want 1 or 2 zerg nations, this is a totaly bad idea.
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    this and ... the total number of players in the clan total number of combat marks week also (if you compare this with PVP total marks per week you can tell if they are more PVP or PVE oriented)
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    Kinda off what @Jake Newport said it might be nice if clans can have some tabs to click for what type of clan they are: RvR, PvP, PvE, Merchant/Trade Clan. New Player friendly. Open for recruitment Stuff like that that new players can look at search. Clans will also need a recruitment role. Like officers but only power would be to add folks to clan nothing else. Oh and we really need freaking clan logs of the warehouse.
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    Does an in-game clan directory exist on either PvP or PvE? If it does, the game needs directions on how to access it. If not: Clans are the Isla de Muerta. Cannot be found, except by those who already know where it is. Rooting around in stale forum posts and sub-reddits is no help at all and increases the load on what already is a VERY steep learning curve for new players. Directory Features: listing optional. Visiblity options -- pick whether the directory listing is public or national. Limited to active clans. The directory listing would expire at some point past the date of the last member login. Listing Features: Clan name Nationality Seeking new members Y/N Seeking alliances Y/N Founder / officer and founder names (or the ability to message via the clan name with forwards to founder/officers) Primary objective (trade, raid, etc). Formatted field with fixed options so it can be sorted in the directory. Optional website URL (if any) Small plain-text description field
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    i just had a dream about it.
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    Swedes: 6 Prussians: 2 Pirates: 3+ but they are on the edge and most are deep water ports not in the proper shallow regions. French: 2 US: 1 GB: 14 ports......that is more than all the others combine pretty much and you wonder why your getting attacked? I would like to add all 14 are also owned by one clan. When you look at the other nations they have mix clans that own the ports. I'm pretty sure that is what makes you a prime target in that region.
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    This, honestly, is a pretty tame screenshot. There's not much going on in it. Keep in mind, historically, it was not all powdered wigs and fragile china. By 1800, the election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, America's second and third Presidents (respectively), had deteriorated so far as to have this written of it: Generally, efforts are made more against racism, homophobia, Nazi ideology - things like that. Each moderator uses his or her own judgment in an effort to keep things from devolving too far, however, many users will attempt to "push the line" to see just where that line is. The moderators themselves are of course, human, and make mistakes. Generally, we also encourage people to right-click and report those you think might be "crossing the line" in chat. Those reports are gone through regularly. Further, of course, is the option to ignore, as you mentioned above.
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    It's why I don't ever have Global open unless someone says "go on Global and read such and such".
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    Well the French engaged at ~700-750m using point en blanc fire. That is the aiming using line of metal directly at the point you want to hit. British reports suggest that they failed to adjust aim adequately on closing so fires drifted higher than the aim point when engaging the hull at closer ranges. They were often in single ship actions attempting to complete their strategic mission, while disengaging from RN ships. They failed fairly frequently. The British fired using quarter sights or levelled ordnance and encouraged practice at shorter ranges. (There is a table of aim points in Douglas) The idea that firing was only done inside 100mt against spars and rigging is a made up thing. The issue in game is the pointability of ordnance and its stabilisation relative to the horizon. If the ships had correct pitch, heave, surge, roll and yaw, and the ordnance was 'rigidly' set to the deck with limited, slow and imprecise adjustment of aim. Also a high degree of responsiveness in ship handling (control lag instant to seconds, rather than tens of seconds to minutes), and the rather rapid rates of fire (and sustainability of maximum rates indefinitely).
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    well i agree ....when in a battle it is a tactic .. the question remains : if it is honorable , it all depends how you look at it .... some captains who scuffled their ships became national HEROEs examples : HMS Sapphire (1696)[edit] HMS Sapphire was a 32-gun, fifth-rate sailing frigate of the Royal Navy in Newfoundland Colony to protect the English migratory fishery. The vessel was trapped in Bay Bulls harbour by four French naval vessels led by Jacques-François de Brouillan. To avoid its capture, the English scuttled the vessel on 11 September 1696. Siege of Yorktown (1781)[edit] The British sank one ship on October 10, 1781 to prevent it from being captured by the French fleet. Chesapeake Bay Flotilla (1814)[edit] During the War of 1812, Commodore Joshua Barney, of the U.S. Navy, Chesapeake Bay Flotilla, sank all nineteen of his fighting vessels, to keep them from falling into the hands of the British, as he and his men marched, inland, in the defense of Washington DC. Jan van Speijk (1831)[edit] During the Belgian war of independence, Dutch gunboat commander Jan van Speijk came under attack from a mob of Antwerp labourers. When they forced him and his crew to surrender, he ignited a barrel of gunpowder, thus sinking his ship and killing himself and most of the crew. Van Speijk went on to become a national hero in The Netherlands. Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol (1854)[edit] A ship lying underwater in Sevastopol, 1858. During the Crimean War, in anticipation of the Siege of Sevastopol, the Russians scuttled ships of the Black Sea Fleet to protect the harbour, to use their naval cannon as additional artillery, and to free up the ships' crews as marines. Those ships that were deliberately sunk included Grand Duke Constantine, City of Paris (both with 120 guns), Brave, Empress Maria, Chesme, Yagondeid (84 guns), Kavarna (60 guns), Konlephy (54 guns), steam frigate Vladimir, steamboats Thunderer, Bessarabia, Danube, Odessa, Elbrose and Krein. After the war, it became a technological challenge to recover the ships. USS Merrimack/CSS Virginia (1861)[edit] Merrimack alight 20 April 1861. In April 1861, the United States Navy steam frigate USS Merrimack was among several ships Union forces set afire or scuttled at the Gosport Navy Yard (now Norfolk Naval Shipyard) in Portsmouth, Virginia, to keep them from falling into Confederate hands at the outbreak of the American Civil War. The unsuccessful attempt at scuttling Merrimack enabled the Confederate States Navy to raise and rebuild her as the broadside ironclad CSS Virginia. Shortly after her famous engagement with the U.S Navy monitor USS Monitor in the Battle of Hampton Roads in March 1862, the Confederates scuttled Virginia to keep her from being captured by Union forces. Stone Fleet[edit] Main article: Stone Fleet In December 1861 and January 1862, Union forces scuttled a number of former whalers and other merchant ships in an attempt to block access to Confederate ports during the American Civil War. Loaded with stone before being scuttled, the scuttled ships were known as the "Stone Fleet." Those scuttled in December 1861 sometimes are called the "First Stone Fleet," while those sunk in January 1862 sometimes are termed the "Second Stone Fleet." Peruvian fleet at El Callao (1881)[edit] Main article: Scuttling of the Peruvian fleet in El Callao During the War of the Pacific, as Chilean troops entered Lima and El Callao, the Peruvian naval officer Germán Astete ordered the whole Peruvian fleet to be scuttled to prevent capture by Chile. USS Merrimac (1898)[edit] During the Spanish-American War, a volunteer crew of United States Navy personnel attempted to scuttle the collier USS Merrimac in the entrance to the harbor at Santiago de Cuba in Cuba on the night of 2-3 June 1898 in an attempt to trap the Spanish Navy squadron of Vice Admiral Manuel de la Cámara y Libermoore in port there. The attempt failed when she came under fire by Spanish ships and fortifications and sank without blocking the entrance. SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse (1914)[edit] In August 1914, SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse was requisitioned by the Kaiserliche Marine and converted into an auxiliary cruiser, assigned to commerce raiding in the Atlantic. She was fitted with six 10.5 cm (4 inch) guns and two 37 mm guns. After sparing two passenger ships because they were carrying many women and children, she sank two freighters before she herself was sunk on 26 August 1914. She was caught refuelling off the shore of the then Spanish colony of Río de Oro in western Africa by the old British 6-inch gunned cruiser HMS Highflyer. Badly outgunned, the ship eventually ran out of ammunition. The crew abandoned and scuttled her. British sources at the time insisted that Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse sank because of the damage inflicted by Highflyer. SMS Dresden (1915)[edit] In December 1914, SMS Dresden was the only German warship to escape destruction in the Battle of the Falkland Islands. She eluded her British pursuers for several more months, until she put into Más a Tierra in March 1915. Her engines were worn out and she had almost no coal left for her boilers. There, she was trapped by British cruisers, which violated Chilean neutrality and opened fire on the ship. Dresden's Executive Officer - the future Admiral Wilhelm Canaris - negotiated with the British and bought time for his shipmates to scuttle Dresden. Zeebrugge Raid (1918)[edit] The Zeebrugge Raid involved three outdated British cruisers chosen to serve as blockships in the German-held Belgian port of Bruges-Zeebrugge from which German U-boat operations threatened British shipping. Thetis, Intrepid and Iphigenia were filled with concrete then sent to block a critical canal. Heavy defensive fire caused the Thetis to scuttle prematurely; the other two cruisers sank themselves successfully in the narrowest part of the canal. Within three days, however, the Germans had broken through the western bank of the canal to create a shallow detour for their submarines to move past the blockships at high tide. a very good suggestion would be to make the surrender button named >>>scuffel you ship >> SCUFFLE where goods can be still in the ship(if not deliberate destroyed) but the crew abandoning the ship surender is such a negative word some times there are heroes Too....
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    Devs said custom names would be very heavy for servers. However, if we could pick up a name from a list of several hundreds of historical names of ships a bit more feel of customization would be achieved at a reduced cost.
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    Wraith my love, please read my suggestion again. If you get "ganked" you can still get your revenge. But if you go gank someone and they kill you, forget all about revenge. In my opinion its not hard to make it so people don't exploit it. A PB Fleet exploits it? Demote every single player and if someone feels like its unfair they can go make their case in the tribunal. Invisibility/Speed boost is alright for me too, but it need to be long enough that you can get past the "net" that a 15 man gank group can make. And it has to take into account that not everyone loads the OW in 1 second. (Oh, and ofcourse, decreasing the god damn time that battles are open would help too. But we all know the friggin outcry that comes every time someone mentions that...)
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    Demote everyone who exploit it to rank 0. But i'm just a silly guy who loves sailing solo in OW doing PvP and enjoying the awesome combat model that NA offers (It might not be perfectly balanced but it is still superb compared to any other Age of Sail game out there.). I know very well that Naval Action is now a "RvR" game and there is little room for those like me. But since i love the game (I truly do, otherwise why the heck would i have spent 4.6k hours in it), i just can't be bothered anymore... Maybe some day, repeat tagging/revenge fleeting will be fixed again. I sure as hell hope so because i'd like to keep playing
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    Get rid of the 'Crafted by' and 'Crafting region' attributes and replace them with names. Voila.
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    My ingame name is Lars Kjaer and I'll be happy to teach you both manual sails, and give you some 1vs1 practice if you want to improve.. The basic cutter can't tag but I can make you a h.rattle and a prince we can duel with in the bahamas.. I'm EU tz so look me up if you would care to get a few lessons - risk free since I'll be providing the ship and even will refrain from killing you. EDIT: and there's no shame in running from a fight you can't win. Only in not trying..