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    I feel most of the problems in game are due to mods unbalancing the ships natural balance. You want a fast chase ship, well naturally the Renomee, Rattlesnake, and Trinco would be the ships of choice for that task... but seeing as I can build a 4th rate *ahem Wasa* to go just as fast as the above ships, with more firepower, turning that can match, and is tougher, just through mods alone. Why would I bother with a paper thin Rattlesnake, a leaking Trinco, or a matchstick mast Renomee. So I am suggesting that if you want a ship that is fast, with calking and french masts, well it would have to be BUILT that way. The only options as a captain you should have is your gun load, crew, and ballast options. The current "knowledge books" simulate those options well. But all other permanent options should have to be built into the ship from the dockyard. Everything should have a pro and a con. You want less leaks from damage, well your ship is packed full of tar which is flammable, so you are a floating oil lamp. You want tougher masts, well they are slower to respond with yard turns. You want copper plating, well repairs will be MORE expensive. Everything will have a place and a use, no matter how obscure, it will have a use, unlike now.
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    Captains Forged papers will soon come to steam as first DLC. Thanks to you they were properly tested and work as a breeze. Here is an amazing painting of the guy who made forged papers work well (painting made internally by our artists. Important part. If you and/or your clan have used forged papers and you were happy with the free testing of the service. 3-4 Best interesting and humorous testimonials will be posted on the Steam page for the humanity to read and enjoy. They can be posted in English or can be in national languages of the countries present in game. Examples "Dutch 10% tax was horrible. Thanks to this master forger I only pay 10% in Christiansted" Captain Arthas Yekshimesh. I now have US papers. Thank you forger. Glory to Kazakhstan Captain Borat etc Also: Like the posts if you like the reviews of captains.
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    maybe its time to just add 2km exit allowance even if you are tagged.
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    Hiding in battles - implement "cant join PB" timer after a battle teleportingr around on OS-1 outpost selectable as homeport. changeable every week. Tow to homeport. Tow only possible without hold. (in the end it exists to unstuck) Thickness - nerf thickness of all 1st rates by 2cm. Thicknessmods should not be stackable. (is also a vm mark nerf because 2nds would be useable now and it is a slight cartagena nerf) Wasa - has to have 80BR more (250br aga, 330BR Wasa, 400BR Bellona Please fix this for god sake
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    Leave politics out. That was your specific suggestion and there's a running thread about thickness already. Use it.
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    Ill get right to the point Why is it that certain 5th rates do not have bow / stern chasers? Lack of stern chasers severely limits OW raiding / solo hunting - Trincomalee as example could be a great ship, I would sail it a lot, but what puts me off is the lack of stern chasers. Since I mostly sail alone, there is literally no hope from escaping a super gank. Don't get me wrong, I like a challenging fight, taking a 1v2 1v3 or whatever. But at some point it just becomes impossible (Unless you're Ram Dinark). Can't just all 5th rates get at least 2 of each chasers, since from my knowledge, in reality it was not much of a deal to move guns on carriages in place to use them as chasers?
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    Court Report Following the heinous crime of Green on Green obstruction eight Captains have been convicted most terribly. Oil paintings of a large number of incidents were provided by plaintiffs which showed a blatant disregard for the law of the seas by the accused including attempted beaching, ship wreck and aiding the enemy. A guilty verdict was announced as family members of the convicted were led away following a spate of breathlessness. The convicted and stained were named as follows: Jon Snow lets go - HRE Sverige Konteramiral Robeque - RUBLI Pirate Curse dron441 - RUBLI Pirate Curse Friedus - FRC Sverige Konteramiral KaRateL11 - RUBLI Pirate Curse DIMAS 85 - BF Danmark-Norge Kontreadmiral Captain Reverse - BF Danmark-Norge Kontreadmiral CptCubarage - BF Danmark-Norge Kommander Following the mass hangings of the notorious SORRY clan at Cap Fraincais, reports were also heard that an order for extra oak planks and cordage had been placed in anticipation that a new gallows structure would be needed to support the lardy weight of falling corpses and egos. Yesterday families of the accused looked on as the full might of the law was thrown at the convicted. A weighty slap with a marmalade sandwich missed each convict by a fathom. However, a court official stated that repeat offenders will be demoted. This was treated with all the seriousness it deserved. It can only be assumed that appeals for clemency were heard siting oil painting interpretation errors and that these were new recruits who had no intention of causing harm but had somehow fallen into some terrible trap set by the plaintiffs. The oak plank and cordage order has reportedly been used to make extra tables and seats along with a large order of rum and giggles in Scandinavian and Pirate lodgings. Let that be a lesson to us all. Buster (Hacked)
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    Thats what we are showing poles now. Just like we made HRE and KOTO our vassal clans. Do you think prussia survives with your skill? Lol your nation can't even manual sail. You exist because EXILE allows it. You will die when EXILE demands it. When the time comes we will smash you.
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    @rediii I can recommend this spray. I use it since a while in this forum and it works pretty fine
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    There is such option in Legends, so why not in NA? Automatically repair ship + refill crew in port. Just thick a box for auto-maintenance somewhere in settings. Should work also with fleet ships.
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    Is anything being planned to try and combat the massive amount of blatant cheating happening around free ports to obtain PvP marks? Even when it is not an alt account is it two "friends" in different nations who just take it in turns to sink the other, usually one just surrenders instantly and the other sinks it via the inspection interface. Some people think they have become smart by boarding the other player first in an attempt to make it look more genuine but it's still really obvious. I'm certain I'm not the only one who has noticed it
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    Its kinda funny. They nerfed a good amount of the mods down to acceptable levels, and included more significant maluses... But in the same patch they included the "Admiralty PvP"super-mods that only the better players will acquire... which completely destroyed the benefit of the nerfing. Ugh. I understand the want/need of some players to "find" loot, but it seems there can be different "loot" that can be worth "stuff" and not influence battle outcomes... (Hint: Its cosmetic and "trinkets"... )
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    Be assured that Russian officials not only know about their duty but will also act that way. Players don't want to dominate. They want fun. The rise of Russia was successful, because we organized content for each ones gameplay. Sweden's downfall began when their enemies refused to fight them and officials didn't care for other content which would have been more healthy for the server. Players got bored and left the game. Russia is not organized as a centralized military government. Russia has four RvR clans, each one can organize its own RvR. The nation is only needed for screening. That's why it will never happen that only the elite player get access to PB battles but the opportunity is offered to a wide range of Russians. Our PB fleets will always stay divers. What gives other nations the chance for a victory. Winning under all costs is no policy in Russia. Dominating the map is boring for most players without access to the A team. It would destroy our power on the long run, like it did in Sweden.
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    Just as a point of reference: HMS Victory: 60cm at waterline IRL USS Constitution: 55cm at waterline IRL FYI: Someone in clan just built a 14.5 knot Bellona with 85cm thickness. Because “mods”
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    мамбу в президенты!
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    Six bow chasers? Jesus. The most a frigate could bear on an enemy was most probably four and that´s for the 18- or 24-pounder frigates and if the ship was sailing directly behind the other vessel, which would have been a rather uncharacteristic chase. For reference, here´s a rather theoretical plan for a danish 18-pounder frigate, the Venus, on how the guns could be angled in combat. If properly set up, she might have been able to fire three guns (two on the upper deck, one on the fo'c'sle) at the enemy in a wind- or leeward position. Edit: No, make that two guns only. Just had a look at the other plans, no bow chaser on the fo'c'sle possible, because the cat tails would have been in the way,
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    I order you to stop losing trincs, hachi.
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    Oh?! I assumed it deleted you hold after confirmation before the actual tp to home. I'm such a shitty tester because I don't do the chaotic neutral loophole abuse as a routine.
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    @Graf Bernadotte you always have much to say. Please comment your recent defeat in North Inlet.
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    Danish vs France 1/16/2018 French commander: King of Crowns Danish commander: Captain Reverse Location: La Navase
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    Want some clarification. Before I write a quick and a good suggestion tho quick: teleport only possible to ports of your nation without hold Good: homeport setable in your outposts. Changeable once per week. No hold allowed The "exploit": Teleporting a RvR fleet next to a PB port to instajoin or "warp" trough enemy screening Teleporting your fleet ahead of the enemy you are chasing, "warping" to the enemy port Teleporting your fleet with 4 indiamans and full hold halfway to bermuda, making the sail 2 hours less Is this how the mechanic should work? Can we expect a hotfix? What should we do if we see a fleet warping to a portbattle/next to the port of the portbattle? Edit: last time I know a fleet did this was by LV / SORRY and a hotfix got deployed sonyou can not tsleport to regional capitals. (which didnt fix it to be honest. Problem is warping NEXT TO the PB
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    Gb vs any nation in a nutshell
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    As a once famous Frenchman once said "Why use a white flag when you can waive around a forged paper?"
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    "I was stuck getting ganked by 14 player groups regularly in OW. Thanks to this master forger I am now only grinding with 12 pounder cannons on my Consitutions against Bucentaures regularly in Legends!"
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    Ya I have always wished that each ship could be built in different ways within a realistic range, and then rigging and cannon setups could be adjusted to suit your needs. All of these options would be available to everyone equally, and no crazy, unbalanced mods.
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    first reaction .. is what is your point ? different nations have different amount of players that are either europen or non european .. for instance GB has more non european players than poland has players the 80 -20 split comes from what ? a guess or hard fact a bigger population will mean more inclusion rather than less
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    It was just like with US in real life in my opinion. Sure, people in general don't like US - they start a war here or there from time to time, and forcing your way by killing a few folks tends to irritate people for some reason. Still, it's better than eg. North Korea or ISIS being a dominant world power. We'll see what's Russia's soft power now, when they're clearly one of the powerhouses (I mean in game ). Sweden did consider server population health quite a lot in their actions. Commanders were limiting expansionist ideas of clans quite often. We'll see how Russia will handle the will of their players to dominate. I hope for new powers to emerge as well. I can see a few having a potential to rise. This would be good for the game.
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    No one is trash. Everyone enjoys the game as they see fit. Many do not even complain as much.
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    There's no ganks, just absolute application of superior force at a given place in a determined moment. ... *drops smoke bomb and disappears*
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    your quick becoming the hornblower of the russian nation ... i guess the one redeeming factor is your name in forum and game are consistent
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    Pretty boring RP. I can also write bullshit without facts about russia. Whole population lost their rational mind and went insane after some victories without any meaning. After recent discoveries russian logistics and warfare is based on teleporting ships with a legal exploit of magic mechanics. Blablabla boring, I'm bad in roleplaying but you are even worse than me
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    Because you get only one shot at a release, and wasting it just to have numbers be bloated for no actual gain is insanely stupid. Closed beta with old victims included is as safe as they come, open beta means you get under a lot of scrutiny and if you missed your chance you're living with a stigma till the end. I will repeat what I say every time - don't want to play closed beta, don't play it. It won't open up just because you want it to open "cuz gameplayz 'n funzies". The failure is not in the dev cycle, the failure is in you inability to curate your own expectations. At that point, you should think twice before calling others out on "adolescent rage".
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    I'm not sure if I should call that stupid or dedicated.
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    Hey Guys thought this might be fun for everyone. So describe your first day at sea in the open World. Spawned as a British lynx on Saint Johns. Sailed around aimlessly for 45min. Found A battle joined in captured a cutter and sunk a lynx! Returned to port bought cannons that were too big for my cutter wasted all my plunger Went back out to see looking for a fight. Found A pirate! Turned out he did not want to be a pirate and i made him promise not to pirate any ships in British waters. He agreed but just to be sure i let the fleet know. Found a lone French lynx! Chased his ass down! Started the take down! Wait What! A French Frigate come to his add followed by 6 other french ships! Dam! I try to Run But its too late! I turn and load double my crew dies I think of the Queen.. look at the clock i have been playing for 9 hours. Bed Time Hahaha And lets spell SEA right in the post tittle derp... What did you See at Sea yes...
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    "Thanks to the master forger trump, I can finally leave this shithole country and go make america great again"
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    I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the belief that Naval Action can be great again. I have a dream that one day Naval Action will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “This is a PvP focused game with a biased toward realism when it does not compromise fun factor.” I have a dream that one day on the port of Mortimer Town the former slaves to the lord of GRIND and RNG LOOT will be able to sit down at the table of common sense and realize this system is terrible. I have a dream that one day even a new player, those suffering in the sweltering heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be able to play NA and have access to pvp without the soul crushing demands of grinding NPC's for months. I have a dream that my four friends will one day return to Naval Action where they will not be doomed to failure because they do not have the right gear but rather measured by the content of their skill. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day, over in Ukraine, with its vicious carebear love of grinding, with its lead developer having his lips dripping with the words of RNG loot and absurdity; one day right there in Game-Labs studios, little pirate boys and pirate girls will be able to join hands with little brit boys and brit girls and have pvp determined by skill rather than gear checks. I hate virtually everything post 10.0 patch where it became some warped disfigured game weighed down by the albatross of gear, grind, and multiple repairs.....someday soon I pray we are free of this and we can return to a better place....and on that day we will join arm in arm in every port across the ocean and cry out " Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty, we are free at last!" * Inspired by MLK and the oppression of racism....which to me is pretty much what we have here in NA except its a war against those who do not like boring mind numbing soul crushing gameplay.
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    Timers will always be a problem until the entirety of RVR isn't decided by a single winner takes all battles. The perfect RVR system would let attackers attack whenever, but give defenders adequate time to defend. This mean day long campaigns for a port, not a single hour of hostilities and a single hour of PB.
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    "I was living a true pyrate life in a pirate nation before the outlaws got banned by the law. Now I continue to live the outlaw life of a true pyrate under the Prussian flag killing all pirates".
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    Give crafters a crafting skill tree and sailors a sailing/fighting skill tree along which certain features baked into those ships crafted and sailed progress naturally with time and experience in-game. Get rid of the RNG Jesus attached to "skill" books and upgrades and let's destroy the self-reinforcing marks system for ship access and performance. These rewards should be for cosmetic- or renown-related outcomes, and they should scale with risk. TLDR: We don't need to reinforce the winners' capabilities to win. If anything we need to increase the challenges faced by winners (in PvP and RvR) in order to keep challenging them, and bring the losers up to speed more quickly.
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    So I am the leader of VNM, a primarily US clan, of the Dutch Nation. We have more RVR players in our American time zone than in Dutch times. We set the PBs as a united Provinces to when we can best defend them against one Dane clan that has more members than our whole Dutch nation. So non issue. You clearly are not a clan leader/officer in your nation and do not know the inner politics between clans and nations.
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    If you can't attack Port A from Nation 1 because of timer, maybe attack Port B from Nation 2 instead. There is 11 different nations on the map, spain is only allied to russia and USA. Swedes and Danes have lots of ports in EU time. French have also lots of EU Timers in the east or even no timers.
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    You are right, they are super trash. But some people just don't learn on their mistakes 😉.
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    1 - Возможно ли добавление как опции в настройках звука боцмана или офицера который будет сообщать о том что тебе сбили мачту или повредили орудия??? (в больших замесах не всегда успеваешь отследить да и атмосфернее будет по примеру на гон деке выбили 2 орудия по правому борту капитан или капитан нам сломали фок мачту или руль поврежден капитан и т.д и т.п,)???????????????? 2- Будет ли введен расширенный клановый инструмент - клановая гавань - гараж для стоянки кораблей??? дополнительное увеличение вместимости склада??? 3- возможно ли убрать лабор хауз каторый позволяет крафтить лабор контракты и его функцию переложить на мастерскую ??? (а еще лучше это можно сделать только в столице и за те же деньги) 4 - когда порадуете новым патчем и/или кораблями???
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    I know... ... Contingencies are being made to steal all the gold from the warehouses and buying a villa in the Gulf, in a undisclosed location within a safe zone, and retire in peace.
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    Nobody blamed you cheating before Somerset. We blamed of hypocrisy and lying. Sweden used hiding in battle already before the map wipe. I definitely remember a PB at Bridgetown while we tagged Bollo who was pirate at that time. This was under your command and no problem since the western alliance had such a strong screening that entering PB would have been impossible otherwise. For exactly the same reason other nations used this tactic after. Since Sweden had the strongest screening of all nations after the wipe you didn't need to hide in battle. Since Russia had a decent screening fleet in front of Somerset we expected the use of this tactic by our enemies. And we were prepared to counter it instead of blaming you. That's when Swedes started to cheat.
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    it was a fleet sent to catch the british hostility fleet that tagged our fleet once the brits got away due to BR mechanic.
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    Wind changes IRL you can see minor wind shifts fairly often, in particular near land. But those would be small back and forth shifts 10-20 degrees or so. The wind can also shift dramatically such as when a land breeze gradually turns into a sea breeze, but that change could take a number of hours. You also can have steady wind with no shifts over the course of an entire battle. Basically small wind shifts are fine but large change in direction should be rare in the scope of a battle instance. @admin Speaking of wind - variable wind speed and weather conditions would help with ship differences. Not sure if Wasa discussion is OT here but - Just make Wasa a 3rd rate as she was, in particular armed with 32pdrs, and adjust BR accordingly. IMO should be a good reason to change a ships stats not because someone is unhappy their favorite ship sails differently now. Similarly even ships in the same class had differences and shouldn't be balanced for balance sake. BR changes should factor in as well.
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    Poor Essex...waste of such a beautiful ship.