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    No ship should ever appear from thin air. Everything should be crafted.
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    Dear Santa, I've been a good corsair this year. Raided so much trade, made enemy nations trade routes unsafe and killed many ships of the line even before they were born, entire indiaman fleets full of ready to assemble materials. I did ragequit only once and had said sorry to my companions, but that was after the floating fridges 200 combat mark ships invaded the Caribbean. I won't expect big gifts for I am a humble captain and I must say thanks for bringing my companions from all over the world to the same server as myself. I only ask two things: - return to proper trade and trade wars - 2 minutes battle entry / 2 minutes sail distance immediate close. Thank you Santa.
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    Dear Santa, balance thickness and BR. And send global players back to global
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    I'm sorely tempted to hop over and play with my friends in XOXO, but, as i've thought about it, I think that I need to give a proper go of Poland. Maybe try to make some new friends there. Hope we don't cross paths on the high seas! *Snappy salute*
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    I've seen this thing on Steam for awards for this and that rewarding perfect attendance with an orange slice. But I haven't seen any nominations for Ultimate General: Civil War. So I thought I'd take the initiative. Anyone who knows me knows I have a wish list of things I'd like to change about this game. However, I have an even longer list of things I truly enjoy about this ground breaking game. First, the fluidity of movement is unlike anything I've ever seen. Miniatures will always be my preferred gaming style, but UG:CW is miniatures come to live. Second, the visual appeal is mesmerizing. The beautiful maps that degrade with combat over time? Captivating. Third, I've watched the evolution of the AI from Shiloh onward, rather amazing how well the AI replicates the manoeuvres of a battlefield of the War of the Rebellion. Ergo. I am proud to announce that the 'Andre' for 2017 is awarded to @Nick Thomadis and @sternerfor best game of the year. This prestigious award is worth nothing, and this post is barely worth reading, but that being said, hell of a great game. I am looking to more of the same in 2018! Merry Christmas, and God Bless Us; Everyone
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    Dear Santa/Devs, I know that both of these suggestions have been asked for before, but I am unaware of any answers to them. 1. Can we, if possible, show the Wind Indicator while in port? Preferably located on the map (press M). 2. Can we, if possible, have the ability to take a noon time position when in Open World? Doesn't have to have GPS precision, just a general idea of where we are on the map. They did it in real life during the time depicted in this game, and it would be nice if we had the ability as well. Wishing you and all Naval Action Captains a very Merry Christmas, and a bountiful and Happy New Year. Captiva
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    @Ink and @admin With all that ship notes around, i think the devs should ask themselves: "Do we want to have crafted ships and the action of crafting valued inside this game!?" If so they should remove every shipnote! That would imply getting permits instead of notes. If not they could get rid of all the crafting and give access to every ship via ship notes!
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    1. Nerf Wasa. 2. Nerf Wasa again. Thanks Santa <3
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    1st rate costs 100 PvP marks, then you should also get 100 for the sank ship
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    [XOXO] Upcoming Group of players [XOXO] is looking for active companions looking to share and deliver deadly Kisses n' Hugs to the world! Join the group if you are looking for a challenge in a surrounding without any pre-set allies, with loads of enemies and no Easymode safezones! We are a bunch of experienced players which mainly enjoyed OW hunting - However, we wan't to give another aspect of the game a try & are looking for some epic (bigger) battles in the future. Nation: Kingdom of Prussia Timezone: At the momen't we're only EU-based, however we're always up for company from all around the world. Goals: Putting together a reasonable sized fleet to fill proper Port Battles, get on the same level as current dominating fleets - But ALSO OW PvP roaming - Most importantly: Have fun in enjoyable fights! If we got your interest, contact one of the following officers (ingame or on the forums) Z4ys @z4ys Sella @Sella22 PG Monkey @PG Monkey Liquicity @Liq
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    Just wondering if there are any plans for a more open/friends and family style beta? (code giveaways on sites etc) With so few players the matchmaker is fairly terrible at creating fair fights especially as loadouts and the number of human players on each side massively skew results (group of two players with a 3rd rate against 4th and 5th rate AIs etc). It'd be useful to fully test the matchmaker in battles with no AI before ppl can write reviews . While it's been good to test the event half of the players in larger ships simply group up at the weekend for one player to farm smaller AI ships, hence a lot of testers don't fancy playing half the time.
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    Hmm. I'm clearly not the first asking for that. We cant get any Victory Marks anymore for Combat Marks ? That means no permts for some real important 6th rates !! I dont think thats sexy, really that hurts ! Please reconsider this change ! Not cool .. really Whats next ?
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    Hi Those who played PotBS and been a governor once should know this feature. So my proposition is to implement similar to Naval Action. Leader/Diplomats or even Officers of clan who own port may have possibility to make message in port (visible when in port) to all captains or if you want only for your nation members. This would help clanless captains get some info about clans or general in nation communication. Since not all people pay attention to nation i think this may be nice feature. This could be add to Town management section. Here is example from Potbs:
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    I know I have been a naughty boy this year Santa Devs, but 1) I need coal to build more cannons, so more coal would be nice. 2) a higher Dutch population to spread the glorious republic for all to see.
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    Make the economy matter again Get rid of protections for merchants
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    Merry Christmass all: Santa: Fix demasting Remove Victory Marks
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    Dear Santa real outlaws or pirates. And 1500 players on at every hour of the day. Merry Christmas everyone.
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    @jodgi I think that problem could be solved with a global market for ship contracts: - the cheaper a crafter could build, the more contracts people would sign with him or her - and if you allow different kinds of payment (gold and / or marks) everyone - from hardcore PvPers to PvEers and traders - should be able to pay crafters for ships!
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    The ports that can not be taken should not count in the in the conquest competition
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    RvR is hardcore if you always try to keep up or catch up with the biggest nations, which is what devs is saying that players in other nations should do. Sweden always allied with the biggest nations until all the good clans became inactive and Sweden as the last remaining force became the biggest themselves. You're right it doesn't have to be hardcore. We could all just join Sweden. MARKS clan is recruiting.
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    @victor And why not remove the ship notes and make every vessel craftable? It would enhance the value of your job as a crafter! ... and make statement in terms of a player driven economy! And btw: I've spoken to some crafters who said the opposite of you!
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    The only problem with the progression is how steep the ladder is. This is not a casual player game - the combo books, and very powerful mods (now also ships) create a big advantage. Any new player needs to accept that they are fodder for approximately 6 months of dedicated game play. This alone will cause the population of the game to decline over time - vets burn out, new players get discouraged. It simply needs to be easier to climb this ladder, nations that are weaker need underdog bonuses. How about giving PvP marks for pvping not just winning? Even if you lost, why not give the loser a few PvP marks too? They took the risk, they fought, lost their ship, surely their effort should be encouraged and rewarded. Also, why not discourage ganking lowbies by denying rewards for attacking much lower BR/rank targets? (trader ships excluded). @admin just relax a little bit - it is a game and it needs to be fun most of all, not an exhausting grind that severely punishes every mistake.
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    So 3 victory marks per week for top dog? that's 300 PVP marks per week. That is quite the golden shower of PVP marks you're giving out there, admin. Maybe 100 to 1 is not the proper exchange course for VM given how much harder it is to obtain PVP marks than combat marks. How many players in your game managed to obtain 300 PVP marks in a single week? Is it zero? I'd like to know if anyone ever managed to get 300 PVP marks in a single week. if Sweden stays on top for another 3-4 weeks, we'll have no idea what to do with all those VMs. And if someone else gets to #1, they'll have no idea what to do with all those VMs after a few weeks. Especially with Alt accounts also getting the x3 reward. I guarantee you that we'll start seeing alt accounts in predetermined port battles to get that one Lord Protector on alts for more VM showers.
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    Hello admin, the guy has formalized it harsh, but all in all, it's true. So give us back the possibility to convert victory marks again! And not this 100 PvP to one victory mark nonsense. Put it like it was before. Not everyone is a top player. And think about players who are not that skilled!
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    They should simply make it rather rare so resources are saved and people will truely appreciate the storm battles whenever they get one...
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    maybe start playing PvP on a PvP Server.......?
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    Blöd nur dass große Schiffe absolut nichts besonderes an sich haben wenn jeder diese besitzt. Du fühlst dich nicht geil weil dein Schiff groß ist, sondern weil dein Schiff größer ist als andere. Das scheint die breite Masse nicht zu verstehen, denn die hat NA schon in jeder Hinsicht einfacher gemacht was letztendlich dazu führte, dass es heutzutage nichts besonderes mehr zu erreichen gibt. Du startest NA und stellst fest dass du im besten Fall das erreichen kannst was jeder andere schon erreicht hat. 90% sind Rang 10, jeder Depp ist reich und besitzt Alles. Motivation? Nicht vorhanden. Mal ganz davon abgesehen dass das ganze PvP und RvR Konzept auf einer funktionierenden Wirtschaft beruht, die so nicht funktionieren kann. Marken versuchen hier auf sehr einfache Weise komplexe Probleme zu umgehen, wie vieles was seit dem Wipe implementiert wurde. Selbst wenn Marken nicht so unglaublich schlecht umgesetzt wären, Marken können die Wirtschaft nicht ersetzen und lösen auch sonst keine Probleme. Langzeitmotivation muss gut durchdacht sein, genauso wie ein grundlegendes Konzept. Was die breite Masse will interessiert hier einfach nicht, die denkt nämlich nicht ansatzweise über irgendetwas nach. NA wird ein Paradebeispiel dafür werden wie man ein Spiel nicht zusammen mit einer Community entwickelt.
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    Okies. So, to get access to Victory Marks to craft first rate you need to do PvP, Or seriously grind stuff and buy it from others doing PvP. You dont get any VM for screening or crafting or trading or all the other stuff that aids the nation. Its just the players with ships in a PB that gets them if your nation is top 3... There are few a flaws here. This will be forcing players to either do PvP to gain PvP marks for conversion or pay insane amounts to buy it from others doing PvP. You are NOT rewarding all players helping in RvR but just a select group that manages to do PB and not the crafters, traders etc You are removing a large portion of content from players who do not do as you think that they should play the game. You are also not changing the way people do pvp, you are encouraging ganks over fair fight as people will need to grind PvP marks. It will in some ways be better to fight a empty PB over one in which you find a fair fight as you need to do atleast 1 PB to gain that elusive VM I don't know how this will work out and if more will play or leave. I think that when faced with changes most will react negatively as you know what you have now and are unsure about the future after the changes and thus tends to view change as bad. What I can say is that for me personally, being forced to do something to gain access to late game content is not what I look for in a game. You can lure me or entice me to grind stuff but to state that either you do this or not at all is not a good way to communicate with your playerbase and customers. I understand that I play on a PvP server, I choose to play on a PvP server. I understand that there will be PvP related content and I dont mind to do PvP/RvR but I do not care for the ganking, the toxic atmosphere it creates and the lack of understanding from certain players that not everyone wants to play the game like they play it. Some of the other players actually like to do trading, Craft ships for others, supply the nation with the coal needed to build cannons for the ships PvP players sail in, yet many PvP players tend to look down on those who do that boring stuff and write Carebear and think they somehow should have larger say in how the game is run/designed over a PvE player. Lets face it. Even if only a 1000 players log in each day not all of them bother to post there opinions here or in Global/Nation so they are the silent majority most of the time. The facts are... The more players the better the game for everyone More players = More chances for PvP. More players = More players crafting ships More players = More traders supplying the crafters or doing money trading runs More players = More PvE grinding More players = Bigger chance of finding cool persons to play with and increase the fun. Some of the changes will make it harder for the casual players to enjoy end game content. For those with much spare time spent in the game they can grind the PvP marks if they can find players to gank with and victims to gank. Or if your part of the top 3-5 nations in RvR and manage to to a PB. For I do not see any change that promotes Open World PvP or more balanced fights, but rather more ganks as you need to grind PvP marks that is needed as more stuff is behind a PvP mark paywall.
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    you actually mention the right problem here. Its the OP thickness that is the problem
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    Nope lol we dont need more grind and more PvE. Maybe make PvP mark to victory mark conversion but NOT these fking PvE marks.
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    Ahoi! Grundsätzlich hat die komplette Administration gepfuscht und versagt. Aktuell befinden wir uns wieder bei dem Stand von vor einem halben Jahr, nur dass jetzt ein Server wegen sinkender Spielerzahl abgeschaltet wurde und weniger ist: Portbattletimer können gesetzt werden, wenige zeitferne Clans und Spieler werden immer mehr das Spiel bestimmen. Die grundlegenden Probleme, wie Speed-Cap, überpowerte Schiffe (Aga, Wasa) und unterpowerte Schiffe (Reno) wurden nie bewältigt. Auch wenn ich von der aktuell dominierenden Nation Schweden bin, stimme ich zu, dass der ganze Victory-Mark-Shit sinnfrei ist. Außerdem wurde überhaupt nichts gegen grenzwertiges Spielen getan, egal ob nun die russischen Dänen in Scheinkämpfen mit ihren blutsverwandten Russen-Piraten verwickelt sind, bis ein PB offen ist oder die Problematik des Zurückportens bei Seegefechten, bei dem nur ein einziges Schiff geboardet und geopfert werden muss, um im nächsten eigenen Hafen zu landen, damit man einer Abfangflotte entkommt. Als Alpha-Spieler empfinde ich alle bisherigen Wipes als völlig sinnlos, da an der grundsätzlichen Mechanik nichts geändert wurde und die "durchhaltenden" Spieler immer eher zeigen durften, dass sie auf PVP-Servern in der Lage sind, PVE-Gefechte zum Leveln der Schiffe zu machen. Das ist Zeit, die zum Austesten von grenzwertiger Spielweise ganz einfach fehlt. Es ist auch Zeit der Spieler - namentlich Freizeit - mit der die Administration spielt, nur dass am Ende entweder eine "leichte Anpassung" mit Holzhammermethode erfolgt oder gleich wieder nach dem nächsten Wipe gerufen wird, ohne dass am Ende etwas Fundiertes herauskommt. Grundsätzlich fehlt mir hier eine Art Masterplan: Zum einen, um alle Spieler in die Entwicklung mit einzubeziehen. Bisher wurde nur auf bestimmte Fraktionen gehört - nämlich die, die am lautestesten geheult haben, egal ob es nun die Franzosen waren, die Russen oder die Portbattler. Zum Anderen, um die grundsätzliche Gamemechanik auf einen anderen und soliden Fuß zu stellen. Das fängt an beim PVP-Gefechten (BRs), geht über Portbattles bis hin zu den oft nicht-schießenden NPCs, die man in den Schutzzonen herbeirufen kann. Änderungen erfolgen hier zudem kurzfristig und teils unangekündigt. Leider ist es so und ich kenne nicht wenige, die arge Zweifel daran haben, ob das Spiel gerade wegen den Mängeln bei der Administration und als Nischenprodukt überhaupt eine Chance hat. Respekt vor den Grafikern und Programmierern - die haben bisher recht sauber umgesetzt, was die Administration angeordnet hat. LG Jakob
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    I can't really choose either option. 1st rates can be rare and hard to make without being exclusive, which is what they are being made into.
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    i believe they should be hard to get. but not impossible to get for smaller nations THAT CANT WIN MORE PORT BATTLES THAN LARGER NATIONS IN A WEEK.
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    More pve player means more potential crossover PvP players. Look after the PVE players and improve everyone's chances.
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    so in one hand you got a nation that got them freely and in the other hands the others have to farm pvp as pigs to get teh same advtange? Go hellokitty yourself with this blue cat ty.
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    омг... 16 команд это первое , его делали игроки сами это второе ( разрабы только дали призы в конце ) , КАК ОН ВООБЩЕ ПОВЛИЯЛ НА РЕЛИЗ? ЧТО ЗА БРЕД? ОМАГАД ОМАГАД ПвП на ямайке мешает релизу ужас!!. Сами то поняли что написали ?
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    Last officer in your clan to log in before the merge has the stuff from the warehouse.
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    PB's maybe can be fixed, hostility generation and protection can't though. Someone with 1'sts has a big advantage. Try fighting full 1st rate fleet with full 2nd rates. Its also an important factor that 1sts are perceived by players as an advantage, they will loose spirit if enemy continues to sink them in 1st rates they don't have. Not to mention farming CM' s in 2nd rates takes much longer, without them you have less time to RvR. In our PB's we use 1st rates every battle. It may be less of an issue when you have 40 people online on command, many of them trained. For us it's often a difference between RvR or no RvR. Sure, you can try to deal with all those issues and we will try. The reality though is that we don't stand a chance. Someone with 1sts can stomp us. I have no illusion that our adventure with RvR is ending now. You can gain an advantage thanks to VM's you will get with a new patch. The end result will be that noone will fight you after some time.
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    Exactly. But most of all. More Players and a stable Playerbase means more Money for Development and thus more additions to the Game.
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    Indeed. Forcing everyone into RvR is forcing everyone into something that requires a hardcore playstyle. This game risks loosing every casual player, those who mainly do econ, and anyone who doesn't have time or motivation to sink endless hours into the game. Right now sailing 1st rates around is a blinking star in front of every new player, motivating them to grind and cross all the hurdles that the game presents. Moving all 1st rates into what will seem like the land of impossibility will discourage many players from even trying. And why do I say RvR is a hardcore playstyle? This is only my main, and I have 7 accounts... They say it takes 10 000 hours to become really good at something, and I'm still not any good Last time we tried restricted access to 1st rates I got messages on Steam from multiple people every week regularly asking me if devs had come to their senses and brought Lineships back for normal players yet. Only when I could finally tell them that, yes, Lineships were back, did they start playing again. That was only quite recently. Inb4 1st rates will cost 2 Victory marks.
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    that reminds me of what the situation just after the full wipe half a year ago when the first nations to help eachother with Conquest marks (setting up port battles for eachother and not showing up) were far ahead of the rest.. i remember the spanish had 30 L'oceans at the time that brits had 2-3 Agamemnons .. there was nothing the brits could do to stop the spanish when they decided to attack except use the basic cutter fireships this will repat again after the wipe i suspect
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    I thought Victory marks arent going to be needed for all ships except first rates. The damage this change is going to bring to the RvR balance is enormous. The nation which dont win victory marks will not be able to fight the top 3 in shallow water ports. Deep water ports are locked because of first rates so all rvr against a nation in the top 3 is essentially locked.
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    Do you know why we dont have 700+ people ? Because game lack of content, force to PvE, RvR and the PvP is broken. And server merge will change nothing.
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    Stop with this propaganda. EU server worked very good until we get this merge. You only made EU players angry.
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    Current BR though in ports means a 1st rate is always superior to a third rate, i think that's a problem we have to address as well. 380/400 br for 3rd/bellona 450 br for pavel/buc 600/625/650 for vic/ocean/santi Idk about you but i'd take a 1st rate in their current form over a 3rd...heck even a 2nd rate for any port battle. 4800? 8 vics or 12 bellonas? I'd take the vics, i'd even take the oceans and santis before considering bellonas... and if we are being realistic, no one would in their right mind would take 3rd rates with a 250 br Wasa lol.
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    Epic Medals are awarded for truly notable achievements such as: Achieving 6 kills in a single match Destroying a vessel heavier than yours by ramming it/ sinking it damage no fewer than 6 enemy vessels Obtaining more Reputation and damage in one battle than 99.9% of all players playing the same Class Obtaining a free paint job for your ship when surviving a heavy battle damaged vessel, live <5 % left and no repairs used
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    Joop. Und DANKE an alle die laut genug gejammert haben das die Wasa OP ist. Jetzt gibt es die nur noch für PvP Marken, ist auf dem PvE Server wie andere Schiffe nun auch endlich unerreichbar. Wohlgemerkt..die die gejammert haben, können sich das Schiff immer noch besorgen...^^ Für diese Holzhammermethode wieder mal einen herzlichen Dank. Und Danke für den weiteren Ausbau der Zweiklassenspielerschaft. Warum wird der PvE Server nicht gleich geschlossen, dann komme ich wenigstens nicht mehr in Versuchung hier Zeit zu verplempern. Und bitte, komm mir jetzt keiner mit dem EA Totschlagargument.
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    Right on the point. @admin you guys are focusing on the wrong thing too much. Work on real rewards and pve content. Do you understand that you just put all the aggressive fishes in one tank with no little fish to hunt. What happens to predators if there is no little fish(pve) to hunt? They eat each other, game over. Think about how you can bring and maintain little fish population first.
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    I had it happened to me, ship would sail on land and start bouncing. I was able to kill it while it was in the air. I even F11 it.