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    Portbattle BF vs Russian Empire @ Bahia Escocesa Commanders: BF: chaos & anarchy Russia: Babay Result: BF wins Pizdec and nothing else %)
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    I know I'd do the same as Jon and Karl to secure the win. Had they turned and fought they would have given the win away. That doesn't change that hilarity ensues:
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    Would be funny (maybe for na legends) to have a game mode without any auto skipper - you want to have a decent speed after turning? Better turn those yards back in the day you didnt have a machine automatically adjusting the rigging for best results
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    It is about speed exploit reported and tested by me and my friends. I discovered it recently, although I heard rumors about it about a year ago, so it could have been used by some players for months. By the use of manual sails you could increase the speed on these ships by .5 knots and in extreme situations by 2 knots. That way I was able to make my LGV Refit reach a crazy speed of 15.5 knots which in fact was broken, so we reported it. As a result, the square sails plan got changed so it affected sailing profile, making it much worse than before. Apparently it's unwanted side effect, but reality is that LGV and especially Refit became useless ships now. Their power has turned into their weakness now. LGV Refit: -bad sailing profile -very low firepower (10x 9pd longs) -very weak HP (just like surprise) -has only 3 knowledge slots -has weak masts -worse sailing profile than normal LGV +nice paint +smuggler flag use (considered as abuse by others) +decent cargo capacity
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    Balance is important in games like these. A small change can have major implications for the way the game is played and the amount of fun everyone has. The Wasa, in its current form, is completely OP and is damaging to the balance in the game. Faster than any frigate and twice the HP's and broadside? Not funny.
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    This tournament now has a new intro song In all seriousness, I think allowing such tactics is against the spirit of the tourny and the goal here is to create content and promote the game. If I wanted to watch 1 ship get sunk and then a 45min chase I'd just go out and try to find OW PVP. This is very clearly going to become the new meta for the tournament if it isn't shut down now. After the group phase is over, revise the rules. No undue running or whatever you want to call it. Moderator discretion.
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    There was no nerf 3 ships had a bug in game which has given them 2 best angles instead of one. This allowed those ships to sail faster on manual sails (not faster than max speed but faster than this angle allowed)
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    ПБ за Бахию
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    There has been a clamour for some time for the Pirates to have a game play all of their own, rather than just another Nation at play. Some Pirates (and no doubt some others in Nations) have made a life of PvP spurning PvE and RvR. Two examples are ALOHA (spit) and RUBLI. I dislike being ganked as much as the next guy but I believe the refitLGV opened a window on what the Pirate game could be and how it may enter the game along with lots of ideas elsewhere on the forums. Neither ALOHA (spit again) or RUBLI take any real interest in RVR. The refit offered a hit and run ship they needed to suit their gameplay and whilst the refitLGV was able to outrun, too easily, most anything else I do believe that this gave some players a suitable ship to straighten their warped minds around (:)). I am therefore both pleased (due to personal ship loss!), and sad, to see the refitLGV castrated. Clearly it was giving some players a Pirate PvP game to play AND WE NEED PLAYERS, even some of the mean minded ones! So, if nerfing the refitLGV is required, the devs would do well to take great care to balance the ship rather than just to correct some ship data. Buster (Не пират)
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    Maybe i missed it, but the real question remains unanswered doesn't it? Is running away after securing points a valid tactic? - Furthermore, where does the line go between running and defensive fighting? If running is allowed i'm to say we might see a meta of really fast hard hitting ships with the ability to perform hit&run tactics. Basically hit the ship that will be the easiest to kill and then run away for the rest of the fight. (I mean no offense to anyone. I haven't seen the fight which is being discussed, i'm just an interested party looking for clarifications on the rules.)
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    It's a multiplayer game. The odds of standing up against "small ship griefing" (if it's small ships it's griefing, if it's big ships it's ganking ) - multiply ten-fold if you're not on your own. In a multiplayer game. There's your solution.
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    Exactly..we are not replaying history..we are rewriting it!
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    Many players do hope for a dramatic and more realistic regress to proper in-built modules instead of this inflation of characteristics indeed. Whatever the mods of choice, some prefer speed, others boarding, others handling, we all can adulterate the proper "credible realism" of the ships, example being the long hull ships ( whatever rate ! ) with extreme module/book refits having null drift and stopping on the spot.
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    or add aircraft carriers to the game? they too will be unique
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    For bad players / carebears every ship is overpowered, even a 10 x 9pd broadside trader. The only ship really overperforming is Wasa.
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    Yah get that, but VCO, AIB and REV are still clans that haven't disbanded or changed nations so that isn't the issue here. If that was the case I would of expected it. The only common thing we can link was that some ports where dropped by the clans around the same time . I'll keep an eye out in case it does it again just in case it's some odd bug that we only found so far.
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    When in battle you capture a ship and move to it, you still have Marines when sailing, taking crew spots, however they don't appear when you board. Please either add them to boarding, or remove from crew spots.
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    I think pvp marks should be good at providing a good source of income to all those pvp players. We all know that the amount of profit arent as good as doing pve. So instead of increasing the gap in the performance between a pvp and a pve player in a fight due to upgrades, pvp marks (and victory marks) should be converted into cosmetics. Cosmetics that the pve oriented player will pay a lot.
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    I thought it was interesting with the last time PvP Marks were around how poorly received they were, at least as time progressed. come to the newest point of PvP Marks and I saw the refits and books and thought "damn those are so cool and...holy crap these things are incredibly powerful." I very much understand that you want to show "something" to people to prove or brag that you're better then others, and it's perfectly normal in sports. I just feel that to show something to brag about your achievements shouldn't then also give you yet another edge over folks who can't beat you. take the Navy Refit for example: 3% speed bonus (unless it's changed) with no malus is quite literally 1.5-2 times better than most refits from combat marks or production. So now a player who PvPs and is successful at it gains an advantage that a player who doesn't PvP often, or loses a lot can never shorten that gap ( they can, but not in a reasonable time). I think overall, again, PvP mark "rewards" as they are now is not the correct way to implement such a commodity.
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    A voice of reason from REDS (tfu!). Hear, hear dis Russkie captain, he speaks the truth. BP
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    Что было, то прошло)) стримы нужно смотреть, ставить лайкосы и подписываться 😂😂😂
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    I can remember on the previous tournament there was a rule that if an enemy actively disengaged and ran all the time they got disqualified if they didn't heed the warning from the refs. Trying to find the post atm...
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    Then play your matches m8. Bit more than 2 weeks left and you havent played a game yet.
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    If you consider getting extra 2 knots "a bit more speed": My LGV Refit, top speed 13.9 knots: Now I regret reporting this exploit looking how it broke the real performance of the ship.
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    just remove sail force mods from game. nothing will be insanely fast anymore lol
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    Captains, there was a short internet outage (about 1 minute) on the server ISP side, the server itself didn't crash. Sorry for inconveniences
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    The historicity discussion is such an awful dead-end: We are playing in a Carribean which is getting populated by Prussians, dominated by Swedes and Danes, sailed by US great lake ships and patrolled by Russian Mercuries. Obviously we have entered some sort of alternate universe of the Age Of Sail. And we entered a new sort of reality within the boundaries of Naval Action the game. It's a sandbox game and people are starting to figure out its possibilities. So what?
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    This was not a change per se. it was a fix of a bug that was creating abnormal curves improving speeds at some angles. We are fully prepared to the Wasa forum fallout once its curves and accels/decels will change.
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    ну так сейчас корабль картечью отлично пробивается только в разбитую корму, а вот в разбитый борт почему-то не залетает
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    The argument "but historically there never was a 6th rate capturing a ship of the line!" is so utterly stupid I regret to see some here type it. You do realize you are playing a game in front of your computer in a safe house with everything you need around you? Historically it never happened because the consequences were that you DIE, or lose everything, be captured, never see your loved ones again.You go into a battle in Naval Action with the condition that if you lose your ship, you DIE in real life. Of course people here take their snows out and attack bigger ships. Historically it probably could be done, but it was never done since no captain would be foolish enough to risk death if they did one wrong move. What do you lose? Some virtual numbers (crew), a few pixels and stats (ship). Now compare that to what a captain lost in real life. Wrong, even if you have half a brain (or maybe even a full brain!) you could be sank by snows. Once your sails are down and the snow is behind you, like someone mentioned here before, you are dead no matter how good you are. If you are at 50% sails a snow can push you into the wind easily. The 6th rate becomes like a tugboat. I still don't believe your over 6 hour story so I will assume that either you got sunk or the snows sank you, or you both ran away after a short time. I'd think that ATLEAST in the 4th battle where you are being attacked by snows and you've been in battle for almost 90minutes you'd take a screenshot? Also, do you mind defining "griefing" without looking on google? I think you don't understand the word
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    You get better by pvp experience and thinking. Not by speedmods, its just a weak excuse for bad players. Rebalance is coming.
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    Ye, the OP link seems off, so until Doran takes the helm you can at least find the old one here. The guide was up to date a long time ago, the meta changed but might have changed back again, somewhat.
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    drop all that liblab North American polcorr nonsense and come here on PVP EU, we have good ole rum, burps & farts, insults, cookies ... and, for our best brit friends, also swivels loaded with a bunch of chili covered very smaaaaaaaall grapes
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    Pretty much lol, i miss the old 1 rep per battle to be honest...
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    fixing the bug changed the square sail curves. every mast has its individual curve and removing the bug changed the curves. We would like to remind that the large hp and speed and br rebalance is coming. LGVP is still a perfect hunter ship requiring skill and precision. Several captains reported the bug and it was fixed.
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    Whatever you do make it faster. For example: 5 man roster 3vs3 2 days per match then next round Or even tournaments just for one day. Single elimination 1 hour match length each 1,5 hours next match. It should not take 6 weeks for 3 matches.
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    My inspiration today is @Quineloe, @Peter Goldman and @Vile Executioner++ Spontaneous satire that might be headed for lock and hide. RIP Pventre.
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    LOL, you PvP EU guys. "I have a 1.5 hour slot just before mom gives me my milk and cookies after dinner, and before daddy tucks me in where it is acceptable to flip a port." Please... you and your unnatural pixel love makes me laugh. This was @Christendom's reaction:
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    Would've been so nice if the XP you receive for travelling with a ship is actually added to your ship-xp. Currently ship-knowledge of traders is completely useless.
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    Simple solution, allow the port owners set their own port defense window to suit their clan, that way there is no complaining.
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