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    I'd rather have 6-7th rates be more viable than the opposite tbh and while this griefing you described sounds like pure toxic cancer, there has to be a better way to fix it... i know im in the minority with my opinion but i think the game would be more interesting, if more people sailed 6-7 rates... Also this would be easily fixed by removing the retarded endless repairs.... as well as alot of other issues that are caused mainly by multiple repairs. Just saying...
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    Yesterday we had a great battle of unrated corsair schooners and frankenrigs versus two pirate rigged frigates near Charles Town, swedish territories. One 7th and two 6th vs two 5th. Started with the corsairs engaging one of the frigates. Second one joined shortly after the battle started. One of the frigate captains was in "panic" mode at first but his companion surely put his brains to work and they developed a nice Thach Weave to counter the razor blade passes of the small ships. There was this moment where one of the 5th was so low on crew that we tried to force the boarding but he kept his cool. Kudos for their teamwork. They kept changing from chain to ball, from rigging to hull to grape. I wish more of such attitude and team bonds would develop between a clearly experienced veteran and a not-so-experienced captain would happen more. One of the most enjoyable display of "air combat" tactics in Naval Action in a while. The similarities between bigger fighters fighting off weaker more nimble fighters in a air combat sim is exactly the same. It ended with the loss of the 7th and one 6th rate after a few crew shocks on both frigates, armors being stripped also, and proper rakes on the 5th rates, and masts falling on the unrated and eventually water pouring in. One lived to tell the tale and was brave enough to sail to both wrecks and salvage all the goods from previous raids and escape from the combat. Salute to the Swedish navy captains for the great NA moment.
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    I disagree. It would be great if more people were to sail 6th (hell, even 7th). If all those Wasas and P-Frigates in OW start to complain, it only shows that people finally start figuring out how to use these smaller ships properly. That's a good thing! If at all, make 6th rates more worthwhile. The more variety in OW, the better.
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    Actually if a 4th rate in real life encountered 2-3 6th rates it would fear being boarded because real life doesn’t allow 1 ship at a time for boarding or 3 knot speed to climb on board. In real life the 6ths would have a fighting chance. So this argument about a “real life scenario” in game won’t work. 6th rates have purpose, to harass and be underestimated in battle. 2 snows can easily take on a 4th rate. 2 skilled snows can take down even the most skilled 4th rates. There isn’t enough 6th rate hunters in game, but they have their place right now and currently I enjoy it. No reason a 6th rate captain can’t have their fun because a 4th rate captain doesn’t think it should be allowed. Realistic does not have a place for this since the games combat is 50/50 on realism anyway.
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    Lol... 2 decent captains in Princes can easily take down a Wasa... getting “griefed” by 6th rates is almost as annoying as 15.5 knot Wasa captains that run away from a couple of 6th rates. 1) make 4th rates incapable of speeds above 13.5 2) make catains have to get 100 PvP kills before they can move up a rate... See how easy it is to make unreasonable demands?? and *ahem* HMS Speedy vs. El Gamo *ahem*
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    The only advantage a 6th rate has over larger ships is it's agility and you want to take that away? Why does everything has to be balanced in a way where everything can sink everything guaranteed? We might as well get an "I win" button if you are sailing a bigger ship than your enemy
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    How about you stop sailing around solo in a large ship? That would solve your problem.
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    Crazy black chicken prussia hunting lone 1st rates with their pants down
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    Statistical Institute of Inagua Weekly report 06/11/2017-12/11/2017 (prev report) Revenue by nations Nation Tax Cost Revenue Max Owned Ports Pirates 17 491 888 13 638 473 3 853 415 24 Danmark-Norge 7 346 246 12 914 664 -5 568 418 20 France 17 971 030 22 924 252 -4 953 222 42 Great Britain 19 826 887 39 531 429 -19 704 542 64 España 15 468 669 30 130 129 -14 661 460 58 United States 13 977 890 22 262 086 -8 284 196 35 Sverige 77 003 073 42 741 062 34 262 011 47 Verenigde Provinciën 8 915 375 21 306 373 -12 390 998 29 Russian Empire 30 809 722 16 406 557 14 403 165 17 Kingdom of Prussia 12 141 032 16 288 352 -4 147 320 18 Commonwealth of Poland 6 537 811 4 827 947 1 709 864 6
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    Так мужики, разойдитесь, я прочитал эту стену текста)) Я вот всё не понимаю, чего все так уцепились в это слово "ПВП", это просто флаг, который позволяет атаковать игроков, не более того. На этом отличие от "ПВЕ" сервера заканчивается, угомонитесь вы уже. На этом можно и заканчивать. Человек явно не разбирается в игровой индустрии от слова совсем. Если это сделать, онлайн тут же упадет до 100 человек да там и останется. Нельзя выгнать крабов из безопасных зон, они скорее из игры уйдут, чем начнут рисковать. Если есть желание, рекомендую почитать дневники разработчиков EVE Online, они уже 10 лет пытаются мотивировать крабов покинуть безопасную империю путем введения новых плюшек в каждом из аддонов. И при этом, по их же статистике, около 70% онлайна до сих пор обитает только в безопасной империи. И это при вечернем онлайне в 40к на секундочку. А тут у меня закралось впечатление, что человек и в Навал не играет. Зайди хоть в столицу Дании, посмотри на полностью пустой список ресурсов, поставь контракт втридорога, и его заберут в течении 15 минут. После этого замечательного нововведения, новичок зайдет за нацию, посмотрит на пустой магазин, да свалит в более населенную территорию. Что приведет к полному вырождению малонаселенных коллективов, и в игре останется 3-4 нации для фановых пострелушек. Классное предложение. В принципе это уже сейчас наблюдать можно. Из более-менее населенных наций одни Шведы да и остались. Дальше и вовсе фантастика пошла про конвои которые будут охранят НПЦ, и таких же охотников за этими караванами... Ей богу, кто этим будет заниматься кроме последних ролеплейщиков - мне не понятно.
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    Since I joined the game I never cared about any other ship class than 6th rates. I used rattlesnake, now prince, to attack all ship classes (except 5th rate, turn too well). Taking out a wasa, bellona, santisima etc. captain is definetly possible. It requires a lot of skill as if you mess up once you could receive a whole broadside. It's not griefing. It requires a lot of skill to perform and if done correctly the results are great. If you spent over 6 HOURS in 4 battles that would mean that each battle is one and a half hours. That means you are doing something wrong and the snows are doing something wrong. If you can't broadside them, they must be behind you. And if they are behind you they must be shooting your crew? Then why are you still in battle and not being boarded? Also, over 6 hours? So you broke the game and the battles were longer than 90min?I quite frankly don't believe the 6 hours statement. It has always been an advantage for small ships to outmanouver big ships. Should not be removed, but maybe (as also done historically) you shouldn't sail around alone in a ship of the line and then complain about being attacked by smaller vessels.
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    Farming marks of friends is against the spirit of PVP and captains who are doing it should know that it might lead to full account reset on all servers. 7 players have received the warnings and had all their mark holdings (combat and pvp) confiscated. If reported again those captains will be demoted to lowest ranks. 16th November update 8 more players have been demoted for multiple cases of pvp mark farming. Half of their experience were wiped. If more cases are found full xp wipe will be applied.
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    A firstrate can desytroy everything ;-) It just need a skilled captain and not mission makers trying to fight like they would fight Ai. 1 broadside really one good braodside of a pavel can sink a prince and a pavel isnt a first rate ;-) The problem are not the ships. The problem are the captains that commandeer the ships
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    Go to fleet. Switch ships. Take the cannons put them into the warehouse. Put the ship for sale for an insane price. Put the cannons in the remaining ship. Sail home. Switch to a cutter put the cannons in hold. Sail back to the port where the prize ship is for sale. Sell your cutter, take the prize from sale and equip it. Sail your prize home. (no need to make an outpost or to lose the prize ship)
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    I do not want to appear disrespectful, but - really - nowdays we have the forum full of complaints of the same five (maybe six or seven) very skilled and ubergeard OS PVPers that just want their personal playstyle to be untouchable by other players. What kind of fair fight are you talking about, when you - that are very skilled, have all the exp slots open and all the possible books leaned, have all the right mods in place (including the new PVP ones too) - can pick up the fight attacking at will a ship of a lower BR than yours? I simply cannot undestand why a Wasa is allowed attack, let's say, a Tbrig that cannot stand any chance neither to fight nor to flee and yet being awarded PVP marks (and that seems to be perfectly fine with you), while - if a bunch of snows can outlast a Wasa then - well .... that's griefing (or a bullshit). A solution may be called actually fair if it benefits both parties: and that solution would be that - in presence of a huge difference of BR - there shall be no fight, no matter who is attacking who. This could be fair. But fairness does not belong at all to a scenario in which the part that is already stronger gets the all the advandages against the weaker one.
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    The only nation on the server who actively chose to fight Sweden. Good luck guys!
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    Portbattle Russians vs Swedes @ Grand Turk Commanders: Sweden: redii, sveno Russian: Anolytic (?) Result: Swedish Victory Basically the Russians went to the Swedes, passed them downwind and then gave up the Portbattle. This was one of the shortest portbattle done between the Swedes and Russians. The Swedes tried to sink as many Russians as possible, also in OW after the portbattle. A feature of interest was that the Swedes used 3 Mortar Brigs in a defensive portbattle. Video will be uploaded when it is ready. edit: Added video.
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    Это известная проблема, в процессе исправления. Вопрос с новым абордажем и дополнительными графическими опциями будет рассмотрен после релиза игры. На данный момент основные приоритеты - это переработка интерфейса и локализация игры.
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    Haha, now 6th rates are considered to be OP? Please don't be ridiculous.
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    We have a new PB system specifically to get more variation, mortar brigs are a part of that variation, as everybody can use it, i think its fair game - also gives fast frigates a sence being in a heavy portbattle. In this portbattle, our mortars only made three assists, no kill. Your mortar was the first to demast a big ship. I wouldn't call them OP against ships, needs a lot of skill.
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    A 1st rate can, theoretically, destroy them without problems - read: if the 1st rate forces the corsair squadron to escape, that is a victory. It all starts with 1 things. OW position of the 1st rate relative to the wind. Given some nations must rely less on massive fleets and more on "privateer, corsair" types due to constraints on economy - very very historical - I cannot see any problems with emulating in-game the HMS Africa engagement versus the danish gunboats
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    It's funny how when other people do it to you guys you lose your @@#$@##
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    there are enough captains in snows that can take out a bigger ships. so why whould they not be allowed to do it. and dont sail alone in a big slow ship. easy as that.
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    George Town (In the Caymans) GB attacking, Pirates defending GB took the port GB came into the port with primarily a Buc fleet, while the Pirates chose to defend with mostly Wasas. Early in the battle the pirates found themselves with poor wind, while the bulk of GB waited until the closest fort could be taken while a small contingent went to take C. The pirates sent a small force to contest C while the main forces looked at each other through their spyglasses and took sniping shots. A n additional pirate Victory spawned in about the 20 minute mark and with A in firm pirate control the bulk of the defending fleet set out to smash the small British forces in C. The British commander decided to split our forces to help our hearty mates in C, whilst with the forts being dealt with by our mortar brig expert enabled the rest of the British fleet to capture A. A few pirates took the opportunity of a favourable wind shift to contest B from the small force left to hold it, so a few Bucs reversed course and sailed to buttress the defense of B. Circle C found the Brits outgunned and they made a retreat from C with the loss of one Brit captain in a pirate frigate. Over the next 20 minutes a few Pirate captains found themselves on the wrong end of relentless broadsides. Some with their ships on fire they attempted to fireship a Brit but were unsuccessful, other bravely kept shooting till they joined the crew of ole Davy Jones. One of the Pirate Victorys decided to escape mid battle, possibly deciding to spare his crew as he waved to his brothers. The game was deciding with points, overall the Pirates lost 4 Wasas, while the Brits lost one Pirate Frigate. Great fight to all in the battle, tip of the hat to both the winners and losers.