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    Farming marks of friends is against the spirit of PVP and captains who are doing it should know that it might lead to full account reset on all servers. 7 players have received the warnings and had all their mark holdings (combat and pvp) confiscated. If reported again those captains will be demoted to lowest ranks. 16th November update 8 more players have been demoted for multiple cases of pvp mark farming. Half of their experience were wiped. If more cases are found full xp wipe will be applied.
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    I'm sorry for the spam in advance, but why not make these names known to the public knowledge?
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    Так ты сам себе противоречишь. Говоришь что все ушли из за того что нету боев 25х25 и тут же говоришь что сегодня возможен бой 25х25, но вы не придете. В чем лоджика? Почему ганкеры не ноют за ущербность мачт, которые падают с одного залпа? или за урон по команде через нос ядрами? или за урон в борт, при котором хп уходит сразу же в ноль? Почему как ты говоришь "ганкеры" умеют приспособится к реалиям, а великие "ПБшеры" только и ноют, чуть что не по их привычным правилам? ПБ есть? - есть 25х25 есть? - есть Рейты Имбовые? - да Торгаши имбовые? - да (ты сам пару постов назад об этом писал) Дык в чем проблема, из за чего у вас люди уходят из игры? понять не могу Есть такая штука, как "Эмоциональный тон человека", так вот. Если в коллективе есть 10 нормальных, веселых, толковых ребят и 1 чмо, которое только чморить умеет и мамок находить, вечно в негативе и дизморале - то в итоге, рано или поздно эти 10 человек покинут этот коллектив либо же избавятся от чма. Берите пример с БФ. Проплавали вчера весь день в открытом море, получили вечером издюлей - посмеялись, кайфанули, получили удовольствие от игры и времяпровождения в компании отличных ребят, отдохнули от работы и повседневной бытовухи и пошли спать. Игры для этого и делают - что бы люди расслаблялись. А у вас все наоборот. Приходит Вася с работы, после того как его начальник страпоном в нервы изнасиловал или же Петя у которого 7 детей, вот только только заснули, а перед этим 12 часов орали. Заходит в игру, а тут "та вы все далба***, ху** я с вами куда то пойду, сами командуйте!!! Игра гавно!!Патч Гавно!! Рейты Гавно!! жизнь боль!!1" И Вася с Петей думают, да ну нахер такой отдых и забивают на игру. А потом, блин, нужно же своих на форуме поддержать и давай по новой: "Патч гавно, Рейты гавно, верните все абратно, а то я уйду из игры"
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    The bigger traders should also be able to smuggle. It is a risk/rewards thing. I am totally on board with your second suggestion however. I was planning to write a suggestion of it, but you beat me to it. I concur with the idea that it makes no sense for smugglers to also be hunting ships. Smugglers would naturally try to avoid detection. If you tag someone into battle, smugglers reveal themselves and smuggler tag should be automatically disabled and you have to go back to a national or neutral port to reset it.
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    Ага торгаши имбовые. Специально для тупеньких. Мы выкладываем скрины что бы показать что решают руки , а не корабли. Ибо даже на торгаше можно дать отпор. А вы говорите про имбовость . Ну покатай на нем , посмотрим на тебя )))
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    смищна:) этот буцентавр о котором ты говоришь шел афк по ветру не сопротивляясь вообще, как собственно и большенство рейтоводов которые ноют о том что рейт слабый) легких фрегатов?))) за мной гналось 2 вазы и нюфшатель
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    LGV has way less firepower than Renomee, it matches Niagara... Losing fight to LGV is a huge shame. I see another issue, smuggler flag has no drawbacks. I am using it 24/7.
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    Simple solution: Make smuggler flag only available for trader's brig and down. This way we get rid of the lame smuggler flag abuse on LGV's and now also LGV Refit. Could also benefit RvR. Since you can't sail after your heavy trading goods with an indiaman in an enemy port. This way you'd have to conquer that port. Explanation: You will not be able to enable smuggler flag for ANY ship above trader's brig. Oooor... Advanced solution: Smuggler flag gets disabled once you have attacked someone in battle. Wouldn't that be realistic? You're pretty much detected as a smuggler if you were to attack someone? Makes sense to me... Explanation: You'd lose your smuggler flag if you attack anything. You can enable smuggler flag for ANY trader ship still. But you will have to go back to national/free/neutral port to re-enable.
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    Where can I get a certificate that a sunken player is not my friend?
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    Very happy to see this. Hope it's not pulling too much away from development to hunt down these malefactors.
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    Significant changes New ship - Le Gros Ventre Refit, with swivels. The ship is available for pvp marks in the admiralty. Outlaw battles have been removed - they were a cause of multiple exploits that unfortunately could not be fixed in a reasonable time. Fixes Minor changes for loot tables (some upgrades were dropping too much) Fixed the bot distribution (some regions did not have enough bots) Minor tunings for some upgrades (for example fixed bug for trim by the stern providing incorrect bonuses Fixes of several bugs with ship trade that were not clearing the knowledge slots for the traded ships (creating confusion as they did not work if you did not have the skill yourself) Update 2nd November Updated the swivel 2lb gun characteristics. It has very low damage to hull, very good penetration to represent their accuracy using current gameplay mechanics and has very good damage to crew (using ball). Basically it is only good against crew at 150 meters or less. Fixed spawns for hostility missions that sometimes spawned in locations closer to other ports which granted pvp kills to other cities. Temporarily, Updated the drop rates for ship notes in gold chests from epic events and increased chance for permit drops. Chests will be updated again in the next couple of days Tournament room brought back (with password). Tournament participants should request the password in private from @Liq. Update 7th November Sink express. Previous mechanic of spawning after sinking was outdated and was replaced by the following Captains who sink now spawn in the nearest friendly or neutral port In addition to that they will have an option to transport to the nearest outpost if they don't have a fleet or do not have an outpost in that port (feature not yet working due to bug) Fixed bug that sometimes cut the parts of the message. Update 9th November Warm up timer is increased by 15 seconds to allow for longer loading times on some systems or after first load It is now possible to stack books and upgrades in warehouse. You can now install correct number of cannons without splitting the stack - just drag and drop Fixed bug that caused sink ship button to be unclickable in the ship inspection window Update 16th November - Yard Power Experimental Agamemnon To not break all things at once we have decided to start work with wind curves update with Agamemnon. Changes for Agamemnon Rudder turn rate for the ship were reduced Wind effect on yards and rotation increased Curves for stay sails group updated Curves for square sails group updated % of sails updated to correspond to their realistic square areas As a result Agamemnon sails well down the wind. Tacks a bit slower than before. But due to realistic wind curves it now is capable of several amazing maneuvers that if used by skilled hands can challenge any frigate opposition. For example it will be able to sail backwards at 90 degrees with right sail positions. We will continue changing the Agamemnon and if the experiment is successful we will update several ships in this manner giving every ship its individual distinct role in terms of wind and ability to withstand damage (tanking). 2 Agamemnon were provided to each captain in the redeemables - take it out for fighting preferably in PVP. Other fixes Capital cities now supply repairs (including Shroud Cay), repair crafters can increase their profit by supplying repairs to free towns. Apologies for the inconveniences dear repairs crafters. Several crafting blueprints updated to reduce number of clicks required to craft a good supply (ballast. knees)
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    Longer battle timer before battle starts (to help players that loading screen is much longer)
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    Since patch today minimum number for buy order for a skill book is 10, instead of 1
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    correction… we will see first maybe we can replace it.
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    Port De Paix - French vs Pirates BR - 7,200 Outcome - Pirates successfully defend AAR - France decided to form a line and try to stick with the line. Our plan was to focus on a couple enemy ships and then have Our Bucs finish them off. Being a weekday night not many people could make it with work tomorrow, but nonetheless it was enjoyable to have everyone show up. The pirates were able to capture and hold all 3 circles while France got hold up engaging the main pirate force, we were unable to maneuver in the channel and so had to give up on the circles which ultimately was part of our demise. In the grand scheme of things the outcome was realized after the first line "crash." Battle ended with 2 French ships sunk and if it had lasted any longer it would have likely been 1-2 more. Hope to have more in the near future.
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    Another tough night for the U.S. in a mixed clan attempt to take Morgan's Bluff. We filled the port battle with a mixture of Heavy Rattlers and Prince for wind control. They brought a single Mortar Brig but were light in terms of numbers. We ended up in a brawl for B just south of where they joined. My stream (without comms) of the port battle got more interesting early because of a freak ship explosion took two of us in addition to the exploding ship quite early after the engagement started: It ended up pretty one sided other than the explosion losses: Thanks for the fight U.S.!
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    The Constitution is the superior ship in a 1v1 engagement under the 4th rates.It combines speed with firepower and has a decent turnrate. I'm not actively playing atm so I don't know about the Wasa but is seems pretty op. I was using a Teak/White Oak Connie with Gazelle figurehead, Crooked hull and Copper plating. Armament is 42pd Carros on weather deck, for the extra punch in close quarters and 24pd longs on gundeck. If you get ganked you can still defend yourself pretty well if you are not hopelessly outnumbered. Like here against 4 frigates. https://i.imgur.com/6TjHrv7.jpg?1 You should still be able to demast smaller frigates even after the nasty mast buff, especially the upper gallants. If someone tries to rake you, start turning towards him when he gets close to minimize crew loss. And do i think the Connie is in the right spot now? Yes, imo it's even the best all around ship in the game. If we buff it more or even make it like the real life super frigate it would become op af.
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    MOBILE : EDR (France) attack Vs RealAcuerdo (Spain) - BR7200 Thank you all for this very tough fight, including the bunch of screening Brits who managed to keep some of us out of the PB.
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    We had a massive drive led by sensible PvP players to reduce join timers from 10 to 1.5-2 minutes. We checked visibility distance and average sail time with best wind, Prater drew circles on maps and the take-away from all that was true wysiwyg timer is 90 seconds. The average eco oppressed and loss averse "I sometimes partake in PvP" player doesn't want mechanics that makes sense. They want a bunch of speed upgrades so they can prioritize running and ganking, you know; "playing it smart", over actual fighting. Whenever they're tagged and locked in with someone they come to the forum to lol up the tagging mechanic with signalling or long timers so they can call their buddy, who's out playing Pokemon Go, and get him back to the puter in time . People are thinking with their dicks and not their heads: "We beat our enemy with superior force and smart hunting, yay us!" "Oh, no! The evil PvP ow hunters caught my mission grinding SOL in a gank. I must expose the villains and change the game so I only get PvP when I want it!" ^This is the same guy on two different days. In a large map, ow game with no loss there will be ganking, pile-ons and cherry picking. Whenever you get caught out and killed by multiple enemies you feel a mild annoyance: "How silly, how is that fun for anyone? I hope I get a fun fight next time" In a large map, ow game with economy and loss there will be even more emphasis on ganking, pile-ons and cherry picking. Whenever you're caught out and killed by multiple enemies you feel a burning dissatisfaction. Then you arrange revengeganks, counterganks and safe zones for pve. Well, those that don't rage quit.
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    I used to live by this but people became mad and cussed at me with foreign swearwords: "allianse", "diplomatic incedente" and "repercussions". It probably involves my mother and se... You know what?! I don't want to know!
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    This game badly needs a reputation system and an anything goes OW mentality. I liked how albion handled it honestly. Kill enough players in your own nation and start losing access to various ports. A true outlaw. oh the possibilities this game could have...
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    Du solltest mal anfangen den Landwirtschafts Simulator zu spielen solange du keine Probleme mit dem des manuell lenken hast.
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    Looks a bit like the old SLRN recruitment video. Just back then everybody was in throwaway 3rd rates