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    Offered services: 💀 Immunity Fee (non-aggression pact) 💀 💀Hunting Players/Clans/Around X Ports/Area 💀 💀 Screening Port Battles/Hostility Fleet 💀 💀 Reinforcing Port Battle Fleets (coming soon) 💀 Hire us now! (Contact via forums or in-game with Banished Privateer, EliteDelta, Vile Executioner) Proven Combat Efficiency & Skill:
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    People didn't stop defending their own territorial waters because there was a lack of players (that's why it was an issue even for the most congested and populous of nations), people stopped defending because 90% of the time trying to defend your own waters and hunt down the attackers would turn into 1+ hour chase scenes with the current repair system + speed meta, and even then often end inconclusive.
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    Captains From the introduction of the port battles captains were requesting us to create systems increasing the ship diversity in the port battles. With the last patch (clan based port battles) we can implement the simple system that could promote such limitation by design. BR Limit How it could work - description Every port will have the BR limit clearly indicated in the port information window: Port Battle BR Limit Port battle participants will have to decide which ships they bring to the port battle to fill the BR Limit When port battle will start it will only allow entry until the BR limit is reached. Once BR limit is reached - port battle entry will close for the side that reached the BR limit Example In numbers Lets assume the port battle limit is 2500 This means that captains will no longer be able to bring any ships they want - they will have to compose the fleet that maximize their chances to win Options 3 Wasas, 3 constitutions, 4 Agamemnons (all 250 BR) 4 Santisimas, 2 wasas, 1 brig Other options Clan influence of the BR limit In addition to the limits we can allow clans to reduce the standard limits increasing maintenance costs for the city, but not lower than 50%. For example: In the port of 2500 BR the clan can decide to lower the limit by 50% to 1250 BR, giving them extra options to defend if their number is small. They only will be able to do it if there is no port battle set up for the port. Lets discuss the options and vote on them
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    The whole reason I am going pirate is to attack my former nation. My former nation has a bunch of idiots in it whose demise I am keen to hasten
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    @Sunleader oh wait. He put us all on ignore He'll find this thread sooner or later anyway
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    Remember America first, the Netherlands second? Same guy, another touchy subject. Enjoy!
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    Thank you for the kindness. Moderators are around. Personally I'm involved in story telling projects ( pen and paper rpg ) and my own tabletop game design at the moment side by side with a big IT project here at my office, so time for Naval Action got severely reduced. But I keep tabs with the stuff going on.
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    Bimini Shallow battle. 24 Pirates vs 25 US. Pirate Win Good fight overall. We triggered the fight to get all of our newer guys some experience, VSCO had a good 5 or so that had never done a live PB before. Decent wind to join, the US let us cap the 2 circles as we drew the brawl away from the middle circle as we capped and secured it. McMannis and Myself led the fight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj397yZvm0Y
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    They reinforcement zones should be smaller. Also after a certain rank, players should be unable to call for reinforcements. But even if these are my opinions I think overall the reinforcement zone is a good thing. I firmly believe it is better to add more bonuses and incentives to leave the safety zone then it is to make the safety zone worse.
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    A rather well known (8/9-pdr frigate) 24 guns would result in a BW of 108 when using 9's. Which is a bit underwhelming, but that is under the assumption the qd and fc weren't used for guns. Which would not be unreasonable imo to do deploy on. Sirene, later the british Laurel, would carry 24x 9 + 8x 6 resulting in 132 BW:
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    So einfach ist es halt leider meistens nicht, Entscheidungen beeinflussen ja oft alle Spieler. Gamelabs kriegt das Balancing einfach nicht geschissen. Die gehen ständig von 0 auf 100 (siehe Wirtschaft) und wundern sich warum es nicht funktioniert....
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    I think this is that part where you man up and say "gg gf" or am I wrong?
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    Eeeh I wouldnt be too sure on that.. sure a lone 1st rate is very vulnerable but when working together and protecting each other they will quickly make firewood out of the frigs i think a good balance between firepower (damagedealing tanks) and manouverability (supportive frigates) will be key
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    Capitanes Desde la introducción de las batallas de puerto los capitanes estuvieron pidiendonos de crear un sistema para incrementar la diversidad en las batallas de puerto. Con el último parche (batallas de puerto basadas en clanes) hemos implementado el sistema simple que podría promover dicha diversidad por diseño.. Límite de BR Cómo podría funcionar - descripción Cada puerto tendrá el límite de BR claramente indicado en la ventana de información del puerto: Port Battle BR Limit. Lo sparticipantes de la batalla de puerto deberán decidir cuales barcos traen a la batalla hasta llenar ese límite de BR. Cuando la batalla empieze solo permitirá la entrada hasta completar ese BR. Una vez que el límite de BR es alcanzado - se cerrará la entrada para el bando que haya alcanzado ese límite. Ejemplo en números Asumamos que el límite de BR es 2500 Esto significa que los capitanes ya no podrán llevar los barcos que quieran - Ahora tendrán que componer la flota que consideren que maximiza sus posibilidades de victoria Opciones 3 Wasas, 3 constitutions, 4 Agamemnons (todos de 250 BR) 4 Santisimas, 2 wasas, 1 brig Otras opciones Influencia del Clan en el límite de BR En suma a los límites podemos permitir a los clanes reducir las limitaciones normales incrementando los costos de mantenimiento para la ciudad, pero no mas bajo del 50%. Por ejemplo: En el puerto de 2500 BR el clan puede decidir bajar el límite un 50% hasta 1250 BR, dando opciones extra para defender si su número es pequeño. Ellos sólo serán capaces de hacerlo si no hay una batalla de puerto ya presentada. Discutamos estas opciones y votemos por ellas. Link al post de la votación y traducción de las opciones, la votación debe ser en el link, no en este post. 1. Introducir BR (Battle Rating) limitaciones a las batallas de puerto permitiendo a los clanes traer diversidad en las flotas hasta un límite total de Battle Rating (BR) Si - Queremos flotas diversas en las batallas de puerto No - la libertad total debería permanecer 2. Permitir a los propietarios del puerto reducir el límite de BR (a cambio de dinero) en los puertos que ellos poseen - creando batallas de puerto mas pequeñas que den oportunidades a naciones/clanes mas reducidos Si - permitir a los clanes decidir el tamaño total de la batalla de puerto No - libertad total debería permanecer en el juego (dejemos que los clanes pequeños mueran)
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    El foro no es lugar para expresar rencores o rencillas entre jugadores. Si no gusta este acuerdo u otro pasad de largo y cread uno que sea mejor. Mantened el foro limpio. Gracias.
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    As some may know, we [Rover] a clan of 4 guys played as Corsairs. Patch 11.x made this play style obsolete. Furthermore the community wasn't/ isn't always kind to our mods - sometimes people are missing respect. All that and a major community incident made us all from [Rover] taking a game break. Half of [Rover] recently started playing on EU again. @The Red Duke is observing the game and I bet no I am certain he will join us when every playstyle find its place in that game and or when the Sea calls him back home. That may fit to other mods as well. Maybe they are already playing but different name, server and nation ;-) You can never be sure.....
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    While I applaud your zeal for playing for five hours straight to get from Gettysburg to Chickamauga, may I suggest you take a quick break, maybe catch a nap. Come back and try it again?
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    Jeremie pb, good fight all around. 21 pirates v 16 brits. British victory BLACK left once AIB got some more ships in so that the battle was more balanced. o7 to all you fine gentlemen. Brits joined to the East where most of the rats started but were in a much tighter formation allowing us to pick off one or two early on really giving us the advantage. Battle was fun and it was great to see such a turnout on both sides. Look forward to seeing you all in the future!
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    Good evening, Small battle in open world between Danish vs France Thanks for the battle
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    The 1818 improved version of the original 1806 Venus & lynx corvettes, consisting of 4 ships: Lynx, Dolfijn, Zeepaard and Galathe. Armament 20x12-pdr + 8x12 (C) Would put BW at a nice 168 pounds. Which leaves a bit of room for tweaking into the needed catagory. Dimensions (Amsterdamse voet) 130 x 34 (5,5/11) x 17 (7,5/11) 28-gun, Lynx & Dolfijn, 1818 28-gun, Zeepaard, 1818 28-gun, Galathe, 1818 Crew Dolfijn: Crew Galathe: Crew Zeepaard:
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    Идея неплохая но соглашусь с Темпларом для таких пб нужен рельф дна, а захват кругов это будет очередная догонялка от круга к кругу. Против пока не изменятся сами портовые сражения!
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    I think they are good to help new players and the whiny carebears out... but the real problem is they are WAY too big...
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    This is my feedback on the first trial of the Legends. Arena based games been around for a while now and there is a specific set of tools that is used among them. Playing NA Legends without these tools really affects the gameplay. Those tools are now simply expected by the gaming community. Please consider the following: Minimap 1. Remove or move a side what we have now (the immediate surrounding radar) and put the real minimap in the corner; 2. Make it possible to enlarge and be zoomable; 3. Make it possible to beacon on the map (click on the map and produce a beacon for everyone on the same team to see) - makes it easier to coordinate; 4. On the Left Alt hold, make ship icons replaced by Ships armor and structure bars. On release ship icons are returned back to normal; 5. Ships of different rates needs to have different icons or rate indicators. Battle Information UI 1. Top of the screen needs to have Team Total HP-Armor bar and Kill counts bar; 2. On Tab press you showing the list of players/ships - Ships individual Armor and Structure bars needs to be added too so Tab bar showing condition of the entire fleet. Post battle screen 1. When battle over you are kicked out. Instead you need to come to the Battle Summary Screen. Shots you have done, how many penetrated, damage dealt, bounced, sail damages, capture points etc etc. This is the screen where player can see his performance in this battle and compare to other people in the team - a must have; Player Statistics 1. You have a real opportunity to make it properly right from the start. All these can be taken out of your post battle summary screen information; 2. Win - Loss rate, Ship individual stats and so on are a common sense, but you also must implement a sensible Performance Rating system that will show player's skill You cant walk away from it. If you do players will never be happy. The best and easiest way of doing it is to make it based on Average experience earned in the battle. You must earn experience for doing everything in the game even ramming. If you won the battle you get full (uncut) experience. If you lost you have 50% reduction naturally affecting your performance rating. Also this will count everything you do in the game. If you were on a 5th rate in 3rd rate battle you cant do much structure damage, but you did earn experience for taking out crew and sails and doing critical damages to rudder, pump etc. Everything needs to be counted; 3. If later you will introduce premium accounts with additional ex earning buffs do NOT make this affect the average ex earned. The stats should still show "true" earned experience in the battle that goes towards player's stats and bonus (extra ex) added by premium account that is not counting towards player stats. Player community - fleets 1. Allow small fleet creation in the lobby (start with 2-3 ships max). When battle starts they all join together; Gameplay 1. In 5vs5 battles distance between circles is too far. Probably ok for larger teams. It is possible to cap circles and then run from the enemy 5vs1 and still win, because its too far for them to recapture. Also in 5vs5 the distance makes the game tactically dull. If enemy group up - spread go capture and kite. If enemy spread out on capping, then group and and hit small groups. Either or a good tactician will just wait for enemy to make first move then respond. It is impossible to counter due to distance between circles and small size fleets; 2. AI actions are dull. From the beginning of the battle AI sailed right past its own circle and later in the battle have not paid any attention or made any moves to recapture. I have capped all 3 circles in the battle, lost all AI on my side and for the rest of the battle simply avoided the fight and won on cap points; 3. Players needs to have some control over the AI. Maybe send them to cap circles or attack certain ships. Keep up the good work Regards, Koltes
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    A small step for Naval Action ...a big step towards lobby based PB entry.
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