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    If you want people to get to pvp fast you have to give players an option to recover losses fast.
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    i guess hostility mission bots should be lowered. as we DO want 5 player clan to have a chance to take a port if they wish.
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    English sailors on the HMS Dolphin in 1766 discovered that native women on islands would trade sex for iron, and began pulling nails out, this trade became so extensive that the loss of nails started to threaten Dolphin's physical integrity Although traditional Tahitian culture did not sanction extramarital sexual relations, within 48 hours of Wallis's arrival, Tahitian husbands and fathers were encouraging their wives and daughters to swim out to the Dolphin and offer the sailors sex in exchange for iron nails. Aware of the brisk trade in iron, later explorers such as Captain James Cook brought supplies of nails and hoop iron with them to barter. https://books.google.pl/books?id=vf4TBwAAQBAJ&pg=PA682&dq=english+sailors+hms+dolphin+iron+trade+in+tahiti&hl=en&sa=X&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=english sailors hms dolphin iron trade in tahiti&f=false
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    Dear developer, please set the bugged portbattles to the respective owners for everybody. For us Swedes it is the same fubar situation as after the last reset, it takes a hit on our motivation. I understand it is EA and bugs have to be expected, but it is hard to accept if it only hit two nations fully (SE and NL). Many thanks for your consideration.
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    no. for new players it will be business as usual. first the profits margins are 3-4x+ or more on trading goods second most games have taxes third - trade with untaxed ports and again - for new players this will be fine
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    1. You need 3-5 players to have a clan working with healthy economy. If all players set their buildings for ship building production, they can cover 100% of resources needed to build ships. 15 man clan is more than enough to work. If players quit or are inactive, it's not an excuse for you to say that clans are not working lol! 2. Big clans are hard to control. They need good structures, organization, strong leadership, experienced officers to cover all of the clan duties like production, commanders, diplomacy, recruitment, ship building, trading etc. Good clan also needs a strong core team of players, aka veterans to carry the rest, teach and lead. If you make a clan and invite 100 random players, the clan will collapse sooner or later. In EVE there are whole alliances of 1000+ players, it's similar in Albion Online. "without being dependant on closed-nerdy-ts-teen environments?" Dude, stop insulting everyone. You are so hello kittying toxic, I hope you will get warned and eventually banned. Everyone knows that chat causes too many troubles during intense combat and it's hard to type while fighting. Communication was proven to be the key to success in most games. We have in our clan 50-70 years old players playing with us on TS. You are the only here crying and acting like a teen. I praise the Devs for adding clan mechanic for PBs. You will be never allowed to join any of my fleet just because you are so toxic. If you want a PB, move your ass and grind hostility for yourself. Gather people and go, who tells you that you can't do it? Ah, because you want everyone else to do it for you... You just want to hop in and join About solo ship building I know dozens of players that need less than a day to gather all mats for 1 ship without alts. Nonetheless, you get new ships Wasa and L'Hermione without crafting.
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    Thats the feature - it was on testbed. All (player and clan) Hostility points drop to 0 on maintenance to encourage clans to get hostility up to port battle during one session. There are several reasons for 100% drop. We want defenders to react to hostility generation today. If defenders don't react PB will be set up. As a result we want clans to generate hostility today - so defenders know when to react. If several clans are generating hostility only the clan having most points gets the entry rights (and his ally list). If we don't drop maintenance some edge cases appear that will allow others to finish what you started and steal your pb (using your work). As port battle entry rights are clan based we want to drop all points to zero on maintenance so one cannot save his hostility points in reserve because then they can be used to enter other clan's port battles and interfere in them.
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    Simples for me, the 3 limit should be against "player" held ports, neutral (ai) should not count to the limit.
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    I currently have 3 forged papers, with no intention what so ever of changing nation. I have 2 suggestions to make them not so useless (for me and people in the same situation). 1. Make them a saleable and tradable object. This way you can at least use them for something if you do not intend to change nation. It also gives players who have used their papers a chance to change again, if they are not happy with their nation choice. 2. Make them redeemable for combat marks in the admiralty shop.
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    from your experience they are easy you are a pro from new player perspective the mountain is insurmountable.
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    Joke? Ridiculous? Etc Every post some crap statement like that. Almost every post. Look man no-one is forcing you to eat the cactus so to speak. I for example will give up on reading your posts if they all start like that. Got it?
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    Basically you are gearing the game towards an PvP arena game except you just have to sail to the battles instead of having a match making lobby? Why have the ability to craft ships at all or why even bother having an economy in the game full stop.(which you have ruined with the 5x reward increase for that matter). No one is going craft any 4th rate now because you have made the Wasa better than the rest of them and FAR to cheap to buy. Just change the name to "World Of Tall Ships".
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    admiralty builds them and gives distinguished captains (owning combat marks) the chance to get them straight from the government
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    The ships were proposed in Player selected ship 2017 . Posts with 1 ship filling the requirements (including 50-60-gun lineships) were selected, and a few more were added as moderators requests to complete the list of proposals. Ships without plans or pictures weren't selected. The vessels with the most votes will be put to the final poll. Frigates 32-36 guns 1. Malicieuse (1758, French 32-gun frigate) 2. Niger-class (1759, British 32-gun frigate) 3. Euridice (1802, Dutch 32-gun frigate) 4. Carolina (1808, Austrian 34-gun frigate) 5. Saint Nicholas (1790, Russian 34-gun frigate) 6. Santa Monica (1777, Spanish 36-gun frigate) 7. Friderichsværn (1784, Danish 36-gun frigate) Heavy frigates 8. Venus, Bellona-class (1783, Swedish 40-gun frigate) [Moderators request] 9. Princesa Real (1819, Portuguese 50-gun frigate) [Moderators request] 4th rates 50-60 guns 10. Leopard, Portland-class (1790, British 50-gun 4th rate) 11. Le Jason (1724, French 52-gun 4th rate) 12. Principe da Beira (1774, Portuguese 54-gun 4th rate) 13. Prinses Frederika Louise Wilhelmina (1779, Dutch 54-gun 4th rate) [Moderators request] 14. Leeuwenhorst (1742, Dutch 56-gun 4th rate) 15. Delft (1782, Dutch 56-gun 4th rate) 16. Fama-class (1784, Venetian 66-gun 4th rate) [Moderators request] 3rd rates 70-80 guns 17. Wenden (1706, Danish 70-gun 3rd rate) 18. San Giovanni (1789, Maltese 70-gun 3rd rate) 19. Göta Lejon (1746, Swedish 74-gun 3rd rate) 20. Vrijheid-class (1782, Dutch 74-gun 3rd rate) 21. Le Monarque, Sceptre-class (1747, French 74-gun 3rd rate) 22. Téméraire-class (1782, French 74-gun 3rd rate) 23. San Juan Nepomuceno (1766, Spanish 74-gun 3rd rate) 24. Montañés-class (1794, Spanish 74-gun 3rd rate) 25. Rainha de Portugal (1791, Portuguese 74-gun 3rd rate) 26. Wreker-class (1798, Dutch 80-gun 3rd rate) 27. Foudroyant (1798, British 80-gun 3rd rate)
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    We just were in a battle with danes (they all send their F11 reports as beeing told) around 18:30 -19:30 Server Time in front of Santa Domingo. Following 'glitches', bugs happened: Every ship came back, if the player stayed inside the battle. Every ship in the battle went out of battle fully repaired. So in easy words: except the one who got sunk and left, it seemed the battle didnt happen for the people stayed in battle.
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    Gib sweden their own server plis?
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    We are very very sure that legends will find their audience. And will make sure you are happy there. But we have to make players here (in the open world) are happy too. In terms of the open world, Capital waters are safe. Nations protect them. You can still sink the target there (just like in EVE - the harshest game of all) but its very very hard so its basically suicide ganking. Current rewards will support this play style. Capital waters and uncapturable zones provide the way for players to build up and venture on their own convenience. We attempted for the year and a half to find the way to make it work but it does not works as even the harshest worlds have some safe areas for the players. The new design document on solo hunting near enemy capitals looks like this Current design is the final design for the open world. Nations tax players to protect them against modestly skilled hunters. Very skilled hunters can still overcome this challenge.
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    Is anyone aware whether this still works as way to meet girls? I'm asking for a friend of course...
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    Of couse we are on the platte that much since we never took part in the forum RvR only the real PB, but it was only a short time after EA on Steam that we could field a full 25 PB (with capptured 3rd rates back then) and were holding the west for weeks against SLRN in the Danish 3 front war (Brits, Swedish and French) till the black Friday. I realy miss the old Trafalgars though, best fun i ever had in this game.
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    @Lord Vicious Ofcourse you only remember the time when you played Naval Action. The time i talk of was before you joined the game, if you want, you can keep living in your own little world where nothing that happened before SORRY's creation matter. Or you can open your eyes and realize that there was a time before SORRY. As for you beating TDA. Congratulations! TDA always was an OW PvP clan, the RvR we did back then was empty port battles. So no, we had in fact no experience when it comes to 25v25 battles. SORRY did good, and SORRY might have been the best 25v25 Fighters, unfortunately you never got to fight against SLRN, RUS or DAS when those clans were ruling the seven seas with their "Port Battle" fleets. SORRY never proved their worth compared to SLRN, RUS or DAS. SLRN, RUS and DAS fought hundreds of 25v25's against each other, learning more and more from every fight and becoming better and better by doing so. The few 25v25's you had were against clans with no experience in 25v25's and this is why i don't think SORRY deserves to be called "The best RvR clan". I'll happily admit i'm not a good RvR player, never was and never will be because it doesn't interest me. However i can certainly tell you who i'd call the "Best RvR clans in NA's history". @Konali89 Definitely Konali, it is almost impossible to compare the clans of old with the clans of new. To me, i look at the combat prowess as the main factor and then the "achievements" as the secondary factor, and to me there is no doubt here. DAS, SLRN and RUS all 3 deserves the title. Other clans have done great as well, but their combat prowess will never come close to those 3 when they were in their "prime" so to speak.
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    It is pointless to compare clans and their campaigns. All these comparisons have one thing in common, they took place in different era's within naval action. Having completely different RVR and PVP atmospheres back then compared to eachother. Each remarkable clan had its own successes and i applaud them for that. On behalf of DAS i can only say, those peak moments are more than 1,5 years ago, possibly even longer. With the old saturday trafalgars. I think the last trafalgar we had was a display of tactics and skill back then in a ( i repeat) different combat system than we know now. Being outnumbered gun wise and skill wise, because SLRN back then was a proper force. We only had one choice, go straight at em! give them no time to organize and coordinate. We formed 2 lines at the very last second and had them pinned down between our lines the entire match. Eventhough we where outgunned from the start, and i can honestly say outskilled, they where better. We won based on tactics and having fun. That mattered back then, just having fun. We cant compare it anymore to port battles nowadays or conquest systems we had the last 1,5 years. In the 3-4 years of being here i have seen really good players and i think it is a shame most of you never sailed under the command of Steelsandwich. DAS is no longer active, we are still there but not active. I am confident we will rise again, but sadly we can never re-create such atmpshere we had with SLRN and RUS and VIE, yes i mention VIE, they seem to be forgotten and they certainly rocked aswell back in the day. I applaud Sorry's accomplishments aswell BLACK's , and i cant say who is better or worse, in the end every battle has different circumstances and i think the only fair way to claim who is baddest and best, is go back in time and have that trafalgar system again. But hey! maybe we will see in Naval action legends:) @TommyShelby , i only led a few PB's , most of the time i only led in 2nd place after steel in trafalgars, but not just me, we did it together we where a tight gang of guys. Shoutouts to : RUBLI, HRE, EDR. TF, TDA and puchu
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    It was made impossible to teleport to regional capitals in part because one clan proved that it could be possible to teleport into PBs. Now all ports have PBs, so every PB that is not a regional capital PB you can teleport into. That is a very good thing. Making it hard to get access to lineships was driving people from the game who just wanted to experience all of the various ships in the game.
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    Yes, please dont bring more non-crafted ships. Every of them hits the player driven economy. You want the game to be a game for crafter and trader? Then stay consistent and give that player types a market to sell their ships. Otherwise the crafter profession could die in this game.
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    Not Cool Devs... LGV and Indiaman now require Skill box unlock.. but still only have 3 Boxes? If we have to unlock them we should be able to unlock all 5
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    @admin @Ink There is still a limit of 3 Port Battles per day for a nation. Right now almost all nations have 3 Port Battles and many ports have 100% hostility... The limit should be removed. This kills RvR, because we don't have regional port battles anymore, but individual ports. Please, remove the limit before maintenance and hostility drop after it.
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    I was one of the Danes in the battles and i lost my Bellona. I stayed in the battle scene so I could see if my team mates would make it. with about 18 min left on the battle timer we got the connection lost message. I was then spawned in OW on my fully repaired Bellona I tried to send a F11 but I dint know if it went trough
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    Update Instances are running and bots are waiting for players inside. But markers did not appear, searching for the reason. players can go kill enemies of the their state to vent frustration.
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    So my assessment of the patch is as follows. After 30-60min of playing lastnight. It is a solid 6 out of 10. While it fixes some grind issues with ship XP, gold and marks, it does break other things and increase inflation. The reduction in material weights was a very good change, but the lack of adjustments on the actual cargo ships or trader ships is not helping. A Trader Snow is still useless compared to a Trader Brig. And a Brig is useless compared to the LGV. The other issues of population balance. The nations still see no point in being balanced, and are even further from being useful than before. I wont go into the reinforcement issues, as others have already clubbed that to death. Then the PB mechanic really hasnt changed so the meta will remain the same. Thus it will get boring very fast and continue to lose players in the RVR area because PVP is just easier and cheaper.
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    Ya, when I first read about reinforcments coming back I thought it was meant to reduce the 5v1 or similar ganks near capitals, so the player attacked could get reinforcments to about 1.3 times the BR of attackers. But apparently its meant to provide a huge safezone and completely cover the eco of most nations, on a pvp server No real point to be playing anymore for a solo hunter, but at least Arena is close.
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    And that's where the phrase "Nailed it" comes from.....
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    @Peter Goldman Did you notice your got your wish granted? Prince is a riot to sail with manual foremast yardwork. Turns fantastic and can slow down and reduce turn radius very effectively with staysails work.
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    Please don't make any radical moves just yet, as current situation is extraordinary. I expect if we remove a limit, a spam of hostility will start. Nations will eg. create 100% hostility in 10 regions, in order to attack just 1 later. We had this with fake flags already. It can be repeated with hostility, even if it's a bit more tedious. In a few days, everything should return to normal. Clan limits create rooms for exploits. We'll just have a number of clans increase. There will be eg. HYDRA1, HYDRA2 etc.
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    all right lets talk limits current limit of 3 port battles per nation is not optimal because some clans can completely miss out on port battles just because they play later in the day there are no easy solutions to this but there are ways to reduce the problem Allow to take hostility missions only in the allocated time slot (port battle window). But some clans will still miss out especially on global Remove national limit and implement the clan limit - nation can have unlimited port battles but clan has a limit of 1 pb per day. No-one can miss out but very small nations will have hard times defending their territory (which is ok as now we have uncapturable waters) But there is a third option - we jumped to conclusions too often and too early before and maybe current case is the same. Maybe we need to change nothing as once nations cap the ports they will have to defend them and the number of port battles will drop to pre patch level. (current number of PB is 23 on EU - 23 port battles in one day). this topic is important - please be constructive and propose real structured solutions - no rants plz. my personal view is to pick either 2 (1 pb per day for a clan) or 3 (do nothing and see how it goes)
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    The easy way would put the limit on clan, only 3 ports per clan. I think after we get the land grab out of the way it won't be so bad, but the other thing is just take the limit off for a week or so and see how things settle out and than put it back on. I know the limit was to keep from zerg a nation, but maybe bump it up to 5-10 for a week or to if you don't take the limit off. Though I think the best thing is three per clan as some big clans might actually have more than one fight in a day. We have a good number of SEA players along with our US so we wouldn't want to be limited to sharing port slots with other clans when we can easily field 2 port battles back to back in US prime time and than prob another in AUS/SEA times.
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    I think we should not remove the limit at this stage. Its too easy for a populous nation to widen their capabilities too fast, leading to unbalanced situations. Server balance is key for a healthy RvR field. /rant Have the feeling that the same people are asking for no limits who stopped the easy nations to be put to main land and then requested a huge save zone in the middle of the map. There is a limit how easy you will get it.....
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    Have to agree. Remove any ship notes for marks. Make permits like rest of ships. Marks are easy to get so ships same.
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    high population Faction is uncontrolable factor so this PB\day limitation is the only way to reduce this factor effect. What you mention above is tipicaly a high population problem, although it should push clans to COOPERATE through alliance system, for the interest of the entire Faction. If you fear a very large clan of your Faction that would be able to reach 100% of 3 PB's, then you may rely on creating alliance with other small clans and grind the same targeted PB's. The PB will be set by the faster group. But you also seem to forget that: - PB will not be so easy to grind when attacking other Faction ports, as missions area could be screened by the defenders. - You may have to attend other PB's or screening when your Faction is being attacked. - Large clans may run out of cash if the got too greedy and ports will get back to neutral. So this limitation is tricky only during the first days when we got so many neutral ports, but after that, with a map that has been balanced in term of ports ownership, PB's will become harder and 3 PB\day\Faction will look very reasonable. Last but not least, the main point is a port to be captured by your Faction, the large clan that owns port is not a problem for smaller clan as they will get benefit of access & ressources. The real question about PB limitation should be WHAT'S THE LIMITATION OF DEFENSIVE PB's PER DAY & PER FACTION ? what if 4 Factions would decide to cooperate in attacking the most populated Faction (ex: Brits) and set 4x3 PB's in a single evening !!!
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    What about a career tracker of sort, where you can get info on yourself and other players where it says total battles fought, number of enemies sunk per ship, what the most common ship sailed is, and information like that? In the era, captains became famous and such information was available. It would be a nice immersion feature.
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    We plan to remove teleport limitation for free ports in the next hotfix (most likely), players will be able to teleport to any outpost, with the exception of another nation owner
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    We plan to address repair cooldowns and amount to reduce the lenght of battles in very near future
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    If we are talking since the beginning of OW. There is only 3 clans i can think of that really earned a nomination. SLRN, RUS, and DAS. (Not in a particular order). Why would i say one of the 3? Its simple really. In their "Prime" so to speak they did about 2-5 "Port Battles" (25v25 SoL Fights) a day. They fought like hell and a ton of different tactics were tried. This went on for something like 4-6 months. All 3 clans managed to capture large amounts of the map (Equal to the amounts that newer RvR clans such as SORRY managed.) The difference being that SLRN, RUS and DAS fought hundreds of 25v25 SoL Battles against each other, each battle they became better and better. Truly battle hardened Port Battle fleets. The newer RvR clans however haven't fought a whole lot of 25v25 SoL Battles, and the ones they have fought have usually been against inexperienced, disorganized teams made up of several different clans. @manuva85 @Snoopy @freddykrueger66 @BABAY @SteelSandwich @Capt Bubbles @Konali89
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    Naval Action taxes your pixel wallet. Civ VI with its million of bugs, terrible AI and poorly balanced combat mechanics taxes your will to live.
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    Yeah it really should be one choice in each category or rate of ship.
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    Ok I understood and it makes sense. Just leave it like it is now. Bit of a pity that we grinded 4 additional ports to 100% yesterday thouhg lol
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    Given our accounts are no longer tied to Steam as far as xp etc is it possible to use forged papers or is a cvharacter restart required? Just want to take a H out of my name. Or is it simple not worth the hassle?
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