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    Player Taurus454 made these hostile and serious abuse words against players including myself defending a port that we had captured from the french after doing the hostility ourselves. As far as i am aware it is your right to defence a region being attacked and it was last time i looked. As we were in battle i reported twice but was not sure what lines were reported. This is not the first time this has occurred. I have asked for an apology and received nothing not that i would have expected something from someone supposedly "testing" a game. I have now left the global server as I wish to enjoy the game and not be seen in the same region as Olympic sized tolls such as this. I have captured all the conversation after pressing ignore once i had time.
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    George Town 4th Rate Port Battle - 18 Pirates vs 22 Great Britain Pirates lost 4 ships. We did have one DC early so we where actually down 5 ships at the end of the fight. Luckly the DC just escaped so it didn't effect the battle much. Great Britain lost 11 ships almost 12 but Galt pulled a quick one and jumped into the captured Aggy. We have a standing rule to scuttle ships and the player didn't do it fast enough. Good fight over all guys. Thanks again trying to push it a little later so we can get more of our guys on to make it a good fight. I think if ELITE didn't get lost and came in late ya'll would of had us. But them silly Elite guys always getting lost and being late to the part. @Norfolk nChance are we going have to get you a navigator or something?
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    I was hoping once the PvP game play has been established in a such way most PvP'ers are satisfied, the developers would turn their attention to the PvE server and its community. Though it is small compared to the PvP's, I strongly believe it will increase and retain a lot of players if improved and marketed appropriately, maybe more as an Age of sail MMO trade and combat Sim with Cooperative battles and interactive player driven economy. Most of the ideas here are from other players that have posted in this forum, my only contribution is limited and mostly consist of my personal take of other contributors' ideas. This is what I would suggest to improve the PvE server. Most of what is listed is already in place or was in place at some point in the past. I'm hoping this will start a good discussion on how to make the PvE server viable past the 12-18 months life span advanced by the devs during the server merger discussion a few months ago. I have already discussed the potential of the PvE server thanks to its particular community and it's different game play, see post below: So, here we go! Please discuss and provide constructive feedback and suggestions that would make the PvE server more attractive to non PvP game play focused players. Career paths: Trader: cargo hold bonus, shipping fees discounts, less combat perks availability Navy Officer: combat XP bonus, crew bonus, more combat perks availability Crafter: resource/crafting mats discounts, LH/Craft XP bonus, less combat perks availability Other suggestions welcome. REPUTATION system: Piracy: Attacking nations other than the ones you are at war with turns you into a pirate. Privateering: If spain is at war with Britain, get a privateering licence from Spain, then attack British ships as a privateer and earn Reputation with Spain, this will not turn you into a pirate since you had a license/Letter of Mark against Britain. Trading: Only with nations at peace, Neutrals, Free Ports. Smuggling: No longer risk free, enemy warships will "randomly" attack you near enemy ports (AI aggressiveness). If you see an enemy ship alter it's course and heads towards you, you know it spotted/recognized you as a smuggler. Run away, when distance between enemy ship reaches a certain value, enemy ship abandons chase. Enemy Nation's "Customs ships" remain within a certain distance/radius from ports, if entering "customs zone" doesn't attract enemy warship then you are safe to smuggle goods in/out that port. If enemy ships starts chasing you, sail away till you leave the "customs zone", then chase is dropped. So players are not indefinitely chased down by AI ships. No need for circles like in PB's though, you know you got out of the zone, when enemy ship gives up chase. Out Posts: In any National, Neutral and Free Ports. Also in Nation at peace. If you have an OP in a friendly nation, then war breaks out, you won't lose it but can't use it either until peace returns. Aggressive AI: 1- Hot Spots or aggressive AI zones: Depending on state of war with other nations, hot spots may spawn randomly for a limited amount of time in different areas and those zones will show up on the Map. They will consist of AI enemy privateers/Fleets cruising in those zones and attacking unescorted/poorly escorted Players' trade ships or warships depending on a BR scale to be determined. Obviously an AI Pickle or Privateer is not going to attack a player's Constitution. Traders/Crafters may elect to avoid those areas or escort their trade ships for protection. 2- "Notorious pirate spotted in this region" Mission: AI pirates in good quality ships will cruise in limited areas for a limited time, attacking player's unescorted trade ships posing a threat to players trade routes. Taking on the mission to go and hunt down that notorious pirate will provide good XP/gold (depending on player's BR) and Marks, upgrades, books or whatnot. 3- Customs zones listed above will also be part of the more aggressive AI to spice up the game play. More Challenging OW combat: Escorts for AI traders: t-cutter with 1 or 2 7th rates, t-snow with 1-2 6th rates, t-brigs with 2-3 6th rates. Occasional Indiaman with really valuable goods, but escorted with tougher squadron. Making capping/looting traders worthwhile. Encourage player crafted ships: Limit capturable AI ships to poor quality (fir warships, slow traders). Better AI ships should be lootable only, but not capturable in order to encourage "better" player-built ships on the market. Shipping: Instead of "TelePorting", which is more like a Startrek thing than an age of sail, we may implement a way of transporting goods through "shipping" instead. Shipping may be limited/restricted to increase the challenge, maybe 1-2 shipments per server day/reset. Also make it so it takes more or less (see below) the same amount of time a player would take to sail from port A to port B. If it takes 1.5 RL hours to go from Cton to Habana, then the shipment should take about the same time. 1- Shipping goods through third party traders (25-30% faster than player sailing his/her own ships): 1.1- From friendly (not at war) port with or without OP to own OP: maybe up to 4,000 tons (an Indiaman): $10-15/ton. 1.2- From friendly (not at war) port with or without OP to another player's OP: up to 2,000 tons at $20-25/ton. 1.3- No shipping from hostile ports. To make Free ports maybe more interesting, they could ship for less. Other suggestions are welcome. 2- Shipping goods through player's own ships: a player can use a single trader (up to an indiaman) to "ship" his goods from OP to OP only. Once selected, the ship and the goods will travel "in the background", while the player is free to craft, do combat missions, hunt other ships in the OW or sail another trader/fleet on a trade run. During the shipping, the player won't have access to the ship/goods until they arrive to destination. This is free, but not as fast as through third party shipping. Hostility/wars/alliances: Instead of the current static diplomatic situation, where everyone is at war with everyone (except free towns and neutrals), we may try a variable/changing diplomatic status. Nations randomly create alliances and wars that last a few RL days. Players will refer to "Diplomacy tab" to find out what the status is: Peace (self explanatory), Tension (war is about to break out within 1-2 or 2-3 RL days), War (self explanatory). According to one's prestige with a particular nation, a player can build an OP in that nation if his/her nation is at peace with it. If a nation is at war with the player's nation, the OP remains, but player can not access it until peace returns. During the "Tension" phase, a player has to prepare and take care of business in his OP before the war breaks out, otherwise, he/she has to wait it out. Trade goods redistribution: Currently, most profitable goods are in National capitals. Most profitable routes are from national capitals to other national capitals with a few exceptions. Goods bought in Charleston can not be sold in any other US port with any substantial profit and vice versa. In order to diversify the trade routes and help new players make some profits early one, maybe change the price gradient to correspond to the distance traveled. Resource production/Crafting: Maybe give ports certain roles/specializations: Nation Capitals (Industrial center): allowed buildings: Workshop, Shipyard. Regional Capitals (Labor center): allowed buildings: Extra Labor Office. Dependent ports (Resource center): allowed buildings: Mines, Forests...etc National Trade Goods: Spawning in regional ports (not Capitals). Transporting them to player's national/regional capitals on short trade runs with early traders (trade cutter) will provide some profit margin to get started and build up early cash capital to purchase bigger traders, warships...etc. Transporting goods farther to foreign nation capitals should obviously provide better profit margins/returns depending on distance traveled and/or port consumption. Resource Production: Any resource required for crafting should be player produced only. This will encourage player driven economy. No resource or crafted goods should be produced by AI (maybe only in AI ships to be looted!). Woods such as Live Oak, Sabicu, Caguairan...etc, should also be produced by players (I think they are already in the crafting Menu). These "premium" ship building materials should be distributed in such a way to encourage international trade during peace time and smuggling in war time. Guns (aka cannons): Only Basic (free) and medium 4 pders are available in Shops. Everything else is either looted from AI ships or player produced in players' workshops. Crafting: Should provide some craft XP to CRAFTERS. Crafting materials that require another crafted material and/or more than one resource should provide craft XP. Not much, but not zero like it is now. EDIT 1: Taxes (from Patch 11.0) and Smuggling: Most of us PvE'ers have been railing about these taxes which have been cutting 20% into our profits. However, one of the reasons smuggling existed was that people did not want to pay them. So, this is what I thought about the new Smuggling system: if successful, players smuggling into hostile, neutral or friendly ports will not pay Taxes on traded goods. This adds an incentive and a usefulness to smuggle goods in and out of ports. Remember, smuggling is no longer the passive/safe activity we have been conducting till now (see Smuggling, Customs Zones above). This is how new smuggling is envisioned: 1- Smuggling is activated/deactivated while on a ship, not in port so it is not on all the time when checked in a home port. Reasoning: if the smuggler flag is on all the time, then a ship sailing through a Customs Zone, but not necessarily trying to enter that port will be attacked by the Customs Patrol Ship. A ship with smuggler flag on coming back to a home port will also be attacked by the Customs Patrol Ship of the player's own nation. So smuggling is activated when a player plans to enter a Hostile/Friendly port to deliver/acquire goods and avoid paying taxes for a larger profit. 2- A player activates the smuggler flag when approaching a port, if the Customs Patrol does not bear on his ship or if his ship is not drawn into a shore battle instance where his ship is pounded by shore artillery , then the player is safe to continue on into the port and all transactions (buy/sell) are tax free. If the player is spotted as a smuggler and chased down by the customs patrol or shot at by the shore batteries, then the player sails out of the Customs area, and deactivates the smuggler flag and tries again. Obviously, the player will not be able to enter a hostile port without the smuggler flag, but will enter friendly ports and conduct trade and pay Taxes. For Customs Zones: the same "Areas Protected By..." can be used as Customs Zones where there will be Customs Patrol Ships that will be triggered by Enemy Trade ships or Friendly traders with the Smuggling flag activated: Smuggling should be a feature of the Merchant/Trader career path. Navy Officer and Crafter can not smuggle goods, they will have other features/benefits. Also, the trader will have at his disposal a Perk that decreases the likelihood of being discovered and can be used as one of the 5 perks...something like "Corrupt Customs Officer". More Ideas to come...
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    If you do more guys in one mission you get more ships and it would mean less missions. What I'm assuming is that it takes who every joins at start of the mission and lest say it's 12 guys and adds 2 ships. So you have 14 ships to fight if 12 guys joined the fight from start in a group so kinda need to test that. That would also means if you get about 2% per ship that one missions will give you 28% and all you will have to do is 4 missions as a group. That how the missions use to be prettty much if you use a big group. What we would do is have more than one group going and it flips them even faster. Basically saying it should take a group 1-2 hours to flip a port if they have a big enough group and ships. Going to try to get a group of clan members on test to try this.
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    That was a 2 thumbs up fight I ended up using all my Hull repairs as it was a constant brawl once we started engaging and cutting the Brits off, it went down to the wire and its those kinda of fights that make the game easy to log back in day after day. The PvP fights in the PBs can be the most intense.
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    Buenas, yo creo que no sabe la diferencia entre soviético y ruso, de todas formas es irrelevante pues no hay facción rusa en el juego, es como si se refiriera a los daneses como alemanes.... bueno ahora que lo pienso igual los confunde también; ya me imagino a un jugador nuevo buscando en el mapa los colores de los ruso-soviéticos, usando el máximo zoom para encontrar la bandera comunista en el Caribe
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    The open world part of this game and all the interactions was a large part of what got me hooked and spending more time playing. I don't think I was involved in a single game since the old days of playing Warbirds Online. I liked the early sea trials for some quick action. Legends sound like it will be similar but like the early sea trials will only satisfy some quick instant gratification. It won't keep people around as long or as interested in the long term. For me since the wipe, it's just become too much grind that can be lost too quickly. This results is not enough Naval action to keep up my interests like I had before. Maybe if grinding was more fun, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but for now it just requires too much time before getting to the point where you're ready to take you're earnings and risk losing a ship. The often toxic behavior of a lot of the players on the forums and in chat doesn't help the over all attitude either. It doesn't matter anyhow. From what I gather the devs are going to make the game they want regardless of our opinions. They got my money and I do feel I got my moneys worth. Whether I or anyone else sticks around or not no longer matters to them as long as they have an influx of new players for future income.
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    Most uninformed post ever.
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    We should be able to give dislikes.
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    Sigh... 1. That's a big issue being discussed elsewhere. 2. You haven't played much lately? Crew is cheap. 3. I think you're pretty much alone in this.
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    For the Dutch they used merely 2nd, 3rd and 4th rate as there main SoL since the nature of the coastline. And I need to mention that the Dutch also have beside the normal warships also some merchantman had as many guns as a normal 3rd rate, these ships were mainly used for the WIC and VOC since they had different kind of intrest, but not uncommon that they would have seen battle. (apart from the pirate-refits). I know that the Wreker-class (80 guns later 90) and the Prins Maurits-class? (74 guns) of ships had a 36, 30 and 12 after refit 36, 30 ,12/36 and 36, 24, 12 Dutch pdr had were to the Admiraal de Ruyter (Wreker-class), De Vrijheid and 7 Provinciën (Prins Maurits-Class?). In British pound it mean that they would have a 39,5, 33, 13/39,5 and 39,5, 26,5 and 13 Pdr had respectively. For the 74 gunners they would have 28*36pdr , 28*24 pdr , 18*12 pdr, it means they would have a broadside weight with Dutch pound in 948 pdr whilst the current bellona has 865 and the St Pavel 1038 if we calculate that to Brit pdr she has a pdr of 1041. There for I would say the Dutch ships would be a nice filler to bridge the gap between certain rates as a heavy ship rate. And for the Wreker-class ships I will do in two stages since the refit, for the pre-refit the ships have 30*36 pdr, 30*30 pdr, 20*12 pdr, that would mean they would have a broadside weight of 1110 Dutch pdr whilst the current St Pavel and Bucentaure have 1038 and 1200 british pdr broadside weight, but if we take the conversion into account that would mean they would a heavier broadside weigth of 30*39,5, 30*33 and 20*13 pdr taking that into account, she would then have a broadside weigth of 1218 british pdr. And now that is done let's go to the refitted Wreker-class of ships with 90 guns, those had a 30*36, 30*30, 20*12 pdr and 10*36 carronades, so in Dutch pound we would have a broadside weight of 1290, for comparison the Victory and the L'Ocean have 1295 and 1365 british pdr broadside weight, but now let's convert we have suddenly 1415 british pdr broadside weight. So as a summary the Dutch might not have had there primetime during this period nor we have really famous ships for that matter, but that does not take away that the ships we used were under gunned or had bad performance, by not owning a 1st rate. They were more than capable to match up any other major sea power at the time ship wise if not they had a heavier broadside weight than same class or higher ships. For the conversion rate I use the Amsterdam pound with 494,04, for conversion sake I used 1.098 for simplicity. The British broadside weight might be a bit off by a margin of 20/30 pdr but that is more to do with what source u use on Dutch pound, for this most commonly is used the Amsterdam pound And a question for @admin when do we know when a ship/selection of ships have been chosen? @Fluffy Fishy the Tirare guns were a nice read, I got 2 questions, 1 were these guns breach or muzzel loaded and 2 would u dare to say thes guns are the first truely rifled and precise (for the time) guns to be ever used, by any significant power.
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    Here is the map from testbed: The main idea was to focus RvR in the middle of the map and mainland would stay out of RvR. I have lots of objections about current map look. Jamaica non-RvR zone. It's literally the centre of the map. During best times of playing for me, pirates, Spanish and Danish had ports on Jamaica. It was a hot PvP zone, the best place on the map for PvP. British nation should have capital in Belize and safe zone with safe ports over there. Jamaica should be left for conquest and RvR and PvP. La Habana with surrounding ports as Spanish safe zone, making Cuba only 75% RvR area? It's going to be huge gankfest around and nothing will change at all. The Spanish nation should have capital in Vera Cruz and safe area in Mexico Gulf to grow, start and live. Cuba is more or less in the middle of the map too, so should be 100% RvR area with no exceptions. Mortimer Town a safe zone area for Pirates? Pirates should have their safe zone on Kidd's Island aka Secret Island. Mortimer yet again like mentioned above regions is in the centre. Should be left for RvR. I don't want to speak for the French nation, but they had lots of issues with the Swedes and probably 50% of French playerbase changed the nation (some clans/players moved to US, Spanish, Danish, Swedish factions). I've seen French players requesting New Orleans to be their new home, giving them more living space and safety.
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    Hello grind, my old friend... I've come to talk with you again.
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    To gain points you have to control one more circle than the other team. The more you control the faster you get points. It's pretty slow though so takes a while. Kills give you way more points faster. We like to try to point out by sinking the other team over the capping the circles. To cap the circle you have more ships in the circle than the other team. If equal number of ships are in a circle it stops and no points gained.
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    I know it sucks mate, but it doesn't work like that. If the decision will be made to merge then its all player base that we have to work with, not just an EU guys. When Global was made we (ex PVP2 guys) didn't like a character server has turned into with a new player influx who brought it with them from PVP1. But we had to leave with it and accept. Not trying to make your game sucks. Please don't read it this way
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    Efectivamente, cada vez que lo nombran, están tirando una piedra contra la facción española. En cuanto a la segunda parte, creo que es un gran error........ Los jugadores nuevos del NA, son "tabulas rasas"............ Las manzanas podridas no van a su cesto como piensas..... Lo que ocurre es que las manzanas que caen en su cesto, se pudren........ Que es muy diferente........ Y hoy en día, desgraciadamente, el cesto mas famoso de la facción española, es el suyo..... Si, es el jugador mas famoso y del que mas gente habla............ ¿Gracias a quien?........ si, gracias a vosotros que no paráis de hablar de él........... ¿No habéis oido nunca aquello de.... "Que hablen de ti, aunque sea mal"?............ Pues cuando este individuo se dio cuenta que nadie iba a hablar bien de él por motivos obvios, empezó a conseguir que se hablara siempre de él............ aunque fuera mal.................. Y gracias a vosotros, repito..... es el personaje mas famoso de la facción española............ Que manda huevos......... Edit: Solamente piensa una cosa..... elije cualquier jugador de su cuerda que se dedique a insultaros............ Si el primer día que entró al juego hubiera entrado en VLTRA en lugar de con el innombrable...... ¿Crees que también os insultaría?............
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    well, We just don't know how, perhaps by copper cable or optical fiber ... but surely through the internet, it seems to appear on the screen just in front of you but OT i believe they are not showing it before the release of the UI
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    I substantially agree to you suggestions, yet I would add one important thing: the game is full of timesinks (so that getting money and resources - for a new player - may be a long process) so you must actually have a lot of time to dedicate to the game if you want to achieve good results.
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    perhaps a small flag would do the trick looking true the spy glass visual contact that will increase the knowledge about ships type or perhaps a way to accomplish it by using upgrades(who are not in the game yet) like visual range upgrade by spy glass or crows nest upgrade +25 % visibility or the elite scout + 50 % visability actually there is nothing in the game about visibility or scouting capabilities
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    This is no matter for the tribunal. Chat violations are to be reported with the ingame tool which is accessed by right clicking on the offender's name in chat and then pressing the button called "report." Closed.
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    i will look into that. Rig repairs and hull repairs are in the same group and should drop equally well. regarding rewards. WE HAVE NOT YET increased rewards but plan to do so. What gave you an impression that rewards are higher?
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    1. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/22479-server-merge/ 2. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/20152-notoriety-system-feedback-please/ 3. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/22407-hard-work-and-skills-needs-to-be-rewarded-and-i-still-want-that-t-shirt/ 2 & 3 are blocked by http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/22532-the-smoke-cast-by-man/
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    It really depends on who you are as a person. The game has a steep learning curve - so a patience and tenacity is a requirement. It isn't the most solo friendly game either so the best advice I give any newcomer is: "Join a clan, go to teamspeak and learn from the best". There's a TON of fun in the game. And a lot of frustrations as well. Some of the frustrations is down to the development strategy (or lack there of) by the devs and some of the frustrations comes from the fact that the game is very unforgiving. Often - if you make a mistake the quarry escapes. Or if you're the one being hunted - the ship is lost. I cannot count the battles in which I have more or less been king of the seas. Nor can I count the battles that still haunt my waking dreams because of the mistakes I made. So in short: (too late I know) Get the game IF you like the era, IF you are patient, IF you can live with getting beaten down time and time again - even when you think you've mastered the game you can still find yourself in unfortunate circumstances, get the game IF you don't mind (well can live with) getting beaten by 4-5 players that just happened to find you in a position where there is no escape. Get the game if you like to socialize, to fight, to craft (imo a very, very good crafting system that only needs minor tweaks), and if you like to give and take in a game where the battles are what we live for and there atm isn't much else in the game.
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    I think the last time he played was 18 months ago and someone gave him a free captured 3rd rate. Else the post can only be pure fabrication.
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    Captains. We need to fill 3 gaps in the ship line up. Please propose ships for the consideration. Requirements in broadside guns Light frigates 32-36 guns (we have no ships in this range) Heavy frigates 50-60 guns (we only have trincomalee and constitution in this range) 3rd rates 70-80 guns (we only have 1.5 ships in this range) All other gun counts will not be considered Nation preference Dutch Portuguese Venetian Other great models will also be allowed but we would prefer underrepresented nations. Important update We won't accept long lists of ships. We want YOU to make a choice. Lists will be ignored. Please if you are interested in a certain ship getting into a game. List that ship alone.
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    Hello captains and @admin! I read the forums a lot and i feel that the devs get a great deal of negative feedback and criticism. Getting almost all feedback as negative feedback is not fun at all, and can lead to the devs loosing their spark towards this game. (although negative feedback is required in game development so don´t get me wrong.) This thread is about the good things in the game, the things we like and love. Please respect that and only post good things here.
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    [ELITE] planned delaying entry by a few minutes so that you guys the [Brethren] would of settled into focusing your forces on circle B with the main Brit fleet. We surmised with where we expected the wind to be that the Brits would of likely capped circle C leaving some small initial holding force. Thus if we could get a clean run into circle A with the 6 of us. We could overpower by numbers the holding force you would have in circle A, then come up behind the [Brethren] in circle B forcing you to fight 2 sides. This worked as expected in regards to the run in and allowed us to assess your holding force in circle A, thus we released 1 of us to join the main Brit fleet namely "Drufus Kent" always a fighting man. However what we failed to do was to follow through. We didn't use our superior numbers to destroy your 2 Aggie's holding force in circle A, getting them out of the attrition equation early to then start sniping at your main force. Rather we allowed ourselves to take the circle by superior number occupancy which tied these forces and would tell later in the PB. Norf as ever aggressive and egotistic went of on a suicide dance for bit before tallyho of to circle C with Mixy to hold. Cdog as per expectation went battling in circle B stumping and confounding the [Brethren] folk both in boarding attempts and staying topside with dry feet until the dying minutes. Jeheil did a Stirling job managing the brawl developing in circle B and a big well done to all in that group. But the early missed chance on the attrition front [My Bad] played out. What we need to do better is damage management. IE front line duty swap out for repair activities but guess we all know this. Certainly I heard Jeheil mention it and monitoring the damage states on the [Brethren] they had this down pat. Norf your gonna hate me on this but I'm sure your ego will get you over it. Plus seasons soon coming so I'll be out the way trigger happy anyways. But we have GOT to be on the same comms. If you think your up to running a show then do it. However mate you got to learn how to talk to and lead folk. Barking at folk like you do and expecting sheer compliance and silence on comms at all times is unrealistic & not "LEADING". I don't give a rats ass what books u read. What it will get you is AYE AYE over voice and you can kiss my ass in action as any green horned Sandy pleb would know by the 2nd week. Listen to those with RL field command experience 1 they will save your ass more than once, 2 they will stop you being feckin stupid. If you don't then look up Neidermeyer in animal house end credits for what happened that ain't as fiction as you might think. There are us out there with darker sides than u know ;-). But when all settled and done, best couple of hours in NA for a month or so. Looking forward to popping GT again as soon as poss. o7
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    1. L'Hermione has more armor, crew, guns, heavier guns than the Surprise. It very clearly should be more than 140 BR. 2. I do not understand the purpose of neutral fleets if I can't even attack them. 3. Considerable FPS increase on a GTX 950, core i5-3450.
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    I just want to add to this that there might be wipes in the final release as I'm still not convinced it is possible to create a perpetual game here. And to be honest have the wipes been really bad? It gives everyone equal opportunity again.
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    Yah pretty much made this when that patch come out to better explain to guys.
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    Also Optional PvP that was mentioned elsewhere. A player that runs into another on the OW may invite him/her to fight a PvP battle. If the other player is interested and accepts, then a PvP battle takes place, otherwise each one goes his/her own way.
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    he Admiraal de Ruyter was a Dutch 80-gun ship-of-the-line, part of the Wreker Class (translation: Avenger). 7 ships would be build according to Pieter Glavimans' design which was approved by the admiralty in 1795. Supervising the build of the first two vessels, the class' leadship "Wreker" left the dockyard in 1798. Including "Chatham" and "Admiral Zoutman" the first order of the wreker class' vessels was finished in 1800. Impressed by the ships' overall performance another batch of four new vessels were approved by the admiralty. In 1806 "Admiraal de Ruyter" left the dockyard. -Wreker 1798 (Amsterdam) -Chatham 1799 (Rotterdam) -Admiraal Zoutman 1800 (Amsterdam) -Admiraal de Ruyter 1806 (Rotterdam) -De Leeuw 1806 (Amsterdam) -Admiraal de Ruyter 1808 (Amsterdam) -Admiraal Evertsen 1808 (Amsterdam) The measurement of the class (amsterdamse voet): 195 ft x 51 ft x 22 ft In meters: 55.2 x 14.4 x 6.2 Originally the Class was destined to carry 80-gun (pounds are in dutch): Lower gun deck: 36-pounders Upper gun deck: 30-pounders FC&QD: 12-pounders perhaps 3 ships from all the 3 nations Dutch...... Portuguese and Venetian would be awesome
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    Acojonante..... Directamente le publicáis los vídeos para que lo vea cuanta más gente mejor...... Le habéis hecho una promoción, que ni los cantantes de OT. Luego no os quejáis de tener a Chenoa hasta en la sopa.... Hay que joderse.
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    Yes no problem on global server, works there. Not good for EU server though.
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    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1126360230 clocked at 176Knts... lol
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    He's not arguing what makes sense to himself, nor to Spanish players. He's arguing what makes sense for the game, beyond just individual factions. Within the vision that devs laid out originally, it makes very little sense to have to RvR around the safe-zones. As they are now the high-sec areas make barriers to RvR, so nations have to sail around the high-sec areas of other nations to progress in RvR, PvP and even trading. With the map as it is displayed above, Jamaica, Inagua and Habana will be barriers that block off the middle of the map, and make it overly complicated for War Companies to move around on the map in their RvR efforts, beyond just the sheer distance. With the map above, the Mexico Gulf will again be a dead area where only the Spanish go, and occasionally some Brits and US. Because for half the nations, Danes, Swedes, French and Dutch, you have to sail right past 2-3 capitals - which will now be made high-sec areas - just to get there. Please place high-sec areas on the map edges like OP suggests and as we were promised when the idea was presented.
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    I honestly dont know why we keep posting... @admin last response was 3 days ago.
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    I love the artwork. The Game-Labs' artists are fantastic. It is inspiring to play this game, look at the details of the ships and the game-world. And the promotional artworks that are sometimes published are what attracted me to this game in the first place, and what will make me never give up on this game. Game-labs attention to art, to details and to historical facts deserves all the praise I can give. I also love the community. It is not always pleasant, but there are so many interesting and friendly people in this community.
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    I actually liked when @admin posted this cause this whole alts fault for every thing is getting silly. You want to know why folks loose port battles on GLOBAL? Cause they show up in trash ships or 5th rates for a SOL port battle and than wonder why they can't win against all SOL majority fleet. Than they give up trying and blame others for why they can't win.
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    I say we should all chillax a bit. NA Arena seems to be pretty close. Have some biff there. Unload our pressure there, kick each others head in until we can't swim anymore :D. Gives the undoubtful BEST ASPECT of the game, combat, especially pvp, some promotion. If they allow us to record / stream it, new customers might be interested. But I still have to say; as long as there is no really helpful UI and starter manual INGAME, not some youtube tutorials, the new player retention rate will stay low.
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    This game is feeling more and more like going to the dentist. A couple hours of poking, prodding and a sore jaw. No lollypop at the end, just a toothbrush.
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    For Dutch, The Vrijheid 74 gun The 7 Provinciën 74 gun Prins Friso 50 gun The Leeuwenhorst/Edam 56 gun slighty lower gun count but unkown 30 gun for more Dutch ships look at this thanks to steel For more ships take a look at the link:
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    One or two more 4th rate options would be super. Nerf it some, and keep it Class 4.
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    There is an easy fix. Increase BR and change it to a 3rd rate. That is what it was in real life anyway.
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    gotcha, ganking traders worth it, money were mouth is.. not.... I follow now. I'l consider my question answered, see ya on the water.
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    This song puts every modern satirist to shame. Whatever happened to witty humor ?
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    I feel like I'm in Mayberry. How many people, seriously, knew what a goober pea was without googling it?