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    Wouldnt consider myself as an active ow pvper anymore; simply don't have the time anymore to sail the endless open world for hours. And the upcoming changes of removing speed boost after battle and therefore going back to the awesome phenomena of revenge fleets don't help either Personally I voted NO for a server merge. Sure, it might increase the population by a good bit for a few weeks, a few more battles etc. But in the long run, we will just go back to one of the following scenarios: Lord Protector; PB timers are set to times where the enemy is sleeping -> No Port Battles possible, no action, players lose interest. No restrictions: Nightflip. Gonna lose interest in this scenario pretty fast aswell. Also, the Drama getting created would be unbearable. I personally never was too much into rvr. Double standards everywhere. Kindergarden. My ignore list would epxlode but oh well Overall I think admin was right in saying the game provides content for about 60-100 for the regular new customer, not into RvR. Players dont play a game forever. But what CAN be done is trying to convert as many average players to veterans, who will stay around for a good bit longer and therefore increasing OW Content. But in order to do so, we need to provide a solid help for starters, in the form of an actually helpful UI and an embedded Tutorial into the game, and not just some youtube tutorials.
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    If you like your Porn without the storyline jump to the bottom of the post… “Quick PORN” What a great question @Simon Cadete… grab a glass of red, Summary of replies… “Too Hard Core…” “Second Job…” “Lack of content…” “Server Split…” “Returning PCs saw the New Grind and jumped overboard…” and it goes on. The responses from all senior Captains and most know more about the game than I ever will, even @admin joins in. So, I mulled this question over and hit a problem. I’m biased, I’m a Fanboy or Addict. I agree with a lot of the replies made and completely disagree with others. Admin’s view I don’t think answers the question properly either imho… So, @Simon Cadete if you’ll allow me I changed the question… “Why do I still play Naval Action after ‘000’s hours of input…?” My second question then immediately came to mind… “Why did I stop playing EvE Online…?” I put years of play into our big sister EvE one dare dent think how much in fact. Watching my three-old daughter leave for Uni and then getting married. It does that too ya… and NA has got that same addictive quality. Like that old girlfriend, you just keep looking back, that’s just the none playing STEAM forum guys. They don’t play but still write why? The clan I now run on all three servers [ELITE] had 30 to 50 regular players. Really now its PvP Global focus with a real solid CORE of just eight plus me. The eight don’t comprise of new clan members, all over a year membership and came from the original PvE start. SORRY but turning TOXIC… We actually like “playing” together. This is where my answer to the question lies. The Game morphs into a hobby, and that’s why we keep playing. We enjoy each other’s company. This extends out to other players and clans in the community including Bad Benny. Since the “so called…” server split the toxicity level from players of all nations as rocketed. I don’t want to write on the forums anymore or even reply to questions on STEAM. You might think that’s a result, but my clan and I have definitely become MORE introvert. And that’s BAD for the game as whole if this is felt elsewhere…? No NOT Hardcore… The Game is NOT too hardcore, EvE is much deeper. A small clan like [ELITE] has grind issues like you if not worse due to size. The issue impart is to do with legacy from the year without wipes and the thought of at least TWO wipes in the future if not more to come. The amount of input I’ve put into this game I find astonishing. Spreadsheets, research, analysis with most of it now redundant. This by the way was the same with EvE. I wouldn’t believe it if @admin on day 1 said Norfolk not only will you put x-amount of game time but also all the other parts that go into it. The difference is NA is not a Game it’s still in test mode. EVE was launched fifteen years ago. The Product will stall if the workers can’t see an end in sight. The game needs a START date even if it’s still rough around the edges. Starting over, again and again yes is needed but is exhausting. That’s different from GRIND and is where may I dare say it most of my peers make the wrong assumption. if you think I'm talking rubbish let me know, Norfolk Ps I left EvE because the underlying game play mechanic stopped improving. The Toxic player base wasn’t the key but stopped me returning for a long time. Then when I did, the game simply had just moved so far on the thought of having to do all that Re-grind again killed it for me… Quick Porn… The thought of Legacy grinding to be repeated drives up anxiety levels leading to a more toxic player base. This now unfriendly front puts new players off, simple as that. The player base always sinks after a restart, but fewer ppls return each time in an ever-decreasing circle… The Game needs a Launched date to re-focus all, or it will become terminal.
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    And unfortunately you're at a standstill. you wont get new players interested enough to become veterans...and you will lose your veterans
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    @rediii first of the EU server is all but ground to a halt and lost far more players the global, so please stop with how great Eu servers is cause it's no better then global at current, so the truth is neither server is doing well under the current rule set but the issue we all have no matter what there will always be a time zone on this planet will always be hindered regarding RVR it's just the way it is, and I'm sorry limiting RvR in a game that's in testing/alpha is never going to work on release by all means I agree but by that time I hope we have a real player base, you all seem to forget we are not here to just play the game but test it and help improve it. And segregation is not the way I'm sorry especially as there are other people's perceived perception on the end game we have done nothing but talk about RvR with the #NOMORENIGHTFLIPS, what about the OW pvp'ers and traders in sure they would like a say to @koltes & @Liquicity if the server was one server and in a location that had a ping that was workable (hypothetical, it think it was @Wraith didn't you figure out the best location for a server?) how would you guys like it If there was a merge then? Sorry don't really know any traders Also maybe the discussion is now what rule set is worth a try? Especially around rvr
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    I can be patient - let's get all the bugs fixed first.
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    49 parts Sailing, 1 part fighting.
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    Captains. We need to fill 3 gaps in the ship line up. Please propose ships for the consideration. Requirements in broadside guns Light frigates 32-36 guns (we have no ships in this range) Heavy frigates 50-60 guns (we only have trincomalee and constitution in this range) 3rd rates 70-80 guns (we only have 1.5 ships in this range) All other gun counts will not be considered Nation preference Dutch Portuguese Venetian Other great models will also be allowed but we would prefer underrepresented nations. Important update We won't accept long lists of ships. We want YOU to make a choice. Lists will be ignored. Please if you are interested in a certain ship getting into a game. List that ship alone.
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    Just read a nice review on Wargamer.com about the game. Nice job devs! http://www.wargamer.com/reviews/review-ultimate-general-civil-war/
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    Mahmudiye wasn't the most powerful but she certainly was something to be reckoned with. Launched in 1829 her armament was a staggering 128 guns, her size even more so impressive. Comparing her to Santissima shows just how much monster she really was. According to Threedecks Mahmudiye's stats are; Length of Gundeck: 67.9704m Breadth: 18.796m Depth in Hold: 9.144m Draught Forward: 7.929m Draught Aft: 8.2623m Santissima was; Length of Gundeck: 61.299m Length of Keel: 52.3768m Breadth: 16.1588m Depth in Hold: 8.0794m While the measurements don't quite give the same stats or readings its clear how much larger the Mahmudiye was over the Santissima. where its a little less easy to distinguish is the broadside weight, mainly because it looks like threedecks is unfamiliar with turkish gun weightings, the Okka system seems to escape them a little, the broadside value they have given taken from an source talking about her armament in 1832 gives her a broadside of 934.21kg, however the Okka weighting doesn't compare so easily to the weightings given to her so her broadside would be much closer to 1000kg, possibly a little over. Comparing her at even the conservative 934.21 to the Santissima gives a fairly dramatic difference, Santissima and her heaviest armament in 1805 was given at a total broadside weight of 675.648 kg, giving Mahmudiye a staggering advantage of around 300kg. This being said she is certainly not the most heavily weighted broadside going, as from around about 1815 onwards navies started to experiment with arming their first rates with 32lbs on all decks, for example the Caledonia class was given 120 x 32lb guns meaning a broadside of a staggering 1741.8kg, over 10 years before Mahmudiye was launched. Threedecks also misses out some of the important aspects of the Turkish fleet, which is their attraction to huge calibre stone guns similar to those I mentioned in my recent post about the tirar bombe, allegedly the Mahmudiye was armed with a few of these over her career, whether they are modernised versions the 44 okka from my previous post or different calibres I'm not quite sure but its obvious she did carry some staggeringly huge guns. The other thing that is worth mentioning about Mahmudiye is that she would have been incredibly sluggish in the water, the Ottoman navy had a poor history of naval design despite heavy investment in their navy. She would have sailed like a bathtub even compared to much older super heavy first rate ships of the line, a mix of conservative naval design mixed with a completely filled in waist leaving her rather vulnerable in combat despite her heavy armament. The other thing to consider is that she was fairly poorly constructed and maintained, its quite the miracle she survived as long as she did, her service was littered with frequent dry and wet rot, she was notorious for hogging and being a bit leaky, despite this she still maintained a huge level of prestige, mainly due to her dramatic size.
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    I cant believe i am doing this but.. Peleng-i Bahri 1777 https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=21433
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    very true , very true... i even think..... that 88 % are lookers ........and not participating development (with a reason of their own) if the product is not finished they will leave it as it is until the release i call it sneak preview gamers waiting for their early chance to get involved with a head start.... what also means the flud has not arrived..... yet .. if you look at that perspective , I don t understand why people get upset ...we must keep the fait .. till the END..
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    Yep OW is treated like a cheap tool to enter and connect the beautiful detailed with sailing physics loaded instance. We can't move yards, we throw ship sailing profile overboard even other captains burn their flags and dump the cannons when using OW.
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    The review in Wargamer had a large part in me purchasing the game. I'm glad I did, having a hell of a lot of fun.
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    You don't have data to support your theory. I have. Their number has not changed for dedicated organized players (so called hardcore crowd). But their number has dropped significantly for the average players. (which was the goal of the patch = which was in retrospect the bad goal (to listen to hardcore crowd). Because as @maturin said once - 90% of feedback now is focused on getting your own chance to win bigger. Since this realization we are now focusing on our own vision and will ignore feedback catering to narrow groups of players. For example - invisibility will be removed. It was purely a solo hunter feature for people hunting near capitals. Who does not play anyway even after he got it. With new reinforcement fleets that feature must be removed.
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    Burnt out. Be back later.
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    The way it was fixed: Remove something that worked well because 5% players exploited it so 95% other players cannot enjoy it.
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    coal is coming back as a universal resource next patch charcoal will be removed from cannon making taxation and city improvements will be a conquest coal - resources were not found to be a good goal for conquest and access to them would be improved and increased (with the exception of gold silver and trading resources).
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    Lee marched onto Gettysburg and met the Yankees on their own turf. We all know how that story ends. And so, 1stVermont slinks back to the USB as Lee did over the Rappahannock River. Though, despite defeat, just as happened then, 1stVermont did not give up. We'll see to that this time around, as Grant did - put a final end to the nuisance.
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    Yesss dutch ships please, i'd go with the delft or 7 provincieen,good workje pietjenoob
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    The Civil War Trust organization has started a program called "Generations". It's an effort now that has been running for two years, that is meant to teach children (and some adults,) about the history of the American Civil War. Here is the most recent email I received regarding two upcoming events for September.
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    Because without PvE there is zero way to get new players into the game. See how other successful MMOs do it. The absolute wall that is our learning curve in Naval Action has to be made more gentle to keep new players involved and you do this with PvE and missions that support that.
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    I had completely unrealistic expectations about fun-loving pvp in OW NA. I've stayed away from all sandbox games so I didn't know what to expect. Now I know that the shining star of sandbox games (EVE) has an absolutely atrocious PvP/PvE ratio, how could the NA sandbox hope to be "better"? We have to consider that this is what sandbox fans want; They want to twiddle with trading, production, crafting, running to save their stuff, running because of role-play, winning the war... All that stuff takes a lot of time. From what they tell me it's more important that "it matters" than to have easy access to PvP. You know what Legends will be like, I don't understand what you're wary about?
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    Well the income tax was in equal measure an act of the 13th Congress. As for Habeus Corpus, Lincoln was not the first president to suspend this, and this war power can be found in Article I Section 8 of the US Constitution. This clause, written to outline military powers in times of crisis, also allows the government to call upon the army immediately for the suppression of domestic insurrection. I'm not really sure what "controversial by shroud of mystery" means...many presidents have been controversial and mysterious, for better or for worse. Considering the context of Lincoln's government, he was comparatively transparent. The "Constitutional War Powers" remain controversial, but most historians concur that they were (mostly) vital to win the war, with the exception of some minor excess, and that Lincoln does not appear to have ever intended their abuse. Take for example, political prisoners. While far more men were imprisoned in the Union then were necessary, Lincoln freed them whenever he felt it possible. In 1862, when Lincoln was optimistic McClellan would take Richmond, he actually freed by Executive Order all of the Union's political prisoners. The same cannot quite be said for Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy. While I've no doubt he too would have surrendered his war powers at the close of the war, the Confederate government showed little restraint on their application, except where slavery was involved.
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    Merchant Vessels Spanish 58 guns ship of line reduce to a Merchant ship called "Flora" Spanish Merchant Frigate ship Spanish 50 guns Merchant ship called "NUESTRA SEÑORA DEL PILAR DE ZARAGOZA" WORK IN PROGRESS From here on, You can write whatever you want, I just wanted to reserve some post for the rest of the classes
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