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    Si conocieras el historial de Frog sabrías que es uno de los tíos más íntegros y de mejor corazón de todos los que juegan al NavalAction. No sabes nada Alonso, nada.
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    ... Ich hätte auch lieber ein OW Spiel als das "reine Matchmaking" ohne Segeln ... und ich sehe auch das Problem, dass NA Legends viele Spieler abziehen wird. Was bei Admin ankommt und was nicht ist echt schwer zu sagen, mir persönlich beziehen die Entwickler zu wenig Stellung, als dass man sich da von den Posts her ein Bild machen kann. Ob das an schlechten Englischkenntnissen liegt oder an Zeitmangel oder noch einen anderen Grund hat, weiß keiner. Ich habe bereits ganz am Anfang (vor nun fast 2 Jahren) bemängelt, dass zuwenig Transparenz bei der Spielentwicklung für die Tester an den Tag gelegt wird. Was sind eigentlich die konzeptionellen Ziele des Spiels? Da gibt es keinen einzigen Post zu, nur Posts zu Änderungen, und das auch nur in grober Stichpunktform. Ich fände es mehr als gerechtfertigt, wenn die Devs die Tester, die ja unzählige Spielstunden invenstieren, besser informieren würden. Keiner weiß, wie die Preise zustande kommen, beispielsweise. Wie funktioniert das Kaufen der NPC Händler? Keine Ahnung. Wie werden Rohstoffe von den Städten produziert außerhalb der Gebäude? Keine Ahnung. Dazu kommen dann noch Änderungen wie Zombie Crew Wiederauferstehung bei bestimmten Modules (welche, keine Ahnung und die 5-er Repair Funktion ist bei Boarding gar nicht angezeigt, funktioniert aber) und damit Schiffsverlust und Frustration, falls man das nicht hellseherisch per Telekinese vorher rausgefunden hat, vorprogrammiert. Entschuldigt, aber das ist totaler Unsinn. Die grundlegenden Spielprinzipien sind total verschleiert, der Tester wird dazu genötigt sich mit Versuch-und-Irrtum durchzukämpfen. Das ist bei wenigen Wochen Testzeit tolerierbar, aber doch nicht bei 2 Jahren. Dazu hat sich bisher niemand geäußert.
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    LOL I was joking about that thinking...ya know, I've got the broadside of a basic cutter mounted to my bow! Hmmmm...six double-charged bow chasers on a penetration-upgraded-build Wasa to demast the ships I chase... ...that could be fun
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    Bingo! Its all in how your ship is positioned relative to the enemy ship, as well as your heading. I had it explained to me by another PvPer one day, and I still didn't understand it completely... However, the best way I can think of to learn it is to make a tag (an AI trader works well, since it will escape on its own and you can repeat the tag a few more times pretty quickly) and have someone outside the battle screenshot it as you do the tag. There is usually about a 5-10 second delay where you can see the battle cross swords, the ships that were pulled in, and the join circles all at the same time. Have someone with the free camera flying about ready to capture a screenshot at that time. Do the process a few times, varying your tags, and you'll get a feel for the approximate location of the join circles. Also when I'm hunting in a group, I try to ask clan mates who are outside the battle when I tag something if the join circle was decent or not. I wish I could explain it in a way that makes more sense, but every way I can think of still sounds pretty confusing...sometimes the friendly join circle will be behind you if you tag a ship a certain way, sometimes it will be beside you, I think I've even seen them spawn ahead of you (although that takes some dancing by both parties inside the pull circle). Of course, the enemy join circle is always on the opposite side of the crossed swords as the friendly circle. That is probably all about as clear as mud...but maybe it helps you a little bit...or it might confuse you more. Honestly, after reading it, I'm not sure if it makes sense at all LOL. It doesn't need a fix IMO: it is a game mechanic that has distinct advantages and disadvantages for every player at some time or another. I don't think that it is a broken mechanic if I can trick someone into letting me tag them against a beach, thus ruining their join circles: they shouldn't have been hugging the coast like a landlubber. AAARRRGGGHHH! Historically, of course, any passing ship could stumble across that battle and begin fighting (assuming you are not in 7th rates fighting amidst the shoals), but that brings us back to the problems associated with instanced battles and compressed OW with increased speed. Any "solution" to those problems is going to have drawbacks. As it is, the join circle placement having the ability to spawn on land is a problem at times, and a help at times. I link again the topic that @Skully referenced earlier, specifically this post by @admin regarding using land as a tactic to engage the enemy. Make sure to note what admin suggest about engaging near land: basically, don't do it if you are not confident in your abilities to get a decent tag--to engage blindly near the beach is risky.
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    I know players who play pirate that feel pirates should not have the ability to craft ships or have structures and should only live off captured ships. I'd just like to see no RvR for pirates, let them live out of free towns, and have the hidden islands, Kidds etc, as their pirate coves that cannot be captured. Personally, I am for pirate on pirate battles. Before the wipe, I played pirate on EU all the way back to pre release (after ow but before Steam release). One clan I was in was on the pirate KOS list by other clans because some in our clan attacked pirate traders. It was exciting having to watch your back wherever you go. Unfortunately this mech gets exploited. Some play pirate for role play purposes. I just like pirates for the freedom.
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    it's an awful "feature" in my opinion if we can even call it that. afaik, and others can correct me, the admin stated that it was not intended and they did try multiple ways to fix it but did not come to a satisfactory conclusion except one that would mean taking land out of instance battles. Since most people here on the forums would prefer to keep land within the battle, we are left with something that the Admin's did not intend to happen, and that us as players abuse or hate.
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    I nearly posted this aswell but then I realized this is naval action legends discussion
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    No, it's a mechanic that is somehow impossible to fix for whatever reason.
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    Ich werd mir ja so den Arsch ablachen, wenn NA Legends dann wieder für damage gold und exp abwirft, auch wenn es keinen Kill gab, weil das in World of Tanks, das man hier offensichtlich kopieren will, ja auch der Fall ist. Obwohl man bei NA Legends ja nicht mal sein Schiff riskiert und es sich nach einem Verlust nicht neu "verdienen" muss. Die NA Spieleranzahl fällt dann spontan auf null, weil es niemand einsieht sich diesen ganzen Mist hier mit dem Grinden zu geben, nur um dann in der Open World Fangen zu spielen und kein PVP zu haben, wenn man genau das was man haben will auf Knopfdruck als böse böse böse böse böse böse "instant gratification" verfügbar ist. Dann ist die Entwicklung von zwei Jahren der Open World einfach verschwendete Zeit gewesen. Schade, ich hätte lieber ein OW Spiel, aber admin hört lieber seinen Favorite pet postern zu (und @-ed sie sogar an um ihre meinung zu kriegen) obwohl die schon gar nicht mehr spielen. Die, die jeden Tag spielen, die haben nichts zu melden.
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    The "true intent" is to improve the game. If it doesn't improve the game then it will be discarded objectively. Any subjective or emotionally driven personal vendetta of a "counter suggestion" will be discarded just as fast. You two are literally arguing about rewards then and now, when you both agree that reward from damage should be brought back, no? You both have no say in the value of rewards, that's solely up to the devs. Communities don't do the number crunching, that's the devs job.
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    Coming to a shipyard near you soon! The Wasa, by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman. Look no further. Here is the leaked crafting receipt for the new Wasa. A ship that is coming to the game with Unity 5 and which can already be taken for a spin on the testbed server: (click and expand to fullscreen to see full size image) This announcement is sponsored by: To learn about how you can already test out this beautiful new ship devs are giving us - if you haven't already -, follow this link:
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    Lobo, por favor. Sabes que yo soy un jugador tranquilo que haces sus cosas sin pedir ayuda a nadie (y sin quejarse de nadie) y que pues nunca se dejò envolver en vuestras peleas de gatos. Pero que ahora en la faccion hay mas toxicidad que antes es un hecho. Pues - segun logica - no puede ser culpa de VLTRA sino de los que aun estan en la faccion. Tambien es un hecho que ahora mismo hay jugadores espanoles (y no me refiero a ti personalmente) que toman cada ocasion por acusar en chat de faccion a los otros que no "ayudan" a la faccion. Pero ese es un juego y cada jugador juga para divertirse como el quiere (y a muchos no le interesa nada el RvR). Pues que sentido tiene atacarlos? A mi ningun jugador de VLTRA nunca me atacò porqué no iba a sus batallas de puertos, solo me agradeceron cuando he estado con ellos por hacer screening y para calientar puertos. Y tambien nada malo me pasò con BSG, SH y CORS, cuando - por falta de otros jugadores - me entrè en una de sus battallas de puerto de cuartas con una menuda renomee. Y, te repito, estos son hechos no opiniones. Pues seria mejor que todos nosotros en la faccion (pero unos en particular) vamos a calmarnos y seguimos jugando al Naval Action cada cual come nos gusta (y sobre todo sin quejarse de como le gusta jugar a los ostros). Saludotes a todos
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    lol, don't get offended at this joke but.. TyPiCaL pIrAtE dOeSn'T KnOw ThE pVp AwArDs
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    Ah, never thought of it in such light. We currently have a MMOBA, not a MMO. Not to stump any potential content like storyline, missions etc. But making that clear distinction for the moment creates a much better expectation for new players where the game stands right now.
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    With the new clan war (ala EVE) direction, the flags will matter less and less. I doubt pirates will ever be unique. I do not think pirates should be a selectable option, you become a pirate in game. I personally would like the old Black flag (pirate republic)/Red flag (outlaw pirates) proposal with ability to earn forged papers by doing "good" deeds and becoming and outlaw by doing "bad" things to "good" people. Pirate republic would be a nation, and outlaws would be able to TP in out of free towns but could not own ports. Privateer system for Pirates would be nice, with earning reputation for tha nation who hired them, that could lead to letter of marque. Devs seem to be preoccupied with constant RVR and PVP changes. My big disappointment right now is simple lack of content. I have never played a MMO where players are expected to create the content. MOBA types games do that. MMO needs solid game content, storyline, career progression, guilds, missions, raids, etc etc. Then RVR and PVP gets incorporated into that. Pirate lore would be a part of the storyline. How did your character became a pirate? Everyone would have a story to tell.
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    Уважаемые разработчики, пара вопросов: 1. Будет ли возможность улучшать города, строить форты, склады и пр.? т.е. элементы улучшающие экономику и защиту города? 2. "уменьшено время на перевозки" Это как? Скорость торгашам или расположение ресурсов? 3. Почему вы к этим разумным нововведениям так долго шли? Года 2-3 назад еще многое из этого проскакивало. 4. " Редкие корабли будут убраны из миссий и переведены в открытый мир для поощрения охоты за ними". Это какие такие корабли? Нормальную же непись выше 5 лвл захватывать нельзя? Что-то изменится?
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    Fighting SOLs in a frigate is cool indeed, but it needs to be rewarding and worth the time effort too. I don't want to see SOL the best reward/time effort ratio in this game like it is in NA mostly. We need good reasons to use small ships as well other than the pure fun of using them.
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    an "important" port battle shouldn't be decided by a single 25v25 in an hour time window. Much better to have multiple 25v25 battles over days time that the entire nation can be involved in rather than a single clan of 25 people controlling the entirety of their nations PBs on a 2000 people server, when Nation v Nation is suppose to be the biggest, baddest, most exciting content in the game
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    Captains sounthernrebel78 and redneckfj were warned. Further violation of green on green rule will result in demoting,
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    balancing is not going to be a problem as it will be a single player game.
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    I know they don't want to pull players out of the OW, I understand an commend that. However this goes back to what player types, have what impact. PVP players (the wolfs) will always attack anyone. They want PVP now, for them, give them WOWs with tall ships they are happy. However the Sheep and the Sheepdogs are the ones that want the OW. They want to do PVE, and if a Sheepdog thinks a sheep is going to get attacked, he'll PVP. So if they want more people on the water, they need a reason for players to sail out of their home ports and in to enemy waters (missions, trade, what ever it is). However its got to be worth their time and the risk, the rewards have to be their. Once the Sheep and the Sheepdogs are on the water, the Wolfs have something to hunt. The PVP event is awesome, its fun, and I love it. But it does nothing to get the Sheep and the Sheepdogs on the water.
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    When someone asks "what does the pray button do?" in nat'l chat on the PvE server.