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    Personally, I'm enjoying it. I don't real global much anymore because it has gotten toxic, but i know in our TS no one is complaining .... most are actually excited about the PVP opportunitys. Now, I can't speak for anyone else, but when I lose a ship, or get jumped, or in a PVP... if I loose, i'm just as happy as when I win, i learn and don't make the mistake again. I got comfortable around Mort, and that was my bad, you guys are keeping me on my toes and making the game fun for me personally. Last night PVP with King of Crowns and his lot was a freaking blast. the reverse tag put me smack in the middle of the enemy fleet... my slow computer brings me to the battle screen to the sounds of cannon and timber being ripped from my ship, i get to full sails, dish out some damage and snake out of the battle group, pop a repair while taking water and sail away to beam reach... my ship still getting riddled, adrenaline going and i'm laughing and enjoying the game for the first time in awhile... I almost get away... I went the direction my team said to look around and see no one to assist and KoC , aster and a crap load of ships in chase... aster goes for a stern rake, i deny and give one back... KoC gets in gun reach, cuts over and sends a broadside my way... water comes back up after finally being sent down to a third, I sink... GG! GG indeed. was a lot of fun, i was able to spectate and see how everyone handled their ships, the fighting formations, and the strats used.. learned a lot... This is what the game should be... after the fight, there was compliments... GG's all around, and friendly jabs... we can all play and be civil and have fun... it showed me a glimmer of hope for this game. The toxic stuff needs to stop, and we need to have more fun gentlemen... see you at sea!
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    So, first you accuse me of abusing mod abilities (which don't exist), then when it's pointed out that you're making baseless accusations, you shift to something else to attack me on? Alright, let's play. In my experience, morale in this game is a zero-sum game. As one goes up, another goes down. The very thread we are commenting on shows that the pirates, in particular your own clan, BLACK, suffer from an excess of morale. By bleeding it out a bit, other factions that currently have a low morale can regain theirs. The very reason I focus on pirates right now is because I want a healthy game. That's why I focused on the Brits before, when I figured they were the power to beat, and the US before that (immediately post-wipe, when the US was the power to beat pre-wipe, as I understood it at the time). Once a new power to beat pops up, I'll probably focus on them. But maybe not. Your clan in particular seems to try to make an enemy of me And Pirates as a whole seem to have some serious issues with accusing moderators of hacking and exploiting.
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    Combat News 29-07-2017 (almost all day except 3 hours) PVP EU Map Who sank This is the last report until there is a change in the work of the Clerk
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    Personally, i am very disappointed in this video series. My real problem is there is absolutely no attempt to make the text beneath the video image reflect a French accent. Please, in future, when referring to a 'Brigade Charge routing the enemy', use this format: "Zis brigade weehl charge la enemy mak zem run awai lik lit-téll girls" Please. Thank you. PS, Great Job
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    So far i haven't had many fights in the OW that actually gave me a chance at testing Rum/Repairs and their effect on the game. (Though we have previously tested having multiple repairs on cooldowns.) Now i've had 2 good fights that i would say are relevant to this discussion. Rum Fight. One of them was me in a Surprise against a L'Ocean (Didn't take any screenshots as i was very very busy). I took the L'Ocean down to about 400 crew, he then used surgeon and got back to full crew. I then took him down to 470 Crew (Approx), once more he used surgeon and got back to full crew. Third time i got him to 350 Crew (Approx) and again he used Surgeon and got back to full crew.. At this point of time we ended up near a fort and as silly as i am, i was not aware that forts don't shoot at AI (I thought the Fort would shoot the AI Santi on "my team".) I ended up sinking because of that. However to me that seems silly and out of whack. He can do it every 10 minutes... It's just a crutch for people who lack the skill to take out smaller ships. (Hint, had he known what he was doing i would have stood no chance in my little Surprise.) Repair Fight. The second fight i actually took some screenies. 1 Endymion vs 3 Surprises (The 4th don't count, he left very early. Twas very honourable of him imo.) As you can see, i took down 23 Masts in total. A few top masts, a bunch of middle sections and 7 bottom sections. The battle did indeed last over a long time but constantly repairing like this is a bit excessive in my opinion. Personally i repaired 3 times. (Sails twice, Hull once to get my cannons back after receiving 2 well placed rakes, 2 times surgeon for a total of 80 crew.) The fights just drag out over a much longer period of time now and in my opinion it doesn't make it any more interesting. It just gets a bit boring after a while. I believe i read that this kind of repair system was implemented to help the victims of ganks. Now while i wasn't ganked, it was a 1v3. The multiple repairs definitely helped the 3 players more than it helped me. No doubt there. Conclusion: - Surgeon is whacky, please balance it one way or another (Plenty of good suggestions made already.) - Repair Cooldown is way too short (System itself is cool). Make it 20 minutes, or atleast 15.
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    Memorable moments. There are battles that no matter the outcome stay imprinted in the NA memory of each. OW PvP has the diversity that is seldom found anymore in Conquest, save some notable cases. It is the bread and butter, the bone and muscle and sinew of PvP servers. Despite all the taunts, loud banter or misplaced offenses the majority is having a blast I am sure.
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    What changed is that the specific ship sailing profile got more important.
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    Yes, I am that player. The Casual one on global. Lately I have been able to play more, but usually it is 1 or 2 or 3 hours a night. I also admit I am a totally average player. I can sail in fleets and not break my team mates stuff maybe even hit the other side with some accuracy. I can play AI at my level and win. I enjoy collecting mats and building ships as much as fighting. I have played the game for quite a while. Like most I have gotten more involved since the patch. Pre patch I got my levels and maxxed crafting. But for me a game like this is Work vs Fun. How much work do I have to do to have fun. Fun can be crafting a new ship, sailing with buds chasing other players, doing a port battle or just smashing some AI's. I don't consider grinding for gold or mats to be fun, but part of the price. Right now, the work does not equal the fun. Thank goodness I didn't have to grind levels in crafting in this patch. My hat is off to anyone trying to do it now. But with the ability to make any ship in the game, I am done. I was looking at it last night and after setting up an economy, collecting mats and gold I am on the cusp of making mid tier ships. I am looking at about six hours of grinding gold, then getting the mats go to Shipyard 2 and making a reno for chasing Pirates. I was looking at those six hours and... It is not worth it. I don't expect to have enough fun after those six to justify it. Mind you, I have multiple PC's and some other accounts so it is vastly easier for me than most in my situation. Yes, alts are common. Why not. 40 bucks and you can save your self HOURS of grinding. The whole switch nations at the drop of the hat has been an unmitigated disaster. It has concentrated the better players all in one nation with everyone else just being something to beat up. In the old days, you could switch, but it cost you everything. Now players jump from side to side. Yes many are the "look for the winning team" people, but it also concentrated those with the time and skill to be the best players. I think this has made the game even more toxic. Once again, the problem with this is the effect on new players. I like to see new players in my clan, give them a decent ship and go out and do AI missions with them. But now the ship building costs are too high and they won't be around after a month or two. Why should they? They are not good enough and leveled enough to go fight other players. They will save up, get that trader brig, do a few missions and then get sunk, losing all they invested (capping AI ships will help this some). Yes, a very intense player will get past this, but this game needs good casuals more than the future top players. Now missions. This one is a personal pet peeve. I looked at one last night. Sailing Ivory to Charleston. The Ivory is available at the opposite side of the map in the southern Islands. So let me get this right, I can take my traders brig (assuming the order will fit in one ship), sail 2 or 3 hours to enemy waters and through many hostile zones, drop 100k to buy the Ivory and then sail it back to basically double my money. Yea... right. I would love to see a mission like this that was worth it. Double my money and make 100k... Nope. Invest that time and 100k to turn it into 500k? Maybe, but probably not. Too much risk when I can do a six hour grind of my trade routes and make the same. Now make it worth a Million... Heck yes. And guess what, if you did that, players would have fat, long distance traders to hunt. What would that million get a Filthy Casual? Well, I would finish my shipyard, build a couple ships and maybe buy an extra ship slot. But no. I will just fire up my alt (in one of the big nations) and run my <random crap> from one free port to another and make a 100k in an hour. Make 50k on the return trip and have zero risk. Boring. When I look back, the most fun period for me was the era of flag drops for ports. Yes, the port battle site was crap, but the action was fun. Grabbing a flag, running with your buds to plant it while the other side mobilized to get the flag. If you got it planted, you jumped in the fight and had at it. New players could do it in small ships, the islands were a constant war zone with larger missions to take the bigger ports. At any time you could see a flag pulled on your side and off you went to stop the attack. I learned to play back then and most nights, there was a reason to log in and have at it. The current meta has nothing like this. The bar is too high for new players in the big port battles. The end result is they are always watching the big players do the port battle while they sit outside and screen. If you do get new players into the PB, they will be crushed because the other side has a full fleet of maxxed ships with good captains. I look at it this way, the time I spend is only worth it if the game will be around long enough to justify it. Right now it is not. Sure I can have fun. But when I look at what a new player has to go through to get to a decent level with decent ships... it's not gonna happen. The player base will wither and we will be back to 80 people playing. And by Playing, it is a handful of players sailing around looking for a fight that will be with the same people every night if you find each other. That just was not fun and it is where the game is sailing, full speed. I don't have fixes for this. But then again, I don't have to. There is a universe of games to play. I can play Elite Dangerous. The PVP is not as good (for me) but the exploration is a lot more fun so grinding is a LOT better. I can play Albion Online. In a couple hours I can achieve a goal, craft some gear or go kill stuff. I can do World of Tanks. There I can have all the toxicity of Naval Action with fight after fight with no waiting. The time invested to have fun is not worth it in Naval Action right now. I might pop in every now and then to smash an AI with a grey ship, but I am not feeling the desire to put serous time into the game any longer. It won't be worth it since the game will wither back to what it was six months ago.
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    There you are wrong they increased. So ships could sail 15kn at allmost all angles. Ship speed was calculated as there was no speed cap. So your ship did 17kn on paper at best wind angle that increased all other angles as well. But in battle and OW the game set a max of 15kn
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    DUTCH ==> War with Brits. Neutral Danes, Sweeds, USA, Pirates, Spain. Friendly French.
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    Actually tested it. IF you are in a mission you exit like normal. When you exit an open world PvE battle you get the speed buff (not sure about the invisibility). So tagging and AI in OW has the exact same effect after the battle as tagging a player.
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    Not for lack of Trying. Seriously 1. French were asked to join the Pirate/Denmark alliance, we said no 2. Us and Brits agreed to fight each other and they did 3. the Pirates became a big force and, woopsies! no surprise here, people want to peg them down a notch. The map and diplomacy is different than "PvP2." Want to change it? Change yourself first.
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    Nah, we should always strive to improve the game! Lets call it PvP3!
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    Very interesting thread. Yes, I too am a filthy casual that also plays solo mostly. The time I have in my "spare time" just doesn't allow more than an hour or two a day for games, and I do play other games mostly RPGs. Yes, I am one of those craven, nasty, filthy snakes that has an ALT ( Oh, Lord how my very soul withers at the admission). Do you know why I have an alt? I'll tell you why. So I can play with my family or friends when they come to visit. My brothers and sisters live in different places than I and don't play computer games ( Think it's a silly waste of time). I can set it up and get them on my main computer with it's nice big monitor, I on the laptop, and we can go sailing together. They are WOWED by the stunning beauty of the open world of this game. Last time my brother was here I showed him how to board and capture me. Next round I blasted the snot out of him, but he gave as good as he got and sank me. He had great fun and I loved it. Do I use my alt otherwise? Yes I do. I role play and they are two compleatly different characters. Next. For more and better PVP I would like to see something like the flag system brought back maybe in combination with a reworked system of hostility grinding. One port at a time instead of whole regions. Perhaps it would get more players involved, if you valued your home you would be more interested in defending it even if all you could do was screen. Though I'm mostly a trader and crafter (don't PVP much) I think it was much better when one port at a time was being contested rather than regions. There seemed to be much more excitement in running a flag to a port and it being chased. Also it seemed that more low level players got in on the action. Next. Toxic players. I know first hand it is a thorn. I've met some and I generally ignore them. If they are in my nation there is nothing they can do except flap their jaws and blabber their heads off. I just go about my business and have fun. If they are from another nation and try to grief me, I surrender ASAP, go about my business in another area. It's a big map and I have no time for that type of person. In my experience in this game the population is overwhelmingly awesome. I have met some of the best people from all over the world. My hat is off to them and I bow deeply in appreciation. Next. New players. Given the steep learning curve it is the duty of each of us older players to help and guide them, but not dote on them. They must be allowed to find their own way. So many, both claned and clanless, helped me and taught me when I first got the game. There are also all the excellent player made videos and guides. Finally. I do think that this game will have a good long life. Where is it going? Toward fun. How is it going to get there? A lot of bashed elbows and scraped shins from the stumbles and falls. Probably an occasional running into a brick wall or unopened door. " Ouch! My head hurts!" I have watched and played and read. I think the end result will be something I'll play for a long time. Have a great day.
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    Not a true statement. Defensive tag exists and is used unless the runner is wholly incompetent. Its ok. There are counters to defensive tags so faster ships CAN avoid defensive taggin. Not an issue. Issue is that faster ships should be able to eventually catch up with slower ships. Runners use defensive tag to gain invisibility and walk away altogether... They then make a big circle and continue griefing the area. You and I are hunters. This is what we do. For Koltes as a hunter thats an awesome mechanic. It almost gives me godsmode cheat. I can come and go into enemy territory and harrass people all day long with minimal risk. As Koltes home waters defender I see this as an issue when 10 ships half of which are actually faster than the hunter cannon catch them. @admin It should be if you were tagged you get invisibility and gods speed, so they have 1 opportunity to make it right. But if YOU tagged someone you should not get anything. Get out of battle normally. Thus protecting capital waters still possible. As off tagging NPC fleet its ok, they can use it, but join the battle should be like Green on Green. Why? Because if someone jumped your mission or your OW NPC battle after couple of mins they have no idea where you are in that mission. Chances are they will spawn further away or the fight have already shifted from entry point. Make GnG and NPC attack join circle increase in size so longer it takes to join NPC more away from center they will spawn in the battle. But if I chased someone and was literally right behind them and they tagged AI, why should I sail back to my side join circle and spawn miles away? I was already right behind this guy.
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    I move to rename the server back to PvP2. Seems nothing changes.
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    when you use Brace (H by default in the controls settings), it takes about 10 seconds for your crew to prepare. Once the 10 seconds are over, your crew is much more protected, the probability of them dying through a rake (or also explosions) or just crew damage in general is much lower. While your crew is bracing, you have no control over the rudder, nor can you manual sail or shoot the cannons, as your crew is hiding and not working on the tasks they are supposed to. When the danger is over, you can press the Brace button again, so your crew goes back to work. I believe Brace has a cooldown of 5 minutes, not too sure on that though. I dont really use it too often, mainly because I mostly sail small frigate ships anyway.
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    I still think removing all speed upgrades (except copper plating maybe?) would be the best solution. Pre Wipe we only had Copper Plating (and Speed Trim, with -10% HP, so was mostly only used for traders). Never had a speed meta at the extent of now. Would need to make copper plating craftable or more accessible though, if it would be kept. #NoToRNG Wasn't the whole point of the Planking and Frames introduction to have the wood being the deciding factor how your ship is going to handle? Now we can just stack 5+ Speed mods and ignore the ship characteristics themselves.
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    Read CombatNews 4 hours ( 26/07/2017 16:31:36 - 26/07/2017 20:23:58 UTC). Marked the battles on the map. @admin Could you make a downloadable version of the CombatNews chanel? if i want more data then i must run game 24/7. I hope that you remove doubled records in the future Map updated: 27/07/2017 16:32:04 - 21:33:04
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    Old thinking: Lack of teleports means more ships on the OW and it helps encourage border skirmishes. Kill your neighbors! Prior to patch 10, there was so little reason for anyone to ever be on the OW that this was a necessity just to create any sort of reliable traffic. The problem: 8 teams. Unbalanced map. Your neighbor might be 1/5th your size. The nearest real fight might be a 2 hour sail away from your home port and setting up a new base of operations out there is just as difficult and unlikely as sailing for 2 hours every day to do econ work. (Alts become mandatory and what do you do with your guild warehouse?) New thinking: Okay, okay, we should probably be allowed to teleport under certain conditions. I'm not sure what the "certain conditions" should be, but if you don't want to crush your smaller neighbors and can't easily open a new front against the zergs on the other side of the map, how do you play the game? Operating entirely out of a free port that's a 2+ hour sail from home is obviously very limiting. Some ability to teleport would allow new fronts to be opened much easier.
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    I think something on the order of an Inspector Clouseau sort of accent with plenty of nasal twang should do it just fine!
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    Why Art of Proper Ship Handling and Gazelle Figure head requires more crew on sailing? For Gazelle extra 8 fellas to polish the bow of the ship and for ship handling? I didn't figure out this one yet. They replaced -8% ship rolling angle with 7% more crew on sailing needed for Ship Handling, lol
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    This last week has all been rather hectic IRL. Nothing dramatic, just RL hectic (one of the kids birthdays, my wedding anniversary, a family staying with us and I have PTSD from attempting to teach my daughter to drive), as such this weeks L2tK will be delayed one day. Mucho apologies. On the weekend, me n Mrs J went for a cruise on Sydney harbour, in winter, 26c (thats almost 80f in old money...in winter !!!). When Cpt Cook sailed into Sydney Harbour for the first time he commented it was perhaps one of the best most defensible harbours in the world, claiming a 1,000 Sails of the Line could easily be secured within her shores. While we were sipping champers and wondering at how the last 406 years of marriage had gone by so quickly we passed Fort Denison, which I have seen a million times, the touristy thingo on the speakers explained that it was 'special' in that it is of course a Martello Tower....however it was in fact...the last ever Martello tower built !! I of course demanded the captain load Double Shot.
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    Lets get the fact that adding these speed mods in the first place imbalanced the game.
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    So yes, a fleet of 16-knot connies cant catch my Surprise upwind anymore. I have a pretty good idea of why certain people are pissy. No more hunter Bucc's. Rejoice. And if you want to roll around in a dozen heavies, good luck finding quality PvP. It'll start to look like when the meat-heads on the old PVP1 (who shall remain nameless) started bringing first-rate fleets to the PvP contest area before the wipe.
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    why do we have magic upgrades that need crews attention now? do we live in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter?
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    @Peter Goldman Although I like the idea of the SPY in the game, policing this type of abuse is not what the Dev’s should be doing in the future after launch. In all honesty, I think it’s not an abuse of the game but adds to it “Loose lips, sink ships”. The problem is OFFSET, the SPY doesn’t have one. I want to stay away from the word “ALT” as this confuses too many and should be treated as a player’s additional internal reflection. This is the hard part to get one’s head around. This leads to confusion and the wrong assumption with many blaming Bad ALT behavior. In fact, it’s simply Bad Player Character (PC) behavior. What then happens is a witch hunt for that PC or its main MPC. Calls for ban’s and different rule changes to stop this kind of abuse occurring in the future. When in fact it’s the weak part of the game mechanic that needs changing. REF the reverse hostility grind by purposely failing Missions at the start of the year. OFFSET… So, back to the OFFSET that is missing from this part of the game. I Can’t see an easy workable solution. In my mind, it comes back to the same Nation NPC restrictive overlay. The SPY PC needs ejecting from that particular Nation and NOT the Game. This ejection from the Nation shouldn’t be handled by the Dev’s but the Player Community. This means we need a more robust Nation overlay. And the only way I see that happening is by opening up the game turning it from a “Lite” Sandbox to a Proper Sandbox. Solve the Problem Instead… The focus gets diverted away from the actual underlying Problem because someone shouts ALT. Look to solve the real Problem and not just the symptom. Confusing Bad ALT and PC behavior wastes time and energy developing this game… IMHO Norfolk
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    Hey all, Would it be possible to update the current political situation ? thx. My guess are SWEEDS ==> War with Danes, Pirates & French -- Friendly with USA & Dutch -- Neutral with Brits & Spain BRITS ==> War with Spain & Dutch -- the rest ? DANES ==> War with Sweeds -- Neutral with Brits, USA, French, Dutch, Pirates & Spain SPAIN ==> War with Brits & Pirates -- Friendly with USA -- Neutral with Sweeds, Danes, France & Dutch FRANCE ==> War with Sweeds -- ? USA ==> War with Pirates -- ? PIRATES ==> ? DUTCH ==> War with Brits -- ?
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    And what makes you right? - It is not that we can't adapt and change tactics... It is the fact that we think being able to repair every 10 minutes is a bad mechanic and actually accomplishes the exact opposite of what the goal of implementing it was.
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    I can't access the in game chat and i would like to know why EXACTLY i was restricted. Ingame nickname: 'Hachiroku'
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    Honestly, no idea. SMS was just frustrated, exhausted, and simply put into a discomforting position. Was not my decision either. My officers after dealing with a slew of personal attacks and insults from another clan leader was the final straw, especially calling one of our German members a Nazi for not helping this clan leader with grinding Orinoco I think was the tipping point with everything else that built up since wipe. When I confronted this said leader he pretended nothing happened and pretty much lied to my face after I told him in an aggressive manner to never harass my men again. Active clan members then got together and looked at our options finding that Danmark was probably our best option. Espana was up there but the distance to travel and how dangerous it would have been removed it as an option pretty quickly. I cannot speak for the other clans however on the reason why they are departing the Dutch nation. Really do not care to either since they are looking elsewhere.
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    Tex, you should be proud buddy! Now that SORRY has disbanded BLACK has become the nationals focus to cry about. All the nationals are doing is blaming a successful pirate clan to cover up the nationals own inadequately
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    Can't tell if you're being serious or just trolling... I'm happy with the development team and how things are progressing. Sometimes decisions are made that don't sit right with the community and we react accordingly. Far too many people have forgotten how to enjoy the game and instead spend their in-game time whining and moaning instead of trying to make the most of it. Save salty tears in nation/global chat or even voice-comms for the forums.
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    миски вообще нужно убрать в нынешнем виде, и заменить их эвентами наподобие морской части оплота бэя (типа фарм босса) из ПОТБС, и чтобы эвент респаунился в не менее 10 минут плавания от портов, чтобы у фармеров был риск быть зафармленными ганкерами, но и награды тогда повысить в разы в сравнение с мисками
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    Another way to look at it... Taking back Savannah is NOT the first step to your attempted comeback. As you suggest, you probably are not likely to win given current circumstances and throwing yourself into a futile effort will only make things worse. One port should not define the US as a nation -- totally agree on the morale hit you took the way it ultimately went down. How about instead, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, do what you need to do, perhaps solidifying yourself in the gulf or wherever. Rebuild, re-outfit, gain confidence, pick at the edges. The US still has a significant population if you can get past the feeling cheated and start working towards rebuilding instead. The pirates can't be everywhere at once so take other 'wins' that are out there for you one sink at a time as you work towards the ultimate prize. Then only when you're ready, take back Savannah -- that will be the last notice to the server that the US is indeed back and ready to take on all comers.
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    Como era de esperar, la realidad continúa su inexorable camino. P.D: A alguien más le pasa que desde que he puesto este vídeo, youtube me hace recomendaciones de vídeos del chikilicuatre y de miliki y los payasos de la tele?
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    ah well i dont like it, but player retention is more important, if it keeps new players in the game,and it does help them indeed, it should be fine.. i should stop crying and enjoy this beautifull game..
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    Combat News 28-07-2017 (28/07/2017 18:33:58 - 29/07/2017 09:47:04 UTC) Map
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    Pretty absolutist statement there. Both should be tested and it may be realism is sacrificed for gameplay in some cases, but to throw out any idea to have a realistic combat model for "balance" and you'll end up with an arcade game - World of Sailing Warships anyone. There is no reason you can't have good game play with a more realistic or limited repair system. Plenty of good battles and gameplay before there was even rum or the doctor perk in the game. Realism in this case is limited repairs on rig, upper spars and some sails, limited hull and leak repairs, and some crew back to represent morale and minor wounds. Guess what that still gets you the player decision making you say unlimited repairs gives you, same essential game play. No real difference except the battles are shorter.
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    Sixth: The Free Tribes will teach the Americans how to grow oak trees once again.
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    That barely anyone gives 2 shits about... most people look at combat news...
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    Why exactly do we need to know where people are hunting / fighting automatically at all? And i didn't ask for "all the detail" but only the ships ( mostly surprise or constitution anyways so why the fuzz? ) ... People asked for some prestige system for pvp and the Combat News could add to that if it showed the ships used.... How do you know if someone sank a constitution or just a basic cutter? So at least knowing the destroyed ship would be nice... There are some guys who sink 10 trader brigs and get 10 pop-ups on combatnews and other sank only 2 but both heavy frigates, yet it looks like the first is more successful in pvp... you get the idea?
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    Well, it is the hardcore survival mode for any player wanting to put itself to the test and live of the land. Respect to both independent states, Iroquois and Dave.
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    I am honored by the responses, particularly from the honorable and able French. So, too, do the Free Tribes consider the French friends and valorous opponents! This next installment is less philosophical, and more practical. However, I hope it is still of use and interest.
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    most critical: 1. Remove conquest marks and replace them with additional labor hours per day (good option /or silver) 2. pirates are overpopulated as a nation : a disadvantages is needed specially speed(old and un careened ship) >this is naval action not pirate action..(unbalanced popularity on mechanics and access to upgrades and goods ,completely unrealistic) 4. adding clan war system like eve with alliances 3. A better distribution of basic goods, over the map, needed for shipbuilding(max. 20 minutes single trip sailing time, per good (all woodtipes ), to capital) unlimited own ports positions (commissioner)(now to restricted) unlimited ship dock or/>> (for builders of ships , >> shipbuilding ads 5 slots extra) more room in warehouses created by M3 or / and slot free [but just space/no slots ] a little more realistic prices for goods where a bottle of vodka is not sold for 1 gold / (avoiding) mass dumps.and the economy and trade becomes useless (introducing max sell of a product by a player) fine tune ships speed of full traders it has to much penalty v.s warships (still holding full speed)with hull repairs rum and rig repairs (give trades a chance to escape) clan leaders transfer to other active officer clan workshop clan shipbuilding clan docks realizing this is unity restricted, upgrade to newest unity is key, and most needed....success with that you can do it ) more nation various ships including Dutch ships (4 pls) (or introduce micro selling of ships [extra work >>condition]) various banners or flags bronse cannons or rifled cannons player statistics player based economy clan oversight by nation( for joining> active/passive invitation request)