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    To everyone who has been supporting my little trading company. We spent several weeks at Savanna la Mar. Each day reviewing and judging the markets and trying to determine a decent cargo for our run to the west. Eventually we made the trip under clear skies. We were happy to see lots of British ships off the west coast of the main island. Cheers to everyone who patrols Jamaica. Soon we were all alone on the open water with no land in sight. I’m starting to like it out there where we can see so far. This ship (The Little Tuck) is really fast. We arrived in Cayman Brac, sold our cargo and established an outpost. Here they love Caribbean Goods and in La Navasse they like Pirate Goods. I made 4 delivery orders from here to Navasse and am eager to find out if they survived the trip and what the profit will be. I've had lots of people give me advice about how to make the deliveries work and I have my fingers crossed I was successful. Should know when I reach La Navasse in a couple weeks. If they worked well I’ll set up some deliveries (of Caribbean Goods) back to the Caymans. If they didn't work I've squandered a huge part of my net worth. I have also received a letter from The British R. Admiral Young encouraging me to sail soon to Castries. He says there is lots of action there as it is close to the front. I’m not sure why he thinks that a simple trader like myself would want to be near action. It sounds dangerous and risky. But the crew are all excited and think we should go. It is a long trip from La Navasse to Castries. Two weeks unbroken sailing on one straight heading. Much longer if we have to run from hostile foe. On the way we can stop at the local ports and clean up my outstanding contracts. Who knows when we will be back this way.
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    1) What does the pray button do?
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    Is your long term intention for global or regional servers ? Will we be getting some clan love ?
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    Can we change the OP Instead of the US nation, lets put Trollboy says. I am a little tired of being associated with the trash
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    Political situation PVP 2 US (Inter Clan) Information is from players (Inter clan), updated weekly and daily if needed. This is the same sort of format as the EU political Situation thread. The Diplomacy part presents the attitude of the nation's major clans towards other nations. Verenigde Provinciën: Espana: Neutral France: War Great Britain: Alliance Verenigde-Provincien: Danmark-Norge: War Sverige: War United States: Alliance Major clans: DWIC1-6 - Dutch West Indische Compagnie NPV- Nederlandse Protectoraat Vloot SMS - Reichsflotte Danmark-Norge: Espana: Neutral France: Alliance Great Britain: War Verenigde-Provincien: War Danmark-Norge: Sverige: Alliance United States: War Major clans: CCCP - CN - SORT - Pirates: Espana: Neutral France: Neutral Great Britain: War Verenigde-Provincien: War Danmark-Norge: Neutral Sverige: Neutral United States: War Major clans: CBP - BLACK - Black Flag BLANC - French PvP1 players BLOOD - Blood of Black HYDRA - SOB - Sons of Black TFG - Great Britain: Espana: Neutral France: War Great Britain: Verenigde-Provincien: Alliance Danmark-Norge: War Sverige: War United States: Alliance Major Clans: AGW - CKA -Canadian Kicks Ass- Cordova BCS - British Commonwealth Sailors BRA - ELITE - ?- Norfolk nChance MINE - Sweden: Espana: Alliance France: Alliance Great Britain: War Verenigde-Provincien: War Danmark-Norge: Alliance Sverige: Neutral United States: War Major clans: RISE - ISN - SS - USA: Espana: Neutral France: War Great Britain: Alliance Verenigde-Provincien: Alliance Danmark-Norge: War Sverige: War United States: Major clans: ACDC - ASP - BSR - DD - Detroit Demolition IGG - NPG - No Pants Guys MARS - France: Espana: Alliance France: Great Britain: War Verenigde-Provincien: War Danmark-Norge: Alliance Sverige: Alliance United States: War Major clans: SD - SINK - Sink or Swim Spain: Espana: France: Alliance Great Britain: Neutral Verenigde-Provincien: Neutral Danmark-Norge: War Sverige: Alliance United States: War Major clans: note: If anything is wrong please reply or PM! Major clan= edit* no restrictions* *** Mods can we have this replace the current sticky post of the same topic. It's out dated and the old player that started it is no longer active so it's not getting updated. With that and I know Blackthorn/Decken had a clan one like this he was doing, if folks can post there clan info I'll go through this list and update the info. For clan info please send me a PM instead of posting it with your clan info that you want to post. Numbers can be optional but if you want to give current active numbers it might help with new players that want to join one clan over another. The main thing is to let folks know who the players and makers are for each nation.***
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    Hey all, Let's trust Dev's, lots of modifications have been made on NA project, some drasticly reversed, they are going forward step by step. This TZ problem with unbalanced playerbase activity is for sure taken into account as a major issue. Let's hope for a Global server fully international with PB mechanics that reduce this unbalanced situation.
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    I'm General Cornwallis and I have to say this is utterly ridiculous… I joined the battle in the Hopes of helping out since I have an outpost in Castries. I had no idea that joining a battle would take a slot or cause any issues whatsoever. Although, I did realise immediately that my Third rate was not the right ship as I was surrounded by Victories. In my own defense, I did bring an LS which is what I was told should be used for PB's. I was immediately convoed by several people asking why I had joined the battle and that I should leave immediately. Realising my error, I left, to only find out that now I’m considered a spy. I have never been treated so harshly in a game which provides very little information for new players and the dynamics involved in in PB’s. I merely wanted to help out... ARE ALL PLAYERS IN THIS GAME PRICKS? Moving forward…I will leave the PB’s to your obvious superior intellects and am seriously debating whether this game is even worth playing…
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    Are you planning to add a custom-battle-room? Similar to War Thunder Will the Santa Cecilia ever be obtainable again? right now there is literally not a single way to get a new one besides trading for one of the ones that were given as redeemables to the few tournament winners. Not that important but still: When are the paints that are already in the API but not ingame yet (example Surprise paints etc.) going to be added? Are you planning to interfere to the whole 'Nightflip' problematic or do you think that it's a thing players should fix/manage on their own? Do you think the sternrakes are finalized or will you still tweak them? (A Carronade fitted Surprise killing 100+ crew off a Frigate in 1 rake) Are you planning to add some sort of BR-limits to Port Battles (seeing 25v25 Agamemnons / 1st rates only is getting a bit boring, imo) Are you still planning to add a pvp-currency with which rare modules / paints can be bought in a special shop?
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    Operation "Camel Toe" Pirate Decree A Direct Result of the big 3 alliance. We don't Care about ports, But with that said If someone(US) Flips another port of Ours we will Flip and Take one or more of your Alliances(Drits) ports. or other way around Start Date of Feb 1, 2017 Until we want to stop. Objective: Primary: Make US Cry Secondary: Take some Port(s) As of 2 PM EST The Death count is massive: with most kills not added to the tally yet: The Rule of Show Me the Screen Shot, No Screen shot it Didn't Happen is in effect. 1st Rates Sunk or Caped = 9 2nd Rates Sunk or Caped= 7 Any thing 3rd Rate or Smaller= 40 Trader Caps of Note: 350 Large Repair Kits, 2300 Compass Wood, JobaSet got this one: 47 Mid Grade Notes with 27 Low and 31 High grade notes, Simon Got 6 Cannons IF you want to get and updated Take a Look at https://www.twitch.tv/jobaset Take Note: This is a Game and we will take no Quarter on anyone This is a PVP server even if the Big 3 Don't want it to be. You Have been Warned. Updates Forth Coming:
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    Joba is a member of Black Clan Pirates on PvP2. He is the mastermind behind operation Camel Toe and he and a few guys got it rolling while we were down defending Castries. We may not have the numbers but we have small groups of people dedicated to specific targets designed to bring salty tears.
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    More players are surfacing for France - some new, some old faces. Linguine Mike and Train54 were both playing earlier today. More new players just joined the SINK clan - 14 of us now. Who wants to make the move to France on PvP2 and help balance the nations?
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    I don't think anyone is against pirate ships per say, as long as they are historical. They aren't pirate ships afterall, but a ship that was captured. But I for one would rather mostly see Napoleonic era ships.
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    I'm still surprised how much you guys care about some colored pixels on a map. Maybe it's the best for you all if you get reduced to one region and see that there is still other stuff to do in this amazing game. Still hoping port raids will bring back pvp/ow pvp. Please devs don't fu#k this up. So gents hit Sail more often step away from rvr and relax a bit, we are testing after all and nothing is final. Smash that sail button!
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    Hello Captains. Question time. Ask us anything in relation of Naval Action its gameplay, current plans or anything you wanted to find out. Please number questions and provide them as a list. ps. game labs related questions are also ok.
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    Hello dear Devs, please implement a br-even joining function referred to the signaling perk. That would lead to more even and fair battles in the event and participation may increase. Thank for keeping it in mind. Best Regards Donjuan
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    Today I saw [MOSQU] member (most likely solo clan, Devs can check it, even the clan name gives a clue, but let's not make it a rumor). Docking and undocking of Castries port. Tried to pm him saying NOT to enter PB (no answer). Before the PB in the main fleet I mentioned him, he was on TS, but he has obvious connections to the RUS member of Danish nation called Roadrunner that has many alt accounts in other nations. Once he joined PB, no one insulted him in chat, he was asked to join our Teamspeak but he refused and escaped battle after few minutes (video proof). The only thing he did is leave as soon as possible. Even in chat he does not try to pretend that it was accident or that he is a new player, he clearly admits that he started playing "on the other side" with his alt. That's a max rank Dutch player, must have many hours on his account, obviously no one new to the game. Devs please inspect his account past (clans, nations), inspect his IP, connections to other accounts and finally draw the consequences, because this is happening almost every PB! If you give him a warning or nothing, he can always change nation and name and do the same over and over again. Screenshot of chat scoreboard: Recording:
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    I've used plot.ly to set up an interactive chart where you can pick ships, zoom and whatnot. I'll be able to keep it updated at the rate I can be arsed to do speed profiles.
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    The sacrifice was already made during the 24th of December Christmas truce. Since they had no celebrations to attend then, if not for that truce they could've easily staged attacks throughout all of Christmas eve/day (a weekend) while all of you guys were off celebrating with friends and family. It was not an equal treaty by any means. That was their sacrifice, they held their word, you're welcome. And yet they weren't given the same courtesy without a bunch of 'implied' conditions surfacing afterwards.
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    Designated trol. You talk much and you know nothing.
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    Im also interested in this as I think that historically in the age of sails era Portugal is way > than Denmark and Sweden together. Hence why we have two languages down shouth there today - Portuguese and Spanish No offence intended.
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    I mean, as long as you have monopoly on Live Oak i figure you can expect the opposing alliance to attack. (Atleast that is what i would expect )
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    The biggest thing about including "pirate" ships would be that alot of people would probably buy the game just for those ships.
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    Pirates and Privateers of the Americas puts the original Charles II (later Fancy) at 30 guns. When she was sold off, only 100 barrels of powder were taken from her. Did she capture guns along the way? Maybe. Were swivels counted? Probably. Did she carry heavy guns? As it was a "Private Frigate" in 1693... I doubt she carried anything larger than 6's. That's gut feeling though. I'm not finding a copy of Joel H. Baer's Captain John Avery and the Anatomy of a Mutiny which is what Pirates and Privateers of the Americas cites, so until I find a copy of that book, I suspect my search is stymied for the moment.
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    Hostility generation was permitted during the truce, we didn't have a problem with that OR the coordinated 2 other battles being planned at the same time. My issue was with Wilmington being attacked itself. NorthViking came to us and said we need to have a truce for the orthodox Christmas, we would like you guys to back off your Savannah attack. If you do not we will attack Wilmington during the downtime with the Brit alliance. This implied that Wilmington would be off limits during the downtime as we agreed to our side of the deal. The very next day hostility was generated against Wilmington, along with the other 2 regions, therefore, breaking the agreement. While all 3 battles were set North again came to us with a couple of swedes saying we want you guys to give up night flips 5 our 7 nights a week to make things fair. If you agree we will call off the attacks. We told them to kiss our asses and they promptly lost all 3 battles. The great RUS/RDNN fleet hasn't been seen in force since. Don't let the night flips bullshit fool you, this is the real reason. That is why we are pissed and why Santa Domingo/Savannah was double night flipped. And also why we will never enter into another agreement with the Danes.
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    What are Raids going to look like? (Anything would be appreciated)
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    Forgot to mention (thanks oldcrankyman for reminder) We thought for a very long time of a system that will allow us to identify alts who are exploiting hostility mechanics Some systems involved counting surrenders and limiting surrenders after a certain limit, other systems were based on damage vs kills vs kills in other ares. Many ideas were discussed but they all affected normal players in one or another way.. After careful deliberations we did not want to limit gameplay of normal players (because all systems and limitations will limit normal people in some or another way). So we have decided to just ban the bastards. So the new rule starting now is. For the period of testing until release using alts to generating hostility is a bannable offence. Report a person who is an alt or was an alt Report a port that he was helping to get hostility on His account will be investigated and if he is found to be exploiting the mechanics he will get banned from the game until release. His most active trading partner accounts will also be investigated and might be cleared from assets if they are his only trading partners. Report the alts to any mods (especially Ink) and here in the tribunal. Identify potential time of the abuse, name, nation, region name. If you have screenshots it will speed up the things. Clarification. By abuse we mean directly generating hostility for the enemy by means of sinking or surrendering. Other methods of abuse could also happen and will be reviewed separately Economic warfare and spying by alts is allowed. Remember that lose lips can lose ships.
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    1. All servers are global, that's what the Devs say and that's why US and EU servers got same settings and rules and timers regardless their name or location. This is the way it works, no one can shut down a server during night or block Asians or Americans or Aussies from playing the game while others sleep. Spanish can have Mexicans playing during their nights, Frenchies some French-speaking Canadians, there are lots of options. Also the smallest 3 nations should get indicators like 2x EXP / GOLD with such information at the nation choosing window to encourage more wise spread of the players across the nations. 2. Currently the biggest problem is low server population caused by several reasons: - Mistake of Devs talking about wipe (many players that quit think wipe will be soon, they don't come back until wipe happens, even if it won't. The only current official wipe is before the final release of the game) - Fine woods took down lots of the players from the game - Nations knocked down suffered a lot, this includes Spanish, US, Dutch nations, whenever nation gets knocked down to a few ports, players tend to quit, switch nations. There must be some kind of official in-game treaties, call for peace, end-war diplomatics etc. - Lack of blueprints for Endymion, Indefatigable, Gunboat, Wapen and rare blueprints really harsh to get (Exluding Santa Cecilia which is meant to be semi-premium reward ship) - Pirates quiting because of lack in additional Pirate Mechanics and Raids - Solo hunters / Sea Wolves / Privateers quiting because of massive AI fleets spam and difficulties in hunting alone (2x AI escort fleets, lots of AIs arround, forts and towers spammed arround). This just encourages hunting in massive packs, big fleets of Surprises or other fast ships scouting areas, "ganking" and destroying players with force not to bother about forts and NPCs. 3. Old players are burning out, quiting but not many new players are coming to replace them. This is caused also by several reasons: - High price of the game in Alpha / Beta (More like a price for final version of the game) - Lack of advertisments / reviews / promotions / sells / "Free Week / Weekend etc. - Not user-friendly GUI - Lack of basic tutorial, new players vanish quickly as they got no idea what to do at all 4. Devs seem to be having weird development priorities, somehow all the time implementing things "wanted" or "suggested" by players that we have never heard of or seen or they get implemented in the totally different way. Stop wasting time on implementing stupid things or low-priority. There must be a community voted development priority, just like in other EA games. Things that are a huge question / mistake / failures in this game: - Pray button (a Devs joke? Real feature?) - Fishing salt??? - Mast Thickness changes (stupid and not expained, tried to be fixed by some hotfix but failed) - PvP Events (Originally were meant to be like Fellvred Small Battle Events, turned to be OW zones. No balance, no fairness, gankfest). Changing this to 6v6 will not fix the problem, dear Admin. - Implementation of Ship Structure (3rd HP factor added on test server). I believe none of the players asked for new damage model, we have other high priority things needed to be done. 5. Bugs. There are many bugs in this game for months and years, acknowledged by Devs and "known", but not as important to be fixed soonish. All of the bugs should be in high priority to be fixed. Game with hundreds of bugs arround is not a good sign for new players, unless some new bugs popup after new patch. I would rather see a huge patch fixing all known bugs from past then new damage model added. Just looking of how playerbase had to push by force fix of the alliance bug several times making the Devs quite upset by forcing to fix it makes me feel said that such "bug fixes" are not in high priority. 6. Server Merge, many PvP 1 want to enforce the merge, the last standers of PvP 2 tries to defend it... I can only say that the merge is rather not going to be a success until the servers and network gets an overhaul and overall optimization. For some players pings are sky-rocketing during huge fights, random disconnects, delays, new boarding must be added not influenced by PING (we saw pics). Better options to reconnect to the game (The "BATTLE_OVER white window forcing us to close the game and launch again to get back needs to be gone and several other things) 7. FPS improvments. No matter what, but Having Port Battles and just turning everything to the lowest settings, ships shoting with visual delay of 30 seconds, players with best GPUs and CPUs playing the lowest settings with 10-15 FPS, this needs to be gone. 8. Low response / dialogue with Devs. The biggest Devs activity is in Tribunal / Support and maybe some feedback threads. Other than that it's silent, queit. This doesn't feel right. 9. Detailed changelogs. We are the beta-testers. We need to know what has been changed. Don't force us to look into API or find changed on our own. Changelogs in form of "Minor bug fixes" or "Some speeds of ships changed" are a semi-message "you got a changelog, now f*ck off, we are busy". Cooperate with us, this is not closed development. 10. Economy based on gold / currency without coverage. Basically all players can be farming / producing infinite amounts of in-game currency which is gold. This leads to abnormal inflation or hiper-inflation, ridiculous prices, players being super rich. The in-game economy needs a balanced market with coverage. There cannot be hundreds of players with 50m gold in the pocket... 11. Lack of OW content while sailing, sudden ship wrecks, special triggered events, unpredicted events, special fleets, secret burried treasure? To remove static sailing through the sea without expacting something to happen any second ____________________________ That's quite a wall of text from me, hope I won't get warnings nor bans haha, feel free to comment, discuss, troll, like it, subscribe, follow, send memes, tip and whatever folks do in internet.
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    Dear PvP1 Players/testers and dear DEV's, For several weeks our coalition tried to fight back Port attacks that were set at very late hours, with lots of players ruining their real life nights. - Some Port attacks were deliberatly set by opponants with no intention to show fleets but only to discourage the defenders that stayed awake so late. - Since hostility has become faster to build up, nightflips have increased. - Due to multiple time zone player base belonging to the Brits/Dutch/USA coalition, our coalition that is 90% based on European player base has never been capable to fight back & set any nightflips. Considering the above points, our coalition, that includes many reasonable but passionated NA players/testers, comes to the fact that nightflips are not sustainable anymore. It does not make any sense despite all the good will of our coalition player base. Real life is a priority for us as well as playing/testing logical & balanced strategy wargame mechanics. So our coalition declares that every Port attack set up later than 00:00h server time will not be attended & therefore contested. This decision is only meant to be pro-active for NA testing project since it will physically show unbalanced territories occupation on NA map that are exclusively linked to PVP1 server population & reactivity. This unbalanced result will mostly reveal the emergency for DEV's to fix the highly critical issue of "real life factor - player time zone factor". These factors MUST be taken into account to produce a sensible strategy game. Thank you & good wind all.
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    get rid of circles, implement Pvp lobby event
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    Easiest way to learn is just get in there and fight. Don't be afraid to lose because in losing we learn by our mistakes....can I be any more cliche? Experiment with different loadouts, mix the ships up in your fleet, and learn some different maneuvers. Everything in Naval Action is a path towards ships fighting ships. There are way too many people missing out on the fun because they think that there is more to the game than there really is. It's just that simple.
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    We need to build a wall between the alliances.... It is clear that Lord Vicious should pay...
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    "Dear devs im a Dutch player. I see no problem whatsoever because I am on same side as US. The danish just need to organize better and recruit people from all over ze world like we do, really no problem, move along please". Stop that Does not solve a problem when all other nations on the server is EU primetime based, except US.
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    I prefer to call the problem pointed out by the op and unfortunate and regrettable difference in activity timewindows that have farreaching consequences, like (potentially) losing resources and/or crafting perks without having a realistic and sustainable way to defend against them. A situation aggravated by an appearent unbalance in serverpopulation between the two sides, since it denies content to both sides, as the "nightshift" can't get decent content in their attacks because of a lack of non-sleeping defenders on one side and the "dayshift" who do not have a chance to defend the assets they play for during their activity window. For the record: Both sides have a comparable and valid problem here. The difference is the unbalance in population distribution (across timezones) combined with language barriers and a (sometimes) non-productive attitude between the two sides. I think that discription covers the whole situation best.
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    After "Official Release" and patches, do you intend to continue to develop and expand the game? or will the final release be a mostly feature finished game?
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    is there any plans to add Portugal?
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    Savanna Line Ship Deep Water port battle United States defending against Pirates 25 US/Brits/Dutch (one dutch and I Brit I think) with screeners out side vs 20 Pirates no screeners I kinda missed the battle cause of lack of sleep, but heard there was firebombs at the start and than a bunch of captured and brawling. If some one that was in the battle want to add to the info of what happen feel free to do so. Keep battle reports to facts when you make them. They should include numbers as close as you can. Leave the smack talking to individual post though.
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    Sounds about how BLACK does it too. We have folks think it's a bit confusing, but we are so use to that style of a fight. Oh every one I'm having picture limit size and well this thread is so out dated so I"m starting a new one. I'll start with a post for savanaa port battle but can use the info to update the first page.
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    Mainly cause when out number you need the combat ships more than you need the mortar brig and if your in smaller ships they are hard to hit. I was suppose to bring one tonight to Savanna port battle but I was up all day moving stuff and fell a sleep before the port battle. That and well a lot of folks just don't have the gold hand books (I have an extra one) and know what all to set up or how to use them. bullet log? Is there a way to go back and look after a battle? I know you can control L to look at t log while in a fight. Danes have all ways held half of southern Haiti and with that being there Hull Strength region I don't think you will push them off. They going to fight for that one for sure. Remember they only have three regions So it's not like if they take a region or two it is going to hurt any one, just strength them a bit. They prob will be happy with doing a trade over of Cayes for PB's back and forth. Remember Pounce is the only source of Silver for the alliance over on that side so they will fight for that hard. It might be good if ya'll let them have a few regions that aren't important. We would of gave up San Juan eventually to them if we didn't take northern Haiti-. We just need more regions before we can give up any regions to the small nations. Hell I don't even know who the combat leader is. I only speak with a few of ya'll. Your just the most well known name of the Danes lol
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    Will the new UI be released next month ? Is Asian language Chinese?
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    600 passengers?! No wonder they lost. It's impossible to carry out a battle encumbered by so many noncombatants. Again, that's not a warship but a drunken wounded elephant. Droits d'Homme (a much larger ship) carried far fewer men than that (soldiers and camp followers) and found it difficult to resist Indefatigable and her consort. I'll resist wading into the tangled mass of strawmen, other than that.
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    Well LV's usually pretty active and can allways clarify matters.. I wasn't active in the US-Pirate wars so I don't really care.. I've actually no desire for US players to be expelled I just don't see this issue having a solution that can function longterm other than making serverwide PB timers for the PvP1EU and the PvP2US.. And for the record.. You haven't won anything - you just became the boys in the playground that smells bad so no-one wants to play with you.. Have fun in the empty content..
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    At least someone is considerate enough to view both side of the coin. As stated in another post---- I'm General Cornwallis and I have to say this is utterly ridiculous… I joined the battle in the Hopes of helping out since I have an outpost in Castries. I had no idea that joining a battle would take a slot or cause any issues whatsoever. Although, I did realise immediately that my Third rate was not the right ship as I was surrounded by Victories. In my own defense, I did bring an LS which is what I was told should be used for PB's. I was immediately convoed by several people asking why I had joined the battle and that I should leave immediately. Realising my error, I left, to only find out that now I’m considered a spy. I have never been treated so harshly in a game which provides very little information for new players and the dynamics involved in in PB’s. I merely wanted to help out... ARE ALL PLAYERS IN THIS GAME PRICKS? Moving forward…I will leave the PB’s to your obvious superior intellects and am seriously debating whether this game is even worth playing…
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    Do you work on a new ROE model that allows reinforcements and larger battles in OW?
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    WHEN THE DANES ( + ALLIES) USED NIGHTFLIPS PLUS EVERY DIRTY TRICK AND EXPLOIT TO WIN IT WAS APPARENTLY FAIR! But now they loose they give up.. Piss take if you ask me! Oh I forgot that you told the entire American nation they could only play this game Durring your prime time and no others!!!! When you win every exploit is fair, when you loose. Every exploit is unfair... Ironic right!!!
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    The Devs put forts and towers all over the place and large patrolling AI fleets. Learn to use them to your advantage. I have only been successfully ganked once in my home waters since the ROE update and mostly because I was not paying attention.
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    Nope dude. Guys just like you killed that game because they want to erase gank and FLS tried. p.s. 2 years player. left after anti-gank BR-shit-patch. whole my soc also.