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    Actually this is what is going on....we have some people who are good at it and they are absolutely face rolling larger slower turning ships, and we have a lot of people who are not as good at it. The people who are not so good at it are asking for a buff because they can't accept the fact that they are doing anything wrong. Meanwhile the folks who do know are absolutely destroying ships without even breaking a sweat. What we have now is not even close to historical no matter what you think, it isn't. I'm actually trying to nerf myself at the end of the day because it's honestly pretty dumb but we have people arguing to buff it lol. I could post I don't know how many screen shots of larger ships just absolutely wrecked due to grape shot to the stern while they were pretty much defenseless to prevent it. There are some I know who have it down to an absolute science just about and if it's buffed even further well good luck to the other guys. The breakdown, in my opinion, is that you are taking historical instances of raking shots and the devastation they could cause and trying to apply them to NA's combat mechanics. In real life it was not that easy to stern camp people, sure as hell not as easy as it is in NA for better or for worse. I used a historical reference of Java vs Constitution and showed the actual sailing path of each ship....that's a lighter frigate versus a "super" frigate"....and in real life the lighter frigate managed 2 rakes. In NA an experienced captain could completely outmaneuver a Connie and deliver a multitude of rakes. You are trying to apply real life to a combat mechanic that is not real life.....it's pretty damn good but it just isn't going to be real life people. Furthermore, grapeshot is doing way more damage then it should be. I've tested it out and you can kill off an entire crew without even bothering to knock down an enemies armor. I'm being honest here, most of the current game mechanics benefit me tremendously. I just don't think they are correct or the best for gameplay. http://imgur.com/Z2sueY0 This one I tested didn't even bother reducing armor, and no we didn't just sit next to each other blasting away with grape. This was while moving.... http://imgur.com/UyJ3Gn2 just another example of a larger ship being completely defenseless. Don't make the mistake of thinking the same can't be done versus larger frigates either.....could post a ton of those as well. Lastly, please for the love of God, don't mistake what I've been saying as me "bragging". There are captains much more skilled then myself who do this stuff every single day without even breaking a sweat. You keep pushing for a buff of grape and stern shots and their are going to be an awful lot of miserable people just getting farmed by small little speed boat ships.
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    I'd like to see Q Ships under false colors. Imagine tagging a TSnow under British colors to find out it's gunned as a Snow carrying a full crew of pirates!
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    Two classes of rumors. General rumors and Smuggler rumors. General rumors are available for purchase in any Free Port. For 100g you gain a random rumor upon use. General rumors can be: Going out of bussiness sale! Some poor businessman has lost his shirt and is liquidating stock cheap. Sail to this port and receive these goods at this price. Passenger service. A missionary and his family would like passage to this port. You will be carrying the family and goods to build the church. 100 oak logs etc.... Monetary reward upon delivery. Delivery must becompleted by "x" time frame. Passenger service- governors daughter. She wants to be there right away, packs heavy and will result in a nice reward or favor from the govna. Colony for the Crown. Should you accept this mission you will be asked to carry a very large and valuable cargo for the governments newest colony start up. Warning: failure to deliver these goods may result in outlaw status as the government may assume you stole them. Smuggler rumors cost more (1000g bribe) and can only be obtained in enemy foreign ports: Smuggler rumors may be: Government payroll ship name class and route. Supply Convoy locations and route Sea trials of new warship location. Can result in capture of rare ship model. Kidnap - you kidnap and enemy dignatary and are rewarded on his delivery to your capital Your officer is hung as a spy (lose one officer life) Ambush (your ship is ambushed by a government patrol upon leaving port) You get the idea.
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    I play historical wargames because I love the rich history. This kind of crap is just "gaming the game" and I will continue to avoid doing this kind of thing. Pour scorn on people who do it, and encourage the devs to improve the game so we can use real world tactics wherever possible.. There is no honour in this, and winning with these tactics just makes you look too weak to fight like a man. I will take my victories with fine sailing and accurate gunnery. If I get beaten by this tactic then it is not even a real victory. I pity anyone who feels so weak they need to fight like this to "win."
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    Yo cada vez me asombro más con la gente. Si esto no fuera para todo el mundo, no tendrían acceso. ¿Acaso a nosotros se nos ha perdido algo en el foro inglés? Que yo sepa llevamos desde el primer día leyendo el foro inglés porque solo existía ese y nadie nos ha echado de allí.
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    There is no need to break game for sake of forcing one single bad idea to work. Free towns used by mobile groups as rading base, so this is a root for some part of gameplay.
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    People like you, who leave false and biased reviews/comments on Steam, are the reason Steam reviews/comments are untrustworthy. Grow up. The only one at fault here is you, and the developers shouldn't suffer because of your childish mentality. Since when is "give us your tacos" considered a racist comment? "F U Brit" isn't racist either, but it's a hell of a lot closer to being racist than Bobzillah's original comment. I've spent a fair amount of time playing alongside Bobzillah, and he is a good guy who enjoys the occasional bit of trash talk. Oh, and for the record, he's German, not British. If you want to attack him, at least get his nationality correct.
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    Going back to PotBS days, it was acceptable to call the Spanish "Dons" or "tacos". It was demeaning but it wasn't as bad as calling them certain other derogatory terms as you would find nowadays. I'm sure you can get my meaning without me having to say it. The same goes for the French. We called them "frogs". A semi-historical term in and of itself. For the British, well, I have to be fair, between the ganking "rats" and the "frogs", probably the worst thing you could call anybody in the British nation was "lolbrit". Mainly because the majority of them liked to puff themselves up like they were all that, then scatter at the first sign of trouble. But hey, another game, another era. I don't know what passes as derogatory nowadays in Naval Action, but I know of a fair shade of much worse in the way of insults than saying "taco". It's actually very mild compared to what could be said. Note: And this is coming from someone with a 50% Hispanic background that grew up around those insults!
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    Aren't half of Spain's ports literally in Mexico right now?
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    have you ever been on the internet? You may wanna work on the thickness of your hide.
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    All i see is some salty Don
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    Dear all players of this NA community; We all would like to see the current ALPHA/BETA becoming a great game and attracting many new players, would not we ? So please stop these helpless posting, no place for egos here, just play/test and do not get too far in role playing. We are the one to make NA as sexy as possible, so far I'd rather run away when reading the community mood. I trust the devs will eventualy find the right balance, let's test the upcoming upgrades without focusing too much on the current geopolitical aspect as we know this issue may still change greatly. Let's all enjoy constructively ! Cheers
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    Every ship has a Purpose NPCs are currently a punchingbag for everone, their only purpose is being an EXP pinjata they dont have any task no real value in the game. That should change. For my suggestion ill refer to the X-series, a very advantage space simulater game that was about, trade, build,think and fight, that game was made for single player and has simileries to current navel action, gameplaywise since naval action is also a trade build think and fight title. How does that have anything todo with NPCs? Well in the X series, atleast since X3 every ship in the universe had a purpose, a cargohold and value of its own. the NPCs were tracked through the whole X universe they were trading and fighting through the universe and the results , then affected player and factions alike, especialy the Trading was always affect by all the NPC traders, they tried to buy at best price and sell at best price to the certain station that needed that resource to produce a certain weapon or byproduct, after they sold their cargohold they searched for a new opertunity. And if they got shot into debris then they fell out of the roaster and that cargohold changed the owner or got lost. However there was a problem in that systeme for the PC of the player, there was no hardcap for the amount of ships, means the factions were still dishing out ship after ship, that then again got tracked, ending in extreme framedrops at longer playtimes. the starting amount of ships was about 10k NPC ships, while after severel weeks you might ended up with 40k ships. it would be nice if the Devs would be able to add a certain mechanic for NA but first some things might change. -Nation hubs can substain themself, this must go, the systeme would have no place if you can buy and sell on the same island -a change of how NPCs will be generate is required, to not end into an otherwhelming number of ships, give it a sever wide hardcap, let NPC ships being produced by Regional and National capitals -Change on how ships get rendered in OW is required, atm i have the feeling that Ships randomly get "spawned" around the player then sail to a certain port and then disapear again -Compensation for lower playerbased Nations is required, i think give these nations more NPC ships then the others should be a good solution of corse not a perfect one. -refilling ships after certain time, since i aim for a hardcap there must be a mechanic that refills the shiplist if it gets depleated due raiding -player owned trading fleets, these fleets should have a seperated Crewpool that can be only hired via port, maybe add a perk that traders can create a certain amount of tradefleets these can be equipped like normal fleets with a crewcap equal to the playersrank. Something along 1 le gross ventre + 2 ceberus as escort -player generated missions, Escort/patrol Trading route, Intercept/sabotage these route, Buy and Sell orders -OW AI behavior need a change, ships might need to try to escape or evade attacking ships.While Task forces might be aggresive towards players and other Taskforces How does that change the gameplay? changes like these would give the idea of national Conquest a higher value, it courage PVE and PVP at the same level, to hurt the oposing faction via intercepting Traderoutes, or Protect these routes. It also forces players out of their nation hubs into bit more dangerous waters, i see alot of people just missionfarming around their nationhub, with that time they could actually do something meaningful, adding their time to the war effort. It also changes the importance of the popolation of the Reginal playerbase since a weak Faction gets buffed with aditional NPC ships. It also simply add more life and imersion to the game itself. Additonel: We could add treasure fleets that brining money from one town to the other to reduce or ad to the money inflation of a town i hope i got all my ideas covered. Keep you manners and discuss like Gents with monocles and tophat
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    томный вечер вторника. P.S. Pirate на Сюрепризе был
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    Not every event need be a team sport. I suggest the following event for exploration lovers. It doesn't need to be super complex. Event is triggers along remote coastlines. (Not near a regional capital). Much like fishing it is a random occurrence. If the random event check succeeds at roll is made on the encounter chart and a distance restriction started. You must move at least "x" distance from that spot to receive another encounter. Encounter chart items should be based on percentage roll: Canoes on happy natives come out to great you boat and trade. They will trade iron fitting or trinkets on board your ship for for gold, silver and/or copper ores they have in abundance. Discover ruins and gain map the another encounter that generates loot Discover beached ship wreck and gain loot Discover new species of Flora. Your nations government rewards you on delivery to capital. May be paint scheme free ship or Bp is discovery is profitable enough. Discover and species of fawna. Your nations government rewards you on delivery to capital. Rewards as above. Rescue castaways - depending on castaways status rewards from low to high value awarded on delivery to a free port. Canoes of angry natives rush you ship. Fight boarding battle vs. 1d4x100 natives. Cannibals greet your shore party and find them delicious. Loss 1d10x10 crew. Anyway, you get the idea. Explorer players could load up light and hvy merchant ships to haul trinket and trade goods for the natives about and bring discoveries and loot home. This puts some adventure into the game for explorers and more ships moving about for potential PvP.
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    простите, можно я просуммирую? на наш вопрос, как нам понимать нападения русов на нас, было высказано следующее: 1. ну извините 2. сами виноваты 3. любой пират в водах дании будет атакован 4.вы чо, типа хотите порвать пакт но засцали? 5. а я всегда бил пиратюг! я ничего не забыл?
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    Very good point. If you want to know what a 1780s Blackbeard would have sailed, look to the privateers of the time. The same principles applied to them: force merchant ships to surrender without a fight, flee from every naval opponent larger than you. The only really unique feature of privateers that I can think of is being pierced for a ton of gunports (we're talking 20-gun schooners) and then sensibly not arming most of them.
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    i have played on pvp1 and pvp2 and will tell you now that while there may be a spike every onve in a blue moon it is not bad to play on ether. The "lat" issue that everyone uses is just a cheap excuse. I say make a person on pvp1 and see how it is before making wild assumptions about what its like. OH but the lat when i start the game says 300-1000... ok i have had it say that for pvp2 as well still doesnt change that when i get on it works fine and there are not problems. And this whole sabotage thing going around is hot air. And before you go oh your just a pirate you dont know what your talking about im going to stomp that into the ground. I have played the US since Feb and it isnt till about a week ago that i left US b.c its becoming spineless just like the current US administration. Why do you think MOST of WATCH left (heres a clue) WE WERE THE ONLY ONES TRYING TO PVP AND HELP SERVER "HEALTH" but all the other clans just want CAREBEAR nation. Time to pull your head out of the sand and get with the program
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    But it's undoubtable that big brawls are big fun! For me social perk with timer reduced to 10 minutes would be a fair tradeoff. But, if the problem are just free towns exploits, then just add to ships that come out from free towns a timer that prevents the entrance in "socialized" battles for the duration of the social perk timer . I dunno if encoding this feature is difficult or not, but it will be a solution.
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    Can we get some more info on these OUTLAWs and when this will be put into play? We got a few players right now on every one's black list we would love to sink on sight. I swear we got one guy that some are about ready to take a ban from the game just to sink him and keep him out of port battles and other actions.
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    Its the comeback of the year from Spain, the French under the pump and what are them there Swedes upto in this weeks A Letter to the King.
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    Not sure if this have been answered. Our stuff and ships will stay in the ports, even if they change ownership? Or will everything in affected ports be lost?
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    Why is there no British Captain to intercept said smuggler?
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    I see no L'Ocean, ur fleet is puny
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    Hypocrite? We didnt defend cause we annouce many times till september most of our players will be on holidays. The facts: Last weekend of august many combined attacks with 2 nations making screening to defense, anothers spanish players (like me) refused to go alone in a group or 3 or 4 to fight against 25 fleet: fair game. Last weekend, mostly spanish at home returned from holidays attacking UK ports: hypocrisy Maybe next weekend, or this week (I hadnt connect yet to game) the situation is reverted and we are loosing ports and our mothers in law ... As I had said from long time ago: with random port timers, problem solved. P.S If you give me the choice between stay at the pub drinking with friends or playing NA, I choose an Iron Maiden concert
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    Honestly, I see nothing wrong by the mod there. Also. Chat violations should be reported in-game.
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    This was the original set up (back in jan 2016?) and it did not prevent the Dutch to conquer the whole South American coast despite starting with 6 ports only.
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    gib us pyrate modifactions, remove 1.2.3 rated shipf from pyrate builders
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    I wouldn't want this game to become somekind of scuba diving simulator or shipwreck treasure hunter game. We already have the shipwrecks with the sealed bottles, leave em to that. Devs could develop this special event into a massive treasure fleet following a set itinerary between port A and port B. Player would have to attack or escort lone stragglers ( Indiaman+ escort) who lost their route after a storm. You would then have to sail the Indiaman back to safety with it is cargo. You could even make it so those treasure fleets carry special cargo normally unavailable to a nation, (especially once regional goods are introduced). You then need to escort them to your capital and prevent enemy privateers to interfere, etc. Possibilities are endless. My two cents
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    Santisima is a rather unattractive ship, with that default red (although some of the new paint schemes do look a lot better). She is slow, both in OW and in battle. The stats say a hair faster than Victory, but that must be after a long build-up on one particular point of sail...which I haven't found yet, lol. She turns like a brick. Santisima is particularly bad upwind, and even with Speed/Copper, difficult to tack through the wind without coming to a stop and then generating sternway. Difficult to get guns to bear. So yeah...not a very likable ship, except... Eventually, after some exasperation and no small amount of grumbling, you will finally have a target lined up, and will left-click the mouse-button. And then the angels will sing...all will be bliss. Whenever the right time comes, yeah, obtain the Santisima. You'll hate it...for all the reasons which you (rightfully) suspected and which I mention above. Until you fire that first broadside. And then you'll like Santi at least enough to not regret your purchase, and will play it repeatedly afterward. As to your questions about outposts: you can have up to 8 outposts (including the starter capital outpost). That last permit slot is pretty expensive (1M I think), but overall, the outpost permit slots are one of the best investments available. Maxing out permits was the first thing I prioritized when I shifted to a different server.
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    Мы вроде как в морские парусные бои играли изначально, а не в экономико-политический симулятор жизни капитана парусного судна на Карибах. Нафиг эти голосования сейчас не нужны в таком дотошном виде, ПБ новых хочу, новых городов, фортов, проливов и земли. А не эти баговые голосовалки. Губернаторы, помощники капитанов, квартирмейстеры, еда в море это все хорошо, но таки большинству нужны морские бои. Надо в первую очередь поставить хоть минимальную цель всех завоеваний. Допилить таки Адмиралтейство с квестами и плюшками от него. Доделать землю на ПБ и форты. Сделать насыщенным ПВП, ПВЕ и ПБ. И уже тогда думать про расширение голосовалок, кто будет рулить политикой, городом или страной.
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    Other reason maybe people are sick of empty port battles. This is why I had a chat with 3-4 US clans on teamspeak to organize a pvp zone where 1 flag was agreed to be bought at a time and when that PB was done another flag be bought, so for our new low levels to get some pvp and it was agreed we would let each other know numbers to bring a similar force to have fun and learn the mechanics of pvp and port battles. They see empty port battles and maybe that's why they want a merge or are leaving for pvp1. You want the server to thrive then we are the community to make it I've tried to be civil and organize meetings on TS and have had good chats with my fellow enemy but then to be backstabbed really shows the gentleman who they are.
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    They modified merchant ships. If it was easy for a pirate to modify a true naval vessel to make it better, the naval vessel would have been designed with those improvements in the first place. Today's equivalent would be Somali pirates capturing an Arleigh Burke Missile Cruiser and improving its design. It just can't happen. The naval vessels in this game were the pinnacle of their technology at the time - a bunch of pirates with no dedicated dry docks, naval architects, highly skilled ship builders, etc. just flat out could never have improved upon a modern naval vessel.
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    Наваляшку купил бы и за 10 тысяч зы. аналогов пока нет, когда будут тогда и спорить можно будет.
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    Поскольку недавно в соседней ветке разразился очередной задорный срач, я постараюсь максимально понятно прояснить нашу позицию в игровом мире Naval Action и то как мы этот мир видим в целом. Наше сообщество никогда не признавало никаких союзов кроме краткосрочных договоренностей в угоду геймплею и отсутствия интереса в сиюминутном их нарушении. Касательно ситуации с Данией могу сказать, что мы никогда не рассматривали её в качестве союзника потому, что сами мы никогда себя частью "Пиратской нации" не считали и всегда старались отыгрывать именно роль свободных пиратов. Повторюсь, мы дружественно относились и продолжаем дружественно относиться к Лейб Гвардии. Набеги на Данию ни в коем случае не являются проялением какого-либо неуважения или попытки кому то что то доказать. Нам не нужны порты или передел карты. Нет, все наши походы совершались, совершаются и будут совершаться только лишь ради интересного ПВП. Данная игра завязана на кораблях, на которых, друзья, стоят пушки. А пушки, в свою очередь, должны стрелять. Если мы нападем на русских датчан то сделаем это не потому, что мы кого то не уважаем, а как раз таки наоборот - мы доставим и себе и всем остальным ФАН от интересного ПВП, ради которого мы все с Вами сюда и пришли. Мы всегда будем с крайним уваженим относиться ко всем, кто делает вместе с нами увлекательный и напряженный контент и действительно делает этот проект таким, каким мы вместе когда то мечтали видеть PotBS. Мы не станем, собрав группу в 6-10 человек ганкать кого то одного из Лейб Гвардии или RUSов, однако если мы наткнемся на более-менее равную по БР пачку, с которой у нас не было предварительных договоренностей, то мы подерёмся. И я думаю, все получат от этого фан, вне зависимости от того кто победит. С Уважением, ЭТВ.
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    Если Зарплату платить будут я согласен!, А то играть даже бесплатно как то на скучивает, А если без ухмылки, то это вопрос решается более частыми и самое главное опубликованными стримами с разработчиками, с ответами на все вопросами, а не подготовленными как бы мини конференциями, где они в онлайне смогут услышать вопрос и тут же дать ответ !
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    Hello everybody. There has been a lot of discussion lately about timers, faction size, game balance, etc. In this forum and National news. One thing I believe is clear is that Spain is not a "comfortable" nation to non Spanish speaking players. Despite some efforts to improve, especially in the nation chat, most of the information is still exchanged in Spanish, and the TS dynamics are mostly carried out in Cervantes tongue. Of course, this poses a difficulty, especially in a moment when Spain needs new players, broaden our connection timers, to try to match those of other nations hostile to Spain, with a larger, and more geographically diverse population. So, I would like to start this discussion for all of Spain´s Captains, to exchange ideas on how to make life easier for those of us that do not speak Spanish. Here I toss a couple of ideas: - In the TS: establish a corps of translators, that are nominated liaisons to non Spanish speaking clans, Russians, Germans, and our large and always welcome population of Polynesians. One or two liaison officers would do the trick, to pass on essential information about port battles, political situation, check about their needs and opinions, etc. - In the National chat: The same, all essential information about enemy fleets/privateers, battles, should be shared in an English-friendly code: for example Holand instead of berenjeno, sharing coordinates instead of indications, etc. - In Havana: Try to create a friendlier environment for new players. Restarting the activities of the Naval Academy, with volunteer experienced captains from all clans, to do missions, train and escort the new players. Maybe a Schedule of missions could be established for different grades, in English and Spanish, with some of us sharing the responsibility of training recruits. Any other ideas or suggestions? thank you for sharing your opinions here. Brigadier Don Sancho Navarro Hola a todos: Últimamente se han dado muchas discusiones sobre los timers, tamaño de las facciones, equilibrio en el juego, etc. En este foro y en el de National News. Una cosa que creo que queda clara es que España no es una facción "cómoda" para los jugadores que no hablan español. Pese a algunos esfuerzos por mejorar, especialmente en el chat de nación, la mayor parte de la información se sigue intercambiando en Español, y las dinámicas del TS se siguen llevando a cabo en la lengua de Cervantes. Por supuesto que esto nos supone una dificultad, especialmente en momentos en los que españa necesita nuevos jugadores, para ampliar nuestros horarios de juego, e intentar armonizarlos con otras naciones hostiles a España, con poblaciones mayores y geográficamente más diversas. Así que me gustaría empezar esta discusión para todos los capitanes de España, para intercambiar ideas sobre cómo hacer la vida más fácil para aquellos de nosotros que no hablan Esañol. Aquí lanzo un par de ideas: - En el TS: Establecer un cuerpo de traductores que hagan de vínculo con los clanes no hispanohablantes: los rusos, alemanes y nuestra gran población de polinesios. Uno o dos oficiales de enlace serían suficientes para pasarles información esencial sobre batallas de puerto, situación política, y consultarles sobre sus necesidades y opiniones. - En el chat nacional: Lo mismo, información esencial sobre flotas enemigas, corsarios y batallas se debería de compartir en un código más entendible a los angloparlantes: por ejemplo, Holand en vez de berenjeno, compartir coordinadas en vez de indicaciones, etc. - En Habana: Intentar crear un ambiente más amistoso poara los nuevos jugadores. Reactivar las actividades de la Academia Naval con capitanes voluntarios de experiencia de todos los clanes, para hacer misiones, entrenar y escoltar a los jugadores nuevos. Quizás estableciendo un horario de misiones para los diferentes grados en Inglés y Español, con algunos de nosotros compartiendo la responsabilidad de entrenar a los reclutas. ¿Otras ideas o sugerencias? Gracias por compartir vuestra opinión aquí. Brigadier Don Sancho Navarro.
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    That is precisely what we need to do. Secondary sources are fine for subjects that are well-known, and long the focus of serious scholarship. The performance of the Rattlesnake is a subject that is both obscure and neglected. That leaves us with the burden of acting as historians and original researchers. You're missing the most crucial part here: All reputable secondary sources cite primary sources, at least indirectly. Otherwise it's all just heresay. There has to be a trail of evidence that eventually leads back to primary sources and original research. And even if there is a citation, we need a quote from the original text, because "reputed to be very fast" is useless without any context of best-guess analysis of the wording and writer. Yes! Where this information does not exist, it is best to be prudent. Making such an obscure tiny vessel into the fastest ship in the game is the opposite of that. Actually, the reputable sources we have records that she mounted shortened 4-pdrs. So I wouldn't trust any source that speculated to the contrary.
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    На каждого "ноунейма" по 2.5 "нагибаторов сервера" прошу заметить
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    Yah I would love to see some traders we can have modified version of it as pirates that have less cargo space in exchange for more crew and more guns. The pirate frigate kinda is a good start for this but as a more naval type ship than a merchant as it adds more crew and guns with the cost of structure. I think it could of been worked better. Though to see a LVG or something like that changed to have less (say half the cargo) of it's natural stats to add more guns or even crew to it would be cool. Hate to steal a thing from POTBS but these modification could be added to pirate crafters (if SOL's are taken away per say or made harder to get) and you can use a captured one dur ship to exchange/modified it for a 1 dur pirate version of that ship. This way you won't see tons of them since if you sink you loose you mods too. I know there are some Pirates that are all ready crying that they will have a harder time making SOL's but these ships should be very rare and only used in PB'S for the most part. This game ahs become more like SOL ACTION as every one wants to only play with the big ship. I love the mid frigates and even lights myself. Though having this optoin would be cool. like the smuggler flag you put it on for a nation and they think your just a trader for that nation until you get into battle. Than bang you find out it's not a trader after all. It will be kinda hard cause most folks start to know the names of the most active pirates and clans though. Hell what if it gives a generic NPC tag while your on the OW instead of your player tag? So they won't even know your a player until your in battle?
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    yes Pirate Le Gross ventre, gib gib, ad 18pds on her gun deck and the ability for 32pd caronades on her weatherdeck half the storage and add 50 crew
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    А дисциплина то летит к чертям. Спасибо всем РУСам не втянувшимся в срач, по той или иной причине. Всем нашим, кто играет в клавиатурных войнов скажу одно - ходите потопить кого то - идите и сделайте это, а не устраивайте перепалку на форуме. Помнится раньше мы свою репутацию зарабатывали у вражеских берегов, а не на форуме. PoDW, ваша позиция была весьма ясно озвучена Есаулом, не нужно тут по несколько раз повторять кто у вас таргет номбер уан, не разводите срач пожалуйста.
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    First of all, I'm not requesting that pirates be restricted in their ships. I am, however, saying that, gameplay or not, it's ridiculous to claim that pirates should have "improved" versions of top of the line naval warships. Gameplay or not, no amount of fluff can cover pirates being able to take the pinnacle of technology at the time and make it better than its naval counterpart. I would argue, however, that pirates be able to "piratize" any of naval ships we have in game. There has to be a negative though!! "We're pirates so we can make this ship better" is lame, unfair, and poor gameplay. I would suggest ships like Pirate Frigate be the same as their non-pirate versions, however be able to gain boarding bonuses, and a crew bonus, but at a cost to cannon reload speed (and possibly another negative as well such as yard turn speed and sail raise/lower speed). Effectively an outlaw ship would be overcrewed, better at boarding type fighting, but worse at activities that require naval discipline such as reload and sail trimming. It would be up to the pirate whether or not they wanted to piratize the ship or leave it in its original configuration. Choice, a unique flavor for pirates, and proper negatives to balance the ability. However, this conversation has indeed drifted off topic, let's get back to the availability of Pirate Frigate to craft.
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    I play at least 16 hours a day maybe more for the last 2-3 months, and at the moment I'm unemployed. Server pop is like this for a few hours when servers are up after maintenance floats around 50 people. At peak floats around 200. Few hours before it goes down between 100-150. Rarely does it crack over 200 that I've seen, seen it a few times but yeah. Plus this isn't counting the alts people have and I know of at least 3 players with 8 alts. On the special event 3 hours before the ship wreck appeared it was way over 300 before I went to bed. So it's upto the devs to merge it with these numbers the PB's are getting boring, looking for pvp is getting boring. It's why we camped KPR looking for a fight and the call went out to stay in port. Like I said we as a community can make it better or keep flogging the same dead horse.
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    Ганк? Ты наверное меня с кем то спутал)) И как же в бою где 10 пинают 1 можно настрелять бабло? Скорее уж антиганк, именно в бою когда вокруг толпы мяса, самый доход. То же самое и с ПБ: живи дольше, настреливай больше, убивай, ассистируй и будет в конце тебе счастье, даже если утонешь))Зы. Хватит писать ерунду, сейчас обсолютно любое ПвП выгодно! Любое!!! Хоть ПБ, хоть соло, хоть групповое. И не важно на линксе ты или на Санте, любой корабль себя окупает прямопрапорционально настреляному урону, дело в руках а не проблемы в игре, так всегда должно и быть.
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    If you look in the pool opened by RAE through the spanish section fo this forum link it seems that - at least right now - La Habana has the same votes as Cartagena So how did someone decided that the "majority" of spanish players are wanting Cartagena as capital and that the "80%" are annoyed with La Habana, is really beyond my imagination.