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    And have never been. The following is my major annoyances; Number 1: Oh my god how i hate AI... If there is something i would love it is to see no AI's at all... With the one exception being AI Traders/Merchant's hired by players. In my experience AI tends to ruin PvP completely by making ridicoulus moves that a player never would (They tend to be very stubborn about turning and will often ram you full speed for fun. Oh yeah, they also like to sail in front of you and take your bowsprit off. Mind you, i'm talking about all the AI's, not just enemy AI's. And no, ramming is not a "valid" tactic in the age of sail. No competent captain would ever ram another ship on purpose... Well, if he's trying to commit suicide or something perhaps he would.). Sorry, i'm getting frustrated just thinking about AI in a PvP environment. My ultimate dream: Two shards. PvP shard with no AI Escorts and AI warships. Only AI traders/merchant's that have been hired by the players - On the pvp shard, if you want escort, you hire a player/several players to escort you. PvE shard with lots of AI. AI escorts, AI warships, AI trader's and merchant's. All controlled by AI. - Perhaps implement a "Duel function" so the PvE players still have a chance at some PvP action (Wow, did i just say that?) Why is this my ultimate dream? - Let me tell you why. Because i have played i dunno, 200 games and spent atleast 10000 hours playing PC games (Yes, i'm a friggin geek!) and i have yet to try a game where AI was any competition to a half-decent player. Now you might think, well what about those "Bosses" and such that they have in World of warcraft and such? You cant' solo those can you!? No, your right, you can't. But that is because these "bosses" have thousands times more health and does hundreds times the damage that players do. - Sure, you can improve the AI all you want but like i said, i have yet to see any game make AI actually hard to beat without the AI being given superpowers or in general being able to do stuff players cant (In NA that could be represented by AI santissima's turning faster than player lynx's.) - And to finish off my comment. AI in a pvp environment also brings a shitton of problems with it. (I don't think i need to bring up specific cases, if i do just say the word. I have several incidents in mind and can find forum post's about them all.) Now, i'm not saying you have to remove the AI right now. But when we get 2 shards (PvE and PvP) then sure. Heck, if the game is popular enough you can even have 3 shards! (PvE, PvP and PvPvE). - PvPvE being a mixture (Basically what we have now). Number 2: Tagging mechanics/Leaving battle mechanics... Right now there is a bunch of beautiful ships ingame that i would really love to sail around in. But the have no goddamn bow chasers and due to the way tagging mechanics are (No damage for 2 minutes and you can leave) you NEED bow chasers. I would so love to sail around in the Belle Poule but i just can't enjoy the ship because everytime someone want to run from me all they have to do is run, it's very saddening. My suggestions: I'll leave two links here since the suggestion have been made before. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/6194-instance-exit-tweaks/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7584-would-it-be-possible-for-us-to-test-distance-based-leaving-of-battles/ Either that or remodel all ships to have atleast 1 bow chaser and 1 stern chaser. Because unless we change something certain very well modelled ships will barely be touched (I'm looking at you; http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/6078-the-essex/#entry147732 and Belle Poule..) Cheers!
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    The only meaningful diff between the SOLs is protection and guns. This is blantantly obvious in the observed santi spam in the OW. I think the santi should only be good at tanking and slinging iron. Make it so slow and cumbersome that players may, but hesitiate to take it out. I freely admit to two accounts of politics: -I want Naval Action to revolve around frigates with SOLs being used for specific purposes. -I prefer if balancing is done with gameplay capabilities. Eco balancing will only frustrate the poor and casual, and will be negated by the rich within months anyway. Poof! There goes the balance, the diversity, the fun and the casuals. Talking point: Widen the gap between the goto frigate and the fatties. Let's not upset the delicate frigate class balance but instead we hit all the obese with the ugly stick. The above image exemplifies the need players feel to get into the big ones: You get loads of big guns, you get more xp, more crew, similar turning rate, more "HP" and only slightly less speed. I wouldn't bat an eye if we cut SOL speeds with one or two knots across the board.
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    1. Hate AI fleets, here is why: AI fleets are very much the death of single-ship combat. First of all they are not at all like having 'friends' with you, more like 'slaves'. You get to have them with no maintance costs, they will follow you everywhere, each has 5 duras and they are very cheap. They are very artificial and unnecesary strength multiplier. Since more and more people start to use them, I can rarely find an even 1v1 fight (it was difficult to find a solo ship before, now most of them have AI fleets too). In the fight itself, even if I start gaining decisive advantage, my enemy can just tell his AI slaves to chainshot the shit out of me and leg it with ease. Therefore I am forced to either always fight at a major disadvantage, forced to adopted a playstyle that I loathe by having my own AI fleets or call onto my friends to help me defeat enemy and be called a ganker. For me this is the number one game-breaking feature which very much ruins solo pvp gameplay and makes me want to play less everytime I encounter a situation like this. It's a shame because I love what you did with the combat mechanics and hate to see it distorted by AI fleets. Not every battle has to be a 25v25 to be enjoyable. I am sure almost everyone would prefer to have an enjoyable 5v5 in ships of the line or frigates than a 5v5 in the same ships with 20 snows running around in a disorderly swarm. While I would prefer to see personal fleets gone altogether, if you are so intent on having them, then they should work as a balancer for clearly lopsided fights, and better yet only PvE fights. So a player should be only able to call on them when he engages or is being engaged by an AI fleet. And in fact from what I can see almost everyone who likes the AI fleets, speaks in the context of using them as a force multiplier in PvE. 2. Too small PvP rewards compared to necessary time investement (including modules which almost never drop during PvP - can't progress doing only PvP nearly as efficiently as PvE; can't access some essential uncraftable modules). 3. Way over the top module bonuses (mostly hp and reload being the new flavour of the month but speed bonuses are sitll too big imo). Difference in perforemance of different types of could also be more 'flat' in my opinion (too much hp/too little speed for live oak, too little hp/too much speed for fir). Generally I think a fully modded ship shouldn't be that superior to an unmodded ship of the same class, should only have a slight advantage. 4. Disengage. Ability to disengage in 4 round even when having 5 times less crew. Can be done easily by just sitting in defend for 4 rounds.
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    Hey. Wanted to introduce yet another map I'm not designer, I'm developer, so it looks not that good. What is done: It's pretty accurate There are city markers on the map There is ability to view a basic info about cities, when you move your mouse over the marker 4 zoom levels What is planned: Update it as often as possible Some makeup Last data update: 24.12.2015 The map http://map.shipsofwar.net/ Updated: 13.12.2015 Added Layers control to the map, you can find it at the bottom left side of the map Added new map layer (map view) similar to the game's one Added ability to hide cities' markers 1) Layers control 2) Ingame like map layer
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    There has been changes to small ships since the wipe and I think there is a nice spread here. Each ship has it's specialty which is fun for gameplay.
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    AI fleets have always caused the problem of people using them as meat shields, which really ruins any kind of feeling of reality when engaging in battle. Even 2 snows can make a huge difference in game play, and it makes things significantly less fun for me personally. I would not mind a merchant vessel using a couple of military escorts as meat shields, because that makes some sense. I don't mind a military ship "hiring" merchant AI and "escorting" them on a trade run, but military ships with military AI ships kills good game play for me.
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    Hi there I decide to make nice desktop icon using NA logo. Fell free and follow those instructions: copy file from this link and save it on your pc: http://i.imgur.com/1zxxTMd.png Open this link after: http://convertico.com/and drag downloaded file into box, convert to extension .ico and save it on your pc. Next click RMB on NA desktop icon (if you have one on desktop) and choose properties/change icon, browse and choose saved .ico file and enjoy!
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    I really wish they would somehow add the ranks/xp levels and ships/max crew in-game. This could be the #1 question players always ask...can I crew x ship at y rank? How many crew would I be missing then?
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    Imho, all Frigates need chasers, without them they are being robbed of their vital role as tagging ships.
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    If I'm not mistaken the renom has taken the upwind crown from the surp, that could work since the renom doesn't have chasers and the surp is better at actual fighting. There might be a close hauled spike above 45° for the surp? (note to self...) I think it's good that the belle now is faster than the frig, before the wipe the frig had everything (important) over the belle. No bow chasers is a serious problem for the viability of any frigate class ship, anyway (that's being discussed elsewhere). Since cost/eco balancing won't really matter in the medium to long run; Glorious connies with the optional scumbag trinco for OW tagging and instance lock-in. No significant change in that regard since before the wipe. But, as far as speeds go, there is spread and personality.
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    Similar ships, so it works that they're alike. It's good that the Snow has something over the merc.
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    @TommyShelby indeed I missed that part...sorry . Three shards are ok, but maybe risk is to split our community too much, but just my opinion .
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    1 - AI fleets - They get in the way of good PVP in all the ways described by others here. 2 - Loss mechanic - Possibly the greatest PVP deterrent in the game. 3 - See point 2 Du vakre mand!
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    To modify that further and get a better distribution of changes (more small changes, less frequent individual or collective extreme changes), you could do something like this: every 5-10 minutes (variable so not entirely predictable): 50% chance of 0-15° change 30% chance of 16-30° change 15% chance of 31-45° change 4% chance of 46-90° change 1% chance of 91-180° change
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    I have added a basic shipbuilding page to my website. It includes all the ship plans that I know about. More will be added as I discover them or if other people send me them. Be aware, I coded it very clumsy and I am not sure that it is 100% accurate. If anyone finds any mistakes, let me know and I will see what I can do. I am not a web-designer, so of course I know that it is designed horribly. I will not be adding module building or anything else. This is just a basic ship plan and materials list with prices that I have thrown together so I don't have to manage spreadsheets. This is more for the casual shipbuilder who doesn't want to get involved with spreadsheets and go all hard core. This will give you a list of what you need and how much it basically costs you to build your ship. You can select the ship, the framing type, and if you want, the pricing. Pricing of Very Low is the lowest buy price you can typically find in the shop. Default is medium to account for the high demand and low supply of different resources. Right now, because of the scarcity of iron, you might want to set it to a higher one. Again, I cannot confirm that there are no bugs but I hope I have worked them all out. If you find historical blueprints of the ships we have in game, please post them here so I can use the real ship plans. http://namap.neocities.org/shipbuilding.html Screenshots:
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    Hello Captains. Please list your top three (top 3) annoyances with the open world. If you have more please post more.
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    His Majesty's WEST INDIES SQUADRON, Serving at Jamaica Station, Kingston; Under the Command of Commodore WILLIAM A. ROBERTS. ~ Est. 1720. ~ A L L G E N T L E M E N V O L U N T E E R S, Who have a Desire to serve the CROWN, You are asked to fight for His Majesty in the W E S T I N D I E S S Q U A D R O N, now lying under attack by the evil empires of continental Europe; and the rebelled, united States of America. All will be met with the warmest Encouragement from the Officers appointed to command her ships, who gives constant Attendance, and expects early Applications, as it is intended to head out immediately on an advantageous Cruize. GOD Save the K I N G. CODE OF CONDUCT:
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    Some additional information was needed about this chard. Index: Red line means it is a non-standard blueprint(I.e. it is a drop) Blue line means it is a standard blueprint(I.e. it becomes available when crafting level is reached) Example - How do i get a surprise blueprint? 1) Crafting a Cerberus gives a dropchance 2) Crafting a Ontario(snow) gives a dropchance 3) Crafting a Mercury gives a dropchance 4) Breaking up a captured Surprise Version 6 - 6/3/16 It's a WIP and any information would be appreciated. If i have missed a line, feel free to point it out and ill edit it in
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    Its a nice combat game but still has a few things to work on, I'm wondering why do they have XP, experience as i know as XP comes from battles and the more you participate in the more experience you have, im thinking why have XP and as such XP for damage, your getting gunnery XP but not promoting good growth and progress when you make people wanna outfit with fleets and cannonades just to level up, just make the gaming world purely gold based, if ships are expensive then hard to maintain then those that PvP over PvE surely have a better chance of using them, if the PvP rewards are doubled to promote the use and trying to make players PvP more and without AI fleets earning more to stop people using then just to farm or get cheap kills or wins, if rates were more expensive and harder to maintain then i bet players will be more inclined to go for what suites their playing style and picking a things that suits them, realistically surely those that = were well off rich people the brought big ships without the experience by using their prestige to buy ranks over those that did their job and had the XP got more of chance or had them hired or put to them for privateer duties, money can buy alot, but if you want to buy into a bigger ship without the XP then you have a big battle on funds ahead of you or you could pull off and maintain a steady flow of battle prep, if you had a firm backing or money saved then you could have a chance to try bigger and better things if money would have it rather then i have the XP so i can crew what ever, if crew and everything was revolved around money and protecting crew was a far better option i bet we would see far better immersion and strategy rather then just wasted and grinding over XP and throwing away crew like it is.
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    So, I captured one of the shiny new things; The Mercury. First of all I think it's fairly good looking, like a chubby pocketsize frigate. It's a class 6 ship with 10 class 7-9 guns per side. You could go with 6 pounders or carronade 18. There is the long range drawback of carronade derps, but they weigh about half that of the 6 pounders so the Mercury will get a slight speed and handling buff running with the snub-guns. It is an interesting ship since the devs want to make our frigate+ habits more expensive to maintain. The Brigs are ugly and large targets and the Snoooooow is slooooow. Here are the GUI stats with the Brig as reference, note that there are modules installed but the values should be within 5-10% accurate. The Mercury places itself just above the Brigs in overall combat potency, both protection and armament. Compared to the Brig and Nbrig it gets 4 and 2 more guns respectively. Speed and handling is just about the same, though I'm shooting from the hip on that one since I skipped the OW brigs. Considering the PVP player went the way of the unicorn, a player-controlled merc outmaneuvers the mouthbreathing brig-bots at least. Mercury speeds: Gun handling: The target that my medium 6 pounders are looking at is just under 400m away. As far as GUI feedback goes it doesn't seem like a good sniper. But I suspect this isn't tied to the boat or the guns, it might be a tweaked feature or even bug, no idea yet. I can't even say if the ship models have base accuracy and dispersion values built in or if all that follows the guns and upgrades. Anyway, the shots seemed to converge better that the cone lets on. You guys may have more thoughts on this... Please let everyone know if you're sitting on stuff I missed.
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    Thank you for the quick replies fellas. It appears that uninstalling and reinstalling the game fixed the issue. Thanks for the help!
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    I would like it if the wind stayed static the first 15 minutes before it starts shifting. Why? You need time to close the distance with your opponent initially. It just doesn't make for good gameplay balance if the wind shifts 90° in the first 10 minutes and all of a sudden one side is completely stuck downwind unable to move to their enemy before they can even close distance first. I do however like the concept of the wind changing drastically later in the match because it can stop endless runners.
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    Frigates were probably superior in all respects. Maybe brigs had a slight advantage before the wind, but I'm not sure. Certainly we should compromise by making brigs and light ships (Rattlesnake, et al) more flexible in their speed profiles. That is, better closehauled and at 180. That way, frigates can remain dominant on a broad reach. And SoLs can remain fast, so long as they are least flexible of all. This is how PotBS did it. The goal in short: Small things (including non-frigate square riggers) run away from bigger things upwind. Some small things can get away at 180. As I've said many times, the best way to balance ship types is with windspeed settings of Low, Medium and High. Your brigs and light ships will certainly perform better to windward in light winds. But apparently things have to be dumbed down for players.
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    Can you elaborate what happened. As we said above only one global gameplay ban was issued since OW and it was definitely not you.
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    Here are my general reactions to the new speed spreadsheet (these are all the original numbers, just color-coded): The Blue and Green-shaded values should be reversed. Fore-and-aft vessels are still fastest at beam reach, and get slower nearer the wind. The Yellow and Orange-shaded values also look backwards. Why are the brigs faster than most of these frigates? Naval Action has never adhered to the silly gamey balance of big=slow, so let's not sneak it in now. Especially when the lighter square riggers can realistically be made faster upwind. Grey-shaded values. These frigates are just uselessly terrible at a beam reach. This is totally ahistorical and must make them no fun to sail. As a reminder, most decent frigates could make 9 knots closehauled, and Leda-class made 11. I know that this would destroy any semblance of balance, but what we have now is really excessive. I will post my own half-historical, half-balanced spreadsheet later.
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    Всем привет! Вот решил выложить запись боя датчан с пиратами против бритов. Вроде смотрится эпично.
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    Ellis and a I had a very intense pvp fight yesterday. We both tried to push the Essex to her limits. @ admin Ellis noticed a bug and reported it around 11pm (7.12.2015)server time via F11 It's really fun to sail this ship. Sailing feels like a surprise or frigate. But survivability seem to me like a trinc. I only miss bow chasers for gameplay reason. In my opinion with bow chasers the Essex would become the best solo pvp ship so far. I definitely have a new favorite ship!
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    Alright. After getting the hang of a few tricks I can pretty much crush the AI again, though I take more losses and have harder decisions than the previous builds. My solution to the Oak Hill dilemma is as follows - everything that comes to the East of that hill in this screenshot gets eviscerated. I still think we need some better work with arty targeting from hilltops with friendly infantry below them, but whether that comes in this game or the next one, I'll live. Anyway, screenie of me trying out some Napoleon mass battery tactics: http://i.imgur.com/RuVzw90.jpg
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    I might not have worded myself properly. I do to some degree like the current wind, the randomness is as you explain here actually good for gameplay. - But, i find it to be a bit too much, a bit too extreme. My suggestions would still have randomness to some degree. Perhaps a better suggestions would be to change this; "The wind right now starts being equal for both sides (if we are talking about port battles and events) and then changes direction by a number between 45-90 degrees every 10 mins." To something like this; "The wind right now starts being equal for both sides (if we are talking about port battles and events) and then changes direction by a number between 15-30 degrees every 10 mins." or "The wind right now starts being equal for both sides (if we are talking about port battles and events) and then changes direction by a number between 30-45 degrees every 10 mins." About the other part of your comment. Sounds very interesting, i never had a chance to try out the mortar brigs so i'm excited to hear that those are on their way back!
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    50 Degrees wind change can make the difference as to whether you are upwind or downwind of the target. (Generally it's said the fleet that is upwind has the advantage.) Therefore even a sudden 50 degree wind change can change the outcome of a battle entirely. Example, 2 Santi's can easily take down 5 Martello's with good wind. With bad wind 2 Santi's will have a hard time taking down 5 Martello's. Suggestion: An idea could be to have a wind indicator before the battle starts, telling us/showing us on a map, in which direction the wind will be blowing. The wind should, throughout the whole battle, go back and forth 15-20 degrees. (So in total the wind can differentiate 30-40 degrees but will always be blowing in just about the same direction. To make things interesting and a bit more realistic there could once in a while (not every battle, maybe every twentieth battle) be a sudden 50 degree wind change. It does indeed happen in real life, the wind can do some weird shit such as turn 90 degrees in less than 20 seconds. (Yes, i've had that happen once. The wind was blowing hard from North, suddenly it became totally calm for 5 seconds and then it started blowing at much bigger force from the East, we ended up capsizing since we had no idea what was going on and so no way to prepare for what was about to happen).
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    We value all opinions even contrarian. Sailing with an escort is historical. We are not accepting arguments that seeing a light frigate and a brig escort is unhistorical. On the rest The rebuttal is simple. They allow players to take on harder targets. Consider them player friends. For me it does not matter if the player sails with 2 friends or with 2 bots. They also give the opportunity for many to feel like a small fleet increasing tactical depth of combat. They allow us tune bots to fight better as well Combination of follow me and attack commands provides spectacular line fighting capability from bots that was only found because of their addition. That means they CAN line fight if led by a player. Some people don't have friends and no-one takes them to fleet so they sail with bots. It is being a while when I seen players taking light ships and only port battles brought the desire to sail ligher ships. In low online closed beta environment they just replace average players for me. In all small group fights above the frigate I witnessed they were either useless or actually helping the other side a bit. On the OW people don't want even fights. Events have no bots and look - almost no-one is there.
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    Personally I like Ai fleets. 1. They allow me to test different tactics. 2. They allow me to attack some large fleets too (for example Belle Poule, Frig & Renommee). 3. They escort me when I'm on trading duties. 4. They are training me in group figthing, improving my ability to have a better situational awareness (you have to check their position on regular basis to avoid big troubles/crashes ). Obviously it would be cool if I could hire them and choose whether to use them or not each time, and would be cool if I could use them to haul resources, but however I see them more as an opportunity than as a serious issue. Just my point of view .
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    I very respectfully disagree. Small squad PVP engagements will be the bulk of what we do in this game, and AI distorts that aspect of the game badly. It's fine if you do mostly PvE though.
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    AI fleets are garbage. Aside from hiring merchants to move cargo, get rid of them.
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    Well said. The creation of happy hunting grounds that are close to the initial spawn ports could be very helpful to players that are confused looking at a compass. Just follow the AI ships and they will lead you to a port. Don't think we should reduce the quality of the game too much for for a few players who go AFK and come back to find out they are lost. Perhaps they could just stop their ship before they go AFK and resume speed upon return. This argument of the player base quitting or refusing to play is a red herring. Irrelevant. How can you decide that having a beacon flashing on the horizon will retain players and creating an environment that rewards navigation will repel them? Personally I think that when we dumb the game down we will lose players, but what do I know? I would loath having my position on the map OR some sort of beacon that would render navigation useless. Unless it can be toggled off. Hopefully someday we can purchase a compass, clock and perhaps a sextant. All of which should be able to be toggled on or off. Both in OW and an instance. Also: Every time we add (or remove) a feature to compensate for the primary objective of competitive fairness we complicate the game. But if it can be toggled on and off why should I care if other players have all kinds of little cheats to help them get into fights faster and more frequently?
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    When are regional ports going to be capturable? Also we were having this discussion among us about individual ports having value. Right now there is not much tangible value to spending money on flags to take a bunch of ports besides providing a buffer zone for your other ports. I was thinking that maybe regional ports should be the only place you can craft 1st-3rd rates so ppl can't just hideout in Free Towns 100% of the time. If they want big ships, they are going to have to get their hands dirty some Also maybe having more nearby ports under your faction's control causes the port shop vendors to sell captured ships for higher and sell goods lower and buy higher. Kind of like a circle of influence. Also I would like to see the in-game map to update with the real time status of all the contested ports, and any under conquest or assault. Maybe you fill in the middle of the dot with the attacking faction's color? I'm looking forward to more life like port battles and port raiding.
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    Please share your best moments.
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    Perhaps we could exclude hired fleets from port battles? It would be nice to have pvp instead of pve. I just witnessed the port battle for Mayaguana where 6 pirates sent their fleets to win the battle against 4 US players. Fleets are once again proving to be a poison.
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    Then stop worrying about sinking as the determinant of victory and let the AI surrender when their ship is crippled (no masts, taking on water), or when they have lost more than 50-75% of crew instead of current absurd 100%. Setting mechanics of sinking (and combat in general) based on play against AI will mess up PVP. 30 minutes sounds like too short a time for a player in a brig to beat two other players in Brigs. That should rightly be a hard, long fight.
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    Debility of lower tiered ships to win over higher tiered enemies (pvp) and SOL spam on OS (its does not mean it is impossible againts a clueless player) possible solutions: - remove ricochets in close combat unless its a really sharp angle (<5°) and gradually increase them untill small calibers will just bounce of from thick hulls at high range without angle - make SOL's even more expensive as they are now - decrease acceleration the more mass the ships have and more water they displace - increase raking damage (crew) so people will stop tanking with their stern
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    L'artillerie réalise n'est pas le plus compliqué. Pour moi, il faut respecter l'artillerie de base (à la date de lancement du bâtiment) puis la changer soit en augmentant le calibre soit en modifiant le type de la bouche à feu en fonction de la durée de vie du type du bâtiment. Par exemple, la Belle-poule est une frégate de 12, les frégates de 12 ne sont plus construitent à une date x, à cette date x, les frégates de 12 portaient telle type d'artillerie en fonction de tel règlement. Au delà, si tu navigue encore avec une frégate de 12, tu ne peux plus modifier l'artillerie. Je ne sais pas si c'est très clair mon truc. Pour les points de vie, toujours selon mon avis, plus que le poids (la masse donc), je verrai plus un coefficient de pénétration dans le bois (3 ou 4 indices pour 3 ou 4 type d'essences) en intègrent dans la formule l'épaisseur de la muraille. Avec une donnée supplémentaire pour la pénétration du boulet dans l'eau. Pour le "coulage", en simplifiant, il faut connaître l'essence de bois de la coque (exit les aménagements, plancher de pont, artillerie, etc. Qui complexifie trop le zimboum), en sachant le type de bois on connaît sa densité, si on a le volume de la coque, on connaît le nombre de litre d'eau de mer (densité "moyenne" de l'eau de mer) pour immerger le bàtiment, à cela un petit coefficient a la louche pour le supplément de masse de l'artillerie, et ton bateau coule. Pour moi ça règle le problème poid/longueur. Vos avis ?
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    1: After numerous break off during boarding attempts and grapple not ready bull shit annoyances because of the breakoffs as I am attempting to board a 3rd rate I get to enjoy taking broadside after broadside which kills crew like crazy making all the time and frustration of taking off the planking HP and the grape the crew down to half of mine useless and a tremendous waste of time to begin boarding a opium smoking crazed 3rd rate ship crew as the crew left alive advantage is gone and the numbers are equal between us due to the breakoffs 2: Boarded and killed a opium crazed crew down to 109 men on a 3rd rate and of course it never went below 80 prep and mostly stayed at 100 prep during boarding and then it disengaged and sailed away with 109 men like it was fully crewed leaving me with 215 men on my 3rd rate barely able to turn or raise sails. Of course it had the ability to fire chain and ball at the same time ????? ​ 3: Set a 3rd rate on fire that had only 102 crew and it put it out instantly and then sailed away and left the battle while it took me 3 minutes to even get the sails to 100 % ? What a waste of 60 minutes and 2 snows.
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    There has been some discussion about what people would like to see from a game like this. The discussion clearly shows that some people lean more towards the fast-paced action while others are looking more for a imersive age of sail. What is your preference, cast your votes now.
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    First and foremost I'd like to say this post may come across as pessimistic but please bare with me and consider the points I am about to make. I had high hopes for Naval Action when I bought the game during the Sea Trials period. It was really nice to be able to fight other age of sail ships and there was always enough people online to play consistent competitive matches that were really fun and the game was addicting. I was always aware that they were going to release some kind of "Open World" aspect to the game, but as I was having so much fun in Sea Trials I never really thought about what that could mean for the future of the game. Some people are probably going to disagree with what I'm about to say, but I believe it needs to be said. In it's current development model I don't think this game will succeed to become a popular MMO. I believe the Open World model is a mistake and think that Game-Labs should reconsider the model before it's to late (aka released on steam). I believe Naval Action as an Open World MMO is just too ambitious a project for the small team that's working on it. If they kept it as an Arena MMO it would actually be far more commercially successful on steam (just look at games like world of warships for example who follow this same model) and it would free up more time for the devs to work on adding new ships and other stuff. You might say that they have spent too much time on the Open World and it would be a waste for them to scrap it and revert back to an Arena MMO like Sea Trials was, in which I would disagree. Everything they have done to this point would not be wasted, they could use the scenery etc for Arena maps and the game would be far more closer to being finished. What they would lose is the GUI work and stuff. IMO Open World online games should be done properly or not at all. I've seen enough games that have tried to be Open world and really failed at this. I know the game is still in very early Alpha but I am not going to sugar coat it. When I first tried the Open World I was sadly disappointed and I think other people felt the same way (just look at the numerous disappointment threads the mods have locked). Yes you can say the full game will not be like it is now, but lets be honest it's not going to be completely different. There will be features added and improvements made but it will still essentially be the same. My prediction is if they follow the current model the game will not be commercially successful and the game won't have many players at all apart from a small group of really loyal forum users. Naval Action was a game I was really looking forward to but unless they scrap the Open World RPG stuff I think I will my Captain hat will be in World of Warships only (that game is alot of fun, just think what Naval Action could be like if it followed the same model). It's certainly not too late for NA to change its game model. I think its good that the Devs have ambitious ideas but commercially trying to make this an Open World RPG with a small dev team doesn't make much sense. The way I see it is like this Devs: A: Continue following the Pirates of the Burning Sea model and have the game be a commercial flop OR B: Follow the World of Warships/Robocraft model and have the game be a huge success. Mods feel free to move the topic if its the wrong section.
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    Just did a complete speed profile for a speed fitted Merc. Keep in mind it doesn't matter much how it's fitted; the shape of the profile stays the same and shows the strength and weaknesses of a given ship.
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    Hi All I have, over the past months noticed a concerning flaw in the instance. Scenario 1. The 1v1. Two players are in an instance. For whatever reason one of the players decide they need to bug out. To do this they either juke away and run at best speed, or are straight out faster than their opponent. To escape two things need to happen. The runner needs to put distance between him and his enemy and he cant get hit or the escape timer resets. He escapes. Scenario 2. 2v1 . 2 players have managed to tag a solitary ship due to teamwork (or the cunning solitary ship has allowed them to) the battle ensues. As one of the team is closer or is the more dangerous target the solitary guy decides to focus on him first. Due to good positioning and skill the solitary ship succeeds in killing the greater threat, he turns to engage the other ship. It promptly teleports out of the battle. Eh? Scenario 3. Fleet Battle Lets say its a 5v5 SOL battle. SOL's are now sluggish to turn and can get very slow with some sail damage. If one team focus fires on only one ship, then as long as the other team holds fire they can teleport out. Or a player resets his position in the battle by pulling out and sailing upwind unnoticed to attack from another vector. since he hasn't fired due to poor shot angle he can jump out of the battle if the tide turns on his mates. My problem with the 2nd and third scenario is the ships jumping out of the instance have not escaped. They are perfectly within range of the ships around them, but for whatever reason they have escaped fire. You should not be able to leave an instance in the middle of an engagement. My solution is simple. you should need to satisfy two things to be able to leave an instance. 1. your escape timer runs out. 2. you have sailed 1000m away from enemy combatants. I think this is entirely reasonable. Discuss
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    Without the speed trim i was getting 14.4 with 6pdrs. i suspect going faster than this will req nades or speed buffs. This is a cerb killer IMO, and completely religates the snow and NBrig
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    В ожидании возвращения предзаказа собрал из доступного видео с ютуба небольшой ролик. Просьба сильно не пинать