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    Currently in NA, there is little risk and much reward for your actions in game. New crew dynamics with officer integration, would add depth, personality and perspective to your ship as well as add an element of strategy to open world. With the recent change in battles that there are no repairs during the fight, it adds a risk factor that people are finding rewarding. However the ship durability aspect makes it in some cases a minor a trade-off. With crews however this is not the case. There is no advantage of one crew over another except for possibly morale and battle preparation. After a battle, if you fully repair your ship, your crew is at full strength (despite the fact that you are in the middle of the sea). What I’m getting at is the fact that the game can do with some realism mechanics that should affect game play, and not be implemented for realism sake. My idea is to introduce crew recruitment. - Recruiting at national home ports, will give you better crew members as well as more crew. Neutral ports would be a percentage of that. - Training your crews allows them to function better, gives them more discipline, allows them to make better decisions and follow orders better. Such as fire discipline, better accuracy at range and faster reload without mods for example. - Capturing ships and sending them top home ports will require you to sacrifice an officer and some crew so that it can sail safely to a home port. - Excess crew can be stationed at a home port for when you need them With this system you can expand on it as well. - Have specialty positions, like a ship surgeon or a ships doctor, which will decrease the death rate of your crew after a battle. - Have officers who specialize in certain areas, such as moral, boarding prep, repairs - Have a cook, which would help morale By implementing this system you would give the game a whole new dynamic as well as an extra realism aspect. It would make capturing ships be based on strategy. - do i want to board a ship and risk my crews lives for a prize - will i have enough crew to escape if i need too? - Is my crew fit enough for a battle? - Do i capture the enemy crew and have them become part of my crew, or do i send the off to sea (effects discipline and moral)
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    It was mentionned that we might get some kind of npc freighter.... Here what i suggest.... Make teleporting only aplicable to the charscter.... Add transfert contract to have npc carry the goods, i would make them real npc ships that you can set their course from port to port. Add option to add escort and insurance on the goods.... No more teleporting huge amount, the goods have to travel the OW... If the convoy sail close to your nation port they should be protcted by the port patrol. If this is implemented with port battle and ownership change. You could make safe trade route. Raiding npc would really hurt the other side so would patrolling trade route. And it would remove the long haul of good for the crafter which can be a bored ( as dev always say nice the first time but boring the 100th time)
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    Come one Come All To saint Nicolas Sunday Sunday Sunday (open all week) Reno, Surprise & a 1.5 MILLION Lynx All must go !!!!!
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    You never know ........ Husband: I've been reading about reincarnation. Wife: Oh, what's that? Husband: Some people believe that when you die, you come back as a different animal. Wife: I'd like to come back as a cow. Husband: You're not listening.
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    Teleporting should not be available with cargo. Player should have possibility to throw cargo overboard.
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    Crew: 1102 Weapons: 30 cañones de a 36 lbs 32 de a 24 lbs 32 de a 12 lbs 18 de a 8 lbs Drawings Wooden
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    Officers would give a purpose to surrender if officers have a rank/xp progression path and an very experienced one becomes highly valuable and surrendering meant you get to keep your officers.
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    Hey there guys, I am making this thread because I thought it would be useful for us players to know how many crew members each ship requires to sail properly, especially when in the Open World Test. I did look for a thread like this but had no luck finding one so apologies if someone has already made one! I have added the OW ranks with their max crew now and will update this as soon as more ranks are added etc. Ship Crew Sizes: Lynx - Full crew size of 40 (Battle rating 5) Cutter - Full crew size of 40 (Battle rating 20) Privateer - Full crew size of 55 (Battle rating 20) Pickle - Full crew size of 55 (Battle rating of 20) Yacht - Full crew size of 40 (Battle rating 30) Brig - Full crew size of 120 (Battle rating 25) NavyBrig - Full crew size of 135 (Battle rating 35) Snow - Full crew size of 130 (Battle rating 35) Mercury - Full crew size of 135 (Battle rating 60) Cerberus - Full crew size of 195 (Battle rating 80) Surprise - Full crew size of 244 (Battle rating 100) Renommee - Full crew size of 240 (Battle rating 120) Belle Poule - Full crew size of 280 (Battle rating of 150) Frigate (Cherubim) - Full crew size of 280 (Battle rating 150) Pirate Frigate - Full crew size of ??? (Battle rating 160) Trincomalee - Full crew size of 315 (Battle rating 180) Constitution - Full crew size of 450 (Battle rating 250) Bellona - Full crew size of 650 (Battle rating 280) Pavel - Full crew size of 830 (Battle rating 270) Victory - Full crew size of 850 (Battle rating 300) Santisima - Full crew size of 1050 (Battle rating 330) Open World Ranks: Midshipman - Max crew of 40 Ensign - Max crew of 60 Junior Lieutenant - Max crew of 120 Lieutenant - Max crew of 150 First Leutenant - 200 Master & Commander - Max crew of 250 Post Captain - Max crew of 350 Flag Captain - Max crew of 650 Commodore - Max crew of 800 Rear Admiral - Max crew of 1100 Vice Admiral - Unknown Crew Size Admiral of the Fleet - Unknown Crew Size
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    I started this for POTBS a long time ago and got to this point before user content came to an end. Plan She was a demi-batterie of 38 guns. French demi-batterie ships were designed specifically for commerce raiding and were larger than their British counterparts. Info from the treedecks.org website Nominal Guns 38 W033 Nationality France W033 Operator Marine Nationale W033 Keel Laid Down 1707/01 W033 Acquired 1707/04/18 W033 Shipyard Lorient W033 Designed by Laurent Helie W033 Category Fifth Rate W033 National Rate Quatrième Rang W033 Ship Type Demi-Batterie W033 Captured 1709/05/14 W033 Becomes British fifth rate frigate 'Sweepstakes' (1709) W033 Dimensions Dimension Measurement Type Metric Equivalent W033 Length of Gundeck 120' 0" French Feet (Pied du Roi) 38.976 Breadth 32' 0" French Feet (Pied du Roi) 10.3936 Depth in Hold 13' 6" French Feet (Pied du Roi) 4.3848 Armament 1707 Broadside Weight = 164 French Livre (176.956 lbs 80.278 kg) W033 Lower Gun Deck 10 French 12-Pounder Upper Gun Deck 24 French 8-Pounder Quarterdeck 4 French 4-Pounder Service History Date Event Source 1707/10/10 Battle of the Lizard 1709/04/24 Taken by Chester 1709/05/14 Taken by Chester BWAS-1603  Sources ID Description Author Type W033 Vaisseaux de Ligne Francais de 1682 a 1767 Ronald Deschenes Web Site BWAS-1603 British Warships in the Age of Sail 1603 - 1714 Rif Winfield Book 
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    Yes, however if you leave before everyone has been killed on the enemy team, you should forfeit any xp or gold you would have made during the battle. Maybe if you leave in the first 30 minutes (without being killed), you would actually lose a little xp. ----- Secondly I would say to prevent people who run endlessly from dragging out the loss, once a team has gained 3x more BR difference in ships still alive compared to the other team, the game timer should end in the next 5 minutes. Anyone still left alive from the losing team at the end of that timer would not lose durability. Let's face it, there is no point in 4-5 large ships to chase down 1-2 lynx when the battle is pretty much over. So in my example, take a 10v10 of all ships of the same size, if team A only had 2 ships remaining and team B had 6 ships remaining, then the end of the match would be accelerated. Or if it was 1v3, the same thing would happen. Lastly I have been seeing some disputes over who wins what battles. At the end of the timer a message saying team x or y is declared the winner or a 'match was a close draw' in the tab screen.
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    Yup, has been suggested many times. Teleporting ships and cargo is going to undermine economy and warfare in the game. Low value cargo in a low risk area: Contract an AI ship. Moderate value cargo / higher risk area: sail merchant yourself, or escort it with AI merchant as your "fleet" High value / risk: sail merchant yourself and recruit player escorts.
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    These observations are applicable to Antietam as well - where the Federal army held a much greater artillery advantage in the caliber and quantity of the guns. My concern is the cascade effect of moving from Gettysburg to Antietam where the artillery, if left "as is', will further impact the game balance which will require increasingly superior CSA infantry to overcome the overly effective artillery that dominates the UGG Gettysburg implementation. Personally, I'd like to see something in KIA statistics more like the ACW where each side claimed substantially more kills than had actually occurred. That way players have a 'sense' of the effectiveness of units rather than a precise data point - kind of makes the game more like war which embraces the 'fog of war'. Thus, people who like artillery and believe it inflicted more than 6% of battlefield casualties can choose to believe the numbers they see reported in the game, while tuning the algorithms to more correctly align with the historical record. Final battle statistics could be accurately reported, but the individual phases would be 'estimates'. I don't expect Nick and his team to implement my thoughts - but it does seem reasonable to share it with them.
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    David...Pls bear with me here...this is a bit long winded... Concerning Overly powerful Artillery.. I have been thinking on this for a while. Specifically the Unions' Batteries' and there lack of being vulnerable to battery counter fire, and with there ability to inflict high Damage from distance. I like you post above, With Historical examples. With Correcting the high shot to kill ratio seems sound. Your analogy, n how to go about obtaining a comprehensible fix was concise/thoughtful. ---As you mentioned: -Unsupported artillery were easily destroyed with Skirmishers. -Even Brigades would quickly silence them when the opportunity arose. (This is well done with the AI in game(Skirmishers/Brigades.)+++ --- As with my last post the Union's Batteries were pounding me from afar with shot. i.e Seeley/Arnold/Buckley/Clark. South, in the Vicinity of the Snyder farm. They had an extremely high shot to kill ratio..imo. Those batteries were/had to be close to a 1000+ meters away http://i.imgur.com/ksSmYZx.png Now with my supported artillery in the same game had a big advantage with me firing down, n into massed brigades the first half, is a different story. It can be argued that Wyall's/Wallace/Graham/Reilly/Hurt's batteries did in fact have a bit higher that average kill ratio. But than again in a game...... http://i.imgur.com/2ndIB4t.png The inability to detach skirmishers, n with the way the Developers have now kept the Artillery behind the front Lines it is damn hard to get at them.+++ I do use the Skirmishers to guard Batteries, so I can cause a delay action when a brigade approaches for said batteries to limber n scram. Also I Order/Send skirmishers at hand to take under fire n hopefully destroy batteries that are hammering/harassing me. *--------------- Weather your idea for a fix is doable in game, and/or if the developers want to undertake this job with(Gettysburg) at this time is another matter. This fix could be quite the undertaking if was agreeable with them, n they have stated that they will not be doing any more coding for this game. I would like to see a hot fix though with the long range Artillery(Unions only) whereas % would be lowered with kills/accuracy. With Supported Artillery in closer quarters, it is acceptable with the rounds/type fired--- % Hits/Kills.... imo.. As stared by the Dev's, a lot of this feedback can n will be considered in the next Battle(Antietam.) I believe that's where the resources should be concentrated now on (Antietam), in my humble opinion. David you have a wealth of historical information with the ACW. I enjoy reading your posts as I usually learn things ,n appreciate your participation with voicing them here, as I imagine/know others do as well. -It's quite the tight rope the developers have to walk with trying to have the game as real as possible, while still bring us a enjoyable experience with this game. This I understand n appreciate, compromises are n have to be made. -Mr. Thomadis I know is well read on the subject, n works hard to get things' right.... With us working together observing/making suggestions to implement going forward.... this game(Ultimate Generals)/Future Game(s) can only get a lot better. With that said I really enjoy this game, I still have only played half of all custom maps..... Plus the maps I do replay always play out differently. This within itself speaks Volume's for the replay Value of UG:G................ Cheers..... Edit: For wording/Clarity
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    First of all greetings to ye all, yes yes i am "new" as it were! Secondly i am not sure if this has been talked about (probably has) but i was wondering if at some point recognition ingame will be possible? I mean it's great fun to see floating player names above ships but i am hoping for a more true to life experience like spotting the different styles the seafaring nations had, next to the colours they flew obviously!
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    No, simply DISABLE automatic selling from AI to players. Once & forever, no show-up, no ressource.
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    I have added a basic shipbuilding page to my website. It includes all the ship plans that I know about. More will be added as I discover them or if other people send me them. Be aware, I coded it very clumsy and I am not sure that it is 100% accurate. If anyone finds any mistakes, let me know and I will see what I can do. I am not a web-designer, so of course I know that it is designed horribly. I will not be adding module building or anything else. This is just a basic ship plan and materials list with prices that I have thrown together so I don't have to manage spreadsheets. This is more for the casual shipbuilder who doesn't want to get involved with spreadsheets and go all hard core. This will give you a list of what you need and how much it basically costs you to build your ship. You can select the ship, the framing type, and if you want, the pricing. Pricing of Very Low is the lowest buy price you can typically find in the shop. Default is medium to account for the high demand and low supply of different resources. Right now, because of the scarcity of iron, you might want to set it to a higher one. Again, I cannot confirm that there are no bugs but I hope I have worked them all out. If you find historical blueprints of the ships we have in game, please post them here so I can use the real ship plans. http://namap.neocities.org/shipbuilding.html Screenshots:
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    --------------------------------------------------------------Standard Disclaimer And Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As it stands right now, crafting is fun and the pace of crafting is very good. Many players seem to be content sailing the ships as their blueprints are revealed and are not obsessed with long 'shopping trips' around the Caribbean looking for the perfect ship. I have spent a lot of time reacquainting myself with the Snow and I like it very much. That being said, the level of shipbuilding skill seems to be nothing more than an indicator of having more blueprints and having a bigger reserve of crafting hours. It appears (as I don't know the mechanics, obviously) that a level 1 shipbuilder and a level 21 shipbuilder have exactly the same chance of building a ship of a given quality. This seems off. All numbers used in the following two options are just approximations. ----------------------------------------------------------------Option One------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A level 21 shipbuilder has built several ships, has experience in shipbuilding. He has made mistakes and learned from them. He has broken numerous vessels and seen how they are built. He should, therefore, have a higher rate of success at building a ship of higher quality category, a ship with higher level attributes, or both. An example: Level 1 shipbuilder builds ship with no crafting notes. The ship he builds will be quality category 80% Basic, 15% Common, 5% Fine. Same percentages for attributes (speed, explorer, etc). Also the number of attributes will be low. Level 21 shipbuilder builds ship with no crafting notes. The ship he builds will be quality category 10% Basic, 50% Common, 40% Fine. Attribute ratings and number of attributes will also be higher. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Option Two ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Perhaps building many ships of the same type could be used as a way to improve quality and attribute outcomes instead of merely looking at player crafting levels. A player who has made 20 cutters would obviously have learned many Cutter-specific lessons. An example: Ships 1-5 80% Basic, 15% Common, 5% Fine. Ships 6-10 70% Basic, 20% Common, 10% Fine. Ships 11-15 60% Basic, 25% Common, 15% Fine. etc... ---------------------------------------------------------------Final Point----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I feel if either of these options are implemented, crafting will feel more like expertise. A shipbuilder with many levels of experience or many ships of a certain type could reasonably expect a higher-quality outcome. Perhaps there is already such a system in place behind the scenes, if so, awesome.
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    Only our Lord Pig Cloud knows
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    Only allow contracts when you have an outpost in the port.
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    Remember to keep that whale penis leather well oiled or it will dry and crack with age.
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    lol i thought you wanted to become a staff moderator, you should be more up-beat lol
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    In my opinion, there are better solutions than having GL/NA developers spend time on map tools. I agree with and acknowledge Destraex' point about keeping the tools to a minimum. The net is full of drawing and annotation tools, most of them free. The current in-game map, Siegfried's map, and Prater's tdamap.com map are all accurate for navigation over long distances. Take a screen shot, drop it into your drawing tool of choice (even PowerPoint) and notate away. Simple lines at fixed angles will give you the bearings you need. Text boxes and shapes for your notes. IMO, there is no need to spend game dev time on map tools and note-taking when an overwhelming number of general-purpose tools exist to suit anyone's preferences, budget, complexity, style, etc. etc, with far more variety and features than an in-game tool would ever afford. (I have the same opinion on requests for mini-games and furnished models of the captain's cabin. Go to chess.com while on passage, or take a video tour of the real Victory. Let our cherished game developers concentrate on features we can only get from them.)
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    Yea I miss old Lulu Belle - my Double Speed Modded Surprise with 5 golden upgrades including copper and speed trim - she could even outrun most speed modded Trincs. Well, at least none she met ever caught her. Made me think of a Dolphin outrunning an Orca, tee hee.
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    Amazing wood model of the "Montañes" class ship!!!!!. http://modelismonavaldeinvestigacion.webnode.es/products/navio-monta%C3%B1es/
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    The lighting does appear to be off at night. Ships lose their shine almost completely, and become a flat matte model it seems. That being said, I'd prefer that night still exist, but that it be a severe hindrance to the captain. I propose: Nights should be darker, almost painfully difficult to make out sea from shore and near impossible to spot another ship just from white sails. Meaning that it's dangerous to sail and to counter the inability to locate ships add lanterns to ships, which can be extinguished or covered. Lighthouses could also be added to make land aware to ships sailing by.
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    Hola, envié el correo y llevo 3 días esperando. ¿Siguen abriendo la tienda oculta para que compre el juego?
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    Some feedback and suggestions after experimenting with some trading. Concept of trade hubs. I travelled around an brought everything I could find related to crafting and delivered them to the factions capital. Here I put them up for sale with a mark up of 50 to 150%, depending on what I could get away with. the idea behind it was that players could happily craft away and if they ran out of something it was readily on hand for an increased price. This worked and I made some good profits which I used to fund my own crafting progression. After a while some competition appeared and I had to reduce the mark up but that is just good healthy economics. Unfortunately when the world ran out of Iron, crafting (the only player based consumption of goods) came to a halt and the hole thing fell on its face. Once crafting gets back on its feet I'm sure these trade hubs will start popping up again. Suggestions: More player based consumption of goods. Crafting should not be the only activity that requires goods. Combat should also consume things. One suggestion I've seen is shot and powder. Another could be instead of repair kits, repairing different things on you ship consumes the relevant crafting material, canvas rolls for sails, rudder parts for rudders for example. Or the kits themselves are built by crafters out of these resources. Different upgrades may also suffer from attrition, Such as rum and grog rations needing topping up, Lightweight block and tackle needing tar/hemp. A savvy trader may turn a tidy profit by Identifying ports where a lot of combat orientated players operate out of and keep them supplied with what they need. Convenience and Necessity. Space things out and get rid of teleporting with ships. The chances are if its a pain in the ass to go get it or necessity/time doesn't permit it, people will pay more to have it delivered. Risk equals reward. Better prices in ports close to pirates/rival faction ports. Construction material efficacy. Implement a way to lower the resource costs of crafting ether through location, skills, acquired equipment. Smuggling/black market Not everything is legal everywhere. If you pass too close to a friendly Ai ship with something illegal on-board it may attack you. Smugglers camps temporary shallow ports that appear and disappear on coastlines selling exotic, stolen or illegal goods. These could be networked. Landing at one camp gives you access to what for sale in all the camps within a certain region. A good way for pirate players to offload their booty and acquire goods from faction players. Just some ideas. Happy Sailing
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    Iron problem will be solved guys. We need to test the limits to see where they break. Iron was a first one.
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    Unless you can capture ships with 5 durability limiting ships to nations would be more restrictive and unrealistic than free for all: French player crafts Tonnant class ship and it gets captured. No sane player would sail it because of the danger to modules => no Tonnant in British service in the game.
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    Yeah, most of our veteran members weren't online either. More than half of the US team was TF and not TDA. I was really impressed by the US clans ability to organize together. Someone from TF was recording. I don't know the status of the video though.
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    1. Rudder damage is still excessive when fighting AI. Not sure if they have magical aim or something because they hit my rudder constantly.
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    Meanwhile the Spanish are sitting on their iron and laughing. If only they had more than six players.
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    I like the map. It is so satisfying to plot a curse and to have a perfect landfall. The only thing that would be usefull is the possibility to add color or notes to ports. What I mean is that the ingame map get some tools so the map can be customized by every captain to create his own unique map.
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    http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7082-connectivity-issues-lags-disconnects/ not the best explanation, but I hope to get it fixed in a next couple of days
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    Make OW speeds (at various points) correspond to that of the battle instance; for example, the Cherubim/Frigate is very fast downwind, but terrible upwind, this is not properly reflected (from my observations) in the OW speed of the ship.
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    AKD hit on my concern - people entering the battle and just leaving because reasons (fail team, you all suck and I'm not losing my Santi, etc). If there is no loss for leaving the match, whether you're winning or losing, I think you'll see antisocial behavior because people on the internet are that way. So if we accept the above, we have to ask "what can we do to encourage people to fight and fight hard?" Is there a shortage of people that want to get in and fight? Why, if you're going to run around the map for an hour, did you join an event in the first place? Put language in a pop-up when you click to join an event that tells you you're required to fight your ship, and that running around solely in order to draw the match out is punishable by loss of rank and assets. Send violations to the Tribunal and make a few public examples right off the bat, I'll bet the behavior stops pretty quickly. It's a PITA, but in the end, the number of violations if justice is swift and brutal should trail off to nearly zero.
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    *Raises a glass* Here's to those Damned Rebels..... may god have mercy on your souls!!! Congrats Johny and to all the TF members.
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    I just noticed that our clan has passed 1 year in age. I raise a toast to those who have signed with us and to those that will.
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    Something to consider for both crafting and fleets is that cost has never worked as a method of limitation, and attempting to use cost as the limit produces a system where only players who grind 7 days a week have access to high end gear. IE, if SoL are cheap everyone will have them and use them all the time which is bad, and if SoL are very expensive to build/upkeep then only the grindmonkeys will have them, which is also bad. What might be better would be to have a system where ships take real time to craft (no PotBS insta-click a ship out), and the higher end ships take significant time to build, reflecting that real ships normally took years to construct. Plus 3rd rates and up would only be able to be built in the largest harbours, which might even have a limited number of slots for shipyards (making such ports extremely valuable in RvR). The cost of a ship within a system like this can be reasonable, thus the limit on SoL production is time and shipyard slots, not grinding.
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    AI-fleets and port fleets: I absolutely hate the ai fleets. All of them! They mess up every battle in which they join! They don't even help the player that is being attacked. You can easily spike out the player from underneath of 11 1strates if you want to. (tried and tested) And NO, i would never want 5 ai frigates on my side when fighting 1vs6 because i want to be responsable for my loss, my wins, everything myself. I dont want any AI interfering with my pvp experience. Have you ever seen battlegrounds in any mmo that have ai that fights for you? No, because noone wants ai involved in pvp! If i attack a player close to their nations capital, i want PLAYERS to come out and help him. I want him to yell into nations chat: "Puchu, that goddamned pirate is attacking me in front of english harbor, come, let's kill that bastard and hang him from the highest tree!" Then we get a proper fight. Then the nations can show what they are worth. If your nation lets me kill ppl in front of their home port... well ... get your stuff together. (Or pay me to roam in front of another country's port, Or pay me to defend your port instead. I am buyable ) Fires: A strange tactic has evolved during the last days with all sol fights: Usually ppl will get demasted before they catch fire, because everyone is shooting sails instead of hull. So, once ppl are demasted, you can either board them or shoot their hull. If someone shoots the hull and they catch fire, ppl will usually not put it out to pevent getting boarded and to cause massive damage through self explosion. That "suicide bomber" strategy goes against everything that would be logical at the age of sail. Suggestion: Right now in NA, the lives of your men have no value at all. When historically the lives of good trained sailors and officers were very valuable. Caring about the lives of your crew (which could actually hang you any time) would totally change the behavior in combat. Effects this would have: (it would surely have more) 1. Surrendering would be more likely to prevent crew loss 2. Boarding would only be done at a really significant advantage minimizing own crew loss 3. Suicide bombing would disappear This "value of life" coule be achieved by introducing crew exp. crew exp could slightly improove ship behavior, boarding and gunnery skills. (only slightly) Crew exp would increase by fighting and would decrease by crew lost. In addition to that i would like to see a morale system, where the more crew exp there is, the more morale your crew has. If a very experienced captain with a very trustworthy crew attacks a bigger ship, morale should be high because the crew is like: "We know our captain, we can trust him, he knows what he's doing" But if a new captain with a new crew attacks a bigger ship, the crew should be like: "Aehm... are you sure this is a good idea..." The lives of "your men" and the trust of your crew were very important in the age of sail. That should be somehow reflected in this game.
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    "In English, the noun 'alpha' is used as a synonym for 'beginning.'" NA has come a long way, and there's still a long way to go. We're not even in Beta yet (which is usually the last testing phase before full release), so I'd recommend waiting until Beta - at least - before you start judging the final product. I'm going to diverge from some posts on here and point out that, as alpha testers, criticism and feedback is exactly what we should be giving. Constructive, admittedly, but nevertheless our opinions as testers should count. To dismiss Madroc's post out of hand would be irresponsible. That said, I'll reiterate: don't judge this as a final product. This post presumes to know what the end result of NA development and release will be, and it provides feedback as if this were a finished product. I racked up a good sixty hours+ of gameplay in Naval Action in less than a week and though there were frustrations (it's a steep learning curve if you don't read the guides ) I haven't tired of this game. At all. Let me repeat: I've played the better part of one hundred hours of a game that's still in alpha, a game I paid good money to play, and I do not in any way feel as if my money was wasted. This is much closer to a full release than any other alpha I've played, and knowing that they're still pouring their time and love into it (with conservative estimates of full release in a year) fills me with confidence. I respect your opinion, Madoc, as a fellow tester, but I disagree. Regards, Capt. Blackjack.
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    This is a very narrow minded point of view. No offense. While your arguments are sound up to a point, it's still overwhelmingly narrow sighted/minded. A proper Open World old ship sea game hasn't been done well in a LONG time. There are old contenders such as Age of Sail, and another awesome one I forgot the name of, but they are old. Hardly known by today's gamers. What the game industry needs above all else is developers like Game-labs. Instead of sticking to the same old same, cookie cutter games, such as Arena's, etc. They decided to place their bet, that they could create a modern day version of old games that were mind blowing for their time. If done right, Game-labs could make an exceptionally epic game. Will it be the most popular? of course not, good games, with good depth, great and challenging gameplay, and worth sinking every second of your day into rarely are the most popular. Despite the unfortunate irony, they decided to attempt to bring a game which the game industry is severely lacking. An open world classic ship game. I for one, completely support them on it. But I've gone off on a tangent slightly, because there's some massive points you fail to acknowledge. 1) This open world is in its extreme infancy. It is by all means so close to an Alpha stage, it practically is. Huge necessities, and plans they've had for it are not even remotely in Open World yet. 2) Judging ST vs OW when OW is at probably around 10% of its completion is beyond ignorant, especially if you fail to acknowledge all the devs have planned for it. With this mentality why do anything new in gaming? Let's make every game that has to do with planes, ships, or vehicles in general an Arena style, cuz #faillogic
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    Same here, I wouldn't want an arena MMO, I would ask a refund if the OW would be scrapped for that. I remember when War Thunder appeared - some people in the combat flight sims community told me that it was a necessary compromise for flight sims to make money and attract a new crowd, but that thanks to realistic modes and single player campaigns I'd still find it to be a great flight sim etc. Instead, I discovered a horrible business model hidden behind a terrible grind, and there was no way to play War Thunder in a way that provided an immersive historical experience. It wasn't long before I stopped playing it and I won't go back to it. I don't want to see the same thing applied to a greatly promising naval sim, no thanks.
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    Look, I have a very simple solution for all of you who have been spending the last month-and-a-half b***ing about not having enough pvp, or it being difficult to find pvp... Why don't you pick a neutral town .. like Las Tortuga, or Island Harbor... or something nearer the capitals, and just declare it and the waters around it the friggin' Thunderdome. Yes, there's not a magic little button that lets you insta-que, but there's nothing to stop you from all sailing to one spot on the map (heck with the new teleport ya'll can just make it an outpost for easy travel) and organize yourselves, challenge players to duels, etc. Heck you even have cross-nation chat to make it easier. 'But... but... but that takes work!' Well, yeah, but don't p*** in my sandbox because you want an easy button.
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    Online will first go up and then it will go down. It is a circle of life and death for games. We have no plans to artificially create barriers or paywalls or other limitations forcing players to log in. We charge a good price, you play for as long as YOU want. Not for as long as we want. We have a chance to create something unique molding elements from other types of games into sandbox environment (defined antiganking ROE is one of the examples). We better have a best age of sail sandbox with some organized warfare elements (no competition in this segment) than just another 1000th arena game in age of sail skin.
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    1) No objectives worth fighting over. They need some kind of incentive to draw players to a certain area, something everyone will want. Also maybe offer faction points only accruable through pvp combat that allows you to buy nice stuff. Even if you lose, you would still get some for participating, I dunno. 2) Not enough players...sorry but sea trials was not enough with 30 ppl...what makes you think in a huge OW it will be enough? Let's see what happens with 500-1000 ppl. 3) Everything to lose, nothing to gain for the underdog. I mean you lose dura, pay huge repair bills if the person wants to be a dick about it. 4) People's mood and RL stuff. Not everyone wants to pvp 100% of the time, it doesn't mean they don't want pvp normally. I logged on today while WFH, I just wanted to run logistics (moving ships to diff outpost) so I could kind of semi-afk sail, a dutch player in a trinc kept engaging me, I finally turned around and smacked him down. Other times I am shopping for either a ship or modules or proper cannons. I don't like fighting with crap loadouts really, because you know the ppl who engage on you are going to have decent loadouts. Other times I get out of a huge battle and I'll have like 10% hull left on both sides and ppl just start chasing me and trying to keep me in battle even when I tell them in OW I need to repair first if they want real pvp. I think they should put something in like if you win a battle with lower BR, you gain a dura pt. I'd imagine ppl would try abuse that mechanic...maybe just not apply it against starter lynx or ships with only 1 dura.
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    Hi Guys: I'm JMLVQZ, the author of the Montañes study that is quoted above. First of all, thanks for appreciating the work. If any tecnical information related to this ship is required, don't hersitate asking for it. Note: It has been funny to read the automatic translation of my original writting. Hahahaha, really funny.