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    Let's do a sailing/fighting world cup guys? Nations will create teams that will fight in overall or national qualifiers. Winning teams will fight against other nations winning teams determining the winner. Qualifiers can be automated (using code from NA Legends weekend events (based on total wins out of limited number of tries). Finals can be done live with volunteers (and streamed). Prizes will include super rate ships, premium content codes, upgrades and other unique things. Thoughts? What do you think?
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    A series started by me on a Renomee, a random ship I crafted that came out 4-5 without trim, outfitted and "grinded" all 5 knowledge slots in PvP. I recalled a story about @GreasyMnky reaching about 140 days at sea while streaming on twitch, so I wanted to figure out if I can achieve something similar without docking to port and resupplying my ship with repairs and crew. Renomee was a ship that I haven't used for years, I used it only when I first started playing the game, was a good hunt-ship. Now, it stays far behind Surprises and Endymions, Pirate Frigates, Trincomalees and lots of other 5th rates sadly, but it's a still valid ship that can be a threat in right hands. Summary map of places visited by me during my quest: Ships killed/assisted: estimated 40-50 (just a guess) That equals in about 250-300 PvP marks & 4-5 million gold earned during The Quest *WARNING* The Series of recordings & videos includes: Killing traders, ganking, getting ganked, seal clubbing, fair fights, duels, getting chased for hours, sailing on the empty waters for hours, listening to pirate music, making fun of people, trolling, getting trolled by others, screening PBs, helping Brits, killing Brits, running away, demasting, getting demasted, attacking in safe zone, rageboarding... and much more. If you do not tolerate any of the mentioned activities, do not bother to watch it. All of the episodes: Some cool screenshots taken:
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    @adminSimple sound signals is all we need. Realistic way to notify Captains of their surroundings. New Day - 2 Bell rings Enemy player is attacking - Drums (Call to Arms) You are attacking - Men shouting and whistling, drums and swords clanking. Port Spotted - Long bosun's whistle Land Spotted - Land Ho! with a bosun's whistle sound. (Disabled at night) Enemy Player Spotted - Sail Ho! with a bosun's whistle sound. (Disabled at Night) Leaving Safe Zone - Trumpet sound + Arms clanking and stomping sound. Entering Safe Zone - Harp instrument sound. Storm - 3 bell rings + 3 bell rings, repeated one more time after 1 minute (3+3+3) if you are entering the storm. *'Enemy spotted' does not indicate where the player is. All it does is just triggers spotting radius for the sound. Player then must be on alert and search for that player. One sound for multiple targets. *'Land Ho!' - charged only when there is no land in sight for over 1 minute in 360 radius. Once land is visible on the horizon it will get triggered. *'Port spotted' sound - only triggered when port name appears. A large invisible circle reaching out to the end of view distance on the horizon is a main sound trigger, but during storms such circle must be smaller. All spotting sounds are disabled during the night.
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    Hi everybody, I've noticed, that people on the help chat almost ask the same questions like "How do i put cannons on my ship" "What is double shot and double charge" "What are combat marks for" "How do i capture ports" etc. In the tutorial the game teaches you the basic gameplay, but imo there should be something, which teaches you the other basics like putting cannons on your ship. My suggestion now is to add a "Help" or "Guide" button to the ESC menu. In this menu the player should be able to read about basic stuff of the game and maybe show it, when the player is playing for the very first time. In the help section the player should see pictures which explains them the basics (epic photoshop i know ) Or explain what you can to on all the single tabs. Not only this, there could also be some tips for combat ( @rediii has a nice sheet for that) The purpose of this is to make it easier for new players to get into this game, without asking every single detail on help chat. And make it also available in open world, so you can read through it while you're on a long sail. I know devs are busy with something else atm and i know a few things will change with the new UI, but i think new player experience should be something to consider. o7
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    Suggestion: Radial chat menu with pre-set phrases during the battle instance. Details: It could look like or this But ofc more nautical like ... Would be used for teamchat only. Commands I could imagine: engage more closely reduce sails hoist more sails prepare tack retreat concentrate fire get into formation break formation everyone for himself Need assistance Attack A,B,C Defend A,B,C Pros: less typing in battle clear and easy to understand (especially with localization in mind - english speaking player uses "engage more closely" and the german player will read "näher ran an den Feind") reduces impact of voice chat helps deaf people Cons: Battle chat spam
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    This thread was greatly missed for a long time. Now it can be used as a battlefield of the most glorious forum fights. Whenever you see a forum battle taking place on another thread, please post the link to this thread and continue here. With this approach we'll manage to save the most glorious forum battles for generations yet to come. Forum warriors, to arms!
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    I think they should do away with the Cannon Class and just go by pd. So same format left is cannons right is carros but it reads like [6pd-18pd] [12pd-42pd]. Just to remove another useless layer of confusion away from the game.
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    I prefer a good patch that solves some of the current issues of the game we are tired to repeat them over and over, instead of wasting time on this. This world cup can be done when the game is released and actually fun.
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    Hi. We are many who think that Naval Action would be a better game if it were more realistic. These are some proposals to achieve it. (This is a 2º version (I have eliminated the suggestions that many people did not like. I think that now this suggestion can be successful.)) 1.PvP battles should close later. It is not realistic that for seconds or minutes you can not participate in a battle between players. 2.Realistic economy: supply and demand. Players must have more prominence, or trade becomes boring. 3.Repairs: instead of having a timer to be able to repair again, it could be passive repair(it can be activated and desactivated as sailing, boarding...), being slower. 4.Masts: they can not be completely repaired in battle. 5.Your ships can travel without you: you assign them a crew and select a destination port, so they sail like a common NPC. Obviously, they can be boarded or sunk by enemy players. I think it´s a better idea than teleporting ships (magic). 6.Stronger storms in battle: ships can be damaged. (No storms in port battles or combat missions). 7.WANTED: rewards system (in your faction) for sinking wanted enemies. 8.Trade missions: the port gives you the goods and you transport them for gold and exp. This increases trade and piracy. If you do not deliver it, you can be fined. 9.Crew´s moral in open world: with food, rum... Fishing would be more useful, and rum would be more valuable. 10.Game translation: this improves gaming experience and attracts more players to Naval Action. Spanish, French, Russian and others... Thank you for reading. If you agree with this, give it a like for a more realistic Naval Action!
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    The OW doesn't seem to let you use yard controls. You can sail directly into the wind without ever ending up in irons. With sails fully reefed, you can turn on a dime, regardless of where the wind is coming from. The speeds in the OW far surpass the speeds listed for the ships, and the speeds seen in combat. I have seen others mention the tedium of traversing the OW. I imagine much of it has to do with how it involves hardly any sailing skill. Here are just a few things that I think would make travel in the OW a game unto itself. Include the sailing mechanics already present in combat. Reefs and rocks that you can see if you look for them, but will tear your hull apart if you miss them. Planning supplies for your crew. Do you take extra in case you don't get to your destination by the time you had planned? Or do you go with the bare minimum that you can get away with so that you can pack more merchandise into your hull, and risk losing crew? Storms! Outrun them if you can, or reef your sails and heave to. Folks sailing broad reach in a storm under full sails will get torn sails, dismasted, or even sail straight down to the ocean floor. Replace the heading indicator and wind arrow with a simple compass. There are plenty of other ways to tell which way the wind blows already in the game. Ocean currents. Contend with the prevailing currents while navigating. Just because you know which way your ship is pointing, doesn't mean that is the direction your ship is going.
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    Let me explain ... the free State of "Puttanelle". To be part of it you have to: 1. Do not engage your little brain in too difficult reasonings, do you see an enemy colored in red? Sink it, board it, make it what you want (if you can). 2. Gank and become ganked it does not matter, tackle the battles as they arise and avoid complaining and insulting your opponent if he sinks you (this is the purpose of this game). You want a "fair" fight? Before explain to me which is a "fair" fight and after that go and play another game (Legends?), because 90% of fight in NA are ganking. 3. You must have a Bellona (better one in each port)! But this is only a piece of advice 🙂 4. Play with your friends and captains you can trust and avoid telling tales and liars, and absolutely avoid those captains who call themselves pro (are they maybe paid to play?). You are interested? No? I do not care! The important thing is to have fun and not take this wonderful game too seriously (even if it could be better with further efforts). Fair wind!
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    **** This contest is OVER **** Pirate Captains Tour Contest Ahoy Captains. Headless Parrot here with another contest. You may have seen me running contests within chat in game, but since this one is far more valuable, I'm announcing it here on the forums. If you're a Pirate and are a Raider rank or higher, you qualify to try and win the Pirate Captains Tour Contest. (Sponsored by "Parrot Shipyards") Win what you say? A Package worth an estimated $ 20,000,000.00 (current shop value) If you are the first Pirate to complete the tour, tasks and screenshot requirements - you will receive the following: 5 Million in Gold (or the equivalent post material wipe) 1 Bellona (Teak/White Oak - Includes: Bridgetown refit/Copper Plating/British Rig - Long cannon) 1 Hercules Note (Can be redeemed for the actual Ship) 1 Victory Mark 500 Hull Repairs 500 Rig Repairs 1000 Rum 10 Labor Contracts So... How do you win this monster prize? Please pay very close attention to the following Rules, Tasks and screenshot requirements. 1. You must be a Pirate player with the rank of Raider or higher to participate in the challenge. 2. The Pirate Captains Tour requires that the challenger visit all of the 13 Ports listed below (in any order) - in any 6th Rate or higher/(6 rate -1st) - while carrying 1 Oak log, 1 Fir log and 1 Mahogany log in the hold. Kingston Port Royal Charleston El Rancho Great Corn Willemstad Dariena Aves La Mona Rio Seco San Marcos Tumbado Santa Fe Belize 3. You must use a 6th Rate ship or higher in the qualifying screenshot. When taking the screenshot, click to open the hold so that the 3 logs can clearly be seen in the screenshot. The screenshot should include: You 6th rate or higher ship sitting in front of the port with the port name clearly seen in the background. The hold in the upper left of your screen should be opened to reveal the 3 logs within. Example below: 4. All 13 screenshots/Your entry must be posted all at one time - here in this forum thread. NO PARTIAL SUBMISSIONS! No submission is valid or declared the winner until after it has been reviewed for all requirements. The first Captain to submit all 13 qualified screenshots will win the Grand Prize Package. One winner only. GOOD LUCK CAPTAINS!!! ****This contest is OVER **** and winner has received all prizes.
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    I would like a certain key, maybe H, when you click once, it takes you to the helm of the ship (captain's view). One more click would take you to the crows nest. The mouse/look around would work the same in either case. Once more takes you back to normal over view. Thanks! Love the game! -capnoob
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    When Devs post about development on Russian forums only or twitch streams of Russian players:
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    Due to the lull in waiting for a new patch, some recent events, and new information recently acquired: We are officially declaring our freedom from restrictions and refuse to be held down by petty squabbling and diplomacy. Alliances and backdoor deals have ruined the game, limiting our opponents has caused us all to stagnate into safe-zone mission scrubs and afk traders. The constant obsession for ports which have no economic or strategic bonus will stop now. It's time to free ourselves from the limitations set by others. 1. We are now known as "The Free State of VCO." 2. We are withdrawing from the US senate. We will not be considered in the overall US politics and we do what we want, when we want to. 3. Anything we do from now on does not reflect on the US senate and the US nation. We are privateers, any ship on the open sea is now claimed by VCO. Sail at your own risk. Groups are free to contact @Christendom for hiring Privateers. If you have any questions or complaints due to ship loss or cargo seized. Please do not hesitate to contact William Death, Caroline Vodka, or Teutonic in-game and you will be given an in-depth reply to help alleviate your frustration. For all others wanting something more, please adjust your attention for the following:
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    Question to developers @admin @Barberouge @Ink Illustrative examples - Privateer 89 crew -or- Hercules, 270 crew ( there's plenty more ofc ) - Are crew hit boxes sizes dynamic regarding the count of hands on deck ? Or in another form - Does the amount of crew directly affects the size of the hitboxes, having more densely packed crew is modelled in the size of the crew hitboxes ? ( sardine can effect ) Thank you.
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    well it does a good job at that, sailing hours (IRL days / months ? ) without seeing anything, lol
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    This post has been written in someone's suggestion thread, among the answers, so I think it is staying there rather obscured and I should repeat it in a topic in its own right, for getting more attention. Let's give tools to the owners to turn their ports into attractive places for visitors, no matter if to their clan members or others. How could this be done? By upgrading ports by a selection of buildings there, which produce advantages the visitors want to enjoy, or buy special things there due to those buildings. And with every turnover by visitors, the port becomes more profitable. The port becomes meaningful and deserves to be defended when it is unique for some reason. Examples? - clan offers dockyard places in addition to the ones the player owns. so he can have more ships and park them in this port for a daily fee depending on size of the ship. - clan builds a special wharf which, contrary to player-owned wharfs, can add additional upgrade slots to an existing ship - for a good price of course. Boy, how they will flock to that port!! - clan can produce rare resources, at a low rate compared with original spawning areas (for example crooked cedar outside of crooked islands), in buildings only available to them (not players). They set up auctions for achieving the best prices, which are announced up front and require people actually go visiting the port for bidding. Needless to say, those auctions have nice fees the clan will earn. Player A buys 100 copper ingots for 520 gold a piece, clan adds 20 % provision, makes 52.000 + 10.400 gold for the port-owning clan. And outside the port, some vultures will wait to intercept the precious acquisitions... - clans do some research efforts in experimental facilities in their ports, where built. Certainly eats ups money first, and the outcome is (random generated and thus) unpredictable, but once the research would be successful, a new upgrade named after that port would be generated in the game, with slightly different statistic values compared to the normal upgrade it is based upon. For example, a Bovenwind Refit which gives 1 % more speed than the standard Bowenwind Refit, by the name "La Tortuga Bovenwind Variant" if invented in that port. And it could only be produced in this port and nowhere else. Or the contrary: a slightly less efficient variation which requires a bit less raw material for building, like four Nassau fencers instead of five. And of course it is sold there and flushes the treasury of that clan... - clans build large amusement quarters in town which allows cheaper crew recruiting compared to other places. Again: the clan earns with every sailor being hired in their amusement quarters. Question is, if each port with a special building can only have one of them or several. A port equipped with special clan buildings will become very precious and of course other nations want to conquer it. But... there is some risk the special building(s) will get destroyed during the fighting. It could even get connected with the actual port battle. The bloodier and the more ship losses in PB, the higher the risk special buildings(s) will burn to the ground. Then the winner has to build new ones from scratch.
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    Nonsense, Arguably it goes to the Surviving indigenous peoples in which it was stolen....
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    Suggestion: Give access to all pve drops (except chests) for pve and pvp currency in the admiralty shop Details: AI battles inside the carezone just give xp and cash AI battles outside the carezone give in addtion to xp and cash pve currency Pros: reduce impact of rng reduce price of items easy access less fear of loss less grind Cons: reduce pve content less motivation to play