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    Hey Guys, I've created a Repair Calculator for Naval Action in Google Spreadsheets. So far I have not seen any tools for repairs, so I decided to make one. Test it out. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HFFJKiZW496Szf9qbO7m8p-EYgM08czwzjYDr_mR7b4/edit?usp=sharing
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    Testbed announcement Captains. We invite you to participate in preliminary testing of the port UI patch. This is one of the most significant patches in Naval Action and we dont want to disrupt the gameplay on live servers in case of unforeseen problems. As a result the patch will be first deployed on the testbed server. All captains who will login to test bed will be provided you with the M&C rank, money and some resources to make testing easier. Kills will provide 25x gold so you don't have problems with money. Fight, craft, do missions – play as you would play normally. Сlick on everything and report back what you like and what you dont like. Port user interface feedback (keep in mind that shortcuts are not final - you can easily change them in settings). Mission feedback All participants who will pass the basic required flow will be rewarded. If you reach both of these goals you will be gifted a rare note for the ship of the line Christian on live server once the test bed closes (ETA unknown). Goal 1: Gain 1 combat rank (earn 10,000 XP in combat) Goal 2: Gain lvl 10 in crafting (we have significantly increased building production to make testing easier). Important: Economy changes are not deployed on test bed and some prices could seem too high or too low. Rewards for kills are also not final. This is a deliberate choice to not give out too much information too early. Final economy changes with real prices will only be deployed on live servers. Instructions on how to get into testbed will be provided today. How to get access to the testbed Find the game in your steam library Right click and go to properties Go to Beta tab Enter the key: FcaH2KzZXutz Click on the CHECK CODE button Select the beta called: testbed And click close It will download automatically. To return to the main game select NONE instead of testbed in the beta tab. Update September 26th: Captains, the testbed server is online again. Patch was deployed to Test bed - 2nd of October Added option to move items from Main ship hold to warehouse using Right click - send to warehouse Added option to move items from warehouse to main ship gold using Right click - send to hold Added option to move items from hold to warehouse/from warehouse to hold by clicking Alt - Click Alt click also moves groups of items Buildings limitations added - you can only have 1 type of building in the port and expand. The previous option of having 5 hemp plantations per port was deemed redundant - its better to just expand this facility. (new levels of buildings will be added later) Fixed bug that locked Craft button even if you have all resources available Crafting window now remembers what building you selected and remembers it if you craft Same resources in crafting blueprints are now added together - blueprint will show 3x fir instead of Fir Fir Fir Fixed spawn of missions in shallows Improved positioning of ships in some ports Removed redundant resources from trader tools Removed unused resources from port sets and loot tables Multiple other bugs fixed Patch notes for Port UI update 12th October. It is now possible to install an upgrade by clicking on a free permanent (upgrade) slot in the ship interface. The list will open that will show available upgrades based on Captain's chest, ship hold and warehouse. It is now possible to install an ordnance by clicking on a deck slot in the ship interface. The list will open that will show of available ordnance based on deck's requirements and availability of ordnance in ship hold or warehouse Requirements for ordnance are now based on calibers instead of classes In the port shop ordnance is now also sorted by various tabs: medium Guns, Long Guns, Carronades, Mortars Ship hold, warehouse, Money and Upgrade chests were moved back to grid Mission log has been added in Open Word interface Switching between outposts now requires doubloons, amount of doubloons is based on player's rank: 1 doubloon for intitial rank, 10 doubloons for the highest rank. Please keep in mind that the numbers are not final and might be tuned in future. Multi-selection icon has been added - once multiple items are selected it will show quantity of items and total weight during transfer. Rewards from claiming completed mission are now stored in warehouse (in case warehouse is full, rewards are stored in ship hold instead) The option to move items by clicking Alt - Click is now working as well for fleet/docked ships and ordnance equipment in the ship interface The Academy building now opens related blueprints to craft when clicking craft button. An icon representing overloading state is added in Open World interface Various economy tunings Multiple bugs has been fixed, and include a lot of interface windows improvements
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    So, the patch was released and devs wanted us to test it, i did. First of all i like the other changes, DD and hammocks nerf is ok, but to pull at 8 kn? pls not. I just had a 1v4 me in a Bellona vs Bellona, requin, Essex and Aggamemnon. Battle was going good i demasted essex and Bellona seems to be soft, so i hull bashed him forced to retreat for repair. After Bellona turned back to fight (i was chained down), he just sailed next to me and boarded me (i think i was even sailing 8.2kn, but thats another topic). Should battles really end like this? You just need numbers and one ship with more crew to win? Its not just this, i was on the other side as well, going with a requin to safe zone, tag inside safe zone board and go, no risk at all even though i tagged someone inside the safe zone. As i said i liked the other changes, but the ability to board at a speed of 8 knots doesnt seem right to me. I suggest to make it at least 5 or so, 8 just seems a bit high. That is my opinion, what do you guys think about it? pls discuss Greetings Roronoa Sensei (just a bit Salty)
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    Flags functionality will be added in the next patch. But additional flags will be introduced gradually both as lootable items and as cosmetic purchasable unlock that will unlock all flags.
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    The goal was to reduce the hugging by available means without programming time (just by tweaking speeds) but higher speed reduces tactical depth of combat. We want to increase the tactical depth and coordination, not decrease it. As a result we will reduce the max allowed speed back to 3.5 knots from 8, but will keep the lower speed difference. All other changes will remain. Hugging and stern camping will have to be solved by musket fire. This will require programming time and cannot be expected until localization is finished (or during localization). One option is to just add another slot to cannons and allow the players to aim them in combat (but adding another cannon slot will require full ship wipe thus can be done only before release of the game).
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    Repeatedly (and I am not the only one who has noticed him doing it) Hethwill has been unable to keep his emotions in check or remain unbiased when perfrom his duties as moderator on the forums. Recently he has become rather aggressive and rude in his replies, sometimes being outright argumentative just to be an arse. He often deletes or edits people's post if their opinions clash with his own. The worst thing about him editing those posts is that he can do it in a way that shows no "edited" tag meaning that he has at times deliberately adjusted posts to how he sees fit and in ways that do not reflect the opinion or sentiment that was originally intended but as far as anyone one the forum is concerned that is what you intended to say when it was in fact not. He has used the same methods to edit his own posts without giving it the "edited" tag so that if proven wrong he has been able to say "that's not what I said though is it" (I have to say admin has been guilty of this at least once that I have noticed a couple of months back) He has a habit of taking a thread off-topic (usually some tangent about coffee or some other crap) and then "verbally" warns others not to do the same. *Now I am fully aware that I am not the politest of people on here and never will be, HOWEVER I am not charged with being a community leader* All in all, @admin if this is what you consider to be a suitable "role model" (can't think of a the actual word I mean) then it is no wonder Naval Action has the playerbase that it does. Thanks
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    I really liked how the developers buffed turn rate for battle sails, I think that was a great move and should be expanded on, here's what I'd like to see to continue the trend of battle sails being the optimal sail setting for fights. 1. Increase reload speed across the board at full sails by 10-15 seconds, keep reload speed as it is now or lower for battle sails to simulate a more stable platform more suitable for the fastest achievable reloads. 2. Same with accuracy, decrease accuracy across the board for full sails, make accuracy as it is now (which is pretty darn accurate for cannons) achievable only under battle sails, again to simulate a stable platform being best suited for aiming. 3. Greatly nerf repairs at full speed, make slow and under the optimal speed to make repairs at. Full sails should be optimal for running/chasing, not for the heat of battle. They're called battle sails for a reason aren't they? Make them truly so! If you have any more additions to the list please contribute, and as always thank you for reading.
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    requin pulling a santi at 8 knots live footage The santi captain got executed afterwards for not using the determined defender perk
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    Good news everyone. In one of the next patches crafted ships will be come with navy insurance. Insurance at base price (ship material cost + small %) will be automatically paid out if you ship sinks in a battle (to a player or to an NPC vessel). Insurance will only be provided for the ships crafted by the players (not for the admiralty ships or imported vessels, which are not covered by policies).
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    Hi all. This will be unpopular but here is the thing. Tow to port is a temporary feature. Its not going to exist in the future. It is the unstuck command that players use for travel. In the future its only going to work if you are really stuck. And this future is actually very close.
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    Boarding at higher speed on the parallel course should be possible - but it will only increase tactical depth if ships continue on their way if they started boarding at 8knots. If ships board each other on 8 knots - they must entangle and continue on their way at 8 knots in their direction. In addition to that - captain should be able to use [ ] (point blank fire) during boarding. If ships continue on their way - this will drastically increase depth and coordination required for others to help during boarding. And will completely remove the option (hey i boarded - now stern rake it for me) We cannot allocate the programming time to that because we want to finish kill, hunt, search and destroy mission improvements and deliver port UI to players. So it is better to revert until we can remove stoppage.
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    in Eve there is a history tab where you can see what the captain has done in the past perhaps it would also be nice to have a historical record of our own in NA like : name change nation change clan change if would help al lot to determine if the captain is a trustable officer for the clan in the future for the clan to have war history with members and killboard( in clan only visible tab)
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    Disclaimer The mix of PvE and PvP in a game is such a weird thing for me, it is a matter of taste, for sure, but it causes me quite a bit of irritation, frustration and I constantly get in people’s face about terrible PvE and wonderful PvP around here. I’m writing this as a guide but I will follow my modus operandi of prodding and poking PvE, agitating and polarizing. Consider yourself warned. Introduction This game has always revolved around fighting ships. We have several modifications more of less available that changes or enhances the way our ships fight. The very best of these modifications are behind a PvE grindwall. A few rather good modifications are behind a PvP exclusive grindwall. A competitive PvP player will want to have all the best stuff eventually, but he is forced, directly or indirectly, to deal with the PvE aspect to get everything. Some argue that mods aren’t that important, but I don’t believe that even for a second. You can get normal stuff from bullying bots in the OW, second tier stuff from fishing bottles in OW and top tier stuff from epic missions. I simply can’t bear the thought of spending time fighting stupidly overpowered bots to get stuff so I had to come up with a plan to avoid that completely. AFK fishing I may wish away absolutely everything PvE but it won’t happen. I decided to make my computer deal with PvE while I sleep, work, eat, go on vacation or what have you. With the stuff you get from bottles you can trade to get rich, make the best mods, trade for PvP marks or, as was my focus in the beginning, trade for the rarest PvE books. It worked for me; I afk fished for months, traded with people and ended up with all the books. This may be the easiest way to do it: Some set up super-effective alt-fueled and sandboxie powered fishing: I decided to use a dedicated physical computer with an alt so my main computer’s resources were always free to play proper (PvP) or do whatever else I do on it. You may not have access to a dedicated afk fishing box or inclined to buy a second NA copy (You should, because if you close your eyes to the PvE stuff; NA is one of the best games ever and the guys more than deserves your patronage), but you can just use your main computer while you sleep and work or use whatever combination that suits you. I sail a basic cutter far away to a corner of some teleport zone to minimize being found by random players so I can sit there as long as I need or want. Since we still have F11 coords and teleport to port we’re able to save a bit of time, but even when those two features are taken away we can just point our ship in some direction, afk sail for some given amount of time and simply spend the time sailing the ship back when convenient. Don’t sail your ship outside the map as there is no fish nor bottles there. When you’re at the fishing spot you need some sort of keyboard/mouse automation to keep the client logged into the game. I’ve fallen back on basic cutters and a simple click routine that converts fish and then throws everything but bottles overboard. There are many tools available to automate clicking: SeeShell for some fancy image based clicking, clickermann for some advanced features or the super simple idiot friendly TinyTask just to start the list. Being an idiot I went for tinytask. You have to be careful that the click routine doesn’t make the split dialog pop up; It has to work whatever happens, and this is what I landed on: Right click the third slot to convert all fish - confirm - throw the second slot overboard - confirm - wait to avoid the “you can’t…” dialog - throw the top slot overboard - confirm - wait for the timeout for the next run. Notice I’ve selected “resources” to hide the bottles, it would be rather embarrassing to sit there throwing them overboard. I also sort the content with salt and meat on top. In some cases the routine might click “send to chat”, just make sure “global” isn’t selected and hide the chat window. This is how I record the routine in TinyTask: That’s basically it. I use the remote desktop thingy built into Chrome to access the fishing box after daily maintenance or updates to get it back up fishing. It works fine with little fuzz and I’ve even used my phone while on vacation to whip the box back into fishing. You have to spend 20 seconds every day to keep it going and that’s perfectly tolerable for me. I’ve lost three ships and a total of 5 bottles since I started. I don’t mind it as I’m not really losing anything. AFK fishing even provides content to guys who are willing to trawl around unused ports and remote spots at sea, that must be so boring I think they deserve the bottles that may or may not sit inside my carefree afk cutter. I’ve guesstimated the bottle drop rate at averaging super roughly one bottle each 160 days at sea or one bottle each 24 real hours. Is it ok to do this? I think it’s supercalifragalistically silly, but I get the best stuff for doing almost nothing. Also, nothing is more silly than doing PvE when PvP is available so afk fishing saves me from a greater evil, ergo it must be good. The best part is it gives me a feeling I’m using PvE against PvE, I’m sticking it to PvE man, if you will. It gives me great satisfaction.
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    knowing you youd probably chatban yourself
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    September 19th 2018 in Naval Action
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    I believe I have great people skills, excellent knowledge of the game, really nice human being and an ultra pro gamer to the max. Make me moderator and I will do a nice forum cleansing!
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    It is a good way to keep causals/new players somewhat happy. I do not care if somebody loses elite refit or naval clock. Guys to fit these mods are already aware of what can happen.
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    Given the 2 port battles tonight (Rincon + La Isabela), any pirate player killed 3h before PB and 3h after PB has started will be rewarded with 10 PvP marks per kill. Rules: Kills must be in the dedicated area of the map 3h before/after PB Rewards count for 5th rates and above + Requins Screenshot proof of battle result + combat news No matter which side you play for, we will have cookies for everyone, even for pirates #CreatingContent PS Topic won't be moderated, Chrissy and other pirates are allowed to share salt, insult Prussia, make fun of me etc. everyone have fun!
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    Ink is investigating and will reply to you in private. But clan code is very stable and impossible to hack - someone you have trusted the officer role promoted them. Or they were officers, changed names and decided to leave and take all with them. Right now the only mechanic to kick is to find the founder. Clan issues can only be addressed after localization, we added the logs recently (that help a lot) and plan to continue improving the clan functionality. BUT. Having played EVE we know the only way to not lose resources is to keep them in your warehouse because even the trusted online friend can betray. pill sweetener. remember the wipe will come on release so you have not really lost much and they have not really gained anything.
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    Veterans be like: "find someone else to board"
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    Enemy AI looking at your ship now that max boarding speed is 8 knots:
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    Let's open up the Pacific region for some epic exploration and discovery rewards!
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    I strongly agree. What I envisioned was something similar to the home city view of Age of Empires 3. Basically you had the scenerey of a harbour town with people and ambient noise and you had several distinctive buildings ( academy, workshop, trading company, market, harbour etc. ) that the camera would pan to, if you selected them and where you would then be able to deal with the related upgrades. Maybe something @admin might consider for the future?
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