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    Captains. Important information on the forthcoming plans. Tutorial Tutorial will be probably finished in February. Thanks for the feedback that you provided - it will be incorporated into the game this month. Captain logging into the game the first time will have to pass the tutorial and challenges. The structure of the tutorial: Basic knowledge that unlock the challenges Challenges. Captain who finished the challenges will receive First lieutenant rank and will be able to sail a square rigger right from the start. (some ranks will be rebalanced as a result) M&C Exam. Complex and hard Master and Commander if completed will grant the Captain M&C rank and will give a unique permanent redeemable ship. It will be skippable, but those who skip will miss out on the exam rewards. By finishing the M&C exam you will be able to sail a light frigate and be immediately useful in PVP and Conquest. Tutorial will be available for everyone - even veteran players, if they will want that permanent redeemable ship. User interface. We are working hard on the UI. UI will be streamlined, useful and beautiful. Here is a screen from the first prototype UI will move to a more traditional MMO windows based systems where player will be able to get access to everything he wants with one click without jumping back and forth between screens/tabs. You will be able to open all windows if you wish and operate between them. ETA on the interface finalization is unknown. Localization will start after interface is deployed. In parallel we will finalize the Hostility mechanics, sailing model and combat model.
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    Captains Final part of the sailing model and ship stats tuning have been deployed. Battle ratings for vessels have been updated based on their strength and close range sustained damage Sailing model and wind polars After testing and monitoring the usage of ships we have decided against exaggerated curves for vessels and have moved to fully historical sail composition. previously we buffed downwind or upwind performance to create differences, which caused some ships to become useless or less useful. All sails area have been recalculated based on their optimal and potential sail area, that could be achieved by the captain by trimming or adapting his sail plan, within constraints of ship mast lengths and yard lengths. As a result majority of underperforming vessels will now perform better and in general will have a much better sailing profile. Speeds have been updated for lighter vessels and majority of light vessels have received a speed buff. Ship with more spirit sails received more buff to frontal yard power. HMS Victory performance against the wind have been slightly increased. Wasa (Kronprins Gustav Adolf) hp increased and displacement recalculated Turn rates have been updated based on improved turning calculations model Buffs USS Constitution turn rate have been increased Nerf Trincomalee, Belle Poule, Renommee, Cerberus, Mercury, Snow turn rates have been slightly decreased. Other tunings Epic events ships chests contents have been improved (gold, silver and epic) Explosion damage have been updated based on the ship size and powder room contents (magazine size) Cannon loss (damage to cannons) increased in the following cases raking damage broadside damage (if broadside is heavily damaged) Cartagena Planking now gives 5cm thickness bonus and 2% mast thickness bonus. Bugs fixed: Rigging specialist inconsistent bonus to % of repairs fixed. UI work continues. We currently are working on the OW improvements (missions, battles and other entry windows). Discuss.
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    Captains Patch has been deployed. Tutorial! Main goal of the patch is to test the tutorial and provide feedback on it (including ideas for new tests and exams) Tutorial can be accessed by pressing esc from the options menu Please provide feedback in this topic http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/24654-combat-tutorial-feedback/ Other changes 4th rate Epic Events added to map. Minor changes to crafting and NPC ships. Marines skillbook rebalanced to provide increasing variety in boarding set ups 2 new/old upgrades added to crafteable Light carriages returned Cannot join battle timer is now universal but only affects the attacker. If you as a defender just exited the port you can join the port battle as before. You can judge if you can or cannot enter the port battle by presence of the Port battle timer. Which activates after log in at sea or after exiting any open world battle or mission. LGV Pirate, Lynx, Privateer now have 20 permanent preparation bonus Wasa is now a third rate Indiaman is now a 5th rate Bots don't switch ships after boarding UNLESS they are sinking Forged paper are fully prepared for steam dlc (but store not yet opened) Carronades now penetrate better and their penetrations don't drop so much 1 pood edinorog (formerly 24lb edinorog) rebalanced to more historical parameters. Tow to port timer is now 5 mins (if you are stuck, you are ok with the longer timer). Please keep in mind that tow to port will significantly change after interface rework, as you will be able to switch ships at sea and move hold from ship to ship, allowing us to turn tow to its final role of unstuck. Deflationary events. Over time with introduction of new ships some parameters have increased and sometimes maybe too much. Its time for minor reductions. Base speed reduced for ALL vessels by 7% Thickness reduced and rebalanced for higher level vessels - mostly 5th-1st rates Leeway slightly reduced Discuss Hotfix Fix of combat and hostility orders entry. Fix for losing ships in port if you lost a ship in the tutorial Contracts for copper ingots can be placed now Port battle timer ONLY affects attackers of the port. Defenders can enter the port battle right from the harbor.
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    I am thinking about this idea for a very long time and since I see that the complaints about demasting are on the rise again and that many mostly blame the accuracy of our cannons for this, I decided to present this Idea in a hopefully fashionable manner. Keep in mind these are just some ideas I have and want to share. I don’t insist that these should be implemented nor would I be frustrated if they won’t (I will just write a bad steam review ). I too think that our cannons are far too accurate and thus enable players to snipe for specific parts of an hostile ship. Especially at longer ranges. Also the speed of changing your point of aim, acquiring a new target and the feeling of disconnection of the cannons from the ship, bothers me. Our cannons act like they are mounted on modern turrets. You can single shoot masts and if you miss you can instantly adjust your point of aim (horizontal and vertical) and shoot again with almost no delay whatsoever. Also, the up and down motion of the ship doesn’t influence the aiming at all. Sure, heel does influence your max and min elevation, but doesn’t pose a real problem. So the main subject of my idea is, that the cannons and their point of aim really get fixed to the deck and are affected by roll, pitch and heel. So our aim bar constantly moves with the ship. The roll in the game right now is moderate to almost nonexistent because the sea in the instances is very calm. Maybe that should change too (variation). Heel can be significant but everybody should know by now how to minimize it. I don’t know if pitch plays a role, since aiming at the moment is not very much affected by the movement of the ship. Furthermore, the change of horizontal orientation and elevation of cannons should be a bit slower. Cannons were manhandled with handspikes to change these parameters. This took time and to instantly fire a cannon during this (like we can do now) wasn’t possible. So cannons in game should not be able to fire while being traversed or elevated. A simple example of how it could be shown to the player that his cannons aren't ready to fire during adjustments What will be the effects of this? Changing horizontal traverse and elevation isn’t almost instantly anymore. Adjusting your aim to snipe enemy masts in a fast manner isn’t an option anymore. To have a further option of balance. carronades could receive a buff in horizontal traverse speeds due to their carriages. Changing elevation fast to quickly aim at the waterline and right after that back at the hull or masts won’t be possible anymore. You must pre-plan your broadside. You must calculate how and where you want to aim and how to position your ship to get the best result. In fact you will mostly don’t touch the elevation setting of your cannons and aim with the ship now and keep your guns leveled to the deck and use roll to either shoot high or low. You don't wan't an arched flight path of your balls and want to keep it as flat as possible. Elevation then comes into place if you want to compensate for heel or are very close to your opponent but still want to shoot high. Also there would be a use for battle sails and people wouldn’t sail around with all sails set all the time. Full sails let the ship heel but also stabilize it against roll (although I somewhere read that higher speed makes the roll more unpredictable, sailing experts?). No sails on the other hand won’t let your ship heel as much but let your ship roll too unpredictable. Battle sails could be the middle ground between both extremes. A moderate heel and a moderate more predictable roll. I also read somewhere on the forum that the current battles sails layout isn’t exactly correct with set topgallants and royals but again, I think our sailing experts can prove me wrong on this or give better explanations. A downside with current firing mechanics in combination with my proposed idea above is that many shots of a broadside probably won’t hit due to the ship movement. Well at least if you are not right next to the enemy ship. Right now we can single shot with space bar or release a whole broadside with a mouse click, where many shots will miss and be wasted. I believe that no gun captain would fire his cannon if the target isn’t in sight (I assume he has a clear picture and is not hindered by smoke). Therefor I would like an additional way of releasing a broadside. This was an idea of @Hethwill some time ago. He suggested that, while you hold down spacebar your ship will fire a rolling broadside (front, back, random). If you release spacebar it will instantly stop and will continue at the next cannon if you hold spacebar down again. Maybe a general gimmick could be to let the player choose between 2 or 3 different rates of firing intervals. With one where almost all guns fire at the same time. This could increase the probability of a reload shock of your enemy. A downside could be that it also has a small negative effect on your structure. But that's just an extra and honestly not really needed. Until now I just made it harder to actually hit a target. I would also propose something more positive for the gunplay. As far as I know, the transparent fire sector roughly shows where the shots will land. I don’t know exactly where the aim bar is pointing but I assume it is somehow an elongation of the bore axis (of course somehow the average of all decks). I would like to keep it that way with a few adjustments. I will explain these things with a few pictures too. At first, all decks should be independent from each other. This means different point of aim and also different cannon loads per deck. You will basically see an aim bar for every deck (aiming all decks at once should still be possible). If you go into aim mode of a deck, the correspondent bar will be highlighted and a vertical axis for elevation and horizontal axis for traverse will appear. There would be middle markers (where the cannon is leveled/perpendicular to the deck) and min and max markers. This way you could load chain on the top deck and aim it a bit higher, while the two other decks are loaded with double shot. Or you are up close and preparing for a boarding action. So load your small top cannons with grape, while still pounding the gun deck and waterline with ball. Since it is a bit more complicated, I think UI wise it would be probably better to use the mouse for everything instead of smashing long button combinations (like 1 - 1 - 2 for example). no deck selected all decks selected and in aiming mode (chain loaded only on the top deck) all decks selected and traversed to the right example to show what I mean: only the lowest deck is selected and all decks are aimed differently In addition to that, captains should be able to mark up to three individual set settings on the elevation bar. You can experiment against AI or whatever you like and find some good settings that will help you in future battles. For example, you roughly know how far 200 meters are. With simple trial and error you can set the cannons of all decks to an elevation, where they will hit the target at 200 meters and roughly the same spot and mark it on the elevation bar. Doesn’t matter if the top deck consists of carronades while the other deck mounts longs. Or you keep your top deck always loaded with chain and aimed higher, because the low caliber won’t penetrate the hull of the enemy ship. example of premarked elevation settings. Deck 2 and 3 set to almost the same elevation, while deck one is elevated higher (the colors are just to make them more distinguishable) Since gunnery would be less accurate with those ideas, other things could also be adjusted. Like the thickness of hulls back to normal values. Leaks can be more dangerous (although I think they are fine as they are right now). Performance of cannons and carronades could be adjusted. Maybe introduce different firing mechanisms for cannons like flint lock and fuse ignition, which affects the delay between the command to fire and actual release of the round. So a rough overview of what these ideas can change Pros: no more easy mast-sniping (especially at long ranges) no more easy waterline sniping long range chaining very difficult - easier to escape a purpose for battle sails positioning and maneuvers are even more important more difficult to get the perfect rake (also affecting long range rakes) individual loadouts and aiming of every deck possible reintrodution of reasonable hull thickness because it is harder to hit consistently also adjustments of cannon damage possible to make up for worse accuracy (a really good broadside should have a big impact) Cons: too complex and over-complicating mechanics too difficult can be frustrating no real difference with current calm and invariable sea states/ship movements many others I bet.... Swivels. Since we introduced swivels with the new pirate refitted LGV I thought about a way to implement them to all ships. Every ship should have some places where you can install swivels if you want. An example is shown in the picture below. To fit swivels to your ship you have to select in port where you want them on your ship. Maybe limit the number of swivels so not every point can be equipped with them. The player could also be allowed to switch the positions during the battle. This should take some time of course. To man the swivels in the battle instance with crew, there should be a second option in the boarding menu (like press 9 and then 2 for “man swivels”) to fire the swivels you can switch between them and aim them personally at your target. I made some example pictures with a swivel aft and one at the fighting top. This can be a nuisance to smaller ships who like to stern camp your SoL. Those swivels can also be used in the new boarding mechanics if the devs are still on it. So, this was it. Remember, these are just some ideas I had.If everything stays as it is, fair enough
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    Captains, more than 20 characters were sanctioned in the last couple of weeks based on your reports. Please continue to report alt farming cases, thank you.
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    Captains This month we plan to deploy final hostility changes based on the testing and learnings over the last 18 months. Unfortunately current leader takes all approach is not working due to human nature and ability to solve any problem politically. We and many players are unsatisfied with how it works; for example you can deny enemy his position on the leaderboard by abandoning ports to a friendly nation taking them back the next round. Proposals Victory marks changes Victory marks will be awarded for port control not for the national position of the conquest leaderboard. Every captain who participated in a victorious port battle and has lord protector status on the round end will get victory marks (even if their clan only owns 1 port) Rewards will be tiered to provide incentive to capture more ports in a way similar to Naval Action Legends event leaderboards 1 port 1 mark 10 ports 2-3 marks etc… New ways to spend victory marks will be added (gold chests, paint chests etc for VM and PVP marks) As a result even a small clan from impossible nations will be able to get rewarded for their conquest efforts giving fun for everyone. Large nations will get more rewards due to structured tiered nature of the leaderboards. TLDR - rewards will be granted to lord protectors - not nations. If you hold at least one port your nation will love you more and grant you the victory marks to use in admiralty stores. Hostility changes Hostility currently is based on old system (line ship ports, 4th rate ports and shallow ports) has the following main problems Number of NPC ships in hostility is not related to the port, force of the attacker and it does not allow means to counter it effectively. For example if 25 first rates are gaining hostility defenders basically have no means to counter it because they are always disadvantaged in a battle due to bots presence. The following changes will be applied Hostility missions will spawn ships ships similar to the ships of the attacker. If attacker comes in first rates - NPC will spawn with first rates. If attackers come in cutters - NPC will spawn in cutters. Hostility missions will spawn number of ships similar to number of ships of the attacker if you want to grind hostility solo you will encounter solo defenders. if you want to grind hostility in a group you will see grouped NPCs against you. Number of player ships allowed in a hostility mission will be set at 10 for both sides. Only ten player ship can enter a hostility mission from one of the sides. player ships: total 20 for both sides - 10 attacking players/10 defending players npc ships: total up to 10 on the defending side (20 in total - up to 10 npc defenders and up to 10 player defenders) This will make hostility missions more predictable, will balance them depending on the number of attackers, give defenders better chances, and give the options to counter the hostility. Lets discuss searching for potential loopholes and unforeseen problems.
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    Captains Patch has been deployed Whats new Control perk has been added to all ships with no bow gun ports (no chasers). Masts Mast HP rebalance. Mast HP is now based on general ship and rig strength and was generally increased Ocean 1200hp for lower mast sections Cutter has 290 for lower mast section The main idea behind this change is to remove dependence on single shots and to require consistent modest amount of damage to rig to demast the ship. (instead of 7-10 shots for a mast every ship independently of its size and overall strength) Mast Thickness have been slightly reduced to allow more consistent demasting opportunities at close range. Upgrades for mast thickness and mast hp are currently under review Hull HP Hull HP rebalanced based on ship dimensions and displacements. Most ships have received slight or medium buffs, some ships have had their HP reduced. Additional hp changes will be applied over the next couple of patches, if necessary. Other changes Fleet attack BR difference slightly reduced to allow a bit large fleets to attack other larger fleets Double shot reload slightly improved (time decreased from 43% to 30%) Double charge (full charge) reload slightly increased (time increased from 10% to 20%), full charge penetration bonus lowered by 5% Long leaf pine yards contracts can now be placed Umlauts work now for Prussian ranks Light carriages now affect speed Fixed the bug allowing splitting the guns into other gundecks Hotfix deployed 9th Feb 2018 Based on internal testing we have found that refits focused on changing sail plans did not have adequate bonuses to justify their use. Rigs that represent captain significantly changing their sail plan without increasing crew requirement Spanish rig and Elite spanish rig received huge buffs/debuffs to sail groups power Basic version 15% bonus; -15% penalty Elite version 30% bonus; -30% penalty Pirate rig and Elite pirate rig refits received huge buffs/debuffs to sail group powers Basic version 15% bonus; -15% penalty Elite version 30% bonus; -30% penalty Extra sails that represent captains just adding sails to a specific sail group, but require more sailing crew to operating them Staysails and Studding sails skill books received slight buff (debuff remained small) Bow figure - Gazelle refit Crew on sails requirement lowered from 7% to 3.5%
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    Upcoming patch will get tutorial will be added for testing all npc ships will become capturable (with special debuff making them useless in pvp but still keeping the great quality for pve) a minor change to crafting thickness and hp changes of all vessels and final speed change slightly reducing max speed for all base vessels (that captains can adjust through upgrades) copper city or cities frigate epic event
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    Captains. Thank you for the participation in the first stage of stability and gameplay systems testing in Naval Action Legends. We appreciate your time, your input and your feedback. You are as awesome as you have always been! Servers will be stopped on Thursday 15th of February at 13-00 Pm kiev time for 1-2 months at least for the following reasons. Development of potentially exciting new game types incorporating capturable forts and towers. Implementation and merge of the new sailing model from NA (including leeway) Progression rework and improvements Final tutorial integration Thank you very much again. We will keep you posted on the progress in this section of the forum.
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    indeed perhaps we should just rename wasa as GUSTAV ADOLF classing it as 3rd rate as promised and adding the same ship with a different paint with wasa's lower calibers as WASA
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    Real life is not a Kurosawa film. With multiple repairs and mod stacking, screenshots like the one minnow posted are now very common. Just look at what Rubli did up at Somerset last week. Absurd pood cannons, mod stacking and thickness meta. It's ridiculous. The entry bar for new and inexperienced players into PVP is so high it's discouraging to most. A new player rolls out in a ship he just built to attempt to get PVP and rolls into a group like RUBLI, running special cannons on speed capped indefs or endys and they stand zero chance. The one speed mod he could obtain (gazelle) was nerfed into being useless. The new player sinks, because his unmoded frigate can't outrun a speed built bellona, loses his investment and doesn't even get XP or gold out of the deal. It's a lose lose scenario. Either I'm a bit jaded or I'm wearing rose colored glasses. PVP in this game used to be fun. It's not so much anymore. Captains with OP guns, OP ships and stacking mods have replaced the need for exceptional PVPers. Prior to the Wasas, edinoobs and mod stacking....you very seldom saw the type of screenshots posted on the forums regularly now. I don't think the level skill in the game has grown exponentially. If you want to increase OW PVP you need to end the bullshit mods, ships and cannons.
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    we are seriously considering removing enemy names from the OW (we know some will say NOOOOOO) but removing names will increase pvp.
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    So after tense negotiations with the russian nation Cabals Documentary team gained access to the last Russian council meeting this is the result.
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    Current Agreements: USA ==> War Great Britain ==> Civil War Sweden ==> Even more War! Dutch ==> Tiny WAR against their 2 players! Denmark ==> Dismast War against @TommyShelby! Spain ==> Russian Vassal so Total War! Prussia ==> WAR! Russia ==> Extreme Total War to the MAX! France ==> Russias spare Vassal so Total war to the MAX! Pirates ==> WAR! Poland ==> WAR! If you want to talk politics go play a different game that is not about war.
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    Hotfix is being deployed to servers Fix of combat and hostility orders entry. Fix for losing ships in port if you lost a ship in the tutorial Contracts for copper ingots can be placed now Port battle timer ONLY affects attackers of the port. Defenders can enter the port battle right from the harbor. PvE server fix is still under way, it will be started a bit after the pvp server.
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    I've been thinking about the war of Carthagena and I like the fact that this port will always cause wars even with all the alts buying goods. The port is so good that its worth sinking 1000 ships to take simply because of the income of gold it makes. Today its 12 million. I am against the OP thickness of ships atm but that is more the base thickness of the ships and not the refit itself. Maybe a bit of both to be fair. I don't really care about this in this topic because I want to talk about copper so don't talk about op thickness here for now Now I think if you did the same to another port and made copper plating craftable and just as hard to craft(maybe harder) it would be a 2nd port to cause big wars. Nassau Boarders and crooked hull are not worth fighting wars over but copper might be
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    It's a sandbox they can all join Sweden Tutorial/UI/Localization will bring more British and Pirates. ps. National gameplay was not mentioned anywhere in the sales pitch and not a single nation was named. You are all playing an early access game and everything might change.
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    Please give us a way to exit ship in port. It is a pain in ass to either buy a basic cutter or switch ports to exit a ship in order to trade or tow. Something like right click and exit ship please!!!
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    So. Let's all pour a glass and be honest with one another. Looting AI wrecks before they sink. Realistic? No. (Do we have scuba gear or something???) Fun? Hell no. On paper, I am in favor of any mechanic that forces people to hone their sailing skills, especially when it requires precise maneuvers with manual sails. Looting sinking bots does force you to get better. But holy crap, I am at the end of my rope. Between unpredictable sinking speeds, ships always sagging behind and ending up to windward, ships capsizing to deny you the loot and BUGGY, LAGGY GODDAMN 1990s DIALUP LOOT MENUS, this bullshit is the most infuriating thing I've ever seen in this game. And to crown it all, it's now the most important form of grinding, so everyone can get their ridiculous gamebreaking repair and mast mods in this increasingly gear-based MMO. Proposal: When AI bots reach 5% structure, they surrender, and stop sinking. That way you can loot them at your leisure. Bots with this level of structure damage are unavailable as fleet ships, because they are too damaged to take as a prize. If you shoot them down to 0% structure, their special pumps are disabled and they sink. This will remove a huge irritant from everyday gameplay while also being more realistic. Bots should surrender, even if players don't. And while we're on the subject of looting wrecks, how about adding valuable mods and skill books back into the Bottle wrecks? The loot you get from them is beyond worthless. We don't even use gold coins anymore, FFS.
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    The misunderstanding comes from the following Wasa class contained several ships as it was a very successful design (https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wasa_(linjeskepp) - including 24lb Wasa classed as 4th rate and 36lb Gustav Adolf classed as 3rd rate (current in game ship) https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=10981 what needs to be done is to rename the ship as gustav adolf and maybe add a 24lb repainted wasa as a 4th rate so current new BR is ok for a 3rd rate.
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    that is a cannon problem and it will be addressed later as we discussed some time ago on this forum with @rediii penetration of guns will be improved especially at short ranges (very soon). Carronades will be buffed as well
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    Captains Hotfix is being deployed Fleet Practice Room added. Battles will start when there are 10 players in the room. Maximum size of the group is set at 6. Total player in testing room possible is 50. Caguarian and live oak trees buffed. Live oak and Caguarian woods has received a bonus to mast thickness - 5% Live oak has been buffed both in HP and thickness Caguarian HP was buffed Thickness drop due to damage increased for light builds. This means that if you are sailing fir/cedar ships you will have to start repairing earlier to retain thickness. Reinforcement zones no longer supply some rare woods (in particular teak and white oak) which have been moved to nearby capturable regions. NPC suppliers of repairs now supply them at cost + some margin (instead of the cost) to give some opportunities for crafters to compete. Victory marks rank requirements is reduced by 1 rank to Master&Commander level (rank 5). Previously it was rank 6. NPCs now buy looted cannons at slightly higher prices. Other tunings Wasa Battle Rating (BR) has been increased to 380 Upgrade rework: All upgrades that affect speed/turning and repairs were rebalanced In general: majority of bonuses to speed, turning, and repair amount and speed were reduced. 2 upgrades that affect boarding has been buffed barricades ladders Final parameters for changed upgrades can be reviewed here in this document (List of changed upgrades and books). Discuss 30 Jan Update: Bowsprit visual glitch fixed for several light ships Delivery orders were disabled for rework
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    someone had to pay for the wall, right?
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    BF also decided to join Sweden. Together we win!
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    If you need a mod or 1 out of the 6 mast mods in the case of naval action to be competitive in pvp I would argue something is broken. People will complain about demasting being either impossible or to easy. If its possible it automatically becomes to easy! First of all I want to say that Kiritimati masts and Elite french rig are just a troll. Its a one sided fight if the person that is using them is a good dismaster. A one sided fight not competitive gaming. I sail an Elite British Rig refit teak teak trinco with copper plating and navy hull. I love that ship and don't want to take Brit rig off for shit mast mods. @Moscalb sails a Kiritimati teak fir trinco with poods. Now everyone knows if I were to 1v1 him how that fight would end. It is a 100% one sided fight. I could fire 100 shots of 18 charged into his masts and do nothing. He would fire 7 and it would be gg. So I will not duel him and he doesn't blame me We had Connie duel. I put mast mod on and beat him. Does that make me better? No because 1 mod made me win and by them time he knew I had the mod it was to late. I don't like that. I will never know who is better like this. I don't like to duel with no way to demast either. Any option MUST be available in battles! Most mast mods make dismasting impossible because they increase thickness so even with 1000 hits to bottom section will not dismast anything. This is a major issue because we cannot know if we are even penning masts and not penning a mast is an issue by itself. Currently it is 7 hits to bottom sections, 4 hits to mid sections and 2 hits to top sections with longs and 1 hit to tops with poods because someone thought that would be a great idea for some reason. The base HP of masts should be increased to 8 hits to bottom sections, 6 hits to mid sections and 4 hits to top sections and things would be a lot better. That doesn't sound like much but In practice that will work! I believe it is worth a try @admin because mast mods are just getting out of control and its trolling and not fun anymore. The thickness as it is, is really good at the moment and all mast mods should ONLY be HP increases and NOT thickness. Kiritimati masts are the strongest mod in game. If that mod gave you a 40% HP buff and NO thinkness buff you would still take 11 hits to bottom, 8 to mids, and 6 to tops! That might not sound like a lot but believe me it is ALOT and maybe still even a troll even if you're penning because there is a trick I will explain below to people that don't know! If you have a mod like Kiritimati and someone needs 11 hits to kill your bottom section you will rule the sea. If you pop you your repair after 10 hits , your mast hp come back and someone will need a total of 22 hits to kill 1 of your masts. What do you think you could do to him in this time? This is the trinck for people that don't know. If your mast needs 7 hits to be dismasted. If you count the hits, You should repair sails after 5 hits or 6 max. Even if you're at 99% sail. Your mast hp always goes to 100% after rig rep. If you loose mast and repair rig you never get the full mast back but repairing early can buy time and save your ass.
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    yes! delivery orders should be more similar to elite dangerous/eve where you are given an item by a system or another player and have to deliver his goods.
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    Screening battle outside Hat Island. Commander @mexicanbatman It was a hard battle, fighting ortography, getting Chinese not to write in chinese, the Germans to understand what letter comes now, the Swedes not to draw a pronounced genital and everybody to stop drinking booze! Anyway, inside the PB, GG WP o7 Russia.
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    We don't like hard fights and all the war. EXILE, DRAKE, RSC, SLRN and all the British Port Battle players are joining the ranks of the Swedish nation. Togther with REDS and VCO the port battles become super easy and there will be no competitiveness between nations anymore . LONG LIVE SWEDISH ZERG!
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    FRC has dicided, that we will join sweden. We are allready swedish, but nevertheless - we want to make it even easier for sweden to win pbs
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    Same as before, here is another spreadsheet showing the new values (HP and Thickness). (Comparison between last patch and this patch also included.) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1to67PZtK6-UQsS_36TMF8i0qVrH49We4PwcM3PymZbg/edit?usp=sharing
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    Hi, i did the boarding/capturing tutorial twice, than i did a combat mission with my basic cutter. I captured my very first ship which is a Rookie Brig. I know: it’s not a big capture but i am happy anyway... Little captain growing up!
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    leeway was a huge feature and a daunting programming physics task - main reason leeway was not existing in other games before. you just dont see the iceberg of amount of work required.
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    After playing Poland and observing the progress and declines of Prussia and Russia as well, I started to formulate a review of sorts of these nations. Let me state though that as Poland I am having a great deal of fun and that this post should not be taken as a means to complain or whine about the "impossible" state of these three nations but rather an observation to which potentially build upon. First being that with the right amount of people they can be successful. With a very few however it lives beyond the difficulty impossible. Now a very small nation population such as Prussia at the start of the merger and Poland could be successful if that population is willing to forget RvR and nation building and be more focused on PvP and more pirate tendencies. But for a population wanting to be much like the original factions and be able to control and maintain a nation lifestyle it is very difficult unless they have the population to support such an endeavor. Many of these qualities of the three impossible nations just based on my observation seem to be more suited for a Pirate themed nation. Focused on more living from free port to free port and creating pockets of ports that are under their control. So this is my suggestion. First remove the three "impossible" nations. Make Mortimer Town a free town where rather than Shroud Cay, Pirates would start out from. Although you could have Pirates choose which port they wish to start from first choosing from a selection of Free Towns. This would create rather than a nation building Pirate faction a faction actually being more like Pirates, bands for fleet tending to work separately. Now for those people that would rather build a nation as an impossible nation add a nation like Portugal to the South American coast with a single non-capture capital. I know that is not historically accurate but Portugal is a better option for a nation say Prussia, Poland, and Russia when concerned with the Caribbean. Adding another nation with a permanent capital in the south close to the Dutch creating less of a vast Dutch PvE coastline and a place with far more content than what it currently has.
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    REDS & VCO will leave the Russian Empire to join the ranks of the Swedish. As soon as we are settled down in swedish nation, REDS & VCO will start our campaign against any Danish, Rubli and British owned port!!! Signed NorthViking
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    I wanted to take a moment to publicly recognize a player that, consistently, day in and day out, helps new players in the help channel. Captain @SKurj is hereby Mentioned in Dispatches by me, for whatever little it may be worth. I truly appreciate all the effort he puts into this community, and wish we had a dozen more like him. I would further encourage others to keep an eye out for new players, help them out, and build them up. If you see someone doing it consistently - give them credit and make it known!
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    Or perhaps, we eliminate the incentive to alt farm by getting rid of the bass-ackwards PvP mark system in the first place? Keep marks if you like but only make rewards cosmetic/superficial. All content that affects your game play (modules/skillbooks/notes) shouldn't be tied to a system where winners keep winning. The fact that there is incentive (PvP marks are now worth 400k+ in some markets) means that there will always be people that work their way around it. Any solution that uses IP-based detection is meaningless in the end.
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    Battles around Cartaghena PB, thanks to all involved! Tally ho and splinters: Russia & Spain lost 30 1st rates and 12 2nd rates. Sweden & Denmark lost 24 1st rates and 1 2nd rate. A bloody Monday for both sides - that is what NA is about. o7 denmark, russia and spain
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    yes and no BR from this patch will depend on the formula. Formula will adapt as we go - thus BR will evolve over the next week or two. BR changes are intended but numbers are not final. We deploy patches as they are ready and some undeveloped or unfinished features will get it in parallel. The player overreaction is exaggerated no-one will remember the issue in 30 days.
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    Boarding advisory 2/2/2018 Captains Number of marines books have increased and if you are unprepared you might lose your ship in melee combat because marines are very well trained in attack. (basically you can now equip 2 marine books or 1 depending on options increasing number of marines up to 30% on frigates for example) It will be adjusted soon, but before that please equip marines yourself if you are sailing through hostile waters. And improve your defensive capacity by equipping barricades. Keep your ship speed above 4 knots at all times and if you hearing boarding whistles switch to grape (crew damage is increased if your enemy is on the boarding focus.
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    forgot to add this this patch.. sorry guys will add next one. time will increase significantly, distance slightly, speed difference will be slightly reduced.. MOST IMPORTANTLY. We are considering the following mechanic. One of the player's ship upgrades will drop to hold if the ship is sinking.. But need to calculate it's effects on money sinks first.
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    there was a debate some time ago (maybe 1.5 years :)) Long range frigates were usually supplied for 6 months at sea, average days at sea currently do not exceed 20 days. It was decided against using provisions as consumable as a result.
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    oh great....more thickness..... did they read any of the last 20.000 comments from players in the last 2 months.....?
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    So great, keep the mast mods. But nerf the speed mods, the thickness mods, and the repair mods. This is NOT skill, this is gear. That guy in the screen has enough repair mods (from RNG grinding) to build himself a new ship on the fly. What the heck is your average player supposed to do against that with basic gear in a 1v1? Assuming he isn't one of the 0.1% at the same skill level as Moscal' and the other sainted streamers? Or is this not a problem because sailing solo is regarded as some vestigial form of gameplay for crackpots and suicides now? To make things worse, the only way to efficiently get this high-level gear is to take part in epic fleet events with a WO/LO ship of the line. In other words, to be competitive in PvP you should be at max level, which goes against one of the great ideas of this game, which is that level doesn't matter. You can compete based on you skill as soon as you can command 350 men. But now you need the gear first, unless you are one of the wunderkind. I've been grinding obsessively since the patch, putting in many hours that could have been used productively. And all I have to show for it are a handful of halfway-decent (not elite refits) perm mods that will be lost the first time I try to pull off that 'one frigate sinks eight Wasa' trick, which the game is now oriented towards. 'Get sunk until you get gud' is not an attractive form of gameplay in a gear-based game. Because the mods are now worth more than the ships, and are only available through vast expenditures of time.
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    Goodbye Russia motherland, wasnt fun with you. You fought unfair and tried the worst to win. You failed in the long term. Bye! May the next nation raise up and defeat sweden and RUBLI!
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    Disclaimer: I would very much like this thread to remain calm, not RvR oriented, so please keep your salt out. Recently I have seen a streamer organizing an intern 8v8 frigate training session. This made me remember about the tournament - which sadly had to be cancelled because some teams resigned after the long break when the sailing changes were finalized. However it lead me to another idea. What about some sort of "pvp stock market" where players can sign up in whatever they want, be it solo or group, and wait for someone to challenge them? Similar to the tournament, but won't have the same feeling - sometimes to me it felt like in the tournament some battles were held "because they had to be done" - here however, you will be free, no responsibility and free to choose any fleet setup you like. PvP other than PBs is hard to come by, do why not create our own reliable source of it in a sandbox MMO? If you are looking for a fight leave a comment with your prefered settings - e.g. 5 players 1500 BR, team captain name and forum / ingame name, sinky or no sinky, any items you want to bet, ...
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    One bounty on me by Hachi for stealing his 1st rate and selling it back to him, but replacing the cannons with medium 4 and 9pounders