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    Hi Captains We are almost finished with the port UI and plan to deploy it soon. Here is some information on the mission system that will be updated over next 2-3 patches (probably starting with the port UI patch) Operations Operations is a set of objectives that must be fulfilled to receive a big reward Every player will have to start with the Welcome to the Caribbean operation that will unlock subsequent events and missions Conquest operations will be introduced giving nations specific timed goals (asking to capture a region, a city or an island) Combat missions More variety will be added to combat missions. Unnecessary mission ranks will be removed OW hunt missions will be added Some missions will require you to sail a specific ship looking for a specific target Some missions will require you to find a specific good in the holds of the enemies. Economy missions Delivery missions will return Ship crafting and cannon crafting missions will be added Port Agent system We will start with 3 agents per port Missions will depend on port size and maybe taxes Player can exhaust all tasks in the port and will have to move to a new one Challenges will return in the improved form First challenge will be an OW hunt weekly challenge Tournaments We will start with the duel tournament based on Naval Action Legends Duel Event Next patch you can definitely expect an improved variety of combat missions, combat challenges and a weekend duel tournament could also get in. As usual we are showing the preview from the new port UI - Here is a login screen draft Improved speed and quality of development can definitely be attributed to @sterner who is now helping to oversee the production before release.
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    I have been a pirate since Feb 2016 I have waited and patiently hoped that the Hard core pirate choice would evolve. However I am becoming increasing disillusioned by all the fake piracy in the game. So, I would like the devs to consider the following. Pirate home port Nassau. 1. Pirates not to own ports. They can base in any neutral port. 2. Pirates to be limited to 5th rates or less. 3. Pirates to be able to enter any port on any ship. 4. Pirates to offer 1.5 x PvP marks to attackers. 5. Pirates to be able to raid a port ( steal stuff). 6. Pirates to be able to fly any nation's flag once per day for 1 hour. 7. Pirates to be excluded from all port battles and RVR. This will stop all this silly Pirate nation garbage. All the toxic RVR rubbish in pirate chat between pirate 'nationals'. Pirates should be what we were promissed at conception. A real Hard core choice not this silly black flag national nonsense sailing around in 1st rates. It will also get rid of all the nationals from the pirate lifestyle and put more players into national RVR ranks. Recently two of us were attacking some US who were attacking the prussians at little harbour. The US were crying "Why do you like the prussians so much?" We said "we don't we are real pirates we sink anyone" They had no idea what a real pirate was. I am fed up with this soft silly pirate nation. Let's put real rats in the game. Ok go!!
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    Dear Developers, The issue of alternate accounts is getting a bit absurd, but I think there is a relatively easy solution to some of the problems they create. Now that alt accounts can very easily switch nations once a month, we are seeing more and more alts joining nations to bid on valuable items. This has been happening for a long time, but now accounts can easily be switched to whichever nation controls something important, and the actual owners of the ports can do nothing to stop the invasion. I believe this can mostly be solved by giving clans a bit more control of their ports. Allow clans to set who is able to place buy/sell contracts in their ports. The options could be something like this: 1. Available for all - Any player, regardless of clan, is allowed to place a buy/sell contract in the port (must still be in the same nation). 2. Allies Only - Only members of clans on the friendly list are allowed to place buy/sell contracts in the port. 3. Clan Only - Only members of the clan that controls the port are allowed to place buy/sell contracts. Any adjustment of a ports settings would only take affect at server reset, similar to the other port controls we have now. By blocking alts access to compete for resources and other items, this could give conquest a bit of a kick start. Now a nation would need to either arrange a trade agreement with another nation/clan, or go out and take it for themselves. The mechanic i'm proposing wouldn't stop a smuggler from sailing into a port, and buying whatever items/resources that are available. Thoughts? Opinions?
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    I made a topic some time ago already. Time to make a new one The old: 1. Eliminate the ability to use alts for getting ressources your nation doesn't have to give real trading a meaning and give RvR more meaning aswell. - Give Clans the ability to close the port for other clans except clans on their friendslist. - But only make this possible together with a new feature of a civil war mechanic. Clans can take hostility missions against ports of the own nation and play the portbattle. When they get into a hostimission the defenders can join (only clan+clans on friendlist can enter on defender side). Also the people that made the hostility get a timer like PB timer to get attackable by everyone for 1 hour. (also same nation) 2. Ports and their management Ports lack some management options right now. You should be able to not only give up a port but to transfer ownership to another clan You should be able to get a few of the ressouces that this port drops only for your clan Also a specialization of the port would be nice. Trading (more tradinggoods) Crafting (bonus to RNG look below) Labor (Reduced labor hour costs) Changing a timer should take 2 maintenances until it's active (to avoid changing back and forth) 3. more taxes Repairing in port should go to the clan owning the port (taxes) Crafting (the gold you pay) should go to the clan owning the port aswell (taxes) (Needed hostility got ninjapatched some time ago and is fine atm from what I think)
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    Dear dutch europe. After the order to attack cartagena a huge coalitionwar broke out. The last days were full of battles all over the caribbean between us and the mighty swedish navy and it's allies (GB, Russia, Denmark and Poland). After the battle of cartagena it was clear that we can't only fight them with france. Spain was fast in realising the threat of the enemy alliance and is supporting us with everything they can spare to push the swedish invaders back. I also want to thank you for the arriving 30 1st rates in the last 2 days. They came just in time and the Heavy Armada of the VOC already equiped them with all they need. We will put them to a good use and create more trading opportunities with the upcoming conquest of swedish and danish territories. Now to the report of the last days of action. Day 1: A attack on macanao was started in order to draw the enemy away from other key points we actually aimed for. It worked with french help and we were barely able to get the port, only matching the enemy numbers with france and prussia on our side. Day 2: The attack on cartagena was about to begin and we prepared it by blockading the port at the same time as the french went for puerto de espagna. The reconquest started. Day 3: We attacked cartagena while puerto de espagna was under attack. Not realising that a huge fleet of 50 ships was stationed in and around cartagena we went for it and got intercepted by a combined fleet of polish and russian ships of the line while a small spanish force was attack by a danish and swedish force. British ships were in the area too. After a fierce battle our fleet and the polish-russian fleet had to split apart with equal ships lost on both sides. Day 4: A huge counterattack of the swedish coalition began. We were able to find and destroy the danish fleet but got blocked into the port of fajardo by a huge russian fleet while sweden prepared to attack the port of viques and pasaje. With some minor tries to get out of port we managed to destroy ~3 1st rates of the russians but didn't manage to get out of port to meet the swedish in battle. After this a attack on Macanao was delayed by a few hours with winning a decisive battle at cumana with 2 1st rates, 1 2nd and 2 4th against 5 1st rates and 1 2nd rate. However, after this we also lost a major battle around Cumana and the port was ready to be attacked the next night. Day 5: While we sold the port of bluefields several days earlier the following ports got attacked this day: Viques, Pasaje, Barahona, Nippes and Macanao. We lost Viques but managed to defend all other ports either by battle in the port or around the port. Several allies helped us here to achieve this. A great day for the dutch and it's allies since spain managed to conquer 2 ports of the polish and show them what awaits them if they keep participating in this war. While the attacks on our ports were happening the prussians and french prepare for a attack on Nassau and Grand Anse. These attacks will happen on Day 6 of the war. All in all this dutch-swedish war developed into a major war involving most of the nations stationed in the carribbean and is one of the bigger wars that happened over the last years now. Many more will die and a lot of ships will be lost but it will change the caribbean for a long time. If you can spare lineships and sailors to send into the caribbean then yes, we need everyone. Hope you enjoy the read.
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    A Treatise On Custom Banners By Ove Gjedde ( [IBD] International Bank of Danemark | https://ibd.carrd.co/ ) There's a fair chance that you will by now have seen images where a player has a flag on their ship that is not the flag of their nation. This is because of a client-side modification to the game that in no way affects gameplay. Other players cannot see your flag unless they are using the same modification as you. One of the perks to Naval Action being entirely hosted and calculated on a server (down to the water and waves) is that it largely, if not completely, eliminates client cheating. Because of that, rules regarding what's done client-side are more lax, as it cannot affect other players. Here's how to change your flag. Things you will need: Naval Action. An image editing program. (This guide uses paint.net, which you can find here. ) A Unity explorer. (This guide uses UnityEX, which is harder to find. Any Unity explorer will work.) Time and patience. Step One: Open your archive explorer and navigate to your Steam directory, and from there to \steamapps\common\Naval Action\Client_Data\. Make a copy of "sharedassets0.assets" and throw it somewhere you can find it if you want to undo your customizations. Open "sharedassets0.assets". Step Two: Find your nation in the list, and Export it as a .dds file. UnityEX does this automatically with the "Export with convert" option. This author suggests sorting the archive by Name to save time. (Nation flag filenames will be provided at the end of this guide.) Having exported the national flag, we now need to navigate to the raw .dds texture and make the edits we desire. I don't like the Danish flag very much in its original state, so we're going to improve upon it. Discontinuity warning. I'm not going to go into how to use an image editor, as I suspect people who have gotten this far know how to use one. But a few decent tips I have are: Do not stray from the resolution used by the game, or your flag will get cut off; and everything past pixel 422 on the x axis will be disregarded. Try not to forget to add a texture to your flag. Simply searching "Transparent flag texture" on Google will typically get you a good selection to pick from. Once you're done creating or choosing your custom flag, proceed to Step Three below. Step Three: Having now made the edits I desire, we need to get the file back into the Unity archive as a .tex file again. Assuming we left the flag with the same name in the folder it was exported to, we can just hit "Import all files" in UnityEX and launch the game. Done. Please note, again, only you (and players with the same modification) can see your custom national flag. It will appear on all ships that are of your nation, or join a battle on your nation's team. Index of file names: France - flag_0006_Fr.tex Espana - flag_0005_Sp_00001.tex OR flag_0005_Sp.tex Pirates - flag_0011_Pirate.tex Great Britain - flag_0003_UK_white.tex VP - flag_0010_Dutch.tex Denmark - flag_0009_Denmrk.tex Sverige - flag_0007_Sweden.tex USA - flag_0001_US_v2.tex Russia - russian_empire.tex Prussia - prussia.tex Poland - polish.tex Neutral - flag_9999_NoTeam.tex If you have questions about this guide, or anything else, please contact me either through the forums, in-game, or on Discord at: Ove Gjedde#6111 And please like if this helped you. Shameless self promotion is my thing.
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    Because why not? @admin @Ink please give us a key to hide circles in portbattles so we get more of these vids
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    Most likey this is post #200 about this, but here goes. A casual look back over the "Great Battles" thread will pretty much tell a common tale of how typically the side with more DLC ships, wins. The DLC ships are OP for their battle rating and in the case of the requin, the sail profile with pirate rig refit just makes them stupid easy to act as circle cappers and point deniers. I'm ok with DLC ships being OP on the open water. I'm not OK with them affecting the outcome of port battles. Pre - DLC we would have multiple shallow battles a week. Last week there was 1. Tonight at Jobe the pirates took 5 DLC ships into the Port battle to deny and contest circles. It worked, rather easily. Myself and Wraith occupied the southern circle with 2 requins and the french, with 2 bellonas, a herc and a MB in the circle with us, were not able to even close to sinking or demasting us. It's stupid and unfortunately bringing these ships is now necessary. The battles are boring and no longer dynamic. And this is coming from the guy who won the battle. I'm sure the french are even more frustrated. Granted they made a laundry list of mistakes in there, but they had no counter to double requins in the circles (other than bring more requins..). @admin @Ink, it's time to fix this shit before RVR dies out even more.
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    Portbattle: When you're on a fast ship but ordered to sail in line with first rates.
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    New DLC in next patch Available for PB
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    I sometimes have a question: Why play and watch movies, if it's better to go to the forum Naval Action
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    In recent days honest and hard working folk are no longer safe to sail around Mortimer in trade missions without a risk of getting attacked by a pesky scourge of the sea, Pirates of the WTF clan. We need to remedy this inconvenience and return Carribean to a safe and peaceful place it once was. Hereby, a Great Manhunt is announced! For every Pirate from WTF Clan sank around the area of Mortimer, a great prize awaits! First 20 screenshots of sunken pirates (5+ rate, not including Hercules) will get a prize of 1.5 million of gold (per screenshot of a battle). A captain who sinks most BR until 5th August will receive this marvellous Golden L'Ocean: Captains who archieve glorious deeds will win additional prizes. In order to qualify Post a screenshot here, with a list of sunken pirates, and a message visible in chat "you've been Manhunted!". Screenshots must have this message for verification. It's enough if one WTF member is sunk. It needs to be a 5th rate or above, excluding Hercules. You can find WTF Clan around Mortimer, Ocean Bright, Islet, Salina Polint, La Tortue. ps. Only clan members can apply. Any evidence of farming or faking screen shots will be DISQUALIFIED and all evidence turned to admin for due punishment. pps. for L'ocean prize to be handed over at least 3k br or 10 smaller ships need to be sank by captains altogether. Leaderboard Banished Privateer: Bellona, Inger, Aga bounty earned: 3 mil Liq: Bellona bounty earned: 1.5 mil Centrofox Wasa bounty earned: 1.5 mil Knobby: Buc x 2, Santi, bellona bounty earned: 1.5 mil GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN Trincomalee bounty earned: 1.5 mil
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    Little Harbour PB (1813 - colourized)
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    This bug is going to be fixed next big patch. We replied on July 13. It does not really creates money from thin air (as you still have to buy goods), but it indeed allows you to get the gross margins faster and do it in ships everybody ignores. We are not worried about it because money and resources will be wiped on release of the game. So gains received right now have no long term influence on economy Economic patch is not 3 months late. We never promise any dates
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    @admin Any chance we can get spectator slots for port battles ?
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    Flags are coded in and DLC will be added in the next patch. As players have proposed a great variety of flags some will also be available in loot too.
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    is there a donation button for the Speed trials society? I am sure a lot of people will donate to keep up updated especially with the release coming closer and closer.
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    what if.... PvE server had "duel mutual accept - attack! accept! RoE" 1v1 PvP ? - removes the need for mutual accepted "green on green" instances - adds a simple pvp layer to pve without changing the nature of server - not mandatory and everyone is safe from pvp unless accepted
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    Something I would really like to see as a low priority suggestion for the game is the ability to have a complete viewer for the ship models in game. We are lucky here to have the best ship models available of any naval game I have come across, it seems a shame not to emphasise the art involved a bit more and giving players the ability to properly look at the full shape of the ships we have without the clunkiness of using free cam with water in the way. I would really like to see a sketchfab type system where you can properly move the camera around the ships to fully enjoy what the art designers have provided for us, for the sake of simplicity it would be good to see it as a feature of ports, but I understand that developing this idea would suck away resources from the game itself. Take these examples from Sketchfab, how great would it be to see this kind of feature available in the game with the fully textured beautiful models we have. https://sketchfab.com/models/ca7d542c808e42fc931e60b731d3a96e https://sketchfab.com/models/e29f5923f97b484eb965ace28f19ece9 https://sketchfab.com/models/1aafe7df3f21434fba578e44880a1231 https://sketchfab.com/models/ff599e254a59404cb01f3ce81f689cc1 https://sketchfab.com/models/97c5c859b5d944cc8fa31cd21f95a1b9 Freecam in comparison is very limited to shots like these, which while you do get to explore the ships very nicely it would be great to go further and have a more optimised system for properly examining ships, especially one that you could potentially toggle water on or off. Here are some shots I managed to achieve of Requin (please don't judge me, I'm just using it to quickly get from a-b). Note the way the water gets in the way of the hull form shots, something I would personally like to see avoided when examining the workmanship in what goes into the NA models, while the free cam is also quite clunky to use, and those of us who aren't so well practised in it you can rarely get the screenshots you want, especially shots where the sails are deployed, because using freecam on the move is beyond my skill and patience, even into the wind where things are much slower. It would also be great to add some proper lighting to this system so you can adjust sun and light effects to get the ship view you really want, rather than having to rely on the OW weather. To achieve this idea you could probably refit the mechanics from NA Legends, where the ship is sitting in the dock screen, you could call it something like Architects view, Surveyor's view or Dry Dock Examination, it would add a lot of enjoyment to myself, and I imagine the portion of the game's audience who are very into the ships themselves, here for the artwork more than the gameplay too. Its probably also worth noting that the Museum mode in Assassins Creed Origins was a massive success, with it being used by various people to view the world of ancient Egypt in a really nice electronic form, something that could also be of great value to certain groups of people with a high degree of interest in ships and naval history, maybe even bringing in some new revenue from a new audience, allowing for more money to be reinvested in the game itself. Thank you for reading What are your thoughts?
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    Капитаны, Мы практически завершили работы на портовым интерфейсом и планируем его скоро выдать. Ниже перечислены изменения, связанные с миссиями, которые будут реализованы в течение следующих 2-3 обновлений (возможно, первые изменения в игре будут уже с обновлением портового интерфейса). Операции Операции - это набор задач, которые необходимо выполнить для достижения крупной награды Каждый игрок должен будет начать выполнять задание "Welcome to the Caribbean", которое откроет последующие задания, миссии и т .п. Операции по захвату позволят нациям выполнять нациям специальные задания (например - захватить город, регион или целый остров). Боевые миссии Боевые мисси станут более разнообразными. Изжившие себя ранги миссий будут удалены из игры. Будут добавлены миссии по охоте в открытом море Некоторые миссии потребуют от вас идти на определенном корабле и найти определенную цель Некоторые миссии потребуют от вас найти определенный груз в трюме захваченных кораблей Экономические миссии Миссии по доставке будут возвращены Будут добавлены миссии по строительству кораблей и производству пушек Агенты в городах Первоначально в каждом порту будет по 3 агента Миссии будут зависеть от размера города и, возможно, налогов. Как только игрок закончит все миссии в городе, ему необходимо будет найти другой город Улучшенные испытания Первым испытанием будет охота в открытом море (подробности позже) Турниры Первым турниром будет дуэльный - аналогичный тому, который использовался в Naval Action Legends В следующем обновлении миссии станут более разнообразными. Боевые испытания и дуэльный турнир также могут попасть в обновление. По традиции, мы делимся с вами скриншотами обновленного интерфейса. Улучшение скорости и качества разработки игры стало возможно благодаря @sterner, который теперь помогает контролировать производство игры до официального выпуска.
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    Hello again all, I would like to mention the progress we have so far with Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts. The game is mostly finalized in its innovative ship design mechanics and more features will make it deeper the coming months. The Ship Designer will allow players to construct and customize their own ships and will influence greatly the outcome of battles. During the campaign you will feel the tension of the Naval Arms race in a continuous struggle to construct the most powerful ships against major nations. The combat model is about 60% ready and needs more technology effects to become even more interesting, and this where we will focus in the next 1-2 months. We shall finalize all possible technologies related with ship designer and polish all the tech mechanics in the interface. After all that, we will concentrate our efforts in the campaign map were players must have many interesting choices, blended with numerous historical events and what ifs. To answer the question of @JagEngland, the player so far does not have the option to move his fleet freely on the map, but we plan to implement a wide battle map interface where tactically he will have large freedom to maneuver during a tactical battle. As we add more and more features to the game, 3D modelling progresses steadily. Here are two more art teasers, showing two Pre-Dreadnought Models that are a work in progress.