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    Captains Patch is being deployed today (might take a while). Contents include Unity 5. New ships Wasa - ship note for combat marks L'Hermione - ship note for combat marks Prince Neufchatel - blueprint + permit Life improvements and better rewards Improved rewards for pve and pvp - to give better ability to recover losses Reduced XP for knowledge slots Reduced weights for ship building resources to minimize travel times (approximately) Pirates can now enter neutral towns Number of free towns dropped to 9 to reduce ganking and sealclubbing near capitals. Most free towns have became neutral towns. Neutral towns now give missions Admiralty store Prices for skill books reduced Prices for permits reduced Victory mark conversion lowered Reverse victory mark conversion added National Taxation National cities started to charge tax for all purchases or sales using money (inlcuding private trade and contracts This is required to support maintenance of reinforcement fleets. All uncapturable cities now provide amazing support for nationals of those cities if you were attacked in the vicinity of those ports by an enemy of your nation Clan taxation Clans controlling the port can lower taxes Clans controlling ports have to pay maintenance (which was previously paid by the governments) Clans can increase port maintenance to add the following improvements Open access to port to everyone (declaring it neutral) Reduce labor hour costs in the town Increase NPC goods supply in the town Benefits and numbers are for testing purposes and might change If maintenance cost is not paid the town will turn back to neutral as government officials will abandon the town if not paid. Hostility missions we brought back to give clear and easy way to get hostility to 100% without mindless searching for NPCs. Hostility missions are back, but only spawn in the vicinity of the town Approximate number of missions to raise hostility to 100% - 4.5 missions (each mission has 10 NPC enemies) PVP kills also count towards hostility. Port battle entry rights is limited to captains who are members of clans to allow conquest players better control on who enters the port battles. Port battles are now set up by clans for the nation Clans and guilds can add other clans of the same nation to friend lists (allies) Only players in clans on the friend lists (allies) can enter port battles set up by the clan Because hostility system and port control system have changed drastically - map was reset. Other fixes and changes and tunings More than 150+ bugs fixed. Post will be updated if we forgot to add something. list of uncapturable regions The rest of the ports turn neutral Please discuss. Update 18th September Patch update message (main post updated too) Hotfixes done over last week (including today) Cities set as neutral by clans will have their own unique marker Cities set as neutral by clans allow outpost construction and place contracts Port battle attack limit set as 3 per enemy nation (it was temporary remove during last weekend to give some more freedom). Previous limit of total 3 port battles was too small. Production bonuses now work both on trading resources (more trading resources spawn in the city) and on production in buildings (more volume can be mined or grown) Other fixes Hostility quests disappear from the list of available if your nation has already set 3 port battles for one enemy nation. Teleport is allowed to free towns Forged papers allow usage in free towns and neutral towns Nation descriptions and difficulty levels added player creation description. Update 21 September Changed the icon for available for all ports (so they look less ugly) Removed hostility missions for ports that cannot gain hostility Hacked in the bigger limit for the number of neutral town port battles Improved bonuses for clan controlled ports Added new upgrade French Gunner Added new upgrade French Gunnery Sergeant Added blueprints for French gunners and french gunnery sergeant Several tunings to trading were done (improving chances to find profitable trades) Reduced the distance for hostility missions from the pier by 15% Fixed bug that limited national reinforcement zones by other cities Fixed bug that craft did not work if item was supposed to receive a Labor hour bonus Fixed bug that did not update craft info after teleport from outpost to outpost Fixed bug limiting stone production Fixed bug that did not let players exit the Available for All ports Fixed bug closing the missions near free towns immediately Fixed decals bug on Radeon video cards Fixed several other graphical bugs Other fixes and tunings
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    Hello Everyone Game Labs have been working on a new product in secret this year. Today we can provide some information about the game. This Land Is My Land is a single player open world stealth action game with a living hostile environment. You will play as an Native American fighter. The game will feature several innovative mechanics that we believe will increase variety and create surprises every play-through. Living developing world that grows on its own constantly trying to counter player actions to win the game. World will grow differently every time you start the game: towns and camps will grow differently, patrols will change routes, enemies behavior will change Enemies will learn and react to your actions intelligently so you will have to change your strategy on the fly. For more information please follow us on Facebook Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thislandmyland/ Web: www.thislandmyland.com Some screenshots PS: this land is my land is a working title and might change in the future
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    Update is being deployed today 21st Septemeber. Changed the icon for available for all ports (so they look less ugly) Removed hostility missions for ports that cannot gain hostility Hacked in the bigger limit for the number of neutral town port battles Improved bonuses for clan controlled ports Added new upgrade French Gunner Added new upgrade French Gunnery Sergeant Added blueprints for French gunners and french gunnery sergeant Several tunings to trading were done (improving chances to find profitable trades) Reduced the distance for hostility missions from the pier by 15% Fixed bug that limited national reinforcement zones by other cities Fixed bug that craft did not work if item was supposed to receive a Labor hour bonus Fixed bug that did not update craft info after teleport from outpost to outpost Fixed bug limiting stone production Fixed bug that did not let players exit the Available for All ports Fixed bug closing the missions near free towns immediately Fixed decals bug on Radeon video cards Fixed several other graphical bugs Other fixes and tunings
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    I searched the forums about logbooks, but did not find what i was searching there, so i make this new thread. It would add a lot of atmosphere if each ship has an logbook, logging when and who crafted it, when it was traded/capped, the kills made with this ship. As an example, the logbook of my Wappen could look like this, after Tommy Shelby capped it from me (we all know thats completely impossible!!): Crafted by Fury (Sverige) on July 29th 1801. Traded to sveno (Sverige) on July 30th 1801 . Kills: - Danish 5 ships. - French 8 ships. - Pirates 3 ships. Capped by Tommy Shelby (Danmark-Norge) on August 30th 1801. Kills: - None Like this, ships have something special, a history, for some even a value. Make it accessible over the OW menu, with an additional button "Ships Log Book".
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    what we found is this hardcore players will always find the ways to make millions normal players suffer increasing the faucet (that was cut) will not change anything for hardcore players, but will allow normal players with shorter available time to achieve things they want. game should value player's time and we went in wrong direction in may
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    Leaders of the European nations, Colonial leaders and USA agreed to a weight system change. As a result all ship building goods weights will be reduced by 3 compared to an old system. Captains are advised to avoid active hauling of ship building goods before the patch as they will have to haul 2-3x less after it
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    Captains. We need to fill 3 gaps in the ship line up. Please propose ships for the consideration. Requirements in broadside guns Light frigates 32-36 guns (we have no ships in this range) Heavy frigates 50-60 guns (we only have trincomalee and constitution in this range) 3rd rates 70-80 guns (we only have 1.5 ships in this range) All other gun counts will not be considered Nation preference Dutch Portuguese Venetian Other great models will also be allowed but we would prefer underrepresented nations. Important update We won't accept long lists of ships. We want YOU to make a choice. Lists will be ignored. Please if you are interested in a certain ship getting into a game. List that ship alone.
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    We plan to deploy the patch to NA OW with all the visual fixes hopefully next week. And then will finalize legends for closed testing with those who applied. Its very very soon basically.
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    very soon indeed as we said - first small group will be invited to test if new backend does not totally fail. then invite all NA owners. actually first small group would be invited next week.
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    Sweden declares war on Great Britain The tobacco is gone, nothing left, nowhere in Sweden and we smoked all of the reserves in Hispaniola. And - we cant get it over our heart to take the tobacco away from the women of pleasure in Guadalupe. Now, as we know that south Cuba has the best tobacco in the Caribbean, we see ourselves pushed to declare war on the British Empire. This war will be know as the Great Tobacco Crisis. So be it - lets have some fun - erm, let the salt flow. In the name of the Swedish Council, Konteramiral sveno
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    2 things are the main priorities now user interface localization
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    Urgent dispatch Due to unforeseen political and financial upheaval in Europe; nations are abandoning the majority of ports in the Caribbean. Majority of local governments are planning to finish withdrawal by Monday. The overall view is that chartered companies and clans will take over the port control on their behalf. There are some precautions a wise captain might take. If your assets or your business is located on Martinique & Santa Lucie Saint Barthelemy St Croix island Jamaica and Pedro Cay Curacao willemstad and other ABC Islands Belize (only belize city) Inagua Great and Little West Cuba Coast (up to Cayo Romano) Vera Cruz Area Louisiana USA coast above Florida 9 Freetowns Aves Great Corn El Rancho Tumbado Shroud Cay La Tortue La Mona Dariena Guayaguayare Example - Having assets in matanzas on west cuba If your assets are in these above-mentioned ports are safe if you are a captain of the original nation of that region. (For example - West Cuba - and you are Spanish). If you are a young american captain who had business in Matanzas (in west cuba) you will only be able to get access to your business as a smuggler in a trading ship. Access to other cities/areas is not safe and going to turn neutral (governments will abandon them). If you business or ships or other assets is located elsewhere (including not mentioned free towns). They are not safe because you might lose access to them due to fast conquer. Cities are abandoned by the governments and are free for the taking by clans and companies acting on behalf of their nation. Please move resources if you are not sure your town will be defended by its original owners. This event will also affect prices for permits that might go down quite significantly. Please avoid purchasing permits or buying victory marks until monday. Rumors exist that local clerks will be accepting forged papers even from very suspicious sources.
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    @Peter Goldman PvP rewards in form of books, prints etc unfortunately get too many options for exploits. But we understand the frustration and are looking for ways to provide alternatives.
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    All ships in game are provided for early access testing and all ships will be in game on release in 3 forms. Fully available, Available in Admiralty for certain actions (like combat marks), Premium ships(or gift ships). (if the decision to have premium ships is made). We cannot add premium ships during early access as we are afraid of the potential backlash - but if users request we can reconsider. We will add remove ships from time to time during early access. Removal of ships from line ups will stop happening on release. Once ship is in game it will be in game forever without any removals. Rattlesnake was not removed to hurt anybody. Rattlesnake will of course come back. Final ship line up will only be known on release. Please be patient and forgiving before that
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    If you want people to get to pvp fast you have to give players an option to recover losses fast.
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    If we are talking since the beginning of OW. There is only 3 clans i can think of that really earned a nomination. SLRN, RUS, and DAS. (Not in a particular order). Why would i say one of the 3? Its simple really. In their "Prime" so to speak they did about 2-5 "Port Battles" (25v25 SoL Fights) a day. They fought like hell and a ton of different tactics were tried. This went on for something like 4-6 months. All 3 clans managed to capture large amounts of the map (Equal to the amounts that newer RvR clans such as SORRY managed.) The difference being that SLRN, RUS and DAS fought hundreds of 25v25 SoL Battles against each other, each battle they became better and better. Truly battle hardened Port Battle fleets. The newer RvR clans however haven't fought a whole lot of 25v25 SoL Battles, and the ones they have fought have usually been against inexperienced, disorganized teams made up of several different clans. @manuva85 @Snoopy @freddykrueger66 @BABAY @SteelSandwich @Capt Bubbles @Konali89
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    Why did players leave? - @admin/Devs listened to a small, but vocal minority of players on the forums that wanted this game to become more hardcore and more like sailing simulator......and ruined the game. Unfortunately the majority of us did not want the game to turn NA into a 2nd job and didn't have the inclination to commit the time necessary. In short, these guys thought removing stuff like map coordinates would make the came more immersive and recapture fond memories past of when they first started playing. I didn't. I just made the lives harder for the newer players, which is a demographic this game struggles to keep. These players have kinda held the game hostage saying "Nelson didn't have this and Nelson didn't have that".....well you know what. Nelson didn't have port battle timer restrictions and didn't have 3 servers to play on. He also didn't have a 3 minute timer preventing players from joining his battles. Realism doesn't always = Playability. I hope some of you see that now. - Major changes vs small changes. It seems like every major patch one system goes and another is introduced. Whatever happened to tweaking a system to make it work instead of just going scorched earth and implementing a whole new system every time. Right after the fine woods went away and compass wood was the "main" resource in shipbuilding seemed to be an economy that could of been built upon. Instead dupegate happened and the server had to be wiped and an entirely new system was implemented that no one asked for. Build upon your successes and work on fixing the failures instead of just testing new things over and over. - Player population. This is always going to be a niche demographic of players. Age of Sail combat sims won't ever be as popular as something like PUBG. It will never be the new EVE. For a game that fields a daily population of 2000 players or less, 3 servers is simply spreading the butter too thin on too large a piece of toast. 2 servers should of been shut down a year ago and a solution should of been found to sustain players on one server. Players seem to forget this is early access. Most early access games don't have multiple testing servers (especially this size of a population). Most early access Devs don't cater to one demographic of players who are mad because the game gets played while they are asleep. Life goes on. - Lack of progress. I've been playing the game for over a year now and I don't feel as if the game is 1 step closer to release than the first day I started. Actually I think it's worse off in a number of ways. This community has been patient. Far more patient that other communities I've been apart of. Even the most ardent of fans lose interest after a while if no real progress is made. I also feel like admin seems to use this "early access" excuse a bit too much. UI hasn't been worked on? Oh it's early access. Not enough ships? Early access. If you've been in early access for a couple of years, it's kinda time to shit or get off the pot. With the announcement of NA Legends, many players seem to think that the dev team has given up on NA in favor of Legends and the game is dying a very slow death. It is and it seems like NA is no longer the focus. In summary, the game lacks meaningful and diverse content. We've had several patches that changed things around, but fundamentally the game has not changed. No real new aspects of the game were introduced. No exploration missions, no REAL new pirate mechanics, no raids....we've had a couple of lazy PVP circles and treasure fleets and they simply were not enough to keep the community interested. The devs also seem to go half in and half out of the sandbox approach. If this is designed to be a true sandbox game, then we should not have 3 servers and we should not have conquest restriction timers....but we do. If players are supposed to generate the content of the game, thats fine. But you need to let us generate said content with minimal restrictions OR you need to provide the player base with content if they are not able to create enough of it. Basically even after a couple of years Naval Action still hasn't figured out what kinda game it's trying to be....and we're tired of waiting.
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    100% OMG danish player is farming xp on calling pve reinforcements - plz fix NOW and ban denmark OMG pirate players are shooting each other plz BAN now and ban pirates make them sail gunboats only OMG players come to port battles in captured 3rd rates (full pb) omg ban them remove capture we want empty PBs thats one more reason players are leaving. stop whining. enjoy the ships and vast open sea.. like nelson did
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    This is a topic for work in progress shots and stories about the game we have been tinkering with for the last 3-4 months These are very very early WIP on the images that are generated for the ship recognition books from the 3d ship designer, that will give players full control over the ship design and visualize it all in 3d. Player will be able to place main turrets, secondary turrets, casemate turrets, superstructures, masts, funnels, and decide on the shape of the hull, armor, barbette placement… All having historical constraints naturally limiting the players from creating strange and impossible monsters. All affecting ship performance in combat and movement. If we are able to achieve even 50% of what we want this will be a revolution in battleship games. Hope you enjoy it. Sorry for lower quality of the recognition book drafts but we can't show the rest.
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    yes we will add this in the next 1-2 patches.
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    I worked in WG from when they had 100 players until they had 100 mln players. Once we make 2bln dollars like WOT, i guarantee we will have a good port picture too .
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    Since yesterday Sweden got a meme already
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    Wrong. Removal of duras made it possible to live with boarding ships and using them. Before 1 dura you couldnt sell the ships you boarded and they were just useless. And respawning next port with the same ship after it sank was stupid. And building 5 ships to get a entire pb fleet of shallow ships was stupid etc. etc. 1 dura was a realy good decicion devs made
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    @admin @Ink There is still a limit of 3 Port Battles per day for a nation. Right now almost all nations have 3 Port Battles and many ports have 100% hostility... The limit should be removed. This kills RvR, because we don't have regional port battles anymore, but individual ports. Please, remove the limit before maintenance and hostility drop after it.
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    I was hoping once the PvP game play has been established in a such way most PvP'ers are satisfied, the developers would turn their attention to the PvE server and its community. Though it is small compared to the PvP's, I strongly believe it will increase and retain a lot of players if improved and marketed appropriately, maybe more as an Age of sail MMO trade and combat Sim with Cooperative battles and interactive player driven economy. Most of the ideas here are from other players that have posted in this forum, my only contribution is limited and mostly consist of my personal take of other contributors' ideas. This is what I would suggest to improve the PvE server. Most of what is listed is already in place or was in place at some point in the past. I'm hoping this will start a good discussion on how to make the PvE server viable past the 12-18 months life span advanced by the devs during the server merger discussion a few months ago. I have already discussed the potential of the PvE server thanks to its particular community and it's different game play, see post below: So, here we go! Please discuss and provide constructive feedback and suggestions that would make the PvE server more attractive to non PvP game play focused players. Career paths: Trader: cargo hold bonus, shipping fees discounts, less combat perks availability Navy Officer: combat XP bonus, crew bonus, more combat perks availability Crafter: resource/crafting mats discounts, LH/Craft XP bonus, less combat perks availability Other suggestions welcome. REPUTATION system: Piracy: Attacking nations other than the ones you are at war with turns you into a pirate. Privateering: If spain is at war with Britain, get a privateering licence from Spain, then attack British ships as a privateer and earn Reputation with Spain, this will not turn you into a pirate since you had a license/Letter of Mark against Britain. Trading: Only with nations at peace, Neutrals, Free Ports. Smuggling: No longer risk free, enemy warships will "randomly" attack you near enemy ports (AI aggressiveness). If you see an enemy ship alter it's course and heads towards you, you know it spotted/recognized you as a smuggler. Run away, when distance between enemy ship reaches a certain value, enemy ship abandons chase. Enemy Nation's "Customs ships" remain within a certain distance/radius from ports, if entering "customs zone" doesn't attract enemy warship then you are safe to smuggle goods in/out that port. If enemy ships starts chasing you, sail away till you leave the "customs zone", then chase is dropped. So players are not indefinitely chased down by AI ships. No need for circles like in PB's though, you know you got out of the zone, when enemy ship gives up chase. Out Posts: In any National, Neutral and Free Ports. Also in Nation at peace. If you have an OP in a friendly nation, then war breaks out, you won't lose it but can't use it either until peace returns. Aggressive AI: 1- Hot Spots or aggressive AI zones: Depending on state of war with other nations, hot spots may spawn randomly for a limited amount of time in different areas and those zones will show up on the Map. They will consist of AI enemy privateers/Fleets cruising in those zones and attacking unescorted/poorly escorted Players' trade ships or warships depending on a BR scale to be determined. Obviously an AI Pickle or Privateer is not going to attack a player's Constitution. Traders/Crafters may elect to avoid those areas or escort their trade ships for protection. 2- "Notorious pirate spotted in this region" Mission: AI pirates in good quality ships will cruise in limited areas for a limited time, attacking player's unescorted trade ships posing a threat to players trade routes. Taking on the mission to go and hunt down that notorious pirate will provide good XP/gold (depending on player's BR) and Marks, upgrades, books or whatnot. 3- Customs zones listed above will also be part of the more aggressive AI to spice up the game play. More Challenging OW combat: Escorts for AI traders: t-cutter with 1 or 2 7th rates, t-snow with 1-2 6th rates, t-brigs with 2-3 6th rates. Occasional Indiaman with really valuable goods, but escorted with tougher squadron. Making capping/looting traders worthwhile. Encourage player crafted ships: Limit capturable AI ships to poor quality (fir warships, slow traders). Better AI ships should be lootable only, but not capturable in order to encourage "better" player-built ships on the market. Shipping: Instead of "TelePorting", which is more like a Startrek thing than an age of sail, we may implement a way of transporting goods through "shipping" instead. Shipping may be limited/restricted to increase the challenge, maybe 1-2 shipments per server day/reset. Also make it so it takes more or less (see below) the same amount of time a player would take to sail from port A to port B. If it takes 1.5 RL hours to go from Cton to Habana, then the shipment should take about the same time. 1- Shipping goods through third party traders (25-30% faster than player sailing his/her own ships): 1.1- From friendly (not at war) port with or without OP to own OP: maybe up to 4,000 tons (an Indiaman): $10-15/ton. 1.2- From friendly (not at war) port with or without OP to another player's OP: up to 2,000 tons at $20-25/ton. 1.3- No shipping from hostile ports. To make Free ports maybe more interesting, they could ship for less. Other suggestions are welcome. 2- Shipping goods through player's own ships: a player can use a single trader (up to an indiaman) to "ship" his goods from OP to OP only. Once selected, the ship and the goods will travel "in the background", while the player is free to craft, do combat missions, hunt other ships in the OW or sail another trader/fleet on a trade run. During the shipping, the player won't have access to the ship/goods until they arrive to destination. This is free, but not as fast as through third party shipping. Hostility/wars/alliances: Instead of the current static diplomatic situation, where everyone is at war with everyone (except free towns and neutrals), we may try a variable/changing diplomatic status. Nations randomly create alliances and wars that last a few RL days. Players will refer to "Diplomacy tab" to find out what the status is: Peace (self explanatory), Tension (war is about to break out within 1-2 or 2-3 RL days), War (self explanatory). According to one's prestige with a particular nation, a player can build an OP in that nation if his/her nation is at peace with it. If a nation is at war with the player's nation, the OP remains, but player can not access it until peace returns. During the "Tension" phase, a player has to prepare and take care of business in his OP before the war breaks out, otherwise, he/she has to wait it out. Trade goods redistribution: Currently, most profitable goods are in National capitals. Most profitable routes are from national capitals to other national capitals with a few exceptions. Goods bought in Charleston can not be sold in any other US port with any substantial profit and vice versa. In order to diversify the trade routes and help new players make some profits early one, maybe change the price gradient to correspond to the distance traveled. Resource production/Crafting: Maybe give ports certain roles/specializations: Nation Capitals (Industrial center): allowed buildings: Workshop, Shipyard. Regional Capitals (Labor center): allowed buildings: Extra Labor Office. Dependent ports (Resource center): allowed buildings: Mines, Forests...etc National Trade Goods: Spawning in regional ports (not Capitals). Transporting them to player's national/regional capitals on short trade runs with early traders (trade cutter) will provide some profit margin to get started and build up early cash capital to purchase bigger traders, warships...etc. Transporting goods farther to foreign nation capitals should obviously provide better profit margins/returns depending on distance traveled and/or port consumption. Resource Production: Any resource required for crafting should be player produced only. This will encourage player driven economy. No resource or crafted goods should be produced by AI (maybe only in AI ships to be looted!). Woods such as Live Oak, Sabicu, Caguairan...etc, should also be produced by players (I think they are already in the crafting Menu). These "premium" ship building materials should be distributed in such a way to encourage international trade during peace time and smuggling in war time. Guns (aka cannons): Only Basic (free) and medium 4 pders are available in Shops. Everything else is either looted from AI ships or player produced in players' workshops. Crafting: Should provide some craft XP to CRAFTERS. Crafting materials that require another crafted material and/or more than one resource should provide craft XP. Not much, but not zero like it is now. EDIT 1: Taxes (from Patch 11.0) and Smuggling: Most of us PvE'ers have been railing about these taxes which have been cutting 20% into our profits. However, one of the reasons smuggling existed was that people did not want to pay them. So, this is what I thought about the new Smuggling system: if successful, players smuggling into hostile, neutral or friendly ports will not pay Taxes on traded goods. This adds an incentive and a usefulness to smuggle goods in and out of ports. Remember, smuggling is no longer the passive/safe activity we have been conducting till now (see Smuggling, Customs Zones above). This is how new smuggling is envisioned: 1- Smuggling is activated/deactivated while on a ship, not in port so it is not on all the time when checked in a home port. Reasoning: if the smuggler flag is on all the time, then a ship sailing through a Customs Zone, but not necessarily trying to enter that port will be attacked by the Customs Patrol Ship. A ship with smuggler flag on coming back to a home port will also be attacked by the Customs Patrol Ship of the player's own nation. So smuggling is activated when a player plans to enter a Hostile/Friendly port to deliver/acquire goods and avoid paying taxes for a larger profit. 2- A player activates the smuggler flag when approaching a port, if the Customs Patrol does not bear on his ship or if his ship is not drawn into a shore battle instance where his ship is pounded by shore artillery , then the player is safe to continue on into the port and all transactions (buy/sell) are tax free. If the player is spotted as a smuggler and chased down by the customs patrol or shot at by the shore batteries, then the player sails out of the Customs area, and deactivates the smuggler flag and tries again. Obviously, the player will not be able to enter a hostile port without the smuggler flag, but will enter friendly ports and conduct trade and pay Taxes. For Customs Zones: the same "Areas Protected By..." can be used as Customs Zones where there will be Customs Patrol Ships that will be triggered by Enemy Trade ships or Friendly traders with the Smuggling flag activated: Smuggling should be a feature of the Merchant/Trader career path. Navy Officer and Crafter can not smuggle goods, they will have other features/benefits. Also, the trader will have at his disposal a Perk that decreases the likelihood of being discovered and can be used as one of the 5 perks...something like "Corrupt Customs Officer". More Ideas to come...
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    I am playing Naval Action for around thousand hours, my choice being to be a trader for the French EDR clan. This message just giving my present conclusions and feedback. First of all, who are traders? Two main types: 1- Players who are making money for their clan or for their own. This money will later be used for mining, crafting, purchasing upgrades and blue prints, etc. Finally, this money will go to PvP and RvR. 2- Players who are just accumulating money. They do nothing with it, but accumulating. Such people exist in real life, they exist in Naval Action too. They are simply playing the way they prefer, and this is fair enough for me! I do not want to blame them, nor to chase them out of the game, nor to oblige them to change (they would simply leave the game). What are traders giving to the game? When traders are sailing, they are targets for enemy PvP. Enemy players (let’s call them “Corsairs”) will try and chase them, because they are easy and valuable targets. As a consequence, defence squadrons (let’s call them “Cruisers”) shall sail out of allied ports to try and counter-chase Corsairs. As a result, more traders you have, more PvP you create. If you have more traders in game, you will have more corsairs, more cruisers, more PvP, more fun and at the end, more players. Increasing the number of traders can be a key for increasing the number of players. With a difficult trading, the number of players will decrease. What are the major difficulties met by traders? In fact, the question is “What can you trade?” You have two choices: 1- You buy goods somewhere and sell them somewhere else at a higher price 2- You craft goods and carry them where you can sell at the best price. I am practicing both, but 85% of my profits are coming from solution 2 (using my own mines and plantations), and very little by solution 1. This is probably what is discouraging a lot of new players, who are just discovering the game. Trying to make money to buy their first ships (intuitive choice isn’t it?), they sail from arbour to arbour, finding few things to purchase, requesting sometimes help on chats. At a moment, they are ganged by a corsair group and often, leave the game… Buying contracts In most French ports (and probably others), most of valuable goods for trading are “locked” by buying contracts placed by players. Today, you can’t find anything to buy in Castries, Fort-Royal, Kingstown, Bridgestone, Saint Joseph, Carriacou, down to Guayaguayare, because there are contracts on everything. One of the most toxic French “contract placer” was simply teleporting from port to port and killing all each existing contract placed by others by over placing another one, one single gold higher. His only movements, to free towns, were in basic cutter. From times to times and at moments when few people were in game, he collected his goods and transported it in Fort-Royal, using three Indianmans. Because of the quantity transported, the selling price of these goods were reduced to one gold the day after (and often for several days). We tried to negotiate with him, without success because his only target in game was to accumulate money. So, we decided to “kill” all his purchasing contracts, by systematically adding 1 gold on. The target was to oblige him to more fair-play, the result was he left the game... How to increase simply the trading activities? Simply by deleting the possibility of placing buying contracts on goods popped-up by NPC (non-crafted goods). This would cancel the toxic behaviours without obliging the “money accumulators” to leave the game. Do not add limitations to “money accumulators”. These players have strange objectives in game, but they are participating to the game, they are traders, they are targets for corsairs, cruisers will defend them, etc. They are contributing to the fantastic story of Naval Action… New players will find something to purchase and somewhere to sell, it will be easier for them, more will stay with us. Please don’t forget that, with more players, the quantities of goods generated in ports will have to be adjusted. Hoping that would help…
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    Sweden declares war on France. It is locally limited to Guadalupe down to Terre de Bas & Camp du Roy. Reason: Guadalupe hookers are the best in the Caribbean. This war will be known as the Great Hooker War. o7
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    Captured ports with revenue Map The most profitable port is Cartagena de Indias (AHOY) 547055 The most unprofitable port is Victoria ( TEARM) -99215
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    Once upon a time, in an era long gone, OW PvP was the main focus of the game and RvR a secondary focus. Those were the days of true glory and honor. Those were the days where there was room for all kinds of players (Solo, Small group, medium group, large group). Alas, those were the days.. Those days are long gone and the game has since then turned its focus on 2 things; RvR and time consuming crafting. Today, these days, the solo PvP'er and all those who enjoy OW PvP are told to "wait for Legends". And while that might be what some are looking for, a lot of the OW PvP'ers in NA don't want Legends. They want NA OW PvP, because it is unique in its own way, NA OW PvP is not just a copy of some Arena type game. The thrill of sailing through the OW never knowing if you will encounter a lone trade, a lone frigate, a small group of frigates, a lone Man of War or a whole fleet of them. You never know if you must hunt, fight, or flee. The OW PvP'ers might settle for Legends but really, it is not what most of them want... They want these days, to become those days again. I and many others still hope that some day, we will return to those days.
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    you are one of those people who only reserve the right for direct criticism for themselves. Such people are not welcome here as we don't tolerate double standards and demand forum members to treat everyone equally. You won't be missed.
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    For Dutch, The Vrijheid 74 gun The 7 Provinciën 74 gun Prins Friso 50 gun The Leeuwenhorst/Edam 56 gun slighty lower gun count but unkown 30 gun for more Dutch ships look at this thanks to steel For more ships take a look at the link:
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    Coming to a shipyard near you soon! The Wasa, by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman. Look no further. Here is the leaked crafting receipt for the new Wasa. A ship that is coming to the game with Unity 5 and which can already be taken for a spin on the testbed server: (click and expand to fullscreen to see full size image) This announcement is sponsored by: To learn about how you can already test out this beautiful new ship devs are giving us - if you haven't already -, follow this link:
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    I think reinforcement zone is a little bigger than needed. We will see if we get the expected result out of it over this and next week. But will adjust its size making it 10-15% smaller. The expected result is: Players can always fall back to rebuild in the safe zone, and will venture out to RVR and pvp more when they think they are ready. The main number we are looking at is retention and steady growth of happiness for the average player who, knowing that he has a safe base to fall back to will be willing to try to pvp more often.
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    This is the successor of my other tutorial, 'Reading a ship plan' and the second of four tutorials (basic hull modelling and basic texturing are next). I´ll take a ship I´ve already modeled as base for this tutorial, the frégate légère La Panthère (HMS Amazon in british service) of 1744. Part 1: Research The first thing you want to do if you found an interesting ship you want to model is to find as many background information on it as possible because it makes the actual modelling much easier. In my case, I found a plan of La Panthère in Boudriot´s 'History of the French Frigate'. It´s not the original french plan (which sadly doesn´t exist anymore according to CATALOGUE DES PLANS DE BÂTIMENTS À VOILES CONSERVÉS DANS LES ARCHIVES DE LA MARINE, probably destroyed by the disastrous fire in the Brest dockyards in 1746), but the plan the british made when they took off their lines after her capture in 1745: The original plan would have been better, as 'as taken off' plans sometimes contain errors. For example, the british plan for La Renommée shows more tumblehome than the original french plan, probably because the thickness of the whales wasn´t properly subtracted when the frames of the body plan were drawn. So, we got the plan from the NMM, now we look for other sources, the best sites are https://digitaltmuseum.se, http://www.maritiemdigitaal.nl/index.cfm?event=page.collections&collection=technischetekeningen and http://www.orlogsbasen.dk/base.htm / https://www.sa.dk/ao-soegesider/da/other/other-collection/40. I was pretty lucky as all three of them have a copy of the british plan of 1745, so I could check each plan for distortions/inaccuracies etc. As it turned out, the plan from the danish archives was the best: It has a few oddities, but more on that later. So, next stop: more research Sister ships, date of launch designer/constructor, dimensions (very important for scaling in a modelling app), service history etc. The best site for the first basic research on a ship is threedecks.org. It shows two entries, one for La Panthère and one for HMS Amazon. I have a danish copy without a scale of the british plan, so I checked the dimensions of Amazon to see if the numbers on the plan are correct: length p/p 115' 6'' breadth moulded 31' depth in hold 10' 2'' The numbers seem to be identical (I also checked the source for the dimensions, British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714 - 1792, just to be safe :P), so we can move on and have a look at the other information on threedecks. The next most important info is who built the ship so we can look for possible sister ships. In La Panthère´s case, that´s Jaques-Luc Coulomb, sous-constructeur under Blaise Ollivier at Brest at the time the plans for La Panthère were made. As it turns out, he also constructed the frigate La Siréne, launched in 1744 ( the plan for La Siréne can be found in af Chapman´s Architectura Navalis Mercatoria). Next I searched threedecks for other ships built at Brest at the time between 1740 and 1750 and which are roughly comparable in size. This brought up ten ships, the most important ones are La Renommée and L' Aramante because there two detailed monographs available about these ships which would be incredibly useful for stuff which isn´t shown on the plan like masts, interior, paint scheme, deck layout etc. And monographs also mean that there´s a high probability that there are models which can be used as further references. This is especially crucial in my case, as I haven´t found any contemporary depictions of La Panthère/Amazon (paintings, drawings, models) which would have been a very important guideline for the modelling process. My next research step, the (service) history of the ship, isn´t that interesting for this tutorial, so I´ll skip that. Part 2: Preparing the plans in an image editor Now comes the interesting (and most tedious) part. I´m using GIMP for this kind of work, but any decent image editor would do. First, we have to determine which lines have to be 'straight' (or better, parallel to the borders of the image), so we can rotate the image accordingly if they aren´t. The red lines (the center of the bodyplan, the center of the half breadth with the waterlines, the perpendiculars fore and aft and the station lines) should be straight on any plan. If they aren´t, you have to rotate the image (GIMP shortcut: shift + R). Only one of the green lines ( waterline and keel) can be perpendicular to the station lines (except if there´s no difference between the draught fore and aft, but those cases are exceptionally rare) Let´s have a closer look if the lines are straight of if we have to correct the image. First the body plan: The blue lines are a nice visual aid (called 'guide' in GIMP) which can be accessed by left-clicking (and holding) on the pixel-scale at the top and the left of the window. As you can see, the center line of the body plan is slightly off, so we have to correct that. To do so, we select the body plan (R), then we cut and paste the selection. In the the layer window, we right-click the 'floating selection' and select 'to new layer'. Now we've created an new layer that can be moved/scaled/rotated independently from the rest of the image. Pressing R will bring up the rotate window: Looks much better after rotating: The keel also is slightly off: We select the sheer (the side view of the ship) and repeat the procedure we did with the body plan: select, cut, paste, rotate. The same goes for the half breadth. Now that the lines that should be straight actually are straight, we have to bring the body plan on the same level as the sheer (shortcut: M to move a layer) I used the dotted line (which shows the inside of the planking) over the keel on the sheer to align the body plan with the sheer. Edit: Jeeeee, I almost forgot one of the most important parts: CHECK YOUR PLAN FOR DISTORTIONS! First, we'll have a look at the sheer and half breadth. Drop a guide an every station line, and measure the distance between them. It should be roughly same for every part between the two purple lines (expect for the two in the middle). My measurements vary between 223 pixels and 225, which is really good considering the plan is over 250 years old. The sheer seems to be okay. Next, the body plan: We measure the distance between the line in the center and the lines at the sides, logically they should be the same. Green line is 678 pixels, red one too. Excellent *insertMrBurnsgrin* Then we compare these measurements with the length of the extreme breadth of the half breadth: I got 677 pixel, which is very much okay This step is very crucial if you want to model a ship from the Architectura Navalis Mercatoria from chapman.net, as these plans are compressed along the longitudinal axis, so the red and green lines on the body plan are much shorter than the corresponding lines on the half breadth. Dividing the measurement of the half breadth by the measurement of the body plan gives you the ratio by which you have to adjust the width of the image. Part 3: Setting up the plans in an 3D modelling app (Blender) So, finally, the plan is ready, let´s get it in Blender: Set up guides to make selecting the various parts of the image easier and more exact (the select tool snaps to the borders of the guides). Corresponding colours should have the same length, the blue line should should be have as long as the red one. The red part for the body plan is 1500x1500, sheer 6000x1500 and half breadth 6000x750. Now it´s just a matter of selecting the various parts and pasting them as a new image. Only the half breadth requires additional steps. This is how it should look like: Go to the image tab and select canvas size. Double the height and move down the image in the preview picture. It should look like this: Then press ctrl+A, right click and select copy, right click again and select paste as..., then select new layer (not paste or paste into!). This the result: Almost there...now go to the layer tab, select transform ---> Flip vertically. Et voila: BLENDERTIME! Open up a new scene and select the cube, go to edit mode and select length in the mesh display/ length info. We have a length/width picture ratio of 4:1, so we have to adjust the length of the cube to 24'. Then we delete the top and the right side of the cube and invert the faces: Then we assign a material to each remaining side of the object. Select one face and press the corresponding view shortcut on the numpad to have a direct view on it: Press U and select Project from view (Bounds). Open up UV/Image Editor in another Window. Go to the texture tab, select New, then Image -> Open and select your image (the sheer plan is my case). This should be the result: Repeat this for the other views/images: Now it´s time to make some virtual sawdust
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    Everybody wants realistic economy and zero sum balanced rewards, but nobody plays those games. Realistic economy means 1% are rich, everyone else has a job. We found that most players don't want a job in a game, they just want progress at their own pace and it means money should not be a problem for everyone.
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    Stop this nonsense flame pvp vs pve. Devs need find some compromise by fixing game mechanics and make space for all players and their favourite styles of gameplay. Otherwise the game will be dead. Its a niche game and start respect every community member if you want Naval Action to be finished and reasonable populated.
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    Le Redoutable, the ship that fought the HMS Victory at Trafalgar and almost boarded it, also the ship that "killed" Nelson. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_ship_Redoutable_(1791) More than 100 ships of this class were built (Téméraire class), some fought for the Royal Navy, Spanish Navy, Dutch Navy and obviously, the French Navy. They were built in many famous cities like Toulon, Brest, Rochefort, Lorient, Cherbourg (France), Antwerp (Flanders), Vlissingen, Amsterdam (Netherlands), Genoa (Italy) and also Venice. This is the most numerous class of capital ship ever built, it SHOULD be in the game. Here at Trafalgar (middle) between HMS Victory (left) and HMS Temeraire (right).
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    Hey, can you guys take a small break from playing the game and write a review in steam? I know its easy to forget as soon as you enjoy the game but NA is close to being at a negative "latest reviews" (43% recommendation). For me personally if I see that I will not buy the game im looking at. Also flagging reviews as negative/not helping if they are simply not true does help. Ofc you are not forced by my hitmans to write a positive one. Also if you did write a negative one and you enjoy the game now dont forget to change your review maybe. In the end we all want to see the game succeed and get developed further by highly motivated devs and as I know motivation also comes from some commendation as I know from making youtube videos and organizing yesterdays bets on the cartagena portbattle. So instead of writing a negative review because population gets lower you guys could help to not make it happen by showing people that we actually enjoy the game and put a lot of time into it because we do.
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    So this is that new game mechanic/feature called clan wars? We got now as well market wars (contract exploit), and forum wars. Wars everywhere, but not in OW and PB
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    checked with the team again.. the limit on neutral ports can be removed - we will see if we can hack it in faster somehow
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    paints will come back. we just have not yet decided how but they will definitely be back by release.
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    Hello captains and @admin! I read the forums a lot and i feel that the devs get a great deal of negative feedback and criticism. Getting almost all feedback as negative feedback is not fun at all, and can lead to the devs loosing their spark towards this game. (although negative feedback is required in game development so don´t get me wrong.) This thread is about the good things in the game, the things we like and love. Please respect that and only post good things here.
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    1. You have zones without RvR (that means there is less RvR impact on the nation) 2. Coal is available in safe zones and more available everywhere 3. EU Trader is back. You can get any resource without a problem 4. Gold and silver is now in most regional capitals 5. Earning gold is easier 6. Materials for ship building weight less now 2-3 times (less trips needed to build a ship) 7. Ship costs were balanced according to 5 dura old system convertion to 1 dura 8. You got reinforcements around non-RvR areas I think you are playing just a different game. This became very pro-casual. Just quit spreading your bs on forums, you know nothing. No one is listening to you here, soon you will get ignored by everyone.
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    You are not using facts when making your statements. Port battle bug was fixed the next day. Find a game dev who fixes bugs faster and then we talk.
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    i guess hostility mission bots should be lowered. as we DO want 5 player clan to have a chance to take a port if they wish.
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    We plan to address repair cooldowns and amount to reduce the lenght of battles in very near future
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    Here is the map from testbed: The main idea was to focus RvR in the middle of the map and mainland would stay out of RvR. I have lots of objections about current map look. Jamaica non-RvR zone. It's literally the centre of the map. During best times of playing for me, pirates, Spanish and Danish had ports on Jamaica. It was a hot PvP zone, the best place on the map for PvP. British nation should have capital in Belize and safe zone with safe ports over there. Jamaica should be left for conquest and RvR and PvP. La Habana with surrounding ports as Spanish safe zone, making Cuba only 75% RvR area? It's going to be huge gankfest around and nothing will change at all. The Spanish nation should have capital in Vera Cruz and safe area in Mexico Gulf to grow, start and live. Cuba is more or less in the middle of the map too, so should be 100% RvR area with no exceptions. Mortimer Town a safe zone area for Pirates? Pirates should have their safe zone on Kidd's Island aka Secret Island. Mortimer yet again like mentioned above regions is in the centre. Should be left for RvR. I don't want to speak for the French nation, but they had lots of issues with the Swedes and probably 50% of French playerbase changed the nation (some clans/players moved to US, Spanish, Danish, Swedish factions). I've seen French players requesting New Orleans to be their new home, giving them more living space and safety.
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    WHITE, never lost a port battle (cause it doesnt exist xd)