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    Captains Patch will be deployed within a week Here is what you can expect Combat Tutorial Updated combat tutorial has been deployed. All tutorials have been improved and updated based on feedback Final Exam added Important. Final exam grants 2 rare items on completion: Hercules Frigate (ship note) and Naval Clock permanent upgrade. Use them wisely. Hercules frigate. (also known as Fragata Hercules or Fragata Negra) Patrols Frigate ONLY patrols added to the rotation Clan logs added Money log – showing money and pvp/combat/victory mark deposits and withdrawals Resource log – showing everything else Reinforcement update Reinforcement zones support is updated. Local waters will now provide support appropriate to the strength of the attacker (instead of 2 1strates per attacker). Chain update. Chain shot are now limited by 2 shots per gun. This will not require a perk or acquisition of ammo. Chain damage greatly increased. Chain damage drop from distance increased. OW enemy indications updated. Ship rank indication removed, players will have to rely on the visual recognition. Fleet composition now only shows size of the ship (S – small, M – medium, L – Large), as you can only see top sails from 20-30miles PvE missions cancellations are now limited by 3 per day Towns set Free for All by clans now provide teleport option for all nations Standard hull and sail repair time has increased to 2 minutes Resource production bonuses in clan owned cities slightly increased Sinking ship will have less cargo damaged by salt water intake. Minimal OW speed against the wind has slightly increased. It will still depend on ship but will be generally 1kn higher. Сrew on sails numbers updated and generally reduced (based on final sail area recalculations) Сrew per ranks updated on higher ranks (rear admiral rank can now support 1400 crew) PVE missions enemy composition improved (especially on lower level missions which sometimes sent too many strong opponents) Boarding upgrades informational panel slightly improved (it will be more obvious what bonuses do) Contract cancellation texts slightly improved. Max stack for bow figures has increased Ports can now buy more books without dropping the price Ship capsizing bug will now happen less. Fixed the bug that caused slower loading of port stores Improved the visualization of heavy packetloss causing loss of ship control. Player will now see the special message on the client if this happens; After showing this message for some time client will automatically drop the player to login screen if game cannot reconnect to the server to speed up the reconnect chance. Fix bug that did not show the repairs after reconnect to the battle Fixed bug that some resources did not show in contract interface Contraband goods Madagascar Jewels Spanish gold coins French Gold Livres Stolen goods Fixed bug that Trading NPCs cannot exit the battle after battle over message Fixed bug caused incorrect item tooltips if antialiasing is on. Fixed bug causing incorrect name of the ship in boarding interface Fixed bug that still shown the instance entry button if the limit has already been reached Fixed the bug that did not show the Sail to outpost button in some cases Fixed the bug that sometimes gave you a message that «you can become a pirate» in rare cases Teaser from the new UI. This is work in progress and visuals might change during implementation
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    Captains Amount of chain shot carried by a ship will be limited next patch (so called tutorial patch) No perk will be required for use of chain (at least for now). Reasons Historically ships carried A LOT less chain and grape compared to normal cannon balls. Gameplay wise we want to bring more skill into chaining and limitation of chain will force players to conserve it, pick proper angles to destroy more sail and in general think about its use instead of current chainshot clicker heroes This also means that outnumbered players will have easier time fighting against bigger groups who rely on active chaining as the ONLY tactic. Please start thinking about new tactics and of course.... discuss.
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    Captains. Patch 22 is being deployed today. Patrol Adjustable BR limits introduced for patrols. You wont be able to join the battle if your entry will exceed the Patrol limit. Patrol limits Hispaniola 8000 Antilles 5000 Tumbado 3000 Nassau 1000 Adjustable BR Mechanics (making full 25 1st rates battles still possible) When battle is created - everyone in the pull circle will get in. If the BR of one side at the start of the battle is lower than the patrol limit: patrol limit will be used for reinforcements If the BR of one side at the start of the battle is higher than the patrol limit: that BR will be used for reinforcements Be wary when sailing in the large group exceeding the BR limit. If you are not in the pull circle you wont be pulled into battle and wont be able to reinforce. Thickness changes Influence of angle for penetration improved. Importance of angle at direct hits reduced: All guns penetrate an oak First rate armor at 50-100m Importance of angle at oblique hits increase: 42lb wont penetrate Surprise at 15 degrees with ease. Lets see how it goes and tune more before weekend. Grape issue fixed Bug causing grape not penetrating 0 physical planking if the ship had upgrades with planking bonuses in centimeters - fixed. Windows and ports were not affected by the bug so it was not very noticeable against ships with large windows and a lot of ports Visual improvements of your ability to enter battles where two enemy nations are battling each other. If nation is shown in green or white - you can enter If enemy nation is shown in red - you cannot enter As a result you do not waste time sailing to the wrong circle (as button only appear when you are in a circle). ps. two more patrol areas (with some land within the zone) will come in the next patch. Hotfix March 22th Crew splinter resistance bonus changes Some fitting combinations allowed complete reduction of crew damage. Such upgrades and books bonuses were reduced. Max possible crew resistance due to ship build and training is 49.5% We have added crew resistance bonuses to oak (10%) and sabicu planking (5%) Other changes Bow figure - Katherine turn rate bonus was lowered to 3%
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    Captains In one of the nearest patches green protected zones reinforcements will be changed. Instead of ships of the line local authorities will send veffels vessels that are appropriate to the attacker ship strength. For example: If 3 frigates rates attack a trader, 3 buffed reinforcement 5th rates will be sent as protection. Please adjust your trading routes or production accordingly, and spread this information to your nation's officers.
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    Hey, I thought I put some work into that and collect/suggest different changes to RvR to make it interesting and not a pain again. Hostilitymissions and how they should change The portbattle itself and the reward and why it should feature a instant reward Ports and their Management The port costs and timers The use of ports and connection to crafting Hostilitymissions and how they should change Hostilitymissions are good right now when it comes to distance to port, defenderadvantage etc. What is bad about them is that they take a shit ton of time. In short there is a table I made: 1st rate BR 560 Time for 1 mission 25 1st rate sank = 3% Right now Suggestion Port BR Hostility 1 mission Normal Groupsize in PB Needed Hostility Missions needed for PB group Time needed in minutes Needed Hostility Missions needed for PB group Missions at same time Time needed in minutes 2640 4480 8 18667 4,17 125 8000 1,79 0,8 55,80 5380 5600 14 ? ? ? 18000 2,30 1,4 57,40 10560 5600 21 ? ? ? 28000 2,38 2,1 59,52 So in my oppinion it should take 1 hour for a portbattlegroup to flip a port. Within 1 hour it is possible for a defender to defend the port. A big group can probably instaflip ports again but only the lower BR ports. 2. The portbattle itself and the reward and why it should feature a instant reward Doing a portbattle should give a instant reward to reward players instantly for being active in the game (and winning). However this should not be Victorymarks but it should be chests. Different chests should get into the game, not weighting much where you can loot stuff. These chests should be dependend on how much BR you sank in the PB. BR levels: 2000 BR sank Chest with Gold 4000 BR sank Chest with Gold and frigatenote maybe 8000 BR sank Chest with Gold and 4th/3rd rate note 12000 BR sank Chest with Gold and 2nd rate note 16000 BR sank Chest with Gold and Victorymark, 1st rate note and Paint This means 5 different chests with different levels of loot from. (Devs probably know better what should be inside the chests) Why BR sank? To fight a bit against damagefarming or organized prtbattles etc. For good rewards you need to sink a lot of ships. The best chests will only be available if a lot of ships sank. Rewards should go to both sides of the battle. The winner already gets the port itself. 3. Ports and their management Ports lack some management options right now. You should be able to not only give up a port but to transfer ownership to another clan You should be able to get a few of the ressouces that this port drops only for your clan Or you should be able to lock it for your clan and friendly clans for a payment of 500.000 gold a day Also a specialization of the port would be nice. Trading (more tradinggoods) Crafting (bonus to RNG look below) Labor (Reduced labor hour costs) 4. Port costs and timers Are fine right now in my oppinion. Timer cost a lot and that goes both ways. It’s fine. 5. The use of ports and connection to crafting Right now a lot of ports don’t give you anything so in my oppinion new modifiers to craftingRNG should be added. Right now there are a lot of refits that only drop from capping AI ships. They should be tied to ports that have no meaning right now. (And they should be nerfed, Pirate rig and carta) Also the port should be able to specialize in something. The owning clan should be able to set a specialization of shipbuilding (Fast, sturdy, Crew) Both only give a bigger chance than crafting in the safezone. There should not be a chance higher than 30% for both specializations so safezone crafting is still efficient aswell. Why? To not make it necessary to own them for portbattles or something else. I think these changes would benefit the current RvR a lot while not making it necessary to play RvR. edit 12.04.2018 6. Let changing a timer take 2 maintenances Right now you can change a timer if you know your enemy is preparing for a attack the next day. This shouldn't be possible that fast. Better: Timerchange happens on monday with VM mark giveaway. If you cap a port you can set a timer next maintenance 7. Different paints for different nations Only a bit connected to RvR but it allways bothers me that every ship looks the same and only the flag is different. In my oppinion every nation should have a different default paintjob making battles far more immersive in my oppinion. Bernadottes post of a statisfaction system of ports connected to hostility needed etc. for a port: 8. more taxes Repairing in port should go to the clan owning the port Crafting (the gold you pay) should go to the clan owning the port 9. Hostilitypoll
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    Limiting munitions and not repairs is a mistake imo. Also, players that cannot dismast are now hurt even more....
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    I agree that there should be some exclusivity, but maybe a better implementation is to expand PvP rewards store in admiralty? I think it is better to just give an option to buy content in the admiralty instead of giving them out only for the first place. (first place winner will still be able to buy it)
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    2 separate clan logs will be provided in the next big patch 1) Money log - only showing the withdrawals of money and marks 2) Resource log - showing last 25 transactions with the warehouse (with the exception of money and marks)
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    You cannot expect your game population to be white knights. If they see a player, they'll sink a player. That's why the game needs to put protections in place to protect these new players so they stick with the game and become old players. Most of us, including a lot of the old "war dogs" on these forums that are anti-safe zones and anti-convenience were able to grind up to rear admiral back when missions and AI fleets were able to close, the AI were easier to kill and ships were far easier to get. So while it's cute to say that its a "PVP game and people should get over it", let's remind these guys that back when they were grinding up it was a very different game than it is now. Most Open World MMOs, and by most I mean the successful ones, manage to protect their players through a series of zones. Albion had Blue, Red and Black zones (no PVP, light PVP, full loot no holds bars PVP), PoTBS had red zones, World of Warcraft has contested and uncontested zones and I know EVE has multiple "secs" that limit PVP. These areas ensure players can safely farm, craft and mission to their hearts delight and HOPEFULLY turn into old players who will then venture forth into the not so safe zones and go experience the game to it's fullest. Up until 6 months ago, Naval Action had nothing. Zero protections for the new player. A new player can level up in a basic cutter, use all his cash to purchase that first new frigate and then immediately sail out of the capital area into the waiting arms of enemy players and lose everything instantly. This is/was a terrible way to introduce new players to your game. This is one of the reasons...probably one of the biggest....why this game has sold over 120k copies and has only had a steady population of 1000 or less on at one time. It's just an inhospitable environment for a new player. I can't even count the amount of new players I've seen talk in nation chat asking questions, watching them figure out the less than intuitive UI...putting cannons on their ships and then watching them talk about losing that first ship they purchased....and then never seeing them again in nation. Another one down the drain. So now we have safe zones. They're big, there's a lot of them....most people still don't know all the rules about them and they are imperfect. The simple fact that I can roll up to KPR and jump into an AI fleet literally in front of the forts and gank a player in their own capital waters just flat out astonishes me. In real life you would not be able to sail an enemy ship within sight of KPR and sink ships or traders right under the port noses.....why can you do it in game? We keep tailoring the PVP ROE to cater to all these wolves that refuse to fight other wolves and only want to sink sheep for PVP marks. Frankly we should be saying screw them and let them fight each other. They very rarely do. The other day on these forums I saw a screenshot of about 10-15 pirates vs Spanish, Russians, BF and Prussians. All the "elite of the elite" vs 1 group of pirates. What a joke. Anyway....Successful games need to protect their new players. Naval Action does not. Which is why we don't have a lot of players. Focus on making this game more casual friendly and maybe people will return. More people = more PVP. Problem solved.
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    [HAVOC] is recruiting [HAVOC] is a clan which focuses on PvP and RvR in the dutch nation. Message rediii ingame if you are interested in the challenge to make the dutch nation great again. Language = English Requirements: Teamspeak necessary don't be a asshole willing to learn a lot play in a team No need to write more. Since I'm away on friday and saturday recruitment will start on 01.04.2018 (no joke). Old post: ____ Hey! I decided to give my best and let a current underdog nation stand up from it’s current form and get shit done again. (hint: not sweden) A new clan will be created, a new system used. Crafters are needed, ships are needed, Officers to pass knowledge of pvp and captains are needed. A plan is in the works with all of it’s infrastructure to organise the clan and, if the nation lacks a system, to organise the nation. A new power will rise up. Are you up for the challenge? What is needed? Everyone! Target is to have a constant group of 10 guys doing rvr and pvp activities A lot of ships will be lost. A lot of ressources burned trough. A lot of pvp will be going on. You are a rvr/pvp player, a trader or a crafter then prepare yourself for a nation change. The targetnation will be announced today evening. Let’s make a minor power to a major one together. How to change nation? You need the forger DLC for naval action from steam Get your assets to freetowns like aves, la tortue, la mona or tumbado How can I prepare? Set up outposts: (For the nationchange and pvp activities) Shroud Cay Aves La Mona La Tortue
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    This has been a pain in the ass for me a long time now. If I'm depowered(T) and change between full sails and battle sails I hate the way it automatically powers up again. This drives me crazy! Sometimes that second or two can cause a ship to accelerate far to much and cause a wider turn circle or cause overshooting wrecks. Hot keys for half, full, dead slow sails, rolling front/back fire and random fire would be a great option. There are plenty of keys available so adding them can't do any harm! Ps: disable survival as an option unless fireship is installed
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    Limited chain and maybe even limited grape is the final icing on the cake perfecting our amazing combat model. Of course it will be paired with damage changes and repair tuning. Captains asking the question "why do you keep tuning numbers in database instead of working on other things" should remember that changing numbers do not require programmers. Our huge team of 2 programmers is super busy with tutorial and ui.
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    All RVR improvements are delayed until tutorial patch and OW UI is added (in 2 separate patches). Lets hold on. Captains who are willing to help us - can gather forum proposals on RVR and port importance and create one structured mega thread with links they consider important and proposals they consider absolutely necessary for RVR to become more exciting.
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    Thanks for destroying the game population once more just to cater to the gankers posse neverending complaints.
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    Players active in the forum hear about game changes. But it's my observation that most players I talk to in game rarely (or never) come here. The game should not be dependent on visiting a separate website in order to learn of new or changed mechanics. I hope the new UI shows the most recent patch notes on login as well as a link to past notes.
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    Ok, so the loss-induced propensity to bring big ships, friends and pile on the winning side has cast a shadow over the patrol missions. BR limits will help and maybe even fix it? The intention of the patrol missions is that players should feel free to bring an un-modded and cheap ship, do as best they can, sink but get enough rewards to make them not care about their loss. The big groups of big ships piling on makes it hard for smaller ships to do enough damage to farm rewards, at least enough to make the experience equally frustrating to a normal gank anywhere in the OW. Sandboxers love to gank. They will tell you they love their freedom, role-playing, war-game or “playing it smart”, but they simply love to gank. Even reasonable guys are quickly turned to the dark side when the lizard brain kicks in and tries to avoid loss at all cost, yes, even to the point of having less fun. There may be something we can do to counteract this, or give the lizard brain something else to knee-jerk to. We’ve talked about this loosely in the past but it’s never been tried: BR based multipliers. We could have variable multipliers applied to xp, cash, marks, damage or all of them but for the purpose of patrol missions I guess most players are grinding the damage thresholds. The idea is to let the gankee get something from it while at the same time making ganking a truly inefficient way of farming rewards. Let’s start with an example where one ship is ganked by three ships and two late joiners come in to, um, secure the win. As it is today all damage is logged for all ships and rewards are based upon said logged damage. In my illustration the B-C-D gankers know they will have to share the damage but one of them is getting the kill rewards and it will be over quickly enough for them to go find a new victim. The victim will struggle to do enough damage to make it feel worth it, he will soon lose the ship, get sent back to port to buy a new ship, guns and repairs. Let’s say we put a tag on all incoming damage. Ship A would have damage tags from ships B, C and D. The gankers would only have damage tag from ship A. Then we could make damage or reward multipliers based on those tags: A multiplier: sum(BR-B, BR-C, BR-D)/BR-A = 450/200 = 2.25 B, C and D multiplier: sum(BRtags)/BR-B = 200/150 = 1.33 Notice how the gankers are even being rewarded for ganking in lower BR ships than their victim. It’s even possible to actively pulverize the gankers rewards by using the tags to indentify the gank, but it would get more complicated and I suspect it’s enough to give the victim a consolation price. The late joiners, though inside the battle instance, don’t factor in as they didn’t get close enough to put a damage tag on the victim. If they did get some damage in they would get precious little for it while bolstering the victim’s multiplier: 1050/200 = 5.25. If you want to enjoy your freedom and gank the shit out of people like a true sandboxer you can go ahead until blue in the face, but you will let the victim run off with all the rewards. If you are motivated by rewards you’ll have a strong tendency to join the outnumbered side to get damage done and farm those damage tags.
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    Time to Hitler 4 posts It's a record Gentlemen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin's_law
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    Now that NAL is cancelled .. What about a permanent leaderboard? See what captain sailed what ship how often, time spent in it, what kills he got in it, how often he was sunk... and most importantly show in what odds he got the kills so we can all see the great gankers
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    The battle is always open in the green zone! you can always ask for help from your nation.
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    Another duelroom topic. Why? Because it is important. What does a duelroom do? It provides you the ability to teach someone The one getting teached will lose fear when it comes to real pvp Duels for people that want it in a fair manner
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    About cancelling missions. In sweden i had many times situation in which from Gustavia my mission was placed in front of Road (or Spanish) Town (Danish ports). Maybe before making such a thing like limitations in number of cancels firstly repair that? Mission which is 30k from port is not a content, it is waste of player time. And i will repeat that once again, DO NOT TRY force people to do PvP. Dont listen to whining of gankers, even in PvP server player should be able to do something without big risk of being ganked and its my opinion.
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    about time, getting chained to death will finally end.
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    Капитаны, Обновление будет установлено на сервера в течение недели. Список изменений Боевое руководство для игрока Обновлено боевое руководство для игрока. Все уроки улучшены на основании отзывов от игроков. Добавлен финальный экзамен. Важно. За успешное выполнение финального экзамена игрок награждается редким фрегатом Hercules и редким модулем Naval Clock. Используйте данные награды с умом. Фрегат Hercules (также известный как Fragata Hercules и Fragata Negra) Миссии по патрулированию В ротацию добавлены миссии по патрулированию на фрегатах. Добавление кланового журнала. Money log – отображение снятия и пополнения денег и марок. Resource log – отображение снятия и пополнения всего остального. Обновление безопасных зон с подкреплением Композиция НПЦ флота подкрепления теперь соответствует силам атакующей стороны (ранее подкрепление состояло из двух линейных кораблей первого ранга за каждого атакующего независимо от состава флота) Обновление механики цепных ядер. Количество цепных ядер теперь ограничено из расчета 2 заряда на пушку. Данное изменение не требует перка или наличия боеприпасов в трюме. Урон от цепных ядер значительно усилен. Увеличено падение урона от цепных ядер в зависимости от расстояния Обновление визуализации вражеских кораблей в открытом мире. Убрано отображение ранга корабля, игроки должны полагаться на визуальное распознавание кораблей. В композиции флота теперь указывается только относительный размер корабля (S - легкий, M - средний, L - большой). Добавлено ограничение на отмену пве миссии - теперь в сутки можно отменить только три пве миссии. Добавлена возможность перемещаться между аутпостами у города со статусом Free for All для всех наций. Время ремонта парусов и корпуса увеличено до двух минут. Немного увеличены клановые бонусы на дополнительное производство ресурсов в городе. Уменьшилось повреждение товаров от притока морской воды в трюме у тонущих кораблей. Увеличилась минимальная скорость корабля против ветра в открытом мире. Скорость по-прежнему зависит от типа корабля, но в общем она возрастет на 1 узел. На основании финального расчета парусного плана кораблей обновлено количество команды на парусах, в основном в сторону уменьшения. Обновлено количество доступной команды на высоких рангах (например, для ранга rear admiral количество команды теперь составляет 1400 человек). Улучшена композиция кораблей в пве миссиях. Особенно это касается низкоуровневых миссий, где ранее могли появляться слишком сильные оппоненты. Улучшено отображение бонусов модулей и книг, связанных с абордажем - наименование бонусов будет более понятным для игроков. Улучшено предупреждение (текст) при закрытии контракта. Увеличен допустимый стак на складе модулей bow figures. Магазины скупают больше книг без падения цены до 1. Ошибка, приводящая к перевороту кораблей, должна теперь встречаться гораздо реже. Просьба продолжать отправлять репорты из игры, если вы по-прежнему с ней сталкиваетесь. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой могли возникать проблемы с прогрузкой портового магазина. Улучшена визуализация при отсутствии управления кораблем из-за проблем с потерей пакетов. Игрок увидит специальное сообщение у себя на экране, как только возникнет проблема. Данное сообщение будет видно на экране игрока в течение некоторого времени, пока клиент пытается переподключиться к серверу. Если клиент не может переподключиться к серверу, игрок будет перенесен в меню выбора серверов. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой не отображались доступные ремонты после переподключения в сражение. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой некоторые ресурсы не отображались в меню создания контракта. Contraband goods Madagascar Jewels Spanish gold coins French Gold Livres Stolen goods Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой НПЦ торговцы не могли выйти из боя после завершения сражения (battle over). Исправлена ошибка, приводившая к некорректному отображению всплывающих подсказок с включенной опцией antialiasing Исправлена ошибка, приводившая к некорректному отображению имени корабля в меню абордажа. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой отображалась возможность зайти в сражение, даже если был достигнут максимальный лимит игроков. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой иногда не срабатывала команда Sail to outpost. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой иногда при атаке появлялось предупреждение о смене нации на пиратов. По традиции, мы продолжаем делиться с вами скриншотами обновленного интерфейса. На этот раз - это обновленная игровая карта. Работа над новым интерфейсом еще не завершена и финальный вариант может отличаться от данного скриншота.
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    Look Victor. If people did not want risk. PVE server would have bigger numbers. Sorry but this is a fact. People want risk Adrenaline gives you endorphins, creates emotions, creates better experience. We ran a lot of experiments during last 2 years and now are confident on what we want the game to look like on release. We also know what players we want and what players we dont want in the game. We also know now how do we want to approach community. You can now relax sit back and enjoy the ride. PVP server will be full of risk and excitement. Safe zones will remain to help players rebuild, but there will be no absolute safety for higher ranks. Its a pvp server - its a real age of sail experience. Real captains fought real captains from time to time. This will remain .. forever.
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    The conclusion of having a 2+ years early access alpha Lots of changes bring lots of negative reviews Example: No safezones at all: Big wave of casuals dropping a negative review; most likely won't come back Safe zones added: "Hunters" are mad and drop a negative review, likely won't come back (meanwhile old reviews complaining about capital camping are still up) Thus the huge amount of negative reviews has to be judged carefully. Game needs to settle its final rules and get to a release state, else the review stats will look even worse
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    Dear devs. It is now a tradition that I ask for duels every once in a while and until you permanently ban me on the forums I will not stop asking.
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    after tutorial patch we can review this i think you are all right. depower of staysails should be independent from all other sail groups
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    Hello again, It has been quite long before we updated this thread with more information about our upcoming game. We would like to post two pictures showing our work in progress: "An armoured cruiser in shipyard". At this time we want to announce a round description of what this game is about: Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts or short version “Dreadnoughts” is going to be a single player game on ship design and combat covering real and fictional wars from 1890 to 1936. Like all the products from Game Labs it will give a fresh and unique look on that era with great attention to detail and realism of ship fighting. More official information is going to be provided in the coming months in this thread. Thanks for reading!
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    We don't see any activity from the land in this game. Presumably there would be military men stationed at each port, at every tower. Every time an unknown man o' war passed within sight it was likely marked down and sent as a letter to warn the admiralty. This is my suggestion. Ships within sight of a enemy port, forts, or towers, there's a % that they will be spotted within X time, percentage increasing with how many ships are spotted within that time. So say if 1 ship passes within sight of the people at the tower, there's something like an 11% chance that that nation will be warned of a ship within 10 minutes or so (a delay to simulate the time it takes for a message to travel by horse or small boat) If 20 ships pass within sight of a port, there's a 90% chance that the message will be broadcasted. Basically unless you have players themselves posted at these ports dedicated to typing away on nation chat then people easily go unnoticed, no one finds them and no PVP takes place. The forts, towers and port towers are there for exactly this reason. Take the annoying step of players having to do these entities jobs and make it a feature. Then more PVP can take place and less searching. Just imagine as a player sitting in port getting a message that 25+ enemy ships are about to converge on x port. Yeah I would shite myself in excitement. Pic related, the view from a tower where men are posted for this exact reason
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    because I don't want solo only PvE, I want PvE/PvP game play. This server not matter how much you want to call it a PvP server it is not a PvP only server. I actually think the PvE server is a waste of space and useless in development and have no reason to go there. I do enjoy the game and all aspects of it, but like many other games you got to let folks grow and level up in safety or they will stop playing your game. How about you remind us how many folks went and played on NA:L a PvP only game, tell me again how many folks even got out of the basic cutter? Only a few folks and those few are what we call die hard PvPers on here and they don't make up the majority of the game. I don't even do missions myself, I grind open world fleets or hostility fleets, but i see the reason you need it. Mainly cause I play in a nation that has the most causal and PvEer's per say. What nation do you play in ADMIN? I bet you it's not US or even GB? When was the last time you got a new player in your clan that wasn't some one you brought from another game or Dev team? Why are the PvPers not attacking each other ports? Why are they not fighting each other? Why do they need to farm capitals for newbs to kill all the time? I love the PvP aspects of this game, but I also know we need the guys that love to trade, PvE and do the back ground work to make this game run. You know the numbers of players that log in every day. I'm going to bet you the majority of those players are causals that only log into the game for a few hours and don't go out hunting for PVP 100% of the time. Yes they will PvP, but they don't want to do it 100% of the time. There are *GASP* folks that actually like doing trade runs and running missions, learning new builds before they take them out and try them on other players. I ask you what will happen if all those players leave right now, never log on again ever. How many players will you have left if you have nothing but the pure PvP wolves left? Show us the log in data from last week of how many players logged in each day and how many of them got a PvP kill or was killed in PvP compared to those that just logged in and did PvE/Trade runs. I'm going to bet the number of none hard core PVP players is way more than folks try to play it off, and you won't show that data cause it will prove that you need the casual players to make the game work. If you want a PvP only server than remove all safe zones, AI and missions and see how long this game last on nothing but pure PvP. Better yet crank up a server with only that and see how man folks go play on it. I bet it's numbers will be lower than the PvE only server.
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    The problem isn't that folks don't want fights, the problem is your so called real captains don't fight each other. They go and gank and kill noobs instead of fighting each other. Why not let folks level up and get training and than come out when they feel like it, this would mean you have more folks to fight. Instead when all they do is camp capitals which should not be PvP hot spots and not fight each other you loose players. I get you want the game to be hard core and I don't mind that, but I also been playing this game over 2 years now and know how to quickly get back into the action. The new guys it cost them dearly to loose that one good ship they have to a bunch of ELITE Players that refuse to go fight other ELITE players. You say you don't want casual players, well guess what if all them casual players stop playing you get NA:L and well know how well that test worked out. You actually had a good balance for the safe zones and casuals but suddenly your starting to remove that cause more and more of the so called ELITE PvP aren't fighting each other and just hiding. When was the last time Cart was attacked, or any of the Cooper ports? Why aren't they attacking these ports, isn't that where the hot zones should be with tons of PvP/RvR going on between those major econ eras instead of places where folks are leveling up and getting backing so they can go out and fight and not struggle to regrow from being sunk? Tell me why we hardly ever see players killed in front of the Spain, Dutch, Dane, Swedes capitals? Hell even the French? Folks go camp and kill by KPR and US capital cause it has the most easy targets. Easy targets that will stop playing your game and than they will have nothing to do. NO one is asking for more safe zones or what not, what we are asking is stop changing things that aren't broken and work. If these PvPers want more action than they should be hunting each other down, flipping each other ports, killing each other in the Patrol zones, not camping capitals.
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    We are back in the times of everyone sailing 1st rates everywhere. 1st rates became dirt cheap, just 3m gold, about 1.5m if you make it on your own cost to craft. We keep bouncing from super expensive to super dirt cheap 1st rates: Can capture 1st rates (very easy mode) Cannot capture 1st rates, expensive crafting (medium mode) Regional Bonuses, live oak very rare resource (very hard mode) Fine Woods (hardcore mode) Removing Fine Woods (easy mode) Conquest Marks (hardcore mode) Removing Conquest marks, very cheap resources, live oak + teak + white oak easy to get (easy mode) Top 3 winning nations Victory Marks (hard mode) Everyone gets Victory Marks (easy mode) Back and forth, ping and pong we get either super hard mode with problems getting 1st rates and yet again every noob or every PvP player sailing in 1st rates everywhere. PvP, PvE, PB, Patrol, 1st rates are everywhere. It's hard to kill them in frigates and 6th rates, so hunting in small ships becomes very dull and limits to killing noobs that cannot sail big ships or hunting traders. The story repeats all the time, easy mode good for casuals, but is it good for the game?
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    Captains who are upset about 2 buffed first rates not appearing from thin air should just let it go. We tried no protection and absolute protection and will settle on the best option. 2 rates was an overkill and while we are preparing tutorial patch for release it will be good to tune some numbers that are long overdue. There will be no more increases in protection on the Caribbean server in the future. This is a closed door now.
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    then get an escort ffs. Or maybe the fleet mechanics will finally be changed, so that you can only take traders into your fleet and you have to escort them yourself (beside one slot for a potential prize (warship or not)) As a solo player it is absolutely annoying to not even be able to attack an enemy frigate because he calls his super coast guard every time. this game is about fighting, rvr and economy. If your nations economy is negatively impacted by raiders, then get hello kittying escorts. Economic warfare is a great part of naval warfare and sadly it is a very minor factor in this game due to the trading and economy mechanics themselves and all the help players get because they can't organize a good protected convoy.
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    I loved the game about 1-2 years ago could sail a frigate, attack other frigates, without having to worry about imba 1st rates spawning in or battle being open for half an hour. protecting your shores was a tough task; now you can just go afk sail in a fleet of indiamans because noone can attack you anyway. crafting is basically a fake feature now aka. time waste
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    good point hostility points should definitely depend on port size and BR more than they do now.
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    I dunno, when I jumped a Dutch Indiaman who had a couple in fleet in their safezone I managed to kill one of his AI. An organised group will find a way to get the AI to follow one of them and the rest kill the poor bugger who has been tagged. I understand the desire for PvP and "content" but this will just cause more ganks, more ragequitting and a lower population causing the PvPers to go as well.
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    Yesterday as I was demasting a frigate something dawned on me; I was better informed about the state of his masts than he was - when I fired a broadside it was very difficult for my opponent to tell whether I got 8x masts hits or 12x; yet I know the exact number. It is not only in demasting that this is an issue - there are other areas of the game where the enemy have just as easy or an even easier time accessing information concerning my ship than I do: Mast hits Cannon hits (lost guns) Crew hits Reloaded guns per side I propose limiting the information available to your opponents, or give both sides access to the same information. I know a new Battle UI is underway so I'm curious to know if this information will still be available then? What do you guys think of the above mentioned?
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    in one of the next patches we will add a medium ship only event hispaniola and aves will remain free for all tumbado and la mona will only let 4th rates and below
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    [SNOW] is now recruiting GB PvPers. There aren't many of you but it's easier to write out a post here than message you all individually. You must be 18+ to apply. No mutes. Discord & TS. Following yet another Britsplosion the decision was made to merge and consolidate the PvPers in GB (it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the name RSC was annoying). We speaky English kind of well (except @The Last Templar, he can't even spell colour properly) and can be found all over the globe. Focus is on raiding with the odd PB... Experience is ideal as we only accept players who are capable of killing other players (that doesn't include other GB players as tempting as that is sometimes). If you're interested in learning we may take you on board if you're keen and active so don't hesitate to drop us a line if you're interested. It's an excellent opportunity to make snow puns to the enemy, for example, "it seems that you're a bit snowed in?" or "it's snow problem sir!" Share your favourites with the rest of the gang! Contact @Gregory Rainsborough @William Wade @The Last Templar @Carlos_Condell for more details. https://discord.gg/9J8YHBt Dean Martin was kind enough to record our official theme tune which can be found below Bing Crosby had a crack at is as well. As did Michael Buble! (I had no idea who he was either until I googled "Let It Snow") May you have a sunny day 'cus it looks like it might snow in the Caribbean!
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    -I was thinking on RvR suggestions (that admin asked for) about all ports going neutral from old, inactive clans and figured why not make an auction instead of a stupid hostility race that ALWAYS favours players that login after maintenance? Clan Creator/Diplomats can start "bidding" for the port. The highest bidder after maintenance gets the port. That way enemies can pump big sums of gold to get influence and territory in enemy waters if they lose control of some port, but "local" players will be able to defend their business with their gold as protectionism. That way: Post-maintenance race will be solved. "Morning players" won't have advantage and priority taking undefended ports Hostility PvE bot farming will be gone from neutral ports Gold will become much more important in RvR and economic warfare. Rich and influential players will be able to purchase ports. Additionally with that idea comes alongside port trading & port selling. Port Trading - is a simple mechanic. Clan X can trade port to Clan Y for free or for gold. This action would have to be accepted by a clan leader/creator for safety purposes (unless clan leader is inactive for months or years, then we need the new clan leader voting system in the game - all members vote for the new leader once current one is gone for a month as example, to keep clans alive and running just fine) Port Selling - 2 ways to sell a port - set a fixed price (instant purchase possible, transfer after maintenance) or Port Auction on the global market. Clan offering the highest bid gets the port. There should be % fee for putting a bid offer (to prevent faking and fake boosting). This will enhance diplomacy + again avoid hostility grinds and time sinks. Lord Protectors assigned by port owners - Clan Diplomats/Leader can reset current lord protectors of the port and set a new list of players (or remove inactive and replace with other players). This is nonsense that after months the protectors are inactive, but still farming victory marks. Current solution was to ask someone to flip port again for new protectors, but again that's extra grinding + time waster.
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    different people have different enjoyment thresholds for in game activities .... you may enjoy the accomplishment of sailing for two hours and navigating so you hit your destination ... others may feel its the biggest waste of time since gaming was invented i like flight sims i enjoy the take off and landiing .... i hate the time inbetween i have the option to do quick 10 min flights or a transatlantic long haul boredom flight ... te game gives me the choice all i ask for is a choice ... not the game forcing me to spend time doing something i dont want to do i dont want to have to sail dor 45mins from kpr to st annes against the wind to do a mission because the game says thats the only choice i have .. . ill just log off and play something i enjoy
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    As if all those tanky built ships care about speed theses days. Speed and the battle for the wind are dead in this game now... Limiting repairs would solve alot of the retarded over the top full tank metas there are these days. The combat was better of with fewer repairs and made battles more tactical. We used to duel for 2 hours back in the past and battles were interesting. One mistake and it was gg. Now it's get close do damage and out dps and out repair your enemy. Here is what should be tested for once. Stop wind shifting and limit repairs. I think the combat would improve a lot.
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    I will make it short, watching hundreds of ports in NA make nearly 0 income per day is hilarious, especially with all these NPC fleets sailing back and forth doing hello kitty all but nothing, just generating fake "crowd" effect. Current server economy with maintenance is more or less dependant on online numbers. More players = more gold flow = more PvP = more demand on everything, etc. That means if online numbers drop from 700 to 600 or even further to 500, we will start to experience a massive crisis. All NPCs should generate some gold traffic, especially traders. That would actually give a meaning to killing NPCs near enemy ports and additionally that would make you suffer if you hunt NPCs near your friendly ports. For now, NPC fleets are like a placeholder Also as I mentioned several times in the past, "free for all" ports without no teleport is a big bottleneck. I have no damn idea why we didn't get this yet, but I guess we will get there eventually like with teleporting to free towns before... Many FFA ports are meaningless without teleport function and nearly useless.
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    Hey @rediii If these rumours are true i have the outmost respect for your desicion and hope you all well. Going dutch and get a good pb fleet for them would be the best for the server at the moment i belive, it's a nation getting harrased alot atm. Regards NorthViking
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    If you really want ports to matter and actually develop the clan-based conquest further, we could make it so only the clan capturing the port and its friendly clans can set contracts. This would solve the problem of alts buying critical ressources too. You'll have to deal with the "this game is already too hard for solo players!" crowd tho (aka ignore them).