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  2. [PVP EU] battle results

    The brits that did that changed nations. All that's left now are scrubs.
  3. Graphics stuttering

    The stuttering was driving me nuts. Then I realized it appeared because I had my internet browser running in the background usually with a video on Youtube. When only Naval Action was running the stuttering disappeared. I'm not sure if this will help you because I never had any fps drops like you but I thought I throw my 2 cents in.
  4. Avoiding trade scam

    I'm not sure how you could prevent scamming. I've had players give me resources for free and then explain to me how to craft items. Sometimes I've sold the crafted items back to the person who gave me the resources, sometimes I've kept them, sometimes I given the crafted items to someone else. It is all part of the trade and interaction of the game. So far I've been pleased with my interactions and had trading partners gift me hundreds of thousands in gold and ships. There are some steadfast personalities in the NA community and I enjoy the gameplay. The trust and risk associated with the freedom to decide makes for interesting gameplay. There is always a chance that someone may be a scammer. I can offer payment before I get the goods and services as sign of good faith. Or I can play it safe and refuse to pay till I have received the product. I think it is more important to have the option. If the game mechanics removed all chance of getting ripped off the experience would be much less satisfying and too restrictive. Think of trading or combat like gambling, never put out what you can not afford to loose. And remember some people are prepared to lose everything and then quietly start over, without breathing a word about their loss.
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  6. Graphics stuttering

    Im getting some stutter as well. With over 2000 hours played, this is the first time. I have a few friends who experienced the stutter as well. It is especially noticeable when ships are entering an instance/battle or mission - at least for me. I have made no changes to my system and it is running clean/problem free. I suspect the issue is on NA's end/server side. If it is, the Devs usually handle these types of things quickly, so hang in there.
  7. Are we going to get realistic self demasting if we square full canvas into the wind?
  8. Yesterday
  9. Naval Action Meme collection

    Last image is still relevant. I'm not laughing, it's not funny... hello kittying speed mods...
  10. Graphics stuttering

    I'm having this problem with stuttering and fps dropping from 80-100 to 22. It happens also in OW but is very noticeable in instances. The problem worsens with playing time, so suggests some sort of memory problem. Started to happen a few weeks ago, coincidentally with upgrading nvidia driver to 388.13. I rolled back to previous (388.00) and the problem *seemed* to go away, but reappeared after a few days. Yesterday i upgraded to new version 388.31 and the problem persists. I only have this problem with NA, I run other games (Overwatch, The Witcher III, Destiny 2, ...) fine on ultra. I run NA on "ultra" settings on a i7 6700K 4Ghz gtx1080ti, 3440x1440 true color gsync. (The game is fkin gorgeous when it works!). Lowering settings to "high" doesn't make a difference. Just posting this to see if someone else has this problem. Happy to upload more info or file a bug if this helps ...
  11. PvP - opisy walk

    To francuski klan, mam nadzieję że wiele to tłumaczy
  12. [PVP EU] battle results

    I will fight anyone... besides the fact that experienced players are very experienced at avoiding fights and newbies are easy to get caught. These 2 things combined make it quite obvious who's been targeted. Most of the time I avoid fighting low-rank players like Master & Commander and below that. That's my personal codex I try to obey.
  13. Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    at least 50 episodes of crazy ping and ejection from the game today. I think I will have to rethink my attitude.
  14. Че то мне кажется Вы ошиблись топиком, Мы по Датски не понимаем
  15. Avoiding trade scam

    If you give someone payment before receiving the product, and then get the shaft, that's on you.
  16. Naval Action Meme collection

    Been browsing through steam screenshots a bit... ...
  17. [PVP EU] battle results

    I is pathetic when experience players are coming to KPR and shots newbies. yes, you are HERO. So yes, it was a shame battle but when you get 10 experience players with 15 newbies that happens. Newbies messing more with own fleet that enemy's. And yes again, GB nation is suffering difficult since 3 biggest clan turn over to pirates. but all those HERO's killing newbies around KPR are really pathetic. As for me those players which play this game not so long but trying to fight and dying get more respect then others. That is best way to discourage new players to the game. that s the reason there is 500 players online not 5k. Go show you power against newbies, pathetic.
  18. [PVP EU] battle results

    dont disagree ..... and those that cared ... joined the battle ... i cant do much about those that dont ... you seem to think there were other clans in nation that sat back and did nothing .. if there were like i said they were not in TS and didnt respond on nation chat lots of people have left brit nation ... either they dont play anymore ,, or joined other nations because the couldnt get there own way .. it is what it is .... if your upset about it thats not my problem
  19. [PVP EU] battle results

    It's not about good or bad players, it's about these that care. Right now the % of players that care about something else than the end of their nose is very small.
  20. Gf to both Exile and Rubli. Our snow guy could only fight in the first fight, so we ended up swapping out the ships we planned to use vs each team. We were supposed to have taken the lighter frigates vs Exile and the heavier ones vs Rubli. Looks like Rubli proceeds to the finals, congrats guys.
  21. [PVP EU] battle results

    of course its the same i remember those days too .... trouble is those players dont play anymore we cannot magic good pvp players out of a hat ... if there not in game .. nothing we can do if there were other players online that you know about ... they didnt make themselves known in TS or nation chat .. what do you expect us to do . we either go with what we have or not at all those that took part had fun ..and hopefully we all learnt a few things for next time ..
  22. [PVP EU] battle results

    Of course, it's not. I remember the days the vast majority of Brits actually did fights around Jamaica for pure PvP and fun.
  23. [PVP EU] battle results

    fear of what losing pixels ... nah playing the game .. seems you have that fear
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