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  2. Free port of Viques

    Guys calm down!
  3. Free port of Viques

    Do you fear the consequences of your proposals?
  4. Free port of Viques

  5. Free port of Viques

    At least you should be able to lock out clanmembers of national ports to destroy those clans who lost the war.
  6. Contact list

    Kontreadmiral Skully, Inquisitor of the Alpha Legion, First Envoy of the Free Empire, Officer of SCAR Logistics, 船体维修销售总监, Lord of Utilla and General Arsehole on chats and channels, also Grand Diplomat during 10-12.
  7. Sweden declares war on France

    so embarrassing - the great french nation (at least in the history) gave up their last port in Guadeloupe... u just would have needed 25 (!!!!!!) players - dont tell me or anybody else u dont have these 25 players in 4th rates and 1st rates - to defend more than this 1 port u did u could have gained alot pvp/rvr exp but u decided to do PvE or nothing.... have fun.
  8. Free port of Viques

    Make available for all ports even to flipable for all - Thats the easyiest and most economic soloution. Over and Out
  9. Free port of Viques

    It's no sabotage it's a different opinion BF has in matter of free ports. And no, you can't stay neutral in the question who should rule the country as long as you ask for Anolytic and North to do it while your buddy blames them for. If you ask for their help they can ask for your loyality in that matter. Ma kann net d Batze uns Weckle ha. (one cannot have the money and the roll)
  10. Free port of Viques

    Ruhig Brauner! Es geht um Guayama alles andere sollten man hier aussen vor lassen
  11. Free port of Viques

    I never called for national clan wars. I call for removing the responsibility of clans for ports.
  12. Free port of Viques

    All calm down please. The thread is started about Guayama not about Lars Kjaer if you have problem with Lars go to the thread you have made about DNP and flame each other there. Here it is about the sabotage of the BF clan against the danish nation. Dont throw smoke grenades and distract from the main problem.
  13. Free port of Viques

    Does this mean that the Danes are now in a state of "civil war".... the inofficial civil war started allready before this crises - at least the game mechanics prevent us from that chaos. But Graf Bernadote an Anloytic are calling for exact that mechanics, that would make a cold war to a hot war, by calling for national Clan wars. In my opinion Players who want that can allready join Pirates. National Players shall stay on a more diplomatical ground. But RDNN left that in the moment claimed themselfs the Godfathers of the danish Nation, weeks ago.
  14. Free port of Viques

    Those are no wars but verbal executions
  15. Free port of Viques

    But game mechanics allow chat and forum wars
  16. Free port of Viques

    No. Danemark-Norge has no government right now. Game mechanic doesn't allow a civil war.
  17. Free port of Viques

    Pirates still can't attack pirate ports so your argument is invalid
  18. Free port of Viques

    Does this mean that the Danes are now in a state of "civil war"....
  19. Free port of Viques

    If you claim that Anolytic and RDNN have overdrawn the bow extensively you probably support the position of LarsKjaer that we shouldn't take care of the nations business at all anymore. That's not less diplomatic but the opposite of Gysendorfs demand that Anolytic and RDNN should solve the problem. Maybe RTS should clearify first what they want, before they ask others to implement it.
  20. Today
  21. Free port of Viques

    It is an inofficial opinion of a couple of players in the hole nation - lieber Freund, oder wie ein altes Sprichwort sagen würde Anolytic und RDNN habe den Bogen erheblich überspannt. Gysendorf ist much more diplomatical than me, for true.
  22. Legends login issue

  23. Infantry Guide to UG:CW

    I can't tell for sure, but I think the effective performance of the Lorenz is barely under that of the Enfield or the 55. In terms of reload/accuracy it is about on par with the two (they actually all sum total 125 reload + accuracy), its real malus is doing less damage: 11.5 vs 12.5. This isn't even a 10% difference, however, and the price of the gun is significantly cheaper. Additionally, although its reload and accuracy sums are similar the Lorenz has higher accuracy while sacrificing reload. Accuracy > Reload however, so this is a slight edge that the Lorenz can help combat its lower damage with. IMO the Sprinfield 1855 is actually quite a bad weapon for its cost, performing worse than the slightly cheaper 1853 in meele and the same or worse in ranged combat. For its price, the Lorenz I think is easily better than either and has a great meele stat to boot. Yes if I didn't have to pay anything for my weapons I would probably choose the 53 over the Lorenz, but this isn't really the case so I tend to try to get all the Lorenz rifles I can (which isn't a massive amount, as either side. But dammit I'll still buy them). On the other hand, the Harpers Ferry 1855 is a decent step up from the regular one for only a small increase in price. This rifle is easily superior to the Lorenz in ranged combat, albiet a decent penny more.
  24. Free port of Viques

    Guess this is your personal opinion and no official statement of RTS.
  25. Baltic Fleet

    вызывает подкреп :D:D
  26. HMS Barfleur (1768) - 3D Model

    awesome ty very much will this make it into game eventually?
  27. Free port of Viques

    I explain it a third time, if you want to. Game mechanic permits BF to do with their ports what they want to do. It's RTS and other clans which don't like the decission BF made to open Guayama for all. RDNN never complaint against this move, since we think that this tool has to be tested to find out about the advantages and disadvantages it has. Anyway I think that Anolytic and North together with Dreammaker and Babay have enough influence to the guys of BF to find a solution which is acceptable for all of you. But then RUS and RDNN would care about other clans business. That requires the confession that those clans are unable to settle it by themselves and an official request to take over responsibility for their matters. We don't want that LarsKjaer blames us after again, that we dictate what has to happen in the Danisch nation. Right now RUS and RDNN have no mandate to act, negotiate and speak for RTS and other clans. We are only blamed that we did so in the past without official and public authorization. I understand that such an official request would upset DNP and LarsKjaer. Since RTS would backstab then his try to crowd us out of responsibility for the Danish nation. It's up to you to decide if you wanna risk the relationships to DNP or want us to solve your problem. Please understand that we insist to make your request public, to make DNP know that they stand alone in the Danish nation with their accusations against RDNN. To ask us discreet in TS to solve the problem, that you can stay silent after, when LarsKjaer continues with his false blames is no option for our clan. You have to decide in this matter between the solution of DNP or RDNN. You have to pay with loyality for our help.
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