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  2. I don't see why T-boning another ship should slow it down. It should slow YOU down. The problem is when you T-bone a stationary ship and then push it sideways through the water at 7 or 8 knots.
  3. This was removed because the AI doesn't know how to chase, making it something of a fake feature. Also then we'd have to reckon with the fleet of 3 Pirate SoLs and swarm of smaller ships that for some reason tries to dock at Port Royal every morning.
  4. New ship tv serie The Terror

    Unfortunately they cut it short with 2 seasons. Future seasons could've had a lot of potential. It was a bit risqué but still very captivating series. Admiral was a very good movie, agreed.
  5. Mise en garde Russe

    always looking for slaves, right? Britards....
  6. Uss Constitution

    WTF is this for real?
  7. Idea: BATTLE UI Combined Compass & Radar Boxes

    The system you describe is used in aviation for collision avoidance, I don't think the superimposition of ship positions onto a compass rose would be cluttered visually, it works well enough on Flight Simulator in boxes half the size and (on some but not all aircraft that use them) with more traffic displayed in high content areas around big airports. Zoom is also possible on anti collision systems which serves to reduce clutter in high density areas. There are very clear advantages to this would be that those who have difficulty working out reciprocal courses and bearing to objects around may find it helpful with situational awareness, all the information they need is in one place, as it is in HUD display where you have ranged look out information, direction and bearing shown by default. Naturally, the Naval Captain of an 18th Century warship had to keep all this information in his head as a mental picture of what was where, going where, and how much of a threat to his command it is, as well as wind direction/strength and the condition of his ship. A huge amount of information to process and make decisions from without any of the aids from computers and radar, a formidable task for a man with 30 years service, more so with someone who is in their first battle with only theory and no experience to guide them. I think as long as the information shown is selectable it would provide assistance to the less experienced player and veterans can disable or limit information shown to their tastes it would be a workable solution in combat instances.
  8. Mise en garde Russe

    I started a private chat with all diplomats concerned by this problem, we have to solve it to can take decision of the future.
  9. Капитаны, на данный момент сервера испытывают проблемы с тагом в ОМ и входом в сражения. Проблема исследуется, мы будем держать Вас в курсе. Приносим извинения за неудобства.
  10. Captains, at the moment servers are experiencing problems with OW tag and joining instances. We are investigating the problem and will keep you posted. Sorry for inconviences
  11. Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Yea, it's good now.
  12. Inger flip

  13. Суровые будни в Российской Империи... искренне сочувствую. Ну а если серьезно, то есть мнение, что чем проще, тем лучше это все работает. Например, сейчас чем ты больше дамага нанес, тем большую награду получил, проще некуда. Сколько настрелял, столько и заработал, все зависит только от тебя. Концепция, когда все получают поровну, убивает стремление к развитию. Не нужно потеть и стараться, чтобы получить награду побольше, не нужно даже думать, достаточно просто постоять в сторонке, пока остальные все за тебя сделают. Короче, это весьма сомнительное предложение.
  14. Can't tag on OW

    Looks like trade ships CAN tag. Gross Ventre Refit rule now? add: can't tag npc ow on the trader
  15. Can't tag on OW

    Tagging does not work for players/OW AI or combat missions
  16. On PVE server, NPC ships and fleets should, by option, be able to ATTACK YOU

    I imagine the AI fleets or single ships will have a couple of preset behaviors, some of them chosen by chance (so it does not become too predictable). -1- First and most important, they compare your strength against theirs. They won't attack when you are stronger. Or there is a very small chance (this simulates a stupid captain or over-ambitious zealot), they will attack anyway. After all, history is full of mistakes. -2- I imagine AI fleet will not chase you all over the whole map as you indicated. Parameters will determine how long the chase run will last (simulating patience of that NPC captain or his resolution, his other plans he has to pursue and don't allow him to play with an opportunity target like your ship for too long). They could try to overtake you for a certain distance like a dozen km only, for half a day, or whole day, or (rarely) endlessly. Depends what the program choses as behavior pattern for this singular event. Of course every chase would stop under the gun nozzles of your nation's port defenses. And there you'd be safe. I am not thinking of more elaborate behavior like waiting in an ambush until you come out again of that port. That goes too far. -3- So that limits the calculation efforts for AI. No calculation as long as you don't get into range for identification and battle rating comparison. Limited calculation for the time the AI captain keeps interested in running after you. Ceases with calculation the moment he gives up. -4- All other calculation, about the behavior inside battle instance itself, is already present as it is used when you attack NPC fleets all the time.
  17. Mise en garde Russe

    Choose between Vichy and de Gaulle? are you serious guys that's no RP here. Sad since Babay and his Russian EU crew were involved in the hostility vs La Navasse...
  18. US Senate Resolution 8 Peace with GB

    Ich kann mich Jorge`s Meinung nur schließen. Wer ist eigentlich Herr Drax? Spielt der noch? Wer hat ihn gewählt ... wann wurde dieser gewählt? Ist Naval Action ein Spiel oder eine reale politische Spielwiese für möchtegern Ego`s ??? Warum wollen viele Leute über andere u deren Spielweise bestimmen? Habe mir das Spiel doch selber gekauft ! Naja alles wie immer .... "wenn mann keine Ahnung hat ......." einfach "....." !!!
  19. Can't tag on OW

  20. Can't tag on OW

    Yeah i tagged and sunk a Pole just after the maintatnce.
  21. Это норма:) Просто "Спидометр" учитывает скорость сноса которая в вашем случае была равна 2.3, но при этом у корабля по факту скорость была + - нулевая. Вроде так))
  22. Today
  23. Can't tag on OW

    Correction i can do combat missions with my Trincomalee but not with my Bellona or St.Pavel ... thats fail
  24. Mise en garde Russe

    @Anolytic, @Graf Bernadotte @North, @Christendom As I said after discussion with Anolytic, it is clear that neither European French nor European Russians have any interest in waging war. And there will be no aggression of the French as long as the Russians do the same. But for North American players it's another problem. Apparently the population of the server at the American time is limited and only the WO / White and the VCOs are sufficiently numerous and organized to make real RvR. Moreover this war is an old battle between these clans. The French Council does not condemn the Wo / Blanc clans for their action because it is justified, but will not bring them military support. In other words, the European players will not fight the Russians. Frenchies have another war to fight, and the next will begin soon!
  25. Can't tag on OW

    I can't PvE Devs plz fix it.
  26. Short feedback about the thickness of ships: The last PvP fights I heard / read of or participated (hostility and screening engagements) have been almost exclusively fought in 1st rates. Imo it would be more realistic as well as fun, if there were more different types of ships participating in battles: Frigates, 74‘s, 2nd rates ... But although the mentioned ships would be more suited to hunt down enemys (especially if it comes to a low br pb fleet like yesterday at cayman brac), almost nobody turns up for a fight in them. And one main reason for that is the op thickness of 1st rates (with stacked thickness upgrades)! You simply don‘t stand a chance to penetrate such 1st rates with e.g. a Bellona.
  27. Mise en garde Russe

    France have responsabilities at Bahamas supporting our operations there, don´t disturb them. WO and BLANC are also welcome to join the fight for the Bahamas against the rats and spantards.
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