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8 hours ago, karacho said:

So... is it true? Is it really true that the sea trials will be back?

Will the dream come true again?



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On 4/12/2017 at 4:22 PM, Simon Cadete said:

It was because of player input that fine woods were introduced and all this input of ideas from players has put us in the situation we're on. I think they should just do what they think works. We've basically have gone full circle from when open world first came out. Everything in between, even though it was a learning experience, just slowed down the whole process.

I totally get that, thats why I called out fine wood. However for the OW game to work, you need people in the OW. Do to get people in the OW, you need content that they WANT to play. To do that you need ideas, and well a small team of guys who have to focus on coding may not have the team to come up with the ideas. That's the main reason behind a Creative Director. 

So allow users to submit content that is then reviewed for validity and viability. Then allow the community to vote on what the devs have already agreed are possible ideas.   Admin him self said he didn't like the "Fine Wood" but did it due to demand, this allows them to veto any thing they feel is to hard to implement or just won't work. Additionally it allows development to focus on content that players want and not wast man hours on things that may not be as appealing. 

It also helps the community feel like they are helping develop the game and may help with some of the salt that is going around. 

lastly, more players in OW means more PVP and is that not what we all want? 

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