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Fleets revisited

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On 2/15/2017 at 9:50 AM, Fargo said:

Is it so much work to just remove it for now, or go back to the point only low ranks had access to small fleets?

The purpose was to support solo trader/player, this failed. Why keep it now as it is?! Okay they put some work in it, but thats not our fault. If they had thought this out, outcomes would have been predictable.

And what was the reasoning?! Trade ships are super fast and not defenseless. The LGV can give a good fight to a surprise or renommee, while it outruns larger ships. Defensive tags allow easy escapes, and about ships without chasers traders dont need to care in general. We also had lots of traders before fleets.

And please stop this perk mania... 

Great post.


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