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  1. I've given this more than a little thought. My thoughts are predicated on two assumptions; that crew kills are determined by shot striking hit boxes designated for crew, and that crew hit boxes are flagged on or off depending on how men are distributed to tasks. If these assumptions are wrong this should still be adaptable. First, we need to add a few crew hit boxes into the rigging at fighting tops and various other bits of rigging, which are enabled when men are either sailing or set to boarding, to mark the location of either crew aloft in the rigging or marines in said fighting tops. Treacherous French sharpshooters will enjoy these cowardly postings, I am sure. Second, points around the ship need to be designated as musketry origins. Spots on the forecastle, quarterdeck, weather deck, possibly gun ports below, and our now-crewed fighting tops aloft. These musketry origins will have an orientation and a maximum angle from center. A musket on the gunwale may be oriented 90 degrees off the beam with a 90 degree maximum angle, creating a half-sphere of possible shots to starboard (90 degrees left plus 90 degrees right equal 180), but excluding firing to anything left of it. Meanwhile a musket in the fighting top may have a 0 orientation and a 180 degree maximum angle, allowing our sharpshooter to fire anywhere he pleases. Not all possible positions for a musket-firing crewman need be simulated, just a dozen or so for small ships, and perhaps as many as fifty or a hundred for a 1st rate. Next, we need to enable or disable the musket points based on if Boarding Prep is flagged as enabled or disabled. If a captain enables Boarding Prep, his crew rushes to their musket points and starts firing. Of course, marines are always in Boarding Prep, but unless boarding prep is enabled, they hold their fire. There is thus a new level of play in that you can tell your enemy has gone into boarding prep, and your enemy may attempt to surprise you by staying out of musket range until he's fully prepared to board. Speaking of which, we will only need to fire when in range. Until an enemy ship has closed to within X meters, the musket simulation idles. Fifty or a hundred meters from an enemy ship, the simulation moves to the next step. Within range and with crew active in boarding prep, the crew opens fire. We need to have points operating randomly to reduce the computational overhead of plotting every musket's reload and possible shots simultaneously. We also need to have musket points firing only when they have a possible target. To accomplish this, musket points are numbered for their ship, selected as a random number, and perform a distance check from their point to a crew hitbox on an enemy ship. Only distance on the X-Y plane is calculated for simplicity and to prevent the fighting tops from being too high aloft to fire. If a musket point is in range of enemy crew hitboxes, it proceeds to the next step. Otherwise the program returns to the random number generator to select another musket point. This process continues until a musket point responds as being within range of enemy crew hitboxes. In range of enemy crew hitboxes, the musket point performs a raycast to determine if the closest hitbox is inside of its field of fire (the orientation and maximum angle from earlier). This raycast ignores the various objects, including friendly ships or obstructions. It simply checks if the musket can point at the target. For fighting tops, this will be almost always true. For more restricted musket points along the sides of the ship, they may determine they are close enough to a ship, but that ship is on the wrong side of their field of fire. If the raycast determines the ​closest ​hitbox is out of its field, it then checks the farthest hitbox (within the range check of X meters). This second raycast will be useful if one enemy ship is closer than an enemy ship on the opposite side, allowing muskets on that opposite side to fire at the more distant enemy, rather than all musketry checks passing or failing on the closest enemy, or firing at the bow of a ship when the closer stern isn't in the field of fire, as might happen when your T is crossed. Should both raycast checks fail, the shot from that musket point is canceled, and moved back to the RNG to pick a new musket point. When a raycast is successful, the shot is fired. This is an individual musket ball able to kill one crewman, originating from musket point, and directed along the raycast to the center of the target crew hitbox. The individual musket ball is simply a raycast with added deviation to account for inaccuracy. Given a shot with say five degrees of inaccuracy, we have a chance of hitting gunwales, masts, crew hitboxes we didn't intend to fire on, or even friendly crew hitboxes. Plotting the actual shot will also give the proper advantage to a taller ship or a shot from the fighting tops, as shot falling down on the enemy deck has a much higher chance of hitting a crew hitbox than attempting to shoot through gun ports. All of these calculations occur server-side. Client side, clients are merely informed that they have lost a crewman and which musket point on the enemy ship should render a puff of smoke and a retort. The result is a robust simulation of musketry occurring where it belongs, the battle server, while server-to-client traffic is only marginally raised. There is no need to inform clients of any details of the shot, unless effects beyond gunsmoke are requested. Hearing musket balls patter against my hull may be nice, and watching little black dots fly is entertaining with grapeshot, but given the volume of fire I expect it would be expensive. Speaking of volume of fire; the rate of fire will be determined as a function of how many muskets your ship has, if you have enough boarding mode crew to fire all of those muskets, and what percentage of your crew is marines. Lets presume you have 100 crew, no marines, and 20 muskets. You open fire with boarding prep active. As crew move into boarding prep, the number of muskets in use increases until 20 crew are in boarding prep, when all muskets are now being used. Each musket fired by a crewman has a base firing rate of once every thirty seconds. Twenty muskets, firing once every thirty seconds, comes to 40 shots a minute, or one shot every 1. 5 seconds. The musket simulation attempts to fire a musket point every 1.5 seconds in this situation, graphically there is a puff of smoke every 1.5 seconds, and depending on the luck of the shot raycast, the enemy crew starts whittling down. Now lets say you have gold marines, and 50% of your crew is marines (IIRC). A marine can reload and fire a musket much faster than an untrained crewman, and gold marines almost certainly reload faster than grey marines. Accordingly the fire rate is increased by the marine crew percentage, 50% for gold, less for less expensive marines, but peaking at one shot every fifteen seconds per musket. This creates a blistering 80 shots a minute from the 20 muskets. But wait! The number of muskets has increased as well! We have to add the additional however many muskets to the rate of fire calculation. The fire bonus from your marine percentage will continue down to the last man as well; the simulation need not track how many marines are manning muskets to how many crew are manning muskets. It is presumed either the marines will be prioritized with the musket distribution, or the crew will have received some drill themselves if the captain had planned to perform boarding enough to invest in marines. However heavy casualties will still reduce the rate of fire as the total number of active muskets falls, or if muskets are lost under the bloodied bodies. So what is the result of all this? Going gunwale to gunwale and exchanging musket fire will now be a useful way to gauge the enemy's ability to repel your boarding, and make point-blank fighting much bloodier. No longer can you exchange broadsides into each other's hulls and coolly calculate who will win by who's losing armor faster. You will now be exposed to his fighting tops and muskets on the gun deck, and will suffer casualties among your weather deck gun crews and sailors. It is now very, very clear when someone has a gold marine boarding setup, if they leave their crew in active boarding prep mode. It may be desirable to not tip your hand by keeping boarding prep disabled while approaching and keep your marines from firing. A ship that hasn't fired its muskets either has no-one on hand to fire muskets because the captain intends to focus on gunnery, or has a marine build he intends to conceal. Once you begin firing muskets, you tip your hand as to your marine and musket levels and your enemy can react. There's a possibility for trickery in this mechanic. It is also possible for a ship disabling a gun side to use all their needless extra crew in Boarding Prep with Extra Muskets and Pistols, giving the appearance of having marines but still maintaining full manpower for gunnery and sailing otherwise. It is also possible to defend your Gros Ventre or other trade ship with your crew in boarding prep and firing muskets, and one of these ships with full musketry builds will be dangerous to pull alongside in a lower-hulled vessel. Barricades can also have a new bonus; a flat 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 percent chance to cancel a raycast musket ball hitting a crewman, as your crew enjoys extra small-arms cover. With the right build, muskets could be an effective defense for an otherwise unarmed trade ship! The actual boarding minigame will lose some of its importance. A close quarters fight may be determined entirely by hauling alongside and unloading muskets into the enemy. The captain who finds himself running alongside a boarding-modded enemy will no longer simply keep his speed up and negate his adversary. He will also find that if he cannot break away, then he needs to force a boarding and hope for better swordsmanship than musketry. Or pray to the gods of grapeshot. All of this was posted elsewhere in the wrong forum under a related discussion, so do pardon the double post. I don't want to take over someone else's thread.
  2. Seen a few of these posts but thought I might as well have a go The aim of these ideas is to make the pirates a unique 'hardcore' pvp faction with interesting mechanics but also limited economic and military strength compared to the nations. These should also keep a nice balance of power between the industrial and pvp players in the nations. Pirates Economy One economy building per player 25% tax for all trades between pirates and other nations, including player to AI and player to player (bribes, mistrust etc) Production/ships Largest ship produced by pirates will be 5th rates Cannot purchase ships from other nations, any ships larger than a 5th rate will have to be captured (1 dura) Conquest Pirates will be unable to participate in the current conquest mechanics Nations will be unable to launch a port battle/flag against pirate ports New 'control' system describing the difficulties nations had at the time keeping the peace in their colonies Each national port/region will have a base 'control' score (CS) which will naturally decay over time. Local merchants (AI) will create hauling missions for national players to take goods to any ports that need it (similar to the current missions) to increase the CS for that region. If the CS for the region goes too low the nation then has 24 hours to increase the CS above the base score or the region will flip to the pirates. To recover a pirate port (any) nation can send goods near the port to reduce the pirate CS. If the CS goes low enough and stays below the base CS for 24 hours the port will flip to the nation that delivered the most goods. Pirate CS is increased by pirates transporting their own goods to the ports or by capturing/sinking enemy (player) trade ships in the region. These mechanics should create a situation where pirates become strongest on the borders or quiet areas of the national empires. Finding opportunities where nations are fighting each other and playing them off against each other. Small groups of pirates will be able to harass areas and capture a region or two by raiding ports and shipping trying to supply those ports – but find it extremely hard to hold onto those regions when an organised fleet of traders and warships try to take them back. (If technically possible) Pardons could be purchased by a pirate player at any free port which will allow them to join one of the nations for a fixed time (7/14/28 days). The cost of these pardons would depend on the rank and fame of the captain (see Zooloo's fame system for ideas) meaning a famous Curse would find it stupidly expensive. At the end of the time frame the captain would revert back to a pirate (with xp and fame penalties) and lose any of the advantages of being a national captain – 5 dura ships etc. Any comments welcome
  3. Lately i find myself stuck in the capital simply because sailing take so damn long and i always get stuck in the wind. I really want too play the new pvp events but getting form danish captital too events takes 1-2 hours. Many players builds outs posts and do the cheaty teleport thingy where you board a shit small boat and teleport your big man'o'war too a far away port witch seems stupid. A new system is needed, i purpose that you can for example open the map and chose a port you want to go too and press "let crew take command" and AI will take over and sail there, and your ships actually sails in OW and can get attacked by other players. I would love this as i makes me able to play PVP events and get too far out ports and PB without dedicating 3-4 hours too just travel. Please my darling Devs consider this as travling long distances becomes rather tedious and boring, and would make players able too enjoy what makes this such an awsome game, the marvelous combat and the crafting and trade. yes,yes, i know how can i say sailing is boring in a ship game. stupid right? none the less.
  4. I'll just throw these ideas in here for the DEVs and other players to shine their light on: 0% to -10% speed for 'empty' to 'full' hold space (the more space used, the slower your ship is). Open ALL chats of Allied nations by default. (The Dutch just get the British to open automatically) BUG? Put '1' where you have '1' of something instead of 'nothing'. An attack on a port of any nation will always result in a war. Make alliances depend on a points-system with some actions decreasing hostility and other actions increasing hostility. Get rid of the voting system - let players work for an alliance. Space-bar for one-shot-salute in Open World (10 minute timer) Sharing visual location of Missions & Shipwrecks with the group you are in. Every time you trade in a port you have the chance of being offered a profitable trading mnission. Finding 'sealed bottles' can lead to more things than just the map to a shipwreck. Introduce quests that have multiple phases like having to find certain materials and bring them together in a certain way. Ask players for ideas. Every ship has its own officer (that you can name yourself) - no perk-reset possible. More battles per ship means more XP and perks for an officer. Lose ship = lose officer. Every building has its own 'overseer' which can also get perks when buildings are producing longer. Re-introduce wharfs for shipbuilding with a shipwright that earns experience with each ship built and gets perks. Nice stats at the end of each battle and information on performance of both sides. French Wine? Iberian Meat? Iberian Dried Pork? Trader Tool is broken as some items are just missing. Let the amount of goods available in a town influence its 'consumes' level so the price will gradually return to 'neutral'. Always let the price of goods fluctuate based on a percentage deviation from nominal economic value and define an Open-World-Wide price-range for each type of goods. (Current system is static, needs to be dynamic) Commments please!
  5. Hi there, Two separate but related points: It's a bit unrealistic that fleet ships cannot carry cargo. Sizable convoys of merchant ships were a frequent occurrence in the Age of Sail, and defending or attacking them should consequently be a possibility. This is currently impossible, as since a player can only carry cargo on their flagship, the flagship must be the merchantman (not a frigate escort), and the fleet cannot carry cargo, so there is no opportunity for enterprising players to pick off one or two merchantmen and escape before a general engagement. Additionally, trader players are constrained in their ability to carry cargo. As such, the constraint on fleet ships carrying goods hampers effective commerce and limits the number of targets for cruising raiders to attack. It's also a bit unrealistic that prizes cannot retain their cargo and be sent into a friendly port. At present, a raider wishing to keep a merchant prize or the cargo it contains must either load the loot into the modestly-sized hold of the raider and send the prize empty into port, or stop the raiding cruise as a whole, send the raider into port, and sail the prize to safe harbor oneself. This hampers players from undertaking long-range commerce raiding cruises that were so frequent in the 18th century, and as such players tend to stick near the coast and their outposts rather than getting out into the world and exploring. PvE in particular is extremely well-suited to frigate-style players, who, with the more limited player interaction that PvE entails, should be able to sail far and wide taking or sinking everything in their path until they run out of prize crews. Instead, the current parameters keeps players relatively local and able to actually capture just one merchant prize at a time. Though I understand the concern that players will use the post-battle teleport feature to move their ships and cargoes around, there are several possible solutions here. One is to create a new "prize" category of ships actually captured in combat on the post-battle capture screen. Pre-existing fleet ships can only be sent to an outpost empty, while prizes can retain their cargoes and be sent in different directions. This can either be accomplished with teleport or by creating NPC characters in open world of the prizes sailing home, which will require an allocation of crew. Fleet ships should also be allowed to carry cargo, to give players the option of escorting their prizes to port or running their own merchant convoy (after battle, fleet ships should retain the ability to be sent to an outpost, but only empty, so as to prevent players from using combat as a means to teleport ships and cargoes without incurring the fees of towing). These features, I believe, would make for a more satisfying, realistic, and exciting game, particularly for raiders and traders. Cheers--
  6. Gentlemen, First, well done. This is going to be a brilliant game, years of replays lay ahead. I see where you're going and I like it immensely. You asked for feedback, this is it. Playing this for exactly one weekend, knowing a bit about the war and this genre, this is what stands out to me: UI needs to be simplified. Maybe you could color code commands. Right now it's difficult to discern what a unit has been ordered to do.. Example: 'Charge' needs to expire when a unit reaches a state of exhaustion. It doesn't, and It is difficult at this point for a new user to tell if the charge command is engaged or not. Players should be allowed to specify whether a unit marches in line or in column.Additionally, there has to be an easier way to make a division of troops fresh to the battlefield march down a road in a more logical fashion. Players should be able to specify artillery rounds. It is hard to properly site batteries when you cannot fathom to the range of specific munitions. The campaign game's army creation tools, the way you've layered it, is kind of brilliant. It makes perfect sense when you understand it, but it is not easy to figure it out at first glance. Again, Great Job! Please keep it up! For future reference, what is the general policy suggestion for providing feedback?
  7. I was thinking about this game and something to increase the level of action in it. What I have noticed: The Game is Fun! The game is an insane amount of fun. In battles, especially against other players, the excitement, or horror is there. The tension flows with tides of battle, and peaks in both frustration and glorious success. Even before the battle starts, as you spot your enemy, or prey, you feel the action of Naval Action. Even after a hard won battle, another battle may be waiting outside of the battle which just adds to the excitement of the game. The Ship Building Every game, especially ones on grand scales, always feels like its missing something. BUT that is natural. No game will satisfy the infinite amount of wants an individual will have for any game they purchase. The ships in Naval Action are that missing feel for me. The amount of time it takes to craft, for the risk I put on it, just does not justify the means to build a ship I would want to sail. Now I know this is hard to understand so I'll list my suggestions: Ships feel very macro when I build them, and for that reason I do not really use my hours. I rather just buy them. I would gather a bunch of resources, throw it in a port, and spam my hours on a (lets be honest) clunky interface. My time is better spent buying a ship, or placing an order for it. If I wanted to build my own ship, I would want: To personally oversee and direct the construction of it. Where the port holes are. Where the crew quarters are. Where to double reinforce. Manual placement of my modules All of this in an animated scene, dynamic to my above actions. I want to see my hull being laid down over days for example.... slow like. I would also like to hire contracts, but more on this later. *More of an aside, but directly related. The Resource Gathering The AI traders are far too neglected as a resource unit. AI traders to me, are the most underdeveloped part of the game. Large AI fleets have a purpose, albeit niche, but what purpose do AI traders serve to the benefit of the nation in general? There needs to be some function to coordinate that resource as a nation, and I think voting might be the answer. Admiralty of The Navy As Admiralty of The Navy you are eligible to vote for 3 regions in which trader vessels will direct their focuses. As Admiralty of the Navy you and the other admirals will direct the efforts of the navy's resources and harness the full strength of your nation. Must be Rear Admiral. Must be level 25 crafting. Must have all ports unlocked. Must have minimum 1 Ship Yard in any port. A separate panel to directly hire any amount of trader vessels of the available AI fleet to deliver directly to you at the port of purchase. Requires empty delivery slot. Requires available contract slot. Max weight 1000. Max Return Interval 2 days. Minimum fee per day 85,000, and resource fees and insurance if desired. Direct Voting The above without regard to craft level or experience level. Contraction of AI Trader Vessels Only A separate panel to directly hire any amount of trader vessels of the available AI fleet to deliver directly to you at the port of purchase. Requires empty delivery slot. Requires available contract slot. Max weight 1000. Max Return Interval 2 days. Minimum fee per day 85,000, and resource fees and insurance if desired. Trader vessels become available immeidately after they are released from contract. Pay up front, or later but risk compounding penalties. Votes direct the availability and are similar to politics voting. A percentage of the population of AI traders will be supplied to the corresponding ratio of votes any region may have received, to total votes. Will update later tomorrow. Also, when switching from bullet point to numerals there was no support to change the actual number from 1 to a 2, etc.
  8. At this point Marines are confined solely to boarding actions and with the latest patch they have been restrained a little with their abilities to insta-prep. One of the historical uses of Marines was as sharpshooters on the decks and masts of their ships and they would do this whenever the ships entered close combat (see: Nelson being killed by a sharpshooter etc). PROPOSAL Equipping the Marines upgrades enables a passive "crew killing" ability when under 100m range.The mechanics of which would be a "X% chance of a crew kill" dice roll wherein the quality of Marines increases the frequency of the roll (i.e. 1 roll per minute for Common, 2 for Fine, 3 for Mastercraft, 4 for Exceptional) to reflect training improving reload rate. Targeted enemy crew can be randomized between weather deck gun crews (if targeted ship has them) or sail-handling crew numbers. While this is a bonus to combat pre-boarding, the downside will be the visual cue of constant musket shots (puffs of much smaller smoke) when under 150m. This has the potential of obscuring vision of the Marine carrying vessel when trying to make cannon shots, while also signifying to the defender the presence of Marines. Marines in the background sniping at sail handlers in the Battle of Copenhagen 1801 Nelson, mortally wounded falls to the deck of the Victory while in the background Marines line the gunwales trading volleys while sharpshooters pick out specific crew.
  9. I have been playing this game for a little while now, and I generally love it, but there are a few things that should be improved/tweaked. People use the new "Smuggler" mode to increase their chance of PB drops. I guess the only way to prevent this, will be to prevent player smugglers from own nation to drop anything, except maybe cargo. It should not be possible to capture the ship, but it should still loose durability. PvE battles should keep the timer at 2 minutes OR be lowered to 1 minute, while PvP battles should have the timer increased to maybe 5 minutes. Mission/Battle markers should be changed to something like this: 2 white crossed swords = Order. 1 white+1 red crossed sword = Fleet Order. 2 red crossed swords = PvP battle. Conquest flags should be limited to non-trader ships, and maybe even to a size matching the harbour size. How about an option to use a flag in open world showing you do not intend to go into battle, so players from other nations can see you don't want a fight. It should come with a timer (lets say 5 minutes) so you can not attack players within 5 minutes after showing the flag, but you can defend your self. How about a possibility to add custom clan logo to either the main sail, or a flag, which can be visible in open world too. Guild logos should be non-offensive off course, and of a specific size/resolution (example: 128x128 png with transparency). Only clan creator should be able to change this. We have noticed some people log off at the battle status screen to avoid ending up in a new battle. Players who do that should be forcibly moved into open world and get a 2 minute countdown before their ship actually logs off.
  10. Credits to: Whaling - ? Lookout - Zakota Assisting a ship - Similon Drunk crews - Bajadian reduce current repairs - Crankey Increased dispersion at long range. Preview of ships - Joao18 Journal - Me. Running aground - Me The idea with the journals is that the game could automatically put in your log you had sighted a strange sail or engaged an enemy, or run aground which you then read out / give to your superior on heading home The running aground is pretty obvious, if you don't know your waters, you could get caught up in some shallow reef and lose your ship.
  11. Well, is sad to see that you are adding russians ships to this game but we have only one spanish ship. I like St.Pavel and The new 3rd rate (dont remember the name) but come on guys. This game is set in the carribean between 1775 and 1815 and we only have one spanish ship. Spain was a huge naval force in the 18 century (and i don´t speak about 17th) and we have only 1 ship, we have 2-3 british ships 3 french ships and 3 USA ships and 3 russian ships, i think that russian ships dont make sense. Spanish, british, Dutch and french ships should be the priority in development not for my personal idea, just for some historical issue. I add some sugestions Santa Ana 1st rate Rayo or Fenix 2nd rate Bahama 3rd Rate. Glorioso 3rd rate. Read his Story I don´t add smal ships because you have some posts in forum so, youn know them. Another suggestion I think that for long time development each faction should have one ship of each class and be only able to craft by the faction members. But, for instance if a british or french or dutch player captures a Santissima and destroy it in harbour, will get the BP . In that way we all can sail all the ships but it will give the game more histórical inmersion. For Factions that dont have 1rst or 2nd rates you can add a Russian Generic one. For pirates, is anti-historical have ships of the line and even being a country but maybe their crews should have exceptional marines and boarding axes without upgrades, added as Extra crew, that don´t affect the gunnery, so pirates can capture ships and get BP too. of course this marines bonus is just until rank 5 or 4. (more will be OP) So guys please tell me your point of view and please made a list like mine of brits, french, dutch... ships
  12. Hello development team! I'm playing on the PVP 3 EU server. Doing anything as a Nation (DK-NO) is impossible. The base of player is simply too small. I'm not gonna change server to server 1, like many other do these days. So merge the two servers, to give us all a more rich game enviroment. Really sad to see so many players go to other games, because one server is getting depopulated. I know its a Alpha and all. All I say is ppl are leaving, because the game does not have the playerbase for so many servers yet. So please do someting about this fast. Never got a response from a dev on this game before, could be nice now! /Staal
  13. Hello Everyone, Now that I have achieved the highest rank (1100 crew) on a pvp server, I thought I would voice my review, opinions, likes and dislikes of this game- what better place to review it then after you've seen pretty much all that it has to offer? I'll try to be short and concise and to the point and base it on known and current game mechanics Grind Time: I actually like this one, it took roughly 700 hours to achieve rear admiral, but it could of easily been 550-600 that's a pretty good number for time invested to reach the "top level" for $ invested in the game, worked out really nicely. Grind Mechanic: I was a bit let down by some of the higher end PVE Missions, I was hoping they would be a bit tougher, Rear admirals contain 2x third rates at the moment, I'd of liked to see 2x third rates and their companion fleet of smaller ships ( tops 7 ships) to force the player to involve in some social aspects the entire game is schooling you with these missions first from the removal of A.I fleet to the sudden jump from a frigate class ship to 2x constitutions or 1 third rate. (No solo fourth rate mission) Port capture: I'm glad to hear it is going to change, currently deep water ports can be taken by one person (if undefended) There is not much to add here until the admin have the port siege in its final form. OW PVP: Here is where I get hung up, right now almost every ship except the largest can achieve similar speeds, Having an alert eye knowledge of wind and ships can grant you almost total immunity to OW PVP I find PVP is too easy to avoid and or cheese in its current stance (Cheese as in manipulate game mechanics unintentionally) Holding battle screens, Reinforcement buttons, Logging off, Teleporting. And when you do catch someone on OW the 30s counter gives them quite some time to try and get out from under you so the battle starts at range, and you have to spend another 30 minutes chasing them down in battle Make OW (open world) PVP Faster, Remove the 30 second timer, or reduce it to 5 or 10 seconds. Adjust not just battle speeds but OW speeds as well 20 knots is excessive, if we need 20+ to achieve good playable travel times, shrink the map scale and speed up the in game day time Small and large battles: What is the point? if it is to teach people to pvp, limit it to levels, if it is to give access to instant combat, why? Shouldn't OW combat be that fulfilling and rich? Isn't catering to a need for instant queues admitting that OW PVP is lacking? Durability: Neat idea, but I'd make it tougher, have durability stop being a thing at the surprise from then on out it is only one durability, this will aid in keeping the ships of the line rare and help dwindle gold stock piles and push more people into crafting A lot of my suggestions have already been brought up by the Admin and are in development stages of ideas to fix them, I just wanted to add my two cents in case anything was missed, Over all, I enjoyed the game a fair bit, and enjoy the path it is headed for.
  14. Hello everyone, After discussing my ideas about crew and level ideas with my clan, they suggested that I post here. Some of my clan mates feels that they’re good ideas that can complement or replace current systems in Naval Action. Player Ranks: The current system with crew members should be cut. Any captain could successfully crew a ship given the money, however they would be limited by the officers under them. Therefore, it would be best to have player ranks limiting the amount of officers one can command rather than its crew. To expand on this, if each low ranking officers (e.g. Midshipman) can only command 20 crew, and you’re limited to having two midshipmen’s, then the maximal crew you could command efficiently is 40. However, you could still take command with a Privateer of 60 crew, however your crew efficiency would be limited to only 67% (much like the up and coming patch, therefore the efficiency number is the same thing as crew). Advanced explanation: Your 60 crewed privateer who would have two midshipmen that are specialized would have two departments not impacted by the efficiency, e.g. if you have 1 gunnery and 1 rigging midshipmen, then those areas would be running at optimal efficiency if you only need 20 for each. The additional 20 crew members you would command would not be specialized, giving them a significant penalty to wherever they're tasked on the boat. The Officers: As one would progress through the ranks, they would gain further ability to successfully command more officers. A low ranking sea captain, might only be able to command 2 or 3 midshipmen’s, whereas a truly ranked captain could command multiple commanders, lieutenants, and midshipmen’s. Therefore, these officers would have a hierarchy, to where the Captain (you), might have 3 positions under him, as you progress through the ranks, you’ll be-able to command higher and higher ranking crew members (better stats/abilities?). Example: you start the game, and you immediately hire (start with) 2 midshipmen. After gaining your second level, you unlock a 3rd position under you, therefore allowing 3 midshipmen underneath you. On your 3rd level, you gain the ability to have one of those midshipmen be promoted to a lieutenant, of which he can command 2 more midshipmen, giving you a total of 4 midshipmen, and an effective crew of 80. After you would progress a few more times, you would finally unlock commanders, of which each commander would have two slots for lieutenants, and each lieutenant having 2 midshipmen. Every officer would have a specialization, such as gunnery, sailor, marine, rigger. With that in mind, each tree that goes underneath you should reflect these specializations. E.g. you don’t want a midshipman gunner under a lieutenant rigger. In my honest opinion, I believe that having officers in this manner adds a human element to the game, which it currently lacks. Lastly, officers would not have a quality, but rather experience themselves, as they level up they gain more ability (hidden or skill-tree?), but are capped by their rank. E.g. you can't have a Lieutenant who's as capable as a Captain. The Crew: Since this is a hypothetical post, why not expand it! Since we discussed having officers under you, why not have crew too? Crew could be the enlisted members of your ship, not directly impacting the stats of a ship, but rather being detrimental in nature. E.g. if a crew member is trained as a gunner, and you use him as a rigger, there would be a penalty. Furthermore, having the ability to pick every crew member could be quite tedious, therefore an option could exist to send your officers to town and hire crew (and automatically assign them). Each crew member of lowest quality (e.g. basic seaman rank), would cost nothing up front, but then would cost a daily wage (something small, but gets way costlier when you man your 1st rate!). If you wish to hire better crew members (e.g. able/leading seaman, petty/warrant officers), it’ll cost you a bonus payment in port (e.g. 5gold+ per depending on quality) plus their daily wage, which would also be higher than their basic seaman counterpart. Additionally, if you wanted to min/max (as many hard-core players would), you could specifically go to port and select each and every member of your crew (my god!), with ports limited on how many crew members of higher quality it can create per game day. In this system pirates would have to share their spoils with their crew, rather than paying a wage. E.g. If you capture a trader and sell the trader, your share might be 60%, and the remaining 40% would be distributed amongst your crew. Failure to adhere to your pirate standard would demoralize your crew, surpassing it would improve morale. Specializations: In my idea, there are four key specializations, Marines, Gunners, Riggers, and Sailors. Each are fairly self-explanatory with the exception of sailors, who are jack-of-all-trades. They can fulfill or complement any crew area with minimal detrimental effects. However, if one were to move a gunner to a rigger, there should be a substantial penalty for it. Lastly, future additions such as a Chaplain, Surgeon, and/or Cook, could give bonuses to the crew as a whole. E.g. Chaplain can improve morale, Surgeon reduce death chance, and Cook boosting morale as well. Conclusion: I feel as if these additions could really bring about a human element to the game, especially if they can die! (or at least have the chance of dying in combat) Please do not slaughter my idea, as it is just that, an idea.
  15. Greetings, I realize this has probably been suggested in the past, but I’d like to throw in my cents on the matter. I believe we need implement a spyglass when we’re on the world map, perhaps one that you purchase for gold, this would be both sensible and reasonable considering the state of navigation at the present time (I adore how we can’t see ourselves on the map). To have a spyglass might also add somewhat to the immersion of the game, and certainly ease the navigation, at least a little bit- After all.. You might spot land from a greater distance if you have such a thing, and if you spot land you can work out a rough estimate of where you are. The second thing I’d like to suggest is the ability to open and close the gunports on our ship, this might not appear as a big deal, but it does have an element of pure awesome to it, there you are- Sailing up alongside a trader or enemy- And suddenly you open your gunports and the cannons slide out- The showman in me can’t help but adore such a thought. Such a suggestion would not be purely for show however, one could add a small increase to speed from traveling with them closed, after all- Cannons slid out of the ship will cause more drag resistance against the wind, and therefore slow you down in comparison to the other guy. So yes, these are my two suggestions, and why I'd like to see them added. Please vote on the poll.
  16. This is a real simple topic on something I personally would like to see. (If you have any reasons against or for that I haven't thought of please feel free to comment as I'd like to get an understand about this tiny aspect of the game, Thanks! Before I had the chance of seeing the power of hiring a fleet at a port I'd reached a level where I was unable to hire one. Not only did this make a mission that was of the same rank as myself difficult if no friends were online to help, but trading alone without a fleet is a scary thing indeed! My suggestion is to allow, larger ships to be purchased as a fleet when your rank increases and allow higher ranks to also purchase even if its only one! Thanks, BlackestBeard
  17. I would love to see a trading mechanic with: Placeable map info pins (with in game acquired "map upgrade"), better looking map according to classical 16-1800s maps, map details for areas explored, and exploration mechanics that further boost the information given about a particular area such as average cloud cover, barometer readings, average wind direction and speed. Trade prices can be tracked for targeted goods Degrees of trade knowledge based on trade experience, being different from combat xp - 1st Deg: No information given, build up a reputation with harbormasters - 2nd Deg: Word of mouth/Hearsay (with inaccuracies/flat out lies) <--- pirate ports more likely to troll players. - 3rd Deg: Basic Journal/Logbook, with ports you've visited, and targeted goods - 4th Deg: Advanced journal/Accounting/Logbook with High/Low supply/demand graphs for all goods at ports you've visited. - 5th Deg: Basic trade network with basic communication of goods between ports (slow, somewhat outdated/innacurate information) - 6th Deg: Trade network with better, more updated information between ports - 7th Deg: Fully operational trade network with telegraph, and goods info request from other nearby ports - 8th Deg: Full trade net with Trade adverts pop up with special deals for captains if they're in the right place at the right time. Trap mechanics to lure players to a location based on false advertising, in order to "secure discount prices" Boom and bust mechanics for temporary, and long term goods/goods categories Could tie all this in with port history. Ability for ports to starve and die Ability for new ports to spring up
  18. Hello, Well this is sort of a follow on of my clan mission assist bonus idea but instead of me throwing my ideas at you I want your ideas. I didn't really see anything about this so I'm going to start it myself. I will update this post with the titles of all the ideas people made along with the names of owe posted it. And when we have enough we can have a poll to see what would be best first. So the premise is clan based suggestions that would not only encourage players to play as group but also make the game a more enjoyable experience for all of us, so what ideas have you got? Ideas Clan Mission assist [John_Run] ? ^ ^
  19. Hi all, As this is my first post I wanted to say don't judge me too harshy and I am loving this game so far. I played PotBC and Age of Pirates 2 etc a ton back in the day and am so happy to see such a beautiful looking and enjoyable game. On to my suggestion then. I am a big fan of seeing crewmen on a ship, it makes it seem more "alive" and I also think can be used to represent game systems as well such as the boarding preparedness, sailing "focus", or "gunnery focus" toggles available now in the UI which are simply represented by a green/red circle filling up. I am curious if there are any plans to extend the animations and number/quality of crew and perhaps marines on the ships at all? to me it seems many of the larger ships have very little crew onboard (I know many of them are below deck) If you are focusing on sails or gunnery wouldn't it be realistic and enjoyable to see more crew "bustling" around the guns or rigging. Or if you are preparing to board (using the UI function) then you could have crew and marines forming on the deck? I think it would add to the immersion factor and depending on how it it implemented may not take that much effort in terms of rendering resources. I am not that familiar with the graphics engine used in Naval Action, but I fondly recall watching my crew run around my ship in POTBS or especially seeing the crews in Napoleon TW fire and then fight each other. Of course the suggestion becomes much more complicated once boarding itself is considered and again I am not familiar with how the devs have mentioned this will be represented in the game. (aside from the placeholder UI and system, I assume it is only a placeholder?) Basically I just wanted to put my idea or suggestion out there as I am still in amazement at the beautiful graphics of the game and can't wait to see it develop further and was hoping to see more lively and animated crews,marines, and officers on my deck Cheers all and Happy sailing!
  20. Simply enough, Create forums for each Server. This way all the diplomacy and national news posts are as confusing. G
  21. Alright. Lets start with the basics. There is much glitches or bugs that I could have found which is good for alpha. The reason for concern is content. There is only one mission which is rather boring after doing them for 6 hours and sitting not enough for a better ship. Adding more missions is necessary. When starting out the first hour or 2 is most important. For me starting out ended up being asking in chat what to do to get a better ship. Finding out I need to do missions for gold or capture a ship. I was too bad to capture a proper ship so I tried missions. After 12 hours I got the snow. This was hopelessly too long for a new player to be stuck doing the same thing over. I think the reward system for missions should increase by 200%-400%. I recommend 300%. New players should only need to spend 1 - 2 hours before being to get a new ship like a privaat (I think thats the name). Trading is also lacking. I only see people coming in chat typing "I bought XX where can I sell for a profit" or "Guys how do I trade and how do I know whats in demand" and no one can reply since either no one is sure or this system does not exist or there is a very limited amount of people who understand it. I would love to trade and do things like that instead of going to a port picking up a mission and shooting a ship, go back and repair and repeat for 12 hours for a new ship. The game's grinding aspect should start with little grinding and go up not start in space and continue on. Adding missions like escorting or courier will make the game more interesting. Also it will get people to move around instead of sitting around the port they spawn. Thats my thoughts atm after 30 hours of gameplay do with it what you like but adding content should be high on the list. Ok after another 48 hours of gameplay I have some more things to add. The game has another mistake you are not limited by gold (which I believe should be what limits you in such a game) but xp. There is a lot of people I have talked to that have 500k+ money but nothing to spend it on. This seems wrong. I should be trying my hardest to make best profit, be that trading or pvp or raiding not sit on missions for whole days trying to grind more xp. I know this is not a problem for all the players but my goal in this game is to sail a big warship and from what I know best xp comes from missions and so I spend 90% of my time just running mission after mission and it gets boring after 12hours of missions in one day. The thing is in a week I will only be able to spend 2hours a day on this game. this will mean I will need to spend weeks for a new ship and that would just not be worth it. King Regards Tristan
  22. Hello there i summed my portion of suggestions about the game, so i hope its ok, its not set by some priority just random numbers. 1: Combat make properly visible how many balls u hit and make some graphic announcements about citicaly hits and so on 2: Combat make clear wiev from the side of ship, let ppl shoot without aiming the guns by right click, just for fun. 3: Make ships more loosable during different events like missions especialy pve events its gonna improve the economy, ppl are gonna craft more because ppl are gonna looking for more ships, more craft = more items trading ect. 4: PPL Love collecting things make some nice main port interface where they can collect various ships and can really see the docking in ports next each other, via world of tanks/world of warhips 5: let ppl collect more ships in ports let them buy more slots for money or ingame currency - copy succesfull system like wargaming has trust me they know how to make money and use simple and cleaver microtransactions to fund your game because - u dont wanna live only with 40euro from few thausands ppl from buying the game do you? U even cant. without monthy payment. 6: if its not something super tactic lower the wind affection in open world map 7: Dont use only open sea combat areas, if ppl dont want something on days on sea is another sea, be variable make combat maps near little islands and forts to make it interresting. 8: Force ppl to buy ships from nationality they choose (if u collect enough ships of course) BUT let them collect other ships aswell via other nationality factions in different locations, do not let player get anything u really dont want for free, let them earn it, my suggestion is to make diferrent little faction for example france factions separated from france but with their own french ships and let ppl do missions for them to collect prestige and chance to buy other nationality ships, trust me this is gonna everybody love. 9 Make ships buy and rewards in port interface so interesting that people actualy feels its something unique, if u put just a felthy name of the ship in some stupid bar nobody gonna cares but if u do some nice ship tree where ppl can actualy see the ship and can visibly dream about it its much higher chance they are gonna buy it and put it in their collection There is a lot i would love to say or see in the game but dont forget guys collect or borrow ideas from other similar games and maybe try to improve them, especialy money ideas, i dont want to see you bankrupt sorry for english and wish u the best luck with game.
  23. I created a document to collect ideas and suggestions to further improve “Naval Action” and to create a more flexible platform for exchange of ideas. Any suggestions can be posted as a suggestions and will be implemented into this document. We will also keep updating any changes. This way anybody can easily see what ideas have already been posted and what has been confirmed / denied by the developers. Link to the document: Click We hope that this can be helpful for the development of the game. With best intents, Rena and Co.
  24. I'd like to see all of the controls that normally use the numberpad be bindable to something else. The reason being that I intend to build myself a nice little controller for Naval action (with some three way spring-loaded switches for the yards, a pot for the wheel, and a number of buttons for things like deck locking/ammo type/repairs/crew mode), the ability to simply have joystick buttons for those number pad functions would greatly simply things for me. Selfish, but I can't be the ONLY ONE-well, maybe I am. Some more minor things. An option to flip the windpath arrow around 180, most weather-vanes in the US point into the wind, not with it, I STILL get myself flipped around now and again. Bearing numbers might be nice. A little Tilt indicator might be nice, but is not nearly necessary. The ability to name ships is probably impractical, but would have it's uses. Also, I'd note that I'd be tempted if alternate skins where sold for the game..... These are just a few things that I've been considering.
  25. Just a few things really. When you have finished writing in the in-game chat, instead of having to press esc all the time, as soon as you press enter to send the message then the chat box closes would be nice. Last thing, when you are playing the game on two screens and you alt tab out the game, then alt tab back in, everytime you move your mouse towards your second screen your mouse goes off the game and onto the second screen. I hope you understand what I mean by all this if not I can always make a video for you to see what I'm on about. UKzKnight