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Found 1 result

  1. New Shipwreck mechanic

    hello fellow captains for a while now i have been thinking about how to make certain feature of the game more fun and more in-depth I came up with a new shipwreck system that would make treasure hunting and ship wreck salvage more fun and provide for more content in the game. as first i want to point out that the current system for wrecks is a basic system (you find the location of a wreck, you sail to the wreck, you click on the wreck and you empty it) this system is fine and "thank god" it works. but i think it is time to get to the next level with this game and that is why I came up with a shipwreck mechanic that is more in-depth and gives somewhat more content to the game. please let me know what you think about this idea through the poll that i created. New Shipwreck Mechanic : 1 - right now shipwreck are found by sealed bottels ,to get the location of a random wreck you "USE" the sealed bottel and a location will be add on your map wich nobody else can see, i would suggest to change this. ships sunk in battles will become visible in OW (open world) as wrecks wich everybody will be able to see , the position of the wrecks would be around the position of the battle in wich the ship(s) where sunk, this means that after a normal OW battle and Portbattles in wich ships have been sunk shipwrecks would be laying around that Area. the amound of wrecks would be equal to the ship(s) sunk in the battle. every ship in the game will have there own shipwreck unlike the current shipwreck mechanic in wich all shipwrecks are depicted as 1 shpwreck design. 2 - 4 new shipwreck types will be introduced - Beached shipwreck : if a ship in a battle has been sunk close to the shore the ship will become a beached shipwreck in OW, this means that the ship will be laying on the beach and less then 30/40 % submerged ,shipwrecks wich have been beached can be salvaged by every player and dont need special Mods to do so. - shallow shipwreck : if a ship in a battle has been sunk 1 mile(1852 meters) or more away from the coast then the ship will become a shallow shipwreck , this means that only the masts will be vissible above the water line as seen in the picture below in this post. to salvage a shallow shipwreck the player will need some mods like: a diving bell, divers and a air pump to supply the diving bell with air during the salvage. -deep water shipwreck : if a ship in a battle has been sunk 10 mile away from the coast and if the ship is almost not vissible on the sea bed ,the ship will become a deep water shipwreck. deep water shipwreck should be hard to spot on the OW and slightly vissible in the water .the player will need the very best mods in the game to salvage this shipwreck like : a copper plating diving bell, expert divers and a dubble air pump to supply both the diving bell and the divers wich will be using early diving suits and a early copper diving helmets. after the salvage has been done the shipwreck should either be removed from the OW or it should look even more wrecked then befor to give the feeling that the ship has been ripped apart a bit. additional ideas to this new Shipwreck mechanic could be that on the moment that somebody clicks on a wreck and clicks "salvage" a instance will be created just like a battle but only the player who is salvaging will be in the instance with the availability for other players to join the instance to either attack the salvaging player or to protect and help him. also because an instance is in real time you could look at the diving bell being lowered into the water to make everythink more realistic. i also think that wreck should give the player more loot like : Mods , Materials , special items and junk loot. - special items being a captains log with a fun or educating story or the location of a other wreck or special mission of sorts or special/legendary swords ,muskets ,pistols ,books special notes/letters or just anythink that would immerse the player more into the game. - junk loot being wrecked materials and weapons, coins (copper ,silver and gold) and basicly anythink that could be recycled into its former state or a new material. further more the player should in my opinion stop its ship above or next to the wreck , lower a diving bell and inspect the wreck/Area after wich the player should get information about the wreck (like : what class and type the shipwrecked ship was and to who it belonged to) or the player should be told that the inspection failed and the player has to reposition its ship and do it again just to make the whole think a bit harder to do. the amound of loot should depend on the time that the player has the diving bell lowered into the water after the inspection of the wreck gave the player the availability to salvage.