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  1. Feel free to propose other British ships. 6 Guns Armed Cutter 1763 (HMS Sherborne) 14 Guns Brig (Cherokee) 14 Guns Armed Merchant 16 Guns Sloop (HMS Druid) 18 Guns Armed Trader 18 Guns Ship 18 Guns Armed Trader (HMS Minorca) 18 Guns 6th Rate (HMS Advice Prize) 20 Guns Privateer 1727 (HMS Flamborough) 20 Guns Privateer 20 Guns Corvette (HMS Amazon) 22 Guns Frigate 1781 (HMS Myrmidon) 22 Guns 6th Rate (HMS Ariadne) 28 Guns 6th Rate (HMS Lizard) 32 Guns Frigate (HMS Ambuscade) 32 Guns Frigate (HMS Unicorn) 34 Guns Frigate 1777 (USS Hancock/Iris) 38 Guns Frigate (HMS Minerva) 38 Guns Frigate 1794 (HMS Diana) 44 Guns 5th Rate 1646 (HMS Adventure) 44 Guns 5th Rate 1741 (Prince Edward) 44 Guns 5th Rate 1782 (HMS Seraphis) 48 Guns 4th Rate (HMS Mordaunt) 50 Guns 4th Rate 1711 (HMS Ormonde) 50 Guns 4th Rate 1774 (HMS Experiment) 70 Guns 3rd Rate 1679 (HMS Berwick) 70 Guns 3rd Rate 1678 (HMS Lenox) 74 Guns 3rd Rate 1787 (Colossus) 74 Guns 3rd Rate 1778 (HMS Alfred) 74 Guns 3rd Rate 1795 (HMS Kent) French Design 74 Guns 3rd Rate (HMS Anibbal) 74 Guns 3rd Rate (HMS Pegase) 74 Guns 3rd Rate (HMS Pompee) 74 Guns 3rd Rate (Black Prince Class) 80 Guns 2nd Rate (Tonnant) French Design 90 Guns 2nd Rate 1788 (HMS Barfleur) 90 Guns 2nd Rate 1788 (HMS Prince) 98 Guns 2nd Rate 1782 (HMS Glory) 98 Guns 2nd Rate 1782 (HMS Atlas) 98 Guns 2nd Rate 1782 (HMS Duke) 100 Guns 1st Rate 1719 (Royal William) 100 Guns 1st Rate 1670 (HMS Prince) 100 Guns 1st Rate 1786 (HMS Royal Sovereign) 100 Guns 1st Rate 1814 (HMS St. Vincent)
  2. With the other proposed sets of kick starter packs being thrown about I thought I might make my turn to do a Venetian one, mainly with the aim of providing some things that are a little bit different to what we already have and what the other proposed packs are offering. I will also start by saying that these are my personal suggestions after a good think, if there is a ship that is missing from this group I would more than gladly discuss swapping a ship or adding any others. Polacca (c1750) Adding a Polacca to the game gives the devs two nice options, one they can have a new small fighting, and two they can also use the same model for a trade Polacca as has been done with the other trade ships, the trade brig for example. Polacca were used quite extensively by Venice as both a small escort ship and as a trade ship itself, they are nimble and sail fairly well up and down wind, their real advantage however is their ability to deter boarding, their high sides being a great advantage in this situation when being attacked by their main enemies, the North African Barbary Pirates. There is also a nice advantage in that there is a purchasable scale model produced by Amati. Sciabecco (18th Century) The devs have toyed with the idea of adding a Xebec for a while now, I just thought it might be fun to throw in a detailed plan of what formed the back bone for the Venetian fleets activities in home waters, this is a 34 gun variant built to mainly operate in the coastal waters of the Venetian Lagoon and the Dalmatia, this style of Xebec would add some flair and variety to fighting in shallow waters. Historically the day to day activities of these ships were to discourage illegal activity and protect higher value trading convoys. I also have a sail map for a similar vessel if anyone is interested. Muiron (1797) I had a long think over whether to include Muiron or rather go for her parent, the Palma class (1784) but I decided to go for Murion, mainly due to the importance Muiron played in breaking through the British blockade of Egypt, inevitably saving Napoleon from capture or death after the battle of the Nile. Napoleon also wished Muiron to be preserved eternally as thanks for his safety and so it would be a nice little tribute to him to do so electronically in the game. For further information please see the dedicated post to her by @Sella22, I will post a link below. Fama (1784) I have personally worked long and hard on trying to unravel the history of the Fama class and have given at least a brief history for each of the 6 ships built, it would be a dream come true to be able to sail her in game. I have explained before my reasons for adding her when it comes to adding Fama, as the swan song of the Venetian Republic's shipbuilding she was the last and most heavily armed of the Fregata Grossa class, the Venetian line of super frigates dating back to the 1720s. She would be a fantastic ship to see in game, not at least to offer some alternative to the Agamemnon dominance of 4th rate battles. She is beautiful, charismatic and historic, her various sisters serving in the Venetian, French and Austrian navy, and as my signature suggests, she is the one I would be most happy to see. Link below to dedicated thread. Bonus: I would love to see either of these ships added on to the pack but when it comes down to the cost of ship development I would much rather see the others added over the two below. Leon Trionfante (1716) The Leon Trionfante is a ship I have discussed before, the main reason I like her is she has such a long history as a ship, serving her users well for over 100 years and taking part in multiple conflicts, as the ship is more of a bonus choice I wont go into huge detail of why I would like to see her, if you wish to read more please visit her own thread. I also like her because she offers a smaller alternative to a 3rd rate, being armed with 70 guns. Or "1780"/La Harpe The 1780 is the other of my bonus choices, my less favourite over the Leon Trionfante, mostly due to her relatively short history. I just like her design really, she would, like Leon Trionfante be a nice offering to give as another compact 3rd rate, but unlike Leon Trionfante was capable of being armed with 74 guns, which again gives a nice little option to take over the current crop we have of the 3rd and the Bellona. Links to more information: Thank you for reading I hope you can find some time to support this proposed pack
  3. We all know soon enough Devs are going to post details about Kickstarter packs. So, here is one small collection for all Spanish Fans who in future will be able to fund these projects on Kickstarter. Enjoy. P.S. feel free to suggest other candidates. 18 Guns Privateer 18 Guns Privateer 22 Guns Frigate 22 Guns Frigate 22 Guns Frigate 34 Guns Frigate 1788 (NUESTRA SENORA DE LA SOLEDAD) 36 Guns Frigate 1779 (SANTA MARGARITA) 36 Guns Frigate 1796 (AMFITRITE) 50 Guns Frigate 1797 50 Guns 4th Rate 54 Guns 4th Rate 64 Guns 4th Rate 64 Guns 4th Rate (San Fernando) 64 Guns 4th Rate (Africa) 70 Guns 3rd Rate (Glorioso 1740) 74 Guns 3rd Rate (MONTANES) 74 Guns 3rd Rate (San Damaso) 80 Guns 2nd Rate (Fenix 1749) 80 Guns 2nd Rate 1795 (NEPTUNO)
  4. The "1780" Class ship was a 70/74 gun Venetian Primo Rango (1st Rate) designed in 1780 by the architects Andrea Paresi, Andrea Chiribiri, Andrea Spadon and Iseppo Fonda as part of Angelo Emo's naval reform program started the same year. The ship was drawn up as a replacement for both the previous 70 gun Leon Trionfante class and the smaller 66 gun San Carlo Borromeo class which the two designs had been in service 64 and 39 years respectively. The "1780" was designed with the intention to being faster, more agile and just as tough as its predecessors, in line with the contemporary naval thought under the Emo reforms which were focussed on modernising and changing the way the Venetian navy operated to best protect its mercantile interests, and to project Venetian naval power against its main threats from the Barbary States and Ottomans. The new "1780"s were the first major ship planned as part of these reforms, 4 were laid, however none were completed before Venice was occupied by France, then Austria. The 4 ships of the "1780 class" Laharpe, 70 guns, Laid in 1782, Completed by the French in 1797. Unnamed, 74 guns, Laid in 1786, Damaged by the French looting in 1797, Demolished by the Austrians in 1804. Unnamed, 74 guns Laid in 1790, Damaged by the French looting in 1797, Demolished by the Austrians in 1804. Unnamed, 74 guns, Laid in 1790, Damaged by the French looting in 1797, Demolished by the Austrians in 1802. Laharpe was named in honour of Amédée Emmanuel François Laharpe, a French Major General who was accidentally killed by a friendly fire mistake during Napoleon's Italian campaign in 1796 while he was pursuing Austrian forces in the town of Codogno. She was launched alongside the Fama class ship Stengel, as part of the French salvage programme launched in the Venetian Arsenal following their occupation in 1797, the design was modified slightly, taking away the poop deck and her 3 guns, while adding another gun port to the quarterdeck, leaving her as a 70 gun ship, instead of the originally intended 74. Laharpe spent the majority of her early years stationed at the French base in Ancona alongside Stengel, ironically the two classes serving together as they were designed and intended for by Angelo Emo in the 1780s. They were soon joined by Beyrand, another Fama class ship where they were prepared and sent on an expedition to relieve the siege of Corfu against the Russo-Turkish aggressors, however the small navy were forced to turn back after being spotted by the Austrian navy. The Austrian navy gave chase in an attempt to capture the three ships but were no match for the speed of the Venetian designs and Laharpe, Beyrand and Stengel made it safely back to Ancona, where she would stay until 1799. In 1799 Austrian Forces captured Ancona and Laharpe was taken back to Venice to help secure the Austrian occupation, she spent the next 3 years anchored in the Grand Canal, working as a floating outpost for the occupying Austrians, where she served as a powerful reminder and keeper of peace against the Venetian resistance. After her years serving as an outpost she was commanded by Karl Ludwig Johann Josef Lorenz (later Archduke Charles of Austria) to be converted into a prison ship, as the prisons of Venice were in a state of disrepair and prisoners were frequently escaping and so in december 1802 work began to refit Laharpe. After her refit, finishing in the spring of 1803 she was anchored in the San Marco Canal where she stayed until July 1804, where she underwent some maintenance, after which she was left anchored in the part of the Venetian Arsenal known as the "Novissima Grande", the largest basin of the complex until the second French occupation starting in 1806, she stayed in the Arsenal for a further 3 years and was eventually demolished there in 1809. Below is A painting of of Laharpe serving as a prison ship. Measurements: Length of Keel, 139 piedi, (48.33m) Length at Longest Point, 162 piedi, (56.33m) Width at Widest Point, 39 piedi, (13.56m) Armaments (Laharpe 70 Guns): 28 x 24lb (French pounds) 28 x 18lb (French pounds) 14 x 8lb (French pounds) Plans: Originals. Reproduction by Guido Ercole. Thanks For reading, I hope you enjoyed, as always let me know if anyone wants some more information.
  5. This is my complete and reorganized Russian Ship Collection post, I looked through the forum to find every plan for Russian Ships that I could and posted them here. The plans are in order by number of guns, I will put links to any posts that I got plans from at the bottom of this list, enjoy! Mercury 1829, 20 guns Orel 1669, 22 guns Shtandart 1703, 24 (28) 1710 Russia 1729, 32 guns Saint Nicholas 1790, 44 guns Speshnyi 1801, 44 guns Saint Michael 1723, 54 guns Venera 1808, 48/56 Ingermanland 1715, 64 guns Panteleymon Vyctoria 1719, 66 guns Sviatoi Georgii Pobedonosets 1780, 66 guns Slava Ekateriny 1783, 66 guns St. Paul 1784, 66 guns Trekh Sviatitelei 1810, 74 gun sol Azov 1826, 74 gun sol Rafail 1802, 80 gun sol Sviataoi Pavel 1792, 82 guns Sviatoi Dimitrii Rostovskii 1758, 100 guns Khrabriy 1808, 120 guns Links to topics (if there is no link to a specific ship, like Mercury, I got the plan from a different site) http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4872-russian-frigate-1669-orel-with-plans/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/5754-russia-frigate-32-guns-1729-with-plans/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/5569-saint-nicholas-святой-николай-44-gun-frigate-1790-with-plans/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/9228-russian-fifth-rate-speshnyiспешный-1801/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3947-russian-4th-rate-st-michael-1723-54-guns-with-plans/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15250-venera-russian-4856-gun-frigate-with-plans/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3002-ingermanland-russian-3-rate-1715-with-plans/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/2937-panteleymon-vyctoria-russian-3rd-rate66-guns-ship-with-plans/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3523-russian-third-rate-ship-of-the-line-sviatoi-georgii-pobedonosets-1780-66-guns/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/8411-russian-third-rate-slava-ekaterinyслава-екатерины-1783/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3516-st-paul-of-66-guns-1784-russian-fleet/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3946-russian-3rd-rate-rafail-1802-with-plans/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7656-sviatoi-dmitrii-rostovskii-100-gun-russian-1-rate-with-plans/ http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/8405-russian-1-st-rate-khrabriy-храбрый-1808-with-plans/
  6. You are more than welcome to post history and specs about these ships. Enjoy. Part 1 History Aréthuse (1791) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_frigate_Ar%C3%A9thuse_(1792) Armament: N/A -------------------------------- Armide (1804) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_frigate_Armide_(1804) Armament: French service 28 × 18-pounder long guns 8 × 8-pounders 8 × 36-pounder carronades British service 28 × 18-pounder guns 14 × 32-pounder carronades 2 × 9-pounder guns 2 × 32-pounder carronades Crew - Up to 339 -------------------------------- History Africaine (1795) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_frigate_Africaine_(1798) Armament: French service: 28 × 18-pounder long guns 12 × 8-pounder long guns British service: 28 × 18-pounder guns 14 × 32-pounder carronades 2 × 9-pounder guns + 2 × 32-pounder carronades -------------------------------- Aigle (1801) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Aigle_(1801) Armament: 26 × 18-pounder guns 4 × 9-pounder guns + 8 × 32-pounder carronades 2 × 9-pounder guns + 2 × 32-pounder carronades Crew - Up to 264 -------------------------------- History Amazon (1795) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Amazon_(1795) Armament: N/A -------------------------------- Amazon (1799) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Amazon_(1799) Armament: 28 × 18-pounder guns 2 × 9-pounder guns + 12 × 32-pounder carronades 2 × 9-pounder guns + 2 × 32-pounder carronades Crew - Up to 300 -------------------------------- Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Sail Plans
  7. Open collection of Trader ships with large variety of figureheads. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
  8. Looking for names, specs and history. Koopvaardijfregat 'Javaan' Pluto
  9. I am sure many of you would like this curious french visual guide of sail vessels http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k9613477d Its the full book, An example...
  10. Fifth-rate two-deckers.

    Currently, the entire collection of in-game fifth-rates are true sailing frigates - long, low ships with most of their armament concentrated in a single gun deck. The Renomee seen in game is one of the earliest examples of this type of ship; for the first half of the 1670-1830 time frame the typical fifth-rate or equivalent ship was a compact two-decker, shorter and more upright than later frigates. These ships tended to have 22 guns or fewer on each gun deck and minimal armament on the upper works of the ship, and were given a range of contemporary labels as broad as just 'ship' to the more descriptive French labels like fregate a deux batteries or frigate-vaisseux de premiere ordre. As an example of the type - HMS Rainbow. HMS Rainbow was built after Renomee and her capture; by the time she was launched, she was unfashionable and obsolescent. Rainbow had a perfectly respectable career and for whichever reason was kept in service while the other ships of the 1745 Establishment group of 44-gun ships was broken up or sold out of service; after HMS Crown was broken up in 1770, Rainbow was the last of her class. Small two-deckers like Rainbow were much cheaper to keep on station than powerful ships of the line and would be more powerful than single-deck frigates for a little while longer, so Rainbow was kept occupied and there was even a small resurgence in two-decker fifth-rates with new ships of the Roebuck-class and HMS Serapis being ordered. In one of the larger naval battles of the American War of Independence, Rainbow and HMS Flora with the brig HMS Victor encountered two frigates of the Continental Navy, Boston and Hancock and the captured British frigate Fox - the elderly two-decker was able to pursue the two American ships and then the Hancock when they separated for thirty-nine hours, eventually coming up on Hancock and trading broadsides until the American ship surrendered. In 1782, Rainbow was chosen as the platform for an experimental armament of carronades, which had previously been sold to merchant ships and privateers and not found favour with naval authorities. Thoroughly obsolete by design and thirty-five years old, Rainbow encountered L'Hebe, recently-launched and the first of her class, in the English Channel. L'Hebe's captain became alarmed when he realised the shot fired from Rainbow's bow chasers were 32-pounder balls, reckoning that Rainbow was a disguised ship of the line. On Rainbow's first broadside, a 68-pound cannonball from her main battery carried away Hebe's foremast while another destroyed the helm; Hebe's captain ordered one broadside fired so as not to disgrace the flag before surrendering. Hebe had an extended career in British service, and the state-of-the-art ship was the basis of the Leda-class frigates of which the in-game Trincomalee is an example. Carronades became a typical part of the armament on the Royal Navy's ships after Rainbow's duel, though all-carronade armaments were only used on marginal ships that would not have had adequate armament otherwise. Rainbow herself was placed in ordinary in 1784 and eventually sold out of service in 1802. Her armament varied over her career between 44 and 48 guns. Her original rating reflected an armament of 20x18 pounders, 20x9pounders, and 4x6 pounders on her quarterdeck. Following repairs and recommissioning in 1762 her armament was 20x18 pounders, 22x9 pounders, and 2x6 pounders on her forecastle. When she was armed with carronades she carried 20x68 pounders, 22x42 pounders, and 6x32 pounders with both the forecastle and quarterdeck armed. Records of both the Hancock and Hebe incidents refer to her firing bow chasers, while the plan of her sister ship America shows gun ports at the level of her main battery below the stern gallery. What might she be in-game? A bruiser. A slower and less agile ship the single-deck frigates, but with decent firepower - a broadside of 280-300 pounds - and durability reflecting the additional enclosed deck and her mass and structure being condensed in a shorter ship (She's 17 or 18 feet shorter than Trincomalee). A way for lower-ranked captains to experience the sailing and fighting style of later ships of the line, and at higher levels a tank among frigates and a watchdog and tagger for ships of the line. If, like other fifth-rates, she had the option of an all-carronade armament, the equivalence between carronade and cannon weights is different in game, and the 68/42/32-pounder setup would be more likely to find expression in a 32-42/32/18-24 pounder setup. Yes, Rainbow is a British ship, but I've been able to find plenty of information about her along with plans and models of her sisters and her career as an old-style two-decker that served in the time dominated by single-deck sail frigates is interesting. There are a whole heap of intermediate two-deckers from other nations but I've largely only been able to find minimal information for them - mostly names, service dates, and career highlights with a sort of two out of three of armament, measurements, and crew complement and without models, plans, or art of them. So while I've opened with Rainbow as an example, I invite anyone to discuss any intermediate two-deckers or demi-batteries that would match the in-game fifth rate.
  11. Here is a large collection of early 50 gun frigates and 4th Rate ships. I will be adding more plans soon! Enjoy.
  12. HMS Prince Regent (1814), 56 guns. HMS Prince Regent was the largest British ship to see action on the Great Lakes in the War of 1812. Built at Kingston, Ontario in response to the advent of American super-frigates and the arms race to maximize firepower relative to size in ships built to operate on the Lakes, the Prince Regent packed a big punch into a unique hull. She was variously referred to as a frigate and a two-decker SoL. http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66642.html#k3RsgjfGHcTwtqGG.97 Length of Gundeck - 155' 10" Breadth - 43' 1" Depth in Hold - 9' 2" Burthen - 1,293 50⁄94 Tons BM Spar Deck - 20-24x 32pdr carronades + 4-8x 68pdr carronades (28x total) Upper Deck - 28-30x 24pdr guns Crew - variously reported as 280 and 550 http://davidgibbins.com/journal/2016/4/5/diving-the-wreck-of-hms-prince-regent-1814-kingston-ontario-canada
  13. Zakharii i Elisavet/Захарий и Елисавет Russian First Rate 1745 100 guns Article: Info: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=10522 Zakharii i Elisavet Russian 3rd Rate 1795 74 guns Info:http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=10663 Source(in Russian): http://alternathistory.com/g-satskii-delo-o-gladkopalubnykh-lineinykh-korablyakh-katasanova Every piece of info is welcome
  14. Ok guys, so my favorite ship type is the Sloop of War. I would like people to post plans for Sloop of War ships dating from 1680-1830 here. Sloop of War ships are typically smaller than Corvettes, have a single gundeck usually carrying up to 18 guns, and up to three masts. (the rating system coveres all unrated vessels with 20 guns and above), even gun-brigs and cutters are included in the class. In your post I would like the Name of the ship, followed by nation, guns, and lastly year. Here is an example... Rattlesnake, USA, 18 guns, 1813 Ok guys, post away!
  15. Inspired by Don Alejandro´s thread about the Spanish Navy, I put all plans for danish frigates posted so far in one thread. Sorted à la francaise, i.e. by caliber of the guns on the upper gun deck, not the actual gun count. 4- / 6-pounder frigates Blaa Heyren 18 guns, 1734, Benstrup Langeland 18 guns, 1758, Krabbe 8-pounder frigates Raae 30 guns, 1709, Judichær Christiania, 20 guns, 1774, Krabbe 8-pounder frigate concept 24 guns, 1794, Stibolt Hvide Ørn, 30 guns, 1798, Hohlenberg Lille Belt 20 guns, 1803, Hohlenberg 12-pounder frigates Hvide Ørn 32 guns, captured 1715, ex-swedish Vita Orn Christiansborg 24 guns, 1758, Krabbe Perlen 36 guns, 1774, Krabbe Friderichsværn 36 guns, 1784, Gerner Triton 30 guns, 1789, Stibolt Nymphen 38 guns, 1806, Hohlenberg 18-pounder frigates Disco 42 guns, 1781, Gerner Havfruen 40 guns, 1789, Stibolt Freia 40 guns, 1793, Stibolt Venus 36 guns, 1804, Hohlenberg Freia 46 guns, 1817, Schifter Diana 20 guns, 1818, Schifter 24-pounder frigates Perlen 46 guns, 1804, Hohlenberg
  16. Good morning. Under the permission of the Lord ADMIN, I created this post to have all the information about the spanish ships well organized and put it in order to enable that the devs can get the information clearly. Of course I would add the names of people who provided that information and also always provide links to topics, if I forget to someone, please Tell me . Please, if someone find new information about spanish ships, put in the old post (HERE), and I add to this. Spanish Classification First Rate 100+ guns Real Felipe Class (Real Felipe) Purísima Concepción Class (Purísima Concepción, San José) Santa Ana Class (Santa Ana, Mejicano, Conde de Regla, Salvador del Mundo, Real Carlos, San Hermenegildo, Reina María Luisa)
  17. Work in Progress. The Battle of the Chesapeake, also known as the Battle of the Virginia Capes or simply the Battle of the Capes, was a crucial naval battle in the American War of Independence that took place near the mouth of Chesapeake Bay on 5 September 1781, between a British fleet led by Rear Admiral Sir Thomas Graves and a French fleet led by Rear Admiral Francois Joseph Paul, the Comte de Grasse. Although tactically indecisive, the battle was strategically decisive, since it prevented the Royal Navy from reinforcing or evacuating the forces of Lieutenant General Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia. When the French were able to achieve control of the sea lanes against the British, the result was the reinforcement of the Franco-American army with siege artillery and French reinforcements—all of which proved decisive in the Siege of Yorktown, effectively securing independence for the Thirteen Colonies. Presented in July 1781 with the options of attacking British forces in either New York or Virginia, Admiral de Grasse opted for the latter, arriving at the Chesapeake at the end of August. Upon learning that de Grasse had sailed from the West Indies for North America, and that French Admiral de Barras had also sailed from Newport, Rhode Island, Admiral Graves concluded that they were going to join forces at the Chesapeake. Sailing south from New York with 19 ships of the line, Graves arrived at the mouth of the Chesapeake early on 5 September to see de Grasse's fleet at anchor in the bay. De Grasse hastily prepared most of his fleet, 24 ships of the line, for battle and sailed out to meet Graves. In a two-hour engagement that took place after hours of maneuvering, the lines of the two fleets did not completely meet, with only the forward and center sections of the lines fully engaging. The battle was consequently fairly evenly matched, although the British suffered more casualties and ship damage. The battle broke off when the sun set. British tactics in the battle have been a subject of contemporary and historical debate ever since. For several days the two fleets sailed within view of each other, with de Grasse preferring to lure the British away from the bay, where Barras was expected to arrive carrying vital siege equipment. On 13 September de Grasse broke away from the British and returned to the Chesapeake, where Barras had arrived. Graves returned to New York to organize a larger relief effort; this did not sail until 19 October, two days after Cornwallis surrendered. Updating Links British Fleet in Formation: Alfred (1778) Belliqueux (1780) Invincible (1765) Barfleur (1768) Monarch (1765) Centaur America (1777) Bedford (1775) Resolution (1770) London (1766) Royal Oak (1769) Montague (1779) Europe (1765) Terrible (1762) Ajax (1767) Princessa (1780) Alcide (1779) Intrepid (1770) Shrewsbury (1758) French Fleet in Formation: (Help Me Find Blueprints) Pluton Marseillois Bourgogne (1766) Diadème Réfléchi Auguste Saint-Esprit Caton Centre César Destin Ville de Paris Victoire Sceptre Northumberland (1780) Palmier Solitaire Citoyen Rear Scipion Magnanime Hercule Languedoc Zélé Hector Souverain
  18. Credit goes to all of the people that found the info/plans/drawings and posted them in the respective threads.I only put them together in a single thread. WiP Mods dont hate me for this D: Sources: http://3decks.pbworks.com/f/Catalogo+dos+navios+brigantinos+%281640-1910%29+-+Esparteiro.pdf http://marinhadeguerraportuguesa.blogspot.gr/2013/04/navios-da-real-marinha-de-guerra.html Nau "Rainha de Portugal" (Alternative spelling : Rainho de Portugal) Portuguese (1791) 80 guns - 3rd Rate http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=7863 Possibly her looks after her rebuild: Nossa Senhora da Conceição 1701 80(?) guns (i counted 102) Unknown
  19. new ships

    I found a forum with details about many ships and some plans. It would be cool if some of those ships could find their way into this game. HMS Neptune 98 gun 2nd rate http://www.kenthistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=16545.0 HMS Formidable 98 gun 2nd rate http://www.kenthistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=19026.0 HMS Spartan 38 gun frigate http://www.kenthistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=18132.0 HMS Royal George 100 gun 1st rate http://www.kenthistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=15058.0 HMS Ville de Paris 110 gun 1st rate http://www.kenthistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=17732.0 HMS Ardent 64 gun 3rd rate http://www.kenthistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=18096.0 HMS Leviathan 74 gun 3rd rate http://www.kenthistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=17025.0 And many many more ships.
  20. Enjoy this fresh collection of ship plans found online. Feel free to sort them out and add missing description or history for each ship in this post. Rare Ship Plans Vol 2
  21. British 3rd Rates (Collection) Post ship plans and history. 1760 Bellona: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/504/media-504802/large.jpg The "baby sister", 1763 St. Albans 64: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/503/media-503139/large.jpg The very FIRST British-built 74, Slade's 1757 Dublin: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/503/media-503781/large.jpg Dublin, 1759 Hero (above) and Hercules-class (below) [Hero will be at http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/80660.htmlwhen uploaded] http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/502/media-502737/large.jpg Bately's Fame family: 1765 Suffolk & Mod Suffolk - plan at http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/81712.htmlwhen available 1765 Canada: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/503/media-503799/large.jpg Williams's Royal Oak family: top 1769 Royal Oak, bottom 1778 Alfred http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/653/media-653918/large.jpg http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/532/media-532448/large.jpg Hunt's 1782 Ganges, also sometimes called Culloden class but NOT to be confused with the Slade 1776 Cullodens: http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/551/media-551254/large.jpg 1763 Albion class (Slade; downscaled 1757 Neptune 90, which is shown below Albion) http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/531/media-531714/large.jpg http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/533/media-533273/large.jpg 1790 Brunswick one-off ('Admiralty') - plan at http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/80623.htmlwhen available 1798 Dragon one-off (Rule) - plan at http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/80650.htmlwhen available 1801 Plantagenet one-off (Rule) http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/504/media-504143/large.jpg 1802 Repulse (Rule) http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/504/media-504218/large.jpg 1806 Revenge one-off (Rule; Large 74) http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/504/media-504335/large.jpg 1807 Bulwark one-off (Rule; plan is cancelled sister Valiant) http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/551/media-551380/large.jpg 1794 Mars (Henslow) http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/510/media-510960/large.jpg 1801 Conqueror (Henslow; Mars variant) http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/659/media-659337/large.jpg 1800 Courageux one-off (Henslow) http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/503/media-503451/large.jpg 1804 Swiftsure (Henslow) http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/504/media-504778/large.jpg 1805 Fame/Hero class (Henslow) http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/508/media-508431/large.jpg 1806 Colossus (Henslow; Large 74) http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/503/media-503619/large.jpg Derived from 1761-capt FR Courageux... first, Courageux herself. http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/505/media-505026/large.jpg 1783 Carnatic http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/503/media-503559/large.jpg 1807 Mod Carnatic http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/559/media-559657/large.jpg 1808 Blake (stretched version) http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/559/media-559642/large.jpg 1810 Armada ("Forty Thieves") http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/504/media-504514/large.jpg - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1757 Valiant - will be at http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/81703.htmlwhen available 1798 Ajax http://collections.rmg.co.uk/mediaLib/510/media-510909/large.jpg
  22. Otherwise known as the "Brigand's not here; I'll have to come up with something" thread. This thread is designed to be similar to Brigand's nigh-invaluable "List of ships and other vessels in the game" thread, but with some different info arranged in different ways. Note, however, that this is intended to be a companion to Brigand's thread, NOT a replacement. I have no wish to usurp his work. There's been a bunch of info that's surfaced over the past few months about new ships, as well as new ships being added to the game. Ordinarily, I'd just repost this info in Brigand's thread and suggest that he add it to his OP, but with him not around very much, what I post there has been getting lost in the discussion, and I've found myself having to dig in order to find it for other people. Therefore, I thought I'd create a new thread, using the most recent information available. Also, while Brigand's thread focuses on the real-life technical aspects (which I am not very knowledgeable about, so don't expect to find as much of it here), I thought I would provide ways of looking at this info that hopefully will benefit the people who are just interested knowing what we have, and will have, in the game. It seems very often that people argue that certain nations have too many or too few ships in-game, or that certain rates (size categories) of ships are too well or too poorly represented. I intend to organize the information in this thread in ways so that it will be easy for people to view the facts related to these topics, so that they may more easily form their own opinions regarding them. There is one more thing I feel I should mention: I want everyone who reads this to feel that they can trust the information they're reading. That means that the information here should be based on what we know, not what we're hoping is true. That means I'm not going to list a ship on here based on rumors or data-mining, at least until that ship is confirmed to be in development. That also means that, no matter how many times people ask, I'm not going to include player-made ships in here until it is confirmed that the specific ship(s) in question is(are) going to be added to the game. I have no wish to spread potential misinformation or say anything that may give people the wrong impression. Disclaimer: Now, I'll try to keep this up-to-date for a little while, but I'm sure to move on eventually. My interests change over time, and real life can sometimes cause difficulties as well. That's just how it is. If this thread ever gets overly outdated, I sincerely hope that it gets consigned to the forum scrapyard, and a different thread takes its place. Now, enough of the preliminaries; let's begin: My sources: (Read this if you want to, or you can scroll down to get right to the good stuff.) Now, by combining the information from the various sources above, we can get an idea of what's in development, and how that stacks up alongside what we've already got. Keep reading to see for yourself: Ships by rate: For simplicity, I'm going to use the rate system that Admin used in the quote above. If I've listed anything incorrectly from how it is in-game, please let me know. I'm sure there are those of you who will argue the historical accuracy of this rating system, but I'm not sure if that's the point here. Note, however, that we don't know how some of the ships that are in development are rated, and since they could be listed in one of multiple categories, I've tried to list them wherever it seems likely that they might be rated. In these cases, I've listed the ships like this, in both the categories that they might belong to: "[named ship] or unknown ship." If the named ship turns out (when it is released) to belong to one category, then the unknown ship will be the ship in the other category, and vice versa. Traders: 6 in-game, 0 known to be in development, 2 possibly in development. In-game: Trader Cutter, Trader Lynx, Trader Brig, Trader Snow, Le Grosse Ventre, Indiaman. In development: Two unknown ships might be in development. Unrated / 7th rates, 2-16 guns: 7 in-game, 0 known to be in development. In-game: Lynx, Cutter (Alert), Yacht, Pickle, Privateer, Mortar Brig, Gunboat. 6th rates, 16-26 guns: 8 in-game, 1 in development. In-game: Brig (Fair American), Navy Brig, Rattlesnake, Rattlesnake (Heavy), Snow (Ontario), Mercury, Niagara, Prince de Neufchatel. In development: Xebec. 5th rates, 26-50 guns: 12 in-game, 2 in development. In-game: Cerberus, La Renommée, Surprise (L'Unité), La Hermione, La Belle Poule, Santa Cecilia, Frigate, Pirate Frigate, Essex, Indefatigable, Endymion, Trincomalee. In development: Diana, Kepler. 4th rates, 50-64 guns: 5 in-game, 0 known to be in development. In-game: Constitution, Ingermanland, Agamemnon, Wappen von Hamberg III, Wasa. 3rd rates, 64-80 guns: 2 in-game, 5 in development. In-game: Bellona, 74. In development: Téméraire, Montañés, Wreker, unknown 3rd rate, unknown 3rd rate. 2nd rates, 80-100 guns: 2 in-game, 3 in development. In-game: Saint Paul/Pavel, Le Bucentaure. In development: Christian VII, unknown 2nd rate, unknown 2nd rate. 1st rates, 100-140 guns: 3 in-game, 0 known to be in development. In-game: Victory, Santisima Trinidad, L'Ocean. Ships by nationality: This is a list of the nationalities of the known ships in-game and in development. The unknown ships obviously aren't listed, because we don't know what nations they'll belong to. A lot of this info is from Brigand's thread; please correct me if I get anything wrong. I'm also not going to count the trader variants (trader lynx, cutter, snow, brig), as they're reskins of their non-trader counterparts. The Frigate and Pirate Frigate aren't listed, since they're kind of a mix of designs. The Xebec isn't mentioned either, because we don't know what, if any, nationality it's going to be (it might just be generic). The Privateer, Navy Brig & Mortar Brig, Rattlesnake (Heavy) and 74 aren't listed, as they're reskins/variants of the Lynx, Brig (Fair American), Rattlesnake, and Bellona, respectively. The Gunboat isn't listed because it may just be a generic design. British: 11 in-game, 0 known to be in development. In-game: Cutter (Alert), Pickle, Snow (Ontario), Cerberus, Santa Cecilia, Indefatigable, Endymion, Trincomalee, Agamemnon, Bellona, Victory. American: 7 in-game, 0 known to be in development. In-game: Lynx, Brig (Fair American), Prince de Neufchatel, Rattlesnake, Niagara, Essex, Constitution. French: 7 in-game, 1 in development. In-game: Le Grosse Ventre, La Renommée, Surprise (L'Unité), La Hermione, La Belle Poule, Le Bucentaure, L'Ocean. In development: Téméraire. Russian: 3 in-game, 1 in development. In-game: Mercury, Ingermanland, Saint Paul/Pavel. In development: Kepler. Swedish: 3 in-game, 0 known to be in development. In-game: Yacht, Indiaman, Wasa. Spanish: 1 in-game, 2 in development. In-game: Santisima Trinidad. In development: Diana, Montañés. Dutch: 0 in-game, 1 in development. In development: Wreker. Danish: 0 in-game, 1 in development. In development: Christian VII. German: 1 in-game, 0 known to be in development. In-game: Wappen von Hamburg III. --- And I think that just about does it. Tell me if you'd like anything else added to this, or if I've made any mistakes.
  23. Hey, i "got" more portuguese ships, because technically i just got one, let me explain. I have plans of 3 different ships. One of them is from a 3rd rate ship but has no data and name(http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/81037.html?_ga=1.70445782.712756216.1451744237) . At royal museum greenwich i searched for the portuguese ship Príncipe Regente and i found this ship (http://prints.rmg.co.uk/art/492661/prince-regent-1814) but with the name Prince Regent with the data 1814. The last ship is a 3rd rate 74 guns, 2 decks called Medusa(just when it was rebuilt(went to 80 instead of 74) in 1793) launched in 24 august 1786 with the name Nossa Senhora do Monte do Carmo. Crew: 500-650 Length: 51,94 m Breadth: 13,65 m 1786 - 74 guns = 28 guns of 32 pounders ||30 guns of 18 pounders ||16 guns of 9 pounders 1793 - 1822 - 80 guns = 30 guns of 32 pounders |34 guns of 18 pounders ||16 guns of 9 pounders Say what you think!
  24. Post for videos on anything interesting and related to age of sail. Videos only please. If description is necessary keep it to 1 sentence or 2. Lets start
  25. Info about danish shipwrights and danish shipbuilding in general: coming soon™ Shipwrights: Henrik Gerner, 1742 - 1787 E.W. Stibolt, 1741 - 1796 Ships, presented and planned Note: conversion factor for danish to british pounds: 1, 038 conversion factor for danish to british feet : 1, 0305 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Waldemar, 80-gun ship, 1798, Stibolt Seieren, 64-gun ship, 1795, Stibolt Perlen, frigate, 1804, 46 guns, Hohlenberg Friderichsværn, frigate, 1784, 36 guns, Gerner Triton, frigate, 1789, 30 guns, Stibolt Christiansborg, frigate, 1758, 24 guns, Krabbe 8 or 12-pounder frigate concept by E.W. Stibolt, dated 1794 Christiania, ship-sloop, 1774, 20 guns, Krabbe Lougen (II), brig, 1805, 18 guns, Stibolt Sources: Fregat et Snau, Auer, 2008 Ships and Shipbuilders: Pioneers of Design and Constructions, Walker, 2010 Ships and Science The Birth of Naval Architecture in the Scientific Revolution, 1600-1800, Ferreiro, 2007 Plans: Orlogsbasen Danish National Archives