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Found 4 results

  1. Time to start another ship, this time the HMS Barfleur (1768), a 90 gun second rate (later 98) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Barfleur_(1768) Took a while to create some clean plans from the ones I found (the best was distorted and the others were very low quality). Just blocking in the shape at the minute using the original plans (2 tier stern gallery) but will modify this to have the actual 3 tier stern gallery that it was built with
  2. 'L'Ambitieux' A French 80 guns battleship from 1680, the flagship of the Chevalier de Turville and one of the finest and most beautiful ships of the French Crown of the XVII century. Plans: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jf7sjppd638y4w8/AABXyEt0SgNIyxxfR9vI4sY_a?dl=0
  3. HMS Prince 2nd rate 1788

    I've been digging a bit and i have found some blueprints of the HMS Prince 98-gun second rate ship of the line that was launched on 4th of July 1788. It is a very pretty ship and it is a 2nd rate which we only have 1 of so far. Here are some plans: Orlop plan: Lower gundeck plan: Middle gundeck plan: Upper gundeck plan: Quarterdeck and forecastle plan: Inboard profile plan: Sheer plan and lines: Model: Now, I am not a historian or anything, but this seems like a cool ship and I haven't seen it with its plans in this forum.(might be that I missed it) Armament: 98 guns: Gundeck: 28 × 32 pdrs Middle gundeck: 30 × 18 pdrs Upper gundeck: 30 × 12 pdrs Quarterdeck: 8 × 12 pdrs Forecastle: 2 × 12 pdrs Some sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Prince_(1788)& http://www.kenthistoryforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=18598.0 Share your opinions!
  4. The Fighting Temeraire!

    i would love to see HMS Temeraire,it was Lord Nelson's favourite ship.