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  1. Looking for history of this ship. Crew - 400 Armament: 33 × Long 32lb 20 × 42lb
  2. It would be wise to see Infrastructure damage, labor reduction. After Raid Port will need resources, so there should be restock missions for traders ASAP. Restocking port with resources should recover labor regeneration etc... Raided ports should be N1 stop for traders with rewards upon deliveries. This will complete the action circle. RRRR - Raid - Reduce - Restock - Repeat
  3. Pirates should not be equal in power when compared to Other nations, but they can have unique refit capabilities and can be stronger in Frigate vs Frigate PvP. Making them alt dupe 1st rates is just silly. This is what you are asking for 1 Crafted National/Pirate (1st rate) = 3 Pirate 1st rates or simply I use my alt and supply rates to pirates. 10 rates = 30 1 dura first rates, Pirates attacking any national port much faster with x2 speed and force compared to all other Nations. Are you crazy? Not only they will be able to Produce 1st Rates, but they will also be able to take over National Alt built ones without any penalties. These 1 dura rates will be used to take Nats ports without any problems any day of the week. 1 National well organized clan can supply 1st rates and put every Pirate in 1st rate ship withing weeks, so they can quickly take any ports without any construction/material/labor problems. I understand you want easy mode, but this is game breaking. There will be no balance because Devs don't control ship loses from account to account resulting in alts giving up boats to their Pirate toons. We are going to see a new catastrophe developing very soon. Ex. USA signs the deal with Pirate Nation and start supplying them with rates. Pirates are now weakening preferred US enemies while USA fleet is flanking and taking their ports from another side. This all will result in Pirates and Nation who supplies Rates to pirates as Invincible force who will control the Caribbean. Do you want this? if yes I am more than eager to test it and break the game completely. Expect durabilities to flow like water filing Pirate Flasks.
  4. Explain why? I said big YES and explained myself.
  5. Add better refits, I only suggesting refits on 1st rates. However, this idea can be expanded on Frigates as well. Pirates could enhance certain stats when Crafting refits. Now compared to Pirates, Nationals will be stuck with default crafted ones or can Capture pirate Refits and 'Certifying them for Navy Service using Marks in Admiralty office. This will result in both sides can't simply sail each other ships without extra work. Make Pirates capture Navy Frigates without penalty and be able to adjust certain specs when refiting, but capturing 1st rates will result in -25% to stats and must be refit to restore it's sailing capabilities to it's full. All these actions must use marks in Admiralty. This will make nationals hunt Pirates because they have refits, and Pirates can hunt Nationals to steal Navy ship for a refit. End result - more pvp and rewards.. Important note* - Only captured 1 dura Navy ships should be available for a Pirate Refit. Crafting 5 dura Frigate on Pirate won't work.
  6. Pirates were pirates, poor outlaws who never sailed 1st rates. Pirates never had strength to conquer the world, hurt and raid ports yes. People who pick Pirate nation should know that it will need extra work to match World powers like England, USA, Spain etc...Who in the world gave pirates Navy Ships of the line right from the start? Simply stupid.
  7. As we all know Devs rolled back 3 durabilities on Rates. This can only mean that best rates can be produced on Nat toons and then quickly given up to Pirate toons as 1 dura boats, making Pirate Nation - a Fiction Nation who sails 25 best 1st rates in no time. My proposal is to prohibit construction of 1st rates on Pirate nation. Pirates never could manage and never had a dockyard that big to construct 1st rates anyway. Instead, they can capture 1st rates (it doesn't matter how they acquire it), ship will have -25% to all stats, but can be refitted with preferred Refit build. ex. Basic Refit will restore 25% to stats and will make it the same ship other Navies sail, or they can pick speed or reload refits with less armor. This will prevent multiple accounts dumping 1st rates into Pirate nation making them unbalanced. With this system Pirates can still make 1st rates dangerous in their hands , but with extra production step. Pirates can still sail recently captured unrefitted ships, but with penalty to certain stats. Refit is the only way to restore specs or make some specs even better. It's up to Developers to decide what materials should be required to construct the Refit, but it should not be very easy. PvP/PvE/Raid drops should be connected to refits. Refit will require 1 durability 1st rate ship of any type + Refit Package (crafted) + Quantity of Marks/Penants etc.. Propose refit types. Current refit values are used to show an example. Pirates should be able to construct everything up to 2nd Rates with no problem, but not 1st rates. More sugestions in discussion \/
  8. Attention Traders! I think Devs forgot to mention here that you can now use your Fleet Ships Cargo Hold. This means you can triple hauling capabilities from now on. Добавлена возможность использовать трюм кораблей вашего флота
  9. Your biggest killer right now is UI, then tutorials and lastly lack of rewards. Don't go too much into complex stuff. Simple brain can't understand why they paid $40 and UI looks like crap. Help them and guide them with arrows and simple tutorials and reward them lightly for completing them. ex. Purchase better guns on your ship = 1000 gold. Buy kits = 1000 gold. etc.. finish all tutorial missions and get a painted next low rank (Niagara) ... boom..easy and effective. Fix those and you will see how it all will turn around. Don't forget if you reward actions people will stay, link drops to great rewards and they will be coming back. Google - Astronest and research it. That game will answer many of your questions and will show you some tricks.
  10. I simply can not laugh more. Epic Patch devs. Awesome work.
  11. Hard is a must, unless you want people to farm Citations it all day long.
  12. He talks about resources, they will be random based on the city size. I think you will still get keys/ Citations after successful raid. Collecting these will give you permission to good boats and mods. Also letter drops for next Raid will tell you how much resources you can get from another port, so you can prepare Indiamans and loot it all. There also might be infrastructure damage based on Admin words... People read it more carefully.
  13. How do you start a raid?(deliver flag?) Will there be any warning prior Raid? How much time will Defending players have to prepare?
  14. I think it's already expired 3 day ago. They did not make it.