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  1. No worries, I will print fresh cash in no time. un-tradeable permanent blueprint - this is the best option because it requires materials. This is somewhat beneficial compared to just redeemables. Make sure you add it to very rare drop for all players after release, so those who got it for free won't become billionaires because only they can craft and sell such ship. Pandora
  2. Like I said it's too clean and looks dull. I am a graphic designer and I would reject the current texture on the spot. Just saying.
  3. You specs are much higher compared to his.
  4. Naval Action doesn't have a single item in the game that actually forces player to return and play for at least an hour compared to all other mmos who will reward you greatly if you stay in the game and play. Sadly you won't be able to keep players in the game with just advertisement. 10 players who logged in and log off after 5 mins does not mean anything to your game. Not a single benefit. What you showed us is just the number that comforts you, while game is on life support.
  5. Taken from a different post: Hello Captains Alliances automated politics turning them into automated voting systems Alliances have benefits (for example participation in port battles) but it has removed social gameplay from the game. Agreements, negotiations, conversations, betrayals were all removed when alliances were introduced. It also created certain dynamics that limit pvp and surprisingly worsen pve for new players. This problem is exaggerated by the fact that bots were changed to support hostility (high end gameplay) and ruined gameplay for low level players who cannot find enemies in their spawn zones for hours (unless they mindlessly grind missions). So, let's say our Fleet is a Grenade. We all know that grenades explode and launch 100s of tiny sharp pieces in all directions. To make life easier for you bring 'grenade' system to Naval Action. Let's say I've spotted a 6 ship fleet and I hit it. Suddenly this battle spawns another 6 random open battles that players can join, but for me they will be closed because me and my group were the ones who triggered it. Such battles would contain random ship pairs - 2vs? 3vs? 4vs? and would be spread out in quiet large diameter circle.... ? You are now not only supporting hostility system, but you also give players something to do. No wait time - more game time. Benefits: a) you don't have to physically place sailing NPCs, only spawn open instances. b} you are providing open battles to players and saving your previous system tha tyou are again dumping in the garbage. Simply let NPCs wait for players in battle. Keep battles open until main 6vs6 fleet is in battle or give fleet battles (fragments) 30 min join timer. Once main group finished fighting or 30 min timer is up remove battles with no players in them and close those that have players in them. Is this too difficult for you?
  6. Congrats to a future Admin #2.
  7. Could you please take a look at another issue that is developing as we speak. Issue with PvE people about to quit. Do you think this suggestion can be used in fixing PvE/PvE combined world?
  8. Dear Devs, How about this? Add Reputation system. Only with reputation you will be able to control PvE and PvP. For example: When wipe is done players will get a message with 2 options. 'Pick your experience - PvE or PvP. ' PvE players will be labeled with Neutral Tag. Attacking Neutral (PvE) player will result in reputation penalties. Neutral Players will have restrictions to sell at regional Markets. Regional Markets must be introduced and they should be the main trade post per region where PvP players can see the whole market activity. Neutrals can only sell to local ports where PvP players will be able to buy their goods and move them to Regional Markets for resale. New Market system must be introduced, system that will be able to display goods for sale in ports and regions around the world (potbs style). Neutral Player can remove their Neutral Tag (One time thing) when they are ready to experience PvP world with no limitations. Once Neutral tag is removed they can only go back to Neutral only by spending real $ at the Game Store. Once you become a PvP player you won't need PvE. Reputation will make sure that attacking Neutral players will grant you negative Rep + No Reward. Accumulating negative rep will result in higher taxes, chat restrictions, limited ship command. This is how you control PvE/PvP. Instead of dividing world into pve/pvp mess I suggest to dictate rules using Reputation, that will allow PvE players to roam the whole world safely knowing that those who will attack them will get penalized. In addition a small limitation to trade market should not hurt them. They still will be able to sell goods to local ports, but won't have access to Regional Markets with advanced Trader tools. Restoring Rep should be slow and painful. Ex. loose -50 rep when attacking Neutral Player and earn +5 rep per Port Battle only. Get -100 Rep and you won't be able to sail 1st rate, -200 2nd rate etc... Eventually you will end up in a sloop if you keep sinking Neutral players. Accumulating good rep will unlock new possibilities such as access to Tribe Market and Black Market. I think you guys just don't want to spend time and money making this game unique. It's very sad.
  9. Go ahead and cry about it. We are discussing the idea that doesn't even exist. Make sure you pick the highest bridge when you decide to leave NA.
  10. There will be PvE zones inside PvP server. Chill.
  11. They can't. They need at least 2 months per good patch. Having extra test server takes care of that extra time needed. Not only that whatever they put on test bed only makes a small group of testers angry and not the whole live server who quits and comes back after every Admin post. Devs are not afraid to test things, but it hurts them badly when players from live servers spread chaos and write bad reviews. So, to make life easier for them and wait time longer for us they added an extra test server.
  12. To counter low lvl ganking Devs need to add penalty when High ranked player is attacking a freshman. ex . rank 1-2 only. No reward + negative reputation (if there is going to be one). Do you understand that they are going to split server into 2 zones and if PvE population drops half of the world will be dead with no meaning to visit. Maybe they should just shrink the world now before it's too late. Back in the days Devs even promised world exploration, different types of animals and insects to collect. What happened to that promise? And now they want to make half of the world a dead zone? might as well build a Great Wall of Trump and divide pvp and pve.