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  1. you know you can all still produce medium cannons with charcoal right? It's not like you're at a disadvantage there, especially with thickness and wood changes. there is one small little spanish port just south of saint mary's easy to take for the global US? or trade? I don't know, it's what I would do. EDIT: Denmark, Sweden, Dutch, they all also don't start with coal.
  2. While I think the system in place is not bad @admin i think there is a concern about building resoures up for crafting. Here is what I think would be great of you to do. - generally: lower cost of resource extraction by a significant margin - Significantly lower required materials to make 7th and 6th rates. Make these ships the truly inexpensive ships of the game so that all players can go out and lose one and be able to make one really easily. - lower the material requirements for the lighter 5th rates (cerb, reno, surprise, frigate). - keep the material cost the same for trinc, essex, and the other frigs. I think the material cost in 4th rates and higher is alright but maybe be slightly more expensive for lineships. What im trying to get at is that you make a "material cost curve." I forsee 7th and 6th rates easily able to be made solo by players and can be replaced in the whim. I forsee 5th rate production, depending on the type, to need some friends but otherwise easier to make if you choose the smaller 5th rates. Anything bigger than a 5th rate should need the help of a clan or national effort in terms of pooling in the resources. I don't know if this would fix all the problems people have, but it would help a ton with smaller ship production so players can sail in ships other than the basic cutter.
  3. Im not against the coal/charcoal displacement. Reasoning? You can still make mediums cannons and from my groups testing on the test server, long cannons only advantage is range since thickness is not a huge issue anymore. What i mean to say is thay due to thickneas and damage changes as well as thickness degradation as you damage a target, damage is more important. At least from my perspective
  4. I stand by a previous statement I said. A lord portector system would have been 10 times better than this server split.
  5. Would love to see the tree. Thanks!
  6. I think we as players need a good navigation tool ingame, it doesn't have to be anything fancy. I believe the choice to get rid of coordinates WITHOUT something else given was the wrong choice to make. On top of the fact thay the f11 report function still gives coordinates :/.
  7. It was never a contest.... Players just wanted to know where people were going. And as was said multiple times, it's really poor judgment to call it so soon. A good week is needed before start judging who is staying where. On top of the fact that us prime hasn't even started. In the end, only good can come from this IF both servers see more players than they did previously. No need to keep the salt going, ffs.
  8. I actually fully agree here. I was looking to remake a clan, but unfortuantely since some players are still in the old one, and they don't play anymore, there is no way for me to get that clan name back @admin. Do I need to give you the name of the clan and all that? I would love to get this all sorted. Honestly I feel that clans should be reset, or an easy way to get your name back.
  9. that spreadsheet is rather old data, probably not good to base the numbers off them now EDIT: I tried giving a better accurate count for the 4 french clans. I haven't heard from Elric in a long time, a couple BORK are tired of waiting and may not come back for a bit, PURGE is coming back in full force but a number of them will be on vacation and not playing when the patch hits and OMG is also tired of waiting and may not play for a bit. Overall our outlook is still positive, I personally will like to play but my enthusiasm to play is pretty much destroyed until the patch comes. I really can't give any accurate numbers anymore as the wait has been too long and I can't represent players who haven't spoken up who will be playing.
  10. Global for me, along with a nice group of friends.
  11. I wonder, have Regional Refits officially ended? EDIT: also, can anyone confirm if Shipyards can be built in freetowns? ships and repairs could then be built in freetowns as long as your bring the resources, yes?
  12. Believe me, I am also more in favor with a BR limiting PB style but it seems we won't be going there :(. it does require organization, but it's supposed to, being it's a nation effort part of combat in my opinion. I think it's wrong to say someone "brought the wrong ship" I want to get away from that, but I agree that currently if players do bring the wrong ship they are chastised for it. That's why I am in favor of more diverse limits IF there is no better way to diversify ship combat. I don't know why it would be too many ships to keep for defense though?
  13. I agree with this, +1 from me. It may actually work True, I would actually like to see if an opposing force came for a PB and the defenders deciding to fight them in the OW instead of the port. Bring the Trincs or Essex's sink as many Aggie's as you can, enemy fleet takes port but gains no Conquest marks due to no one defending inside? I like the thought that using ships that don't require marks to sink ships that require marks outside a PB could be a very effective way of countering the oppressive nature of the ships we consider "OP." I agree with this as well I would say Trinc/Essex combos with a group of players will be a serious force in the OW
  14. I have been on the test server almost as often as you have and I have tested it all. I still believe 5th rate limit to raids is better. I don't give a hoot about slots on each ship, if you make raids have a 4th rate limit, people will eventually only bring 4th rates, it's player nature. 6th rate limit to shallow PB and raids 5th rate limit to deep water Raids 4th rate and lineship limits to PBs Gives a very nice spread.
  15. I can't agree, because you see it now already, a 4th rate port battle is filled with 4th rates. No doubt ships are going to be more expensive to produce and what with permits/marks and 1 dura there may be more variety, but we are going to get down the line where a 4th rate port battle will have both sides only in 4th rates, it is inevitable when you set a hard cap limit. I see your point, create some variations and it all looks nice and cool, but players don't work that way. Heck even BLACK, bring me a screenshot where you brought your full fleet and the majority of you weren't in 4th rates or 1sts? It just didn't happen because if you didn't bring the best you lost. Same goes here, You say 4th rate limit? people will being 4th rates. Lineship limits? eventually you'd be laughing if players brought ships that weren't at least 3rd rates. Setup a conquest mechanic limited to 5th rates, that allows MORE players to be part of a conquest and more variety over shallow/4th/lineship RvR