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  1. Resources -- I can see some players not crafting ships and having all 5 buildings for resources. For clans/communities they will have the dedicated ship builders. I agree crafting is going to be slower, but not because of resource "searching," rather because of the needed materials and resources for all these new requirements for our ships. I'm on the fence with this, because on one hand a good group of coordinated players will do very well for each other, but the players will decide to fend for themselves will definitely find it more difficult now. Consumables -- Agree Crew Hiring -- I think the 500 gold per crew is an awful price for crew, the cost should be lowered and also different regions can have different prices. Maybe make some regions we see as "useless" currently, have some of the lowest crew costs. Would be something nice to consider? Overall though I think the biggest thing here is that it's nearly impossible to craft med-kits right now due to lack of resources. @admin Do we still have a minimum crew "auto repair" at certain ranks? I believe it was 300 crew are free at max rank correct? Or has that changed Expansion Slots -- I'm on the fence on this too, but I see the reasoning for why they are doing it. Admin stated that A. the server has difficulty with the amount of ships we "store" and B. there should be some form of money sink in the game Battle Rewards -- I agree, currently the money you are rewarded is terrible. you go into a fight and then the cost of lost crew, as well as repair kits and what not cost more than you ever get back. Or if you do make some money it's tiny in comparison to Trading. It's probably not a bad thing, but this also goes back to the fact that Crew cost at 500/crew creates a big problem. Trading goods -- I think they are good right now, but unfortunately that's only because of the smuggler flag still working (last time i checked). How are we supposed to transport foreign goods to our capitals to make cash? hope someone sells it at a freetown? I'm sorry but I can't help but laugh on this one. NPC traders -- reports I've gotten from friends were that they got some good cash out of it, but it seems to be RNG for what you get in the hold. I feel there may be a need for a slight buff of dropped loot? Delivery removed -- I think it's actually a good idea. You want your goods transferred to the front lines, or your crafting center? hire someone to move it for you, or move them yourself. I can see very well coordinated efforts from groups to move large amounts of resources/materials to certain areas and then taking a firm control. I actually like this change. Teleporting -- I think the change to teleporting from nation to nation outposts is perfectly fine, It does not need to be anything more than that - or more specifically, I can settle with this compromise and I think other players will too.
  2. I actually agree after all my grumblings from earlier. I discussed it with some other folks and in the end I support most of the changes happening now.
  3. The trading ships will be the only effective way to move a bunch of stuff. Take away the big trade vessels and it's just more grind and time again that no one asked for. I understand the testbed is ever changing though. We need a "5th rate class trade ship" at the very least to function for heavy trade.
  4. Guns being sold in units: If you lose cannons in a battle, do you have to go back to a port to buy more? Or do you just need to buy the # of cannons per deck and then you're good? EDIT: Lineship BPs in admiralty store, are the blueprints permanent after purchase or do they have limited runs?
  5. I agree, I am of the opinion that just because it's historical doesn't mean it should be in the game because a lot that is historically accurate doesn't make good gameplay. We have to remember that this is a game first, and a game is supposed to be enjoyable. Unless we have forgotten that?
  6. I disagree. From what I've heard they will, or at least portions of the GB/US groups will, some may not, it will be a weird dynamic. The worst thing that can happen is that they don't fight each other and the server will be dead before it started.
  7. I would be seriously surprised if you ever see those rare wood or resources in freetowns to just "buy" openly. So yes, it is valuable to have freetowns to trade with other nations, but no...you probably won't ever seeing it happen between nations/players that don't like each other. Again, love the thought, but player behavior will make it almost never happen
  8. Maybe you'll just have to come back pelennor haha
  9. I agree with this proposed change. But i would stoll allow lineships in every conquerable port. Lets not get ahead of ourselves right now
  10. That could work, using raids as the new hostility generation. They would be like the previous missions we had but they would also give us the resources reward too.
  11. We may as well go with a tech tree with the way this ship xp is going.
  12. I don't approve of this and I think this is going in the wrong direction. We should get the best slot layout by sailing that specific ship, not by sailing a different ship.
  13. Initial Feedback for what the Test server currently has: 1. Ship HP nerf as well as Gun damage buff is making fights end very quickly, at least against NPCs. Don't know if this is a good thing or what we wanted, I guess....I like it? With repairs being cooldown and we are able to have multiple repairs in one fight I suppose it evens out. 2. Resource Buildings, it seems some resources have huge resource gains per day while others have very little. I'm unsure if this is meant to be this way but my initial thoughts is that some buildings need to be adjusted, or give more resources. 3. Hostility Generation This is a big one. with less NPC fleets and Missions going away some regions seem almost impossible to gain hostility. I highly recommend that there must be some consistent way to generate Hostility instead of the "lucky NPC find." 4. Crafting - seems a lot of the materials have lowered their Resource requirements. So while building ships still requires the same materials, it uses less resources overall. Lowering the cost of the ship. I would have preferred for a lower material requirement, but I think I can live with this. Now all we need is for our blueprints to get in, unless that's next patch?
  14. as far as I can see, you can't craft them yet.
  15. maybe they seem strong, but compare them to what also can be put in the slot - Regional bonuses. Those Refit bonuses are still really good.