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  1. Playing NA properly for me means being able to be a privateer and a crafter/trader at the same time. But with your recent hardcore changes it feels like you have to decide for one. My hunting grounds are probably going to be a 2 hour sail away from my home waters, so i have to decide am i hunting today or am i going to craft. The time sink is just to much with all the hardcore changes. I really like a lot of your changes but some are just killing the game for me, for example no teleports, ai capturing, server split...
  2. I guess i have to quit my job to play Naval Action properly in the future.
  3. So regional bonuses are now placed in the permanent upgrade slots right? Can you stack regional bonuses then because there are 3 permanent slots? For example Pirate refit+Spanish hunter+Agile Hull would be the most op shit i can think off.
  4. At least they saved you some time. ^^
  5. Good news, better than being chaind by a group for 60 mins.
  6. Yes demasting will be even less valuable then it is now and as a player that rather goes for a demast than chain I really dislike it. The 10 min timer is way to short IMO. If we increase it, it might be to long and become useless to have more than 1 repair. I'm willing to test it but for me the system we have now is the best, it works and no one seems to not like it.
  7. Maybe we should just turn off RVR until we can find a good solution for these problems and enjoy the new open world stuff on one server.
  8. It would be definitely worth playing if we had one server. With a split community i don't know. We shall see.
  9. Yea what happened to the storm battles we tested back in sea trials? Are they ever coming back? And we're still missing the moon.
  10. If you remove the teleport to friendly port can we be invisible for 20 sec after we leave a battle so we can get a head start from players who are waiting on the location of the battle? For me a invisible timer was always the best counter for those who camp a battle.
  11. Please give us a option to convert PVP to PVE marks to buy the stuff that requires PVE marks. Forced PVE is never a good thing on a PVP server.
  12. I was waiting 6 month for this announcement. Let's make this game playable again, great stuff admin. Thank you!
  13. Is the 30 min PB timer still in the middle of the screen? If so please relocate it to the side, so we don't have to look at it for the whole 30 min.
  14. Hunting: Renomee Ganking: Renomee 4th rate Port battles: hello kitty port battles. 1st Rate Port battles: ^
  15. Instant closed battles, but BR balancing mechanic that allows the inferior side to join up to 1.5 times the BR of the superior side.