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  1. Take the signaling perk. Battle stays open forever.
  2. I see a problem in bigger clans or groups just bringing 1st rates and steamroll port after port. There is just no reason to bring a mix of ships because there is no downside in big lineships. We really need a shallow system in the game. I can't be the only one who bothers this "bring the biggest ship and we win" situation we have.
  3. PvP server needs much less AI. We already have forts and towers, there really is no need for such massive ai fleets.
  4. I only use it when i'm close to a fireship. Is it even confirmed that you save crew from a explosion while in brace?
  5. I rather be sunk fighting while being chaind the entire battle! Chain is not balanced at all, it is way to effective.
  6. I guess you never have been in a fight were the enemy chains you down for 30 min until they finally decide to engage you with ball, then you repair your sails and they chain you down another 30 min. It's annoying as hell. Chain needs to be balanced and limiting the amount of shots is the best way to balance it.
  7. Round shot should have unlimited ammunition. Chain is a real problem atm because it's so effective, just aim in the general direction of the enemy and profit. We have so many fights were the enemy is just using chain the entire battle even if they outgun us! Chain is the shot that needs a limited amount of ammunition the most. So give chain and grape 80 shots, and Round shot should stay unlimited. Edit: Of course you don't have to sail back to port to get back the 80 shots of chain/grape for every battle. It should work like double shot/charge works now, just without requiring an officer perk.
  8. So how does the mast rep work? It repairs back to 100% instantly and then stops repairing after that?
  9. The permanent upgrades should stay. For the normal slots I always use green upgrades on boarded ships.
  10. I think your 3rd circle is way to big. But yea the AI thing is a real problem that need to get addressed.
  11. 1. Is it possible to add more visible crew to the deck so that the ship looks more alive?
  12. I'm still surprised how much you guys care about some colored pixels on a map. Maybe it's the best for you all if you get reduced to one region and see that there is still other stuff to do in this amazing game. Still hoping port raids will bring back pvp/ow pvp. Please devs don't fu#k this up. So gents hit Sail more often step away from rvr and relax a bit, we are testing after all and nothing is final. Smash that sail button!
  13. Haha almost got me there. This is not actually working right?
  14. Once i had the same amount of points then the 10th place but was not on the list, still i got a ship and paint chest for it.