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  1. There is to much magic for it to be a simulation.
  2. Why? A 1v1 got a 1vX, nice battle is ruined for the solo player and your friend was safed.
  3. Admin, your game is favoring the defenders way to much. Every single mechanic you changed is killing the active hunter. Please reconsider.
  4. Nice to see there's some players left.
  5. No never remove it. I also have the feeling when using randome fire you have a better chance in reload shock someone.
  6. You only have to go one page back and answer your own question. And i was talking about pure cannon stats. Not buffed by some magic perk. Double charge was never used in real age of sail.
  7. In my opinion you should be able to demast a ship that is 1 rate higher then your own ship, but only at very close distance. So you take a high risk in going for the masts.
  8. But why is that a problem? When someone is doing PvE on a PvP server he has to expect something like this can happen. Again the active player searching for PvP is getting the hate. I find this is the biggest problem atm.
  9. We are 2 hours away from homewaters and here is no hostility only PVE carebares.
  10. So we sailed now for 2 hours trying to avoid the capitals and find a fight. We ain't found shit. If you are lucky and see someone he is close to port or some forts. If you want to have OW/PvP fun in this game you are forced to go to capital. And if you try this you are pretty much dead. This is the big problem there is just no motivation to leave the capital area. Why are we getting punished for playing the game?
  11. What is wrong with having this kind of skill. Personally I worked hard to be really good at demasting and I only use it as a last way out or when someone try's to run away. And if you try to demast in a fleet fight this will hurt you more then the enemy because you have to go close and receive a shitload of hull damage. (Talking about the build pre wipe)
  12. We had perfectly balanced mast before wipe. 1st,2nd Rates: 119cm 3rd Rates: 111cm 4th Rates: 103cm Heavy 5th Rates: 96cm Light 5th Rates: 86-70cm 6th,7th Rates: 50cm This is where skilled players can demast while receiving damage and people who have not practiced demasting will use chain instead. Everyone was happy with that.
  13. If you want to do OW/PVP you better have more then 6 hours to find a fight that lasts 15 min. If not you die. Welcome to Naval Action pvp server.
  14. Thanks for the mast buff. It got a little out of hand. 3 min join timer are nice, 2 min would have been better. I don't know about the 30 seconds invisibility, this will make it very easy for revenge fleet to catch the players inside a battle. Could you not have just increased the time were you can't attack after you leave battle? Edit: Just checked the mast buff ingame. 126cm thickness for Connie. That's not much harder, that's indestructible.
  15. +1 Please bring it back.