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  1. Nice, good news. Please focus on open world content next. I want my OW hunting back.
  2. If the ship contains a decent speed it produces under pressure behind the ship, which causes the water to flow out of the leaks you would have produced.
  3. #stoptheclonewars
  4. Yea nice cut me off playing with my friends and destroy the game for many others too, just so you can enjoy your stupid rvr BS. One word...Selfish
  5. In my experience the battle closes when the br gets close to even. But sometimes it's really messed up and is not even open, or it disappears instantly.
  6. Maybe chain should get the old accuracy level? But it should stay for normal ball shot, I really like sniping masts with 68pd stern carros.
  7. No
  8. I'm all for a wipe but it should be done with a proper implementation of a new crafting system and ship quality system.
  9. Did the developers say what this so called "hotfix" looks like?
  10. They need to bring players back to the open world, it's dead right now. Last time I logged on I was about to sail out but instead exited because i was saying to myself, why wasting time searching for hours and not finding anything. You have to remember there are players who are not into RvR and play the game for privateering ow pvp. I really hope the devs have not forgotten this and gonna fix the open world at some point.
  11. What do you mean it does not guarantee even BR? In the case above (250vs250br) there is no space left for anyone to join, battle is closed instantly when signaling is active.
  12. You know that the signaling perk works in the event area right? I always used it to get nice 1v1 without interruption.
  13. Bring back old flag system with port timers combine them with raids, port battles fixed. Implement new open world content and mechanics to bring players back to the sea, open world pvp fixed.
  14. Fort: That's not even my final form!!!
  15. Maybe it was suggested on the tester forum?