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  1. What?! And turn this into a game of skill?
  2. Freeports make open world a joke.
  3. Why bring back something so many players disliked? Is it going to be different somehow?
  4. Logging out of the game then back in can fix inventory when it goes bonkers.
  5. Some examples:
  6. This is not new in NA's history after resource/crafting changes. Expect shortages for several weeks. Also, I don't understand the concept of Med kits. They belong in games like Duke Nukem. Not here magically creating sailors. It's always been a chore...just worse now.
  7. That is one of the best ideas I've read on defensive tagging.
  8. New Perk = No Fleets Definition: The captain is so full of PVP that all AI code becomes buggy and non-functional. OR No captain with AI fleet can attack a player. I dislike the mechanic that allows one player to outnumber another 3v1, or two captains 6v1, etc. I dislike how a captain in a trader lynx tries to attack me in my trader because he has his AI fleet. I wish to perk this away and I would like it to cost one point. Thanks and I look forward to testing it.
  9. Another option would be that the attacker cannot bring the AI fleet into battle when attacking players. Use the fleets for defense. Use them for PVE battles. But when attacking players, the fleets don't enter. Either: - Player with AI fleet cannot attack player - Player with AI fleet can attack player, but fleets don't enter battle. This way the fleets can be in game, but not used as gank tools.
  10. LeBoiteux, I am talking about one person being able to outnumber you. Do you have any good reason why one person should be able to outnumber you?
  11. Trader lynx with his AI conni attacking my trader lynx. Player in mercury with 2 AI niagara attacking my snow. This is so wrong. Players with AI fleets should have attack button disabled.
  12. Already tired of replacing crew. So tedious. A relentless quest to keep sailing and fighting. Not fun.
  13. All skill slowly being removed from the game.
  14. 3 lockups last night. It does not happen all the time. 3 or 4 crashes the first day of the patch. Next day no problems. Last night 3 crashes. Performance seemed to get better as population got lower but that might just be a coincidence. Also, TeamSpeak gets very crackly before the crash. TS is my warning that bad things are about to happen.
  15. Does not work for me. Broken.
  16. I am having serious performance issues as well. The game had great stability for me until this patch. My compliments to the devs for such stable code and I am sure this will get fixed.
  17. Can you make the raindrops on the screen be a graphic option?
  18. No AI. We do not want to fight AI.
  19. I prefer Sea Trials over Open World. It is so hard to get good fights in OW. This: Over this:
  20. Wonderful job, Northern. I recommend this book on battle #18: pics from the book author's website and other works
  21. I think it is another feature removing a player's skill. Just like modules which I disapproved since day one of OW.
  22. I worked in a gun shop making black powder flintlock and percussion rifles and pistols. You never double charge anything. Please remove this unrealistic feature. It is embarrassing to see this in game when you know what would happen. Examples: Weatherby and the shotgun(last pic) show burst barrels. And something like this:
  23. PvP One EU (No fleets) PvE One USA (Fleets) PvP Two USA (Fleets) Just give me one server with no fleets please!