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  1. Die PoIT berichtet ausschließlich über tatsächliche Geschehnisse und bestätigte Fakten! Ehrenwerter Verlauster Kapitän Sepp Stuart, ich möchte tunlichst davon abraten, jemals wieder die Stimme in einem solch ungebührlichen Ton an einen vereidigten Admiral der schwedischen Marine zu richten. Eure Anschuldigungen sind haltlos und entsprechen in keinster Weise meinen Erfahrungen. Ich bin aber bereit, um euch eine Gelegenheit zu geben, euer Können zu beweisen, sich zu einem Duell in einem Schiff eurer Wahl einzufinden, um unsere Differenzen beiseite zu schaffen. Sollte ich keine Antwort erhalten, gehe ich davon aus, dass ihr einen Schiedsspruch durch Kampf ablehnt, auch wenn ich eine offizielle Entschuldigung vorziehen würde. Ich verbleibe in Erwartung eurer Antwort. Havelock
  2. - Updated OP with Issue #4 -
  3. For more info on this project, visit this thread: English version: Deutsche Version: Advanced military tactics and groundbreaking diplomacy, Sweden has it all! Is it ready to go on the offensive? Find out in Issue #5!
  4. We miss you too <3

  5. Since this is a roleplaying thread, your statement probably means that after Napoleaons loss at Waterloo in 1815 the french people feel guideless, as their old leader is as good as dead to them. You say you havent threatened anybody? I count conquering europe in one go as a thread! Kierrip, you may think peace is the way to go. But think about it twice. These german squadrons havent joined Sweden for fun! What about a good old fashioned Vive la France like revolution? This old geezer Louis XVIII. doesnt know shit about scrapping ships in the caribbean, so just get rid of him! Get rid of your french attitude! EDIT: Pardon, that must have been in 2015
  6. - Updated OP with Issue #3 -
  7. For more info on this project, visit this thread: English version: Deutsche Version: Sweden gathers new allies, but with new allies there also come new foes. Read about the diplomatic consequences in Issue #4!
  8. Brb, need to make more accounts for likes...
  9. - Updated OP with Issue #2 -
  10. For more info on this project, visit this thread: English version: Deutsche Version: The balance of powers is shifting and Gustavia becomes a new hotspot. But can it keep control? Find out in Issue #3!
  11. Good work, i love to see the NN forum producing quality again. Its like a zombie, you thougt it was dead but suddenly jumps back to life and starts eating your brain! Also, nice pun, clear 5 out of 7.
  12. You dont need to upload images to the forum. What you do is: 1) Upload your image to a platfotm like imgur.com 2) In your post, click 'Insert other media' (bottom right of the post editor) 3) 'Insert image from URL' 4) Done! No size restrictions this way (aside from i think 20MB per pic on imgur lol) Hope this helps
  13. The header/background is an edited version of this: http://magasin.kb.se:8080/searchinterface/page.jsp?issue_id=kb:227800 Headline uses this: http://www.schriftarten-fonts.de/fonts/414/cloisterblack_bt.html Text uses this: http://www.schriftarten-fonts.de/fonts/7184/heidelbe_normal.html
  14. I wish you could translate this into english and post it to the NN forums too