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  1. No, these are skills you can unlock by using skillbooks (they will then forever be available as regular skills). Skillbooks are available in light/medium/heavy for 6th-7th rate, 4th-5th rate and 1st-3rd rate. Some you can buy for 25 PvE marks each in the Admirality Store, others drop when capturing AI warships. Notched Angles come from the store, for 25 PvE marks you unlock them forever... Horizon Balistique is just for maxing it out i guess (just like Magazine Access for reloading). Theres also some permanent upgrades you can put on a ship (one time use). Only found "Coles-Bentinck Pump" yet, giving +6% water bailing and +10% pump HP.
  2. These stats are only for 6th-7th rate ships. Theyre weaker for 4-5th and even more for 1st-3rd. Maybe you want to change the values to the frigate class ones? Gunnery - Powder Monkeys: reload time -7% - Magazine Access: reload time -6% || fire probability 0,05 Speed / Turning - Copper Plating: max Speed +5% - Staysails: Jib sail force bonus 0,08 || sailing crew required +10% || max ship roll angle +10% - Studdying Sails: main sail force bonus +0,06 || jib sail force bonus -0,05 || sailing crew required +10% Boarding - Boarding Parties: defense bonus +0,025 || attack bonus +0,025 || preparation bonus per round: 5 || cannon reload time +10% - Marines: marines percentage: 0,3 || marines level: 1 || marines melee modifier: 1 || marines firepower modifier: 0,1 - Melee Training: defense bonus 0,025 || attack bonus 0,025 || morale bonus: 5 Survival - Pumps: water pump bailing +5% || pump HP +50% - Survival Books: repair time -10% || sailing crew required -0,010 || repair crew required -0,015 Some unlockables i found or bought in the admirality store so far (all 4th-5th): - L'Horizon Balistique: cannon dispersion -7% - Notched Angles: cannon dispersion -10% - Optimized Rudder: ship turning speed +7,5% || rudder halfturn time -10%
  3. So, i actually managed to find an opponent on the testserver and jumped him for a duel. I was in an Ingermanland and he in a Constitution. He tried to disengage early but i managed to keep him in battle. We traded some broadsides but without any real decisive results and damage output on planking as well as sails was kinda even. At some point, i decided that i had suffered enough damage to trigger some repairs and fresh up. I then noticed he did the same with his sails but not with his hull, and some minutes later, when he realized the battle was more and more tending against him, he texted me in battle chat claiming he didnt have enough repair kits with him. End of story, he surrendered 20 minutes later, but not because lack of skill but because of his lack of repair kits. Basically, if you have enough repair kits atm, you can repair as much as you want (especially ina 1v1 where you cant focus damage or force your enemy to keep showing his sides). I think you devs want repairs to be a way for good players to replenish themselves in an outnumbered battle, but right now theyre the best way to introduce naval engagements with useless cannons. An idea for repairs: Since it should be a comeback mechanic, i suggest that you start a battle with 2 repair permissions (which you can use for any repair, either hull, sails or surgeon). For every Kill you get 2 additional repairs and 1 for every assist. Furthermore, id suggest to limit the overall repair kits you can have on your ship, e.g. 60 kits for a Surprise, 100 kits for a Constitution (you could still decide how you want to distribute kits between hull/sails/crew). Pros: No infinite repairs. Stealing repairs from sank ships in mid battle becomes a strategic goal (wrecks will bring ships into fight if they want to deny the loot), but sinking smaller ships will not give you as much repairs as you might need. Fighting more and better will provide you with better comeback options than those who dont fight (risk vs reward). Cons: Large fights could have a heavier snowball effect than we already have. Securing loot from sunk friendlies is vital for repair denial.
  4. I agree with Fury here, the mats needed to craft ships need to be adjusted. On the Live Server, if you want to craft a Mahogany/Speed Constitution (a classic OW build), you need about 400 000 gold and 3 600 LHs if you harvest everything. Even if we take the 1 dura system into account and quarter everything, 100k and 900LHs is still not viable to the AI shop price of 150k. All the work to get the ressources, plus one day of LHs, just to save 50k gold? I suggest to raise the AI shop price to at least 250k.
  5. I see nothing wrong here. Chain mostly damages square sails. When sailing upwind only a very small portion of the forward drag comes from these and it wont matter much how damaged they are (fun fact: you sail faster on battle sails than on 60 or 80% at beam reach). The Trincos sailing profile is horrible below beam reach and turns bad aswell, se he didnt have a chance to get on your bad side.
  6. Good initiative, thumbs up!
  7. Characters are being wiped and clans are tied to their creator. Therefore i would strongly assume they wont exist after the wipe.
  8. Ty for the feedback. The numbers i listed are for 5th rate vs 5th rate and 1st rate vs 1st rate. In the proposed system the 5th rates 109cm masts will suffer penetration already at 500m from 42pders. Thats enough distance to get 2 broadsides off, and the 2nd broadside will do even more dmg since the sails are already damaged then.
  9. The mechanic of cutting masts is a problem because it disables the enemy completely. If its easy to shoot down a mast we will just get into the fight and snipe masts until theyre all gone, if its too hard nobody uses it. I suggest the following: - Change mast thickness to what the penetration of the highest caliber is at 50m, not at 250m (this prevents people from insta-cutting masts) - Since admin once said rigging hitboxes can not be supported because of game performance issues, lets do a workaround and tie mast "strength" to sails: - For every 2% sails lost (sweet spot would have to be tested, numbers are just an example), mast thickness decreases by 1% and mast damage increases by 1%. You will have to disable rigging through chain first and then decide if its worth to cut a mast. Examples: Problems and additional thougts: - This could cause an unwanted snowball effect for masts, as losing a mast will make the remaining ones very vulnerable. Is it bad tho? A good player will notice his masts taking damage and try to repair them before they go down to prevent that. Might be too hardcore, a better visual/sound feedback from your ship could help or a hitcounter on masts (you would still need to know how many hits from which caliber you can take on average) - What i like: Camping big ships with small ships (yes im watching you Surprise) is too easy still imo, this would give larger ships a buff at defending themselves.
  10. I dont think crafting will die. Think about the chances of getting a ship of your likes: Theres 6 wood types and 6 trims, 36 different random combinations. Out of these combinations, everything including Fir, Oak, Teak, Planking or Rigging Quality is mostly consideres trash (thats already 24 combinations gone). Then you also dont want things like live oak with crew space or bermuda cedar with build strength, so lets cut another 6 combinations for that. That said, only 1 out of 6 AI captures will give you a ship that is truly competitive to crafted ships, and only 1 out of 36 AI captures will have that one exact build you really want. I think the time investment for crafting is WAY lower and WAY less annoying, whereas capped ships will still be used for yolo screening actions or small battles fun. Seems about right, no?
  11. Im against bonuses for low pop joiners. We dont have to even out nation populations, asymmetrical gameplay is far more interesting imo (asymmetrical, not unfair!). As long as there are mechanics to ensure small nations dont get wiped out its fine (the alliance feature only working for low pop nations could achieve this). I joined a low pop nation myself because i enjoy the underdog gameplay and enjoy to play with people who think likewise. Always living on the edge, a contstant struggle to survive is a thrilling gameplay element for me. Some like a calmer and more reliable environment, these players will always search for a larger pop nation (giving them redeemables on nation selection will just hurt their natural gameplay behaviour).
  12. Afaik mission rewards as well as scheduling PBs doesnt workt because theres no maintenance on testbed.
  13. This looks very promosing! Eager to test it. I dont really understand this one yet. Some questions: Will the instance repair be a passive repair over time that we have to load crew into or a one time repair like we have it now? How much can i repair in battle? Is it dependant on how much planks and rigs i have in my hold? Is there a cap? If i capture an enemy, will i be able to repair more than before?
  14. Oh come on guys, i think its funny Could we just not let this thread escalate for once? Please?
  15. In testbed, you have to spend points on perks to use fleet ships. The "Send to Outpost" feature has been disabled. If you didnt unlock a fleet slot before leaving port you will have to sink captured ships.