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  1. Here is something I threw together when away from my main computer. Basically, it is a sextant minigame. You line up the telescope and sun with the horizon. This then gives you a rough area of where you are. I don't yet know what to do about longitude. But here is a rough idea of how we can add a sextant in game. Since this would be in the game, you don't have to enter your x and z because the game would already know this. For every degree of error you have, it deviates where it shows your z location. (requires chrome) You could go crazy with sextant ideas, and they don't have to be that difficult.
  2. I use Beta 3. Pretty sure my win 7 device is 64 as well. I just used beta 3 last night and it was working. I've tried all 3 versions and can't get any of them to work on windows 10.
  3. Uh....I'm not exactly sure how this statement should be responded to, but I don't think it should be taken well by the community.
  4. I actually ditched the fleet perk because it isn't useful as a small hunter and replaced it with control, the pvp marks were worth way more than the ship or cargo, and control will mean I can catch up without having to fire every minute at the enemy to tag them.
  5. Found a video: "Traditional" classes is what I hate most about ubisoft games and what makes them so stale and lacking character.
  6. I like that traders can have guns now. They may be a little too overgunned, but it is always a surprise, because some don't want the weight and speed going to guns, while others do. One thing is clear, hunters will have to adapt some way. Maybe the days of pure speed rigs are out, unless you go for the insta board. I have an idea I am working on trying for taking out these new armed traders. Just trying to get the slots unlocked on the ship I am going to try and the combat marks to put mods on it. A gun might need to be dropped from each side for the tsnow, tbrig, tlynx if possible. It will make the traders faster when armed and not the same as a warship. Though pvp should be minimum x5 marks as pve, if not more.
  7. Updated the game version to the patch released today on 6/22/17. I don't remember which version it is, I want to say 36279 or 36729 but my memory is failing me.
  8. I've had 2. I'm not sure how many hours. No perks.
  9. I like the idea of insurance or ship replacements through the admiralty.
  10. The ship is in the text files. I haven't dug into the asset files to see if there are any textures but maybe I need to. Though a while back I posted textures for the Kepler and LGV on the forums and apparently I wasn't supposed to find those so maybe they are keeping all the new ships out of the public version. I'd pay real life money for this ship if it is premium. Game Labs, take my money.
  11. Are you doing fleet missions? Do combat missions. Do a lower mission if need be.
  12. Snow vs cutters? Focus on one, you can outturn them as long as you dont get stuck in the wind. If you get a chance, board them to take them out quickly. Personally I'd get a Mercury or Navy Brig.
  13. updated sharedassets0.assets with the Iroquois flag to the current version of Naval Action Edit: game labs did an update, this is now out of date. Edit 2: actually, the update didn't change this file. The sharedassets0.assets file should be fine still.
  14. Nope. Havent taken the time to find an easier way.
  15. We've been asking for the ability to upload flags for about as long as we've been modding them (Northern Wolves, Grizwald, me). One can always hope.