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  1. I wouldn't say the US has more chiefs than Indians. Leadership works together. However, Vernon has a point. Port Battles isn't everyone's end game. I personally don't like Map Conquest Simulator half the time because it is all I do anymore when I am on. TDA has two camps, hence why some port battles we have 8 or so players show up, and then the camp that doesn't like to do port battles. When the camp that does do port battles isn't on, no one shows up. If I'm not on, I can't show up to help out. It can be held against us, but where was everyone when we sat every night in the Bahamas or Florida in Feb, March 2016 to defend ports? Activity waxes and wanes. Low game population, lower turnout for port battles and hostility. Facts of the game.
  2. If it is the smallest of problems, why are you saying people are quitting over it? In fact, you say they have lost "tons" of players over it. In the post above that I quoted from you, where you said everything is either can't or impossible, I gave rebuttal showing that in many of the posts they explain not that it is impossible or they can't do something, but that they won't, and they give the reasons why. In many other things where they say they can't do something they explain why. Again, I ask, what more do you want from those questions? A book instead of a paragraph? Or you just want to ignore what they wrote and throw a fit till it all changes to the devs saying, "we will do whatever you say." The problem with Naval Action is that the devs listened too much to players, who can't agree on the complex issues and people want different things and have different visions. The devs implement one thing, only for half the community to be up in arms. Then they do away with it, only to have the other half up in arms. Naval Action development has been one long tug of war. How are they supposed to make progress in that environment? They take 3 months to develop something, only to be back at square one when the players can't agree and half are threatening to quite the game if it isn't changed and the other half threatening to quit the game if it is changed. Damned if you do damned if you dont.
  3. Again, please substantiate what you say. You say people have quite specifically over the pray button. Prove it. You also didn't address what I said above about your "can't do it, impossible" post. Instead you just keep making statements that are unsubstantiated. It's one button. People are really quitting over that? Do people have pins going up their rear or something?
  4. Have you considered 3 things. They don't speak English as a first language, they don't want to tell you, or like Steel said. Your whole first post is full of misunderstandings between you and devs who speak different languages and are from different cultures. And as for people leaving over the pray button, if anyone did that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. It's one goddamn button that as far as we know does nothing. Do you have any proof a single person has quit over the pray button?
  5. Yes, many of what you quote say it is impossible or they can't do it, but some of the stuff you quoted is not "can't do it" but they "won't do it" for specific reasons, and they gave those reasons. Others are technical limitations and they explain why. What more do you want? The devs have said they know what it does. They have also basically said they won't tell you what it does and are only telling us what it doesn't do. You are really big at taking literal what they type, when they don't even speak English as a first language. Of course they know what it does. They put it there. Do they need it tested? If they did, I bet we would know and they would tell us how to test...The pray button certainly isn't a magic genie and we shouldn't treat it like name it claim it religious stuff.
  6. I think they are saying that if they open the Pacific, it will be just as empty as the western Gulf of Mexico in game and that players won't visit it often. This is a case of having to think about what is actually meant. There are language and culture barriers here. Everyone upset by the dev's answers needs to realize this. Admin, it may be that in Russian, your answers are fine, but in English, a language that already has hard to understand nuances even for English first language speakers, the answers provided are not quite so simple and not prone to misinterpretation and misunderstanding as you think they are, hence a lot of negative reaction. I know I had difficulty, and I had to think several times about some of the answers to come to the meaning you intended, or I had to read your clarifications.
  7. 1. This is where I really doubt you have ever really played the game, because every word that comes out of your keyboard is wrong. There have always been player hotspots in the game since the beginning of open world in 2015. Every day since late march/early April 2015 there have been player hotspots, even when there were 100 people on for prime time on the weekends. 2. Lack of wars? There are wars lol. 3. Again, I really doubt you ever really played the game. I mean played the game and actually understood what you were playing. Boarding has always been a major part. What they need to do is nerf marines. Every pirate ship already has boarding advantages, again, showing you don't play the game. Ships already get set on fire in practically every battle, again, showing you don't play the game. If anything, the amount of fires needs to be nerfed, not increased. And finally, guns do NOT need penetration increased. Rather, thickness needs to be brought down, so we don't have Ironclad BellePoules, as I've probably said 100 times to people clamoring for a penetration increase. Leave gunnery alone, that is right. Fix other stuff.
  8. What is the context of what happened? Right, you don't mention the context. Player was trolling the devs suggesting outlandish theories with intent to cause uproar and offense. Player gets warned and mods told that similar theories should receive same treatment. It's like saying, the police arrested that man for speaking his mind. No, they arrested him for yelling fire in a theater and causing a stampede.
  9. Really? Plenty of games have easter eggs that are always in there perpetually. You guys can go bald over something that doesn't matter. Pull all your hair out. Cry, scream, write negative reviews, demand answers. The joke is on all those who are going crazy over the most inconsequential thing ever thought up to be put in a game.
  10. Lol, I'm not the one taking offense. You are the one frustrated over something that is so benign.
  11. I personally hope that we never know what it does, if anything.
  12. Kick em when they are down? Man, I'm usually told I am too serious. Take a chill pill. It is a single button that says pray on it. No need to say "haha, got you good, f**kers!" It is no difference than in real life. You never truly know if praying helps anything. I remember one of the best Mount and Blade mods back in the day, Battle for Sicily, and in it you could ask for a blessing from the bishop, and you never knew if it truly did anything. It is the same thing here, except you don't have to pay gold each time you click it. There are many things you could gripe about when it comes to Game Labs (or any person or company for that matter), but the pray button really isn't one of them, and if it is, you need to step back and wonder why this is such a priority in my life that I have to know specifically what this does when I click it and if I don't know I'm going to be extremely ticked about it and pull my hair out.
  13. For some of the "trolling" comments, you guys do realize this is the same company that for AI names has used stuff like Eaton de Kock and Jack Enof (or whatever that one used to be at the beginning of Open World). It is the same company who when a player threatened to come kill them in real life they changed that player's name to Wet Blowjobs or whatever it was. The pray button does nothing. We all know that. It is how it should be. Why be ticked because you want it to mean something else? Why be ticked because the devs won't give a straight answer about it? That is the point. This is, after all, just a game, and it is their sense of humor. It is what in other games people call Easter Eggs. It is their sense of humor, and it probably took 2 seconds to code into the game, and has caused such hair pulling that it is hilarious.
  14. I don't think traders should lose fame for being captured or sunk, whereas capturing or sinking traders gain you fame. Don't punish traders anymore than what they currently get. It might be interesting if surrendering causes you to lose slightly less fame than if you sink, just to encourage surrendering more (if you are in a trader, this doesn't apply to you). If an enemy surrenders, the player who did the most hull, crew, sail damage gets the kill, and if no damage, the one who is closest gets the kill (or maybe it gives an assist to everyone?).
  15. Ok, there are outliers, but I know a lot of people who are blackmailing the devs or threatening to change their review to negative to blackmail the devs. I have heard many people even say if this happens or this doesnt happen all of us together need to change our review to negative to get the devs to change something. I agree there are too many port battles, but there is still pvp, solo, small group, and there is still pirating. You can disagree 100% all you want, it doesnt change the fact there are many people doing this. And as Hethwill said, there is still a lot of solo/small group stuff going on. Find the right spot, you don't even really have to search for it.