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  1. Are there any plans to reduce the size of ships available on the OW and shops? I know there are crafting updates etc to come but it just seems much too easy to get a 5th rate fleet together than it is to actually craft something Perhaps we could test 6th/7th rates (and traders) being the most common ship by far, with 4th and 5th rate ships being much much rarer - creating situations early in the server life where people would have to group up to take them on - increasing the importance of crafting. On the testbed there is pretty much no risk in capping another 5th rate.
  2. Have to agree, will anyone sane NOT be fitting their traders with the max amount of speed upgrades? Certainly needs to be negatives as well to most of the upgrades.
  3. Would love to test no teleports at all after the wipe. One of the things I really dislike about teleporting to national ports is how easy it'll be/is to defend against raids and RVR. You might try a sneaky raid on a port with a small fleet but as soon as the enemy knows about it you'll be swarmed with players teleporting from all over the map. Every free port will turn into gank areas (more than they are already) but I don't see how this would encourage players to sail in the open world more.
  4. Certainly worth trying it out. I'd also be a fan on disabling entry of SoLs into ports (the whole region) that have 4th rate PBs. It's much too easy to screen the port with a few 2nd/3rd rates and would make a nice change to the style of battles - obviously if people put in the extra sailing time and risk of being in a SoL in that region they would have an advantage.
  5. The issue was profit was too easy with trade goods, we had some ppl with 5mil+ after a few hours
  6. Could maybe change the 'flag' into a battle marker which the attacker would place at sea in an enemy region. For each hour the marker is defended hostility would increase by x%. The defenders would need to interact with the battle market location (or kill an AI ship in an always open battle at the location?) to stop the hostility increase. With any luck this would push defenders to actually defend and attackers could increase hostility quickly if no defenders were around.
  7. Completely agree that lots of players have been PvPing exclusively on the live servers but we've been told the design going forward is that "PvE is needed to farm for losses". On the testbed there is no reward for doing damage to other ships, only sinking them. Is this the plan for PvP in the future as well?
  8. I'm guessing most of the nuts on here would agree PvE content is certainly needed on a PvP server but it shouldn't be forced on people who want to fight other players. Players who want to PvE alot will mostly join the PvE servers. From a personal PoV it'd be nice to let people do what they want to do. If a new/less skilled player wanted to just PvP and the losses meant he was in 6th and 7th rates 90% of the time I think that's fine. If that player wants to use PvE and trading/building to supplement income so he can then use 5th rates+ when he chooses to PvP, that's great. What isn't sustainable is making PvP solely a gold sink for most, bankrupting a player and forcing them to mindlessly PvE for a couple of days just to get back to what they want to do or progress an upgrade slot - players will just leave. I've no doubt lots of players find PvE battles interesting and engaging, lots of other players do not. Although just to make it clear I think the testbed slot progression system is certainly the way to go, just needs tweeking on how players open the slots
  9. I agree, this might be slightly off topic but at the moment, on the testbed, losses in crew is the largest gold sink by a mile. This forces the new/less skilled players away from PvP and will force them to farm PvE for their losses. Perhaps the main gold sink should be moved away from crew losses and moved towards firing weapons (shots/gunpowder supplies, whatever you want to call it). I'm a little bit nervous in forcing PvP players to farm PvE bots, especially when they want to learn how to PvP.
  10. Perhaps only PvP should give ship progression on the PvP servers? Would be a good way to push towards the mixed fleets most players want to see. Maybe a bit weird allowing players to grind it out (almost) risk free on bots in a quiet corner of the map. Most players would be able to grind it out quicker on bots as well.
  11. As long as the econ is roughly balanced it should be worth coming back to
  12. The weird thing about getting rid of global chat is that the main reason seems to be the toxicity of a small number of players towards other nations, The choices seem to have been either enforce the chat rules and ban the idiots (who seem to be the vocals ones in reviews/forums etc) or wash their hands of the situation and let people on third party applications do the moderating. Not allowing people to communicate with their enemies in full open world mmos worked a decade ago (vanilla WoW etc) because there wasn't any easy/elegant ways to get hundreds of people in the same conversation. But with the current situation a large portion of players will be funnelled towards Discord et al and mods ingame will have zero say on how toxic it'll be. From a personal point of view I don't see why strict chat rules aren't enforced - give them two warning and then a total chat ban for the account. But obviously if there aren't enough mods to warn and ban idiots the devs don't have much of a choice.
  13. I understand the game is splitting into mmo and arena but it feels like some of the test server changes don't really add much to the game and are just being put in to make it seem "hardcore". I like that repairs now use hold space but it adds another level of complexity (and downtime) that isn't really needed. As gold/xp has been taken away for damaging other ships it feels like any losing players will just surrender and we'll lose a large chunk of interesting battles. A while back the devs stated the plan was to allow players to pvp for several hours at a time with limited downtime, is this still the case or will players be expected to 'farm' content before getting back to the things they want to do? The combat system is amazing and I'd hate for people to miss the beauty of it just because nobody wants to lose a ship.
  14. Hi all just wondering about the reasoning behind the changes to repairs. Adding to the decreased income and changes to medkits/crew it almost seems like the plan is to push players away from close battles and making downtime between fights (if a ship is lost) a lot longer.
  15. "it is very clear the devs are singling out the disabled in attempt to keep them from playing a product they paid for" I think it's a little over the top to say they are actively discriminating against the disabled (there is no ingame voice only chat) but I agree that a global text system is needed in an mmo where communication is key. A large portion of players will simply use 3rd party chat programs to communicate where the devs will have zero input on how toxic it'll be.