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  1. I dont think with the recent changes you have to sail directly infront of an enemy captital to find pvp. so not sure if that statement is valid.
  2. Maybe the next step is to reduce OW travel speed to rl time. That would fix it.
  3. @TommyShelby I reported myself for that I could join a battle that an other captain of my nation started because of the long join timer. And call me a bad person but I stole his candy that he was already gaping and demasting. ;-) He did the work I just took it and sailed away with it. Long join timers are bad. They just leading to ganking and griefing.
  4. Don't know why are so many so hardcore with *you killed the game* 1 dura to everything was proposed by us. Admin wanted to stick with 3 duras to be more player friendly ;-)
  5. All Admiralty items are op. Drop all perma mods and stick only to ship knowledge. ;-)
  6. Add Steam achivments. Like.... visit every port Catch every fish Interact with key landmarks ....
  7. One thing is for sure. All ships are faster close hauled in OW than in instance. And that is because of gameplay reasons. People complained that they didn't want to crawl into a port for hours because of bad wind. The question is how is the OW performance calculated and does this calculation discriminate some kind of ships. It is a while ago that I hunted sols in frigates so info can be outdated but I always thought that the OW close hauled ability of SoLs was to equal to the ones of frigates. Ofc the frigate caught the SoL but the time it took was so long that I felt no real difference. That's why I think there might be a scaling problem.
  8. I believe because we have an OW speed hardcap while in instance we have none. But not 100% sure about that. (pls delete when mistaken)
  9. In battle instance my rattle did 15.6 kn I could catch every Indiaman, lgv, traderbrig and trader snow easily and fast at ever angle. But in open world I struggled to keep up or it took me a lot of days at sea / ridiculous travel distances to close in at the same angles that were no problem in instance. I know the rattle speed itself is ridiculous but it was necessary to catch traders. Otherwise the trader had to be AFK to actually tag him before he hugged a fort , AI fleet or just vanished in the next port. It was even very hard sometimes impossible to catch a trader with perfect wind for the rattle between MT and Tortuga because the distance was to short. Especially the lgv is very fast close hauled in OW while she was very slow in battle . Edit: most of the time the traders weren't speed fit.(talking about wood or inbuilds can't say anything about mod)
  10. Really like the changes. Only 90 people online at the testserver and on my 1:30h sailing trip I saw so many players using the OW. When I compare that to the live server With 90 people you will never see one because they all sit in port. Can't wait to get it on live servers.
  11. The battle result screen is in my opinion kind of weird when it comes to your fleet. There are to small windows. the left one shows your fleet the right one shows your ship loottable. When You capture a ship its in the left window. To sink the captured you have to get this ship in the right window ( picture 1). Therefore click on "to vessel" then you get to picture 2 When its in the right window you can tell "sink ship" This kind of screen isnt in my opinion self explaining. Give the two small windows a heading like Unassigned loot has. And rename "To Vessel" to something more self explaining. Picture1 Picture 2
  12. The game is playable even with 2-3h . If someone wants everything at once Ofc he will gets disappointed. There is so much rush outside take your time and enjoy. Grab a fighting ship take traders as escort sail to your trading outpost sink or capture ships while doing so have fun. And the next day sail back fighting for your goodies. Counter attack enemy's while your traders sail away sink greedy privateers. Tell me what have you done in your 2-3h as you played NA.
  13. One port out of how much? If we start talking about French Swedes Danish Spanish US and pirates it was way to easy to ship goods between the towns. Consider an other crafting port get out of the green circle. Play safe and sink a lot of time that's how it should be. Pay people to do the job if hauling doesn't suit you. Look what we had 600-800 people online I bet most of them were in port so we were left with 50-200 people actually using the OW world. Why I say that? OW now on the live server looks mostly the same as pre wipe announcement. So I am glad that devs decided to do something against this circumstance.
  14. Don't know why people think less teleports make the game harder and more time consuming. On the live server you just can teleport everything to a freeport. And than sail it in 2- 10min to its destination. Players doing so are adding nothing to the game. The are not available for OW content. With nobody or just a few actually sailing on OW while the other are porting around you spend Ofc a lot of time to get OW content. With the upcoming changes I am confident that more player have to get out of their holes and actually have to use OW. That means more player at OW less time needed to get access to OW content. Ofc hauling stuff takes longer. But don't forget the changes coming to ship holds. Ships in your fleet share the cargo hold. That means fighting and hauling at the same time. We can do 2 things at once. If that isn't time saving I don't know. Break the cycle of old habits. Don't to everything one after an other. Do it simultaneously. Be a part of OW content.
  15. You would force people to take shitty outposts. And with their limited slot number I disagree. Tp between outposts and not to Freetown's is in my opinion a good compromise