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  1. I thought such things can happen due to ping difference?
  2. thats right but they could keep that idea in mind and use it for their rework.
  3. The higher the mission rank the more it should be away from captial. The capital should only offer low lvl rank missions while ports with more distance to the capital should offer high rank missions.
  4. And that's called event? Should be called moment.
  5. At the moment it is not intended to make UG: CW a multiplayer game.
  6. Far away i call 10 day sails or more How i get back: I stay there as long my repair kit supplies let me or till the cargo hold/dock space is full. Then I assamble a convoy bring the prize ships with escort back where i can sell them. While i took my fighting ship with me I am now free to do whatever. Maybe change location? Dont stay there where your enemy is expecting you. Even more after an successful raid. Acting like that I have no downtime. Every sail is an adventure. While always sailing with my fighting ship, I am ready for whatever NA throws at me. Its not the game that can bore you. Its mostly the player behavoir how to do things.
  7. Sail not with a basic cutter take your fighting ship. Out of experience i can say that i had my best encouters while moving a ship to an outpost far away.
  8. to counter your suggestion. take your ships in your fleet. logout in front of the port. no fee. and if someone shows up you still can cancel the logout and pop into port
  9. you can even be in a snow to escape / outrun a "revenge fleet" true story.
  10. But no dmg to Duke. Would be green on green. Really love to have such great neighbors. keep the ship going
  11. There is a mantra and it's often repeated: don't sail what you can't afford or can't replace. - When it's to expensive downgrade. I like the current system. For me as a raider it's a choice. Be well equipped and slow or for the sake of speed go out with a minimum of a supply. I even like the logistic that is necessary to maintain my ship down in enemy territory.
  12. We are looking for a dedicated privateer to reinforce our new founded US central time squadron. You love privateering? You love prize money? Join now!