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  1. i thought that if you sunk a surrendered ship you get the mark no? I think it has to be really test and not wiuth 10 people online and no eco but with the normal population
  2. trade is dead now with ship so easy to capture... Hard to get money before impossible now...
  3. give a real malus to live oak like -5% canon or -10% crew and it may change the things. Speed is not important neough in pb to make the malus important
  4. EDR играли с русскими капитанами на сервере PotBS Робертс. Он с удовольствием, что мы приветствуем тех, кто желает присоединиться к Франции на Naval действий Наш союз Россия Франция будет восстановлен по крайней мере в игре. Связь с Google перевод трудно. Я надеюсь, что некоторые говорят по-английски, чтобы позволить более простой бой порта в связи. Хороший ветер и скоро
  5. France is not the shadow of what it has been. We are less than 20 on ts every night and we need strong forces specially thoses not speaking french who may prevent us to go in civil war as usual when noone make the peace in the middle of us
  6. RvR is useless if a nation has an alpha fleet in liveoak and you just have a fleet of mahoganny for example. You've lost before it start or at least you got a big underdog. So rvr has not to be based on killing eco, it should help conquering eco port but not extinct a nation.* Mexico guld should be untakable with all ressources and if you lost your near port with silver you have to travel long time to get silver from mexico gulf for example.
  7. ok damn.. at least i got an official answer snif snif :'(. What about new spawn for ressources? Are they suppose to change or not? I need to start plkan for my society eco as many clans and the faster we know were are the ressource the better... ty for the answer anyway
  8. On this day of the 24th April 1817, The honorable Sovereign Council of the new France, Composed by the following clans : [ACR] - Alliance des Corsaires Royaux [EdR] - Les Enfants du Roy [ER] - Escadre Royale [FDT] - Flotte de Défense Territoriale [FED] - Feydakin [GRF] - Garde Royale Française [INB] - Imperial Navy Bonaparta [MRF] - Marine Royale Française [OCG] - Online Center Gaming [SPQR] - Senatus Populusque Romanus [UGLY] - Les Affreux [ZF] - Zulu Family Declare : After the statement done here, the new world will open his gates to the captains in few daysl. On that day, money and ships will disappear to allow a fresh start to all. The clans of the Eastern Alliance have for the most, declared being ready to join the European server because of the problems stated many times on the forums. To not unbalance this new world right after our arrival on it and to guarantee every nation a good gameplay, we declare : "We, French captains, in good terms with our allies, commit to dissolve the "Eastern Alliance" after joining the new world. We also commit to be open minded and ready to diversify the alliances." We would like to thank every member of the Eastern Alliance for all the good times spent defending our ports, hunting our enemies or trading in good terms. Those months were very useful for our organization or our tactics but rethinking the bias about this or that community is probably the most beautiful thing we accomplished. The using of a unique TeamSpeak server for the RvR was the end goal of all the diplomacy and we'll modify it with a little pinch at the heart. Thanks and good game to all.
  9. Hello, At start this patch was announce as something crazy wich could allow us to really choose how to build our ships. We were supposed to be able to choose guns, armor, crew and more. Each stat was suppos to change others stat to get a balance ship or not depending on the craft. What we got in the patch is nothing more than putting out regional bonus and ship quality. THERE IS NOTHING NEW IN REGARD OF CRAFT IN THE PATCH Now, ok there is ship knowledge but it's nothing in regard of the craft. Crafting gun? Nothing in regard of ship craft, it's just introducing more manufacturing items to build the ship but it doens'nt change the ship craft. So all this noise for nothing? There is still thing we are waiting and this things are necessary for us to plan our implitantion on next wipe. Ressources were supposed to be moved to balance the things and make rvr more interesting. Regional bonus were supposed ot be craftble and added in reciepe. Sol note were supposed to be tradabole against pve mark or pvp marl and necessary to craft sol. When are we going to see this change? Are they forbidden as almost everyhting what was supposed to make the new craft awsome?
  10. comment se fait il que les plans nous soient donnés au compte goutte?
  11. because we began to buy mgn for 300k on la navasse in continue and spend more than 650 million in mgn
  12. because we began to buy mgn for 300k on la navasse in continue and spend more than 650 million in mgn
  13. because we began to buy mgn for 300k on la navasse in continue and spend more than 650 million in mgn
  14. I remember french using first rate with no gold upgrade on pvpeu1. we were crushed by everyone all the time and we didn't understand why. Then some ennemy told us they were using gold on all their ship (probably help by the fact they may duplicate it). So we change and use gold upgrade on our first rate and then the circle of defeat stop and we start winning 1th rate pb. The upgrade were nerfed on live serv to not make them too powerfull when new comer come and didn't get the rare one. On testbed, the % of the knowledege are insame. Adding a +10% reload +5% accuracy on a ship when your opponent can't because he miss 2 slots is important. In a 25v25 PB it mya change the things for all the pb...