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  1. pvp eu

    You don't lost anything if you don't own it at start. If you can't know that, maybe is time to drown yourself
  2. Depuis le wipe, la France a éclaté sur plusieurs Teamspeak ce qui caractérise probablement les divisions qui ont animé notre nation. Le TS de navalaction-france accueille depuis maintenant 4 ans une communauté éparse de joueurs français ou étrangers jouant pour la nation France. Je ne sais pas pour quelle raison certains sont partis. Désir d'indépendance, volonté de ne pas se confronter aux autres guildes ou autres. Je pense toutefois que ce problème de communication devrait être le premier sur lequel on "travaille" afin d'arriver à une harmonisation de notre nation. Ainsi, quelles solutions au fait de retrouver sur un seul TS? Comment gérer un TS pour recréer un esprit nation Ce que je suggère au niveau d'un TS national - Les GM de chaque guilde ont des droits spéciaux - Les tag de clans ne sont plus inscrits d'office. Si on met tout le monde tout nu, personne ne fera attention aux habits. - Pas de Super channel par clan. Un channel commun avec des sous channels. Aux gens de se regrouper au nom selon les channels selon affinité ou actions (pve, pvp etc). Ca permettra aux gens de se mélanger puisqu'ils ne verront pas les tags de clans avant Qu'en pensez vous? Cuelles sont vos idées?
  3. pvp eu

    bassterre didn't give you any Mark of conquest so the supposed exchange was 50 mark for you 50 for us. Nopt flipping st john still didn't make you lost mark of conquest.
  4. pvp eu

    As Saïd one page ago if you wanted to finish the agreement you could say it and stay on the actual step. Each nation win25 moc per day what we wouldn't have obtain by oyrself and same for you. But you get this mark and steal our port. Everyone see you just make an agreement on purpose to get twice the moc you would have had without them. Keep your alternative truth for your children, dogs and some Swedish players, the entire server see you as the people you truly are.
  5. pvp eu

    A troll post from someone that hire 3/4 on his nation on global player. You steal ports without war or nothing, just because you are child and noone is present to control you.
  6. pvp eu

    Others French know the treaty and help how they can. And mrf and er help with what they can to flip But none of French leader will force people to do boring things or things they refuse. Some Accept the facts that Sweden was threaten us and we need to accept their "agreement". Some didn't want to accept and prefer to place Sweden in front of his words. Finally the ones that follow Sweden diktat are now the ones that feel the more tricked. They and flip the ports what was boring and as all the others see Sweden stole us ports. Know we are popcorning seeing Sweden assembling gankers ship or flipping ships on carriacou. We are bidding on their wish to destroy and finish our community by ganking the few remaining or betraying their word again.
  7. pvp eu

    So now you pretending to deny us the ability to pvp against you? I think I need a break of diplomacy... In conclusion, there is no French pirates or real French. We're a nation. Deal with our schizophrenia or not.
  8. it balance the game for the ones who make bad start and are snowball to death
  9. pvp eu

    blablabla we are not agressor blablabla you should have flip the port with your 5 players blablabla you have been bad in past even if you give us your ports to get ressources blablabla we don't care on past. So... Ok... And you won't move further. You already go further than you garantie us. You take Roseau wich was the port of the first exchange stealing our mark of conquest. We didn't maybe desserve basseterre but it was one port against one port. We flip point a pitre and give you MoC - You flip roseau and give us MoC We fail (in your view to flip) St john, you denie us the ability to take back basseterre It's something everyone will have accept and understand. Or You let french flip st john, winning 25 MoC and you refuse to let us take back basseterre. It would have annoyed us and we probably would have protest but it may have been understandable even if you propagand aboud french not flipping your port with all our energy is a lie. But you choose the worst way, the more humiliating one. You denie us the right to take back basseterre and you steal us a new port! Not because you didn't know what you were doing, but because there is no one in your nation to stay in front of the storm leading your nation. The wind blow and your chiefs follow it. Paraiste comes and join massivly your nation and they are now imposing their view. And you follow. You on purpose have destroye our community (you can now see the desert you made on french ts as you ask for it, i hope you enjoy empty channels) and you want to stay as pure and innocent as a day noone remember. Keep follow the wind HRE but someday renforcement will come. Maybe not now. Maybe on the wipe but be sure when you will come and ask something, we will just follow the wind.
  10. pvp eu

    - You didn't let us choice for the treate. Your gun were pointed in our direction so we accept, or at least a part of the nation accept. We coul'nt force people to support the effort of flips. We know that if we refuse you would take Dominica. What we ignored is that you planed to take it anyway to improve your number of conquest mark. Too sad you were too much impatient to wait to give us back basseterre to stole this port too to get more conquest mark. - We don't have 25 agamemnon in the all nation. On the 3 "bigs" clan, one has 0 aga 0 sol. We don't have 25 rvr players on 19h. It's why we don't fight. We warned you before the start that we encounter problems and that we were going to be weak. You destroyed a part of the community at start. Seems you regret to not have finish the job - We don't have to go to PVE server as you are making the PVP server a PVE server by destroying the population on it
  11. pvp eu

    - We never get official date on ultimatum for the flips. If we are unable to flip a port, we are unable to flip a port. Deal with it. It's not bad wish, it's just we couldn't. You said first you were notinterest in basse terre but just on coal but you keep baster anyway You say now you are just interest in dominica. You take our territory pice per piece, enought to not worries danemark and others one. You are just klling our community and you trick us in a false deal to get an advantae on 25 conquest mar you never would have had withtout us. About TS, you don't need acces to know how many people are on french ts. Some are on others but if they are out of french ts, it's probably because they want to be more independant.
  12. it say i need additional right to use it (kierrip)
  13. pvp eu

    Swedish propose french to make exchange on ports /conquest Grande terre v Dominca Seeward Islands v Basseterre (for french to take it back) Maybe after Bowinds French take 2 days to flip Grande terre (small ships/small nation) Swedish flip Roseau - French Try day 1 to flip st john but were intercept by huge danish fleet Sewdish complain, we explain them what happened. - French try day 2 to flip st John but were forced to stay on fort royal due of dutch blockading our capital. Due of our number/power we were unable to leave our port Swedish complain, we exaplin them what happened - French try day 3 to flip st john and manage to put it on 70% Swedish say us to go back to FR because we didn't respect our agreement French nver recieved ultimatum with fixes date. French as a nation was not in the mood to accept but we know we didn't have the choice or swedish will just go in our empty/denfeless ports. Althought it was hard and boring we manage to flip one of their port and put the second on 70%. What is easy to do with 100 players is harder with 15. What is easy in bellona is hgarder in surprise Althougt all the help we gave to swedish were they were in truble, for example giving them port to craft ressources in the middle of our territory, althought we fight as brother in many war, swede, forget. Sweden feel invincible and are now doing what people feared. They don't care on honnor or to respect their worlds if they are feeded. They told us to flip one of their port to get mark and stole us the port they fliped to us. We didn't see neither Sveno neither Reddi since days. Maybe they are too ashamed to move on our TS. What everyone will understand. Gogo strong boys, there is still ports to take, show us how great you are.
  14. France Verenigde-Provincien: Neutral + Espana: Neutral - United States: Neutral Great Britain: Neutral Denmark-Norge: Neutral + Sverige: Neutral - Pirates: Neutral
  15. Je signale de passage vite fait sur le topic que les edr filent des permis d'aga aux guildes qui le demandent. On a aussi file un bp d'aga. On vous poursuit pas avec notre générosité mais des demandes courtoises reçoivent des réponses courtoises. Enfin pour rappel, rentrent en pb ceux qui ont des points. Les edr ne de réclament de rien ni de lead ni autre. On joue et on essaye de s'amuser comme vous tous. Pour les Suédois mieux équipés que nous? Attend qu'on sorte brague ouverte et canon au vent!