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  1. Капитаны, Баланс сил в регионе под угрозой. Пруссия, Российская Империя и Речь Посполитая отправили колониальные флоты на Карибы в окрестности свободного города Shroud Cay. Остальные изменения: При начислении боевого опыта теперь также учитывается и нанесенный урон. Призовые деньги по прежнему зависят только от потопления корабля. Добавлена возможность незамедлительной транспортировки одного корабля в день. Миссии по генерации напряженности можно брать из свободных городов. Немного уменьшена безопасная зона подкреплений около не захватываемых национальных городов. Улучшено описание наций на карте. Уменьшен урон от тарана кораблей. Добавлено отображение кнопки Surgeon (восстановление поврежденной команды корабля) во время абордажа. Исправлен баг, вызывающий некорректное производство ресурсов в зданиях. Исправлены баги, вызывающие проблемы с визуализацией парусов на Wasa. Обновление от 19 октября Возвращение старых значений процентовки парусов корабля Privateer Исправление визуального бага спанкера корабля Bucentaure Добавлено окно подтверждения пересылки корабля с указанной ценой пересылки Добавлено отображение новых наций в комбат чате Исправлены ошибки в названиях званий у нации Prussia Исправлена ошибка некорректного удаления клана
  2. Based on logs Captain Aria indeed caused friendly damage in the battle. Captain received a warning as 1st offense case. Further violation of green on green rule might result in demoting.
  3. Client Data Corrupted?

    Captain, please try to verify integrity of game cache (right click on NA in steam lib->properties->local files). In case it does not help you, try to delete the whole game and reinstall it.
  4. Mortar Brig bug ?

    This issue is in work yet.
  5. Капитан, как будет установлена причина, я с Вами свяжусь
  6. Также обновилось первое сообщение данной темы.
  7. Forged papers можно использовать как в свободном, так и в нейтральном городах. Необходимо удалить только аутпосты, находящиеся в национальных портах.
  8. Once there is upgrade available we will update forum software
  9. PvP EU crash

  10. Log in Server down?

    Captains, there were some issues which are solved now. We will monitor the situation.
  11. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Please note that nation names are not final and might be changed after new UI is done
  12. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Should be fixed in the upcoming hotfix.
  13. Bani did not change to neutral on the map

    This is a bug related to clan nation change, should be fixed in the upcoming hotfix.
  14. Captain, here is the log: Port Sandy Point set as neutral. Old capturer LEAVE warehouse is null Perhaps you mix up gold on clan leader character with gold in a clan warehouse. The gold should be in clan WH prior to server maintenance.
  15. Why Barahona is still a free port?

    To clarify - [10/18/2017 09:23:13] Port Barahona set as neutral. Old capturer PFK warehouse is null The workaround to avoid such issue is clans in new nations have to set up a temporary outpost in a free town, capture some ports, establish control of it and move clan wh to a desired new home port afterwards.
  16. Shallow warning and graphics late showing…

    Captain, most likely it happens due to delay but if you experience it only at certain places, name them, we will check.
  17. Captain, based on logs Sandy Point was captured by your clan "Leave" but was set back to neutral after next maintenance as your clan did not have enough gold in your clan warehose. Money should be in the clan warehouse, not a player one
  18. Captain, did you try to update (or fresh reinstall with a program like ddu) GPU drivers?
  19. Captain, please try to turn off avast gaming hook or temporary switch the antivirus off and check the game. In case turning the antivirus helps, please turn it back on and check the settings related to Naval Action.
  20. Bugged Fleet AI?

    Captain, thanks for the report, will be checked
  21. Captain, could you recall please if you changed any connection settings or installed any program prior to this issue acquired?
  22. Can't log in to pvp eu

    Captains, no server issues were spotted by that time. Perhaps there were temporary connection issues between US and Europe by that time
  23. Idiot Cousin deleted my character

    Captain, sorry to hear but unfortunately we cannot help is such cases. Combat experience gain should be much easier as damage done is also counted now.
  24. Ship disappeared from OW

    Based on logs player entered an epic event. Epic events are closed instantly at the moment as currently you cannot enter another (bot) side to fight the enemy - the fix is in list to do, will be done according to priorites.