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  1. It will be checked
  2. Cannot provide exact amount right now but it must be around 50 mb per hour or so. Speed is not that relevant in case you do not load tiny bandwidth with heavy traffic consumption stuff like watching video and playing in the same time. More important is stable connection without packet loss between you and game servers.
  3. Still there is no report by F11 from you. We have got similar reports and investigating it at the moment.
  4. Under investigation
  5. К сожалению, на сервере вновь наблюдаются лаги. Мы уточняем причины у провайдера сервера. Приносим извинения за неудобства.
  6. Unfortunately, lags are happen again. We are clarifying the resons with the server provider. Sorry for inconveniences.
  7. Captains, the lags should be gone by now
  8. Капитаны, на сервере больше не наблюдается лагов.
  9. This is not a bug, luck is the word:)
  10. Название останков корабля не связано с датой релиза корабля Корабль будет в игре, когда будут завершены все работы по нему. Пока не можем точно сказать.
  11. Captain, for network issues please run connection test report tool via Steam Launcher or ping the game by yourself (check this post). Also there is no F11 report from character Chicken Shack.
  12. On screenshot that was attached to the report brace command is active, most likely you accidentally pressed on H button
  13. Капитаны, в данный момент времени на сервере наблюдаются лаги в открытом мире. Мы выясняем причины и сроки восстановления нормальной работы сервера. Приносим извинения за неудобства.
  14. Captains, at the moment players on PVE server might experience lags like ship freeze in Open World. We are clarifying reasons with the server hardware provider.Sorry for inconveniences.