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  1. Patch 10.1 - Changes to conquest

    I am infact playing WoW and enjoying it very much. I might not play NA until big changes occur to take it back to what it was, or the game is finally completed. (Just a note: lose means losing; loose means unravelled.)
  2. So how many tens of thousands of people should be wanting their money back? No one ever said when I bought the game that it was made only for those who love boredom and repetition. It's Sunday early evening in Europe and there are only 600 people on. None of my clan are on, nor have they been in numbers greater than 3. Let's go back to late 2015-early 2016. I remember enjoying myself. Now, I have no idea how to get out of a cutter, without winning 100 missions at 3,000 a go--not an easy task, and thoroughly boring. I've lost more money than I've made. And one dura ships are not a happy event when you lose one. This game at the moment is not worth any money at all. We should be paid to play it!
  3. Patch 10.1 - Changes to conquest

    This is what stinks that I paid for a game that has been developed for someone else not for me and others like me. At least a thousand of us players have been left out by the new developments that came with this wipe. It's more than unfair! This game is nothing like the game I bought and enjoyed a couple of years ago. It has lost all colour and enjoyment. Really a zero. How many people like the game as it is? I doubt more than a hundred. A few hundred more put up with it because they have the time to spend on it and put up with the useless grind. Totally unfair and unethical to take the money and do as you please.
  4. Navigation by triangulation

    Tell me about it!
  5. Navigation by triangulation

    Not my game, eh? And when they change back to longitude and latitude because of people like myself, will it stop being your game and shall I ask you to leave and go play with marbles? Look up 'narcissism'.
  6. Navigation by triangulation

    HODO wrote on another thread: 'I like the protractor, it is still pretty useless, and I am going to straight up say that I use an outside map tracking program like most everyone else, for long sails. But the issue isn't that it is too hard to find your way around, it is just unrealistically vague. Real ships of the time had accurate charts by the 19th century (1800 for you who can't count), and were damned good at navigation, as most captains had a life time at sea, 20+ years of learning and navigation under their belts. They also had several senior people on the ship who would also check the charts and the course to make sure the ship was sailing where it needed to be. I am not saying we need 8 digit grid coordinates or anything like that. I am asking for the lat and long lines on the maps grid lines. It could be every other line so we have the WHOLE number, not the 31.5, 30.5 and so on. This is more for map reading access, it is a simple thing, nothing too stupid or unrealistic. You have to remember by the time this game takes place, and most of these ships are in use, the Caribbean had been sailed for over 300 years! Columbus 1492 -> Napoleonic War 1815 = 323 years!' Historical! Bring back longitude and latitude! Please.
  7. Patch 10.1 - Changes to conquest

    I sailed a long way--a waste of time--to a port to sell iron ore. I made circa 10,000 gold and lost my empty unarmed trader brig on the way back. So, I lost way more than I made. This is no way to design a game, when it's a grind to get out of a cutter and a grind to get up the ladder. I cannot recommend the game to anyone, at this stage. This was not the case a year ago. Too many things that I liked have gone and have been replaced by a banal grind.
  8. Navigation by triangulation

    You like it; I don't.
  9. Navigation by triangulation

    Why all this time-wasting complexity when we could have longitude and latitude as before--(as was historical)?
  10. Patch 10.1 - Changes to conquest

    Read Hodo's post. He explained it well. Right on!
  11. Patch 10.1 - Changes to conquest

    I think we need: 1. Teleport to capital. 2. A map with longitude and latitude. 3. Speeding up the OW sailing. 4. Greater rewards for completed missions. 5. For uncompleted missions, rewards for hits on opponent's ship(s)--as was the case before the wipe. 6. The game has become a GRIND, once again.
  12. I've stopped playing on the Testbed because there were too few people <50. I've stopped playing a few weeks ago on OW, except for a momentary look-in, because there are too few players and no one from my Clan for months. At this moment, there are 87 people in OW. Only the wipe will revive play. I play Naval Action NOT to test it, that's not why I bought it, but to play. Surprise! Also, the few people who read my post on reporting a foul-mouthed individual missed the point. That sort of language would not be tolerated face-to-face, why should it be tolerated from the shelter of anonymity on the forum? It is both cowardly and inappropriate. Many people cannot put up with this, I am not the only one who cares for decency. The Devs should enforce this. It won't lose them any sales, but only increase them.
  13. I have reported this post as abusive. There is no reason why someone should resort to foul language on the forum, apart fom the fact that it is uncalled for.
  14. In the future, it would be less aggravating and less stressful for all of us if you Devs say what you mean and mean what you say. I cannot write that in Russian, unfortunately. When you say the 15th May, stick to that date, even if it means other things won't be included in the game; you can make improvements after. When you say, you will give us these four ships, stick to those four ships. I assure you it will be a great relief for all of us, including yourselves.
  15. Starting Ships after wipe...

    Good. Make your decision and stick to it. Do not let the ones who want a different set of ships confuse you.
  16. Chop and change, change and chop. What would have happened to the David if Michelangelo started with that huge block of stone and ended up with a hand-size marble figurine?
  17. Modding / Steam Workshop

    Then, we could have Clan flags, our men with uniforms, a decent number of men on deck. What else?
  18. Modding / Steam Workshop

    I thought that only Single Player games can be modded not multiplayer.
  19. This is not directed to anyone in particular. I am bored by apologists for the Developers of any game. The Developers are not children. They are adults with 100% responsibility for themselves and their actions. Take responsibility Developers and do a good job. Thank-you. We, the players and would-be testers, also have responsibility in this. But, how can you listen to 20,000 possible points of view? The Developers have to choose carefully 'a single, defined direction for the game', as one reviewer of the game wrote.
  20. I am not one of those players. I just thought what Uberman 22 said was true. Thus, my comment
  21. The game definitely needs a tutorial or a manual. I've started playing in the Testbed and with so few players online, 40-60, very few French players and no one from my Clan, I am finding it is trial-and-error. First, there aren't enough players to have PvP battles. I've been looking for Great Britain players outside their ports and found no one. (a) I don't know what Ship Permit is. (b) I didn't know one has to sink an NPC after boarding in order to receive rewards in gold etc. Otherwise one gets nothing. (c) I didn't know one has to put crew on board the NPC in order to do (b). (d) I didn't know PvE Marks (money) can get converted to PvP Marks that you need to get Ship Permits. And so on. My first impressions are that, all in all, I find it an inferior game to the Naval Action of a year ago; it seems too restricted in action and crafting and supply of materials. I am not sure how to manage the materials that were given to me free initially. It is shrouded in mystery because of its trial-and-error mode. What I like about the old Naval Action was the number of ships I can have, (I have 15); having ships with from 5 to 1 durability; the possibility to craft ships, upgrades, materials; having resources easily available; having crew at reasonable cost; having ships for sale at reasonable prices; having the possibility to acquire gold; etc. Perhaps, my view will change by the time the wipe comes. We'll see.
  22. I would add: Keep everything that works and has worked to make it a worthwhile game. In three years, the Devs must have a list, on paper or on computer or in their minds, of things that have been successful in making Naval Action a great game. To constantly chop and change cannot be a good idea.
  23. Sir Texas Sir, thanks for clearing that up and also your reply to my post. I am definitely not carebear! How does one get onto the testbed server?