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  1. Ooops!!! I think the Devs are from Kiev in Ukraine are they not?
  2. Vice-Admiral Nelson hoisted his flag in Victory on 18 May 1803, with Samuel Sutton as his flag captain. Thus, Nelson was not the Captain, the 'Victory' was his flagship and under his command only because she was part of his squadron. Captain Sutton was in command of his ship. A modern instance of the difference between being an Admiral commanding and a Captain's command, was the 'Bismarck' in its encounter with the 'Hood' and 'Prince of Wales'. When Admiral Lutjens was hesitating to order the division made up of 'Bismarck' and 'Prinz Eugen' to open fire, Captain Lindemann took command and ordered 'Bismarck's gunnery officer to open fire, because he did not want 'to have his ship shot from under him', as it was reported he said.
  3. My flag below.
  4. Last time I was on PvP EU there were forty-seven players! 47! I haven't played the game in weeks. I think the Devs are hinting that they don't give a damn. Where there was constant flow of activity in the past, it has been slowly, inexorably slowing and now it has come to a halt. If it were a single player game, that would not matter, but it is not. It's time that the Devs deliver their promise in a timely manner. This chaos in the game, so full of promise initially, has gone on far too long.
  5. That would mean, on or after Thursday the 27th April up to Thursday the 4th May. Would that be correct? Will this be the last delay?
  6. How beautiful! What a wonderful project!
  7. If I may be so bold as to correct your spelling: A sailer is a ship, like: 'She's a good sailer.' A sailor is someone who sails the ship.
  8. For some weeks now, when I sign in, Mozilla Firefox has been giving me this message: 'This connection is not secure. Your inserted credentials may be vulnerable.' When I went to the Mozilla site, I got this message: "When Firefox connects to a secure website (the URL begins with "https://"), it must verify that the certificate presented by the website is valid and that the encryption is strong enough to adequately protect your privacy. If the certificate cannot be validated or if the encryption is not strong enough, Firefox will stop the connection to the website and instead show an error page." I have reported this, also via one of the moderators, but nothing has happened to date. Then, I saw that someone got hacked, so I posted this.
  9. You are just too good, Liquicity. I have come out to fight you a couple of times at least, but always got sunk. The others are afraid of losing, or losing their ship and officer, I guess. See you in combat next time. May the best captain win.
  10. Thanks for the reply. But, no, I did not try to create a Lannes character. I had no chance. The player Lannes on Steam is I, so they won't let me create another character without having another account, I surmise. This is the message even before I try to create a character after Steam connects: 'ERROR Master database synchronization failures: Player Lannes cannot be created in the shard at the moment. Such a player already exists.'
  11. I tried to create another character by going to PvE, but the message is: Lannes cannot create another character, that player already exists.
  12. Do you have to pay for each account/character?
  13. I live in Italy, so I guess joining PvP Europe will be what I should do. I will continue with my Clan, Le Legion Etrangère.
  14. Thanks. I don't know what the changes are going to be. At the moment, I am playing PvP One EU. How are Global and the new EU related to this?