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  1. Thanks. I don't know what the changes are going to be. At the moment, I am playing PvP One EU. How are Global and the new EU related to this?
  2. There was a diorama of Waterloo made by Captain Siborne and completed in 1838. It had tens of thousands of figures. I used to know the details but cannot now recall them.
  3. Would you kindly tell me what is PvP Global compared to PvP EU, please? I have been playing PvP One EU because I live in Italy (ex-Australia) and am playing in the Naval Action French nation as part of the Le Legion Etrangère clan. How will the change effect me? Should I be playing in the Global or EU?
  4. WHERE is Le Legion Etrangère? We are a French Clan, too, Monsieurs! We have fought and shed blood (lost timber) for France, too!
  5. Thanks for your heartening replies. What would it take to make the UGCW figures just a little bit bigger? I have an i5 4690K 4x3.5Ghz GTX 960. It plays Rome II with 10,000 figures on the screen no problem. The scale of UGCW figures to men varies, but it is about 8 : 1. It is no different than Rome II. Surely, it is possible to have the figures made bigger and even some uniform differences and colours added for certain brigades. I won't play Confederate, because they are all brown. What fun is that? I know some wargamers have a different point of view and some are a little colour blind. I recall one wargaming friend, during my wargames' table years, saying that it woud make no difference to him if the units were represented by blocks of wood. Cheers.
  6. Which words did I use that you think are (1) stern and (2) rude and (3) arrogant, please? I HAVE to be optimistic? Why do I HAVE to? Do I have any rights as a buyer and free tester of this game? Or, do I have to just pay up, suck up and shut up? I have bought a new pair of glasses for my computer and I can tell you I get sore eyes with this game. The Developers have the technology to make Naval Action and yet they stick this overpriced and overrated item under our noses. (Actually, 25mm miniature figures wargames are much more interesting then electronic wargames, but what can one do if one's 1,860 beautifully painted, Napoleonic period figures have been left behind 12,000 miles away. Electronic wargames are the poor cousin to 'toy soldiers' wargames.)
  7. I have played the whole campaign. Now, there is nothing to do but wait for improvements. I've got bored. I will probably not play it again. My suggestions fall on deaf ears. E.g., the figures are too small by far. They are not colourful. They do not represent the way the two armies were uniformed. The cavalry does not move like cavalry. The skirmishers do not move like skirmishers. The infantry does weird snake-like movements to change position. The good part is that you can place your own general officers and field officers in command from the Barracks, and you can upgrade your weapons from the Armoury. The reason why the cavalry is so badly programmed, I think, is because (a) the developers do not understand cavalry in American Civil War history very well, and (b) because they think that American Civil War cavalry not being European, must behave like cossacks (which were never regular cavalry).
  8. The time it takes to develop this game. It's a superb game in many ways. I just wish we would get to the end product. It's been in testing 2 years now, I think, or is it three?
  9. When's the next patch? It seems that it will be after 30 March and before 14 April. Am I right in my calculations?
  10. No result, Henry. My Firefox is still saying this site is not secure. What is the matter? Are they using old technology? Why is there no response from the Developers? Why is this being ignored?
  11. Can I DEMOTE my Generals? I have too many Major Generals. I would rather if I could control promotions to Major General and above.
  12. My Firefox is saying that the Forums are not secure.

  13. The forums are still not secure according to Firefox!
  14. A few things that need fixing IMHO. 1. When in fortified positions like farms, my Union troops can be flanked. How is this possible that a fortified position can be flanked? 2. My skirmishers give one volley, then they retreat. The AI's skirmishers stand, do not move and fight even against 10 times their number. How is it so? 3. 50 enemy skirmishers from behind my 2,000-man brigade can make it run away by rear-flanking. Is this possible? 4. It is very difficult to move brigades in formation of half divisions or full divisions. The right button on the mouse does not always allow it. Can we have formations, please? 5. The movement of the brigades is odd. They change face by a snake-like movement that always exposes them to flanking fire. That's not a military movement. 6. Please, make the cavalry behave like cavalry. That is, it should move forward in lines (column of squadrons), charge in lines and retreat in lines. Only when routing should they move as they do now.
  15. My computer is telling me this site is not secure. It is the same thing with Naval Action forum. This is the first time it has happened. Have there been some changes?